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33000. Need galvanising of conveyor section of bottling plant
33001. Anchor and chain starting to rust, need to get re-galvanized
33003. Electroplating project--how to get data from electroplating?
33004. Double layer aluminized coatings for stainless steel
33005. Which silver doesn't tarnish?
33006. What is an anodized window
33007. Looking for information for organic finish
33009. Gloss required over Teflon coated substrate
33010. Need a spec for the coating system for galvanized roofs
33011. Problem in Ni sulfamate plating on Al
33013. Chemicals for gold brush plating
33014. Corrosive effects of (ACQ) and (CAB) leachate on surface prior to paint
33015. Stainless steel finish classification
33016. Plastic Media Target Life
33017. Matte Finish on Stainless Steel kitchenware
33018. Seeking powder coating of art (Memorial) installation camera
33019. DIN standard in marine repair
33020. Alodine alone for aircraft corrosion protection?
33021. How to restore Water Marked Tread Plate?
33022. Does sandblasting warp 2mm steel sheet?
33023. Need phosphate coating--must be approved by Lockheed
33024. Need Chevy truck rims dipped
33025. Looking for phosphate coating provider in Monterrey
33026. Need polymer for coating dye sublimation
33027. Need Electro Chemical Deburring System
33028. Need hot dip galvanized plant for Nut Bolt industry
33029. Need HCl acid recovery system
33030. Looking for powerful paint stripper for Emron
33031. The History of Mild Steel
33033. Creating thin film of MgB2 by sol-gel method
33034. Want to etch SiO2 but not ZnO
33035. Cobalt electroless bath does not work with EDTA as complexant
33036. Looking for chair tips for antique elementary school chair
33037. Sealing for printed circuit boards
33038. Is lacquering of silver possible?
33039. Please advise how to use alum to patinate sterling silver dark gray
33040. How do you get a satin chrome finish?
33041. Nitiriding of AISI 521000
33042. Chromium conversion coating without using hexavalent chromium?
33044. Reg. SPI D-3 Finish
33045. Safe removal of clear coat from brass
33046. What sprayable finishes apply to new teak?
33047. Defective parts from plating pits
33048. Removing and remaking a layer of flash chrome
33049. What Rockwell hardness from anodizing?
33050. What is Iridite 14-2
33051. Does Alodine get washed off by Sparkleen cleanser?
33052. Restoring damaged pickled finish to 304 stainless steel
33053. Bubble problem in dip phosphating
33054. 440C VAC MELT Stainless Steel rusting after passivation process
33055. How can we to corrosion proof a steel or aluminum plate?
33056. Which kind of S.S. jacket for a pharma crystallizer
33057. Bottlers trying to detect ammonia with copper strips
33058. AISI-304 vs AISI-201 for cookware
33059. Chrome plating/custom finishing plastic auto door handles camera
33060. Seeking media blasting for cast aluminum valve covers
33061. Need to get some parts vapor-blasted
33062. Zinc-Tin Alloy Plating Services Required
33064. Need Small Batches of Nickel Plating Chemicals
33065. Trying to source Zinc Cobalt plating
33066. Want media blasting of my 67 Mustang
33067. How do you measure the formation of rust?
33068. Teflon coating of heat exchangers
33069. Hotcoat vs. Powdercoat
33071. Heat resistant chrome for lamp housing?
33072. Is gold saturated aqua regia similar to the solution in gold electroplating?
33073. How do you remove stains from non-stick cookware
33074. "Chrome" paint that looks real
33075. Can Kovar be anodized?
33076. Stainless steel sheet reflectivity chart
33077. Calculating Fume Generation at Pickling Process
33078. Copper stripper
33079. Problems in mechanical plating
33080. Autophoretic topcoats research
33081. How to blacken Nickel electroforms
33082. Zinc plating defects - quality of surface
33083. What is the coefficient of static friction for stainless on aluminum
33084. Cleaning brushed aluminum flag poles
33085. "Cleaning" of steel tanks (outside) with ozone
33086. Seeking iridium coating of helmet visor
33087. Plastic automotive parts chrome plating
33088. Architect needs chrome plating of brass bar rail
33089. Need chrome paint
33090. Adhesion testing of printed characters on anodize
33091. Need to change yellow brass lamps to silver-tone
33092. Looking For Supplier of RAL Colour Shade Cards
33093. Why use deionized water in science experiments
33094. Electrolysis of aqueous copper sulphate solution
33095. Iron phosphate conversion coatings models--school project
33096. Adhesion problem of plated gold
33097. Finishes to give a 'wrought Iron style' to mild steel for a gate
33098. Questions on bullet reloading and gun repairs
33099. Automotive chemical dip; good idea for my car?
33100. Removing scratches from plastic headlight lens
33101. Silver stripper for mirrors
33102. Something to redo chrome
33103. Unable to precipitate nickel
33104. How many hours does it take for zinc plating to rust?
33105. Solution to remove rusting from fracture surface required
33106. Hydrogen Embrittlement in Armor Steel
33107. Protection for patina finishes on brass watch dials
33108. Conditions for proper drying of enamel paint
33110. Metallurgy conditions of hot dip galvanized steel
33111. Electrolytic plating of aluminum tube - inner surface modified?
