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53002. Trying to locate a finishing company that can do hard anodizing
53003. TSA paint not adhering on galvanized sheets
53005. What metals do not form an alloy with silver at room temp
53007. Titration of boron in nickel cobalt plating
53008. Adhesion problem when two zinc iron parts are "toxed" together.
53010. Need cast iron tub feet plated
53011. Patina 500 sq. ft. copper clad elevator shaft
53012. Aluminum electrolytic etching
53013. How to calculate the cost of gold plating per piece
53014. Painting the hinges of a trash enclosure
53015. Pot annealed copper discoloration
53016. NADCAP requirements for certifying Hood Furnaces
53017. Lining stainless steel vats with fiberglass to prevent attack by H2SO4
53018. Stripper for nickel-palladium-gold layer
53019. Need to paint a Cor-Ten clock tower
53020. Paint Peeling Problems on aluminum extrusions and castings
53021. Air pockets in E-coat paint bath
53022. Lifetime of galvanized layer on pipe against hot water flowing inside?
53024. Plating on screws--appearance problem in heads
53025. Electro-conductive wax to do electroforming
53026. SS316L welding corrosion
53027. Polishing a previously painted aluminum automobile hood
53029. Chrome plating of plastics
53030. Zinc coating peels off from electrogalvanized metal sheet
53576. Adhesion failure of Electroless Nickel over Sulfamate Nickel
53031. Nikasil vs MIL-A-8625
53032. Stop off Lacquer for Nickel Plating
53033. Corrosion due to Chloride
53035. Looking for a second hand galvanizing line
53036. How to refinish a large brass tray
53037. Are there any health exposure concerns with working with cadmium coated bolts?
53038. Problem with measuring potentiodynamic anodic polarization
53039. Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Issues of Electrogalvanization
53040. Ovality in hard chrome plating of inner diameter of cylinder objects
53041. Removing sodium ion form nickel solution
53042. After Chrome Removal from aluminum what is the best way to remove remaining copper?
53043. Request information on automatic online analysis of manganese phosphating
53044. Analysis of phosphate in a phosphoric/citric acid mixture
53046. Post Powder Coat Inspection Lighting
53048. Pre-treatment for cast iron substrates in EN plating
53049. Life expectancy of nickel chrome plating
53050. Passivation of Polished Aluminum
53051. Colouring tiny articles of titanium
53052. Passivation of investment cast stainless parts
53053. Acid Pickling of Brass and Copper Forgings
53054. How to polish titanium to mirror like finish
53055. Sampling passivation parts - ansi Z1.4 vs. mil std 105
53056. Problem with Crazing on 7075 Aluminum parts after Bake
53057. Galvanic reaction in in-slab piping caused by refrigerator
53058. Electrodepositing Stainless Steels
53059. Conversion coating failure
53060. Need PVD vacuum metallization of components 2 meters long
53061. Bleed out on brass plated cast steel after clear lacquer dries
53062. How to wax bare metal filing cabinets
53063. Filtering nickel sulfamate
53064. Electroplating Platinum on Gold
53065. Is there a easy way to spot counterfeit sterling silver?
53066. Why did they change the pennies contents?
53067. Zirconium phosphate in mild steel pretreatment systems
53068. Company in Asia that is capable of doing Ivadize coating on 17-7 ph steel
53069. Reference electrodes, set-up and suppliers
53071. 500 hrs of GUV accelerated test is equivalent to how many years of exposure to sunlight?
