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13000. Rusty SUS303
13001. Coating on copper to save from molten zinc
13002. Treatment of hollow core steel window frames
13003. What is DIN 50960 plating?
13005. Refinishing old wrought iron furniture
13006. Atmospheric evaporators/zinc chloride
13008. Nickel Strike
13009. Black Chem Film or Conductive Finish
13011. Sludge removal from Zinc Cyanide tank
13013. Rate constant of HCl+FeO reaction
13014. Nickel electroplating
13016. Electroplating equipment and supplies information
13017. "Cratering" after cataphoretic painting on galvannealed steel
13019. Stamping(Etching) on Stainless Steel
13020. Does ASTM A967 Practice D apply to age hardened 17-4 ph stainless steel?
13021. 420 corrodes around laser etching
13022. Stainless Steel Finish Specification
13023. Plastisol vs. powder coating
13024. Electroless copper
13026. Graphite coating
13029. Salt Spray Corrosion Comparison
13030. Bright color for anodizing aluminum
13031. Amount of per side surface removed by anodizing
13033. Seeking 6063 cathodes
13035. What's the history of industrial electroplating
13037. Reclaim Gold from Electronics
13039. Polishing Harley disc brake
13041. How do I age steel quickly?
13043. Gold plating over lead
13044. Separating mercury from gold jewelry
13045. HMIS ratings
13046. Stripping of hooks
13049. Best Protection for Parking Meter
13050. Surface finishing... galling of 410 against 440C stainless steel
13051. Iron Build-up in Acid Copper Bath
13052. Etching on Iron
13053. Pickling before chrome plating
13054. Ra 0.4 finishing requirement for small part of tool steel
13055. Nickel plating flaking from revolver - would like to remove plating
13058. Aluminum 6061T3 and 7075 Alloy
13059. Rusting a wedge
13061. Black passivation process
13063. Conductive paints for electroforming onto non-metallic items
13064. Blister Problem
13065. Solvents and Alodine conversion coating
13067. Coating questions
13074. Remove tin plate and lead solder from copper vessel?
13075. Chrome removal advice
13076. Future/upcoming Cd regulations
13077. Ion exchange resin regeneration
13079. 2024-T3 Spec for Iridite / Alocrom test panels
13080. Nitric vs Phosphoric Acid Based 316L SS Passivation
13082. Industrial anodizing
13083. Knife maker seeking help
13087. Optical properties of surfaces with Alodine treatment
13088. Copper coating
13089. Cadmium vs. Zinc vs. Nickel Plating Comparison
13091. Wire Rod Defects
13095. Techniques to process gold and silver
13096. Gold underplating
13097. Black Oxide problem
13098. Stannate Process
13099. Hard Coat Penetration
13100. Vibratory tumbler/tumbler process and machine
13103. Thin film gold or platinum on polymer spheres
13104. Post-welding Heat Treatment of Aluminum
13105. Removing brass plating
13108. Hard chroming process
13109. Electropolishing copper by using phosphoric acid
13113. Electrocoagulation
13115. PVD gold color matching
13116. Nodulation
13117. Formulas for nickel plating solution
13118. Preparing bismuth for plating (or blackening)
13119. Heavy Duty Hardware Corrosion Protection
13120. Antiquing brass hardware
13123. Sludge production in the treatment process
13124. Chemical conversion coating degradation under heat and water
13125. Trouble rinsing small diameter tube with one end closed for black hardcoat
13126. Passivation with citric acid +Sodium Dichromate
13127. Effect of Brushing on Hardness of Stainless Steel Sheet
13128. Finishing and plating of CPU / GPU Water Blocks
13129. Anodize/plating for Al to resist bromides
13130. Solenoid armature
13132. White gold or Rhodium plated confusion or deception
13134. Galvanized coating problem
13135. Help for a small fishing tackle company
13141. Ni recovery by electrolysis
13143. Glass bead blasting of hardened steel causing hydrogen embrittlement
13145. Temperature for stainless steel to become magnetic
13146. Marine stress and corrosion on underwater bolts
13148. Light scratch in stainless steel counter top
13149. Aluminum went cloudy!
