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 0. Choosing a Finish (corrosion, compatibility)
  1. Preparing the part (mech. prepchem. pretreatmasking & racking)
    2. Metallic Finishing (stainless & titaniumanodizing & light metalselectroplatingelectroless platingPVD & vacuum processesgalvanizingbluingother inorganic processes)
      3. Organic Finishing (CED, electrocoatpowder coatinglacquers, clearcoatspainting, printing, adhesives)
        4. Post-treatments (chemical post-treatsbaking, soldering, dryingstripping & reworks)
          5. Supporting Issues (analysis, lab, QA/QCwater & wastesafety, emissionsplant/process engrg.specs, books, statslingometallurgyprecious metal recovery)

  6. NON-industrial (hobbyists, DIY, around homeresearch, thesisK-12 scienceArtists' Corner)
    7. NOT Metal Finishing (off topic but interesting)


Max. Temp for plated silver open Q. - June 18

Need Chicago screws in 3 colors RFQ Krakow, Poland - June 17

61464-2i Coating for Spillway Gate Chains open Q. - June 16

Which stainless steels are Magnetic open Q. - June 15

202 SS or 304 SS for Baby Cutlery items open Q. - June 14

Anti-corrosion coatings for Railway Track open Q. - June 13

49101-1 Galvanic Compatibility of Aluminum & Stainless Steel - June 13

27752-1i Why don't air conditioner condensers suffer galvanic corrosion from aluminum fins on copper tubing? - June 6

Galvanic compatibility of aluminum guards on copper gutters open Q. - June 3

18042-1i Best Heat Sink Finishes / Surface Treatments - May 30

Durable, Conductive, RoHS Aluminum Coating Suggestions open Q. - May 16

Chromate conversion coat Zamac 3 directly vs. zinc plate first? open Q. - May 14

Hot-dip galvanising alternatives - March 14

Thin dense chrome vs titanium nitride? - March 12

Hot Dip Galvanize vs. Zinc Electroplating - March 8



Very High Bond tape doesn't stick to mirror polished stainless steel - June 21

Is there any Roughness Standard under N1 / Ra 0.025 ? open Q. - May 24

What VDI Finish is required for light pipes? open Q. - May 12

How to dull a stainless steel finish - May 9

Need to do Deburring of Titanium RFQ San Luis Obispo CA - April 27

Problems with stainless steel cut wire media in magnetic tumbler Thanks! Resolved :-) - April 13

Superfinishing Stainless Steel - March 17

Profilometer vs. surface comparator for castings - March 4

How to clean steel contaminated with Sodium Metabisulfite. open Q. (February 5)


Surface Activation for Phosphating open Q. - June 16

Electrolytic cleaning: anode to cathode ratio - June 3

Mn phosphating formula for couplings for pipes & treads open Q. - May 29

Zinc Phosphate coating problems & issues; Q&A's open Q. - May 27

Alternatives to Phosphating open Q. - May 27

13366-7i Zinc Phosphating: Yellow Stain only on GI sheets open Q. - May 27

Want to make alkaline ball burnishing compound open Q. - May 23

Can't phosphate high carbon steel open Q. - May 23

Bright dip for Fe-Cr-Al Alloy wire? open Q. - May 16

Can the same surface treatment line be used for different substrates - May 12

39277-1i Why do we use 15-18% HCl for pickling - May 4

Manganese phosphate coating absent on soft nitrided parts - May 4

Manganese phosphate coating: issues and answers - May 4

Why 'acid activate' copper before plating, and how? - April 17

Need details of 'the 7-tank process' open Q. - April 6

Manganese Phosphate Components have a red cast - April 1

Trichloroethylene/TCE in Metal Finishing - March 29

Free and total acidity in phosphating - March 27

What is the difference between electrocleaning and electropolishing? - March 23

Electropolishing of Tungsten Carbide open Q. - March 7


adv. maskcoat banner 

How to mask glass bangles for PVD coating open Q. - June 18

3836-2i Tape is causing Anodizing defects - May 12

Masking material / method for electroless nickel plating - March 17

How to Mask for Hardcoat Anodize - March 16



56202-4i  Stainless steel passivation problem: color inconsistent - June 28

•  Stainless Passivation Temperature Ranges - Why is 90-120 °F excluded? - June 28