53072. Help for zinc black
53073. Hard chrome plating of special purpose pistons /shafts - Startup
53074. Gold plating content measurement?
53076. Zinc coated copper for gutter systems
53077. Need Dacromet (black) on SAE 1050 spring steel components
53078. Need a Complete Plating Line with 55 Gal Tanks
53079. Sludge on the anode in copper acid electroplating bath
53080. Silver bracelet with strange markings on it ?
53081. Feeding Current to Anodize Tanks
53082. How to remove copper and nickel plated as undercoat in silver electroforming?
53083. Sealing Black Oxidized Steel
53086. Bright acid tin parts not plating and turning black
53087. Need metal furniture refinishers
53088. Test to determine if scratch has gone through the plating?
53089. Stripping PVD coatings
53090. Immersion silver pads turn brownish after IR reflow
53091. Guarantee for painted product
53092. How does a mother tank for electroless nickel work?
53094. Aluminium radiator tube-band finishing
53095. Removing excess polishing compound from metal parts
53096. Stainless steel tank coating
53098. Architect wants brass facade with lasting variation
53099. Need Gold Plating of Silver Chalices
53100. Ferric Oxide Patina for Stainless?
53101. Trying to create vintage patina on sandblasted bike frame
53102. Chrome contamination of zinc plating tank
53104. Understanding Watts bath operation
53105. Molecular cause of popping chrome laminate
53106. Cheapest possible reflective coating for steel?
53107. Need corrosion-resistant treatment for carbon plugs (bolts) for saltwater environment
53108. Seeking IVD alum class 1 type II
53109. What products are in Rhodium
53110. Proper disposal of copper sulphate in the lab
53111. Aluminum boat has corrosion; how to proceed for non-submerged parts
53112. Need to make brass tub fixture look like chrome or nickel but is bolted in
53113. RoHS Protective Conductive Coating for steel 53591. H900 vs H950 difference in Results
53114. Can a Type II and Type VI zinc plate per ASTM B633 be the same chemistry?
53115. Fume Scrubber Design Inquiry
53116. Amenable Cyanide, Total Chlorinated Cyanide analysis problem
53117. How to calculate number of hours to be tested in salt spray?
53118. Silver plating on titanium based alloys
53119. Best setup for solar cell inspection
53120. Seeking spray lacquer
53121. Can aluminum extrusion framed wall system be used in a galvanizing plant?
53122. Need wear and corrosion resistant gold/yellow colored finish
53123. Seeking hard chrome plating and finishing for hydraulic piston/rod made of ductile iron
53124. Need Electrical Resistance Testing Per MIL-DTL-5541 or MIL-DTL-81706
53125. Modifying a +5 deg. C freon chilling plant of 98TR for -25deg. c
53126. Waste water treatment plant
53127. Burnishing as an adhesion test
53128. What testing to do for zinc plating
53129. Plating for soldering?
53130. Plating silver over tarnished silver
53131. Using a pencil to remove corrosion from Cadmium plated surfaces
53132. Copper-nickel plated iron rusts anyway
53133. Foreign particles on Chrome Plated parts
53134. Clear chromate on Aluminum shows brown staining over time
53135. Need details of "the 7-tank process"
53136. Need chromium coating on Opti-White glass
53138. Repairing shower stall chrome track
53139. What is the best approach to nickel-free jewelry plating?
53140. Incomplete Anodizing Coverage
53141. Trivalent Passivate Over Aluminum Dissipates within 60 days after application?
53142. Passivation, electropolish, or nothing for 301 and 17-7?
53143. Pickling 17-4 SS -- specification
53144. Calculating Thickness of Oxide Layer Grown on Anodized Aluminum
53146. Bathroom fixtures need new brass plating
53147. Removing gold coating from solid brass faucet
53149. Need matte aluminum for refrigerator grill (kickplate) refinished
53150. Looking for coating technology consultancy to coat White Quartz and CZ gemstones
53151. Effect of Nickel plating in High temperature(900 oC) and Pressure (90 bar)
53152. Weight comparison painting or plating
53153. Gold Plating For Corrosion Resistance
53154. Lacquer coating on brass resistant to seawater
53155. To Pass 24 hours of Neutral Salt Spray Test in Nickel and Chrome Plating
53156. Want clear anodize in a spray bottle
53157. Surface of aluminum carts powdering
53158. Too much TDS in our stage 1 cleaning
53159. Application of tungsten disulphate dry powder
53161. Consequences of improper purification of trivalent chrome plating solution
53162. What color is MIL-A-8625F TYPE IIB
53163. Corrosion of Aluminum cold plate under Propylene Glycol - water solution
53164. How to apply a wood grain finish on metal doors on an industrial scale ?
53165. Electroplating SN63 Solder to Copper Foil
53166. Nickel plate as a corrosion barrier on stainless operated at high temperature.
53167. Best plating for fasteners
53168. Copper Coloring - Antique Green
53169. CPSIA Approved Rust Resistant Coating
53170. The defect of galvanizing irregularities and how to control and remove it
53171. Poor throwing power of trivalent chrome
53172. Can Alloy Wheels be chromed?
53173. Trivalent on anodized 6061 aluminum, in a marine environment?
53174. Metal Printing
53175. Looking for platinum plating chemistry vendor
53176. Delayed blistering problem in zinc iron plating
53177. Acid Etching on Aluminum
53178. Electrogalvanizing of cable trays on ships
53179. Electroplating on Aluminium
53181. Request finishing for beryllium
53182. Failure of phosphated castings in salt spray test
53183. Adherence of Electro Formed Nickel to Low Ra Steel
53185. Conductivity of Black Oxide
53188. Decorative Chrome finish defect: speckle
53190. Electrical resistance of black conversion on zn ni alloy increases with time
53192. Stainless wheels running on galvanised cable
53193. Req. a minimal coating (50-60 micron) for zinc savings
53194. How can we do chrome plating on black bakelite
53196. How to clean church tower without destroying patina
53197. Spiral Contractometer Test
53198. Etching 316 stainless as preparation for good bond to epoxy
53200. Restore welded stainless plate
53201. Contamination of steel shot from titanium
53202. Mirror finishing small detailed 304 or 316 stainless steel parts
53203. ACP Lower Surface Coating
53204. Searching for Corrosion Resistant and Wear Resistant Hand Tool Finishes
53205. E coating vs Zinc plating, long term which is the better option?
53206. Sprayer for Alodine 1200S
53207. Hard chrome plating inside the cylinder
53209. G60 Spec.
53210. ASTM B117 Revisions
53211. Type III color chart
53212. Calculate wear coefficient from graph of wear volume (10^-3cm^3) and sliding distance(10^6cm) --Ref. Archard & Hirst Paper 1956
