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39602. Can stainless steel be Alodined? (May 25)
30012. Best coating for steel trough carrying molten aluminum (May 23)
22164. Difference between electrogalvanized steel and hot dip galvanized steel open Q. (May 23)
60453. Need conductive plating with 2000 hour salt spray resistance open Q. (May 22)
  9755. Cause of green corrosion in copper switch camera open Q. (May 19)
53205. E-coating vs. Zinc plating -- which is the better long term option? open Q. (May 19)
  6009. How to get black finish on stainless steel (May 17)
  7136. Stainless steel that is magnetic? open Q. (April 21)
  3354. Stainless steel corrosion by chloride ions? (April 7)
19766. Galvanic Action between Galvanized and Stainless Steel? (April 5)
42140. Stainless or zinc plated a better galvanic couple with aluminum? (March 31)
50259. Galvanic Action between Stainless Steel and Phosphated Steel open Q. (March 30)
40228. Electroplating of iPhone cover glass camera open Q. (March 28)
  7984. What metals can resist hydrochloric acid? (March 28)
  7605. Black Oxide vs. Phosphate for Automotive Chisels & Punches (March 24)
  9924. Hot Dip Galvanize vs. Zinc Plating (March 19)
51572. Dull metal for a shampoo backbar (March 18)
60406. Finishing of Iron Pipe for Furniture camera (March 18)
27848. Powder coating galvanized lawn edging (March 7)
14785. Stainless investment castings are "rusting" (February 28)
  1686. Corrosion resistance of Hard Chrome vs. HVOF? (February 24)
16305. Washer Periphery on Stainless Steel Wedge Anchors rusting way too fast (February 21)
38265. Why must Copper Bus Bar be Tin Plated? open Q. (February 21)
60390. Food safe cast aluminum coating open Q. (February 20)
  3284. Mold coating to prevent Polyethersulfone adhesion (February 18)
60383. Is there a comprehensive finish/substrate table focused on corrosion resistance? (February 18)
41804. 304SS vs 316SS for demister open Q. (February 4)
60378. What's the best finishing process for exterior steel railing? (January 30)
60375. Sublimation Printing onto an Electroplated Surface open Q. (January 26)
58242. If zinc is more reactive than steel, why does it corrode slower? (January 14)
60283. Cosmetic finish for a brazed Brass/Aluminum part (January 7)
38265. Why must Copper Bus Bar be Tin Plated? open Q. (January 2)
57147. Making a galvanized bolt non-conductive (January 2)
32579. Black zinc chromate plated on stainless steel (January 2)
19266. Corrosion of Zinc blue passivated screws assembled to sulphuric anodised Aluminium Component (January 2)
28801. Need options to color steel red (January 2)
27089. Tungsten plating isn't as hard as it should be open Q. (January 1)



60434. 3-D Printing: Removal of oxide on alloys camera (April 25)
37180. Descaling of Heat Treated Parts open Q. (April 25)
39543. Polishing flat stainless steel motorcycle bottle openers (April 7)
29425. Shot blasting abrasive particles (March 28)
60381. All in one buffing component (March 9)
12526. If the blast profile is higher than required, what is the remedy? open Q. (January 2)