33504-1i  Titanium galling & anodize/oxidize wear resistance - June 28

Electropolishing 304 stainless steel, or alternatives to it - June 21

19226-4i Need titanium bolts & washers blackened RFQ: Tucson AZ - June 9

electropolishing problems 'Frosted marks' from electropolishing? open Q. - June 8

14697-1i 3 interesting open questions about electropolishing stainless steel open Q. - June 3

Chemical/Electro polishing of stainless steel open Q. - June 1

304 Stainless Steel for Liquor Decanter open Q. - May 19

Does passivated 304 offer same corrosion protection as regular 316? - May 16

Annealed & passivated stainless parts fail water immersion test - May 12

Anodizing of titanium: Type II alkaline RFQ: Spring, TX - May 8

Aging issues with phosphoric acid/sulfuric acid electropolishing solution? Thanks! Resolved :-) - May 5

Need non-magnetic 17-7 PH material - May 4

Diffusion Treatment Of 316 Stainless Steel stained it - May 3

Electropolishing nickel-titanium (nitinol) Q&A's, Problems & Solutions - April 27

Stainless Steel Electropolishing parameters open Q. - April 18

Need consultation support of AMS2487/AMS2488 Type II Anodizing Process RFQ Bangalore, India - February 20

Ferric Chloride Not Etching Stainless Steel - February 17


44945-1i  White Powder/Salts on Anodized Aluminum open Q. - June 28

7075-T6 Poor anodising appearance related to minor differences in composition? - June 23

Need Phosphoric acid anodize ASTM-D-9399 RFQ: Thailand - June 17

Discoloration of MIL-5541 Alodine - June 13

Can chem-film resist ultrasonic cleaning? - June 12

Problems with Alodine/Iridite/Chem-film and Blind Holes - June 9

Salt spray test hours for anodized aluminum - June 3

Aluminum Alloy Rotogravure Cylinder Problems & Solutions open Q. - June 3

Constant voltage anodizing issue: Current out is higher than current in open Q. - May 27

Extend Alkaline etching bath life by decanting? open Q. - May 26

32137-2i Burning problem in Hard Anodizing of Aluminum - May 26

43777-1i White spotting on black anodising - May 25

10688-1i Black spots on anodized surfaces - May 25

Conversion Coating Process (Chromating?) for Mazak (Zamak) open Q. - May 24

Using titanium baskets & scrap aluminum wire as anodizing cathode? open Q. - May 23

Issues black anodizing & clear anodizing sandwich panels open Q. - May 14

61432-1i Can't Get Anodized Aluminum Watch Dials Blue Enough - May 13

Need anodizing theory Thanks! Resolved :-) - May 12

61433-1i Problem in shiny anodized product - May 4

61428-1i Blueish discoloration on hard anodized parts - April 17

44322-1i Black spots on aluminum from anodizing open Q. - April 12

Dissolving aluminum with caustic soda - April 8

Current drop during anodizing - April 7

61425-1i Stains on 6061 Aluminum open Q. - April 6

Thickness/weight of anodize coatings Thanks! Resolved :-) - April 4

Chromic Acid Anodizing: Introduction and Problems & Solutions - March 29

5907-1i Phosphoric Acid Anodizing (PAA) current & thickness issues - March 17

Pitting Defect on Bright Finished Aluminium Extrusion open Q. - March 16

Setup and startup of a new anodizing line - March 16

Hardcoating Of Cast Aluminum (ADC12) open Q. - March 16

Black anodized parts feel like a chalkboard Thanks! Resolved :-) - March 8

Anodizing Cast Aluminum - March 6

6559-1i Chromate not properly coating 5052 alloy open Q. - March 3

Two-color anodizing - February 20

Anodizing amperage drops to zero - February 20

How to do printing onto Anodized Aluminum open Q. - February 20

Chemfilm & hard anodize on mic 8 aluminum - February 17

Chromic acid is being dragged into black dye tank (February 15)

56407-1i Electrocolouring of anodized aluminum: speckles & white powder stains open Q. (February 12)