53213. Wood stains from finished metal brackets
53216. Problems with copper foil electroforming process
53218. Conductivity of plated steel vs stainless springs
53219. Separation of beryllium from aluminium
53222. What are the probable causes and remedies of water marks in powder coating process
53223. Carbon Steel Etching
53224. Glass blasting process and satin plating
53225. Need copper plated masks for toy painting
53226. Seeking Nickel plating, QQ-N-290, class 2, Ni, for bar over 100 inches long
53227. Strong flexible clear coat for bamboo
53228. How to remove a bad paint job on retro oven
53229. What can I do to make a range hood look like it is made of copper?
53230. Etching aluminum foil for painting while avoiding embrittlement
53231. Where to buy brush gold plating solution?
53232. Technical Consultancy Sought on Nickel Barrel Electroplating
53235. Technical help for Nickel Barrel Electroplating
53236. Matte colour hard chrome finishing
53238. Globally accepted salt spray time and conversion in years for the same.
53239. Need Chrome Plating of Motorcycle Parts
53240. Electroplating molybdenum onto mild steel fasteners
53241. Repainting galvanized tennis court fencing struts -- what primer?
53242. Need expert advise on reducing/ eliminating zinc plating defects
53243. Solderability of Electroless Ni and Electrolytic Ni
53244. Error fish
53245. Welding before plating or after
53246. Treating aluminium for wet spray painting
53247. Need three-layer hard chrome plating on PVC extrusion die heads
53248. Need small plating rectifier
53249. Problem with Woods Nickel Strike
53250. High pH of CED bath and low pH of UF permeate and rinses
53251. Passivate 13-8 stainless with citric acid
53252. Titration Test for Dow 1 pickle -- help needed
53253. Powder Coating Process reduces Ultimate Tensile Strength
53256. Looking for Stannous Sulphate
53257. Deltatone Plater needed for fasteners
53259. Need MMO (Mixed metal Oxide) coating on Titanium substrates
53260. Need TiN coating Equipment
53261. Thickness guideliness for copper or nickel over brass
53263. Keeping Zinc Finish Bright inside buildings
53264. Need Rhodium and Gold Plating
53265. How will zinc coated steel bolts age? will they change color?
53266. Need a reflective coating or liner for inside of a PVC pipe
53268. Rusting of outdoor cabinets
53269. Closing a finishing facility - legal questions
53270. Plastic coating on stainless steel carrier fingers in plating machine
53271. Method to strip Titanium deposits from Aluminum substrate
53272. Electroplating with benzylidene acetone
53273. Dry Adhesion Tape Test without cutting into the painted surface.
53274. How to overcome "Star Dust " issue in decorative chrome plated aluminium (LM24) parts
53275. Copper electroplating onto tantalum sputtered silicon substrate
53277. Coating on Aluminum cylinder bore for low friction
53278. "Mirror finish" -- is there a standard definition?
53279. BAC5845 Paint Wet Adhesion Failures to BSS7225 Type II, Class I
53280. Removing cement from aluminum baking plate
53281. Acceptability of stainless steel connectors with Aluminum backshells
53283. Stripping copper wire with acid?
53285. Need anti seize coating on large stainless steel threads
53285. Need anti seize coating on large stainless steel threads
53286. Preventing 'black wire syndrome' with sacrificial anodes
53287. Repairing Scratches on Frigidaire "Easy Care" Stainless Steel finish
53288. Is cadmium plating resistant to H2S?
53289. Can anyone advise a supplier of selenium dioxide in large quantities
53290. Powder Coating similar to Brushed Aluminum Finish
53292. Surface Preparation CC-T1
53293. Aluminum preparation for wet spraying
53295. Zinc migration test methods
53296. Alloy selection for university rocket project
53297. Solar Reflective Plating for Pastic Parts
53298. Chrome my wheels!
53299. We want glass bead blasting machine
53300. Hot dipping galvanization of bolts and nuts after electroplated
53301. Brass plating over stainless steel
53302. Need information on good temperature for paint coating or lacquer after black copper oxide
53303. What is ASTM
53304. Anti-Static Coating Needed
53305. Etching Silver without etching Zinc or Antimony
53306. Powder coating chrome finishes
53307. Need a vendor for immersion tin chemistry
53308. Painting on copper plated ABS
53309. How to do Stainless Steel No4 finish touch-up?
53310. What kind of stainless steel is resistant to 93% sulfuric acid?
53311. What is ferrous metal ?
53312. Finishing / plating AISI 1095 blue tempered spring steel
53313. Etching gold through micro-holes of copper
53315. Sodium metabisulphite reaction with water
53316. Powder coat masking problem with aluminum
53317. Shot Blasting of chrome
53318. Palladium activation in electroless nickel
53319. Looking for plater to do pipe 15'-18' long
53320. Problem in getting high vacuum
53321. Need ID of 10 mm dia. stainless tube polished
53323. List of top plating industry experts and organizations in the USA
53324. Copper strike
53325. Seeking powder coating service-military or electronics grade
53326. Appearance of #4 finish on stainless vs aluminum
53327. Is copper underplate required for electroless nickel plating?
53328. Soda taste funny when drinking from stainless steel containers
53329. Black spots/Lack of adherence of Zinc in HDG of heat treated bolts
53330. Can we get EN with teflon that isn't grey?
53331. Need a Steel Wool Test for wear resistance on PVD finishes
53332. What is a "bronze ceramic" coating used on exterior wood screws?
53333. Passivation and laser cutting/stamping of stainless steel
53335. Practical to switch tank from zinc to copper plating without dumping?
53337. EN heat treatment on zamak
53338. Need Ion Vapor Deposited Aluminum plater
53339. Need Dip Painting Process Equipment
53340. Advantages and Disadvantages of Electroplating
53341. Recycling of aluminum "Hard disks"
53342. Silver Plating Solutions
53343. What does "20% by volume hydrochloric acid" mean?
53345. Titration of Multi-Etch for Fluoride
53346. Brass Battery Caps with Black Chrome Finish; Stripped with Yellow Contamination
53347. Aluminium profiles painting, paint curing problem
53348. Clear zinc vs. electroless nickel ... a conductivity question
53349. Electroplating tin plate strip
53350. "Dust" on anodized parts
53351. Oxalic Anodizing Performance vs Mechanical Finishing process
53352. Interference fit parts before anodizing
53353. Must we remove heat treatment discoloration on stainless steel?
53354. Using standard copper electrical sockets in chlorine storage building
53355. Explain the process of hydrogen de-embrittlement treatment
53356. Typical Thickness of Powder Coating on Sheet Metal
53357. Slime on surface of anodizing tank
53358. What type of urethane or rubber should be called out for masking holes during powdercoating?
53359. Vacuum plating results in more thickness than bargained for
53360. Electroplating thickness for mild steel sheets
53362. Faster dissolution of tin anode at the top of the electrolyte thins down and cut-off
53363. Need color anodized aluminum tubing
53364. Food safety of phosphate coating for cutlery application
53365. Sheetmetal quotes came in with different coating applications (Zinc Chromate/Iron Phosphate)
53367. Need service to repaint aluminum patio furniture
53368. 416 SS, Images and data for salt spray testing (fog)
