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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

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52000. Welding/brazing Copper to Nickel Plating
52001. WPC (wood plastic composite) counter tops need HPL
52002. Want spray paint to create Vinyl top appearance
52003. Cleaning Marine Tarnished Brass
52005. Trying to design a structure that will corrode to collapse quickly
52006. Polymer Masking Material
52009. Need Electrolaq
52011. How to passivate aluminum with acid?
52012. MIL SPEC Clarification for Zinc Plating with Chromate Conversion
52015. Best Sealing for anodized aluminum diecastings
52016. How to de-silver record stampers after electroforming
52017. Can we nickel strike on top of Nano Metal Thin Film Coating to improve adhesion?
52018. Is electroplating tank a batch reactor or CSRT reactor?
52020. Etching of mild steel, high carbon steel and bright mild steel
52022. Best surface treatment for a running mate against 54 Rc. TIN surface component
52023. Powdercoat vs Epoxy for inside of Vacuum Reservoir
52024. PVD adhesion issue on hard chrome
52025. Proper method to sample a plating solution?
52026. Corrosion problem with nickel-chrome plated bumpers
52027. Repairing chrome exhaust pipe turned brown by cleaning fluid
52028. Staining on anodized aluminum window frames
52029. Color consistency standards for clear anodizing?
52031. Has hot dip galvanizing weakened our mounting brackets?
52034. Want technical know how for hot dip galvanising of bolts
52038. Powder coating thickness of 120 micrometers
52039. Mechanical polishing or passivation of Stainless Steel - which comes first?
52040. True definition of "Bronze" chromate color for zinc plating
52042. Black chrome motor bike exhaust system
52043. We want to switch to infrared curing on powder coating
52044. Changing the Color on Door Levers
52045. Want no-function (except thickness) coating for steel pipe
52046. Normalized 1008 steel, post induction braze - blistering zinc chromate
52047. Masking for Galvanising process
52050. Outgassing anomalies caused by plugs?
52051. Co-deposition of Boron Carbide
52052. Solvent for wax dissolution
52053. Wear resistant, low-friction coefficient coating for a cryogenic application
52054. Acid copper on zinc die castings
52055. Poor adhesion of Co plating
52057. Help needed with identifying metal plating and process
52060. Localized pitting of Stainless Steel in inhibited HCL
52061. Black Oxide Finishing - Better for the environment than chrome?
52065. Calculating hydrogen output from micro generating plant
52066. Increase the cathode efficiency in cobalt tungstate bath
52067. Information on chrome plating of taps
52070. Pin holes problem after hard chrome plating
52071. Best cyanide or non-cyanide zinc formula for plating inside narrow tube
52073. Wrinkle defect in galvanized steel sheet
52074. Baking parts with threaded holes?
52075. Too Much Green Patina on Chimney
52077. Oval diameter on centerless grinding
52079. Is a swab with IPA and test using a general UV scan vs a blank an acceptable way to determine the part is clean.
52080. Hot Tin Dipping Process versus Electroplating
52081. Hard Chroming Temperature
52083. Calculation "price of one ton of water" by demineralization plant
52085. Flash Hard Chrome Plating - Clarification
52086. Recommendation needed for black nickel vs. chrome plating
52087. Testing trivalent chromate by testing for cobalt
52089. Passivation tank made of 304SS failed in a week
52091. Pitting on Copper Plated Lamp
52092. What is MIL-F-14072 finish P211C?
52093. Refinishing door hardware myself
52094. Evaluation of Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant
52095. Want inexpensive oil rubbed bronze shower stall
52097. Heat resistance of phosphate
52098. Is painting possible over hard chrome plated material
52099. Hand rubbed bronze finish on brass jewelry parts
52111. Rhodium plating turns gray when we filter the solution
52113. Giving copper flashing an aged look
52114. Need cheap pH measuring method for student project
52115. Writing a passivation spec
52116. Etching 1" steel plate to make non-slip surface
52118. Chemical polishing Invar before plating with silver
52119. Rinsing procedure for Ebonol Z80
52121. Pitting on stainless steel ball valve in gas service
52123. What is the activation process in EN plating
52124. Acid zinc plating of ASTM A401 high-carbon chrome silicon steel
52125. Harsh weather resistance zinc plating vs. hot dip galvanizing
52126. Alternative to chrome plating for lighting fixtures
52127. Titanium Anodizing
52129. Trouble with AISI 430 hot blackening
52131. Hard anodize replacement
52133. Possible side reactions of nitric acid and methyl red
52134. Pitting of 316L Stainless Containers From Bleach Due to Industrial Electrolysis of Sea Water
52137. HDG vs electro galvanizing of wire
52138. Wear resistant finish for 2014 aluminum cylinder bore
52139. Having trouble plating 6061-T6 Al after plating it successfully for years
52140. Repairing a leaking stainless steel freshwater tank on sailboat
52141. Textured finish and mil specs
52142. Black Zinc Cobalt vs Electroless Nickel plating over Aluminum
52144. Need bronze plating on plaster statue
52146. Stainless steel insulating plating
52149. Materials compatible with Plating Solutions
52150. Hydrogen embrittlement in 17-4PH SS?
52152. Brighteners in cyanide zinc electroplating
52153. Why are liquid coating still preferred in automotive applications (vs. powder coatings)?
52156. Where can I buy Koroseal material?
52158. Electrical conductivity for soil by mV (milli-Vols).
52159. Plastic Coating for Furniture - Vertical AND Horizontal Surfaces
52160. Finishing weathered wood and rusted metal
52161. Mouse and calculator covers become sticky
52162. What is Praparat 94jA30 for hard chrome
52163. Treating total phosphate in waste water treatment plant
52164. Solving "Acid Weep" in galvanizing
52165. Gold plated aluminum bubbles, blisters, peels
52167. What is the strongest finish for rear pegs and sprocket
52169. Need defined steps for achieving a Ra 0.1 on stainless steel
52170. Is it chrome?
52171. "FEATHER METAL" stumps aerospace workers silly :-)
52172. Pretreatment for electrolytic Ni
52173. Which is the best corrosion protection coating for spring steel?
52174. Why plating on heater without connecting - negative (black wire)
52175. Need an insulation layer on thin brass wires
52176. Electropolishing Finishing Defects Pimple like surface
52177. Stainless steel fan guard plating
52178. Continuing hard chrome plating after a power interruption
52179. Polyurethane vs. lacquer for bronze windows
52181. Electrostatic screening problem
52182. Chrome wheel vendor asks about pitting problems
52183. Antique Crucifix heats-up and burns hand
52184. Bright Luster vs. Matte Luster in Zinc Plating
52185. The different types of plating
52186. Oxidizing Aluminum Mystifies Amateur
52188. Dura Bar G1 and Zn Phosphate coating
52189. Blackening pattern welded stainless
52190. Removing shiny buff marks on 304 stainless
52191. Need to blacken brass, free from outgassing, for optical use
52192. Crack on glass to metal seal
52194. copper sulphate [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] Molarity