  2511. Passivation Required between Grit Blasting and Paint Finishing? (May 25)
12028. Is degreasing necessary before pickling? open Q. (May 25)
46618. Keeping CA6NM Cast Stainless steel Rust Free open Q. (May 23)
50266. Wire phosphating gets white powder layer open Q. (May 21)
  8401. Using sulphamic acid to clean carbon steel heat exchanger tubes (May 15)
  2258. Non-cyanide electropolishing of gold open Q. (May 12)
10795. Localised Electropolishing of SS (May 2)
  2435. Manganese Phosphate Bath Heating and Sludge Control (April 28)
17826. How to increase zinc phosphate coating weight camera (April 28)
60432. Powder coating pre-treatment per needs, not competitor number/assumptions open Q. (April 17)
60423. Deep etching problems while using Dry Film camera (April 7)
23742. Need composition for jet black phosphatizing open Q. (March 29)
20617. 410SS passivated screws get red rust (March 25)
40139. How to prevent rusting after acid pickling (March 25)
53648. On-site 'out of the tank' Electropolishing process (March 17)
16827. Improving the Composition of our Zinc phosphating process (March 17)
  7046. What is inhibited HCl? Which inhibitor to use? (March 8)
18495. Q&A about electropolishing of stainless steel open Q. (February 26)
16849. Controlling Dissolved Titanium in Etch Solution open Q. (February 21)
14291. Staining during pickling and passivation of 304L (February 21)
  2986. Inconsistent bright dipping of brass open Q. (February 20)
51964. How to use zinc phosphate sludge for the manufacture of bricks? open Q. (February 20)
15010. Chemical removal of heat treating scale and oxides -- steel parts (February 20)
37939. Electropolishing of 202 and 304 grade stainless steel (February 18)
  7862. Best way to remove all trace oils from stainless steel tubing? (January 16)
45662. Can we skip cleaning and de-rusting before phosphatizing if the parts are blasted? open Q. (January 8)
14221. Surface Activation for Phosphating. Grain Size Issues open Q. (January 8)
52624. Zinc phosphating for rubber to metal bonding (January 7)
  4160. Remedial action if ss material blasted with steel shot (January 2)
41404. Rust on zinc phosphated parts camera (January 2)


16048. What to plug tubing with for plating (February 19)
13023. Powder Coating in Lieu of Plastisol for Anodizing Racks open Q. (September 20)



19226. Black Titanium Finish (May 25)
  2076. Less Damaging Stripper for Anodizing Racks? (May 25)
60454. Black anodize issue: pitting and salt-like substance camera (May 23)
46000. 356-T6 Sand Casting Anodizing Issues camera (May 10)
52350. Hardcoat Anodizing Voltage (May 8)
41102. Hard anodic coating before inserting Helicoil? (May 4)
25797. Bonding resistance increases over time -- Olive green cadmium to chromated aluminum open Q. (April 17)
60433. Heat Treat Al Casting for 300 hrs Salt Spray Life open Q. (April 17)
10893. Sharpening up an Alodine 1132 Touch Up Pen open Q. (April 7)
21510. Aluminum electropolishing Q&A's: white spots when touched after drying (April 7)
20361. Spot anodizing for touchup open Q. (April 4)
60424. Plating Aluminum Sand Casting Requiring Electrical Conductivity open Q. (April 4)
42754. Hard anodizing to a matte black finish (April 3)
33735. Aluminum composite tool finishing: Anodizing vs. Electroless Nickel Plating (March 30)
60418. Zinc plating "Rocket Music Wire" open Q. (March 28)
60415. Time Saver, then Direct to Silk Screen? Or must we etch/chromate? open Q. (March 25)
18655. Bead blasting aluminum before anodizing. Cosmetic anodizing. (March 24)
43432. White spot 24 hours after anodizing adc12 aluminum open Q. (March 17)
  5253. Chromate, Alodine, Iridite, Chem-Film? What's the Process & Sequence of Operation (March 7)
32830. Crazing problem in anodizing camera (March 7)
54441. Chromic Acid Anodising REACH push back (February 27)
60398. Pretreatment required before Alodine (Chem-Film on Aluminum) open Q. (February 24)
60391. Is Black on Bright Dip Anodizing Embedded Iron camera open Q. (February 20)
58771. White powder in alodine body open Q. (February 20)
26189. Aluminum embedded in concrete open Q. (February 19)
15825. Uneven color in black anodizing (February 19)
  6559. Alodine is not properly coating 5052 aluminum alloys (February 19)
    497. Black hardcoat anodize aluminum open Q. (February 18)
  3678. Anodised Aluminum Journal Bearing (February 7)
  8041. Gold plating of aluminum (February 3)
60374. Plating on Aluminium without zincate or stannate (January 29) vip
28128. Correcting an air lock in sulphuric acid anodizing open Q. (January 28)
60372. Will Anodizing Come Out Different if Aging is Different? open Q. (January 22)
55301. Hard Anodizing Aluminium LM24 for aesthetics camera open Q.
34822. Alodine 1200S lowest service temperature (January 4)


