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36003. Fixing tio2 on cement tiles
36004. Electroplating at the nanoscale
36005. What is the difference between Tarnaban and Evabrite WS?
36006. Want smooth powder coating on hot dip galvanized surface
36007. STEP test problem in Duplex Ni Plating Plant
36008. Tin plate peeling
36009. Electroplating-Chrome 3
36010. Chemically oxidized 571A Iridite Silver (clear)?
36011. 7050T7451 Corrosion Tests
36012. Can I re-iridite after engraving powder-coated aluminum?
36013. Ways to mask a surface prior to powder coating
36014. How to electropolish big aluminum box?
36018. How to make copper alloys that look like gold
36019. PVD-process / nanopowders
36020. Hydrographics for exterior automotive Aluminum
36021. How does photochemical milling work?
36022. Refinishing a tin bread box with embossed black letters
36023. Brushed Chrome vs. Stainless Steel Cooktops
36025. Removing Zinc Plating from Steel
36026. Powder Coating vs. Epoxy Painting (2-3 Coats)
36027. Chrome plating for Hydraulic rams of Large Earth Moving Equipment
36028. Basic requirements for plating on aluminum material
36030. Lighting mfgr. urgently needs decorative Brass Plating on Aluminum
36031. Need a coating/plating on a steel part to prevent interaction with aluminum
36032. Data on metal migration through gold plate?
36033. Avoiding rust inside zinc plated steel tube
36034. Poor adhesion of Phosphating on Cr-Moly alloy
36037. About nickel electroless plating
36038. Removal of tarnish from brushed nickel
36039. How to do analysis of nickel bath
36040. Ni-NiP vs. pure Ni Plating on Cu Leadframes
36041. Porosity and hard chromium
36045. What is aircraft remover, and can you recommend a good rubbing compound to use on a brass?
36046. Antiquing Pipe Organ Pipes
36047. Gold Plating on 60 micron Tungsten wire
36048. Vintage Black Titanium Watch in need of finishing.......What are Options?
36049. Gauge reader-most inexpensive and efficient for push and pull pickle line
36050. Chrome Bath Content
36051. Cadmium blistering/adhesion problems
36052. Zinc Phosphating
36053. Coating/testing advice for Carbon Steel Hardware
36055. Microhardness
36058. Repair UPVC Lining
36059. Bentone Burner problem
36060. Metal welded on ship deck-corrosion problem
36062. Where can I get my motorcycle frame dipped in chrome?
36066. Aluminum Composite Panels
36067. Effect of "hot" electrical entry into plating tank
36068. 384 hour salt spray FAILING-Spec. WSS-M21P17-B3
36069. Bronze plating on steel plate - for exterior use?
36071. Corrosion build up between Aluminum and Steel plates camera
36075. BF4 - fluoborate paint additive
36076. Swedish Standard St2
36077. Gear box rotate speed will influence the plating result?
36079. Stain on electroless nickel
36080. Can zinc be gold plated EFFECTIVELY with a brush plating system?
36081. Electroplating of silver onto aluminum
36082. Cooling spots or heat spots on anodized extrusions
36083. Electropolishing of cobalt alloy medical device
36084. Need cadmium plating of forged steel sittings
36090. FED-STD No 595
36091. Health issues in oxidizing
36092. Chemical Reaction occurring in salt spray testing
36093. Stripping Tin over Steel
36094. Finishing steel in swimming pools
36095. Predesign on paper which is transfer on zinc alloy decorative hardware casting
36096. Diffusion Treatment Of 316 Stainless Steel
36097. Cracking in Plated Plastic
36098. Zinc Cobalt Plating
36099. Finishes and passivation questions
36100. Chromium with Fluorine? and Chrome with 4% Silicone?
36101. Plating Copper and Tin on sintered tungsten-iron-copper-zinc
36102. Is this advisable to use agitation in hard chromium while bath is running?
36103. Galvanic Corrosion Tin Plated Alu - Alu?
36104. Large diameter thread and Alodine binding
36105. Laser-marking on metal
36106. E-Polish Instructions and Standards
36107. High Phosphorus Ni Plating
36113. Removing chrome plating from wheels
36114. Does liquid exterior paint for cookware conform to harmonised ROHS standards?
36115. Nickel/Teflon coating helps mold release?