53369. White rust on galvanised sheet and its effect on paint
53370. Starting a new chrome shop
53372. How to get mirror surface finishing (Ry 0.4) on Stainless Steel rod, dia. 8 mm ?
53373. Aluminum electrolysis: inside storage tank of a boat
53374. Nickel plated aluminium to reduce surface roughness?
53375. Need refinishing of brass lamps
53376. Bath Fittings from the early 50's Portugal- could they be Gold?
53378. Random Brown Stains on Decorative Chrome
53379. Spots and minor scratches on stainless steel range
53381. Who invented numbers?
53382. Size of shots for cast iron surface finish
53383. Removing lacquer from newly plated brass
53384. Preplating before deep drawing
53385. Disposal or containment of pickle liquor before the flood
53386. Zinc oxide packaging and disposal
53387. Chromium plating over Albaloy or Miralloy
53388. Brown sludge in cadmium cyanide plating solution
53389. Enlarge the crystal in 24k gold electroforming
53391. Can you chrome a wood guitar body?
53393. Need Gold leaf in Antique finish
53394. Gold plating 40 years old rose
53395. Need Purple Anodizing of Rivets - who can do it?
53396. Need brass toned electrophoretic lacquer or ?
53397. Refinish my satin nickel bath fixture to oil rubbed bronze
53398. Seeking Black Plating for bulk jewelry chains
53399. Gold inside computer towers? Yes? No?
53400. Bright annealing of stainless steels
53401. Atotech bondfilm bath determination of chlorides
53402. Paint Dipping, how to keep paint off of identity tags
53403. Repainting Black Anodizing
53404. Recommended paint method for A360, A380 die castings to pass 168 hr Acid Salt Spray test
53406. Electroless Nickel deposit rates
53407. Unexplained pH shift in nickel sulfamate bath
53408. Mold Cleaning Process
53409. Which blackening coating to use
53410. Visually marking of large anodized aluminum pipes
53411. "Hot Dip" or "Electro Galvanizing" - Which will weld better?