Electroplating / Electrodeposition of Aluminum (February 11)

Masking/stripping when chromate conversion and anodizing on same part open Q. (February 9)

27314-3i Need world-class re-anodizing of a large sculpture RFQ Hudson NY (February 9)

Anodizing and electroless nickel on same piece (February 2)   


How to reduce brittleness in copper (PCB) plating - June 28

Zinc Plating + Iridescent Chromate expected, but parts are white - June 23

Tin plating peels off copper plating when baked open Q. - June 21

Nickel plating blisters & peels off open Q. - June 20

61459-1i Source of Contamination on Hard Gold Contacts? - June 20

When did copper flashing on steel for nickel plating begin? open Q. - June 17

Sn (tin) plating bath has turned violet/purple - June 16

How to Remove calcium from Nickel Plating Solution open Q. - June 14

Silver Plating is Blistering open Q. - June 9

Pitting problem in nickel-chrome plating on brass open Q. - June 9

1963-1i "Whitewash" on Chrome Plate - June 8

Alkaline zinc plating at 40 ASF - June 6

How to reduce hardness in nickel sulfamate plating? - June 3

55225-2i Alkaline zinc plating problem: Black dots/spots that grow with time open Q. - May 29

61429i Blue Chrome defect in hard chrome plating open Q. - May 27

Must do Acid Copper Plating with no additives open Q. - May 27

Nickel plated parts peel when powder coated but not when heat quenched - May 24

Acid zinc plating Anodes are black-ish open Q. - May 24

Sodium Vinyl Sulfonate usage in electroplating industry open Q. - May 24

Best filler material (ball bearings?) for barrel plating aluminum parts open Q. - May 24

44143-5i Pin holes on hard chrome plated bars open Q. - May 21

Can we use stainless anodes in silver plating to battle rising concentration? open Q. - May 21

61440-1i White haze on parts after sulfamate nickel plating open Q. - May 17

How long can nickel current be interrupted - May 16

61438-1i Hard chrome on Stellite: tank is black w/pitting & peel off issues - May 16

61442-1i Tin plating cast iron meat grinders open Q. - May 14

zinc plating rainbow color Zinc Plating has unwanted Rainbow Color - May 12

Alkaline zinc plating goes faster at low temperatures than high Thanks! Resolved :-) - May 11

Why must diluted acid be used in nickel plating, not concentrated? - May 7

Cost/pound for FO1 Zinc Plating w/ Clear Chromate on steel open Q. - May 5

61431-1i Need Silver or Tin Plating of Low-Voltage Contacts made from Copper & Brass RFQ: Milwaukee, WI - May 4

Poor Salt spray test results on black zinc plating - May 4

28851-6i Some problems in Zinc-Nickel Plating - May 4

47325-4i Zinc plating with clear chromate discoloration issues - May 4

Need Shop to do Chrome Seal per PS 11501 RFQ Concord CA - May 3

Acid zinc plating: peroxide is doing something to clog our filters - May 2

Sulfamate Nickel Strike Problems - May 2

Function of Boric acid in Nickel Plating - May 2

Activating/reactivating old Nickel plating - May 2

Alkaline Zinc Plating Rundown Streaking - April 26

41663-1i What is Blue Chromate Plating? - April 23

36277-1i Weird Hard Chrome on Sulfamate Nickel adhesion problem open Q. - April 23 vipInquirer often helps others, so especially deserves our help

15007-2i Cloudiness & rainbows after Zinc Plating - April 19

Substitute/Alternate/Replacement for Rhodium Plating open Q. - April 15

Nickel or Electroless Nickel plating on nitrided steel open Q. - April 15

Non cyanide copper plating Q&As / Problems & Solutions open Q. - April 13

How to make Rhodium Plating Solution Thanks! Resolved :-) - April 13

Cause of white patches in yellow zinc plating open Q. - April 9

copper-nickel plated door lock Copper & Nickel Plating Thickness vs. Salt spray Resistance Thanks! Resolved :-) - April 7

40095-7i Acid Zinc Plating: Problems & Solutions - April 7

Brass Plating Problem: we add zinc salt but analysis shows no increase in zinc concentration - April 6