36116. Low chloride passivation of metal parts
36117. Pickling of gunmetal castings
36121. Pits and Blow Holes in Castings
36123. Early Ford Bright Aluminum Grill And Trim Refinishing
36125. Replacement for Iridite or Alodine
36126. Analysis of a Nitric/Sulfuric/ABF Mixture
36127. Hydrogen embrittlement problems in Type III Hard Anodize
36129. Powder Paint removal from silicone plugs
36130. Returning Aluminum to a near "Mill" finish
36131. Tin-copper galvanic corrosion in electrical contacts?
36132. Using Brass or Bronze Fittings for a dielectric break
36135. Platinum Aluminide Coatings on Turbine Blades
36136. What coating recommended if Hot-dip Galv. not possible?
36137. 'Pure' Nickel Plating
36138. Effluent Characteristic of Cyanide in Electroplating Industry
36140. Powder's Specific Gravity
36141. Info please on graphitic corrosion rates of grey cast iron with time
36142. Thin coating of copper metal on the surface of glass
36143. Burr removal from non metal parts camera
36144. Acetone Resistant Tapes
36145. Statue of Liberty Weathering Process NEED HELP ASAP
36146. Bronze smithing question
36147. Direct Current Field and Related Corrosion
36149. Pitting - transmission counter-shaft
36150. Sputter coating vs ion implantation
36152. Zinc phosphating bath
36154. What other generic names apply to Iridite?
36160. Expansion of metal
36161. Porosity problem in pb-sn-cu plating of bearings
36162. Need photo etching on mylar
36163. Finish for 5083 Aluminum Yacht
36164. Patinating special effects onto aluminum foil
36165. Oxidizing a copper table top
36166. What is the standard EN 1979? Any body can help me?
36167. Heat treating electroless nickel overplated with gold
36168. Books with Chrome Plating Defect Pictures
36169. Bronze "Dummying" / Plate Out
36170. Inspection of Cadmium Plating
36171. Tin Pesting on Tin plated Copper Bussbars
36172. Partially Sealing Sulfuric Anodize - Sodium and/or Potassium Dichromate
36173. Rouging of welds in 316 SS equipment
36174. Surface Texture measurement "Z", not Rz
36175. High vacuum fasteners, galling and cleanliness
36182. Anodizing Al with Al anode and Pt cathode
36183. Implementation of 5s in an industrial firm
36184. Is titration the best method to analyse the content of copper
36186. Analysis of thiocyanid in EN bath
36187. Hydrogen Embrittlement relief bake for zinc-nickel
36189. Zinc Plating vs. Black Oxidizing
36190. Is it possible to put a bias to improve the PVD on pieces powder coating?
36191. Silver Strike Bath
36193. MIL C 5541 CLASS 1 ,CLASS 3
36194. Electrolytic removal of epoxy molding compound on transistor packages using copper lead frames
36195. How to do distressed finishes on cast hardware
36199. Electroless method to coat Ti on nanotubes
36200. Enhance the 0.1 mm thickness glass strength
36201. Electrolysis in a sump pump, how to prevent?
36202. Chroming dissimilar materials
36203. Clear coat over chrome vinyl decal (Chrome mirror metallized polyester vinyl)
36204. Clear coating is it a must?
36205. Military Specifications
36206. Plating adhesion test for Solder and tin plated IC
36207. Stripping zinc phosphate
36208. Silk screen ink
36209. Plating Fiber Optics
36210. What type of paint to use on posts made of recycled plastic
36211. Why pt layer can't stop the diffusion?
36212. Chromium VI measuring
36213. Macro etching of aluminum alloys with high silicon
36214. Composition of cold blackening solution of ferrous metal
36215. How poor pretreatment affect plating effort?
36216. Want "crimpable" red colour on zinc cup
36217. Simultaneous chemical polishing and passivation of stainless steel
36218. Nickel Plating
36219. Is there any hexavalent chromium on finished plated products?
36220. Looking for resource that explains the electroform process for CDs/DVDs
36222. Gold plating details
36223. Reactivating nickel to plate nickel
36225. Phosphorized copper anodes
36227. Need neon green vinyl spray paint
36228. Zinc brightener
36229. Home-Made Gold Plating
36230. PTSA to harden acrylic waterbase paint?
36231. How to increase paint hardness
36233. Transparent