53413. Zinc Consumption in Hot Dip Galvanizing
53414. Painting a brass sink
53415. Black and White marks on a table without a finish
53416. Required Training
53417. Reusing drain water from DI Plant
53418. Method for analysis Gold(III) using visible spectrophotometer
53419. Primer application into a "taco" type structure
53420. Powder Coating vs. P-Alkalinity
53421. White rust on galvanized bird mesh
53422. Interference after hot-dip galvanizing nuts and bolts
53423. Copper plate a Type K Thermocouple
53424. How long Gold Plating over brass will last? Will the zinc discolor plating?
53425. Measuring the etching time in HF HNO3 prior to Anodising
53426. What is weight of Chromate Conversion Coating Class 3 A
53429. Which is a suitable process before painting
53430. Seeking functional gold plating of aluminum pieces
53431. Need a lab to perform Type II Titanium Wear Test
53432. Removing acid stain from granite stairs
53433. Is purified water adequate for rinsing after pickling
53434. External side stripe in food can manufacture turns white
53435. Standard for evaluating dust contamination in powder coating
53436. Problem in silicate base trivalent passivation
53438. Excess problem on the bright tin
53439. Plating aluminum to allow for solderability
53440. Wear of anodized aluminum on anodized aluminum
53441. Powder Coating or E-coating which has a lower environmental impact
53442. Looking for an anodized aluminum printer
53443. Please provide the latest of gold refinery machine and its cost ?
53444. Zinc Phosphate Spec WSS-M3P36-A1
53445. Heat Resistance Test per MIL-G-45204D, paragraph 4.6.4
53446. Mineral sludge dryers and capacity
53447. Removing ammonia from household wastewater
53448. Test method for zinc ash content
53449. Hydrozine analysis methods for boiler water
53450. Zinc plating causing cracks in a hardened sheetmetal part
53451. Golf club paint fill
53452. Oven-free Powder Coating Systems
53453. EN boron color and properties
53454. Tin plating turning dark
53455. Electrogalvanizing quality check for steel threaded bolts
53456. Is it Industry Standard to passivate 316L Stainless Steel after welding?
53457. High Temp Coating for Aluminum?
53461. Automotive "neo-chrome" finish -- What is it?
53462. Is Color a Distinction between Trivalent and Hexavalent?
53463. Varying feed (waste) nature and COD of final clear water
53464. Peeloff problem of electroless nickel from sulphamate nickel.
53465. Grainy, Mottled Type 1 Anodize
53466. Low(er) temperature black oxide for 300 series SS
53467. Surface Tension in Acid Pickling and Chemical Milling for Titanium
53468. Seeking alternative to painting for coloring SS
53469. Refinery pipe coatings to minimize soot build-up
53470. What grade of stainless for meat cooker using calcium chloride
53471. Need MIL-STD-171 finish 20.24 supplier
53472. Thin Dense Hard Chrome Supplier Needed
53473. Seeking anodizing of 7075-T7351, color brown; must be NADCAP approved
53475. Seeking paint per GE spec F50TF5
53477. Looking for Motorized Poly Barrels
53478. Plate with chemical attack for unknown product
53480. Surface finish is roughened by phosphating
53481. Need door knob escutcheon nickel plated
53482. Deoxidation of steel tanks after welding and dye penetration
53483. Reducing diameter of steel wire using electrochemical etching
53485. How to get gold color with brass when done acid wash
53486. Repairing paint chipped off titanium sunglasses
53487. Demin water supply through the stainless steel pipe
53488. Tin/Silver Plating Solution: Acidic Vs. Basic
53489. Will hot water circulator wear out our copper pipes?
53490. Chemically Active Penetrating Oil Finish for Bronze Cymbals?
53491. Non-electric galvanizing kettle - Hydrogen fuel viable?
53492. How can I color steel to look like this?
53493. Machine before or after anodizing
53494. Handling sulfuric acid
53495. White powdery deposit on welded areas of painted fuel tanks
53496. Electroforming a complex shape in thick copper
53498. Plastisol textile coating doesn't hold up to acid/enzyme wash
53499. ED coating - how to strip
53500. Bubbling / swelling in ED coating
53501. How to polish silver plated copper wire to a low RMS down to 0.010" dia. wire?
53502. Quenching Bath Installations
53503. Stained Glass Plating
53504. Need Acid dipping and E-coating of classic car body
53505. Seeking company to setup and install complete treatment line
53506. "Best" PVC Glue for Chrome Plating Machine
53507. Looking for an alternate for Prebond 700 for surface treatment of steel
53508. Problems with de-wetting while "Tin / lead" dipping Alumel and Chromel contact pins
53509. Copper plating aluminum for increased heat conductivity
53511. Separation of Gold metal from Potassium Gold Cyanide salt
53512. Use black Jax on rhodium plate etched pattern
53513. Electroless Nickel plating thickness for ABS plastic
53514. How to achieve different colors of plating for jewelry
53516. The reason for tinning of copper busbar
53517. What are the spots on unplated ID of plated parts and how to stop them
53518. How to achieve satin finish on anodized aluminum
53519. Need chrome dinette set refinished
53520. Need Thickness Controlled Paint Application
53521. I used Tarn-X on my sink and the patina is ruined!
53522. Treating and Plating on Tellurium-bearing Copper
53523. Brush plating Nickel Onto Steel Revolvers
53524. Peeling of kynar from galvalume
53525. Need color printing on stainless steel promotional items
53526. Nickel and 24kt gold allergy, help?
53528. Chemical residual analysis after pipeline passivation
53529. Rinsing / "Spent" HCl
53531. Clearcoating BARE aluminum, prep process?
53532. How to eliminate Black marks in zinc plating
53533. Zinc plating failures
53534. Passivation / Electropolishing : Can we describe the atomic mechanisms/chemistry in detail here?
53535. "Second" / Top coat peeling - Powder over Powder
53536. What causes Manganese Phosphate to not adhere?
