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metal finishing cover

21000. Titanium and Stainless side by side
21016. Chrome look on soft materials?
21018. Lubricating Soap Box Derby Wheels
21019. Pontoon Boat - Aluminum Panel Repainting
21020. Nickel plating removal
21021. Superlight/Superstrong model airfoil construction
21023. Need polypropylene sheets for chrome plating baths
21024. Chromate poisoning
21025. Lab test procedure for Watt's nickel
21026. Measure Surface Area of 3D parts?
21028. Looking for inexpensive paint method
21030. Zinc plating separation during powder coating heat treatment
21032. Powdercoat as mask for plating
21033. "Parkerizing" on WWII electric torpedoes
21035. AISI 316 steel polishing problem
21037. Can passivated stainless steel cause oxidation using silver epoxy?
21041. Green chromating
21042. Surface preparation on a custom motorcycle frame
21043. Galvanized cooker
21044. Audit format for 5S
21046. Painting Brass and Nickel for underwater use
21047. Treating galvanized steel sheets to avoid white rust
21049. Nickel and chrome plating fail to pass 96 hrs acid salt spray test
21050. Chemical pretreatment of titanium alloys before anodizing
21051. Zinc Aluminum (85/15%) Metallising
21052. Painting and heating of zinc-plated details
21058. Bluing a Winchester for gunsmithing class
21060. Searching for a clear zinc spec
21061. Dirtiness due to corona treatment
21062. Brush plating experience
21063. Reactions in anodizing bath
21064. Solder plating of nickel plated leadframe
21065. Finding the RMS value for an entire object
21069. Science Project-What's oxidation?
21070. Need Antique Brass Decorative Finish on Nickel Coated Hardware
21072. Looking for aluminum brightener
21076. Bronzing a skull-- or giving one a "bronze" look
21077. How to remove lead from wastewater
21080. DLC
21081. Need gold plated glass
21083. Hard Anodize Colors
21084. Extend life of phosphate tank chemicals
21085. What does a satin finish look like?
21087. Chroming of plastic emblem on my car
21091. Separating a mix of gold and iron powder
21092. Building a gas fired convection oven for powdercoating
21093. Copper finish for pewter chess pieces, how to?
21095. EDP Process
21100. 316 L SS, SS300, SS304 in saline solution for 72 hrs
21109. Hydrogen embrittlement of nuts
21112. Need durable, solderable finish for spring steel contact
21114. Treatment of Magnesium Skins with Selenous Acid
21115. New chrome plating needs finishing
21118. Deburring of Needle Roller Thrust Bearing Cages
21129. UHMWPE properties?
21131. Dendrites phenomena with immersion silver finishes on PCBs
21133. Bird Bath
21136. ELECTROLOID chrome plating equipment value?
21138. Nitric acid passivation
21139. Stainless thermowell galling at high temperatures
21142. Plastic Chrome Plating
21149. Analysis of unknown aqueous solutions
21150. Help me remember an old science project
21151. Chemically coloring cold-rolled steel
21154. How to copper plate steel handles
21155. Finishing a rough finished, flat casted bronze medal
21156. Using wrong line source voltage and frequency
21157. ASTM A764 Coating Weight Measurement
21160. Rusting Iron and Copper
21161. Not adherent copper film in welding wire
21162. Plating onto rusted steel procedure?
21163. Black Nickel Versus Chrome on Motorcycle Aluminum
21165. How to prevent discoloration on aluminium surface
21166. Iridite 14 vs. 14-2
21168. Diamond burnishing of chrome plating
21169. Best sanding discs for cutting 304L stainless?
21170. Best way to polish 304L Stainless?
21171. Magnetism vs. 316 stainless steel properties
21172. Finish/sealer for intentionally-rusted structural steel
21177. Automotive Organic Coatings
21179. Durability of oil-rubbed bronze finish
21180. Needing to darken pewter
21181. Smoke free muriatic acid
21182. Iron oxide erupting through tin plating
21183. Seeking: Nickel plated fine aluminum wire (0.001"-0.005")
21184. Better options to zinc passivate plating?
21185. Bright spotting in satin nickel finish
21186. Increasing plating hardness
21187. Nickel chrome plating issue