13155. Why is aluminum sputter not shining even after leak check and sample cleaned
13157. Studying Copper
13158. Stainless Steel Elevator Door Refinishing
13159. Faux antique mirror
13161. Brightening Hard Chrome Plated Surfaces
13162. Gold plater rinse water reclaim
13167. NYBCO spray paint
13168. Copper Kitchen Counters
13170. How to make bronze medals from a model in gypsum
13171. Burnt Plating
13172. Silicon mark
13176. Wire coating thickness instrument
13182. Metal finishing wastes treatment methods
13184. Advantages and disadvantages of carburizing
13188. New 18k white gold ring changes color
13189. Non-conductive
13190. Lead
13192. Green stuff on brass
13193. Anodized finish removal from aluminum
13194. Rusting Garage Doors
13197. Coloring titanium
13198. Help with a military finish spec
13199. Definition of MIL-C-10578 spec
13200. Relative 'corrosiveness' of pH adjusting acids in aqueous waste streams on black iron grease trap components
13201. Waste Water Troubles
13202. 316SS MIM Part Galling Problem
13203. SS stripper solution
13204. Annealing of Stainless Steel
13205. Corrosion protection on grey cast iron
13208. How To Prepare Mill Finish Aluminum for a One Part Acrylic Lacquer?
13209. AMS vs MIL Specs
13210. Biomaterials
13211. Electrolytic cleaning
13213. "Jeweled"/"Machine Turned"/"Dowel"/"Dot" Finish
13214. Inconsistent Rusting on 316L Welds
13216. Silver questions
13218. Restoring Nickel Plating on Wood Cookstove
13220. Clearcoat finished zinc-coating for metal doors
13222. Copper electro plating
13223. Chrome Removal Question
13224. Coating anti-scratch
13225. Olive drab (green) passivation of aluminium alloy items
13229. Preventing copper tarnishing
13231. Al etching operating conditions?
13233. Nickel Plating
13234. Bromate deoxidizer for aluminum
13235. Plating Copper in a Steel Pickling Line?
13236. Electroplating organic material
13237. 3 micron titanium etch
13240. Type of metal for anode cages
13241. Do Stainless Steel and CLO2 Mix?
13243. Fiberglass boat oxidation
13244. Zinc or Galvanized Poisoning Symptoms
13245. Plating racks and fixtures: plastisol coating?
13250. Composition of coins
13251. Experimental procedures for Electroless Nickel Plating on Aluminum
13252. Chrome plating adhesion standard
13253. PVC compound
13254. Chrome plating titanium
13255. Stainless steel pipe for sea water
13260. Simple Metal Plating
13261. Soda acidic
13262. Stainless Steel Flatware
13263. Gold zinc with yellow chromites
13264. Clorox bleach test procedure
13266. Hex chrome on pregalvanized steel coils
13267. Cold dip black oxides
13268. Oxalic Acid in Type II Anodize
13270. Laser cut parts
13271. Corrosion of "pure" aluminum
13272. Spring corrosion resistance
13275. Weight Of Organ Pipes
13276. Cost comparison galvannealed/aluminium/FRP
13277. How long does it take for natural gas to corrode copper pipes?
13278. Standard for chromating zinc die cast components
13281. How to plate lead
13282. How can I passivate stainless steel part without destroying silver solder joints
13284. Nitinol Parts Soldering
13287. Coefficient of Friction for AMSC5541 Coated Surfaces
13288. Stains and stress marks on clear anodized
13289. What cleans a metal(copper, iron, gold, bronze, etc.) chemically? What process?
13290. PrePlate Processes
13292. Shining anodized aluminum
13293. Chromate Conversion Coatings
13294. Polishing of punches
13295. Acid Types in Autophoretic Process
13296. Cleaning fingerprints off electroplated tin and zinc finishes
13297. The effects of anti-static packaging on electro-plated zinc finishes
13300. Shape of Anodizing Rack Clips
13304. Rust removal and inhibition for a refrigerator on a saltwater boat
13306. How do I put a design/pattern on a stainless steel tabletop?
13308. S and B standard for MS Plates
13309. Charcoal Blue Info Needed
13314. Broad Spectrum Transparent Glass
13319. Reblueing guidelines
13320. How do I remove RUST from car before paint touch up
13321. Etching titanium