36234. Are Chrome Plated Srews and Washers RoHS Compliant?
36236. Steel Protection Against Acid
36238. Sn-Ca Plating
36239. Why is chrome not plating properly on Nimonic 80A material?
36240. Aluminum T6 and T6511
36241. Brushed aluminum panels
36242. How do I color steel balls?
36244. Heat treating Ni electroforms
36245. Welding over anodized alloy tube
36246. ADC-10 Aluminum Alloy Environmental Properties
36255. Depositing FeNiCr alloy
36256. Iron plating on copper
36257. Cad or zinc plate at home
36259. Surfactant removal
36262. Alternative to acid pickling
36267. Electroplating on something other than metal
36268. Coating wire on a continuous manner; what seals to use?
36269. Refinishing copper doors
36271. Spots in Ag Plating
36272. Difference between Bright Tin and Matte Tin?
36274. Finest surface finishing
36275. Residue from sandblasting aluminum parts prior to Alodine coat
36276. Mirror like finish for S.S Fasteners
36277. Hard Chrome plating with Nickel undercoat
36282. Glass coating on lens of raised pavement markers
36283. Stainless steel blackening
36284. Removing Chrome From Wheels and Sandblasting Nickel
36285. Resistance welding zinc plate trivalent chromate ring
36286. Ferric chloride testing
36288. Polishing in qpq
36289. Colouring on stainless steel
36290. Nickel plated stainless steel
36291. Chromatising LM-24
36292. Alum oxide impregnated abrasive mats deoxide aluminum?
36295. Surface treatment for aluminum
36296. Topography of anodized aluminum
36297. Is black chrome as strong as white?
36307. Zinc bath composition in cold rolling mills
36308. Clear Coat Hardeners
36309. Best cleaner for bare metal pre-painting camera
36310. Antique platinum ring rhodium plated
36311. I want to repaint my Youngstown metal cabinets myself
36312. Chemically damaged stainless steel sink
36313. Obtaining an Antique green patina on a old brass bed
36314. Satin Plating, MR Cr1-A
36315. Solubility of fluorides
36316. The difference between clear chromate and color chromate
36317. Color Tolerancing using a Spectrophotometer
36319. Green chromate
36320. Zinc plating problem
36322. Black chrome - Insoluble catalyst component
36323. Bearing Bore Re-Sizing - Hard Chrome/Nickel/Something Else?
36324. Tri cationic phosphating
36325. Chloride corrosion of SS 316L
36326. Aluminum alloy 7075
36329. Physical Data for Indium oxide (In2O3)
36330. No color after plating
36331. PCB Etching Problem
36334. Rate constant (k) and kinetic reaction (K) of hydrochloric acid
36335. I am trying to find out zinc and copper,which one is more reactive
36336. Reaction mechanism of NaOH with Iron fines in cold rolling mills
36337. Determining Carbon Versus Stainless Steel
36338. Coatings are Yellowing: Over-baked / over-cured?
36339. Acid weeping after passivation of assemblies
36345. Copper brightener
36347. Trivalent Chromate Surface Conductivity
36348. Removing Aluminum from etching bath
36349. Analysis of Pickling Bath
36350. Parts are peeler after E-coat
36351. Testing the amount of white rust on galvanized steel
36352. Chrome plating on zamak 5
36353. Finish for aluminum bus bar application
36354. Streaks of different shades on phosphatized material
36355. Life of iron-phosphating if remain uncoated further
36356. Chromium Nitride Coating Wear
36357. Finish for underground enclosure
36362. Corrosion in 2024 T-351 aluminum alloys by alcohol
36363. How to make ferric chloride solution from its powder form
36364. Selectively dissolve tungsten carbide drill bit from aluminum
36366. Patination of lead
36367. I put muriatic acid on a object; it turned pinkish brown
36368. Looking to mirror or chrome finish a bridge for artwork
36369. Is holiday detection testing possible with tanks/pipes not empty?
36370. Is there a market for calcium fluoride waste products?
36371. Chromate treatment before discharge
36372. Paint adhesion to Mg (AZ91D) Thixomolding part - what are the factors
36373. Decomposition fo Electroless Nickel Bath for plastics ABS
36374. Minimizing trichrome formation in hard chrome plating
36375. Cad plate peeling, leaving black residue after 6years in VCI wrap
