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47001. How to remove the chlorine ions on stainless steels surface
47002. HCD Area Problem!
47003. 24 ga. tin plated copper wire is arcing the hard chromed surface of a ring
47004. How red is "red" anodize for MIL-A-8625, type 2, class 2?
47005. Does etching galvanized pipe remove the galvanization?
47006. Antiquing copper accents on cedar coffee table without affecting cedar
47007. Chrome discoloration on cycle accessories
47010. How do I know if my silver plate pieces are copper based?
47011. Can stainless 303 be hard chromed?
47012. Removing Everlube 620 to enable re-plating
47013. Request for ceramic coating information
47015. Comparisons of Sn finishing vs. Ag finishing
47016. Alternatives to hand polishing aluminum
47017. Chemical to clean weld marks from stainless steel, or procedure to remove the burn marks?
47024. Galvanneal Horse Trailers
47025. Is "pre heating" essential for powder coating?
47026. Hard chrome plating with no strike? why?
47029. Rough deposit in vertical plating of aluminium alloy wheels
47032. Process of paint of carbon steel pipes
47036. I need information regarding the black trivalent chrome
47037. Chromate conversion on cadmium not adhering
47039. How to get a good finish on brass wire and pipe
47040. What coating protects stainless steel from sulfuric acid?
47044. Powder peel off in aluminium extrusions and crca sheet
47045. Discolouration of Olive Passivation
47046. Anodizing over nitrile
47047. Pickling 410 Stainless to Remove Rust After Passivation
47049. Please explain theory of trivalent passivation
47050. Are all Powder Coating processes viewed as Environmentally Friendly
47051. White crystals in copper plating tank
47052. Water ionization testing
47054. Nickel Plating of Cast Iron Brake Rotor
47055. Yellow interior of microwave after fire
47056. What can you do when a vinyl doll gets a green tarnish stain
47057. Storage tank for high concentration sulfuric acid
47058. Effect of Tiodizing on corrosion of Ti 6 Al 4 V
47059. Use of SUS430 in coastal areas
47063. Opposing polarity engines within same vessel
47066. Any value in an old indoor grill hood?
47068. Remove thick copper plating from plastic
47070. How to do vinyl coating?
47071. Fireproof coating/paint for rebar rods
47072. Size limitations for anodized parts?
47074. Which liquid takes the longest to make a nail rust?
47075. What rusts aluminum nails faster
47076. Cobalt Electrowinning Precipitate
47077. Brass and aluminium gasket compatibility
47078. Could my "silver" ring really be plastic?
47079. Gold plate bath fixture finish restore?
47080. Low friction finishes for aluminum and titanium
47081. Precipitating nickel from e-nickel dragout
47082. Need to keep a non-galvanized area on parts
47085. Chroming Defects
47086. Au Plating with Dry Film
47087. Pre-paint detergent
47088. Mystery Finish Notation
47089. Need Patina Finisher in Tampa?
47091. Powder coating on top of MAO coating
47093. Gun anodizing
47094. Refinishing bronze anodized aluminium
47095. Tin amount in galvanize?
47097. Food stains nickel plating
47098. Electro Nickel Plating Adhesion Problem; nickel plating keeps coming off!
47100. Foundry manganese steel mould coating
47108. Zinc plating with chrome free Cr3
47110. Microcracking of electroless nickel over kovar substrate when exposed to 320 C
47112. Is co-deposition of silver-Germanium alloy possible for silverware?
47113. Copper Cyanide plating solution
47115. Iron content in chromic acid anodizing
47119. Burned rhodium plating solution
47120. Too much aluminum oxide when melting aluminum scrap
47121. Chrome reduction in dilute rinse water
47124. Passive anodes in the copper acid bath
47125. Gold plating brass jewelry
47126. Nickel Plate as an Alternative to Stainless Steel?
47128. Pitting of 316 and 316L Stainless Steel
