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"Chrome plating on zamak 5"


We are plating faucet parts that are made of zamak 5. So far we have worked with out much problem. But recently there's a tendency of the nickel tanks to get contaminated frequently. Anyone know of a good book about this issue?

Rafael Mosca
Chrome plater - Caracas, Venezuela


Estimado Rafael :
Para procesar zamac , te recomiendo un CD de la AESF , que describe especificamente los tratamientos sobre zamac bastante bien .
Independientemente de ello , a mí me dá buenos resultados el sig. proceso :
1-Desengrase por inmersión (libre de NaOH): 10 min a 50 °C
2-Desengrase anódico : 10 a 30 seg. - 5 V - 50°C
3- doble enjuague en agua corriente circulante.
4- Activación ácida : a temp ambiente, se pueden usar dos alternativas : a)Alguna sal ácida fluorada 20 gr / litro durante 60 seg.
b) ácido sulfúrico al 10 % , 10 a 15 segundos .
5- doble enjuague en agua corriente circulante
6- Baño de cobre alcalino : A 50 °C - el 1° minuto a 1 Volt, y luego elevar a 2.5 volt , durante 10 a 15 min. las conc. de los componentes son : CNCu 40 - 50 gr/l ;CNNa libre de 10 a 12 gr/l (muy importante ) ; KOH entre 14 y 18 gr/l ( muy importante ). es aconsejable el uso de sal de rochelle y algun refinador de grano.
7 - seguir proceso de cobre acido , níquel y cromo std.

Espero que te sirva


Fernando Frank
- Lomas del Mirador - Prov de buenos Aires, Argentina



Khozem Vahaanwala
Khozem Vahaanwala
Saify Ind
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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Khozem, didn't you mean:             ¿¿What?

Anyway according to a translation by Systran, Fernando's response in English was --

"Dear Rafael:
In order to process zamac , I recommend a CD to you of the AESF , that especificamente describes to the processings on zamac enough good .
1-Removal of grease by immersion (free of NaOH): 10 min to 50 °C
2-Anodic emoval of grease : 10 to 30 seg. - 5 V - 50°C
3- double circulating running water rinsing.
4- acid Activation: to temp atmosphere, two alternatives can be used: a) Some fluorada acid salt 20 gr./liter during 60 seg.
b) sulfuric acid to 10 %, 10 to 15 seconds.
5- double circulating running water rinsing.
6- alkaline copper Bath: To 50 °C - 1° minute to 1 Volt, and soon to elevate to 2,5 volt, during 10 to 15 min. conc. of the components they are: CNCu 40 - 50 gr/l; Free CNNa from 10 to 12 gr/l (very important); KOH between 14 and 18 gr/l (very important). the use of salt of rochelle and some is advisable grain refiner.
7 - to follow process of acido copper, nickel and chromium STD.

I hope that it serves to you


Ted Mooney, finishing.com
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey

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