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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page

61000. Electroless Plating the Inside of a Large Container
61001. Nylon 6/6 rubbing on anodized aluminum lubricates it
61002. Flattening the ends of mild steel tubes leads to corrosion?
61005. Effects of agricultural lime dust on metal roof
61008. Stainless Steel Storage Tank absorption risks
61009. Ventilation requirement for Manganese Phosphate line
61010. Copper Electroplating Experiment with Salt Bridge
61011. Type II and Type III on same part
61014. Nickel striked or struck?
61017. Black spot observed on electroless nickel plated steel
61023. Electroless nickel plating process sequence
61024. How to properly activate white bronze plating?
61025. Alkaline Anodizing of Aluminum
61026. Uncoated carbon steel and 96-hour salt spray test
61027. Changing vacuum conditions in PVD
61033. Size loss of up to .001" during passivation of stainless steel
61034. Aluminium Anodizing followed by reverse-anodizing
61035. Polishing aluminum deposited on glass to 0.2 nm
61036. Unexpected color change in acid solution for soil digestion
61040. How can I improve my DIY black oxide coating process?
61041. Finishing porous brass casting before lacquering
61043. Body-In-White spec: cleanliness before degreasing
61045. How to Calculate Current for Electroplating
61046. Labs say there is no chrome on our 'chrome plated' parts
61047. Protecting selective areas on precision machined weldments of Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
