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 Process: 0. Corrosion. Compatibility, Choosing a Finish
 Preparation: 1a. Mechanical Prep 1b. Chemical Pretreatments 1c. Masking & Racking
 Inorganic Finishing: 2a. Stainless Steel & Titanium Processing 2b. Anodizing & Light Metals 2c. Electroplating & Electroforming
2d. Electroless Plating 2e. PVD, CVD, Vacuum Processes 2f. Galvanizing, Hot Dipping
2g. Black Oxide, Bluing, Coloring 2h. Other Inorganic Finishing Processes
 Organic Finishing: 3a. Electropainting, Autophoretic 3b. Powder Coating 3c. Lacquers, Clearcoats
3d. Painting, Printing, Adhesives, Organic Coatings
 Post-treatments: 4a. Chemical Post-treatments 4b. Baking & Non-chemical Post-treatments 4c. Stripping, Reworks, etc.
 Supporting Issues: 5a. Analysis, Lab Technique, QA/QC 5b. Water, Wastewater, Pollution 5c. Safety, Emissions, Toxicity
5d. Plant & Process Engineering 5e. Software, Specs, Books, Stats 5f. World Wide Word Of The Week
5g. REACH, RoHS, E-O-L, etc. 5h. Mostly metallurgy 5i. Precious Metal Recovery
 Non-industrial: 6a. Hobbyists, Enthusiasts, Artists 6b. Research, Thesis work 6c. K-12 Science Projects, Elementary to High School
 Not Metal Finishing: 7. Off Topic, but Interesting


27562. Lower cost alternative to AgNi15 electrical contact rivets open Q. (January 19)
55146. Nickel plated brass vs. 304SS for dilute sodium hypochlorite (January 17)
18759. How to fasten aluminum sculpture to marble base for exterior location (December 11)
01686. Hard Chrome Plating vs. Plasma, HVOF, Flame Spray (December 11)
61047. Protecting selective areas on precision machined weldments of Large Synoptic Survey Telescope open Q. (December 11)
41526. Comparing materials for solar water heater (December 9)
43834. Cadmium coated bolts / nuts for seawater exposure open Q. (December 6)
57437. Specification of Ceramic Coating on Bolts & Nuts (December 6)
60988. Need Hard, Inexpensive, Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel open Q. (December 6) 2nd Request
13089. Any alternative to cadmium plating; if not, who can do it? (November 1)
58242. Is galvanized or powder coated material better? (October 15)
41930. Galvanic Corrosion between Galvanized Steel and Aluminum (October 9)
40943. Black finish for nuts & bolts on off-road trucks (October 3)
19766. Stainless screws with galvanized decking open Q. (September 23)
48076. Zinc plated (Fe/Zn 5) vs. 410 Stainless Steel screws open Q. (September 20)
11178. Non-conductive plating for copper (September 19)
42140. Connect aluminum mounting plate to concrete wall in wet environment (September 13)
27167. Insulating tape between stainless and aluminum? (September 13)



06053. Best but least expensive polishing of stainless screws (January 24)
09252. Want beadblast look on Titanium from tumbling or vibratory finishing (January 24)
05629. Vibratory polishing of stainless steel components (January 24)
26572. Can you tumble stainless to a high chrome mirror finish? (January 22)
52593. Safe Buffer RPMs for Polishing Aluminum open Q. (November 16)
61035. Polishing aluminum deposited on glass to 0.2 nm open Q. (November 16)
00151. Are higher Rz finishes rougher or smoother? (November 1)
12526. How can SSPC and ISO 8501 spec apply to stainless? open Q. (October 17)
14468. Animal Free Polishing Compounds? open Q. (October 14)
42981. How to do a passivation quotation? (October 10)
21712. Deburring of Aluminum components (October 8)
05396. Is this surface smooth enough? (September 5)


30988. Corrosion resistance of zinc phosphate to ethylene glycol? open Q. (January 2)
07897. Iron phosphating a copper tube with aluminum fins (December 13)
53135. Components used in degreasing & derusting (December 6)
03537. Rainbow coloration on parts after electrocleaning (November 21)
12028. Is poor rinsing causing pickled steel to rust? open Q. (November 20)
41054. Etching TiW with hydrogen peroxide open Q. (November 16)
17279. Procedures for Pickling and passivation of carbon steel pipe (November 16)
47682. Electropolishing & Chemical Etching of Cobalt Chromium for Medical Applications open Q. (October 26)
58049. How to formulate Zinc Phosphate. Is nanotechnology pretreatment better? (October 17)
41404. Parts rusting after zinc phosphating open Q. (October 17)
10242. Black line on the wire after zinc phosphating open Q. (October 15)
53480. Surface finish is roughened by phosphating open Q. (October 1)
17826. Phosphating coating weight too high or too low open Q. (September 23)
34052. Manganese phosphate problems and solutions camera open Q. (September 19)
10242. Surface Activation for Phosphating: Grain Size Issues open Q. (September 14)
41698. How to prevent rust after removing oil? (September 3)