33112. Black Stains on Tin Coated Components and Poor Solderability
33113. Is surface material removed during titanium etching/anodizing?
33114. Electrochemical potential Alodine to Nickel
33115. Abrasion resistance of hard anodize on 7075
33116. Need Lead Release Coating
33117. Seeking NitroTec shop
33118. Impact of electroplating effluent on fish
33119. Need Nickel-Tungsten plating chemistry
33120. How much copper sulfate do I put in a copper plating experiment?
33121. How long to keep the items in the solution
33122. Refinishing brass cabinet hinges
33124. ZnSO4 electrolytic plasma galvanizing bath
33125. Galvanneal or Galvanized?
33126. Assistance with tech. question concerning standard Zinc plate yellow chromate
33127. Which DC Power Supply is right for me?
33128. Anodize 66.500" Diameter
33129. Looking for auto dipping to strip paint/rust
33130. Parts w/ yellow chromate losing color
33131. Best Cost/Least Salt Water Corrosive Metal: Stainless or Al-Br ?
33132. Soldering chromate coating over silver
33133. Is there a federal spec for Trivalent zinc plate process?
33134. RoHS compliance and chromate conversion on aluminum
33135. Pre-cleaning oils from carbon steel to be Zinc Plated
33136. Stainless steel to stainless steel friction coefficient
33137. Lacquer for stainless steel
33138. Need titanium tube/tubesheet heat exchangers for marine refrigeration
33139. Oxidation on cu plated lead frame
33140. Reduce water analysis parameters
33141. Electrically conductive hydrophilic coating for stainless?
33142. Coatings For Aerospace Gear Applications
33143. My Stiffel lamps need help
33144. I want to know how to fix rust on edges of car parts
33145. Need Magnigard suppliers
33147. Duration of salt fog/spray test for accelerated corrosion in aluminum
33148. How to remove chrome plating--formulation of remover/stripper
33149. Zinc carbon primary cell - What is the alternate to Hg?
33150. What is Edelbrock Perma Star Coating
33151. Looking for a magnet that can attract gold
33152. Wet sanding aluminum motorcycle
33153. Care of Gold Tankards
33154. Advisability of tin bathroom ceiling
33155. How to anodize '59 Cadillac aluminum grill
33157. How hard do they make in a clear powder?
33158. How to measure electrical resistivity of electroless nickel?
33161. Copper kitchen hood patina
33162. Need plastic chrome plating done asap
33163. Seeking electroforming of Invar / low-expansion alloy
33164. Seeking non-filled x section materials
33165. Removing scratches from stainless handgun slide
33166. Appliance painting for stainless steel look
33167. Need IR paint and testing device for it
33169. Need Information and Quotation for Powder coating plant
33170. Silver Oscar
33171. Change copper handles to black or pewter color
33172. I want to carefully restore my antique copper cook pot
33173. Aluminum boat, electrolysis/corrosion
33174. Matte black interior fireplace paint for woodburning fireplace
33175. Steel thermal treatment before chrome plating
33176. Does Black oxide on stainless cause rusting
33177. General setup of a small galvanizing plant
33178. Copper plated leadframes discolor in boiling test
33179. Can I use 304 stainless steel as substitute for monel?
33180. Decorative chrome on wheel chair
33181. Need Pre-filled Chem-Film Applicators
33183. Electronegativity effect on Electroplating
33185. How to make H3PO2
33186. Requirements for repainting a metal roof in hot, sunny Florida
33187. Want to change brass finish to oil rubbed finish on light fixture
33188. Question for Salt Spray test standards
33189. What is abrasion testing?
33190. "Red iron bleed out" in black oxiding
33191. Advice for a small sputtering unit for TiN wanted
33192. Copper plating into/through substrate vias
33193. Metallic oxides not recommended in the Pharmaceutical products
33194. Mild steel contamination of 316
33195. Buffed Aluminum Hand Rails At a Whirlpool
33196. Rust prevention methods
33197. Simple Coating for Making Mirror out of glass
33199. Restoring painted stove top to original finish 2nd Request
33200. Want matte finish on silvered brass clock dial
33201. Coloring of metal parts without using chromates
33202. appearance problem in galvanizing of annealed base coils
33203. How to make a paint stripper not harmful to plastic parts
33204. Transparent printing ink for polycarbonate surface
33205. Powder creeping away from edges when heated
33206. Repair of Cosmetic Powdercoat blemishes
33207. Electrical resistance of a Cadmium coated Aluminum Connector
33208. Intermittent deposit on electroplated nickel surfaces camera
33209. Stripping solution and masking agent for anodizing
33210. How are anodizing costs determined
33211. How do I remove solder build up off Teflon?
33212. Die cast AL Electrically Isolating finishing camera
33213. Anodizing Hardness declined
33214. Testing For Passivation
33215. Corrosion fron chlorine contamination of test solution
33216. Grind vs turn rms finish
33217. Tolerance on aluminum finish, scratches and gouges
33219. Look for a company that could setup a cu plating facility for us
33220. Need an immersion solvent parts washer
33221. Chrome wheels resistance to salt?
33222. Paint adhesion to cold rolled steel
33223. Color filling/Paint filling engravings in sun dials camera