61048. What is "IMMUNIZE" finish?
61049. Best leveling agent for anti-corrosion water-based coating?
61050. Prepare the steel before galvanizing
61053. Lead poisoning from machining steel & stainless steel?
61054. Stains from post-treating galvanizing with tannic acid
61055. Sintered Iron Part - Gas Nitriding Unsuccessful
61057. PECVD anti-finger print coating on PVD pieces
61062. Need harder nickel free plating for zipper sliders
61066. Risks of diluting an evaporated nickel plating solution?
61070. Mixing Nickel strike with Copper sulfate bath for disposal
61071. Metalized parts turn 'gold' even before topcoat
61075. How to reduce high zinc content in Socosurf
61076. Strip aluminium from steel dies without caustic solution
61077. M.S. recommendation: Material science or Material engineering
61080. Resurfacing existing wood paneled walk-in refrigerator
61081. Vulcanizing Rubber (CR) binding to steel for 1939 Buick part
61082. Anodizing Dye Color Naming conventions? 4A, AEN, 3GL
61083. Where to buy 7175-T736 aluminum
61084. Laser cutting removes UV printing from anodized aluminum
61085. Need e-coating of our skateboard tools
61086. Coronavirus copper plate door handles
61087. Black Oxide with Supplemental Coating
61088. Nickel electroforming with very thin stainless steel foil as mandrel
61091. Energy savings in high temperature Type II anodizing
61094. Can we use Cold Rolled Sheet Metal for Hot Dip Galvanizing (batch type)
61096. Rotating field for electroplating
61097. Testing Brazes and locating very clean HVAC coils
61098. Proper Buffer Work Height?
61100. What is Nickel Fluoride Bath - Dow, British 830,597
61101. Electrolytic acid works on outside of welded steel tanks, but inside rusts
61103. Temperature limit for cadmium plated aluminum parts?
61104. Baffling Citric Acid passivation bath issue
61105. Why is chemical conversion coating wiping off with Acetone?
61106. Need 5RA finish on .180" elbowed hole in 316L
61107. Motor housing with sharp edges fails salt spray test
61108. Polishing a Mini Draco for Shiny Gold Plating
61109. Visual change to finished Thermoplastic PVDF because of post painted heat
61110. Remove hand sanitiser stains from hot dip galvanised material
61111. C377 Brass Forging turned silver from Scotch-Brite Polishing
61112. What maintenance is needed on trivalent chromate bath?
61113. Can M3 thread plug gauge be used on Nylon 66 plastic part?
61114. Must aluminum be blasted before ceramic coating?
61116. Conductivity and anodized Aluminum
61118. Material of construction for alkaline Zinc Nickel Plating process
61119. Paint stripper for wood deck that rests on a rubber roof
61120. Need recommendation for protective adhesive: rhinestones to faux leather
61122. Lime Away took away the shine on my stainless steel fridge door
61123. Hardcoat Anodizing Polished vs. Blasted Aluminum
61124. Primer for liquid metal top coat
61126. Brush plating & patinating automobile sheet metal
61127. Facing black marks from grinding anodized aluminium
61128. Switching from Brush Cadmium plating to Barrel cadmium plating
61129. Patterns at Tops of Parts in Electroless Nickel Tanks
61130. Need black anodized aluminum Iphone 7 Repolished
61131. No service for me from finishing.com
61132. Kombucha and Stainless Steel
61133. Plating onto tin substrate
61134. How to prevent fungus on plastic chromed surface in production
61135. Chrome plating banned. What will substitute?
61136. What is this mystery "electroplating over paint" process?
61137. Pretreatment Steps for Anodizing of AW 2017 Aluminum?
61139. Manual anodizing versus automation
61140. Want motorcycle kickstand & centerstand that won't rust
61141. Galvanizing of very thick plate is silvery and non-adhering
61142. Sublimation coating removal
61144. Need zinc-gold plating on stainless steel
61145. Copper plated aluminum sand casting gets brown dots
61146. Stainless steel dumbbells: economic corrosion-resistant grade?
61149. Problem of Brass finish burning off during sintering furnacing
61150. Protecting Engraved Manganese from Corrosion
61151. Rack/basket material for Iridite chromate conversion coating
61153. Cyanide vs. Non-Cyanide Electroless Nickel Stripper
61154. Plating of Parts Longer than Our Tank
61155. Avoiding Tank Overflows
61158. Chrome plating and matte black anodizing
61159. What to do with dog's head bas relief?
61161. Type 1100 Aluminum Burns During Anodizing
61162. What is spec P56011 and P55004?
61163. Need spare parts for Eidschun Automatic Plating equipment
61165. Establishing a standard for matte black finish
61166. Unusual reaction of Bohler K390 steel to phosphoric acid
61167. Two new polymer-based seals for anodized Aluminum: Non-Hazardous, No metals
61168. Applications for room-temperature hard anodizing
61169. Do I have to passivate after mag particle inspection?
61171. Formulation or Citric or Sulfamic acid pickling solution for 12L14?
61172. Masking of keyways when anodizing & electroplating
61174. Pretreatment for ZnTi alloy. 95% Zn, 5% Ti
61175. Low temperature impact on 304L permeability
61176. Shot Blast Aluminum Casting for Dark Color
61177. Plating chrome on a nickel substrate
61178. Want High Residual Stress in Electroless Nickel
61179. Peel off in hard chrome plating after chemical additions
61180. Roughness in Hot Dip Galvanizing Process
61181. Adding sulfuric acid additions while anodizing
61182. Annealing mixed metal jewelry (copper & silver)
61183. Will silver dissolve in cyanide without rectifier current?
61184. Zincate doesn't stick to aluminum bus bar from some suppliers
61185. Plating/Coating/Finishing Metal Charms
61187. Nickel Contamination of Gold Bath without a known source
61188. Q&A's about 'Memory Wire' in Jewelry
61189. What finish is on this antique turn signal actuator?
61190. Is Nickel Strike allowed before Cadmium plating heat treated bearing steel?
61191. Masking for Silver Plating Inside Hollow Aluminum Cylinders
61192. Aqua Blasting before Powder Coating
61193. Building a scintillator. How to get a bright/reflective surface?
61194. Waste Water Treatment of Silica top coats
61195. Emissivity value for Cadmium plated steel and Zinc Plated Steel
61196. Looking for linear grinding/finishing tool practical for non-production use
61197. Anodizing Appearance Problem on Silkscreened Panels
61199 PTFE thin film coating of 316L Stainless steel parts exposed to sulfuric acid
Anodizing seal issue on bead blasted areas
Paint removal in corners of wood door
What types of plating can be done in a barrel?
Copper Plating from an Ammonia Solution
Flow meters to be used in Tin Electroplating line
Micropitting issue chromate conversion coating of Aluminum
How to avoid rust
Trying to make Nickel Acetate D-I-Y
Does bronze corrode Cr-Mo-V steel?
Wastewater: big spike in Carbon Disulfide
Overview table of plating and its properties
Anodized Part Absorbs Grease into Oxide Layer Near Edges
Electroformed Nickel Bellows Annealing Process
Coating for low electrical resistance, but high corrosion resistance and wear resistance
Numerous Type II Aluminum Anodizing Defects: White Spots, Missing Color, Ink Stains
White lines along masked edges when selectively stripping zinc galvanized steel
How to tint headlight metalizing?
How to Analyze Total Solids in Rinse Water?
Powdered metals (Copper) in Los Angeles, CA
Black oxide over cad plated NAS6604 fasteners?
Okay to anodize small loads and largely empty racks?
Pitting in Aluminum Threads after Alodine
Acid zinc plating is dark grey and black
Need conductive material that will bond to stainless steel
Cleaning copper discoloration from baking
Tin Plated Copper parts black smear/residue
Ingredients for chrome
Which pumps & membranes are best for CED bath?
Dip process for brightening aluminum cookware
Chromium in my Anodizing Waste?
