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Reactions in Copper Plating


My son is doing an electroplating experiment for Science and one of the questions asked was "Explain why the copper sulphate [on eBay or Amazon affil link] solution turns clear as the copper plating is taking place?" Can anyone please help a struggling Dad impress his son........


John Mann
- Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

The deep blue color of copper sulphate is actually the dissolved copper ions. As you remove them by plating them out of solution, the solution grows paler in color. I hope that is what you observed when you conducted the experiment.

Ted Mooney,
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha - Pine Beach, New Jersey

March 24, 2008

Dear Sir's,
Subject: Special question in chemistry

The address of your firm was found on web site. Please I am asking you to be in a direct contact with specialist concerning the mentioned question in order for me to continue:
The question concerning copper ion in water! This question based on the following procedure: more than 20 years for continuous working at the following subjects:
- Inorganic chemistry, Organo-metallic compounds, Complexometry.
- Copper ion in water & other metallic ions
We know that copper ion has 2 stable oxidation states +1, +2 with definite colors: (in water)
- Pale & deep green color CuCL2
- Pale & deep blue color CuSO4
- Very Deep blue color NH3 + Cu+2 complexes.
- It maybe the copper ions has faint amber colors with CN -1 complexes.
- Rare colors, unstable compounds?! It maybe with some organic indicators.
Now the question is: Dose copper ion can form stable red color ion in water? If the answer is yes what are these compounds? Are they exist, stable! Can I have an idea about it? And their structure or chemical formulas?
Please I am asking your help to send the suggested compounds. In order for me to compare
In case of there is no satisfied answer for this question, or there are no compounds please I am asking your help to put me with specialists to continue this type of specific & new subject, I am asking you also to email me back soon in order to check for the existence of such new idea because it work & I am ready to prove that at your labs practically in order to use this new complex instead of cyanide at copper electroplating process & this is one of the most important project's claims. I think that I have discovered an industrial application for the mentioned process which will be needs of further development. Maybe you can help at this respect in any how you may suggest.

I am ready to send the out lines because the results of this research seems to be a person who catch or he met three birds with one stone?
I will be ready to study the procedure you may suggest in order for us to continue:
1- After a completed information or procedure provided by you.
2- Visiting your land to prove the existence of such idea via manual lab.
3- I shift from Iraq with my family & we resided in Jordan.
4- about the new complex: soluble in water, aliphatic compound, wine red in water, the reaction happened at room temperature, it's stable for many months, when, or during chemical synthesis there were no any kind of indicators used. More information's are available when you are really interested to continue.
5- The research was completed according to my expectation and it was confirmed when the new red complex was formed practically. The research is located on about 80 pages.

Please I am asking your kind help if the complex coexist or not & before that I am asking your kind reply after consulting specialists at this respect in order for me to know what should I do concerning this new idea and how much should I pay for that because I want to use the money gained for medical care because I am suffering a lot of medical & financial problems in order for me to continue.
The completed C.V is available upon request.
Should I get an answer as soon as possible
Please feel free to continue this journey with me we will win the future

My best regards & warm thanks,

Sabah Matti Ibrahim
private Sector - Amman, Jordan

September 4, 2008

Dear Mr. Ted Mooney,
Dear Mr. John Mann -- Gladstone, Queens land, Australia.

Subject: Reaction in copper plating (Australia)

Hi, an electroplating process must be understood as an oxidation-reduction reaction happened by electrical energy (Direct current).

They majority of transition metals like:
Cu, Fe, Co, Ni, Cr, Au, Rh, Pt, Mnetc

When oxidizes to ionic form by influence of acids, water and direct current forms colored, true electrolytes, the intensity of the formed colors depends on molar ions concentration according to this general equations:

M° M°-n+ne

Oxidation reaction anodic dissolution

M°-n + ne M°                     

Reduction reaction electroplating, electroforming

When M° = stable metal

N= number of electrons -- librated which Varies Widely 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 -- depending on nature of M.

The reactions depend on:

Time, Temp, PH of electrolyte, amperage, voltage, types of anodes, electrolyte chemical composition etc.

When the time is increased more ions forms so we can expect an exchange of the color of electrolyte. According to this equation:

Color intensity increased as function of concentration 

You can direct my special question in chemistry for copper electroplaters in Australia only. I will never forget your efforts.

Best Regards

Sabah Matti Ibrahim
private Sector - Amman, Jordan

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