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Analysis of cadmium and ammonium nitrate in stripping solution

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Q. Hi, I'd like to know the procedure to analyze Ammonium Nitrate.
It might be a waste of time but I need something in place to proof as a written procedure.

How do I analyze for Ammonium Nitrate?

Vikor Polle
- Kelowna, BC, Canada
September 25, 2023

A. For ammonium nitrate there are no direct manual titrations as others have said, but it can be determined with high accuracy and precision by thermometric titrations on an auto-titrator equipped with a thermometric probe. A NADCAP lab that I used to operate did hundreds of these over time with 5.0 mL of filtered undiluted sample and a 2N NaOH titrant [on Amazon (adv.)]. You will need to determine the factor experimentally with prepared standards, but once that is done it is very fast and easy.

Other methods that we attempted to validate such as ISE, IC and indirect titration, were far less precise. The downside is that the thermometric equipment needed is not usually present in metal finishing labs and may not be worth the investment unless you already have the auto-titrator that is capable of accepting a thermometric probe.

Jon Barrows
Jon Barrows, MSF, EHSSC
GOAD Company
supporting advertiser
Independence, Missouri
September 29, 2023

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Q. I've been trying to find some test methods for Cadmium Strip/Ammonium Nitrate. I need to determine ammonium nitrate concentration and dissolved metals in this mentioned strip. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tufan Yasar
plating shop - Kent, Washington, USA

Q. We are using Ammonium Nitrate 100 gm/Litre Solution in Water. It is used for Immersion Stripping Cadmium Plate deposit from parts. We need to know a Volumetric Analysis Laboratory Method to periodically check the content of Ammonium Nitrate in the solution?

Muhammad Najeeb
Plating Shop Employee - Karachi, Pakistan
April 6, 2008

A. Re. analysis of ammonium nitrate solution
This can be done by a modification of the method of analysing nitric acid in phosphoric chemical polishing solutions using Molar ferrous sulphate ferrous sulphate [affil links] solution as the titrant
Take a suitable aliquot, add 40 ml Phosphoric acid and 20 ml sulfuric acid and titrate to permanent dark brown colour.
Standardize against a known ammonium nitrate standard solution.

Geoffrey Whitelaw
Geoffrey Whitelaw
- Port Melbourne, Australia
May 23, 2008

A. 20 gr/lt ammonium nitrate in solution is better.

Eduardo Lorona Arreola
- tecate, Mexico
February 24, 2012

Q. We use an ammonium nitrate solution to strip cadmium from steel parts. I analyse the cadmium with the use of an EDTA titration. We having problems with the method because at the start of the titration we have found the end point. can anyone help? Are their better methods?

R Koolen
chemist in a plating shop - Netherlands
August 14, 2009

A. Analyzing a cad strip tank is a bit of a waste of time. When it slows down, a 10% of a new make up and when it becomes too slow to be practical, dump it and make up a new one. What you see on the floor is a good an indication of the value of the tank as doing a test on it. Additional adds, after the first one, are a waste of money.
Take a look at the Keq for the reaction and you will see why.

James Watts
- Navarre, Florida

A. I would recommend ICP analysis. You could also use the ICP [on eBay ] for many other things.

Can you recommend the best method for doing the ammonium nitrate in same bath?


Terry Tomt
- Auburn, Washington

A. I would agree with James that if you are doing this analysis for performance then it is a bit of a waste of time. Strip rate is the usual rate determining step. If it is excessive then you dump the solution and make a fresh solution.

If you are checking for other reasons such as environmental for disposal then if you have an atomic absorption spectrophotometer [on eBay or Amazon (adv.)] this could do the job for you. What indicator are you using for the EDTA titration? If you are using Eriochrome Black T [affil links] or Solochrome T then you must be careful that you do not add too much indicator otherwise it blurs the endpoint.

Brian Terry
Aerospace - Yeovil, Somerset, UK

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