47132. Citrus stains on stainless
47133. Is Ebonol non-conductive?
47135. Hull Cell Testing Bright Nickel and Tin
47137. MEK testing for powder coating
47138. What makes plating stick?
47139. Choosing between Phosphating methods
47141. Brass base material plated with silver over copper
47142. Roughness in chrome plating
47143. Dummy plate in Ni Bath turning black
47144. Surface texture after etching stainless steel
47146. Removing Paint From Non-removable Brass Bannisters
47147. Staining hypertuffa garden art
47148. High temp corrosion-resistant non-paint finish for mild steel
47149. Seeking greenest finish for plumbing fixtures
47150. Brass Canopy Bed, or Pile of Scrap?
47151. Yellowish silver penny
47152. Dissolving aluminum with caustic
47155. Rusting of imported electroplated bolts
47156. Manganese Phosphating Problem
47157. Phosphating of oil and gas pipe for offshore
47159. Percolators may or may not leave you perkless
47160. Chrome vs. Stainless Steel
47161. Etching plastic
47163. Activated carbon reaction with nickel based sheet
47164. Restoration contractor needs to remove "lifetime" finish from brass hardware?
47166. Silver plating Anode requirement
47174. Colour change in powder-coated parts
47175. Quality Control Test for Flux Bath
47178. Salt Spray Test and Hard Chrome Plating
47179. Chromate conversion ambient conditions
47180. Sludge removal in zinc phosphating bath
47181. Surface finished
47182. Parts that rust before assembly
47183. Manganese phosphating and black oxide on gun parts
47184. Material which does not react with ferric chloride
47185. Alternative to electro galvanized material
47186. What is Passivate finish for Aluminum
47190. Removing the powder coat from wheels
47191. Silver Turns Copper After Polishing
47192. Recyclables as a painting surface
47193. Yellow gold stains skin; white doesn't
47194. Creating a spec for RoHS compliant finishes
47195. Toxicity of lead, nickel, chromium in commercial espresso machines
47197. Chromate class 3
47200. Electroplate vs EN
47201. Black spots on weld areas of zinc plating
47202. After passivation and drying hypo tubes we are left with a green contaminant
47203. Degreasing Galvanised Sheet
47204. Gravure lettering
47205. BEST ferritic stainless alloy for making a wall-to-wall grab bar for a handicap shower
47209. Please help a struggling student with a school project
47211. What is the best method for painting lead? (Ice fishing jigs)
47214. Cadmium plating turning black
47215. How hot can I take 281 fusible alloy
47217. Palladium-Cobalt Characteristics and Plating Problems
47219. Data on Indian Metal Plating Industry
47229. Re-chroming my grandfather's marine captains sword
47230. Blue zinc plating
47235. Which is easier, making bronze or making iron?
47237. Alternative to hydrofluoric acid for bath resurfacing
47238. Humidity Levels required to prevent static discharge?
47239. Off smell in DM water
47241. Treatment of Sodium Hydroxide for Disposal
47242. Hydrogen embrittlement and brake hardware
47244. Hot dipped Galv. VS. Zinc w/ Clear Chromate
47245. Encountering oxidation/ blackening of copper plated surface
47247. Chrome Plating - Alternative
47248. We received yellow zinc fasteners instead of shiny
47249. Need alternative black coating that doesn't plug phillips head
47250. Electroplating Copper onto Aluminum
47252. Difference between MIL-A-8625E and MIL-A-8625-F
47253. Gold plating from Iodide solution
47255. White foggy surface after heating sterling silver
47256. Which exhaust method is suitable for wet painting shop?
47260. Powder Coat and Commercial Paint Specifications on Drawings
47261. What is the surface treatment method for the rods of gas-springs?
47263. Reducing chloride concentration in acid copper bath
47264. Roughness / finish quality of pre-plated versus electroplated
47266. Poor plating adhesion on steel