13322. Polishing circlips or jumplinks
13326. Searching for antique elevator door pictures
13329. Finishing of Antique Cast Iron Book Press
13330. VERY Large Clear Anodizing Tank
13331. Cleaning chrome
13333. Acid Choice for Cleaning Aluminum Alloys
13334. Metal Finishing Question From Non-Professional
13337. How to reduce dross generation?
13338. How to build a small galvanization line
13340. D.I.Y. bronze casting- Ceramic Shell technique
13342. Etchant for Aluminum 5xxx series welds
13345. Old-tyme Buing & Browning of Firearms with Spirits of Nitre
13347. Chromate Environmental Concerns
13350. Color variations/spotting problems
13351. Suggested ASF for hardcoat anodizing
13352. Risk in passivating cres 416
13353. Chemical Milling, what to do
13354. How to finish brass
13355. Stability of 420F Stainless
13356. Zinc plating of case hardened steel
13357. Best Malleable (Non-Flaking) Finish for 12L14
13359. Aluminum can printing
13361. Acid required to etch aluminum
13362. Data on NYLON PA12
13365. Electrically Conductive Coating for Aluminum
13366. Problem in zinc phosphate
13367. Passivation of Stainless Steels and Titanium
13368. Surface finishing handbooks
13369. Stained stainless in elevator cab
13370. Potassium and cyanide content in plated silver
13372. Nylon coating
13375. Gas flow through irregularities in surface finish
13376. Salt Spray inquiry
13377. Nickel plating molds
13378. Corrosion of stainless steel tank
13379. Surface finish
13380. What is the formula for surface finish ratings?
13381. Coating/Treatments for a Hydrochloric environment
13384. Knoop Hardness
13385. Corrosion resistance to 1000+ hours
13387. Titanium finish on mechanical hardwares
13388. Galvanized roofing for bathroom walls
13390. Leldo por favor
13393. Preparing sea shells for crafts or display
13394. Advantages of treating water for drinking by electro coagulation
13395. Geometry Riddle silly :-)
13396. How to Clean Brass Beds
13397. Wood Plating
13398. Cleaning copper... FAST
13400. Zinc Plating Platinum
13402. Pickling and passivation for preventing rust on stainless
13404. Remove galvanic stains from a polished steel (cast steel, cast iron) table surface
13405. How to polish and clean Hastelloy for ultrahigh purity
13411. Plating too thin
13415. Science Project: Removing the zinc from a galvanized iron nail
13417. Nickel/chrome plating of pewter toys
13420. Graphite suspension to coat over organic films
13421. Cause of Challenger Space Shuttle Crash
13422. Electroless Gold plating on Cytop
13424. Copper bar top, need adhesive
13431. Electroplating problems with my science fair project
13432. Etching titanium without Hydrofluoric acid
13433. I need info for my chemistry assignment
13434. Colored Anodized Aluminum Information
13436. Polishing Formica and brushed aluminum
13437. Copper Anodized Aluminum
13438. S/S to Steel Electrolysis and Corrosion
13439. Fine etch for aluminium
13443. References to help explain why citric acid s clean pennies best
13445. Metal Finishing Questions from Non-Professional
13446. Anodize type III class 2 in color?
13447. Finish for Al-Alloy to Meet Corrosion and Contact Resistance
13452. Repair of surface scratches in plastic laminate counter top
13453. Hot bluing problem
13455. ASTM B117 duration - real time correlation
13456. Plating on titanium
13457. Cleaning Nickel on Banjo
13458. Seeking black anodize of some aluminum castings
13459. Al Cast plating for high humidity and drinking water contact
13461. Researching Automotive Spray Booths
13462. DI water on Tin plated Copper coils
13465. Faded zinc plating protection by washing process
13467. Treatment of aluminium brightening effluent
13468. Al Etchant
13469. How to select suitable IR Heater
13470. Gold Alloys
13472. Steel ball polishing
13473. Finishing to Inhibit Corrosion of Aluminum
13477. Properties of anodizing film for cooking wok
13478. ASTM B633 Appearance standards
13479. Salt Spray Test on Clear Chem-Film
13482. Paintball Aluminum Plating
13483. Electrowinning of Chrome Questions