36376. How to Reduce Chemical Costs in Plating
36377. Picture frames get "flow lines" after anodizing
36378. Electro Polishing Process
36379. Rusting of zinc-electroplated hardware in contact with wood
36383. How to etch 30 micron pitch circuit? 2nd Request
36384. Copper frying pan ruined by sandblasting - restorable?
36385. Galvanized Steel Containers...Is There Any Leaching?
36386. How to clean lacquer from a new brass door handle
36387. Vermeil Plating (gold on sterling silver) Q & A's
36389. Plating out / dummying a Nickel Bath
36390. Does the substrate hardness affect the hardness of the chrome plating?
36391. Black smut on Inconel 625
36392. Effect of high temperature on citric acid passivate stainless steel
36393. How do I remove sulphur smell after passivation of 303SS?
36394. Surface rust from thermal deburr
36399. Dissolving copper from mandrel
36401. Graphs of relative cost as a function of size, flatness, finish?
36403. Mirror finish on abs plastic
36407. Satin Nickel process
36408. Pt in W diffusion though heating
36409. How to spray polyester resin
36410. Adhesion with primer base powder coating with shot blasted surface
36412. Silver plating on aluminum 2024
36413. Glass bead blasting
36421. Want One-step Iron Phosphate
36424. Silver chloride as a material doping with borate glass
36425. Method of nylon coating on copper wire
36426. Electroless Nickel Biocompatibility Specifications
36427. The similarity of MIL-STD-1500 to QQ-416
36428. Corrosion on glass due to phosphoric acid
36429. Maintaining water conductivity after DM storage tank
36430. Alternate Tin Preservative
36432. Preventing rust on stainless 303 (exposed to high concentration of Chloride)
36433. Keep galvanize out of threaded holes
36434. Masking for zinc passivation
36435. Green build up
36442. Plating on magnesium motorcycle covers
36445. Removing chrome plating from plastic (ABS) parts for recycling
36446. Water specifications for gold plating
36448. Electrical properties of Alodine 1200
36449. Chemical Resistance of 6061 Aluminum
36450. Removal and treatment of corrosion on magnesium castings on helicopters
36452. Gun browning of antique hinges and latches
36453. IS prep needed before hand lettering a stainless water tank?
36454. Zinc electroplating process as a hobby
36456. Soda wash before copper sulphate immersion coating
36457. Thickener for n propyl bromide?
36458. Electroless Nickel and Oxygen
36459. Stripping of Dacromet Plating
36460. Repainting metal clock
36461. Fluoborate Cadmium Chipping Problem
36462. Stripping copper and stainless steel from plastic parts
36463. Whites spots on 6061 Al
36464. Metal Finishing/Conditioning of Emmert Vise
36465. Ceramic water purifier using reduced silver nitrate
36466. Ni adhesion to Cr/Ni
36467. Black spots on Trivalent Chromium plated screws
36469. Jig requirement for anodizing?
36470. Must surface be polished before anodising
36471. Testing Silver at Home for the average consumer
36472. Stripping chrome plating off rims
36473. Aluminum Reaction with Cat Urine
36474. My refinished steel desk smells... what should I do?
36475. Can I glass-bead anodized parts?
36477. What is the suitable (minimum) temperature for PVD TiNitride ?
36480. Can vinyl decals go between the base coat and clear coat?
36481. How to fix pewter that turned gold color from bead blasting
36482. PP + FRP tanks are bulging
36484. How to black oxide Inconel wire
36485. Titanium alloy plating on steel wire
36486. Refinish clear anodized aluminum extrusions?
36488. 316SS reactor bolts eaten by 170 deg C caustic
36493. Removing scale from welded stainless steel
36495. Coating for glass to make it oil repellent
36496. Electropolishing of titanium. How?
36497. Should we worry about Hexavalent Chromium on finished products?
36498. ASTM spec for hex-free Zinc Chromate finish?
36499. Flowchart Symbols for Plating and Powder Coating
36500. Stripping Indium-Tin Solder from Gold/Electroless Nickel Chassis
36501. How to reduce static cling
36503. Thickness standard for powder coated aluminum