47267. Conductivity difference between clear and yellow chromate
47268. Want dull black anodize on alum.
47269. Chem film startup
47271. Pickling Steel with Inhibited Muriatic
47272. How do I avoid pitting when optically polishing 17-4PH stainless steel electroforming masters?
47273. Polishing 303 stainless steel, 3/8 hex material
47274. Blast cleaning stainless steel before painting
47275. Alternate solution to Zinc Plating for threaded parts produced to dimensions that don't allow plating
47279. Where is "mechanical work" going on in electroplating? silly :-)
47280. Cheaper metal for pennies?
47281. Theoretical range for current density preferred in Ni and Sn plating
47285. Should I stay with powder-coating and if so how can I prep my material better?
47287. Red rust on nickel-brass plated mild steel screws
47288. Do we require certification for Alodine 1201
47289. Keeping chrome off without masking
47290. Deburring the corner of threads
47291. Shot peen prior to chromium plating on Inco 718
47295. Why is my acid copper plating not adhering to my nickel plated steel?
47296. Polishing and Lacquering a brass wine jug
47298. Patinas no more! Electroplating for stained glass
47299. Looking to change my gold class ring to silver, platinum, or nickel
47300. Did I get ripped off on rhodium re-plating?
47301. Chrome / Aluminium / Nickel plating a guitar
47302. Rust Preventative for clean test parts
47303. Procedure for Hot dip Galvanizing on electro galvanized steel structures
47305. Compare corrosion resistance of "Zinc Plate" and "Yellow Zinc Plate"
47307. High dielectric yet high conductivity!?
47308. Green anodizing method
47309. ferric chloride resist for copper etching
47315. Chromium Removal and lower pH
47317. Aluminum corrosion on boat lift beams sitting on pressure treated pilings
47318. Nickel Plating Steel Sheet
47320. Making wine in galvanized milk containers
47321. Percent reflectance achieved by mechanically polishing aluminum 6061.
47322. Analysis of plating amp; trivalent chrome via XRF / UV Spectrometric method
47323. Stripping off coating from carbide surface
47325. Zinc plate with clear chromate rejected for "yellowish" discoloration
47326. Is it mandatory to have a hex-chrome-free chromium bath to be a supplier of the automotive industry?
47327. Petroleum Re-fueller epicoating -- Surface preparation
47328. Edge treatment for RoHS compliant pre-plated galvanized sheet parts
47335. Powder cracking after being applied on GI sheet
47336. Hard Chrome Plating Problem "Surface Looks Like Diamond File Texture"
47337. Can boric acid cause wafer oxidation
47338. Anodising thickness not being achieved
47340. Analytical tool to measure saccharin and butynediol concentrations in Nickel sulfamate electroforming bath
47344. Need non-sticky Teflon coating on PP
47345. Will rhodium plating on pendant hold up?
47347. Can anyone tell me how to use Aquadag?
47348. Need ampere meter explained
47349. E-coat for aluminum versus steel
47351. Free and total acidity in phosphating + salt spray
47352. Source of Cyanide not known in WWT
47356. Can I rhodium plate a tungsten carbide ring?
47357. Bending silver plated flatware
47359. Chroming a large sculpture
47362. Can plating weaken a screw?
47365. Gold rhodium plating method
47366. Zinc trivalent blue passivation in crs gets white rust
47367. What is the Mathematics Of Anodizing Type II
47369. How can I Prevent Scale and Corrosion in a Marine Sprinkler System?
47373. Can I use Qualitative Filter Paper(Coarse) to filter nickel sulfamate?
47374. Question about high stress of Mn-Co coating
47375. Plating platinum over tungsten filament for use as catalyst in high temp hydrocarbon reaction
47376. Rust on a double-decker rabbit cage?
47378. Artist must remove bad grout from mosaic tile sculpture of glass, ceramic, semi-precious stones (turquoise, quartz, jade etc)