53537. Tin-Zinc Whiskers - Less Likely Than Pure Tin or Pure Zinc?
53539. Seeking etched aluminum foil for capacitor applications
53542. Brushing will spoil corrosion resistance of Brushed Nickel finish
53543. Matching dark blue/black finish on 6al-4v titanium and 304 stainless
53544. Test to determine corrosion rate of powder coated steel
53545. Effects of electroplating Silver on the Hardness of Steel
53546. Bright anneal semi tubular rivets 302 ss
53547. Need Nital Etching System
53548. Anodize is cracking
53549. Want to give a seminar on a powder coating problem
53550. What is the precautionary measure for red rusting on stainless steel 316?
53551. Need equipment to (automatically) screen print on metal
53552. Need Book and/or license for NC Thinner Manufacturing
53554. Is surface conductivity grounds for rejection of anodizing
53555. Variability in Finishing Voltage and Thickness when Anodizing 6061 at Constant Current
53556. Safety Issues with Inhaling Dust from Laser Engraving Anodized Aluminum Parts
53558. Is there any high-heat-resistant metal plating formula out there?
53559. Seeking a company to Nickel/Gold/Silver plate Copper Electroforms
53560. Want rhodium application unit for jewelry
53561. A portion of part did not get chrome plated
53562. Finishing book that shows various finishes
53563. Detecting aluminum 4043 versus 4046 or 4047
53564. Almite photo printing Surface treatment process
53565. Electroplated Au as PCB surface finish?
53566. Stripping Electroless Nickel from Monel
53567. Need Antique National Cash Register restored
53568. Water Break Test vs Dyne Test - Stainless Steel and adhesion to PUR
53569. Stainless and aluminum used in Kenmore front load washer youtube icon
53570. What levels of pH are a problem for anodized aluminum?
53572. How to remove antiquing spots on brass electroplating
53573. Austenitic SS Passivation Problems
53574. How to re-brass a doorknob
53575. Corrosion problems on externally tested Alocrom test pieces
53577. Corrosion of copper
53578. Seeking coloured/anodised aluminium wire
53579. Difference between painting, powder coating and hot dip galvanizing
53580. Yellowish stain on metal cabinets after powder coating
53581. Cleaning antique brass light fixture
53582. "Time Window" for Sealing after Anodize
53583. Pure Silver beads from Silver Nitrate (washings from parting of bullion assays)
53584. Electroforming copper onto glass
53585. Deburring Titanium
53586. Soldering a broken white bronze statue
53587. Kynar vs Powder Coat Finish
53588. Need tube grinding polishing machine
53589. Need consultant on thermal spray powders
53590. Looking for a small passivating line for stainless steel
53592. Testing that HCl activating solution is not exhausted
53594. Surface roughness (polishing) of cast iron bearing guide
53595. Conductive touch up plating for carbon steel NEMA box
53597. Need nickel plating on neo magnets
53598. Need pink anodize
53599. Chrome finish on fiberglass parts
53600. Need metal plating for plastics, process 3Q7
53601. Need Covofinish silver bath
53602. Stripping Hafnium Silicon Dioxide from aluminum
53603. Nickel-chrome Reflector 'fades' in a year
53604. Small plating shop looking to expand
53605. Problems in copper plating baby shoes
53606. What chain oil works for conveyor in phosphating system?
53607. Canadian/US regulations on Chrome plated parts
53608. Need automatic barrel plating line
53609. Coca Cola and your health
53610. Do volts matter in plating pennies with zinc?
53611. Will citric acid passivation of stainless steel and aluminum improve Sol-gel adhesion?
53612. Tinting hand tools to mark ownership
53613. Best way to clean nickel plated cast iron frying pan
53614. Plating my sword
53615. Oxidized aluminium hurricane shutters
53616. Copper on Zinc Plating - Cyanide
53617. Rust-preventative treatment for cast iron handwheels
53619. Laser edge scale removal
53620. Confusion on chromate treatment for Cadmium
53621. Corrosion resistance of chrome plated 316 stainless steel
53622. Do I replate or lacquer a trumpet?
53623. Need Plating on Engineering Plastics LCP COC
53624. Cleaning Fire Sprinkler Gauges
53625. Pot allowed to boil dry and is now discolored
53626. Looking For AESF "Shop Guide"
53627. Refinish Polished Gold Faucet
53628. I would like to harden brass wire of 0.6 mm after it has been strung
53629. Need REAL Chrome finishing of small plastic parts
53630. Advice for DIYing equipment for home cosmetic electroplating?
53631. Pin hole corrosion in 316 stainless steel
53632. Strap heaters for tanks?
53633. How to achieve this copper coloring?
53634. Zinc Plating Spec for Ocean Voyage
53635. Failure Analysis of cracked crimper roller
53636. "14K" yellow gold holy medal has a copper-color discoloration ring on it
53637. Sparks on bulk of metallic pieces during CED
53638. Chromating and machining pressure die casted aluminium
53639. Does Sanodye Red RLW color conforms to Fed Std FS31400?
53640. Need IR absorbing dye which transmits visible.
53641. Can Powder Coating Weaken Aluminum?
53642. Chromium stripping voltage
53643. Soldering pc boards to bright tin plated housings
53644. Avoiding "Over Reverse" in Hard Chrome Plating
53645. How to remove oxidation from baked on metal surface
53646. Copper vs brass in electrical industry
53647. Platinum and palladium recovery from e-waste
53648. On-site 'out of the tank' Electropolishing process
53650. Tin plating
53651. Stainless steel tarnish is contaminating food product
54029. Powder Coating Masking Problem
53652. How to polish a circular o-ring surface at aluminum for vacuum chamber
53653. Electrochemical polishing of titanium
53654. Powder Coating additive to prevent rust of sintered parts
53655. What is "Italian silver"
53656. Plating Nickel Cadmium Diffused
53657. Electroplating coating causing the potential for hydrogen embrittlement?
53658. Tolerance band for finish: Rz=10um AND Rzmax = 20µm
53659. Peeling nickel plating on MS and nickel component