52195. Nickel Rack Plating: air vs mechanical
52196. Chrome reduction ORP endpoint values
52197. Zinc plating issue on sheet metal welded part
52199. Corrosion Protection/Plating Suitable for Copper and Aluminum
52202. Speeding up the oxidization of sheet metal!
52203. How to put #4 satin finish on aluminum pipe
52206. Role of anions in electroplating
52207. Consistency in color master plaques by powder coating
52208. How to apply lead onto copper and lead
52209. Electroless nickel boron nitride coating to aluminium plain slides
52210. Salt spray failure in weld area of nickel-chrome plated parts
52212. Cleaning Defaced Currency
52213. Corrosion Resistant Coating for Automotive Suspension Parts
52214. How to prepare zinc bath for plating on the brass wire having D=0.250mm
52215. Need silver plating brightener
52218. Cleaning Ceramic Part
52219. Cost Effective Corrosion Treatment of Aluminum for Boat Docks
52221. How to do two-layer / two-color powdercoat
52222. Clear Coat finish sometimes rusts
52223. Matte finish protective layer for surgical instruments
52224. Cheapest way to add weight to clothes to make training gear
52232. Surface area calculations of irregular shaped objects
52233. 30 Years of Aluminum Manufacturing Exposure
52234. Activating nickel sulphamate plating for a chrome flash
52235. Is it possible to Manganese Phosphate on EN?
52236. AMS2468 vs. AMS2469
52237. Applying a color onto a Zinc Die Casting
52240. Alkaline Non - Cyanide Zinc Plating
52241. Is chromate coating resistant to fungus attack and support fungal growth?
52243. Want to be Sitting on Silicon
52244. Ceramic Coating for Abrasion Resistance
52245. Contaminated Watts Nickel Bath, Please Help!
52246. How to mask car emblems for brush plating
52247. Stripping a steel part that has been chrome plated
52249. Looking for a FM-1000/191 Source
52251. The looks of die cast aluminium
52252. Finishing surfaces on NiTi implants for osteosynthesis
52253. Simple way to convert doorknobs, hinges from "brass" to "nickel" ?
52254. Ra or RMS (Rq)
52255. Plating shop lay out
52259. Anodising and brite dip tank sizes
52260. How to polish to ~2 RMS with diamond lapping paste?
52261. White and black rust on zinc plating after salt spray test
52264. Etchant for examining copper to stainless weld joint?
52266. Want our zinc phosphating to be orange-red
52267. Tech help for wheelchair riders in developing countries (finishing of steel pushrims)
52272. Need coloring of stainless steel jewelry
52273. Avoiding getting silver on the internals of a trumpet while plating
52274. Need to paint a 100 zinc parts - and many more later
52275. Heat Dissipation needed with Powder Coating
52281. How to coat ID of borosilicate tube with titanium?
52284. Wear Resistance Test on adhesion per AMS 2488 on titanium type 1 and 2 anodizing
52286. Electroplating copper on carbon nanotubes
52287. Permanent Gold Plating
52288. Differences between MIL-S-5002 Type III and QQ-P-35 Type VI processes.
52290. What is the formula in getting the Correct Ampere in a copper plate using Ni
52292. Black passivation of aluminum and stainless
52293. Will Poly tanks work for MIL-DTL-5541E, Type II, Class 3 clear Chem film?
52295. Zinc plating surface have many small holes, how to do?
52296. Aluminium impurities makes preparing parts for anodising impossible, is there a cure?
52297. Composition of chrome plating
52298. Sheet Metal Zinc Pre-plate Whisker Investigation
52299. Please help save a copper charlotte!
52300. How to clean my 7 year old CenterLine HellCats aluminum wheels
52301. What problems should I expect plating copper over lead alloys
52302. Is galvanneal safe to weld on?
52303. Does clear zinc Dichromate exist?
52304. How to increase shining and brightness in zinc coating?
52305. Thermal & mechanical properties of anodized aluminum
52307. Can zinc phosphate coating lead to Liquid Metal Embrittlement above 800F?
52309. Coloring zinc or plain bolts?
52310. Stainless steel rivets and anodized aluminum
52311. Corrosive air in our new office?
52312. Valves rust because of water remaining after hydro test
52314. 5% Neutral salt spray testing of assembled plated parts
52326. Etching the Die Ring for a Elongated Penny Machine
52327. Changing Brass Came in a Glass Cabinet Door to Zinc
52328. Crafting copper sink