47379. Problems and safety issues with galvanized chainmail
47380. Covering powder coated metal with standard paints
47381. Painting metal (shower doors)
47383. How to check ductility and adhesion of EN on aluminium
47384. Plating silver over copper onto titanium?
47385. Any good books on electroforming?
47386. Clear anodizing colour difference between machined surface and extrusion surface
47388. Durability of ss finished refrigerators
47392. Wastewater treatment from photovoltaic wafer production industry
47393. What is the effect of Oxalic Acid used for finishing Flapper steel valves?
47395. Dry film lubricant not removing prior to anodizing
47396. Will sandblasting affect the physical properties of T6 aluminum ?
47397. In need of any information regarding a #4B finish on 316 SS Pipe
47398. Is A4 hardware okay? If not, can I get metric 316L ?
47402. Imitation rhodium coating vs. silver plating for jewelry
47403. How to accelerate pitting of cold rolled 1 1/4" hexagon
47405. Brown spotting in stainless steel cooking pots
47409. Getting that last bit of paint off
47410. How to etch aluminium coating?
47418. Dealing with pitting/oxidation on our submerged Aluminum fixture for lumbar implant device.
47421. Ideal work surface for electroplating
47422. Is Alodine under 40 CFR 433?
47423. Two Step Cathodic Epoxy and Cathodic Acrylic E-Coat
47424. Plating process sequence on Zinc die casting (Zamak-3)
47425. Repairing yellow dichromate after heat treat
47428. Sealing New Anodised Aluminum
47431. Stains on my polished bronze plaque
47437. Choosing rectifiers or battery chargers for electroforming
47439. Issues Powder Coating Galvanized Steel
47441. Electroforming with electroless nickel EN
47443. Aluminum-on-SS thread galling
47446. Hardcoat Anodizing on Aluminum with carbon fiber attached to it?
47448. Oxidation of heated nickel plated parts
47450. Sulphamate Nickel "Dummy Cathode" Material
47459. Does "hardcoat anodize" hinder heat transfer in any way?
47460. New on the Street
47461. Mild Steel used as jewelry
47462. Best way to clean a lacquered brass-plated machine, or possibly, re-new it.
47463. How to prevent rust formation in the galvanize materials
47464. Blistering of plasma coated aluminium castings
47465. Hard chromium plating for large drum
47466. Copper strike solutions for barrel plating
47467. Black Nickel Plating for Brass
47474. Student fashion show entrant needs to have shiny penny buttons.
47475. Can ZAMAK be Sand Cast?
47476. MOC for Dil. sulfuric Acid
47477. White rust formation on fasteners within one day after plating
47478. I want to make copper plating solution
47479. Problem shooting guide for Electroless nickel and Hard chrome
47480. A356 Preparation Process for Anodizing
47481. Slurry Density measurement of Lapping compound
47482. Can't reliably zinc plate stress proof material
47483. Returning polished aluminum to an "as-cast" texture and finish
47484. Taper Problem on Chrome Plated Barrel Bores
47486. Chrome coverage on executive chair
47487. Pick-up on carbide tipped blades
47489. Do you pickle machined surfaces?
47491. 304 and 18/10 are the same?