How to calculate plating cost? open Q. - April 1

Brush plating stainless with Wood's Nickel Thanks! Resolved :-) - March 29

HCl immersion time for replating old car parts - March 27

Turbulence limit for chrome plating of inner diameter? open Q. - March 27

Nickel Contamination of Gold Plating Bath - March 27

52366-5i Hard chrome broken & burnt - March 26

Electrical conduction properties of nickel plating - March 25

We need gold plating consultant RFQ Minnesota - March 22

61406-1i Our nickel plating on copper & brass suddenly started peeling - March 21

15017-2i Chrome Plating Throwing Power Thanks! Resolved :-) - March 21

Problem holding Zinc concentration in alkaline Zinc plating bath - March 21

3606-9i Black Chrome Plating is making our hands dirty open Q. - March 18

Rhodium plating of silver rings Q&A's - March 10

Ruthenium plating on high phosphorous EN open Q. - March 4

Hydraulic fluid leaks through/over hard chromium plating open Q. - March 4

Need Cadmium Plating per NAS672 RFQ So. California - March 3

Zinc plating thickness vs. salt spray resistance - March 2

Copper Tungsten: Activation / Plating / Surface Treatment Thanks! Resolved :-) - February 28

Hydrogen embrittlement in zinc plating of auto parts from the 1960's - February 23

46024-2i Thin Dense Chrome has Brown Spots open Q. (February 15)

Nickel plating onto alumina dispersion-strengthened Cu alloy (February 14)

Barrier layer when gold plating on sterling silver open Q. (February 13)

Poor plating adhesion on Remko (high purity iron) material (February 13)

Hard chrome plating on copper open Q. (February 11)

Matte Tin Plating on top of Bright Tin Plating open Q. (February 11)

White Spots on Cadmium Plating from wooden shipping crates? open Q. (February 10)

Cost of hard chroming a cylindrical shaft (February 10)

49988-3i Cadmium Plating Problems Thanks! Resolved :-) (February 10)

How to make gold plating last longer? open Q. (February 9)

Need Tin-cobalt plating RFQ Wheeling, IL (February 4)

Need to hold surface finish on Zinc Nickel plated parts open Q. (February 3)

Clear zinc plating develops brown stains with time open Q. (February 3)

Fingerprints on silver plated finish (February 2)


•  Palladium activation & Plating on Plastic open Q. - June 26

'Contact' plating questions open Q. - June 21

Stability Problems with Electroless Palladium Solution open Q. - June 17

Heat treatment of Electroless Nickel for 400-500 Vickers - June 6

Poor adhesion of Electroless Nickel Plating onto steel - June 2

Electroless Nickel Plating for wet sour service open Q. - June 2

Electroless nickel plating is turning black, tarnishing open Q. - May 2

Immersion gold plating vs. electroless gold plating - April 26

Chrome plating peels off of ABS+PC - April 5

Preventing discoloration of tin plated copper bus bars - April 5

Need EN on Magnesium Touched Up RFQ Tucson AZ - March 27

Palladium-free direct plate technology for plating on plastic? - March 20

Electroless Nickel plating on NiCr - March 7

Immersion gold) peels off of electroless nickel - March 3

Selective Electroless Nickel Plating or Stripping open Q. - February 25

In-situ Electroless Nickel Plating Repair open Q. (February 10)

Racks for plating ABS/plastic get electroless nickel plated 2nd Rqst (February 3)


How to get Black PVD finish - May 22

PVD coatings: color control - May 4

Masking in PVD process open Q. - March 25

Need to patch up the leakage in vacuum chamber open Q. - March 22

50847-1i Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) Coating Coming Off After Steam Autoclave - March 16

Pinholes in base coat for vacuum metallizing on ABS (February 7)


Lifespan of galvanized sheet metal? - June 24

Need re-galvanizing of metal shelving RFQ Limpopo, So. Africa - June 18

Continuous Sheet Galvanizing: wrinkling/creases/heat buckling problem open Q. - June 16