60455. Zinc plated parts fail 96-hour salt spray after molding step (May 24)
48431. Excessive nitrates in Trivalent Chrome plating bath? (May 23)
12634. What to substitute for unavailable Nickel S-Rounds? (May 22)
36516. Pitting in alkaline zinc iron plating process camera open Q. (May 19)
23301. Formulas for gold and silver brush plating solutions (May 16)
25024. Electrodeposition of titanium open Q. (May 16)
25432. Zinc-Nickel Plating turned dark in 10 days open Q. (May 15)
52165. Gold plating of aluminum camera open Q. (May 15)
43916. Cyanide spots and stains in brass plating open Q. (May 14)
30106. Zinc plating thickness vs. salt spray resistance (May 12)
  6354. Citrate-based silver plating solution? (May 11)
  5358. Large 'nodules' on gold rinse filter camera open Q. (May 11)
38877. Edges are bright, but center is dull in zinc plating camera (May 9)
  1269. Reducing stress and increasing ductility in bright nickel plating (May 9)
  1103. Copper plating has nodules (May 9) ) vip
60379. Chloride stain mark on chrome surface (May 9)
51694. Gold plating is rough, not smooth open Q. (May 8)
  8297. Neutralizing sulfuric activating solution before alkaline zinc plating open Q. (May 5)
44964. Black Nickel Plating Bath Formula, Analysis, & Effect on Hardness open Q. (May 4)
47178. Hard Chrome Plating needs more Salt Spray Test hours open Q. (May 2)
31926. Cad plated parts are failing waterbreak test preparatory to priming open Q. (April 26)
    023. Ruthenium Pen Plating Solution isn't dark enough open Q. (April 25)
56203. Silver plating on kitchen utensils (April 19)
28863. Cyanide Copper Plating Problems (April 17)
35265. How to clean corroded copper before tin plating (April 17)
45763. Is Black Zinc Trivalent Coating Conductive? (April 13)
17382. Citric Acid for Nickel-on-Nickel Plating? (April 11)
60422. Zinc electroplating onto a galvanized surface open Q. (April 7)
23685. Rose gold plating open Q. (April 7)
23303. Nickel Plating Adhesion Problem open Q. (April 4)
34107. Zinc-plate appearance problems (white, powdery, rough surface) open Q. (March 29)
12412. Brighteners and Silver Plating (Potassium Cyanide bath) open Q. (March 29)
60352. Acid vs Cyanide gold plating solutions camera open Q. (March 28)
23686. Gold Bath Amp-Minute Calculations (March 28)
60416. Bright gold plating is fine, but matte finish gold plating fails corrosion testing (March 25)
60411. I polished the parts, then the plating shop plated them ... (March 21)
20395. Rhodium is too porous for corrosion resistance (March 17)
40492. Rusty Satin Nickel Plating camera (March 17)
57461. What to do about an excess of carrier agent in nickel plating bath (March 13)
60410. Reduce cycle time for nickel plating (March 12)
33364. Silver plating on top of tin plating (March 10)
12731. Brush plating nickel onto aluminum (March 9)
40095. "Black Tar" on surface of Acid Zinc Chloride bath (March 9)
36290. Plating on stainless jewelry cracks when engraved (March 8)
49875. Ni-Cr Plating on Shock Absorber Spring fails CASS Test and also Peels (March 7)
    580. Ferrite cores disintegrating after plating or wire bonding camera open Q. (March 2)
36051. Blistering on Cadmium Plated Steel Parts after Chromate Passivation open Q. (February 27)
33386. About specifying zamak plating open Q. (February 25)
48281. Plating zinc die castings without copper strike open Q. (February 25)
10392. Poor coverage on interior of nickel plated Aluminum Casting camera open Q. (February 23)
22524. Suitable electrolyte for german silver plating on real silver product? open Q. (February 23)
45052. "Assisted displacement" / "Contact" plating (February 20)
44518. Discoloration of Tin Plating After Heat Treatment (February 20)
43592. Porosity problem in nickel plating open Q. (February 20)
36321. Need help achieving brushed nickel finishing (February 20)
33245. Passivation of dark trivalent chromium plating open Q. (February 20)
33930. Is it possible to electroplate gold onto a carbon electrode? (February 19)
  4156. Nickel sulphamate bath to make hologram (February 19)
38067. Porosity in base metal causing plating problems camera open Q. (February 18)
37542. Pitting in Nickel Sulfamate Bath open Q. (February 18)
29746. Chrome plating of zinc die castings -- Problems and Solutions (February 7)
60342. Magnetism due to nickel plating (February 7)
60380. Chrome / Nickel Plating for High End Showers (February 7)
34821. Flash gold fails perspiration test open Q. (February 7)
  2114. Cadmium plating brighteners open Q. (February 3)
56947. Voltages and rectifier selection for chrome plating process (January 24)
28851. Some problems with Process of Zinc-Nickel Plating (January 13)
12412. Brighteners for silver plating (January 11)
56270. Discoloration of Zinc Plating with Yellow Chromate Treatment camera open Q. (January 5)