36506. Prevention of chromium reduction in Battelle electropolishing
36507. I am trying to polish Nickel - Silver
36509. The amount of leachable chromium in aircraft paint?
36510. Chroming
36512. Museum seeks protection of brass sculpture without humidity control
36513. How to restore faded black anodized aluminum auto trim
36514. Using salt solution to test for when rusting occurs
36515. "Smudge" on electrolytic tinplate
36516. Pitting in plating process camera
36517. Health hazards in electroplating
36519. I need help! Micro sized white dots on surface of product
36525. Cleaning white film from Stainless Steel Cooler
36527. In simple words only
36528. Would like some help making steel have a rust or verdigris finish
36529. Painted galv that seems to be oxidising
36531. Cleaning carbonitrided parts without getting pitting
36532. Pitting during deburring while using sodium nitrate
36536. Finishing Techniques
36538. Qualified Products List (Paint)
36539. Blueing high-chromium steel
36541. I need conductivity, and color of Al coated on plastic
36542. Nickel peeling off with file test camera
36543. Colored powdercoat caps or failure of for threads
36548. How to calculate density for alloy deposits
36549. Switching a setting to another ring
36550. Copper buffing
36551. WL-2381 Finishing Specification per Lucent X-21345
36552. Is Type III suitable instead of Type II for overall finish?
36553. If anodizing is specified, does it mean that the subject is aluminum
36554. Etching problem in 304 stainless steel in ferric chloride solution
36556. Coating on Aluminum for Electrical Insulation
36560. Why always test the item from the center of the rack when plating
36562. Nickel plated parts conductivity and soldering problems
36563. Plating less than 8k gold jewelry
36564. Silver plating on aluminum
36565. Rouging of 316L stainless steel in non-aqueous solutions
36566. Aluminum die cast finishing of Grade AC603
36567. Need to plate zinc metal red; any good method other than powder coating
36570. Gold allergy
36573. PTFE Coating for Dissimilar metal in Gulf offshore
36579. Electroplating onto Cr seed layer
36580. Oil rubbed bronze
36581. Cleaning and preparing aluminum and Copper alloys for oxidizing and clearcoating
36582. Powdercoating a vintage cast iron kitchen sink
36583. Want instructions for decorative etching (nitric acid) on flat silver pendants
36584. Rust on new stainless steel appliances
36585. Can a homeowner restore an oil rubbed bronze finish on a sink drain?
36586. Safe, practical and easy way to remove Zinc coating
36587. Copper-tin plated brass terminals turn blackish when soldered
36588. Plastisol coating material is absorbing water
36589. Need info on fluorocarbon coating for U-bolts
36590. Crystal growth on electroplated nickel
36591. Hexavalent chrome tank no longer plates
36592. The reaction to aluminum when pressure cleaning with hot or cold water
36593. Pin holes on painted steel tubes camera
36594. Anyone know the status of getting non-hex chromates on the QPL for MIL-C-5541?
36595. Ta wet etch camera
36599. Electroless copper plating and electroless nickel plating
36600. Gold-plate lead
36601. Stripping Ni from Kovar
36602. Black anodize turning purple
36605. RoHS compliant coating on Aluminum
36606. Steel etching Byproducts
36607. Pasting of ceramic and Stainless Steel
36608. Powder coating ZA-12
36609. I want to know how insoluble anodes work in ferrostan (PSA) based electrolytes
36610. Rust preventive plating for steel/aluminum
36612. Having a gold ring dipped with white gold
36613. Al etch soot removal
36614. Need a plating that powder coating will not adhere to
36615. ABS plating rack is getting electroless nickel plated
36617. What chemical is used in etching stainless steel back of watches?
36618. Zinc barrel plating and flat parts
36619. PPE Requirements for Plating / Anodizing Shops
36620. Corrosion resistance of titanium nitride coatings against HCl
36623. NiP Plating on Silicon Carbide Composites (Al-SiC and Si-SiC)
36624. Rustoleum on wood
36625. Chrome Plating the inside of Hollow Tube
