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Cold galvanising over black oxide or solid rust


Fluid Film Corrosion Inhibitor

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Q. Hi, Zeljko_Situm . I hope you are well. I know it has been many, many years since you posted. I just wanted to know if you remember the project and what results you got. Thank you. -Laimi

Laimi Fdez
- Miami, Florida
March 23, 2022

Ed. note: We'll try to advise Zeljko of your posting, but people's email addresses from 13 years ago often don't work :-(
But you can also search the site for other threads on the topic or post details of your own project.

A. LoL. I posted it many years ago. I went to Cosmoline and Lanoline (Fluid Film, etc). CGC over rust or rust reformer do NOT, NOT, work. Here is thread of my journey: "10 years of using cold galvanizing compound". I made a dose of different threads about the topic of rust-fighting and made many threads and got many answers.
CGC at exhaust pipes DO, again DO, work. Obviously, I write this all regarding protection against rust in cars. is a place for pros that deal with clean metal, not rusty situation on cars and on cars you will always have a rusty situation except in factory.

Zeljko Situm
Hobbyist - Columbia Heights, Minnesota
March 23, 2022

thumbs up sign Thank you for your prompt answer.
I will be honest. I do not work on cars or anything like that. I found your post while trying to find how to fix a bathroom lamp that is getting rusty around the edges. I could buy another one, but that one fits perfectly over the mirror and it took me a while to find it. It is part of a set (a large lamp and a smaller one on the side). I have not seen anything similar that I like. So, I decided to try and figure out how to fix this one. I was thinking of using the rust reformer and then the CGC like you asked, but you are telling me it does not work. Thank you for saving me the time. To make matters more difficult, the lamp is white and the rust reformer is black. I guess it may be a bit difficult to cover the dark color. I think I will try the CGC only, but if you have any recommendations, please, tell me.
Thank you very much. I am sorry to ask about a menial project like this when you deal with bigger problems caused by rust, but your experience is greatly appreciated.

Laimi Fdez [returning]
- Miami, Florida
March 23, 2022

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Q. Rust question!
Is it possible use "Cold galvanizing compound" after use of "Rust reformer "- that is can I spray CGC over black oxide that is result of application of "Rust reformer" at solid rust. Rustoleum company said how that is not a problem but I found at Internet that black oxide interfere with proper connection of Zinc and steel.
First problem is that is practically impossible to clean rusty surface at car to shiny metal that is like necessary for "Galvanizing compound" to properly adhere. All that I can do is clean rust area to dark brown solid rust with help of grinder. Past year I tried system "Rust reformer" - "Paint" but it didn't work best. At Internet said that Rust reformer is inferior way to fight rust and that is Galvanizing best.
I would like to try line "Rust reformer" - "Cold galvanizing compound"- "Primer for CGC" - "final paint" but I'm not sure about this "Rust reformer" - "Cold galvanizing compound" step.
Here is what I talk about. Top of picture is "shiny (silver) metal). Middle to left is solid rust dark brown that is good for rust reformer. Middle left is red rust. In middle is rest of my failed black oxide - paint system. CAN I USE "Cold Galvanizing Compound" direct over that dark brown stuff in middle left or metal should be silver like on top?

Zeljko Situm
hobbyist - Minneapolis, Minnesota
June 10, 2009

A. Hi, Zeljko. Cold Galvanizing Compound / Zinc Rich Paint is basically 'paint' that has a lot of zinc in it. It is a very different thing than hot dip galvanizing, and I think we may confuse ourselves if reading about galvanizing and not realizing that that is a different subject. As far as I know, you can apply a rust converter [on eBay or Amazon] , and then spray on the cold galvanizing compound.


Ted Mooney,
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha - Pine Beach, New Jersey
June 11, 2009

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