53660. Rusting utility trailer needs refinishing
53662. How to electroplate FeO ?
53663. Anodizing Thin Aluminum to Produce Non Gas-Permeable Oxide
53664. Will rhodium plated 14k and 19k gold look the same?
53665. Removal of Carbon "smear" from contact pins prior to Ni Au Plating.
53666. Setting up a passivation station in our shop
53667. Interactions of copper leachate and cementeous materials
53668. How could I spray a plastic laptop cover pink
53669. Painting on mirror
53670. Blackening annealed steel wire
53671. Rusty golf club shafts
53672. Electroless nickel plating of carbon/epoxy composites
53673. Floating dross after a holiday
53674. Need a brass bed polished and re-lacquered
53675. How to handle fabricating in one shop, shipping, and then powder coating in another shop
53676. Electropolishing using sodium nitrate
53677. Toxicity of nickel plating food container/product
53678. What lab analysis will help fix our aluminum substrate problems?
53679. Staining aluminum without carbon
53680. NAS 4006 coating of aluminum onto other metals
53681. Grinding and polishing method for surgical instruments made from SS 410
53682. Looking for conductive matte black coating/plating for stainless steel
53685. Looking for durable, chlorine-resistant steel coating
53686. Extrusion cosmetic issue crystallization after anodize
53687. Small metallizing system for repair of damaged galvanized areas?
53688. How to remove paint from copper cupola
53689. Why use copper complexes instead of simple copper ion in alloy plating or electroplating on zinc substrate?
53691. What can I paint Extruded Acrylic with without purchasing professional use high voc paints
53692. Sublimation Coating components
53693. Colored plating for steel? Not yellow or blue zinc.
53694. Questions on how to identify types of plating on old box hardware
53696. Prevention of Rust on 410 SS Surgical Instruments
53697. Cleaning of copper wire
53698. Which vegetable is the best conductor of electricity
53699. Chrome plating is peeling from the ABS component
53700. Want satin finish for cast aluminum
53701. Need passivation of titanium per ASTM F-86
53703. How to remove excess hardener in nickel sulphamate solution?
53704. Removing zinc from oil
53705. Teflon removed from frying pan - Now What?
53706. Gold plating adder charge?
53708. Is nickel or chrome plating better and why?
53709. Heating calculation of dry off oven after water spray
53711. Prep Steps for Chrome Painting
53714. Need Goalie Mask Cage Painted
53715. Rhodium Plating Problems
53716. Microphone chrome or nickel plating
53719. Galvanizing coating thickness requirement
53722. Is carbon steel pipe usable for isopropanol+formic acid fuel mixtures?
53723. Deburring of 7" long 20T internal spline
53724. Role of ferric chloride in pickling process
53725. Plating Barrel design
53726. Need electrically conductive finish on aluminum casting to improve appearance, RoHS compliant
53727. M.C. fork tubes need rechroming in
53728. Need nickel plating of child's toy stove
53730. Need Copper/Brass Plated Steel Strip (to make brush ferrules)
53731. Effects of disposal of powder Coated Metal Parts.
53732. Proper process for evaporating wastewater
53734. Most efficient way to polish forged stainless steel bicycle lugs to a mirror finish
53735. Burning the insulation from motor has attacked the copper bars
53736. Literature on alkaline cleaning and etching of alloys
53738. What's the best nickel plating method for a motorcycle tank and forks?
53740. Cleaning Issues with electrogalvanized steel
53741. Pitting problem in nickel sulfamate bath
53742. Why chemically etch molds instead of sand blasting?
53743. Looking for creep characteristics of 90/10 SnPb solder material
53744. Want anti-corrosion coating for chromoly, green in color
53745. Do I bake base coat and top coat at same time?
53746. Suggested metal and reflective finish for public outdoor sculpture
53748. Polishing the steel after passivation
53749. Black oxide problem on selectively chrome plated component
53750. SnAg plating has produced Silver-rich balls on the coating surface
53751. Need old copper cookware re-tinned
53752. Painting (and gold burnishing?) a brass and glass coffee table
53753. Rhodium plating gold
53754. Superficial cracks on Induction Hardened Steel
53756. Electroless Nickel plus Chrome: harden at 600 °C ?
53757. Zinc Alloy with Black Nickel plating failed Aging Test
53758. Gold plating for music wire springs
53759. Conductivity problems with Henkel Alodine 5200
53761. Paint peel-off test tool
53762. Measuring tin plating bath chemical concentration
53764. For analysis of HCl % in Acetyl Chloride
53765. C-L-R ruined my bathroom sink
53766. Turning Methane into Electricity
53767. What's the deal with advertisements for "Triple Chrome Plated"?
53768. Proprietary brightener sought for developing copper bath for glass art jewelry
53769. Need colored chromating or part staining on steel
53770. Need galvannealed sheet
53771. Need Plastisol Coating Contractor
53772. Want antique copper / tiger stripe finish applied
53773. Need gold dipping of custom paper lanterns
53774. Need Automatic Polisher for Metallography Samples
53775. Corrosion of stainless steel cable in Utah streams
53776. Trying to pull pure nickel from stainless plate
53777. Etching effluent regeneration
53778. Electrical resistance of chrome plating
53780. Appearance of the clear tri-valent chromate over zinc per ASTM B633
53781. Structure opening issue - oil patch kind
53782. What solution would you use to electroplate gold onto another metal
53783. Please help me clean my elevator
53784. Need PTFE Impregnation chemicals for Anodized Surface of Aluminum.
53785. Need tool steel grade research samples
53786. Need Copper Pans Retinned
53787. Activation of tungsten (W) for non-cyanide Copper or Acid copper plating?
53789. For marine conditions, is zinc blue passivation enough?
53790. 17-7 normalizing after accidentally heat treating?