Some Galvalume Panels Are Turning Black open Q. - June 8

Types of zinc used for galvanizing: PWZ vs.GOB for solar profiles - June 2

Surfactants used in preflux and blanket flux Thanks! Resolved :-) - May 30

Spinning and rolling to clean threads after galvanizing - May 27

57163-6i Galvanizing defects: black patches open Q. - May 20

What is an Ash Box (in Hot Dip Galvanizing) - April 24

Hot dip galvanizing: what is reasonable dross & ash material loss? - April 24

How to calculate/measure the thickness of zinc coatings open Q. - April 11

Iron content in hydrochloric acid - April 1

How to start a simple, low investment galvanizing plant open Q. - March 29

How Can I Reduce Zinc Dross - March 22

61324-2i White patches on new hot dip galvanized - March 22

Wire hot dip galvanizing open Q. - March 20

Converting from wet galvanizing to dry galvanizing Thanks! Resolved :-) - February 21

Impossible to make Zn-Mg-Al ternary hot-dip galvanized steel pipe? open Q. - February 18

Prevention of white rust in wire galvanizing (February 15)

Want to know reasons for PIT MARKS on galvanized sheet (February 15)

61391-1i Rusting of Hot Dip galvanized steel (February 12)


Mid temperature blackening smut issue open Q. - June 13

61453-1i Rust on black oxide parts open Q. - June 12

Black oxide problems on 4340 steel open Q. - May 13

Steam Homo Treatment vs Black Oxide Treatment - April 6

Black oxiding of hardened steel is brown open Q. - March 3

2h. OTHER INORGANIC FINISHING: Mechanical Plating, QPQ, Metal Spray, Zinc-rich Dip-Spin Coatings, Sherardizing, etc.



Need CED coating service in Chennai RFQ Chennai India - June 16

32574-9i Chalky, ashy CED (cathodic electrodeposition) coating open Q. - May 28

Random adhesion failure in Electrodeposition coating open Q. - April 15

CED painting voltage is dropping open Q. - March 2


Blisters/ Peeling of Powder Coating on Zinc Plating open Q. - June 23

Powder Coating Galvanized Steel open Q. - May 17

1618-1i Necessity for primer with powder coatings? open Q. - April 19

How to prevent corrosion of dully powder coated CRCA panels from acid fumes? - March 29

Powder coat adhesion problem on zinc plate - February 20

Powder coating on cast iron calipers open Q. (February 3)


•  Clearcoat for polished brass & copper bathtubs open Q. - June 27

45328-1i Water spot problem in CED open Q. - April 4

Need electrophoretic lacquer on alligator clips RFQ Akron OH (February 7)


31579-1i  Eliminate Pin Holes on Painted Wheels open Q. - June 27

Plastisol Mixing Formulas and Improvements open Q. - June 6

How to produce plastisol ink, pvc ink, and water based ink - May 29

Paint moisture problem open Q. - May 14

Hologram-like defect in automotive paint - April 25

"Passivating" carbon steel using Citric Acid open Q. - April 12

Can You Paint a Car with House Paint? open Q. - April 11

Zinc rich primers in submerged service on steel ships open Q. - March 20

Earthing/grounding of parts during paint application open Q. - February 25

Formula for NC Thinner & Auto Thinner? open Q. - February 24

Poor paint adhesion on Zinc-Nickel plating open Q. (February 1)



Chromate conversion on cadmium not adhering open Q. - March 23

Generic solution for chromating brass - March 22

Bright Dipping of Brass: some shop problems open Q. - March 20



Chemical to remove nickel plating from silver or brass jewelry? - May 12

How to remove gold from copper? open Q. - March 23

Stripping tin from copper (tin resist on PCB won't maintain normality) - February 17

Stripping Nickel From Invar open Q. (February 11)

Stripping nickel electroplate from Kovar open Q. (February 1)



Distilled water good enough for analysis open Q. - June 25

Thickness measurement of gold & EN on copper open Q. - June 7

Analyze Chrome Plating Bath; Determine Sulfates open Q. - June 6

Chem filmed panels fail salt spray test - May 30

Platinized titanium anodes for electroplating: buying, making, testing open Q. - May 29