33366. Masking areas during chrome plating process camera (December 9)
51314. Why do we need to mask ends of bore before plating? (December 6)
09494. Problems masking for anodizing plus electroless nickel (October 11)



50226. Where is type 202 Stainless Steel okay and not? open Q. (January 22)
53878. Want near-mirror polishing on SS 420 open Q. (January 17)
13628. Change to Surface of SS Etched with Nitric Acid increases adhesion open Q. (January 9)
02963. Non-uniform chrome finish on stainless steel parts camera open Q. (January 9)
50878. Can dry citric acid powder passivate stainless steel? (December 16)
46967. Reworking passivated stainless steel parts (December 5)
04564. Passivating 4340 steel (November 20)
61033. Size loss of up to .001" during passivation of stainless steel open Q. (November 9)
54187. pH and acid measurement in stainless steel pickling (November 8)
47017. Chemical to clean weld marks from stainless steel (November 1)
50746. ASTM A967 vs. AMS 2700 (October 17)
00246. Stainless has a brown tint (October 16)
14897. What is the difference between Nitric 1 and Nitric 4 passivation? (October 16)
25352. Titanium discoloration open Q. (October 14)
24520. Anodizing vs. PVD for gold colored stainless steel? (October 14)
14182. Frosted appearance on passivated parts (September 23)
46108. Passivation of 304SS for 960 hour salt spray (September 20)
18495. Electropolishing of aluminum and stainless steel (September 18)
16519. Heavy scale on Inconel spring type heating element (September 8)
25617. Titanium grade 9 pickling control open Q. (September 7)


22496. De-smutting of bright 7075 aluminum before anodizing (January 24)
40421. Hard anodizing stopped offering enough wear resistance (January 23)
27314. Artist Anodizing of Aluminum (January 21)
00524. Carbon/Soot buildup on chromic acid anodizing cathodes open Q. (January 21)
45931. Can Type IIB class 2 Anodize be touched up? (January 20)
00062. Type II B anodizing discolors with heat open Q. (January 19)
19802. Sulfuric acid / peroxide process as a desmut/de-ox for aluminum? open Q. (January 13)
05333. Can Cast Aluminum be Anodized? camera open Q. (January 7)
27542. Anti-galling surface treatment for aluminium? (January 3)
55817. How to get chrome like finish on aluminium utensils? (December 27)
43248. Black anodizing by electrocoloring? open Q. (December 27)
01419. "Neutralizing" sulphuric anodizing solution with bicarbonate (December 27)
14122. Re-anodizing Aluminum Printing Plates (December 17)
06930. How to make the etching solution for aluminium anodizing open Q. (December 12)
43963. Aluminum finish and Liquid Penetrant (NDT) Testing (December 11)
37711. White Streaks during anodizing of 6063 extruded Aluminium open Q. (December 9)
02994. What happens when Painted parts are put back into Alodine 1200s tank? (November 25)
02758. Bright dip solution for 6063 aluminum windows extrusion? open Q. (November 15)
10893. Shelf life of Alodine 871 pen open Q. (November 11)
55760. Green Dyed Aluminum Anodizing Rubs Off at 170 °C open Q. (November 8)
06559. What pH for Alodine 600? (November 4)
61025. Alkaline Anodizing of Aluminum open Q. (November 1)
15173. 6061-T6 aluminum corrosion protection (October 28)
11462. Is trichloroethylene okay to degrease aluminium? (October 24)
30512. Should "720 Rule" include area of the racks? (October 17)
50885. Thickness vs. weight of hard anodize coatings (October 15)
16006. Chromate conversion coating aluminum parts having inserts open Q. (October 11)
22258. Chromic acid anodizing: introduction and possible problems (October 11)
30736. Aluminum bright dip without nitric acid open Q. (October 10)
57367. Can duplex sealing enhance black dye stability? (October 10)
03985. Steam turns aluminum yellow (October 8)
15018. Hard Coat Anodize is Chipping and Flaking camera open Q. (October 3)
46180. Neither titanium nor aluminum is satisfactory for our anodizing racks (September 27)
56581. Rainbow effect / defect on anodized aluminum? (September 25)
33933. Chromatizing on anodized surface open Q. (September 23)
56828. Chalking after electrocolor dying process on anodized aluminum open Q. (September 23)
61011. Type II and Type III on same part open Q. (September 20)
45834. How to print onto open-pore Anodized Aluminum open Q. (September 18)
58894. Material Defect or Hard Anodizing Defect? open Q. camera (September 18)
52830. Minimum aluminium thickness for anodising (September 18)
14545. Matte Black Anodization (September 18)
60999. Dye color removed when bending anodized sheet open Q. (September 17)
42416. Aluminum Activation For Electroless Nickel Plating (September 16)
11225. "Dishwasher Safe?" Anodized Aluminum open Q. (September 12)
26894. Problems in cold sealing of anodized aluminum open Q. (September 12)
61001. Nylon 6/6 rubbing on anodized aluminum lubricates it open Q. (September 11)
60994. Color anodizing braided fuel lines camera (September 9)
47263. Reducing chloride concentration in acid copper bath open Q. (September 8)
10807. Hard coat with PTFE fails 336-hour salt spray (September 7)
30670. Mottling / leopard spots after anodizing sandblasted aluminum profiles camera (September 6)
00085. Copper electroform is not bright (September 3)