16897. Electroless Nickel Plating on 316SS Electrolyser Electrodes open Q. (May 18)
44753. "Regular" electroplating versus diamond electroplating open Q. (May 3)
42907. Brown stains on electroless nickel plated materials camera (April 18)
053. Jump starting electroless nickel plating onto copper and brass (April 5)
45977. Ground electroless nickel plating is turning black open Q. (April 1)
36730. White stains in electroless nickel plating of pendants (March 26)
60350. Electroless satin nickel plating too sensitive to fingerprinting open Q. (February 20)
55101. Is it necessary to remove the wax from hollow electroformed jewelry? (February 18)
20973. Problems and Solutions in ENIG (Electroless nickel / immersion gold) (February 7)
    572. Salt spray test capacity of Electroless Nickel Plating of 10-20 microns (February 2)
  3408. Plating of ULTEM 9085 open Q. (February 1)


28527. Base coats and top coats for vacuum metallizing open Q. (March 30)
43412. PVD coating very small parts (March 19)
  7846. PVD coatings: color control (January 4)
60307. PVD Coatings for Erosion and Corrosion Resistance (November 10)


40753. Galvanizing Kettle melted, why? camera open Q. (May 22)
49676. Calculating the cost of too-thick galvanizing open Q. (May 7)
50428. Fluxing in pure zinc chloride? (May 2) vip
40753A.Starting-up a Galvanizing Kettle: stacking Zinc Ingots (April 25)
57322. Thick Galvanized Coatings, How to Get, What is Maximum (April 4)
  7666. Hot Dipped Galvanized Coatings: G90 vs. G60 (March 24)
45719. Hot dip galvanizing: what is reasonable dross & ash material loss? (March 20)
43365. Hot dip galvanizing flux Q & A's, Problems and Solutions open Q. (March 17)
59756. Need DARK galvanising alloy. What is black galvanizing? camera (March 6)
15377. How to build a Hot-Dip Galvanizing Kettle open Q. (February 19)
43825. When does a galvanising waste Zn recovery plant become financially feasible? (February 19)
60382. What is the deposition rate of flux on steel in galvanizing? open Q. (February 2) vip
40753. Galvanizing Kettle melted, why? Q&A's for starting-up and maintaining a kettle (February 2)
41349. Cutting up solidified zinc in galvanizing tank (January 28)
46161. White rust on galvanised railings at a waterfront house open Q. (January 22)
26015. Defective PVDF coated GI sandwich panels camera open Q. (January 18)
54105. Aluminium additions to Galvanizing Kettle (January 18)
60351. Big Galvanizing $$ Savings by REDUCING DRY SKIMS (MZR, NIFTY, BETTER FLUX) by Dr. Thomas H. Cook (January 6)
38207. How to produce spangle on galvanizing open Q. (October 10)