13487. Alumina coating
13488. Looking for help with more complex high school plating experiments
13490. ALUMINIUM CORROSION- stannate
13497. Powder adhesion problems on MIG welds
13500. Mechanical student seeking help
13501. Electrolytic and electroless plating as well as mirror finished Ni plate
13503. Counterflow rinsing design
13506. Electroforming molds question
13508. Black Chrome Information
13509. Aesthetic conductive metal finishing
13511. Placa litografica de compuesto de asfalto y aceite de lavanda experiencia
13514. Plating of lead for stained glass
13515. Applied basics of sodium cyanide case hardening for steel
13517. Electrolytic Paste
13518. Hardcoat Acid Concentration?
13519. Cleaning White Gold... help please
13520. Surface finish values
13524. Need Silver Plating process for engineering purposes
13526. Basic Plating Help
13527. Coating a hole with carbon black or other electroless plate
13528. Tolerable conc. of copper for cyanide zinc baths
13531. Masking ink questions
13532. Best steel type for galvanizing?
13536. Chemistry assignment: determine citric acid in orange juice
13537. Getting into chrome dipping
13540. How to oxidize galvanized steel for home craft project
13541. Guidance for bright finishing of SS parts
13542. Metal prep on a lathe
13543. Metallurgical science
13544. Effect of temperature on copper deposition
13546. Making stainless steel 304 nonmagnetic
13547. Finish for exterior steel sculpture
13548. Velour nickel headache
13550. Rinses and water usage
13554. Eliminating silver tarnish from antique silver pictures (daguerreotypes)
13556. Alloy Specific Salt Spray Failure of Sulfuric Anodize
13557. Passivation of AISI 431
13561. Answer to these word equations
13563. Chemical labeling
13566. Restoring polished aluminum finish
13572. Coating for stainless 304 - where hydrochloric acid fumes are present
13574. Restoring Brass Fixtures
13575. Restoring old wood exterior doors
13576. Request for information to obtain FED-STD-595
13577. Automatic pH measurement in nickel electroplating tank
13578. Electropolish questions
13579. Is powder coated galvanized steel a good exterior finish
13582. Blunt Blade
13583. Tinplating or Aluminum
13584. Electrodialysis for aluminum removal from caustic solution
13586. Ways for removing oxidized Ni
13587. Electropolishing Inquiry
13588. Effect of potassium formate on Zn-Ni plating
13594. Painting a brass bed
13595. Copper counter tops
13596. Polishing titanium bike frame
13597. Sheet metal counter top
13599. Make palladium in the channel of porous Alumina for catalyst use
13601. Burning on end of steel tubes (Copper plating)
13603. Chip Burning during plating process
13604. Plating silver on stainless steel
13605. Why does the hard chrome on nickel fail
13606. Anodizing zinc
13609. Why use cadmium plated fasteners in the aeronautical field
13612. Surface Finish Specifications
13613. Corrosion Problem on Ductile Iron Castings
13614. Aluminum corrosion preventative
13621. Very durable and protective finish for large quantity of brass handrails
13623. Wetting problem
13624. Searching for muriatic acid
13625. Safety requirements
13626. HCN concentrations in plating baths
13627. Degreasing of 300 and 400 series stainless steel
13628. Passivation and mirror polish
13629. Best coating for rust resistance for valves
13632. copper sulphate and Trout
13633. How do refrigerator magnets work
13636. Gold plating temperature resistance
13640. Mechanical properties of 4340 steel
13643. How to find Mil spec
13646. Water stains in wood
13648. Painting an aluminum outdrive
13649. Insulating a metal sheet to render it non-conductive with spray paint
13656. Carbon steel counter top
13658. Etching Ti-Nb and V-Nb micro-alloyed steels
13659. Titanium Anodized Custom Implant
13660. Sealing problem
13667. Making sodium hypochlorite
13669. Black paint/low reflectivity
13670. Matte black metal finishing; White gold + rhodium
13671. To Blue or not to blue that is the conundrum
13672. Wrought Iron Restoration