52329. Pure gold versus the bible
52330. Zinc plating of brass
52337. Is there a Government overseer that watches for fraud in metal recycling?
52339. How can a hobbyist do thru-hole plating of PCBs?
52340. Corrosion resistance of stainless coatings on brass
52341. Chrome Treatment affected by alkaline cleaners?
52342. Require Stainless Steel Finish or similar on MS base metal product?
52343. Process of hot zinc plating
52344. Costs of electroless Ni and Cu plating
52345. Diamond composite plating
52346. Test Method of Sealer for electroless nickel
52349. How to pass 720h salt spray test for a zinc plated cabinet
52350. Hardcoat Anodizing Voltage
52351. Keeping powder coat paint out of threaded holes to prevent tapping after paint
52354. Zirconium coating on aluminium
52355. Cold galvanising over black oxide or solid rust
52357. Brushing 304L Stainless Steel Welds
52358. Anodized coating on 77 Silver Streak
52359. Slipcoat for silicone rubber?
52360. Does Spot Weld on SECC comply to RoHS? How this can be explained?
52362. How silver plating is done
52364. Is the flow of electricity in the Daniell cell infinite?
52366. What is appropriate voltage for hard chrome plating
52368. Chrome plating of automotive wheels
52369. Silver acetate preparation
52376. Is there a MIL-C-5541 spec for hand (touchup) application?
52377. Fluoride is getting into etching bath
52378. What is a bleach test for anodized parts?
52380. Electroplating iron nails with copper and zinc
52382. Pitting of chrome on motorcycle
52383. Specification for zinc nickel plating?
52389. Copper plating experiment, what is black thing at cathode?
52390. How can we manufacture different colors of gold plating?
52391. Is there a Mil spec for Primer EP84-230?
52392. CED paint entrapment
52393. Gold Plating on Slightly Oxidized Copper Surface
52394. Zinc dust treatment
52396. Curing time for silver plating
52397. Heavy metal removal from industrial effluent
52398. Can I really make my own chemicals myself?
52400. Black finish needed as alternative to Anodizing for Al 380 alloy
52402. Pickling solution for removing oxide layer from Zr metal or Zr alloy
52403. Corrosion Resistance of Ag plated Zn metal
52404. Can copper bar be coated with any strengthening materials?
52408. Best Alternative to Black Oxide Plating
52409. Need epoxy powder with RAL 810-5 dark grey matte finish
52410. What is the average particle size of dissolved aluminium in anodizing solution?
52411. Salt spray comparison of brass vs. brass plating
52412. Difference between Stainless and Killed Carbon Steel
52413. Corrosion Protection of stainless steel anodes in hydrogen generator
52419. Cleaning Wire to Mirror Finish
52420. How to brighten glass beaded stainless steel
52422. Chrome plating technique for lighting application
52423. What is in Rust Killers?
52424. My thesis about electroplating
52426. Is chrome plating resistant to adjacent patination?
52427. Trivalent and hexavalent decorative chrome plating
52428. Quick Test to distinguish indoor from outdoor powder coat paint
52429. Anodized aluminum, bleaching due to heat?
52433. Chem Film, Powder Coating Specs for Aluminum Diecast
52434. Hard Gold Plating Entire PCB Surface
52436. Should a start up shop begin with the most EPA compliant product and equipment?
52437. Stripping gold from aluminum without damage to the aluminum
52439. Tiny pin size pits in chrome plating
52440. Electropolish for Valve big size
52441. Electroplating over or removing phosphate finish?
52442. Can I re-plate brass-plated dresser pulls?
52443. Crystal structure of nickel chloride strike
52444. Stripping Aluzinc and Then Trivalent Zinc Chromate
52445. Stainless gassing in HCl
52446. Small Tank Air Sparging
52449. Lowering the concentration of Sodium hypochlorite from 12.5% to 5.25%.
52450. Running coefficient of friction between rubber and metal for water submerged elements
52452. Want Brassware Brass cleaner
52453. Cleaning and priming aluminum
52454. Effluent treatment of TiN stripping solution
52455. Actual costing of powder coating in India
52456. Arc-wire/flamespraying aluminium bronze on fiberglass
52457. Allowance for Hot Dip Galvanize on External Threads
52460. Painting over camouflage paint
52463. Masking a rivet / pin for heat treatment
52464. Does Baking of Trivalent Passivates Produce Hexavalent Chromium?