33224. Zinc/Yellow Chromate vs Hot Dip Galvanizing
33225. Pickling SS 304
33226. Suitable material to withstand hydrofluoric acid corrosion at 50 degree centigrade
33227. How to find out the explosive limits of solvents?
33228. How do I remove the chrome from my wheels
33229. Hot zinc spraying of steel boat
33230. Need electro forming of flat decorative copper panels
33231. I have a pair of spurs that I need to blue or keep from rusting
33232. Boron Nanoparticle synthesis query
33234. Need Teflon coating on metal hoppers
33235. Reflective finish for Anodize?
33236. Color anodize stainless steel, is it possible?
33237. Conversion "mu" to microns
33238. Hand brushing aluminum
33240. Need Water Deionization Plant
33241. Silver tarnishing
33242. Hydrogen Peroxide Compatibility with Anodized Finish
33243. Treatment of nitric acid
33244. Cleaning jewelry
33245. Trivalent Chrome Plating
33247. Mfgr. seeks show-quality chrome plating on handle bars camera
33248. Need zinc plater for 10 ft. steel wire part
33250. Photo resist dry film; bonding to inconel
33251. Opening a powder coat business
33252. I need to know if EGI and SECC GX are the same
33253. What is Trivalent Plating
33254. Copy of Federal Std QQ-Z-325
33255. Is there a spec or inspection criteria for AL surface class finish "A" "B" "C"
33256. Where to locate standards/specifications
33257. Removal of tin and iron impurities from OF copper wire
33258. Rating a powdercoat finish
33259. What High Temp Plating is available
33260. Masking threaded holes in an Aluminum part for EN Plating
33261. Polishing and finishing of Tantalum pieces
33262. Aluminum parking meter poles
33263. Dissolving iron sludge from test tubes
33264. How to form -3 mesh red copper powder
33265. Post-phosphating treatment for an old handgun
33266. General questions about electroplating
33267. Old "gray" nickel -- watts maybe!
33268. Will Zinc passivation affect the weld quality / strength
33269. Phosphatizing standards
33270. Need carbide coating on button bits for bore well drilling
33271. Need Palladium-Boron plating
33272. Need PP and SS tanks for chemicals
33273. Need tooling to deburr aluminum blocks
33274. Front metallization sequence on silicon for good adhesion to silver bump
33275. Question about MAO coating method?
33276. Chrome plating for fire helmet
33277. Plating and anodizing engine parts to reduce wear and friction
33278. Air pockets a problem when hot dip galvanizing?
33279. Brass coating to prevent tarnish?
33280. Restoring pitted 1800s rifle receiver
33281. Can a bumper with lead filler be chromed?
33282. Dye sublimation substrate coatings
33283. How to remove clear lacquer before applying oxidizing solution?
33284. Want dark finish on brass putter
33285. A Rhodium Allergy?
33286. Want to age nickel-chrome plating on Les Paul guitar
33287. Polishing an antique sewing machine
33288. Titanium Nitride Coating on a Bicycle Frame and Fork?
33289. How to remove nickel and chromium from pickling operation
33290. Mild steel staining process wanted
33291. Chrome burning to a grayish white
33292. Blemish on 3 million passivated wood screws
33293. Titanium color coating
33294. Friction reducer needed in heavy duty sliding joint in ocean
33296. Painting blind rivets, heads only
33297. Seeking zinc plating shop
33298. Need electropolishing training and equipment
33301. Exclusion for shipping metals laden waste for recycling?
33302. Blackening upper fork tubes
33303. Are SS304 and SS314 magnetic or non-magnetic?
33304. Anodizing problems with 6061T6 aluminum
33305. How to avoid corrosion in automotive evaporators
33306. Alternative to Cad plating on High strength steels
33308. What causes vinegar to form less rust than water?
33309. Anti-stiction coating
33310. Matte Etching
33313. Coating on steel door became loose in 2 years
33316. What is Jones Reagent
33318. Carbon stain removal from whitewashed oak
33320. Electroless gold applied on platinum thin film
33321. Lining a Pickling Tank with FRP
33323. Protective coating on Ni plated steel
33324. Choosing a plating material for cast iron
33327. Removing wax stain on stove
33329. Removing brush marks form stainless
33330. DIN 50968-Fe/Ni spec
33331. Epoxy powder coat as base for liquid paint
33333. Rust on electroless nickel parts
33334. Does AMS 2486 add thickness
33335. Etching Problems with Manganese Phosphate Coatings
33336. Encountering dezincification of our brass
33338. Taking school desk apart for refinishing
33339. Preparation of Hard Chrome plating vat
33340. Pickling Rinse Estimation
33341. Copper Tin Reflow
33342. Cleaning Paint from Hangers
33343. Electroplating + KTL
33344. Sn-Pb is unintentionally plating onto molded compound
33345. Oxidization protection qualities of chromating on aluminum
33350. Electroless-plating project
33351. Removing TiO2 Coating
33352. Cleaning agent for cleaning copper and-lead coated copper components
33353. Preparation of copper plating bath
33354. Spot refinishing or blueing of titanium handgun
33355. Manual touchup of saxophone black nickel finish
33356. Chromating code 7030 .. a Spanish standard?
33357. Want book on fundamentals of finishing and electroplating
33358. Citric acid destroys floc
33359. Help, paint adhesion problem on HDPE
33360. Testing voltage level of enamel coating
33361. Formula for anti fouling paint