Analyze cobalt and nickel metal separately open Q. - May 26

Making sulfuric acid anodizing solution Thanks! Resolved :-) - May 13

Measuring equipment for silver plating brightener? open Q. - April 18

Method to identify tin plating versus nickel plating - April 12

How do you know it's electropolished? Validation open Q. - March 28

Silver Plating Adhesion Tests & Problems, AMS2410 & AMS2411 open Q. - March 21

Propylene Glycol leak into Sulfuric Anodizing Tank open Q. - February 22

Weight measurement of zinc phosphate coatings (February 11)

Silver plating: analysis of silver (February 10)

Nickel thickness measurement: which electrolyte? open Q. (February 1)


61445-1i Defects on test panel left in the water - June 2

Can Trivalent Chromium degrade into Hexavalent Chromium? - May 3

Dangers of drinking deionized water open Q. - April 19

Methods for pH measurement in D.I. water - April 15


Mercury Poisoning from thermometers open Q. - May 31

Metallic taste when wearing copper bracelet open Q. - May 24

Is chrome plated drain cover poisoning my cat? - May 15

Chromate poisoning from concrete work - April 10

Fumes from Nichrome wire? - March 23

I'm allergic to gold - March 12

54906-1i Fumes from stainless pot left on burner sickened me - February 25

Copper Sulphate as Liver Fluke Prevention? open Q. (February 11)


Looking for small custom titanium anode baskets RFQ: Guatamala - June 7

Sludge buildup in phosphating piping - June 3

Heating/cooling coil material for chrome plating - May 20

Sodium hypochlorite (bleach) piping problems - May 19

Maximum safe watt density for zinc plating solution heating - May 10

Passivating electroless nickel tanks; anodic protection - May 3

Heating and Cooling of Chrome Plating Tanks RFQ: SP, Brazil - May 2

Ideal Sequence for Alkaline Zinc Plating - May 2

Materials of construction for pump for zinc phosphate open Q. - April 6

Hard Anodize Tank Design - March 25 vipInquirer often helps others, so especially deserves our help

Sodium Dichromate Seal Tank Liner Materials and a compatible filter (February 9) vipInquirer often helps others, so especially deserves our help

Water Evaporation Estimates at Sub-freezing Temperature (February 3)


Meaning of plating spec abbreviation MFzn8S open Q. - June 12

How to Make Artificial Sweat and Conduct Testing? open Q. - June 2

Swedish Standard St2 / St3 open Q. - May 2

MIL-C-5541: Will It Work On Copper - April 13

Cadmium Plating spec QQ-P-416 and clear chromate - March 23

Galvanic Corrosion Test for Titanium Anodize (AMS 2487) open Q. (February 16)

Looking for "Theory and Practice of Pulse Plating" (February 15)

Zirconium Coating Daimler Standard open Q. (February 6)

5f. W...W...W...WORD OF THE WEEK

•  How Did Kitchen Zinc become Sink? open Q. - June 26

Definition of "passivated" in regards to metal finishing, plating, and stainless steel - March 13

5g. MOSTLY METALLURGY; Heat Treatment

Hardening EN8 / EN9 parts. Q&A's, Problems & Solutions open Q. - April 1

316L Stainless is too spring-y open Q. - March 4

Silver brazing flies out of gap between copper surface and nickel plated surface open Q. (February 9)

Pinholes / blowholes in cast aluminum components open Q. (February 1)