11740. Steel wool removes bluing (May 3)
  6688. Blackening Process for D2 Tool Steel (April 18)
  3278. Black Oxide Smut Test (April 17)
47534. Galvanising Plant - Zinc Ash and Zinc Dross (April 7)
19006. Black Finish for Stainless Steel camera (March 28)
    982. A fast way to get "slow rust finish" (March 25)
  7077. Black oxide on top of black nickel plating (March 17)
  1150. The black oxide process and gun bluing open Q. (March 7)
60393. Black oxide per Mil-13924 Q&A's about the spec (February 21)
60313. Surface issues with blackened steel rods (February 2)
60337. Caustic black oxide without tank immersion - could it work? open Q. vip (November 29)

    2g. OTHER INORGANIC FINISHING: Mechanical Plating, QPQ, Metal Spray, etc.

60402. Heavy mechanical nickel plate (March 6)
  1207. Need information on Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (February 18)
13026. Graphite coating for heat and wear resistance (February 6)



13029. Salt spray test failure of CED coating in 600 hours (May 5)
35573. Can we get 96 hours of salt spray resistance from e-coating? (April 11)
57561. Pin holes in CED e-coating camera open Q. (April 1)
32574. Roughness in CED coating open Q. (March 24)
18067. Uneven CED coating open Q. (March 24)
11694. E-coat finish and ground straps (March 17)
23620. E-coating vs. Powder Coating vs. E-coating Plus Powder Coating (March 6)
49724. Problems at corners/edges on e-coated part open Q. (January 17)


  4745. Powder Coating on Galvanized Steel open Q. (April 26)
18491. Poor impact resistance of Powder Coating on top of CED Coating (April 25)
44567. Can chrome lip on a wheel withstand the heat when powdercoating? (April 17)
55855. Effect of resin on reducing Faraday cage effect open Q. (April 17)
60428. Decreased powder flow when coating lower racking arms open Q. (April 8)
46158. Powder Coating of PaintLok steel (March 26)
  3650. Laser etch on black powder coating is okay, but on colored it's unclear & charred camera (March 6)
  5753. PPE for Powder Coating (January 14)


45245. E-coating for silver jewelry open Q. (February 27)
60395. Why did our brass parts turn reddish brown? (February 22)
30273. Clear coating Cu/Ni/Sb/Au/Black Zinc plating on zinc die-casting for Anti-scratch camera open Q. (February 20)
56727. Gold Plating Iphones and mobile phones, Q & A's camera (January 2)


26495. Formula for preparing NC Thinner and Auto Thinner open Q. (May 24)
23536. Spray finish of silver nitrate, "Chrome look" paint" video (May 9)
30598. Lawnmower coating -- anti-stick? (May 9)
15246. Formulation for silicate paint open Q. (March 31)
26316. Teflon to rubber bonding (March 29)
60408. Coating Adhesion on sanded vs. unsanded 1018 CR Steel (March 26)
  4016. Scratch resistant coating for Poly Carbonate drinkware (March 22)
16643. Sublimation printing onto rubber open Q. (February 21)
  9298. Screen printing HDPE open Q. (February 19)
16257. Painting galvanized pipe open Q. (January 19)
37471. How to get paint to adhere to anodized cast iron (January 16)
22874. Painting Stainless Steel (January 2)



60445. Need to selectively get right patina colors to make a world globe (April 25)
15330. Cold blackening of copper is coming out red (April 18)


  1216. Silver Plating fails notchbar tests despite hydrogen embrittlement relief before & after plating (May 15)
  1747. Chrome plating turns yellow after hydrogen de-embrittlement open Q. (April 19)
  1397. Dewetting issue on products plated with nickel and tin (April 18)
56819. Discoloration from Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief after Plating (March 20)
44008. Is H2 embrittlement relief required for cad plated 15-5 PH? open Q. (March 10)