Choosing a plastic for nickel plating line installation
Chrome Plating Steel in a Bath Normally Used for Plating Copper
How to determine plating defect vs. plastic substrate defect
Corrosion? on anodized & gold dyed alloy 2024 parts
Purple type 2 anodizing trouble
Suitability of Electroless Nickel for very low service temperature?
Can my jewelry line be vacuum silver plated?
KTL shielding spot technical term
Electroless copper vs. Wood's Nickel strike for stainless steel
Finishing Related Basic English Terminology
Corrosion/calcification of ladders, boilers, and brains
Black colorant/dye for liquid buffing compound
Cathodic Electrophoretic Lacquer -- How to get matte black CED
Red Rust on Nickel Plating over Aluminum?
How to polish aluminum steering wheels
Acid vs. Alkaline Etch before Anodizing or Chem-Filming Aluminum?
Increase existing GI coating without re-galvanizing
How durable is the finish on sandblasted aluminum?
Does Plastlina/modeling clay accelerate corrosion of aluminum?
Risks of chlorine in degreasing tanks in Pretreatment line in paint shopRisks of chlorine in degreasing tanks in Pretreatment line in paint shopCan sealant surfactants be removed?Black oxide solution with copper contaminationBlack spots on parts after received by customer: fretting corrosion?Zintec vs. zinc electroplated CRCA steelProblems in recovering gold from soilElectrochemical etching of Fe Ni Cr AISI steels for "sandblasted" effectCaustic Soda Etch Tank Suddenly Causing Intergranular AttackWhat is Chemical Brightening Process StandardNeed door handles brushed-nickel plated • Inexpensive In-Process Rust Protection/PlatingAluminium Bitumen PaintFiction stories involving platingNaming a Finish from its LooksNeed PTFE (teflon) coating of thousand of pounds of wheel nuts • Maximum groove depth in nickel plating with diamond cuttingWhat is Continuous Gold PlatingSeeking finishing suggestions on vintage receiver restorationFinish on zinc coated steel coil for prefabricated housingSoldering issue when using a Silver-bearing Soldering AlloyMixing powder coating colors to get a new colorNeed shotgun barrel blued • Anodized aluminum is inadvertently scrubbing N2O gasWant "Battleworn Nickel" on AR-15 parts • Require Iridescent Passivation Solution • Potassium Chloride Shortage for Zinc Plating Is there an alternative?Metallic Contaminants in Sulfuric Acid Anodizing BathChrome-free galvanized pipe gets black spotsProducing hardened concrete nailsCan't get proper black color on hardcoat anodizingGet zinc out of 5000 lb mold after coolingHow to "Distress" Chrome Plating • Wastewater Flow Meter NeededWhite dots on an anodised finishBlack oxidation layer went off after shooting testInconel 718 turns black during pickling only if heat treatedAnodizing is splotchy grey, not blackProtecting metal tools from corrosionElectroforming onto silicone forms • Help with a knife blade turned blackZinc plating problemNeed to make a silver ring look gold without using goldPost treatment of steel after quenching processOnly one of the parts on the rack Hard AnodizesM.O.C. for nitric-sulfuric tank for stripping silverAnodizing 0.003" 5052 aluminum? • White powder on anodized finishPowder Coating tiny blades for fishing luresPolishing copper and brassPenetrant inspection per ASTM E-1417Hot-Dip Tinning Problem: Crystals in molten tin tankAnodized aluminum has microscopic black dots on its surfaceLooking to refinish my 1950s Chambers cooktop Copper remains on welding clamps despite muriatic acid bathChemical conversion coating on top of anodizingSulfuric Acid Anodize: Cl, F, Sulfide LimitsWhat happens when one inhales sulfamic acid dust?Electroplating without acid picklingWhite patches on new hot dip galvanized polesPowdered metal parts rusting after pickling processNeed Decorative Nickel Plating for Microphone Bodies Nitric acid drag-in to dye/seal tankNickel plating plus rhodium as substitute for silver platingStrong welding fumes in bathroomAluminum corrosion after strippi\nng the anodizingHow to measure amount of Gold used and left in the plating bath?Convert anodizing line to another processDesigning a plating setup to plate 2" diameter plastic coinsAluminum PVD on PC Temperature EnduranceAnodizing problem on AA 5052 AlloyAcid etch (ammonium bifluoride) solids handlingGP concertina wire rusts only when sent to some citiesQ-Panel Envelopes...Where to buy them?Electroless nickel plating testing with UAN solutionWhere to get glass coated abrasive paper?Linear Positioning Systems for Programmed HoistsBlack stripe on cleaned and annealed cold rolled coilsAnodizing A380 vs. A360Cleaning the interior of an air compressor tankCloudiness on Type III Anodized Titanium Med ScrewsHow to make 0.1N sulfuric acidAnodizing a Weldment of Different Aluminum Alloys

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