21189. Tarnishing of plated products
21194. Cleaning of hard metal substrates before PVD coating
21197. Maximum chlorides in cooling water
21202. Control of nickel tank
21204. Passivation alternative
21205. Ceramic coating over stainless steel for a medical instrument
21206. Spray paint that gives anodized look?
21209. Stripping the paint off a wrought iron table and chairs and repainting
21214. Starting a SIM card factory
21215. Black dye for hard coat anodized forgings
21216. Galvanized Sheet Metals
21217. Soldering zinc plate
21222. Electrophoretic
21224. Custom vinyl interior
21226. Let the Chrome Shine Through!
21227. Sealing Cast Iron Fireplaces Once Restored
21228. Chrome-free coatings
21229. Runoff from copper roofing
21230. CrN Stripping
21231. Bonding with MEK
21232. Kinds of treatment superficial Cr6 free
21233. Blackened, bronzed or colored finishing black of the stainless steel
21234. Problem with bright nickel
21243. Inclusions and polishing defects
21244. How to check the gold concentration in a gold bath instead of using AAS?
21250. Why is Zinc Plating changing colors?
21253. Can only electroform mush, not hard metal
21254. Determination of Na by AAS
21257. Prepping metal for paint
21258. Magnetism of electroplating processes
21260. Chemical cleaning of boiler
21261. MIL STD 105E method
21262. Understanding chromate passivations
21263. Electrophoretic paint and hydrogen embrittlement
21264. Electroforming substrates
21265. Corrosion of nickel plating
21266. Is copper or nickel flashing a must for good solderability of tin plated steel
21267. Manganese Phosphate sludging problem
21268. Electropolishing is not shiny
21269. Looking for corrosion performance chart for steel
21271. Improvement of colour change of bromophenol blue indicator in glycerine
21272. Oxidizing copper
21273. Allergies to Castrol Alusol?
21275. Hologram effect (AKA holographic buffing tails) in automotive paint
21278. Die cast repair/acid copper
21282. Zinc --Prime Western Grade
21284. Regenerate resin
21285. Copper Plating Issue
21298. How to electroplate
21300. Laptop painting
21301. Paint/sealer adherence to "non-metallic" gas tank
21310. What is Jewelers rouge and where can I get it?
21311. Rust Area on Galvanized Metal
21312. Metal for Robotics
21316. HCL fumes
21317. Barrel-plating on plastics
21318. Tin plating surface finish
21319. Aux. anode placement and LCDs
21322. Black anodizing problem
21323. Can anodization cause brittleness?
21324. Polishing Stainless Steel
21325. Electropolishing know how
21337. Knoop Microhardness Tester
21338. Chromate testing for zinc plate
21341. Clear lacquering tints
21344. Electroforming
21345. Acid complexing agent for aluminum?
21346. International Standard for Stainless Steel Purity?
21347. Non magnetic tranfurable steel
21348. Pearl gold color which is applied on the base of brass plating
21355. Aluminum Boat Frame and Wire Brushing
21358. Interested in the small business aspect of ceramic coatings and powder coatings
21359. COR-TEN steel sealer to control oxidation
21360. Electrodeposition of nickel
21362. Removing Zinc Phosphate
21368. Corrosion of anodized coating, cookware
21376. Titanium Processing for Lockheed Martin
21380. How to paint hog panels
21381. What are the five metals of panchalogam
21383. Plating copper and /or nickel on low temp lead eutectics
21384. White Corrosion on 6061 Alodine 1500cc, Salt Spray
21385. How to determine the frequency of chemical solution recharge?
21389. Interested in plating business
21390. Re-Painting a wrought iron bed
21391. Water based metal coatings
21392. Best repair/paint process to match factory application
21397. Electroless Nickel Plate of B7 Alloy Bolts
21398. Using Magnesium Hydroxide for Acid Streams
21406. GCSE information needed please!
21409. Antique Metal Restoration
21410. Suitable anodizing power supply question
21411. Chrome dipping procedures/chemicals and equipment
21412. Etching cast aluminum
21413. Bumpers
21415. Pits in acid copper plating
21416. Removing anodization without spoiling the aluminum