47492. C-L-R Mishap On Copper Farm sink, Please Advise
47493. Fixing a Bose Lifestyle Remote Control
47494. Powder coating is bubbling up off the surface.
47496. Need Coating Systems for Gas Refinery Pipelines
47497. Stainless heat forging degrading
47499. Electropolishing on 316LVM
47500. Formica counter top stain question
47501. Accuracy of surface area needed to hard coat
47506. Pitting of Electrodeposited Ni-W
47507. Musical steel drum. Is it stainless steel or chrome metal?
47508. Sand blasting on aluminum
47509. We receive nickel plated parts that are pitted in only specific areas.
47516. Etching/patinating stainless steel
47519. Necessary points for rotogravure cylinder plant
47520. How to chromic anodise black
47521. Stainless Steel Electropolish Tank Maintenance
47526. Cleaning pot metal parts
47528. Selective coating for solar absorber
47529. Old PGC
47531. Problems with Clear Chromate Coatings
47532. Epoxy Coating on Mild Steel food equipment is peeling
47533. What is the MIL Spec # for Powder Coat and is there a lusterless black available
47534. Galvanising Plant - Zinc Ash and Zinc Dross
47535. Need advice on vacuum metallization of high temperature plastic / resin
47536. Cheap Copper Anodes
47537. citric acid as an additive for iron contamination in watts type bath
47538. Cadmium Color?
47539. How to removed the excess sulphate in chromate conversion Alodine 1200s
47542. Can light polishing remove passivation from stainless steel
47543. Treatment on SS 202 for non corrosion
47545. Grade of stainless steel for surgical instruments
47546. In Need of Nickel Re-plating of Bathroom Sinks
47549. Recycling silver from thrift store finds
47551. Help --- The detail procedure of DIN50021
47553. Any concern about electroless nickel plating in water service?
47554. Zinc Generator for Acid Zinc
47555. Vacuum metallizing
47557. What Type of Soda Will Make a Nail Rust the Fastest?
47559. Paint for sterling silver and gold
47560. Reverse current for Ni removal
47562. Fluxing Problem
47563. Recycling plated plastic
47564. Electroforming shielding
47566. Wire life due to Au peel off
47568. 304 Stainless is "Splotchy" After Passivate
47570. The advantage of passivation, why do we need to passivate and how is it done?
47571. Polishing media of corundum al203 in tumbler or vibrator
47579. Electroless nickel coating on titanium alloy Ti6Al4V
47580. What aluminum finish provides salt water protection and wind abrasion resistance up to170C?
47584. Telephone office scrap
47586. Frustrated over a Simple 4th Grade Experiment
47587. Need a gold plating bath
47589. Need help with electroless tin plating (not immersion Tin)
47594. Lab equipment
47595. pH level of CO2
47596. Disposal of 55gal. plastic drums
47597. Having problem plating on polyester
47598. Electropolishing does not create hydrogen embrittlement - it actually reduces it!
47600. Oil rubbed bronze finish
47601. How to plate Purple Gold?
47602. Cleaning out old Trichloroethylene degreaser to use nPBr
47604. A question about black oxidation
47605. Clear Chromate Finish in Zinc Electroplating and Duraplating
47606. Stainless Steel Pickling Solutions
47607. Problems with the removal of residual iron after shot peening
47608. Dacromate for water service
47610. What's the best way to achieve a stained brown finish on Aluminum or Steel?
47611. Cone Clutch Interface Surface Treatments
47613. Nickel chrome plating cracks during torque test of screw driver
47620. Seeking durable, anti glare flat black coating for golf putters
47625. N/HF waste acid tank and piping deposition
47627. Best metal finish for plastic extrusion vacuum calibrator : Cadmium vs. Nickel vs. Chrome?
47628. How to simulate Blister Problem
47634. Pretreatment and powder coating for construction machines
47636. Current bottleneck in anodising industry
47638. Autocatalytic platings, methods and procedure?
47643. Technical info of Nikasil coating
47648. Calculating moles of copper lost during electroplating
47649. Is 24k Gold plate the best underlay for rhodium?
47651. Research on Silica Removal
47652. Etching method for cobalt chromium L605 alloy
47653. N2 flow rate requirement for Post Plate Bake Oven for Matte-Tin Finish
47654. Need suggestions for a clear coat over CAD
47655. Pre heat before powder coating
47656. Will oil on black oxided screws affect functionality of PCB?
47657. Does chrome become passive
47658. When should I dump Iron Phosphate solution
47664. Platinum plating stainless steel contact for implantable medical device
47665. Judging when water damage occurred based on nails and wood rot
47666. Car clearcoat repair