52465. Cr/6 in our ground water
52466. What is Cation Conductivity
52468. Pretreatment for Powder Coating - Extruded Aluminum Profile and Aluminum Sand Castings
52970. Powder Coat no longer sticks to Tungsten Carbide
52470. Need corrosion resistant hardend shaft.
52471. Estimation of Zinc Chloride in Zinc Flux
52472. Electroless Nickel on Brass
52473. Cracks in the electroformed stampers
52474. Reason of lite coloured patches after zinc plating
52477. Stripping of titanium oxide layer on aluminum anodizing racks
52478. Electropolishing 304L and 316 Stainless
52479. Type of fastener to use to fasten Aluminum Purlins to Structural Steel
52480. Yellow stains on Electroless Nickel plating
52482. Can I automate my polishing and regraining of stainless steel?
52483. Surface finish comparison
52484. Interior protection of steel automotive coolant pipes
52486. We want to distribute your Rhodium Plating Solution
52487. Looking for Clear Coating for Copper Roofs
52488. A blanket "carmelized" onto a wood burning stove
52490. Sand blasted surface won't take hard chrome plating
52491. Need Toxicology Data for Chem Project
52492. Want to dissolve material from inside wall of copper fitting
52494. Removal of Iron from Gold Plating Solution
52495. Prevention of "splinter" formation on C360 brass during 240 grit belting.
52497. Effects of acid rain
52498. Titration method for determination of ferrous and ferric iron in ferric and ferrous sulphate
52500. Need chemicals for reclaiming gold from jewelry
52502. Unit conversions for powder coating impact test
52503. Titrating for Iron content in pickling acid and flux tanks ?
52504. Minimum distance between components to be plated
52506. Nickel chrome finish for aluminum parts with anodizing process
52507. Can pretreating of aluminum for epoxy bonding be done on a small scale?
52508. 440C problem with passivation
52509. How to analyse sliding wear with Achard's principle
52510. Corrosion on gold plated parts
52511. Uneven finish when beadblasting aluminum
52513. Does anti-tarnish as surface treatment affects functionality / bonding of lead frames?
52514. Methods of identifying Trivalent chrome passivation on Zinc plating.
52516. What products should be galvanized?
52517. What to do with various plating solutions on clothing
52518. Anodizing came out very dark grey
52519. Vibro vs. Conventional Flap Wheel Polishing Technique
52520. Plating Process Control Sheet Template
52521. Sterling silver turned copper colored
52522. Grout cleaner stains on my stainless steel fridge!
52524. Dirty rinsewater staining NiAu plated parts?
52525. Matte Finish of Hard Chromed Chill Rolls
52526. Hardcoat Anodizing thin parts(.047)
52527. Looking for electroless gold bath
52528. Electroless nickel plating plus Manganese Phosphating
52529. Specifications for Silver plating 316 threads?
52530. Peeling of Cadmium plating on fasteners
52533. Powder Coating thickness for various steel parts
52534. AMS-QQ-N-290 corrosion resistance?
52535. Mil-C-5541 class 2 is on the parts list. Heard of it?
52536. Unheard of Spec: NP-E724
52537. Failure of aluminium tubes in automobile AC evaporators
52538. What cause anodized aluminum windows to pit
52539. 300 series SS fasteners are affecting compass
52540. Suitable coating for stainless steel
52541. How to obtain antique copper finish on painted cast iron
52542. Which is better in acidic environment? SS 316 or SS 316L ?
52543. Are we supplying Bisaltic or Trisaltic chrome chairs?
52544. Importance of etching process before hard chrome plating on piston rod
52546. Stainless steels with 48 hours minimum salt spray life
52547. Galvanized materials and wedding reception safety
52548. Passivation for stainless steel ASTM 313 grade 302 springs.
52550. Test Anti-Tarnish on Silver Plating
52551. Plating nickel on aluminum
52552. Etching Textures in Shoe Sole Molds
52553. Paint for inside of metal horse trough
52554. Shaft of 4140 bends
52557. Quality control requirements for MIL- DTL -11195G, Type II
52558. Nickel adhesion test on brass
52559. Hard chrome plating over black chrome
52560. Non Hexavalent Chromium Conversion (Clear)
52561. Anodizing and coloring for aluminium
52562. Rose gold plating tarnishes so quickly ANY SUGGESTIONS?
52563. Passivation type call-out
52570. Need 10,000 Grit Sanding Gel