36628. How do you make copper sulphate crystals?
36630. Poor adhesion of nickel plating on Neodymium
36631. Removing fingerprints from a copper exhaust hood that are in the clear sealer
36632. In using di water aboard yachts are their any concerns?
36633. Electropolish Standard or Specification
36634. How can I easily check the resistance of plated surface
36635. Pitting in high phosphorous E/N plating in S.S 410 Material
36636. Tarnishing of copper plated parts
36637. Pickling process for dull annealing on stainless steel pipe
36638. What can I plate over aluminum?
36643. In need of a Recipe for Polishing Ti-6Al-4V
36644. Oxidized Rims What to Do
36645. Terne flashing refurbish?
36646. Chrome plating machine
36647. Cleaning a white gold chain
36648. Is it possible to gold plate chrome?
36649. Regeneration of ion exchange units
36650. How to do powder coating with polyethylene with antistatic
36651. Comparison between Autophoretic and Electrodeposition
36654. Fluoborate Cadmium bath control
36655. Abrasion Resistance
36656. Tri and Hexavalent Chrome Plate
36657. Green Oxidation on Silver at casting pores
36658. Hard Chrome resistant coatings
36659. Room temperature phosphating
36660. Proportion of HF and HNO3 for pickling stainless
36662. The manufacture, composition, properties, structure and rough costing of aluminum alloy 2024
36663. Sludge treatment and acid problem
36664. Tin Ceiling Tiles-Painting
36665. Finishing a copper table
36666. Steel fasteners and aluminum soffit compatibility
36668. Nickel plating of copper mould plates for continuous casting camera
36672. Gold Plating equivalent
36673. Moly etching but not copper
36674. Cleaning/Shining Boat Brass and Bronze
36675. Preparation of TiO2 thin film
36676. Electroless nickel with SiC and solid lubricants
36679. Anodize setup at home
36680. Clear coats that can be submerged under water without turning color
36682. Rectifier blowing away due to humidity
36684. Who could give me an initial formula of chemical polishing of copper and alloys?
36686. Unit of scale number in Abrasive Jet Machining Tools
36687. Wire cut process leaves poor surface finish on cameras
36688. Tell me about rhodium replenisher
36689. Tarnishing on Silverplated products with rhodium protection
36690. Can Diphenyl Carbazide method be used to test chromate conversion coatings on alu?
36691. Is nickel plated ABS magnetic?
36692. A chemical test for determination of aluminum in zinc alloy
36693. Alkaline bath verses Cyanide bath as related to hydrogen embrittlement
36694. Diluting conductive copper paint
36695. Alkali washing solution
36696. Chrome Plating motorcycle exhaust
36698. DI water vs. distilled water in gold-DNA precipitation
36699. Stainless steel grades used in a car exhaust manifold
36700. Stripping nickel plated parts
36701. To determine 'material curve' (stress vs strain curve) for chrome plate layer on plated plastic
36702. Info needed on MIL-N-26074 Type 1, Class B
36703. Post plating preplated steel sheet metal, acceptable process?
36704. Acid etched polished stainless steel
36705. Bolt and Nuts (A193 B7 and A194 H2) to a Stainless Steel Flange
36710. Spec for Phosphate coat per tps 11600
36711. Powder coating aluminum castings
36712. Black spot
36718. Silver nitrate solution+silver plating with non-toxic bath
36719. Barrel Rotation in Electroplating
36720. Copper plating and corrosion protection for electrical outdoor applications
36722. Recovery of chromium from plating effluent and sludge
36723. Zinc phosphate solution
36724. Removing water spots on car finishes
36725. Hex Chrome in Zinc Chromate Plating and RoHS compliance
36727. What corrosion inhibitor to add to H2O2 paint stripper
36730. White stain issue in electroless nickel plating
36731. Nickel Plating Low Current Density Rough Problem
36733. Are sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric acids available in powder form?
36734. What is the best wear resistant finish/coating to use on MIC 6?
36735. Galvanic action between 1100 aluminum and 304 stainless steel