41112. How to remove Powder Coating open Q. (May 24)
60419. How to remove PVD from Plastic? (April 17)
24520. How to remove anodizing from anodized stainless steel parts? open Q. (February 4)
33078. Strip (remove) Copper Plating open Q. (February 3)
  2076. Removing anodizing from aluminum open Q. (January 11)



60442. Where to buy Hull Cell "Stress Tabs" (April 23)
56043. Copper Plating of MIG Wire: How to Check Adhesion? open Q. (April 18)
18375. Thickness checking methods for Zinc Nickel electroplated components (April 18)
17894. Sodium Hydroxide: How to make to 0.5 M strength (April 4)
11434. Cyanide Copper plating Solution Analysis open Q. (March 31)
22320. What is a Hull Cell Test, Why is it done, Where to Get a Hull Cell, More ... (March 31)
60420. Plating that withstands hydrogen chloride acid open Q. (March 29)
  3999. How to distinguish between zinc and cadmium metals? camera (March 24)
36214. Analytical procedure for Selenium Copper blackening solution? (March 19) vip
46657. Process/Procedure for Cross Hatch Test - Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test (March 3)
11573. How to measure efficiency of cleaning of metal? open Q. (January 15)
  7652. XRF method for plating thickness measurement open Q. (January 4)


  7245. Reducing COD in waste water open Q. (May 23)
60447. Reducing smallest trace of salt on the surface before coating (May 11)
12873. Silica removal from water open Q. (March 20)
  7063. Recovery of copper from electroplating and etching solutions video (March 20)
60409. Disposing of nickel acetate and copper acetate solution (March 13)
60403. Excessive amount of caustic to treat effluent from pickling plant (March 10)
51446. Ferric chloride or sulphate vs. ferrous chloride/sulphate open Q. (February 28)
41896. High TDS problem at effluent treatment plant open Q. (February 20)
32443. Can we boost pH for mixed bed, but not conductivity? (February 19)
46369. Buffer for nickel electrowinning (January 30)
30932. Ion Exchange / DM plant calculations open Q. (January 23)
33620. Boiler treatment issues and solutions open Q. (January 21)
14022. Recovering gold from plating waste water open Q. (January 7)


11017. What if you washed your hair with deionized water? (May 23)
16433. My husband is sick from welding galvanized steel (April 23)
34002. Dangers/Toxicity of inhaling muriatic acid fumes open Q. (April 8)
14264. Safety of patching a meat smoker with a 2" square piece of galvanized metal. open Q. (March 25)
  9098. Fumes from burning or welding Galvanized Iron (March 19)
21703. Is galvanized desk organizer safe? open Q. (March 15)
29644. Need help with disposal of new unused Sodium Cyanide (February 24)
  3606. Black Chrome Plating of a Still (February 18)
10826. Consumer available product to coat accessories that are not nickel free? open Q. (January 19)
34726. Can I use galvanized metal for kitchen tabletop? (January 7)
22092. Ruthenium Plating Process (January 6)


49155. Short term storage of HCl in Steel Tank open Q. (May 18)
29985. Conveyor chain is lurching (April 17)
60417. Rinse tank turns brown in a short time camera (March 25)
60389. Boiling nickel plating solution turns dusty parrot green camera (March 18)
60401. Safety of locating anodize rectifiers near painting & powder coating open Q. (February 27)
  6151. What is involved in setting up a zinc and clear plating line? open Q. (February 19)
31265. Should non-electrified metal tanks be grounded? open Q. (February 3)
60316. Solar Powered battery rack as Electroplating Power Source? vip (January 1)