52572. Gold Plating Voltage setup for memory module (RAM)
52573. Tinting motorcycle parts just a little bit gold or brassy
52574. Silver solution/precipitation thickness build up
52575. Want total chromium removal from wastewater to below 0.6 mg/l
52578. Problem about bright surface coating by PVD
52579. Zinc electroplating with yellow passivation goes dull after 72 hours
52580. Cr6 hexavalent chromium from hydroxy boosters?
52581. Pitting on cast 356 hard anodized Aluminum Alloy
52582. Best food-quality 4xx stainless steel
52583. Worried about warping in hot dip galvanizing
52584. DC in jack corrosion question
52585. Alodine 1200s+distilled water used for aircraft cleaning
52587. Need Coating/Paint that looks like Clear Anodized Aluminum
52588. Need system for Reel to Reel wire electropolishing of nickel alloys
52591. Building an electroless nickel rack
52592. Toxicity of silver plating solutions and toxicity of drinking from old silver plated vase
52593. Safe Buffer RPMs for Polishing Aluminum
52594. 20 amp rectifier show current without giving load.
52596. Non-uniformity in powder coating
52597. More than 200 grams/sq. meter or 100 grams/sq. m galvanising... which is better
52598. Nodular buildup at edges with chrome plating.
52599. What is Copper Tin Plating
52600. Need a process to color low lead brass parts bright transparent green or blue
52601. Hydrogen Embrittlement after Chrome Plating
52603. Looking for consistent Type III Class 1 Anodize
52604. ZnO whiskers as rubber additive
52605. How do I protect chrome chairs for use outdoors in all weather
52606. How to change the color of anodized aluminum
52607. Retroactive certification for MIL-STD-117 type II class 2 anodizing
52608. Weak adhesion problem
52609. What black chromate coated cadmium should look like
52610. How to do white finishing on aluminum
52611. Need Cadmium Plated Bolts!
52613. Calculating electroplating thickness based on pH
52615. Details about carbon pickup in raw material stage and heat treatment stage
52616. Room preparation for chemical milling
52617. Seeking ways to inspect pretreatment system with video
52620. Stripping of PVD plated gold
52621. Removal of Hot Dipped Galvanizing from Steel
52623. Galvanized bolts and nuts for Electrical Termination
52624. Zinc plating rubber to metal bonded products
52625. Why does the Silver and Gold Plated Aluminum 6061T6 turn white while baked at 200 C
52626. Tin plating over graphite
52627. Electroformed copper turns black when dissolving aluminum mandrel
52628. Nickel plating on zinc before copper
52629. Conductivity of "sticky" Type III Class1 hardcoat anodize
52631. Enquiry on conductivity issues for black zinc plating
52632. Thermal Spray / Ceramic Spray Q&A's: Metco parts, Blistering, Porosity Issues
52633. Optimum amount of solution iron in a nitric/hydrofluoric pickle bath
52634. Trying to restore bearing finish to manufacturers RA specs
52635. Metal VDI 33-Plastic Product Gloss 5 to 6
52636. Vibratory finishing of steel
52637. Teflon or alternative coating for bolt and nut in HCl fumes
52638. Seeking producer/processor for ceramic layer on circuit board
52639. Need parts and service for American Rectifier Corporation 3000 amp unit
52641. What kind of coating increases OD and is abrasion resistant
52642. Darkening of brushed nickel address numbers
52643. Asking about kind of test for metal button for Oeko-tex standard 100 certification
52646. Need information about colour fastness test for metal button (after barrel plating)
52647. Plating on Titanium
52648. Need rechrome of BMW plastic cycle parts
52651. Need Nickel + Gold plating
52652. Need equipment to do hairline finish on stainless steel furniture made from tubes
52655. Etching Copper, Silicon and Aluminum without etching Aluminum Oxide
52656. My chrome plater stripped my gun parts. What's this leftover residue?
52657. Swine Flu and the Silver Chalice
52658. Ring marks on Arhaus mosaic top table
52661. Recuperation of precious metal by electrolyse (gold and palladium)
52662. Ferric sulphate reaction with oxidizers
52664. How to control Thickness Variation with Electroform Nickel
52665. Bleeding out (Getting spots) in ACO finish
52666. Blue Zinc Plating (problems with corners and holes)
52668. 11-year old metal roof has faded; company offers to paint, should we accept?