32077. Black spots in zinc plating open Q. (January 24)
51293. How to clean blind holes for acid zinc plating (January 23)
30879. Plating thickness variation in hard chrome plating (January 21)
28127. Allowable current density / amps per square foot for zinc plating? (January 21)
41922. Nickel Plating defect: white patches (January 20)
01183. Hard Chrome Plating of Cast Iron camera open Q. (January 19)
35573. Nut with black zinc coating fails 96-hour salt spray test (January 18)
40095. White layer forms during acid zinc plating but not on Hull Cell panels camera open Q. (January 18)
35543. Porosity problems in hard chrome plating open Q. (January 18)
02412. Electrolytic gold plating is immersion depositing on non-electrified housing (January 17)
53207. Hard chrome plating inside the cylinder camera (January 16)
05424. What is the thickness of zinc plate from an acid based plating process? open Q. (January 9)
30532. Durable chrome plating for a 2 stroke exhaust? open Q. (January 8)
19274. Gold plating of aluminum open Q. (January 7)
55075. Hard chrome plating chip off at chamfer camera (January 6)
37336. Need chrome plating to survive 72-hours of SO2 corrosion testing open Q. (January 3)
55289. Porous cadmium plating specs needed open Q. (January 3)
49751. White Bronze Plating, an alternative to nickel (January 3)
54184. Re-chrome bronze castings open Q. (January 3)
31565. Plating onto Aluminum Bronze substrate (January 3)
01871. Hard Chrome Plating Pits camera open Q. (December 22)
35480. Zinc plating and rust (December 20)
22034. Nickel concentration rises in nickel plating tank (December 20)
13691. Want nodular/spiky silver plating (December 18)
00993. Metal balls sticking to each other in Sn plating open Q. (December 18)
30106. What does SC3 mean in ASTM B633? open Q. (December 16)
51925. Silver anodes are expensive; we want alternative (December 16)
27192. How to avoid defects occurring in electroplating (December 12)
28851. Black patches in Zinc-Nickel Plating (December 11)
26136. Need alternative to decorative chrome plating (December 11)
00907. Zinc plating of powdered metal parts (December 11)
01114. Parts sat in bronze plating solution for several days open Q. (December 11)
07070. Ni plating over Stainless steel for 96 Hrs SST resistance (December 11)
24316. Composition of makeup solution for bronze plating (December 9)
38877. Alkaline zinc plating problem (December 9)
61045. How to Calculate Current for Electroplating (December 2)
07124. Too many anodes in my Nickel electroplating tank? open Q. (November 26)
34750. Copper plating on magnesium (November 25)
14857. Nickel-chrome fireplace doors discolor camera (November 25)
37445. Black passivation has chalking, pitting, atmospheric corrosion? camera (November 22)
04001. Rusting On Iron parts after Nickel Plating (November 21)
04221. Hex Chrome Plating Bath not maintaining temperature (November 11)
50375. How much rhodium is used in plating a pendant (November 11)
48993. Brown stain on zinc plating camera (October 28)
61024. How to properly activate white bronze plating? (October 26)
54353. Plating Chemical Usage Estimation (October 20)
33784. Blisters in Nickel-Chrome Plating of Exhaust Pipes (October 19)
42456. Impurities/contamination in Hard Chrome Plating Tank open Q. (October 11)
20395. Rhodium plating Q&A, woes & problems (October 11)
41517. Gold Plating Problems with Jewelry open Q. (October 9)
44771. Acid Copper Plating Problems open Q. (October 4)
17286. Best electrically conductive plating for mild steel? open Q. (October 1)
42108. Blue spots when Rhodium plating (September 29)
38220. Gold Plating Paliney 7 open Q. (September 26)
56433. "Commercial zinc plating" vs ASTM B633 standard (September 25)
48074. Hard chrome plating problems camera open Q. (September 23)
36272. Matte Tin Plating open Q. (September 23)
31751. Copper concentration keeps growing in copper sulphate plating (September 19)
49875. CASS Test Hours and Nickel-Chrome Plating (September 12)
18854. Carbonate problems in Cyanide Plating (September 11)
28708. Silver plating has white residue (September 10)
57369. Armoloy vs Hard Chrome (September 8)
28863. Problems in cyanide copper plating open Q. (September 6)
30399. Black spots in zinc plating (September 6)
37360. 150 micron Hard chrome plating on steel grade 316 (September 4)