36736. Dropping solids from industrial paint stripper, perhaps a surfactant?
36737. Foaming in degreasing bath in PT line
36740. Color anodizing of machined aluminum with carbon steel bearing races pressed in -situ
36741. Painting Aluminum Diamond Plate
36742. Different shades of chrome-new vs. old shine
36744. Coating Copper to improve heat conduction
36745. I have some very rough brass pieces that I would like to smooth out
36746. Anodic etching Plating defect and Hydrogen embrittlement issues
36751. Copper plating of palladium
36752. Platinum ring
36753. Copper Thickness Measurement 2 - 3 mil, GR&R Capable
36754. Capturing solids and particle
36755. RCA test for electroless nickel
36756. Silver with cadmium oxide coating in Petrol
36758. Formula of nickel shell bath
36766. What media should be used to remove coat tar epoxy
36768. Air sparger - Design Criteria
36769. Modification of biological waste water treatment plant
36770. How do I Start a Small Galvanizing Shop?
36771. Chromate Conversion coating on Zinc Plated Fasteners
36772. Interested in starting a small plating shop
36775. What the best way to handle anodizing tank cooling
36778. Adhesion issues with hard chrome plating on Aluminum steel
36783. Getting a pattern onto stainless steel
36784. How to protect silumin (aluminum with silicon) from corrosion
36785. Reflectivity of aluminum with UV
36787. Whether to use spray tunnel or dip tanks?
36788. Wanted: Non-conductive, waterproof sealant for circuit boards
36789. Want to paint galvanized steel flashing
36795. What specification is 14-78-3-707 for paint
36797. Starch Powder?
36798. CrN Coating for Razor Blades?
36799. Adhesion and chemical resistance of thin dense chrome
36800. Nickel Seal Verification
36802. How do I recycle silver chloride?
36803. Making Colored Aluminum Mirrors
36804. Antique brass finish rivets for handbags
36806. How to paint polyethylene waterfowl decoys
36807. Automotive finishes--is it chrome or aluminum?
36808. Chronic knee pain perhaps from galvanize and leaded pipes in the water well
36809. Hard anodized aluminum wire as heater coil support
36810. How can I remove a rust from old steel tower
36811. Oxidation on Zinc alloys
36814. Specification for Zinc-Nickel Plating to GME00252-C7 and Saltspray test to GMI 60206-R Grade 2
36815. Wear Testing of Gold Plate
36816. Stripping of bronze plating from brass parts
36817. Zinc pot metal
36818. Nickel Coating on Epoxy Glass 3-D Substrates
36819. Dry phosphate coating
36822. Need machine for making wave-type bias buffs
36824. Chromekill 6A
36825. Stripping nickel
36827. Treating a steel goldpan
36828. RoHS compliance
36829. Will chromating on copper be effective
36830. Soft touch coating
36831. Developing a sand finish epoxy hard coat for polystyrene foam
36833. Plating Si with EN
36834. How to verify between hard anodize and normal anodize?
36835. Galvanic action on dissimilar material joint
36836. Fluoride precipitation by lime , magnesium hydroxide, alum
36839. Blistering on Copper Plating of Bronze Baby Shoe Process
36840. Rhodium white gold to true black
36841. Paint adhesion problem where magnet was removed from metal door
36842. Can muriatic acid be used to etch zinc Intagllio plates?
36843. Passivating and inhibiting brass plated products
36845. Nickel Plating Stainless Steel
36846. Ask for the prevention of the cracking in the electroforming object
36847. Stainless #40 shot grit finish camera
36853. Corrosion pits on 5005 H14 sheets after Alkaline Etch
36854. Delay in the initiation of electroless plating
36855. Pickling oils used in iron/steel industry
36856. How can I powder coat without Zn phosphating?
36857. Cleaning copper
36858. Quality of HCl and NaOH to be charged
36861. Tips on chrome deposition on fiber glass
36862. Locksmith wants to do chrome plating of brass locks
36863. Recovery of NiOH from stainless steel pickling liquors
36864. Help for corrosion in sulfuric acid condensing system
36865. Electroless Nickel Plating-The Defects Seen Under Microscope
36866. Heat curing lacquered brass
36867. Does running multiple metals simultaneously upset salt spray results