21417. Dielectric strength of hard coat black anodized aluminum
21418. Passivation testing
21422. How to strip nickel plating from steel
21423. Ni/Pd/Au finishing lead failed dipping solderability, possible causes
21424. P.V.D.F. coating - investment cost
21425. Stenciling on Powder Coat
21426. Chemical Nickel Plating
21427. Alodine 1000, 1001, and 1500
21430. Need local seller of Nybco spray paints
21435. Method of mirroring by spraying
21436. Removing oxidation from bronze
21437. "Rainbowing" and "Bluing" Stainless Steel
21439. Painting galvanized pipe handicap railing
21443. Plating stainless steel onto aluminum
21444. Dissimilar Metals
21448. Copper restoration
21449. Inquiry for surface roughness
21450. Small electrorefining equipment for gold
21454. Powder Coated Cabinets Quality Issues
21457. Electro galvanizing Versus Hot Dip
21458. Why does Ni prevent Cu migration to Au?
21459. Rechroming table legs
21460. How can I build a "hot" oxide system?
21461. Request for information on the seven tank process
21464. Satin finish on stainless castings
21465. Removal of rust from vinyl siding
21466. Need info about yellow dye to be used with passivation
21467. Whitewash on Bright Nickel/Chrome Plated Parts
21468. 5S Audit sample
21478. Acid + Carbonate = what reaction?
21479. Organometallic precipitation
21480. Copper Electroformed Layer "Upset" by Extreme Heat
21483. Questions on cleaning and re-finishing cymbals
21484. Cleaning a salt looking crust off of polished aluminum
21485. Electroplating Holly Leaves
21487. Electropolishing
21490. Sticky Sludge Problem
21495. Motor cylinder bore plating or anodizing (hard chrome, Nikasil...)
21499. Tarnishing Chain (Making Antique Silver Jewelry Chain)
21502. Painting over Plated Brass Shower Enclosure Frame
21504. Oil rubbed bronze finish
21508. High Temperature Baking of Nickel Chrome Plating and its Possible Effect
21510. Aluminum electropolishing Q&A's, Theory and Practice
21511. Looking for answers on "Phosphate and Oil"
21521. Want to buy RO-59
21523. Sealer to keep copper caps for turning black?
21526. Is there a fix to stainless steel pitting?
21527. Body chemistry and sterling silver
21529. Chromed fenders and gas tank on a Harley?
21530. QQZ325C Alive or Dead?
21531. Steel grade EN8D
21533. How to qualify a metallic plating-substrate system regarding its diffusion properties?
21537. Med or high phosphorous
21538. Purification of SnPb plating bath
21540. Needed: Nickel corrosion performance with Tin ductility
21541. Nickel plating loses continuity
21543. Aluminium finishing for saline weather
21545. Fluoropolymer / PTFE
21546. Removing Magnetism in Stainless 304 Grade Fasteners
21550. Sodium hydrosulphite (dithionite)
21551. Matte tin - what is the criteria appearance or thickness which determines coverage
21555. Glue for Copper Caps
21557. Copper paint for plating
21558. Blue coloring on cast aluminum
21559. Stainless steel weakened by chlorine gas
21561. Collinox for Zamac diecasting
21562. Pure Zr PVD coating required
21563. Immersion silver adhesion to copper?
21564. Question on Cleaners: Where is this white haze coming from?
21565. Metallized Finish on Aluminum
21566. Corrosion and adhesion. Shotblast vs no shotblast
21567. Removing/Preventing graphite from sticking to Kovar
21568. Plating copper, zinc, or gold onto an styrofoam/epoxy sphere!
21572. Can a part be black hard anodised after chemical film finish ?
21573. Acid Copper over Zinc Die-cast cut through during buffing
21576. Polish Airstream
21583. Reducing weight whilst maintaining stiffness and strength?
21584. Electrolysis
21588. Questions on aluminum pontoons
21590. Polishing Aluminum Wheels on BMW R100rs (1981)...help!
21591. Corrosion resistant coating for stainless steel wanted
21594. Amount of resin needed to saturate fiberglass mat
21595. Removing black antiquing from a gold ring
21596. What is Liver of Sulphur?
21597. Chrome repair
21599. Can a patina be applied to chrome
21602. Seeking Salt Bath Nitriding specification
21604. Salt Spray Life of powder coat vs zinc olive green passivation