59181. Reflective finish on Stereolithography (SLA) models (January 17)
20973. Copper contamination of Immersion Gold bath open Q. (January 7)
25101. How does Electroless Plating work? (January 3)
32954. Peeling / poor adhesion of Electroless Nickel Plating on Steel Parts (January 3)
60099. "Spray-On" Copper Plating open Q. (December 15)
02153. Immersion Tin Plating on Aluminum open Q. (November 26)
45052. Electroless vs. immersion vs. displacement vs. contact plating (November 20)
61023. Electroless nickel plating process sequence (October 20)
15912. Does DI Water cause Electroless Nickel Staining? (October 16)
61017. Black spot observed on electroless nickel plated steel (October 3)
23262. Electroless nickel-boron plating open Q. (September 26)
61000. Electroless Plating the Inside of a Large Container (September 11)
32955. Etching of ABS for Electroplating with chromic-sulphuric acid (September 6)
Q. 60993. Electroless Nickel Plating (ENP) rough grey finish camera open Q. (September 4)


07846. Rainbow problem in black PVD coating (January 20)
61057. PECVD anti-finger print coating on PVD pieces open Q. (January 8)
45276. Marks on PVD coating camera (January 3)
14081. Cleaning ceramics before PVD coating open Q. (January 2)
13115. 24 karat gold color PVD TiN? open Q. (December 10)
57133. PVD vs. e-coating for gold color (November 1)
61027. Changing vacuum conditions in PVD open Q. (October 29)
34692. Titanium nitride plus real gold (October 16)
56476. Seeking White PVD Coatings open Q. (October 9)
11351. Distance from target to object for ZrN coating (October 2)
37921. How thick can I chrome plate copper with PVD? open Q. (September 18)
46513. TiC Sputter Coatings Not Adhering open Q. (September 12)


16257. Painting galvanized pipe (January 24)
33979. Does hot dip galvanizing work for stainless steel? (January 20)
40753A Starting-up a Galvanizing Kettle with Zinc Ingots (January 11)
61054. Stains from post-treating galvanizing with tannic acid camera (January 8)
00009. Black Stains & White Rust on Hot Dip Galvanized Zinc Coating (January 7)
61050. Prepare the steel before galvanizing (January 7)
41571. Reduce ash generation in galvanizing (December 18)
29835. Visual appearance of hot dip galvanizing vs. zinc electroplating (December 11)
48000. Soft ash deposits on galvanized steel open Q. (December 6)
42842. Rusted hot dip galvanized bolt and nuts camera (November 12)
57322. Thick Galvanized Coatings, How to Get, What is Maximum? (November 11)
56867. Stains on galvanized expanded metal fencing camera (November 9)
20235. Lead in hot dip galvanising open Q. (October 29)
43365. Hot dip galvanizing flux Q & A's, Problems and Solutions (October 26)
24269. Galvalume/zincalume-coated steel structural studs (October 19)
40753A Can solidified zinc be effectively cut from old galvanizing kettle? (October 13)
49676. Galvanizing thickness estimate (October 13)
38207. Spangle control in galvanizing open Q. (October 9)
54709. Chromate quench (October 8)
47534. Galvanising Plant Ash & Dross (September 25)
39461. Galvanized coating is peeling off of wire camera open Q. (September 20)
07764. Air knives for galvanizing thickness control (September 16)
38915. Peeling problem in galvanizing of steel camera (September 15)
41209. Lowering Iron (Fe) in Galvanizing plant flux tank (September 15)
24568. Lead in Galvanizing: SEM and Melt Analysis gave very different answers (September 3)