33362. Hair like growth on small nuts from what? camera
33363. Trivalent Chromium Plating Process Check
33364. Silver plating on top of tin plating
33365. Chrome plated MS shaft fused with bronze bushing
33366. Masking areas during chrome plating process
33367. Citric Acid Passivation on SUS430
33372. Incralac application
33373. Cleaning procedure for chromium cobalt alloy to be Hard Chromed
33376. Plastic reflector material questions
33377. Platinum electroless plating bath
33378. Parkerising with manganese dioxide
33379. Searching for "name holders" for cabinet
33380. Safety of ionization of paint booth air
33381. Boron removal from chrome plating effluent
33382. Post Treatment passivation of Zn-Fe-Al alloy
33383. Influence of molding process parameters on paint adhesion
33384. Is FRP powder coatable?
33385. Bonding of Sprabronze to steel
33386. About specifying Zamak plating
33387. Oxide layer stresses
33388. Dichromate Dipping Aluminum
33389. Black marks appear on pewter a few days after tumbling
33390. What coating for needle track cams
33397. Oscillators or Reciprocators?
33398. Looking for info on E-coat paint process
33400. Seeking safe and non-toxic way to galvanize
33401. Paintball gun stripping and re-anodize
33402. Sealing for hard anodising
33403. Sharing rinse between anodizing and chromating
33404. Need bright satin anodized finish on 6063 T6 aluminum alloy
33405. Need Oil Rubbed Plating Process
33406. Want to Import Zinc Sulphate
33407. Need to "weather" metal leaf work
33408. Treatment of Acid from Acid/lead batteries
33409. Wax coating on silver plated article
33410. Need Hard Coating for Polycarbonate Glasses and Mugs
33411. Loading Zinc ingots into bath (CGL) safely
33412. Water consumption/power consumption in galvanizing plant
33413. Cleaning process for Nitinol prior to gold plating
33416. Conservation of ancient iron bed camera
33417. Plastic pollution remedies
33418. Tile restoration and replacement
33419. Procedure: safe photo-etching of silver plated objects?
33420. Home made "hobby" electropolishing of SS 316L
33421. How to restore scratched and faded chrome rims
33423. The safety of grinding chem-filmed parts
33424. Environment friendly replacement for Trichloroethylene
33425. Alumiprep 33 - volume testing?
33427. High Emissivity, Corrosion resistant coating
33428. Plating to protect 100 lb. steel centerboard in salt water?
33429. Need machine to mass produce painted patterns on doors
33430. Plant/Process detail for hot dip galvanizing
33431. How to improve the solderability of tin electroplating?
33432. Need technical Know for Chromatising on Aluminum
33433. Seeking Mold steel plating (hard and slippery)
33434. Chrome plating for medical instrument surface
33435. Cleaning and polishing aluminum checkered plates
33436. Degrease cum iron phosphate on painted casting and machined surface
33437. "Standards Poster" for plating
33438. Silver oxidation prevention
33439. Need '65 GTO bumpers plated
33440. Water spots on stainless sink
33441. Plating of antique car parts
33442. Effects of shot peen on stainless steel knife blade material
33443. Corrosion study anomoly on Ag coated Cu
33444. Cheap home repair of chromed trumpet
33445. Removing rust from Mexican tin candleholders
33446. Galvanic action in shell and tube heat exchanger
33447. Surface Roughness of Electroless Nickel / Gold plating
33448. Shop teacher wants to copper electroplate the cannon barrels
33449. Need Teflon Coated Hard Anodize
33450. Actual surface area of a rough substrate? camera
33451. Remove haze from chrome on 1977 auto
33452. Copper flake needed
33453. Need chemically applied nickel or chrome plating
33454. Food safe enamel coating on metalwares
33456. Looking for machine to print on steel as if on paper
33457. Want vinyl dip molding and coating plant
33458. Need 2000 lbs 12005 Alodine Compound
33460. Differences between QQ-A-250/4 and QQ-A-225/6
33461. Cr3 and the environment
33462. Lead-free solder and tin pests
33463. Upgrade of existing electrotinning line
33464. Stress corrosion cracking of 304L vs. 316
33465. Need metal coating on plastic
33467. Is there a way to make paint more resistant to heat
33468. Discoloration of commercial bronze aluminum window frames
33470. Electroless nickel and electrical continuity
33471. Anodizing problems with 7075T6
33472. Need a way to remove the tips of tungsten wires from the inside of a small-diameter polymer tube
33473. Seeking platinum plating of small stainless steel plates
33474. Need QS or ISO Zinc Plating
33475. Need mechanical or chemical buffing services
33477. Want to re-sell machines for E-coating on S.S. / M.S.
33478. Need H D galvanising wire plant
33479. Use of zieis salt in platinum casting
33480. "Sweating" stains on silverplate
33481. Degrease and passivate purified water system
33482. 1.6Ra surface finish on a Shot blasted component
33484. Gas nitriding and post-oxidation
33486. How to improve the gold plating quality
33487. Nickel-chrome plated plastic discolored and pitted on 2000 Mazda
33488. How to remove burned on milk from aluminum
33489. Want Ti plating on mineral specimens
33490. Life span of nail-gunned galvanized nails (50 yrs?)
33491. Brazing of stainless steel
33492. How to remove paint from chrome bumpers?