47667. Nondestructive checking hardness of substrate after plating
47669. Zinc balls (nudles) are forming when we mechanically galvanize
47671. Thickness of galvanizing
47672. Copper-jacketed Germ Buster
47673. "Hazy" finish on burnished surface after electropolish
47674. Difference between mil-c5541 type 2 class1a and mil-dtl 5541 type2 class1a
47678. Help! Is neighbor trying to electrocute me?
47679. White rust on steel door
47680. Is zirconium phosphate OK for mixed metals?
47681. Is/can there be an unsafe level of iron in drinking water?
47682. Etching & electropolishing of Cobalt chromium L605
47683. All defect existent in plastic chrome process
47684. Hard Blackodizing
47685. Clear Chromate Finish in Zinc Electroplating and Duraplating
47688. Oxylene vs iron phosphate
47689. Reaction of Sulphamic Acid
47691. What is 'Black Iron' as in NYC ceiling suspension system?
47692. Copper cleaning process?
47693. Corrosion protection without galvanizing
47694. What is an acceptable thickness for chrome plating ABS parts?
47695. Fish eyes in the finished paint
47696. Electrically isolating, thermally conductive coating for SST
47697. Need small re-chromer to treat "brassing" on cameras
47700. Can I barrel plate a part made of 416 stainless with copper?
47701. Protecting Metal Birds in the Tropics
47703. Small Business Electroplating Orchids
47706. Low Film Thickness
47708. Coating on Rubbed Oiled Bronze faucet
47709. What are the alloys in 22k India gold?
47710. How are Gold Watches made
47712. Methods for easy determination of Ni, Cu, Zn in metal
47713. Acid gel
47714. Expensive Chrome Wheels are "pitting"
47716. Plating Electroless Nickel onto Aluminium
47720. Black Nickel Question
47721. How to remove flash chrome from stainless steel parts
47722. Etching/Pitting problem with brass parts in bright nickel plating; decorative hardware
47723. What concentration and temp for Caustic Soda Etch
47725. Corrosion prevention prior to welding
47726. "Kindorf" bolts
47727. Is it safe to have aluminum in my electrolyte whilst removing rust from steel electrolytically?
47728. Drying of Zinc Phosphate Sludge
47729. Plating on plastics
47730. Poor adhesion of acid copper
47731. 316 stainless steel with significant rust staining after 6 weeks
47732. How To Remove a Lead Coating from Titanium 64.
47733. Removing Scratches from Thin Clear Coat Plastic Parts
47742. Science fair question
47743. How long does it take for copper, steel and brass to rust
47746. Pickling and Phosphating a project made of steel
47747. What do you call Bead Blasted then Electropolished?
47748. Zinc waste water
47749. Chromium VI, III and total Chromium analysis using Atomic Flame absorption
47751. Recycling Powder Coated Metal
47752. Is electrophoretic deposition really good technique?
47753. Ancient Japanese gold, silver and mercury plating on bronze
47754. Need mirror finish electroless nickel plating on inner walls of holes
47755. Nickel sulfamate plating and then some chromium plating on top of that. Defects causes?
47757. Alkaline Zinc Plating
47758. How much thickness does shot blasting remove?
47759. Plating of pipe internals with TIO2
47760. A356 Tapped Hole "Blowout" During Type II Anodizing
47763. What is MIL-STD-171 finish 5.3.11 or with MIL-C-16173, GR 3 ?
47766. Porosity in HP Zinc Castings
47772. Cobalt vs Nickel plating on printed circuit boards
47774. Evaluating how "used" our Alodine 1200 is
47776. Is phosphating necessary for tubes which have continuous oil flow
47777. SnPb electroplating kit required
47782. How do I remove water based concrete sealer from my aggregate/cement patio?
47783. Help! Antique shortgun is rusting
47784. Phosphate bath and steam coil build-up
47785. Antiquing nickel-plated beads
47788. Need REAL information on removing oxides and chemical polishing methods for preteen brass auto lights
47789. Brass or bronze plating
47791. Plastic balls for degreasing tank, are they appropriate?
47793. How fast can you run Salt Tests
47795. Does electricity flow differently or better through salt water, sugar water, Fantastik, Windex, orange juice and milk?
47797. Water base chroming
47798. Is rhodium magnetic?
47799. What finishes are available?
47801. Is Aluminum Alloy 7075 and Type 303 Stainless Steel RoHS compliant
47802. Definition of galvanization
47803. Plating your bus and anode bars?
47804. Hydrogen de-embrittlement
47806. Activating Refractory Metals
47808. Environmentally friendly black finish for steel
47809. 904L for boiling sulfuric?
47810. What to do with small anodes
47813. Descaling of lead weights for reuse
47816. 99.93% Ag 0.07% Cu alloy: Can I use HF to remove organic contaminants?