01754. Black oxide on 329 SS not taking (January 15)
13097. Basket contact marks in black oxiding (December 27)
00531. Acceptance criteria of blackening parts camera (September 10)
12141. Ion vs. Gas nitriding of H13 Tool Steel open Q. (September 3)

    2h. OTHER INORGANIC FINISHING: Mechanical Plating, QPQ, Metal Spray, Zinc-rich Dip-Spin Coatings, Sherardizing, etc.

61055. Sintered Iron Part - Gas Nitriding Unsuccessful (January 16)
09101. Can WS2 Dri-film adhere to Silicone? open Q. (May 24)
05718. Description of Malcolmizing Process open Q. (May 6)



32574. CED e-coating bubbles/holes? Defect problem on chrome plated surface camera open Q. (January 19)
23620. Is E-coating or powder coating more capital intensive? (January 6)
39698. CED Paint conductivity is dropping/climbing open Q. (November 15)
61012. Electrocoating: Auxiliary/Remote Anode for interior coverage? open Q. (September 26)
46897. CED Coating has face shining problem open Q. (September 25)
28116. Dipping in primer without electricity (September 9)


03180. Powdercoat Blistering on Zinc plus Chromate (January 10)
36503. Thickness standard for powder coated aluminum open Q. (January 3)
26699. Need 5 mil thick powder coating (December 11)
15733. Time between pretreat and powder coating (December 3)
14221. Activating a metal surface for powder coating open Q. (November 6)
48147. Explain the relationship between coating thickness and gloss on powder coated parts (October 10)
18298. Powder coatings blisters and peels from elevator doors open Q. (October 2)
47439. Powder Coating Galvanized Steel: pinhole problem? (September 26)
05163. Delamination of chromate camera open Q. (September 23)
61002. Flattening the ends of mild steel tubes leads to corrosion? (September 11)
23304. Powder Coating Adhesion Testing camera (September 6)


51966. Some CED Problems and Q&A's open Q. (January 16)
28527. Vacuum metalizing basecoat (December 2)
61041. Finishing porous brass casting before lacquering open Q. (November 18)
12486. How to do lacquer on brass and zinc? (October 20)
33187. Consistent Brass finishing Process needed open Q. (October 14)


25091. Need highly reflective or glow paint to handle 300 °F temperature (January 22)
43155. Failure in CASS testing of Wet acrylic paint on aluminium rims open Q. (January 8)
61049. Best leveling agent for anti-corrosion water-based coating? open Q. (December 14)
33380. Ionization systems for paint booth air open Q. (December 9)
60877. Does Wash Primer have Hexavalent Chrome? (December 5)
49900. Must all Kynar Paint be heat baked? open Q. (October 24)
06225. Painting galvanized ductwork open Q. (October 11)
18779. How to do Teflon coating on steel storage tank open Q. (September 30)
29978. Zinc-rich primer on aluminum (September 22)
25543. Laser marking on colored tempered carbon steel camera open Q. (September 1)



18314. Electrolytic chromating of Silver open Q. (December 16)
33081. Blackening won't adhere to nickel electroform (August 13)


01216. Hydrogen embrittlement despite baking (December 11)
01747. Chrome plating and Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief open Q. (November 26)
53824. Stress relieving parts then inventorying for plating in the future? (October 26)


44254. How to strip 60/40 tin lead (January 23)
34973. Remove Residual Nickel Plating after Blasting (January 22)
00619. Can't remove copper stop-off after boronizing open Q. (October 11)
14893. Stripping chrome plating from metal (October 3)
15927. Strip Nickel Chrome from plating racks open Q. (September 21)