Why is broken catalytic converter honeycomb worthless as scrap? open Q. - May 21

Refining of silver chloride to silver metal - April 26

Best and Easiest way to refine gold dust open Q. - April 21

Extracting Silver From Photographic Fixer open Q. - April 18

How to precipitate gold from HAuCl4 solution open Q. - March 27

Recovery from AP waste solution open Q. - March 8

Strip and recover silver from silver plated tableware open Q. - March 8

Gold recovery with zinc - February 21


Hobbyists, DIY, Around Home

• Copper plating of lead bullets, cheap & simple open Q. - June 30 TODAY

• Lime-Away damaged stainless steel sink open Q. - June 30 TODAY

27662 Cleaning corroded pennies and coins - June 28

32468-1i  Allergic reaction to gold rings - June 26

Sealing asphalt shingles with soybean oil? open Q. - June 17

Acid copper sulphate plating problems: crystals forming on anode - June 15

How to refinish brass lamps open Q. - June 15

How to maintain/protect zinc plated steel shelving - June 14

Restore Silver damaged by bleach ... toothpaste is the answer - June 12

Re-Finishing Zinc/Zamac/Pot Metal gun parts and replicas - June 2

Damaged finish on copper table - June 2

FB Rogers Silver Co. -- Is it Sterling or Plated - May 29

23897-6i How to identify old lamps? open Q. - May 29

46795-2i Discoloration of black zinc plated parts - May 27

Nickel plating old gold clubs at home - May 25

Acid testing for silver & precious metals - May 23

Etching of steel texture plates for rolling mill with copper sulfate & salt - May 20

Spray chroming with silver nitrate open Q. - May 19

Looking for "NicSand" Aluminum Oxide Sanding Gel - May 19

40020-3 Blacken a copper sink - May 17

18494-1i Black anodizing is purplish not black - May 16

Bluing/Black Oxide/Zinc Phosphate Thanks! Resolved :-) - May 13

sterling silver jewish star Replating of silver jewelry Thanks! Resolved :-) - May 11

Painting inside of galvanized stock tanks (underwater use) - May 10

Electroplating & grinding vs. a piston bush to repair piston open Q. - May 9

19866-8i Cleaning/repairing zinc tabletop open Q. - May 9

Painted yard art now lacks patina - May 8

Paint a roof to look like real copper - May 8

Alternatives to achieve rainbow effect - May 5

Brass Finishers in the 1800's open Q. - May 4

Painting an aluminum boat - May 3

1995 non-copper penny - May 2

Re-do nickel-lined copper cookware open Q. - May 2

54096-2i Can gold be reclaimed from old ceramic dishes with gold trim on the edges open Q. - May 2

Sterling silver vs. silver plated -- How to tell? Thanks! Resolved :-) - April 28

Decorative anodizing of titanium - April 25

Oxidize copper without patinating solution - April 25

How to do Gold Plating of Vinyl Records open Q. - April 24

Problems and solutions in copper electroforming - April 19

Dishwasher ruined shiny aluminum -- How to fix it? - April 19

Restoring the yellow dichromate finish on automobile carburetors open Q. - April 18

UV light is tarnishing silver? - April 14

39401-3i Remove copper-nickel cladding from copper core coins? open Q. - April 14

Clear Coating Stainless Steel? - April 13

Silver polish (Tarn-X) stained my stainless steel sink open Q. - April 12

Copper plating steel in home shop - April 9

How to Make Aluminum Corrode / Patina? - April 4

54890-3i Theda Sterling Silver Medals, Crosses, & Jewelry open Q. - April 1

19211-1i Copper-plating of leaves and bark - April 1

Remove Teflon coating from pot with oven's self-cleaning temperature? - March 31

45803-2i What kind of finish is on my grill? Thanks! Resolved :-) - March 28

52522-2i Grout cleaner stains on my stainless steel fridge! open Q. - March 25

Cold galvanising over black oxide or solid rust Thanks! Resolved :-) - March 23

Want to plate nickel silver watch dials RFQ: London, England - March 21

Allergic to black rhodium - March 20

61414-1i Coating hot tub parts open Q. - March 20

How to remove epoxy from stainless steel floor open Q. - March 17

Hot rolled steel stairs open Q. - March 16

30442-5i Decorative painting of a metal mailbox open Q. - March 12

Gold leaf for ornate bronze lamp? - March 10

26515-1i Want my stainless steel table brushed or dulled down RFQ Philadelphia - March 8

Etching Al-Cu PCBs open Q. - March 6

Clear coat sealer for cast iron bird bath - March 5

Cleaning/restoring vintage tin humpback trunk open Q. - March 4

30103i Making black watch dials brown open Q. - March 2

9941-7i Silver Pennies - March 2

Artist Anodizing of Aluminum - March 1

Cleaning Dirilyte Gold-tone Flatware Thanks! Resolved :-) - February 23

Corten Rusted Steel -- Q&A, Applications, Problems open Q. - February 20

Why would yellow gold turn silver? - February 18

Is Rit Dye Effective for Anodizing? - February 18

Copper/Aluminum interaction and galvanic/hydrolysis problems open Q. (February 16)