52669. Need EN Plating and Brushwork on Plastic
52670. Copper plating a bronze propeller
52671. Chrome Plating alternative
52672. Carbon dust fouls Water Treatment membranes
52673. Error in analysis of total cyanide in citrate gold bath
52674. Eliminate sanding before polishing aluminium
52675. Process Comparison for Tufftriding and Nitriding
52676. Looking for an enameler or epoxying company
52677. Cadmium for use in internal engine parts
52679. Info on jewelry electroplating in silver, gold, imitation rhodium
52681. Anodye Color Fading Problem
52682. Having Issues with Etching and Photo Resist on Stainless Steel
52683. Plating Iridium on Stainless
52684. Want chrome plating of bicycle
52686. Blistering on Metal Button (Antique Silver)
52687. Alternate method for vibro finishing
52688. Heavy Build Electroless Nickel
52689. Need Carbon Filter Disks
52690. Roughness bumps under powder coat
52691. Test to determine if powder coating is fully cured
52692. Electroless Cu Vs. Electroless Ni
52693. Corrosion of 17-7PH despite passivation
52694. Yellowing patch on sterling silver?
52695. Seeking un-oiled steel wool
52696. Electropolished 440-C SS is grayish black
52698. Yellowish Color on electro polished 316LSST bar
52701. Need Anodising Equipment
52702. Need equipment for a new galvanizing shop
52704. Need hot dip galvanizing ceramic furnace
52705. Need Silver Brighteners
52706. To achieve silver gray color by electro polishing
52707. Total cyanide testing is a compliance nightmare
52708. Issue of spot welding gun tip sticking during welding of Galvannealed 90 GSM Sheet
52709. Hard chrome plating porosity and breaking load problems
52710. Seeking IVD aluminum deposition
52713. Sustainability issues: galvanizing vs. alternatives
52714. Adhesive bonding problem on aluminum alloy part w/ anodized surface
52715. Chromic anodising problem
52716. Need Zintek coating on base frames of generators
52718. Looking For PVD Coating Machine For Titanium Coating
52719. Can palladium be rhodium plated?
52720. Zincalum, galvalume or g90 for my fence
52721. How to increase stiffness of CRCA steel strips?
52723. Specification MZZn8-TK?
52724. Chemical for old brass and copper polishing
52725. Methyl ethyl ketone reaction to electrogalvanized
52726. Brass zipper corrosion in contact with leatherwear
52727. Tin-Zinc plated steel for electrical connector?
52728. Additional uses for nickel electroforming machine?
52729. Black coating covers zinc plated steel insert installed in aluminum part that has been clear Iridited
52730. Do Ra values deteriorate with exposure to the elements
52731. How does one get a frosted look on metals?
52732. Need Gold Iriditing Service in Mexico
52733. Cyanide production and industrial applications
52734. Material of construction for brush plating anodes
52735. Two brass candleholders need help
52736. Reduction in hard chrome plating hardness during grinding
52737. Zinc Iron Coating as replacement for galvanizing
52738. Stunned in San Antonio by "fuzzy" cadmium plating
52740. Cleaning of rolled SS304 wire rods
52741. Seeking Brass Plating over Aluminum - cluster mail box doors
52743. Required time to build up ti-oxide layer?
52744. Poor adhesion in powder coatings
52745. How to avoid defects of Powder coating(Epoxy) on CRCA Sheets?
52746. Roughness of powder coating in areas after media blasting
52747. E coat sludge
52750. Chrome Plating Specification: "Frosted" defects
52751. Covering scratches and blemishes in Clear Anodized Frame
52752. Prevention of copper leaching in Internal Combustion Engine Oil Coolers
52753. Anodizing a frame - small job
52755. Need Black Anodizing or equivalent on die casting
52759. Would coil anodizing be best for my application, or...
52760. "Low Temp" Hot Black Oxide?
52762. Need to have a large moth plated in gold, copper or silver: Electroforming
52763. Need Cad plating and Aluminum IVD of test coupons
52764. Need Rodine supplier
52766. How to electroplate nickel aluminium alloy
52767. Tin Plating PCB's
52768. Silver turned white during cleaning?
52769. Brass faucet finish problems
52770. Powder coating cast iron sink
52771. Refinishing 1976 Hatteras Aluminum Bow Rail and T-top Aluminum
52772. Finishing Handbook
52773. Can "black-chrome" be applied to aluminum ?
52774. Hard chromium replacement
52775. How to recover Nickel metal from Nickel Chloride Solution
52776. Pre-Galvanized vs. Post-Galvanized Metal
52778. My problem is scratches on product surface
52779. Rusting of SS 316L materials
52780. Electrically Conductive Coating for C26000 Brass
52782. Nickel Electroforming - ductilizers
52783. Need an Anodizing Pen Pointer
52784. Saltini wrought iron furniture beginning to rust after 60 years
52785. Yellow Bleach Lacquer ZN ------it is Trivalent or Hexavalent.
52786. Stripping Nickel off Stainless Steel Substrates
52787. Powdercoat issue: dead spots and dotted lines
52788. E-coat over welds
52792. Identifying specific finishes
52793. Media selection for centrifugal mass finishing
52794. 17-4 SS Free Iron Test - Prefabrication?
