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"Plating less than 8k gold jewelry"


Dear sir;

In Indonesia now, new trends of cheap gold jewelry (~28 to 42% gold) is becoming popular. I jump into it but have trouble keeping the jewelry looking good. jewelry gets dull/oxidized/tarnished in the display in matter of weeks, I electroplate them with pure gold successfully but in weeks too in get dull again.

I read that I should plate them with copper then nickel then gold to make the gold plating stronger, is that so..? what if I just use copper underplate ?
will nickel underplate makes my jewelry looks like its silver being gold plated?

can somebody assist me with a solution or a better procedure ?

Greatly appreciate any inputs..

Goldsmith - Indonesia


Dear Jeffry
A one line answer to your inquiry is-Clean>Bright Acid Copper plate>White Bronze(for nickel free)or Bright nickel>gold plate>Anti tarnish dip>Dry.
If you can give more detail about your set up I can explain better.

t k mohan
T.K. Mohan
plating process supplier - Mumbai, India


Dear Mr. Mohan;

I am currently only using gold plating over the jewelry. I have just purchased copper plating using this given formula but not yet use it, please your comment;
(1 gallon of distilled water* Copper sulfate (CuS04)---32 dry oz.* Sulfuric acid (concentrated) (H2S04)----7 oz. (actual weight, not fluid oz.)* Anodes---Copper)

I also bought a nickel plating from a chemical store which they gave Nickel Zout, Nisol 1206, Nisol 1207 for additive/brightener. first I intend to skip the copper plate and go straight to nickel but the nickel plating is not satisfactory, the plating cracks and not smooth. Is the copper plate mandatory b4 the nickel ?

The store also told me to use about 100 grm of the nickel salt, is it too much ? cause all I want is a thin, bright nickel plate that does not need more polishing b4 the gold plate.

Suppose I just use the copper plate, how long can the gold plate usually last b4 they dissipate into another ?

About anti-tarnish, I have a hard time trying to purchase it. Also is it only a dip or it need electricity to be plated. Is it also like a film ? won't it affect the plating colour / result ?Sorry for the long response..

Thank you for your time and generous information.

Jeffry Maolana
- Bandung, Indonesia

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