44450. Determination of percent Oil in soak/electro-cleaner (January 7)
02550. Salt spray test chamber spare parts, calibration, & service open Q. (January 6)
23834. Nital Etch Issues: Amount of Material Removal (December 19)
20345. How to compare ASTM B117 Salt Spray and ASTM B368 CASS Test? (December 18)
61046. Labs say there is no chrome on our 'chrome plated' parts open Q. (December 9)
20174. Gravimetric analysis of sulfates in Alodine 600 open Q. (November 21)
41155. How to analyze for NaCl in a Boric Sulfuric anodizing tank? (November 15)
41654. Determine % Nitric Acid. Titration? Conversion factor? (November 15)
08976. Sodium hydroxide analysis in alkaline zinc plating open Q. (October 29)
61026. Uncoated carbon steel and 96-hour salt spray test (October 26)
20173. Copper Sulfate Test Method to Verify Zinc Plating? open Q. (October 24)
44029. Analysis of metals and acids in Electropolishing Baths for stainless steel open Q. (October 17)
44293. Titrimetric procedure for trivalent and hexavalent chromate analysis (October 17)
02401. Correlation between accelerated weathering duration and natural weathering (October 14)
05675. Analysis for anti tarnish efficacy on silver plated items open Q. (October 1)
27688. Quantitative analysis of nitric acid in a mixture of nitric and sulfuric acid open Q. (September 30)
35341. Chisel-Knife Adhesion Testing of AMS 2411 Silver Plating open Q. (September 26)
50120. Need to measure hard chrome plating thickness on stainless open Q. (September 26)


04924. Electrocoagulation for wastewater treatment? (January 9)
46503. Electronic descalers for removal of silica? open Q. (December 6)
58940. De-ionizer life is cut in half open Q. (November 18)
01835. Is Silverlume Part B a hazardous material? open Q. (October 24)
11849. The composition of Electroplating wastewater (October 17)
04630. Demineralization (Water Treatment) Problems open Q. (October 3)
15683. Safety of Sanding Galvanized Metal (October 2)
39277. Recovery of spent HCl open Q. (September 19)
22905. Will RO water attack PVC Piping? (September 18)
01224. Alkaline Cleaner effect on Wastewater Treatment (September 14)
12873. Full House Water Filtration of Silica open Q. (September 10)


61053. Lead poisoning from machining steel & stainless steel? open Q. (January 7)
11007. Danger of olive drab chromate? (January 1)
07164. Is galvanised steel poisonous? (December 13)
45592. Is Rustoleum safe for cookie cutters? (December 6)
47195. Hexavalent chromium in coffee grinder (December 6)
21863. Can gas logs be used in lead painted fireplace? open Q. (November 16)
35556. Fumes from Nichrome heating elements? (October 30)
19953. What's the toxic effects of mixing muriatic acid and bleach (October 14)
14264. Metal roofing/siding used as cover over BBQ (September 30)
22256. Is low volume usage of TCE harmful to employees? (September 24)
61008. Stainless Steel Storage Tank absorption risks (September 18)


50556. Copper Bus Bar Sizing for DC low-voltage high-amperage (January 22)
09527. Purchasing an existing chrome plating shop open Q. (January 8)
06109. Alternatives for attaching to the fly bar for huge (heavy) parts open Q. (January 2)
61009. Ventilation requirement for Manganese Phosphate line (December 16)
00897. Clipping (Racking) Mechanism for Electropolishing Nitinol Medical Devices (December 11)
38265. Must copper bus bar be tin plated? (December 9)
16284. Efficiency & ripple of electroplating rectifiers open Q. (November 27)
48519. Best heating/cooling coil material for acid zinc (November 12)
06364. Dangler Gets Burned after 8 Mins of Plating in ZnNi Tank (October 20)
34214. Tack testing per FED STD 141D open Q. (September 20)
56947. Voltage & current, and rectifier parameters & selection for plating process open Q. (September 16)
40335. Protection of Stainless Steel Tank for Electroless Nickel Bath open Q. (September 6)


18276. Replacement for MIL-STD-1878 open Q. (January 9)
49676. How to calculate/measure the thickness of zinc coating (December 5)
61043. Body-In-White spec: cleanliness before degreasing open Q. (November 23)
25220. Should I specify zinc plating per ISO 2081 or per ISO 14713? (November 4)
54612. In-house test for passivation of stainless steel (October 16)
08359. Lot Inspection per AMS-QQ-P-416 (October 16)
07627. Specification for Chromate Conversion Coating of Copper open Q. (September 25)
01217. Dichromate seal boils at too low a temperature (September 7)