33493. Hard chroming of Yamaha four stroke outboard crankshaft journals
33494. Polishing Mild Steel Roll Bar
33495. Aluminum, conductive coatings for, alternatives to chromate conversion
33496. Iron Poisoning question
33497. Water treatment, removing boron
33498. Natural rubber lining went soft in DM Water Tanks
33499. Chromium Analysis using AAS Technique
33501. Ti Nitriding of brass jewelry
33502. Polishing inside of copper moulds
33503. Anodizing in a vacuum chamber
33504. Titanium anodize/oxidize wear resistance
33505. Anodising Hi-Fi Fascias
33506. Aluminum Enclosure Sandblast Finish
33507. Lusterless in aluminumville!
33509. How to achieve required surface finish
33510. Technical Specification for Aluminum Suface Finish Prior to Coating
33511. Translate Surface Finish Specs to Profilometer Readings
33512. High Definition Plasma Vs Laser cutting
33513. Will Stainless steel sign lose reflectivity?
33514. Zinc coating on aluminum for non-conductivity
33516. Need parts chrome plated
33517. Need anode suppliers
33518. Need Galvanizing plant
33519. Does any paint supplier want to have huge deal with us?
33520. Need sailboat parts and fittings rechromed
33521. Chrome-moly anticorrosive plating?
33522. Liner material for nitric acid tanks
33523. Poor paint adhesion
33524. Want non-magnetic nickel strip
33526. Erosion of chrome plated brass pump barrel
33527. Low Tech Black Oxide Coating
33528. Making mirrors especially the use of the chemicals
33529. Air pocket formation in boxes while dipping in phosphating bath
33530. Batch Annealing for continuous galvanizing
33531. Non-cyanide silver plating for jewelry items
33532. Greyish finish req'd on tweezers and pliers
33533. In field Aluminum siding in contact with ACQ lumber
33534. Re-finishing polished brass faucet that turned silver
33535. Calcium Deposits possibly in my bath water
33537. Rust Removal from chrome wheels
33538. Stripping Cadmium Plating from handbags
33539. Primer for Stainless Steel
33540. Small shop Nikasil and teflon coating help
33541. Surface finish symbols
33542. Need Ceramic Coating on Aluminum Tubes
33543. Need Chrome plating vendor for my Acura wheels
33544. Please explain "free acid" in the electropolish process
33545. Standards for color stability of anodized titanium
33546. Need Clarification Of All The Various "Black" Finishes
33547. Removing vinyl decals from fiberglas MH body
33548. Restoring a stainless sink from use of crust and calcium remover
33549. Practical identification of stainless steel 304 vs 316
33550. Mild Steel for sulfuric acid storage tank
33551. Hexavalent chromium in stainless steel passivation waters
33552. Need to measure chrome thickness on stainless
33553. Designing a dip paint tank
33554. Vacuum Metallizing -A Project Report on Artificial Jewelry Metallizing
33555. Effect of sheet roughness on Spangle formation in lead free Zinc bath
33556. PCB plating for Metal Dome applications
33557. Restoring finish after welding coloured stainless steel sheets
33558. Changing Aluminum appearance without changing surface texture
33559. Need chroming of my rims
33560. Need bright finishing of billet aluminum
33561. Need hydrographic film
33562. Best material for resistance heating coils
33563. White gold fading after 3 weeks of use
33564. Painting a whole car chrome colored
33566. Aluminum Etching
33567. What is Surface Texture B46.1 for Stainless
33568. Stainless steel corrosion rate at high pH?
33569. Seeking lacquer
33570. Kettle design for Al-Zn coating process
33571. Electroless cobalt coating
33572. Need gold assay company in NY
33573. Need Wedgewood grill reporcelained
33574. How to set up Vinyl or Plastisol dip
33575. 18/8 stainless steel removes the smell of garlic
33576. Black chrome adhesion problem
33578. Paint peel right off air ducts
33579. Are passivation test kits gimmicks?
33581. Where to send tons of scrap PCs for recycling
33582. Solution components for hot blackening
33583. Need galvanizing line
33584. How to get an old dark metal finish on iron railing
33585. SMPS rectifier for plating
33586. Can asthma be caused by welding galvanized steel pipes?
33587. Paint and coating
33588. Special guns req'd for metallic powder coating?
33589. Cracks on copper plated gravure cylinders
33590. Lead electroplating color
33591. Environmental conditions for storage of Machine Parts
33592. Weatherproofing outdoor architectural steel
33593. Will chlorine cause chrome to corrode?
33595. Need metal plating of fired clay sculptures
33596. Seeking nitrocarburizing shop
33597. Looking for used Galvanizing Plant
33598. Corrosion of copper pipes and high Cu values in domestic water system
33599. Fixing T.C tips in the parts of stainless steel instruments
33600. Metallized Liner Sealing at High Speeds camera
33601. Want formula for acid copper flash on stainless
33602. Condensation And Sandblasting Don't Mix camera
33606. Does electroplating work with liquids other than water
33607. Are pennies copper or bronze
33608. Why does soda dissolve a penny
33609. Manufacturing processes for metal bumpers
33610. Repairing scratched polished steel watch
33611. Muriatic Acid for Fuel tank cleaning
33612. What is nickel silver
33613. Restoring Corroded Brass Ring Chandeliers
33614. Darkening brass cabinet hardware
33616. "Gold Recovery for Dummies?"