35197. Questions about zinc electroplating specification Fe/Zn8 open Q. (April 24)
48221. Difference between MIL-C-5541E, AMS-C-5541, and MIL-DTL-541F? open Q. (April 22)
60444. Metal Finishing Blueprints (April 23)
50746. ASTM A967 passivation with citric acid (April 18)
15001. GMW14872 Mass Loss Target Ranges for Coupons open Q. (April 4)
46175. We need NADCAP certification (April 1)
40943. Aesthetic standards to get matching parts from multiple vendors open Q. (March 31)
34052. Manganese phosphate coating on steel (March 9)
42063. Q&A on MIL-P-23377 primer open Q. (February 23)
14057. ASTM or ISO spec for mill scale? (February 3)
44376. Looking for Boeing Finish Code F-1003 open Q. (January 22)
    097. Plating training in Malaysia or Singapore? open Q. (January 15)
    645. Need books about plating open Q. (January 8)


60388. Passivation per MIS-20134 (February 20)
60376. Madsnell Etch open Q. (February 7)
  2788. What is "BUFF#200" finish, presumably Japanese? (February 7)

    5g. REACH, RoHS, EOL Directive; Cd, Pb, Cr+6, Nitric Acid & Phosphate Replacements

39839. Surface Chromium Increase for MIl-DTL-5541 Expected? open Q. (May 22)
35470. What's the big deal with RoHS and REACH Compliance? (May 15)
26136. Alternatives to decorative chrome plating open Q. (March 8) vip
  4600. Cleaning flux residue from Aluminum without nitric acid (February 19)
51045. Cost efficiency of "Never-dump" Chromates? open Q. (January 20)


51470. How to achieve hardness up to 45-50 HRC on C45? open Q. (May 21)
16945. 101 Q&A's about Corten weathering steel open Q. (May 14)
55972. Black stained areas on annealed surface open Q. (May 6)
29294. Are some stainless steels more resistant to yellowing when heated? open Q. (April 22)
50226. Difference between Stainless Steel grade 304 and 202 open Q. (March 18)
12545. How to Anneal Stainless Steel to Soften It open Q. (March 2)
60377. Is it possible to gas carburize mild steel? (January 28)
55257. How to anneal barbells to bend shaft into circles open Q. (January 16)
12132. Protecting weld areas on 316L stainless steel from hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid (January 2)