61048. What is "IMMUNIZE" finish? (December 12)
57491. Where can I source for material SGCC? open Q. (November 8)
61014. Nickel striked or struck? silly :-) (September 25)

    5g. REACH, RoHS, EOL Directive; Cd, Pb, Cr+6, Nitric Acid & Phosphate Replacements

41276. Want glossy full black trivalent chromate for zinc plating (October 14)
11950. Zinc plating with trivalent chromate rusts during monsoon season (September 7)
55350. Blue or yellow passivation better after Zinc plating? (September 4)

    5h. MOSTLY METALLURGY; Heat Treatment

46092. Top layer peels off Phosphor Bronze in stamping process camera open Q. (January 24)
51470. Hardening EN8 / EN9 parts. Q&A's, Problems & Solutions open Q. (January 19)
30998. Making a solid rhodium ring camera (January 17)
15043. Problems in Annealing of Copper Wire (January 3)
13204. Annealing 316 stainless steel .125 diameter wire camera open Q. (September 11)
00336. Rusting of stainless steel at weld (September 3)


37685. Washing PGM salts before refining open Q. (January 22)
07382. Extracting Silver From Photographic Fixer open Q. (January 21)
19529. Refining of silver chloride to silver metal open Q. (January 9)
13037. Reclaim Gold from Electronics open Q. (October 17)
42694. Stripping & recovering silver from silver plated scrap (September 14)
54457. Removing gold from aqua regia with zinc powder? (September 13)



07352. How to coat objects for iridescence (January 24)
04785. Cleaning/Polishing Silver with Aluminum Foil and Washing Soda (January 24)
26616. Finding equivalent to mirror effect paint as this is not available (January 24)
32129. Cleaning copper and leaving no residue (January 22)
01198. How to antique brass plating (January 19)
58258. How to nano coat silver coins open Q. (January 19)
29192. Tin Electroplating the Inside of Copper Vessels camera open Q. (January 19)
14075. How to etch silver open Q. (January 19)
21527. Does the air in my new apartment tarnish silver? (January 19)
11608. Is zinc plating of copper, then heating for brass look a practical technique? open Q. (January 8)
43774. Damaged sterling silver from using Tarnex polish (January 7)
18650. Blackening process for Persian tray? (January 7)
18847. Amateur D-I-Y Copper Plating at Home open Q. (January 7)
19039. Cast Iron Cook Stoves: Where to find parts and how to restore (January 7)
30442. What paint do I use on a metal mailbox? (January 7)
33758. Gold ring turns my finger green & black (January 3)
34465. Pre-coating for sublimation transfers onto ceramic (January 3)
07423. Paint not sticking to Ospho (January 3)
25636. Is 1/20 14K gold filled good or cheap jewelry? open Q. (January 3)
07167. How to dry copper without it oxidizing? open Q. (December 27)
02242. How to do Selective Gold Plating on Jewelry (December 27)
06873. Variant on japanning called Crystal Japan camera (December 19)
01685. Is it possible to change the dye color of an already anodized part? (December 19)
42251. Which coating is best for aluminium, anodizing vs. chromating (December 19)
25718. Copper pipe in basement is turning black open Q. (December 19)
34271. Trying to identify old plating on Model A Ford camera open Q. (December 18)
54096. Is my old ceramic lamp gold plated or not? (December 15)
06773. Remove gold plating from flatware open Q. (December 12)
29394. Spot tests for plating type identification (December 11)
34618. New dishwasher detergent discolors silver open Q. (December 11)
38112. Restoring Nickel Plating on Cast Iron (December 9)
38969. Electroplating Aluminum onto Graphite (December 6)
53013. How much area will 4 grams of gold cover? (December 6)
48396. How to increase dendrites and branching in copper plating?open Q. (December 5)
35145. How to clean brass ATMOS clock? open Q. (December 3)
57748. Can copper be plated onto zinc diecast? open Q. (November 25)
29370. What does 14K A & P mean on jewelry? camera open Q. (November 17)
61040. How can I improve my DIY black oxide coating process? camera open Q. (November 16)
39354. Heat colouring of titanium open Q. (November 16)
55324. Gold plating on brass chalice quickly tarnished open Q. (November 16)
24718. Preventing electro galvanic reaction between aluminum and steel open Q. (November 15)
28810. Consumer silver plating solutions (November 13)
13189. Want Non-Conductive Metal Watch Case open Q. (November 1)
19006. Black powder finishing on rim of Stainless steel food canisters open Q. (November 1)
14585. White gold and rhodium over sterling silver ring (October 31)
12362. Coating outdoor table with thick clear pourable epoxy open Q. (October 26)
15303. Safety of bronze flatware/serviceware open Q. (October 26)
52522. Stained stainless steel refrigerator (October 26)
00284. Can I brush gold plate resin figurines? open Q. (October 24)
08966. Cleaning gold plated tea service (October 20)
08937. Problem refinishing cast iron fireplace surround camera open Q. (October 20)
17571. Refinishing Bathroom Faucets / Fixtures open Q. (October 19)
18493. Sterling silver is turning pink (October 19)
15006. Did I etch gold plated brass too deep? (October 14)
20240. More strange U.S. pennies camera (October 11)
30442. What paint do I use on a metal mailbox? (October 10)
32537. Remove oven cleaner damage from aluminum (October 4)
19866. Cleaning zinc clad tabletop? camera (September 29)
29643. Cleaning a church bell (September 29)
40020. Coloring/antiquing a hammered/beaten copper sink camera (September 29)
17772. Anodizing polished aluminum for use as reflector (September 23)
02899. Copper whisker challenge: how to grow copper whiskers camera open Q. (September 23)
56353. How to do copper electroforming onto wax surface camera open Q. (September 22)
31486. Adding patina to galvanized metal open Q. (September 20)
30532. New chrome exhaust pitted [blistered?] from 3-mile ride camera (September 19)
22490. Painting aluminum swimming pool coping open Q. (September 18)
61005. Effects of agricultural lime dust on metal roof open Q. (September 13)
23302. Decorating Painted Galvanized Garbage Cans open Q. (September 12)
39591 Sanding aluminum to matte finish (September 9)
44219. Corrosion in Ford diesel fuel tanks (September 9)
35277. How long can brass be buried? (September 9)
22092. Q&A's, Problems & Solutions on Ruthenium Plating Process open Q. (September 8)
53865. Painting tile around fireplace camera (September 3)
10209. Discoloration of stainless exhaust headers open Q. (September 1)
30092. Etching an aluminum threshold to remove concrete stains (September 1)