21609. Chrome Plating Stainless Steel
21610. Machine coolant etching aluminum?
21612. Type of acid/solution for s.s etching
21613. Steel pickling and side effects
21615. 304SS with H2S
21619. Glue/Adhesive Copper/Brass, etc.
21621. Reflective paper for solar cooker applications
21623. High heat resistant coating
21624. European Union's "End of Life Vehicle" standard for Cr6 chromates
21625. Finishing aluminum
21629. The origin of Corrosion coatings
21630. Muriatic acid as a concrete cleaner and etch
21633. Searching Nickel Electroforming Events
21634. Imitation gold (brass salt)
21649. Au wire bonding question
21654. Boundary condition on bipolar electrode
21657. How volatile is H2O
21660. Process Of SandBlasting
21661. Low Friction Metal Clothing Racks
21662. How can we evaluate zinc corrosion
21663. Making paint stick to nickel without hex chrome?
21664. Plating problem?
21666. Etching aluminum with a matte surface
21667. Fungus formation after exposure to Brake Fluids
21669. Iron Phosphating
21670. Carbon Fiber Corrosion on Metal?
21675. How to dissolve Tin Oxide
21676. Non-amenable cyanides in wastewater
21677. Titanium Nitride Coating Standards?
21680. Cyanide in gold deposit?
21681. How to print on anodized aluminum sheet without using Film
21683. Nitric Acid attack on Carbon Steel
21688. Pursuit of Shiny Parts
21689. What Steel handbook do I need?
21690. Replacement for 304 SS hooks in jig
21691. Etching of titanium for microscopic examination
21693. Sealing Aluminum to prevent oxidation?
21700. Extracting zinc from a penny
21702. Coloring of stainless steel
21703. Toxic effects from galvanized food preparation utensils
21705. Refining solder
21706. Leakage of oil after powder coating steel tubing frame
21707. Surface Finish Conversions
21709. Titanium dipping
21712. Deburring of Aluminum components
21713. Plating of brass with electroless nickel and gold
21716. Role of a Chemical Engineer
21717. Everslik
21718. Acid chemistry
21722. Porosity and die castings
21724. How to remove scratches from stainless steel refrigerator doors?
21727. Electropolished part dimensional tolerance
21729. Tarnished Stainless Steel with Muriatic Acid! Please help!
21730. Is it possible deposit SiO2 by PVD cathodic arc?
21731. Salt spray test on MS and SS
21732. Formulating phosphate pretreatment solutions
21733. Looking for a chemical to dissolve EVA
21734. Embossed metal sheeting for birdhouse roofs
21736. Seeking used RECTIFIER 1000 AMP 40 VOLT
21737. The three leading elements in electroplating
21738. Air Tubes Failure in 2nd Stage Air Compressor
21739. Water spot remover suggestions for windows, paint on car
21740. ASTM Electrochemical test for rebar in concrete
21746. Need advice how to polish my motorcycle frame properly by hand
21747. Moderately high causticity a problem for clear anodize?
21748. Brass Sealer
21749. Restoration of aluminum covers
21751. Discoloration on Plated Leadframe
21752. Black brass
21754. Chrome paint and cellulose paint
21755. Shining old Brass Trumpet the easy way
21759. How to remove haze from engine degreaser on stainless steel
21760. Aluminized Steel
21761. Nickel free finishing of hardware
21763. Need Dacro coating: D2008 grade 1
21764. White spot after grinding process
21765. Sculptor seeking Steel (anti rust) finish
21766. Continuous monitoring of specific gravity during a plating process
21767. Stripping the anodize coat
21769. Silver to chrome?
21770. Removal of Heavy Metals from Contaminated Water
21771. Why does hydrochloric acid rust nails?
21772. Which type of juice cleans pennies the best?
21773. Heavy metals in our environment
21774. Powder coat maintenance
21777. Finishing brass stock to mirror finish
21778. Small cans of spray, gray wrinkle finish paint?
21779. What is mechanical zinc plating?
21793. Pulse plating in cyanide based baths
21796. Surface finish definition for stainless steel
21799. Liquid and powder coating comparison
21800. Basic definition of galvannealed steel
21801. Electroless Nickel Plating Pips
21802. Thickness of tin/lead plate (Mil-P-81728)
