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"Filing an edge on a chromium plated ring"


I recently purchased a 14kp"white gold" ring that I wanted to have resized by shaving some of the gold from the edges of the inside front. I was told that this would be impossible because it was chromium plated. Needless to say, I am very upset because this means that I cannot wear the ring. I was mystified about this plating and I felt that I had bought costume jewelry for a very high price! After reading the comments on this site, I know that I am not alone. It looks as though I will have to have it replated if it is resized. Does the plating chip if it is disturbed (I only want a thin edge to be filed down which would not be visible...)From reading the posts I was not clear on whether the original plating has to be removed in order to do the replating. Is this true? Also, how much does a replating cost. The quotes of $30 seemed very low to me. How can one communicate with a jeweler that we want a thick coating an be able to rest assured that he did that?

Sandy Stevens-Theizen
- Renton, Washington, USA


Chromium is an element; rings are not chromium plated, although they are probably rhodium plated. If it makes you feel better, rhodium is roughly 10 times as expensive as gold, so don't think of it as a cheap coverup.

Electroplating should not chip. It is not necessary (and is not practical) to remove the old rhodium before replating.

I agree that $30 doesn't sound like enough money to properly prepare a ring, skillfully electroplate and inspect it, and pay the material cost for such a costly metal. Tell the jeweler you want a x-year guarantee on the rhodium plating; if it's thick enough it will be no problem.

Ted Mooney, finishing.com
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey


What does 14k-p mean after a goldsmith repairs a 14kt wedding band ring.
thank you

D Zivko
- Elm Grove, Wisconsin


Your ring is 14K the p means plumb not plated, a lot of people confuse this. Look at this link and read under, plumb gold.


John Jacobs
Gold - Ventura, California

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