36868. Procedure for analyzing Iron in a Passivation solution of 25% Nitric acid/ 2% b/w Sodium Dichromate
36869. Is Galvanneal Rohs compliant?
36874. Analysis for Rh3+ in Rh plating solution
36875. Fish Eyes
36876. Why salt spray test hot black oxide parts?
36878. Parameters for decorative Rhodium plating with pulse rectifier
36879. Zinc Nickel (Clear) Trivalent Plating
36880. Anodizing during manufacturing of industrial digital cameras
36881. Chromic acid anodise local repair for small areas
36886. Solvent and applications of gold powder (FA-8460)
36887. Crucible D2 vs. O1 work rolls
36889. Chrome waste water treatment problem
36890. Adhesion layer between Si and Au
36891. Hard chrome plating defects - Reg
36892. DIY anodising in a sheltered workshop for disabled people
36893. Need to conventional anodize areas of hard coat anodized part
36894. Anodizing - Sulfuric vs Chromic vs Hard
36895. Best Hard Anodize Solution
36896. Contaminated Carbon/Graphite Anodes
36901. Estimated Market Size of Indian ELECTROPLATING Industry
36902. Stripping PVD Coatings with H2O2 + NaOH
36903. Rinsing Sulfuric Acid
36905. Rhodium plating residues on white cubic zirconia
36906. Rack marks in bright acid tin plating of gaskets
36907. Pretreatment for Titanium Sheet before powder coating
36909. Corrosion in latch type solenoid valve
36913. Why not use galvanized metal kitchen tabletop?
36915. Procedure For Polyamide Coating?
36916. Electromotive Force potential of chromate coating
36917. Hard coat anodizing tank sulfuric acid level rises next day morning
36918. Computer recycling--is there any uranium or mercury?
36920. Pitting of Forged 4340 when stripping Cadmium Plate in Ammonium Nitrate
36921. Testing for copper in stainless
36922. Nickel alloy hydrogen embrittlement during zinc plating?
36925. Annealing of Gold coated C10100 Copper Rod
36926. Tank suitable for sulfuric, nitric and phosphoric acid for anodizing
36927. Recovering used IPA
36928. Want vapor pressure vs pH graph for HCN
36929. Helideck Coatings
36930. Aluminum coating or vacuum metallizing on acrylic
36932. Rust in Custom Tubes for Volvo parts
36934. Stainless Steel spool partially rusted
36935. Need help converting surface finishes
36938. About Hologram Glass Master Silvering
36939. RoHS on chromate process
36940. Curing Cycle in Powder Coating
36941. Blackening process on steel part and quality issues
36942. Removal of chrome from Alkaline zinc plating
36943. Zinc cobalt plating problem
36944. Is there any difference between "Zn/Fe" and "Zn-Fe" plating
36945. Can't remove tapping burrs
36946. Effluent treatment of Ferric Ammonium Oxylate anodizing dye
36947. The efficacy of electropolish through a waste treatment system
36960. Copper turning bright cherry red?
36961. Silica removal in demineralized water
36963. Nickel Chrome Plating
36965. Silver coating on internal threads of nut only, not on its hex surface
36966. Light Fast Test for Checking Black Anodising
36967. Can anyone send me a diagram showing clearly how the hot dip process work
36968. Titration Help
36969. I need to know how to make bronze
36970. EDX for Thickness Measurement
36972. Removing Chrome Plating from Magnetic Parts
36973. About Belleville Springs
36974. Nickel plate on Aluminum
36975. Internal Thread Coating to prevent friction and galling
36976. TIN PLATING Problem
36977. SS Blackening in Dairy Industry
36978. Stainless Steel Contamination after brushing
36979. Passivation of electropolished orbitally welded pipings
36982. Need opinions on surface preparation for good EN plating
36985. Jointing solution (PVC to PVC)
36986. Hours of Salt spray test requirements
36987. How can Copper Oxide patina (Green Copper) be achieved on Copper Surface
36988. Poor chrome coverage
36989. How Mononium Phosphate oxidizes cast iron cylinders with Cr Metallization?
36990. Rusty colored staining on 420 stainless steel
36991. Paraffin Based Polishing Compounds
36998. Large scale vacuum metallization for artist?
36999. Triple chrome plating?

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