21804. White list passivation chemical, toner, inhibitor
21805. Surface Finish Chart
21806. What's construction material resist to Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) ?
21808. Chrome Resurfacing
21815. Science experiment
21816. Spring failures
21818. STAINLESS : Help with heat-treating and annealing
21820. Help... need non toxic clear coat for metal
21821. Cr6 Emissions from Conversion Coating tank process
21822. Non-Cr strike pre-plating process for Mo
21823. Zn plate w/ tri-chrome passivation, temp at which delamination of plating will occur?
21824. Oil in cadmium plating bath
21825. Chrome plating on aluminum for wear resistance
21827. Material identification
21829. How can I make steel threaded rod black?
21831. Coloring zinc plated sheet steel
21832. Yellow chromate stripping
21836. Electrically insulating, wear resistant coating for titanium
21837. Galvanic action between carbon and stainless steel
21840. Oxidation of immersion silver coating on PCB
21843. Painter seeks insight
21845. White gold turning yellow after bath
21847. Alky resin question
21848. Masking for vibratory finishing process
21850. Stainless Steel Spray Paint needed!
21851. 440C stainless steel heat treatment problem- surface effects
21854. 316 SS temperature by color at max temp
21855. Formula for plating sol'n using Chromic acid, Phosphoric acid and Urea?
21860. Nickel allergy
21861. Restoring chrome finish
21862. How can a person anodize aluminum at home?
21863. Removing Paint from Brick Fireplace
21868. How do you oxidize silver?
21870. Reactions in Copper Plating
21872. Chromium plating - heating coil material
21873. Emission factors pickle bath
21874. Determination of chlorides
21875. Corrosion on 2024 Chromate, Salt Spray Test
21876. Gold plating inquiry
21878. How to handling copper-plated parts to prevent oxidation
21879. Medical devices, passivation and manufacturing
21881. Dacromate process provider
21887. Rusting nails experiment
21891. Urgent Requirement of Technical Support
21894. Stainless Steel Paint for White Refrigerator?
21895. 1995"w" American silver eagle. Can you help me?
21896. Using citric acid as an etching mordant
21899. Surface imperfections 304ss #4 finish
21900. Safety of hydrochloric acid
21903. Powder coating problems
21904. Zinc Ammonium Chloride Solution Specific Heat Capacity
21905. Brass electroplating
21906. Irradiation Process and Steps in Electroplating
21907. Electroplating defect
21908. Why Nickel Chrome on Stainless Steel?
21909. Nikasil coating
21912. How does a passivation layer get produced on stainless steel
21915. How to choose between different scale removal techniques?
21917. Ni plating vs Powder Coating for corrosion resistance and conductivity
21920. Science project not doing well
21921. Need plastic transparent to Infra red
21922. Restoring White Gold Coloring
21923. Request for the definition of chromate plus sealer
21924. Is there any alternative to HydroFluoric Acid?
21933. Electroplating Stained Glass
21934. The Polishing of Anodized Aluminum
21935. Is my ring really platinum?
21936. Aluminum oxide hazards in fake wood flooring
21939. Comparing results obtained by various corrosion test methods ?
21940. Adhesion of Tire Bead Wire with Rubber
21943. Painting Brass Lamps
21944. Shelf life of platings wrt solderability
21945. Can stainless be re-passivated?
21953. Cleaning and Polishing Bronze sailboat hardware
21954. Metal to gold silly :-)
21955. Does Corona treatment make PP adhere better with Acrylic glue?
21956. Black oxide coating won't take
21957. Hard silver plating
21958. Anodized Aluminum, brightening aluminum
21960. Huntington Alloy IAI-21, How do we make pickling solution?
21961. Where can I find Kelite SprayWhite C aerospace cleaner?
21962. Zinc phosphate with olive drab seal
21971. Black rhodium bath
21972. MSDS request for Tremclad
21985. IVD Coated Fasteners
21986. Hot seal or cold seal?
21988. Fastening stainless steel to carbon steel
21990. Aluminum stain or dye

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