33617. How to tell what my "brass" headboard is; how to clean and refinish
33618. Electroplating solder, 60/40, or lead-free, which is easier to plate
33619. Corrosion protection of mild steel tanks
33620. Inexplicable pH drop in boiler blowdown water
33623. Hull cell modeling in alloy plating
33625. Required information of sand blasting and zinc coating
33626. Repairing chip in chrome on primary cover
33627. Restoring chemical affected brass fittings
33628. Etching sheet metal to prepare it for art work
33629. Plans on building Powder Coating Oven
33630. Treatment for conc. electroless Ni waste
33631. Clarification regarding ASTM B117 Test
33632. Adhesion problem, electroless silver plating on polyamide
33633. Will Zinc plating degrade/damage rubber oil seals?
33634. Proper tumbling method for 420 SS camera
33635. Procedure/guidelines for sand blast of a vessel
33638. Oxidation of different metals
33641. What is the affect of using different voltages in the electroplating process?
33642. Want colored galvanized sheet metal
33643. Passivating stainless steel with phosphoric acid
33644. Rainbow Titanium Coating on stainless steel camera
33645. Chrome-Plating PVC pipe
33649. Inquiry for Supplier Of Calcium Gluconate Gel
33653. Restoring Cavalier cookstove
33654. Recovery of silver from jewelry making
33655. Painting a plastic shower tray
33656. Aluminum Polishing -- Motorcycle frame
33657. Cleaning dirty gold taps
33659. Fibreglass tank testing
33660. How to improve pH for DM water
33661. Removal of thin Chrome layer from thin Moly part
33662. Removing eyeglass coatings from stainless steel fixturing
33663. Surface Blackening of Mild Steel
33664. Tin Plating Sticks on Forming Tools
33666. Ways to passivate electroplated nickel surfaces
33667. Acid etched on Nickel From 1901?
33668. I'm having some discoloration problems with some anodized heat sinks camera
33670. What is this bandsaw finish? camera
33679. Plating and Discoloration
33680. Chrome plate can't reach roots and deep area
33684. Will cupric sulfate powder plate the same as copper sulfate crystals?
33687. Removing scratches in polished nickel faucets
33689. What to do about rusted sheet metal HVAC ducting, short of replacement?
33691. Painting a metal frame shower stall
33692. Annealing condition of CP TI?
33694. Silica removal other than by DM
33696. Are Dacromizing and Dacromet 320 the same?
33697. Rust on thread holes after EN plating
33698. Straightness woes after plating and baking
33699. Etching at 40 °C with Ferric Chloride on 304 SS
33700. Intro to passivation procedure please
33701. Sulfuric acid, water and peroxide bright dip procedure?
33702. Quality Issue: Brushing Buffed Brass and Nickel Plated Plastic Surfaces
33703. Finishing of aluminum shades
33704. Acid attack in condensing gas boilers camera
33705. SS 316 L suitable for offshore wind generators
33706. What to use to etch copper, brass or base metal
33707. How to produce stainless silver?
33710. Emissions from sulphuric acid anodizing
33711. Salt usage during testing
33714. Wetting agent in EN activator
33721. Want to set up hydrographics for aluminum
33722. Electroplating problem
33724. Treatment of tin pest in Chinese antiquities
33725. Need a green patina on steel
33726. Removing Rust from Beer Bottle Cap Collection
33727. Chrome Plastic Scratches, Possible to Repair?
33728. VDI 33 and VDI 3400
33729. Using Alsa's Chrome FX paint without the Chrome FX machine?
33730. Bindery wants to adhere copper sheet to paper
33731. Future of Mechanical Plating and Galvanizing in India
33732. S.F. bureau of architecture wants to paint galvanized steel
33733. Chromic acid bad color
33734. Magnesium coatings that are electrically conductive
33735. What is the difference between Anodizing and Nickel Plating of Aluminum products
33736. Color loss in bent areas of zinc plated hydraulic tubes
33737. Electropolishing of SS-316L-VIM/VAR-SCQ
33738. Solar reflector inquiry
33740. Gold or platinum plating of vinyl records camera
33742. Restaurant wants unique bar top
33743. Passivation of Titanium per ASTM-A-967
33744. Coating materials used on laundry wire hangers
33746. Copper plating on copper
33747. Unable to Hard Anodize diecastings
33748. Why do tin anodes left in a tin/nickel bath form a sludge
33749. Lacquer repair on Chinese cabinet