13674. Nodules in Nickel Plating
13675. Passivation of the Titanium
13676. Pretreatment for titanium
13677. Solar Loading
13681. Acid Concentrations in slow-rust formula
13683. Superiority of SS410 over ENP
13687. De-silvering Mirrors
13691. Nodules on Silver Plated Copper Substrates
13693. Zinc corrosion resistance vs. Cadmium
13695. Etching steel before painting and endurance
13698. Phosphate Treatment of Compressed Air Pipes (Internal)
13708. Gold Plating Brass Pins for High-Temp Soldering
13711. Increasing corrosion resistance for 316 stainless steel. How?
13714. Seeking chroming of fishing lures
13716. Running New Powder Coating Plant
13717. Blackening process for Al metal? Methods to improve resin bonding with Al?
13721. Scratched Chrome Rim
13722. Finish coating for zinc electroplated products
13723. Stains from baked on tape adhesive
13724. Patina for steel
13725. Rocheltex
13726. Dissolved Oxygen+Residual Hydrazine
13730. Small hole deburring/polishing
13731. Black finish on bare steel
13733. Need help polishing aluminum wheels
13735. Buffing mark problems in finished product anodized aluminum
13736. Anodizing to limit EMI/RFI Issues
13737. Various Surface Finishes on Stainless Steel
13738. Plating question
13743. Mild Steel or galvanized for maple syrup evaporator pan?
13744. Information on removing paint from brass needed
13745. Standard Nickel Strike Composition
13747. Alodine Precoating as Metal Finishing
13748. Carbon and titanium oxide removal of extrusion components
13749. Need help polishing anodized surface
13750. Sludge problem in phosphating
13751. FDA approved coating for stainless steel cleaned with chlorine
13753. Recycling water
13754. Copper washer identification
13757. Finishing Problem
13759. Investigate the metallurgical interface between zirconium and stainless steel 304
13760. Faradays Law
13763. Titanium Nitride Coating by nitriding titanium
13764. Seeking to recycle the effluent
13773. Removing old plating and adding new (to pewter)
13775. Alodining Secondary Aluminum Alloys
13776. How do you apply galvanneal
13780. Etching solution for brass
13781. How to make aluminum wheels shine
13782. Filing an edge on a chromium plated ring
13783. Surface texture of anodized aluminum
13785. Electroless nickel
13786. Difficulty adhering paint to polyethylene surface
13787. Powder coating scratch protection
13788. Galvannealed vs. Zinc with Clear Chromate Conversion
13790. Environmentally safe electrolytes
13791. Seeking paint that looks like nickel plate
13792. Need info on bromate/free bromine waste treatment
13793. Information about anodizing
13795. Plating w/out hazardous chemicals
13796. Mix Bleach with Guanidine Thiocyanate
13797. Black Oxide Post Treatments -- Chromic Acid Dip?
13798. Nickel strike bath
13802. Stripping copper
13804. School electroplating project (zinc onto a penny)
13805. Pulse hard chroming
13806. Deionized water vs. Distilled water in heat exchanger for Yag Lazer
13807. High Friction Material
13808. Achieving class 3 chromate conversion coatings
13809. Anodising color loss and restoration
13811. Hexavalent Chrome. Why does it inhibit corrosion?
13813. Gold coin patina restoration
13814. Creating a distressed mirror
13815. Copper sealer for counter tops
13819. Disposal of copper ion
13821. Selectively conductive plating on plastics
13822. Al vs 316L Cathodes
13823. Aluminum casting burrs / flash / lamination
13824. Seeking sublimation surface coating
13825. Remove /strip Rhodium from silver
13826. Thin wall copper tube finishing
13827. Brass plating
13828. Anodizing BeAl
13829. Yellow patches after passivation
13830. Burr Removal by Tumbling Tumbling Process
13831. Seeking good polish for wheels and tanks
13832. Seeking Training to Iridite/Alodine Aluminum
13835. Precipitation of wastewater
13836. Embrittlement Sensitivity of Diffused Nickel Cadmium Coatings
13837. Problems in electroforming
13838. Zinc content increase
13841. Seeking Low Friction Plating
13842. Nickel finish over brass