47817. Fast color reclaim booths
47821. Fluxing and the other problems
47822. Laser etched SS rusts despite passivation
47824. How to remove black coloured corrosion pitting marks on flapper valve steel?
47826. Plating Migration (Diffusion)
47827. Mystery Electrical Problem in Watts Nickel Bath
47828. Searching for best alternative to Sterling Silver
47830. Parts rust after phosphating
47835. Zn-Ni alloy stripping
47836. Different shades on same part
47838. Titration procedure for Chlorides in an Anodize Tank?
47839. Silica in sealing solutions
47842. Friction coating used to avoid vibration
47843. Do most platers use Silver Anodes or non consumable Anodes for Silver Plating
47844. Mini anodizing line
47845. Cathode material for aluminum anodizing
47846. What should sculptor use to electrolytically etch phosphor bronze?
47847. Amateur Electro-etching of Stainless Steel
47848. I need to know a safe way to etch a design onto the front of my aluminum horse trailer
47849. Acid cleaner ruined my appliances
47852. Dosing of SBS required to reduce Hexavalent Chrome
47853. 300 Series Stainless Steel Roofing Nail and G-90 Galvanized Tin Cap
47854. Electrical resistance of chrome plating
47855. Satin finishing stainless pipe in long sections
47857. Tin plating reel to reel aluminum
47858. Plating titanium
47863. How to etch galvanized iron sheets
47864. E coating over Zinc plating
47865. Electroplating and powder coating process
47866. Distilled Water for Rhodium
47868. Determination of 70% HF strength determination
47869. Electroless Nickel Plating on Ductile Iron
47870. Dull plating on ABS
47871. Type III Hardcoat Coating Density Measurements
47872. Material Selection for Solar Energy Project
47873. CN3MN casting corrosion help
47875. Peel off problem in duplex nickel plating
47877. Chemical polishing prior electropolishing
47878. Determination of Life of Shot Blast Media
47879. Need my car rims re-chromed
47883. Paint finish for old metal garden statue
47885. Muriatic acid and tile floors
47886. Tin Cobalt going Black
47887. Zinc plating thickness and appearance problems
47891. Can You Change The Color Of Anodized Aluminum ?
47892. Toxicity of SUS304 18/8 stainless steel
47893. Welding on zinc coatings
47894. Regarding thickness of raw iron material and coating thickness of zinc
47896. Zinc phosphating for fasteners
47899. If pure water does not conduct electricity then how come pure water can kill you?
47900. What are the chemical reactions to a penny
47901. Palladium Plating on Titanium
47904. Speed of crane for hot dip galvanizing
47907. Test coupon/salt spray
47908. Electrically conductive aluminium enclosure
47910. Difference between polishing and buffing as surface preparation for chrome plating
47913. Southern Country Boy might be about to announce new source of energy
47914. Dissolving aluminium off steel cylinder wall
47922. The best, inexpensive sheet metal for electrical conductivity
47923. Anodizing 1100 Aluminum thru 1mm thickness (possible)?
47924. Is GOLD IRIDITE plating hex free?
47925. Hydrogen Embrittlement and Stainless Steel
47930. Environmental Hazards of Electro-plating vs Electroless Plating
47932. Metal finishing in my world...
47938. Using chemistry
47943. Color and patina for steel staircase
47945. Costing of ED coating
47948. Hard anodize is washing off
47949. Should 420 grade passivated stainless rust in a 24 hour salt spray test?
47956. Peeling patio furniture
47957. Want to turn knobs from brass to silver
47958. Plastic painting and curing
47959. Copper-Silver intermetallic layer
47960. Zinc and clear passivate problem
47961. What should be the life of Aluminium Oxide (Alumina) used for shot blasting?
47963. Laser Scoring Stainless Steel
47964. What is the best type of finishing for highly reflective finish? (Nickel Chrome? Vacuum Metallizing? etc)
47968. Chrome Wheels VS Chrome Plated Wheels
47969. Zinc plating of spring steel
47970. Is our copper too hard?
47976. Explaining Corrosion in 7th-grade Words
47977. Lasting Finishes on Copper
47978. Trivalent passivation yellow or iridescent
47979. How to remove Brass Parts from bottom of Nickel Tank
47980. Reverse Osmosis Water in Solar Hot Water System
47981. Flame treating and painting polypropylene
47983. Yellow streaks in clear anodizing
47984. Anodizing VS plating aluminum 6061-T6 tubes
47986. How long will a bright dipped part last?
47988. Weather proofing blackened steel furniture
47990. Electroless copper plating of circuit boards
47991. Method to add brightener drop-wise
47994. Gold plating issue
47996. Saccharin as a acid copper brightener
47997. Tarnishing Copper Foil

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