52795. Black anodising testing for ultraviolet test
52796. Bead blasted parts coming out gray instead of black in Type II anodizing
52797. High temp coating for carbon steel that is an electrical insulator
52798. Hard chrome plating structure
52799. Difference between clad and plated
52800. Repairs needed on silver sugar dish
52801. Seeking black pearl finish on putter head, 303 stainless steel
52802. Looking for a way to plate thin gold layer on a tungsten tip
52804. Post bottoms are rusting from pets no. 1
52805. Need inconel 713 Coupons
52806. I want to know the cheapest way to obtain silver nitrate
52807. What type of zinc oxide is used for galvanizing
52808. Is "Sterling" still used to mark silver?
52809. Fixing a wrong concrete colour
52810. What chemicals react with chrome plated aluminum
52811. How can I shine up a wood burning stove that is an insert and will not come out?
52812. Test for E-Coating as anti-tarnish coating on silver
52813. E coat is suffering "streaking" appearance
52814. Is it possible to OVER pretreat for powder coating?
52816. Need brass bed redipped
52817. Best finish for Die Cast A360/A380 Aluminum Enclosure Used Outdoors
52818. I need Boat Brackets hot dipped galvanized.
52819. Cast iron kitchen sink needs restoration
52820. Loss in aqua regia process due to lux-105 progold alloy
52822. Where to get Support Springs for 1926 Antique Brass Bed
52823. Are home made pickling techniques (galvanized nails soaked in vinegar [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon]) Toxic?
52824. Will sulfamic acid, saltwater and metal nails explode in a container?
52825. Can you mix Titanium and Sodium?
52826. Selection of a Nitriding Atmosphere
52827. Nitriding without the compound layer
52828. Sulfamic Acid used to treat iron build up in veins of a private well - When can water be used?
52829. Avoiding stains before clear coating brass
52830. Minimum thickness for black anodizing
52831. How I can obtain a good cleaning in Aluminum Alloy 355-T71 Casting-Sand AMS 4214
52832. What chemicals can I use to lower pH levels of DI Water and Soft Water.
52833. Titanium baskets dissolve in Wood Nickel strike
52834. Rhodium Electro-plating
52835. Do we need a separate Nickel strike?
52837. Chloride attack on 304 L SS.....damage extent ?
52838. Parameters for hard anodize on 7068
52839. Need microcrystalline zinc-iron phosphate service
52841. Need Anti - Slip spray / varnish for stainless steel trays
52842. How to stop hydrogen pitting in tin plating
52843. Chemically removing the liver of sulfur from silver jewelry
52844. What are the brown spots under heavy lacquered brass? Removing the spots?
52845. Pigment/ink that will stick to plastic/stainless steel/porcelain
52846. Spots on castings with yellow zinc chromate
52848. Silkscreening over Nickel Acetate Seal not adhering
52849. Acid etching before anodizing
52850. What solution to use for electro polishing of surgical knives
52851. Coating For Carbon Fiber Windmill Blades
52852. Need refinishing of "Bronze" 6' golfer sculpture
52853. Need plastic parts gold plated for my Honda Goldwing
52854. Need small scale electroplating of hard chrome onto moly substrate
52855. What is a good pump to run ferric chloride [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] through?
52856. Muriatic Acid for fiberglass shower/ tub
52857. Repairing steel doors powder coated with wood grain finish
52858. Paint "Flakes Off" when tightening screw
52859. Why zinc and cathodic e-coat lose adhesion after humidity test
52860. Neutralizing EN parts to stop bleed out
52862. Hard-anodized coating grew a bump during dyeing
52863. Cleaning Procedure of Silver Plated Copper Braid
52864. Alternative to zinc electroplating for disposable gas cartridges
52866. Need media for Extrude Hone
52867. Nickel wastewater treatment
52868. Low grade stainless steel BBQ restoration
52869. Difference between zinc boat anodes and plating anodes
52870. Analysis of cadmium in a stripping solution.
52871. Zinc plated versus bright zinc plated
52872. Anodizing Thickness Measurement
52873. Passivating SS430/436 w/ citric acid [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon]
52874. Manganese phosphating procedure to get pitch black color
52875. Where to repair powder coated aluminum furniture in Broward/Dade Counties in Florida
52876. Need CARC painter in NJ-NY-PA area
52877. How to get parts weight?
52878. Does post processing remove passivation layer on 400 series stainless?
52879. Stainless steel pan to be used in an autoclave to sterilize soil
52880. Problem connecting galvanized steel to steel brackets and setting both in concrete
52881. Translucent color coating of stainless steel
52882. Is "colored chrome" really chrome?
52883. Shiny Brass is blinding My Horse and Myself
52884. Gold Refining Training
52885. Bronze lamp is causing house paint to bubble and peel
52886. Spraying candy colors over chrome wheels
52887. Sterling silver is rapidly tarnishing
52888. Older cheaper guns have paint-like finish on receivers not bluing!
52889. Electroplating to show the kids
52890. What plating salt is better for nickel plating?
52892. How to identify and probably remove galvanized coating?
52893. Additive for Improving Chargeability of Polyethylene Powders
52894. Passivation problems in mechanical plating
52895. How to pack cadmium plated parts
52896. Black line on extrusion after anodize
52897. Masking compound for Micro arc oxidation of Aluminium and Magnesium Alloys
52898. 316 steel: is it the best solution for surgical instruments used in a magnetic field?
