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Exhaust ventilation requirements for Manganese Phosphate line

September 19, 2019

Q. We have a quote for a 7 tank, 20 foot Mag Phos line which is reasonable. Just received a quote for a ventilation system that is $12,000 more than the tanks! Do we really need a scrubber and two fans for venting only 3 of the tanks?
Also, we did not get a quote on treating our tanks in a closed loop system. Any ideas on that?

Jonathan Mossberg
- Pompano Beach, Florida USA

December 16, 2019

A. Hello there,

Yes, air ventilation solutions are expensive.

We have built a Phosphate line which is placed in Kentucky and they didn't request the gas scrubber. But we recommend always.

Also, does that price include installation/delivery?

Or just fans, scrubber, ducts and collectors?

Have a nice day.

Mehmet AVCU
industrial plating plants- Bursa, Turkey

December 2019

A. Hi Jonathan. Generally, prices don't include things that are not specifically mentioned. However, industrial ventilation is a specialty, usually involving a lot of on-site plastic welding, and other activities which if done by others would void any equipment warranty. Although some labs sometimes buy plastic duct and catalog fans from a plastics supply house and put them together themselves, I'm not familiar with customers going to a vendor for a whole ventilation system and not having it installed by the vendor.

Scrubbers to remove water vapor are generally not required, but if there are noxious fumes, a scrubber is required. Because such processing lines usually involve acid pickling or activation, at least some of the fumes almost certainly have to be scrubbed. It is often most practical to build a single system and scrub all of the exhaust, but it sounds like the tanks which require scrubbing may have their own fan in your case. A fume scrubber consumes some static pressure, so make sure the fans are rated high enough for scrubbers to be added.

You do need a wastewater treatment system. "Closed loop" must be taken with a grain of salt though because the cutting oils, rust, polishing compounds, etc. that are on the parts when they enter the process line cannot be on the parts when they leave it, and they quickly accumulate -- the garbage has to go somewhere; you can't close-loop that. Good luck.

Mehmet, if Jonathan posts his inquiry as an RFQ, you can privately contact him regarding an offer. But we can't post vendor promotion or contact info, except paid ads (why?)


pic of Ted Mooney
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET - Pine Beach, New Jersey
Striving to live Aloha

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