33750. Stain or paint for iron bed
33752. Setting up for casket-handle chrome-plating camera
33753. Alkaline Resistant Coating for Aluminum 6061
33758. Skin-blackening reaction to 14K gold rings
33759. What Raw Material are Modern Automotive Clear Coats Made From?
33762. Corrosion of metals
33763. What is the maximum temperature of cutting tools
33764. Removing Polyurethane and Tape Adhesive from SS sink
33765. Patinas for Zamak cast sculpture
33766. Stripping nickel from zinc die casting
33767. Delamination of PdNi from Ni undercoat on connector contact
33771. This is a Chemistry equation on Redox
33772. New gold plater looking for help
33773. Clear coat breaking up on Sonata
33774. Gold plating over sterling silver?
33775. Can paint be mixed with fiberglass resin?
33777. Platinum Wedding Ring now causes rash?
33779. Clean and brighten carburetor bodies
33780. Removal of Rhodium plating from engagement ring
33781. Seeking one time vacuum plating of religious medal
33784. Blisters in Nickel Plating with temperature camera
33786. Iridite Plating Thickness
33787. Pre-treatment for aluminum furniture
33788. Is MOC suitable for HNO3 65%
33791. SOP to determine Fluoride levels in brackish water
33793. Cleaning years of gunk off cupboard handles
33794. Removing rust from medieval sword
33795. Painting procedure for motorcycle fuel tank
33796. Replacement of Titanium Coil with Teflon Tube in Cooling tank
33797. Need painting process for 99 inch enclosures
33799. Testing Iron(Fe) Contamination on Stainless Steel
33805. Need barrier like PVC curtain strips but much lighter
33807. Costs and potential of setting up Galvanizing operation?
33808. Coumarin in Nickel Watts Bath Solution
33809. How to do antimony coating
33812. The study of kaizen
33813. What are the ingredients of Vanilla, Classic, C2, and Cherry Coke? silly :-)
33814. Non-cyanide electroplating process for silver
33815. Nitinol etching process
33818. How to distinguish zinc from aluminum?
33820. Finishing Standards for Pharmaceutical Vessels
33821. Recycling of water with polyglycol ether detergent in it
33822. Treatment of Chrome Plating Wastewater
33823. Aluminum clear finish
33826. Electroless Nickel direct seawater application
33827. Chrome plating stainless steel for at-sea use
33829. Anti-tarnish for gold plating
33830. Aluminum clearcoats for ATV racks
33831. Common phosphating gor both CRC and aluminum components?
33832. Parkerizing standards
33833. Cast 17-4 material does not passivate well
33835. What a passivated oxide layer on stainless does
33836. Start a galvanizing company
33837. Problems and solutions for chromium plating of aluminum
33845. Need info on metal-acid reactions
33847. Teflon Coating Inside of Tubes
33851. Faraday cage issues in powder coating & electrostatic painting
33852. E-Coating peels from electrogalvanized steel
33853. Galvanizing process for blind hole
33854. Corrolube GFS2 for BMW bolts, zinc/nickel or zinc Iron or...?
33855. Measuring Thickness of Zinc Chromate on Aluminum
33856. Hard Coating of Steel Fixtures for Titanium Parts?
33858. Preventing flash rusting of steel components
33859. Micro-etching of quartz
33864. Questions about PSP paints
33865. What can I do with the anodize rinse water rather than dump it
33866. Rusting/corrosion of nails
33867. Sulphuric acid plus potassium chlorate yields what?
33868. Mild steel coated with copper sheet
33869. Anodes for boats for fresh water
33872. Zinc Kronak plate
33873. Stripping powder coating
33875. Info on Electrochemical Marking/Etching?
33881. Fume-less replacement of sulphuric acid for brightening electroless gold plating
33882. Improving bond strength between elastomer and stainless/nylon body
33883. Problems in Plating on Aluminum
33884. How to anodize a gas cylinder
33885. Insulation on Aluminum Ladder
33886. Iron contamination of 316 weldments
33887. Roughness of Al and stainless steel finished by EP
33889. Correct mixing vessels for Sulfuric Acid and HF
33890. lasma powder spray coating or plasma sputtering? Differentiating Carbide and Cermet
33891. Fasteners Breaking under load, Hydrogen Embrittlement? camera
33892. Paint adhesion on galvanised wire
33893. Peeling Cadmium problem camera
33894. Friction problem in nickel plating parts
33895. Hard Chrome plating for 200 degree application
33900. Need the basics - info on plating for a paper