22644. Increasing plating speed with agitation, eductors, or non-aqueous baths (December 13)
39965. Digestion of mineral-organic mixture open Q. (December 12)
61034. Aluminium Anodizing followed by reverse-anodizing (December 5)
27089. Electrodeposition of Tungsten? open Q. (November 12)
23142. Good selective coatings for solar absorber open Q. (October 27)
07162. Chemical formula for chromating solutions open Q. (October 11)
61010. Copper Electroplating Experiment with Salt Bridge camera (September 29)
06524. Electrodeposition of Manganese nanowire open Q. (September 23)
45300. How to do Electroforming to make gold jewelry open Q. (September 9)


32807. Nails rusting science project (January 15)
28434. Electroplating copper onto nickel for science project (January 6)
33606. Science project: plating copper onto steel (December 9)
43647. How to measure corrosion for science project (November 21)
26203. Measuring conductivity of fruits and vegetables open Q. (October 29)
04134. Copper sulphate reaction with steel wool (October 2)


15053. Boric acid -- safe for humans? (January 24)
12373. Zinc oxide production by French process (January 16)
04902. Reflection from windows is melting plastic siding open Q. (January 6)
26176. Rubber top for old tanker desks? open Q. (December 18)
30479. Copper corrosion and blue water in residential water system open Q. (December 14)
61036. Unexpected color change in acid solution for soil digestion (November 21)
37106. Cleaning roof mold/moss with bleach (November 16)
13743. Maple Syrup Boiling / Evaporator Pans: use Mild Steel or Galvanized or What? (November 15)
11303. Tarn-X spilled on Granite countertop open Q. (October 31)
53795. Want a chemical that heats up open Q. (October 20)
08792. Where's my Allied-Kelite pension? (October 14)
18029. About licensing for white floor cleaner open Q. (October 1)
21381. What are the five metals of panchalogam open Q. (September 30)
11228. My rabbit may have eaten a boric acid tablet open Q. (September 29)
49464. Cleaning up cement dust from sanding of concrete floor (September 22)
27653. Will modern coinage survive for thousands of years like "Roman" and "British" coins? (September 20)
33143. Stiffel lamps need repair (September 9)


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