43497-1i Need replating of dark brass coffee table RFQ Miami FL (February 15)

Medallion Liquid Gold electroless (replacement-catalytic) product open Q. (February 15)

1029-1i Need fiberglass and resin mask gold plated RFQ Kansas City MO (February 15)

Three-color anodizing open Q. (February 11)

"Rainbowing" and "Bluing" of Stainless Steel (February 11)

Recipe for red patina on brass & copper (February 10)

Restore brass doorknobs, ashtrays, etc. (February 10)

How to Strip nickel plating from iron or steel (February 10)

Q&As about Gold Plated Flatware open Q. (February 4)

"Aluminium paint" applications and issues open Q. (February 3)


Electrolytic Passivation of Nickel Plating - June 7

Electroplating on 3D Printed & Stereolithography (SLA) models open Q. - June 6

White Bronze Plating, an alternative to nickel? - May 30

Acid Zinc Plating Brightener Q&A open Q. - May 14

Electroplating Copper Chromium Alloy Deposit? - May 13

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Ni-W coatings with high W content crack open Q. - March 29

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Ruthenium use in iPhone open Q. - March 25

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Want bright brass plating to look like gold open Q. - February 17

Nickel Plating on Glidcop: Can't get good adhesion (February 15)

Best Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt plating bath open Q. (February 10)

6c. K-12 Science Projects, Grammar & High School Student Questions

Why can't we store electricity in water? - June 14

How many mL of water must be added to 10 grams of NaOH to make a 0.50 molar solution? Thanks! Resolved :-) - May 23

6d. The Artists' Corner

red spots when bronze casting Dark Reddish Spots when Bronze Casting - June 7

61446-1i What do black spots on aluminum sculpture tell art student? - May 25

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47701-1i Protecting Metal Birds in the Tropics - April 23

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41408-7i Painting cast iron fountains / restoring rusty fountains - March 10


• Making homemade acid stains for concrete open Q. - June 30 TODAY

24359-19i  Repair of barber chairs - June 28

38809-3i  Antique baby carriage restoration open Q. - June 26

29370-29 Identifying rings and hallmarks open Q. - June 16

61452-1i Recovery of Metallic Magnesium from Magnesium Citrate. Is It Possible? - June 13

How to recover gold from the ocean open Q. - June 3

43983-5i Found blue rhodium ore open Q. - June 2

0757-3i Restoring an old National Cash Register - May 30

What does DS 925 mean on my silver pendant - May 29

Refining of silver chloride to silver metal - May 29

Looking for Green Engraver, or parts and manuals, Model D2 or 106 open Q. - May 28

Steelcase Tanker Desk Restoration Tips: remove the lock open Q. - May 15

8229-2i Removing yellow stains from bath tub open Q. - May 14

Green colour transformer oil in storage drums open Q. - May 4

Mercury damage to gold jewelry can be fixed with coconut oil - May 2

13393-2i Cleaning & Polishing Seashells open Q. - April 28

19039-21i Built in cast iron bread baker? Thanks! Resolved :-) - April 27

Sedgwick Residential Elevators Parts and Maintenance open Q. - April 18

How to make bronze open Q. - April 18

About sweet spirits of nitre & paregoric - April 14

28915-1i Antique icebox Q&A's, Problems & Solutions open Q. - April 13

Stiffel lamps: How to repair Q&A's - April 10

Convert volume conductivity to volume resistivity - April 5

18884-3i Hoyt Metal Ingot. What type of metal do I have? - March 30

Want to learn Geology, Metallurgy, & Fossils open Q. - March 29

Interested in smelting a ring from rhodium open Q. - March 16

How to convert synthetic oil perfume to water based perfume open Q. - March 12

Problems in Phenyl Manufacturing, Q&A;s - March 11

Is bronze flatware safe in the dishwasher - March 6

Crowsfoot with torque wrench. What's the math? open Q. - February 28

Bleaching Saguaro (Cactus) Skeletons (February 13)

Which metal is safest for fireplace heat exchanger? open Q. (February 10)

16189-7i Restoring Comstock Castle cast iron stove open Q. (February 2)

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