33901. Why is nickel plating of copper useful
33902. Effect of concentration on electrode potential of cell
33903. Recovering silver from discarded diskettes for solid waste management
33904. Nickel free anodizing sealants and Ni and Zinc (Zn) contamination
33906. Where to get TiNOx
33907. Removal of Teflon from aluminum wheels
33908. How to handle emissions while chroming
33909. How to start a small chrome plating company
33910. Fe filter causing water to become aggressive, Cu now a problem
33911. Colored PEN polyester film
33912. Need Galvanneal in Asia
33913. Wanted: Dow coating of Mag panels
33914. Seeking Chrome Plating Job Shop
33915. Need custom finish on copper sheet metal camera
33917. Need paint to refurbish radar arrays
33918. Need masking lacquer for rhodium plating
33919. Need Toxic Management Plan Software
33920. Application of Hologram Technology
33921. Yellow dichromate composition
33922. Definition homogeneous for pre-plated steel
33923. Ionic load calculation of ion exchange unit
33924. Demineralizer not performing up to spec
33925. Should we be baking case hardened parts for Hydrogen Embrittlement?
33926. Painting Galvanized 14 ga. channel
33927. How to create a chemically reducing surface without palladium
33928. Golden powder for electroforming
33929. Learning about chrome plating on plastic
33930. Plating Carbon Fiber
33931. Semi-Bright Nickel/Chrome Electroplating Problem
33932. Want books about gold micron plating
33933. Masking/stripping for chromate conversion/anodizing on same part
33934. Anodize vs. clear conversion coat
33935. Stainless spots
33936. Excess Sludge in Phosphating Bath
33937. 304L polished Stainless bent steel pipe rust marks in 2 weeks
33938. The best abrasive blast media for titanium tubing
33939. Is Type 17-4PH Stainless Steel Magnetic?
33941. 301 Versus 304 Stainless Steel Fabrication
33943. What suppliers offer proprietary black nickel processes?
33944. Seeking commercial coating for dielectric insulation
33945. Need Platinum plating of bracelet
33947. pH on corrosion of copper
33948. Want information about epoxy formulation
33949. High heat coating for aluminum headers
33950. How to clean Small Dia SS316 tubing
33951. Sculptor seeks info on transparent plastic or resin coating for stainless steel structure
33952. Forming and Tempering spring steel
33955. Stainless steel motorcycle exhaust anticorrosion question
33956. How to darken aluminum
33957. Paint Mixture for translucence
33958. Artist wants paint suggestion for aluminum
33959. Restoration of patina to bronze
33960. Which metal safest for fireplace heat exchanger?
33961. Darkening Stainless Steel
33962. Titanium surface prep before anodizing
33964. Refinishing rusted Iron Bed
33965. What is "bauxite"? -- not certain of spelling
33966. Finishing of control panels: epoxy, powder coating, enamel?
33967. Ways to improve strip cleanliness in galvanizing
33968. Formulation of low acidity iron phosphating
33969. Galvanic corrosion in aluminum driveshafts with steel u-joints
33970. Light weight, magnetic, rust resistant sheet material
33971. Need auto bumper re-anodizing
33973. Manganese oxide plating
33974. Regenerating gold from citric-based Au-Sn electrolyte
33975. Color pine cones -- copper sulphate?
33976. RoHS and Hexavalent Chromium plating
33977. Reducing sludge of potassium permanganate
33978. Need to apply hot stamp or paint filled letters onto bare zinc
33979. Does hot dip galvanizing adhere on stainless steel?
33980. Electroless Gold
33981. Nickel plating of cast aluminum?
33982. Rainbow pattern on bright decorative anodising
33983. Trying to make aluminum change color with simple finish
33984. Conductance of Gold Anodized Aluminum Chassis
33985. Resistance of electro galvanized bolts to chlorine?
33986. Need Lead Plating Supplier for Screen Anodes
33987. Need chrome plating for a fiberglass helmet
33988. Looking for a real gold paint
33990. Brush Gold Plating Equipment and Chemicals needed
33992. How to search for direct manufacturers through the web
33993. Caustic cleaner for aluminum?
33994. BAD sludge problem in clarifier
33995. Autophoretic process
33996. Phosphorus anode copper
33998. Engraving and matte finishing on ss sheet
33999. Need a lab to determine root cause of chrome defect

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