13844. 40 cfr 433 passivation
13845. Re-passivation of coated stainless steel
13847. Problems with discoloration on nickel plating
13848. Seeking color anodized tubing
13849. Seeking polycrystalline cobalt plating
13853. Pennies
13854. Needed: source for copper sheeting
13855. Stainless steel, scratch
13856. Surface smoothness measurement
13857. Powder coating MDF vs. vinyl vacuum wrap
13858. Silver plating
13859. Diamond additive
13860. Making up a chrome bath
13861. Haze film on Sterling Silver
13863. Fastening torque changes due to surface treatment
13864. Corrosion resistance of zinc on steel
13865. Reducing stress in plated Permalloy
13866. Seeking Vacuum Metallizing Services
13869. Help me with black oxidizing
13870. Calcium carbonate as an extender in paint production
13872. Scam of iridium copper coins
13876. Need heat resistant antique brass paint
13877. Fire Protection for Powder Coating Booths, NFPA 33
13879. Tie-coat: paint to polypropylene
13880. Suitability of mechanical zinc with SEMS screws
13881. Cathode Plate Thickness in Dummy Plating
13882. Finishing operation in manufacturing circular punches
13883. Science Fair - "The Truth About Toothpaste"
13884. Stainless steel refinishing
13887. Seeking PTFE (Teflon) coating of aluminum strips and roll-forming into round bushings
13891. Stained tub
13892. Waste water treatment
13893. A suggestion for removing gold from chrome
13894. How do I finish my metal brushing exercises
13896. Masking problems
13897. Passivation for 420SS
13902. 304 at High Temperatures
13903. Electroplate Silver
13904. Stainless steel more corrosive in the sea water than steel
13905. Home electroplating
13907. Help for Antique Car
13910. Copper finishing - natural
13913. Plastic part plating research
13914. Seeking Electroless-Nickel Plating Kits
13915. Salt air corrosion of hot dipped galvanized steel
13916. Require assistance on nickel plating process
13919. Rust spots on SS316L weld joints
13921. How do I clean copper without the red after tone?
13922. Browning solutions
13927. Chroming motorcycle wheels
13928. Removing golf club rust
13929. Zinc plating compatibility with Ethylene Oxide
13934. How do I clean tarnished brass?
13935. Black oxide rubbing off
13936. Filling etched steel, zinc with paint
13938. Tight fits, aluminum, anodize and galling
13939. Surface Decarburisation of Stainless Steels
13943. Seeking Buffing Compound or Polish for SS
13944. Porcelain tub stain
13945. Hard coat coil problem
13949. Which metals corrode fastest
13952. Removing Phenol
13953. Maintaining copper shine
13955. Simple plating cell for a science fair project
13956. De-chroming of honing slurry
13958. Mirror Polish / Nitride Coating for Titanium Bicycle Frames
13959. Aluminum under water
13960. Cast Iron Finish Treatment Required
13961. Strength and life of a powder coated part
13964. Protection from chrome
13965. Zinc plating nightmare
13966. Stainless Steel - 316 vs. 317
13967. METGUARD WDS-11 Specification
13969. Aluminium 3003, H14 and CP118: 1969 N8
13970. Anodize iron
13972. Bright dip school project safe at home (new product?)
13973. Coating of conducting plastic with TiN in vacuum microwave plasma
13974. Anodizing Aluminum
13976. Request for information on Chromium Plating Specifications
13977. Refinishing wrought iron and brass crib
13978. Plating for 250 hours salt spray
13979. Specifying Pickling Solutions/Procedure
13981. Powder Coating on Wood
13982. Electroless nickel thermal conductivity
13983. Zinc phosphate specification for powder metal
13984. Bonding to anodized finish
13986. Can you plate white gold/platinum over yellow gold?
13987. Scratch on stainless
13988. Tantalum etch
13989. Chromium hexavalent
13991. Can't reproduce a "marblous" mistake- marbled zinc chromate effect
13993. Painting metal cabinets/cupboards
13994. Coloring aluminum
13997. Cross Reference for ASTM Electroplating Specifications
13999. Preserving colors on copper

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