53791. Need a matte finish on Titanium substrate
53792. Need plating shop to restore Japanned Hardware
53793. Need a company that can color finish golf equipment
53795. Want a chemical that heats up when mixed with water
53796. How to etch curved jewelry seamlessly
53797. Using HCl for Pickling to Strip Nickel from brass
53798. Is hydrogen de-embrittlement required after chrome plating?
53799. Copper-nickel-chrome plating on diecast aluminum blisters and peels off
53802. Need Brass Plating
53803. Recommended Anodizing Specification for Camp Cookware
53804. Nickel Composite electroform is brittle
53805. Recovery/Electrolysis of zinc
53806. Plating an alloy
53809. Applying a bronze finish on copper
53810. Residential application of stainless and galvanized
53811. Nickel Powder coatings
53812. Burn / Black appearance on M2.6 Blind thread hole after electroless plating
53813. Part numbering/drawing
53814. Suggested plating application spec for saltwater fishing trolling lure
53815. Graphic images in anodised finishes
53816. E-coat on machined cast iron and ductile iron castings
53817. Need durable exterior white on aluminum screen roll stock
53820. Need zinc plating of steel plate
53822. Effect of using a "too hard" rubber roller on adhesion tape test results.
53823. Chemical etchant for Nickel to better SEM a Ni-SiC composite
53824. Why Pre-Bake before cadmium plating?
53825. Powder coating gels up from contact with gasoline or brake cleaner
53826. PVD finishing on stainless steel jewelry
53827. Electroplating iron sheets objects in white color
53828. Maskant for anodizing
53829. How to do phosphating on Cadmium and Zinc
53830. Black Stain On Parts After Passivation of 420 SS
53831. Finishing of aluminium die cast parts
53832. Cadmium Plating is smutty and powdery
53833. Need chrome plated tubing stripped, brass plated and lacquered
53834. Does this analysis mean real 316 stainless?
53835. "Black Spots" after de-smutting, prior to anodizing
53836. Overcoming interference from hydrolysable cations when titrating for free sulfuric acid
53837. Pickle and Passivate Standards and Codes
53838. Accelerated Life testing for outdoor fixtures
53839. Acryl urethane is wet paint or powder ?
53841. Wide Variations in appearance of zinc plated and yellow chromated parts
53842. Needing To Add Resistance Coating To Aluminum/Titanium
53843. Ceramic coating needed on car parts
53844. CrN coated tool failure
53845. RABiTS Nickel
53846. MIL-DTL-53039C Type 3 over Type2
53848. Tooling for applying #4 finish
53849. Finishes available for music wire springs
53850. Ductile Nickel Plating
53852. Zinc vs. Phosphate screw coating?
53853. Where can I find chromoly for off-road rig
53854. Tinting/Coloring Shellac
53855. Pretreatment for Electroless Nickel plating on Maganese alloy
53856. Contamination on pipe surface.
53857. Eco-friendly Passivation on stainless steel 304 with black or white appearance
53858. Choosing sheath material of heating element: mild steel or iron
53859. What is the difference between carbon steel and titanium pipe
53860. Is it possible to hot foil with a high pressure sublimation heat press
53861. Nickel phosphorous electroless plating
53862. Do Latex Gloves wear down or break down Gold rings?
53863. BMW motorcycle aluminum engine is looking bad
53864. Can I use salt water to dissolve the aluminum from platinum hard disks
53866. Is DIY cast iron electropolishing feasible?
53867. Touching up galvanized steel to Mil spec
53868. What does "All surfaces Class 4" mean from an anodizer
53869. Biological treatment of heavy metals
53870. Simple ways of making PCBs / PWBs
53871. How to "un-distress" a mirror
53872. Getting a home made griddle anodized
53873. Where can I get a drying tank?
53874. Bad solderability after immersion gold plating
53875. White plastic stains over powder coating (looks like bleaching)
53876. For fluorosilicone rubber molding on aluminum, must it be done immediately after anodizing?
53877. Chem-film process line
53878. Electropolisning 420 SS
53880. Observational standard for trivalent black zinc
53881. Acid or Solvent that etches copper but not gallium arsenide
53882. QQ-C-320 + AMS 2406 -versus- ASTM B650
53883. Will Powder Coat contaminate an Argon Environment?
53884. Will powder coating an 853 bicycle frame change its properties?
53885. Phosphating vs. galvanising for roofing sheets
53886. Suitable steel plating for high temperature and high humidity environment
53888. Cadmium alternative for electrical contacts
53889. Marks and stains with the nickel plating baths
53890. Discoloration in anodizing 606-T6 plate welded over with 5356
53892. Potato voltage
53893. Can artist have a stainless steel pot silver plated?
53894. Small Shop Galvanization
53895. Consultant needed for evaluating Proving Ground corrosion test results
53896. Pitting problem in Gold plating
53897. Removal of tin coating from steel back
53898. Need a clear coating to preserve color anodizing on titanium
53899. Want to Hot Dip a Radio Tower
53900. After rhodium plating is this my same ring?
53901. Need formula to give hardness of up to 1050 to a copper-based print cylinder
53902. Silkscreening onto a black anodized surface
53903. Copper Plating Thickness for RF applications
53904. Removing patina on faucet without damaging crystal
53905. Contact material for Corrosion Resistance to Salt Water and Chlorine Water
53906. The chemistry of zinc phosphate coating
53908. Inhibitor for Sulfamic Acid for titanium cleaning
53910. Need mfgr for buff profiles
53911. Refining gold in electronics by leaving it behind and dissolving the copper
53912. How to tumble polish manganese bronze
53914. Keeping Liquid in Food Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel Bottles
53915. Cost Competitive Electroless Nickel possible in USA?
53916. Mixed metal slip rings (brass and copper) a problem?
53917. Stress Relief Bake prior to phosphate coating - what is it for?
53918. Need etching formula for ceramic bathtub which will not rust metal
53920. Hydrogen embrittlement risk associated with replating
53921. QQ-P-416 revised bake from 3 hours to 23 hours
53922. Need process for RoHS compatible MIL-C-5541 coatings
53924. Need a supplier of complete parkerising plant for small steel cups
53925. Tremclad rust paint over latex ?
53926. Artist wants black surface for sterling
53927. Cold cast copper casting fish
53928. Reaction between solar panels and mounting frame
53929. Fastener nomenclature question
53930. Can copper sulphate distinguish 5 chrome from 1-1/2 chrome
53931. Will titanium nitride coating make hardened steel more brittle?
53932. Zirconium nitride coating reaction with industrial alcohol
53933. Electroless plating for over size bore
53934. White dots on the face of nickel-chrome plating
53935. Effect of Yellow Passivation Process on Nylon Washer
53936. Long ridges on copper electroform
53937. Nickel Sulfamate Plating Inquiry
53938. Screw Torque not achieved due to plating issue
53939. Good process for submersed reflectors?
53940. Cheap coating to protect silver plating while etching copper with cupric chloride.
53941. Need blasting and acid etching of screws
53942. Need to get boat parts anodized in Las Vegas
53943. Need a coating to store lox and CH4 in liquid form to Mars or moon
53944. Need chrome plating on small copper sheets
53945. Need to Bronze Baby Shoes/Start Business/Help
53946. Rough surface on plated parts
53947. Want my alloy wheels chrome plated
53948. Aging the brass at the bank
53949. I want to darken a piece of steel sheet as a fire back in a gas fired domestic setting
53950. Tarnish on tinned busbar surface
53951. Ni-Cd and Cu-Cd alloys plating
53952. Possible To Finish Stainless Without the EPA?
53953. Rust on Phosphatized Metal
53954. Plating Needed for 30 Schlage D53PD Cylindrical Locks to 10B Finish
53955. Need to buy a small kit for oxalic acid etching of stainless steel samples in metallurgical mounts
53956. Need zinc nickel coating with fully automatic process to resolve the quality issues
53957. EX-74 Clear Epoxy Resin - Wholesale/Quantity 55 gallon drum(2, Hardener and Resin)
53958. Looking for consultancy on plating silver on copper articles
53959. The primer and glue and PVC CPVC are harmful to the healthy?
53960. Repairing acid damage to chrome rims
53961. Chrome and powder coat on one piece
53962. Good coating for clothes fabric to slide over without snagging?
53963. Removal of Powder Coating
53964. Need manufacturer for small chrome finish plastic charm
53965. Painting on an old tin suitcase
53966. Patina sprays
53967. Polishing inside a groove in a carbide ring
53968. Restoring gold trim on 1986 Yamaha Virago 1100
53970. Bead blasting on hardcoat anodizing
53971. Does Galvanized Iron sheet require pretreatment?
53972. Cleaning Oakite 160 solids from immersion tank
53973. Can my fiance go blind from welding?
53974. Need a dull black finish on an Aluminum structure
53975. How to freeze further rusting of old garden tables
53976. Relative costs/options for hard plating aluminum?
53977. Is there money to be made in catalytic convertors?
53978. Offgassing of hot coal bucket
53979. Should 24K gold plate be removed from broken chandelier?
53980. Paint on black refrigerator on outside deck has become dull
53981. Conductivity of DM water in storage tank is increasing
53982. Paint peels off cadmium plated surface
53983. Defects in Nickel-Chrome Plating on ZAMAK-5 base material
53984. Corrosion of anodized 6063 Aluminum alloy and solutions.
53985. I would like to color anodize my rims
53986. Removing paint and anodize, then plating copper on aluminum paintball gun
53987. Gold plated bracelet turned black
53988. Removing paint and anodize, then plating copper
53989. Aluminum polishing business start up
53990. Comparison between spray chrome and chrome plating
53991. Stress induced cracks after ABS molding parts meant for Chrome plating
53992. Looking for metal vacuumizers for quartz crystals, decorative
53993. PVD coating on jewelry source
53994. Need hard anodizing of existing cookware
53995. Seeking iridium plating capability for lighting application
53996. Where to buy ASC2N Stripper?
53997. Need "Economy Devices " temperature probes or equivalent
53998. Tinting tin plated parts blue

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