52899. Improving "Hard Use" Custom Knives through coating
52901. Corrosion of plated Stainless Steel Sinks
52902. Will passivation effect the thermal emissivity of a polished SST surface?
52903. Need gold plating of silver chalice
52904. Eliminate or trap off the Chloride from Sea water
52905. Verifying the Validity of Sodium Dichromate Test for Passivation
52906. How to achieve Matte plated finish?
52907. How do I hard chrome plate 6m long jobs in my vertical tanks systems
52908. Need grinding discs electroplated with nickel and diamonds
52909. Need ME92 Coating
52910. Need Bright Nickel plating on 21 ft long parts
52911. Need Gleemit supplier
52913. What metal can be permanently magnetized and remain stainless & workable
52915. Effects of fluoride in rinsing streams for anodizing and chromate lines
52916. Cleaning anodized titanium
52918. Want to install powder coating for Aggressive Performance
52920. Plating problem of ems
52921. Antiquing on soldered brass faucets sweats and rubs off
52922. Paint Adhesion to clear chromate over zinc
52923. Surface Rust on Nickel Chrome Plating
52924. Aluminium foil turns ugly black?
52925. Considering installing a bright dipping system
52926. Bolting Galvanized Steel Trusses with Stainless Steel Bolts
52928. How do we conduct a jar test for Cyanide containing waste water
52929. Electropolishing of Kovar
52930. Zinc countertop with stainless steel or copper sink
52931. Value of 1/4 ounce of Gold Potassium Cyanide
52932. Refinishing black coating on gas element of Miehle cook top
52933. Removing nital etch stains
52934. Problem regenerating mixed bed dimineralizer
52935. Does surface finish improve or deteriorate if chrome plated?
52936. Hard chrome plating thickness
52937. Solution to achieve Matte finish on bright tin plated surface
52938. How does Type 2, Class 2 change surface finish on aluminum?
52939. Rust effect on top of bicycle clearcoat?
52940. SST Extra corrosion protection
52941. Cleaning Chrome Bath Fittings
52942. Electroless Nickel Plated carbon tool steel: need improvement in corrosion
52943. Choosing mesh of glass beads for blasting
52944. Plating shop needs to do Onsite Plating for customer
52945. Reaction of Cu with HCl and H2O
52946. Analysis of FeCl3, HCl and HNO3 in etch solution
52947. Tin Plate Rusting
52949. Could ashes from our bonfire have ruined the paint on neighbor's car?
52950. Need help plating wax seal charms at home: silver, copper, gold, etc
52951. Outdoor patina for large mild steel sculpture
52952. How do I get clear coat off mirror
52953. I use aluminium oxide in a sandblasting machine with no bags or filters
52955. Aluminum facade finishing
52957. Etching process for 316Ti Stainless Steel
52958. Pinholes in stainless steel Ultrasonic Tanks
52959. Wash primer vs. shop primer
52960. E-Coat over Alodine, YES or NO?
52961. Scratch marks and dents in Vibro finishing
52962. How to buy silvering solution for mirrors
52963. What tarnishes the least? Sterling Silver or Silver Plated?
52964. Corrosion in recessed spark plug receptacle from dripping antifreeze.
52965. Repolishing Diamond plate aluminum sheets in damaged area only?
52966. Polishing out minor scratches on silver nitride finish
52968. Is a part plated in an acidic, gold cyanide tank toxic.
52969. Blue Dye for wax
52971. Galvanisation measuring/specifying
52972. Problem with raised lines on galvanized 16 ga fenders
52973. What is best alternative for chromic acid as postdip after galvanizing?
52974. Coverage of uneven gold
52975. Cadmium plating corrosion products
52977. How to predict the life of Chrome Plating?
52978. Anodizing ID of 6061 tubing.
52979. How to obtain a chalky/powdery anodized finish on 6061
52980. Formulation for phosphating for ms steel parts
52981. Why bronze needs cosmetic chrome/nickel plating?
52982. Need Protected Silver Plating for Reflectors
52983. Seeking nickel plating on my auto rims
52984. Need new ceramic finishing equipment for current project
52985. Will rhodium effect mother of pearl?
52987. Plating Testing / Verification
52989. Surface Roughness 2H
52990. IMDS for anodize
52991. Neutralizing citric acid [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] with Sodium Nitrite
52992. Acceptance Criteria for 300 Hrs. Salt Spray Test on Epoxy Primer Coated MS Components
52993. Is it necessary to dehydrogenate after phosphating ?
52994. Black oxide coverage
52995. Hard chrome plating of piston rods-Startup
52997. Current drop during anodizing
52998. Rust preventive for bright steel bars

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