33795. Painting procedure for motorcycle fuel tank? open Q. (May 25)
60331. Extending corrosion durability beyond 'normal' hard coat anodizing? open Q. (May 23)
37324. Rhodium allergy? open Q. (May 23)
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58797. Trying to identify a 1950s anti-corrosion automotive metal finish camera (May 20)
46476. How to Matte Tint Electroless Nickel Plated Aluminum open Q. (May 15)
  6082. Difference Between Chrome and Nickel Plating (May 12)
56879. Old Pistol Finishes: Chrome or Nickel, Original Plating or Replated? open Q. (May 12)
33774. Gold plating over sterling silver? (May 11)
18848. Painting brass faucets and handles (May 11)
16370. How to refine gold foil without using borax or any acid? open Q. (May 8)
31886. Finishing secrets for Parawood tables, chairs & furniture open Q. (May 8)
19866. Protecting a zinc tabletop for outdoor use? (May 8)
41066. Dishwasher ruined shiny aluminum -- How to fix it? (May 6)
11172. Preparing acid copper brightener (May 6)
34446. Chlorine tablet stains on stainless steel (May 5)
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49880. Aluminum horse trailer corrosion protection (April 25)
45132. Where to find Didi Seven cleaner? open Q. (April 24)
42007. Fix White spots in Walk-In Cooler open Q. (April 21)
  1198. How to Darken Copper, Brass or Bronze camera (April 19)
10337. Jeweler plated my vintage gold ring too bright (April 18)
60431. Replating Vintage Refrigerator Handles camera open Q. (April 17)
25718. Copper pipe is turning black open Q. (April 14)
13218. Removing paint from nickel plating camera (April 14)
16033. Remove Oil From Waste Water At Home video (April 12)
  6590. How to paint a galvanized metal roof open Q. (April 11)
60429. Can one use a battery charger as an anodizing power supply? open Q. (April 8) vip
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56581. Purple film on anodized aluminum? open Q. (February 24)
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21436. Cleaning headstone Bronze Markers (March 19)
    085. Problems and solutions for copper electroforming camera open Q. (March 16)
16063. Stainless Steel vs. Galvanized for Water immersion (March 15)
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16699. Geneva Metal Kitchen Cabinets: Painting, Removing Dents (March 6)
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41124. Q&A's Replating of Silver Rings (February 26)
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  2456.   Zinc-nickel parts at home open Q. (February 26)
  7398. Stripping chrome from old car parts (February 26)
  7423. Ospho pretreatment of metal roof before painting open Q. (February 25)
  3974. Removing Black Oxide Coatings open Q. (February 22)
  2406. Can't source ammonium chloride for zinc plating (February 21)
60291. Green Dust on the car chrome camera (February 20)
40763. Stainless steel and metallic taste (February 20)
36445. Remove chrome completely from an auto grill for painting (February 20)
35556. Stainless or nickel-plated parts better for smoker? (February 20)
24172. Etching carbon steel die-cutting knife open Q. (February 19)
22586. Is stainless steel hard enough for gun barrels? open Q. (February 19)
22541. Ceramic coating for black exhaust tips? (February 19)
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26801. Solving an electrolysis problem in home plumbing (February 19)
11263. Painting of anodized aluminum window frames open Q. (February 19)
11146. Replacement for corrugated iron roof open Q. (February 19)
  7077. Does black nickel plating need lacquering? (February 19)
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55324. Contamination Stains on Gold Plated Brass (February 18)
57431. Preparing a Pewter Surface to be Oil Painted (February 18)
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31095. Stopping aluminium window frame corrosion (February 7)
60384. How can I bond heavily rusted pieces of metal to each other? (February 7)
26415. "Chrome-look" paint / Chroming at Home (February 3)
37559. Inexpensive attractive finish on bonderized metal open Q. (February 3)
  2662. Preserving heat coloring of copper when clear coating open Q. (January 28)
26845. How to paint a stove top open Q. (January 22)
31597. Refinishing of Revereware Copper Bottom pans (January 22)
11428. Restoring a cast iron wood stove open Q. (January 21)
    790. How to antique copper open Q. (January 17)
19035. Hydrogen peroxide used for tile cleaning turned my stainless steel brown (January 16)
13388. Galvanized roofing for bathroom walls (January 16)
43464. Gold is turning my skin green open Q. (January 15)
35320. Costume Jewelry for Photo Jewelry open Q. (January 13)
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42765. Testing Red Gold open Q. (January 8)
  7897. Aluminum saildrive is pitting; is copper bottom paint the problem? camera (January 4)
41408. Artist made me a steel fountain but it's rusting away immediately open Q. (January 4)
22798. Removing bright gold colored finish from Japanese pot metal replicas camera (January 2)
33531. Non-cyanide silver plating for jewelry items open Q. (January 1)


    601. Electroless Copper Plating on Alumina (May 9)
60449. Sizing calculations for an electroplating line (May 9)
30594. How to dissolve tin sulphate in water open Q. (May 2)
60425. Polyvinyl alcohol PVA film adhesion with epichlorhydrine ECO rubber (April 4)
  8007. What part does voltage play in electroplating? (February 26)
54203. Electroless nickel plating of cast iron for school project (February 20)
34579. Does electrical resistance change if conductor is in tension? open Q. (February 2)
35289. Anode for pulse reverse plating of chromium camera (January 26)
60353. Pickle Inhibitors for 300 series Austenic Stainless open Q. (January 16)
34692. Why not electroplate a gold look with iron pyrite? (January 14)
14623. Science project on electrolytic cleaning plates (January 10)
60310. Thermal effects of drilling steel (January 1)
60228. PVDF coating PVC coated fibers (January 1)
60231. More metal was electrodeposited at low flow rate than at high flow rate (January 1)
13255. Stainless steel pipe for sea water (January 1)
60274. Gold coating on PVDF (January 1)
29312. Formaldelhyde leaks into boiler at shutdown (January 1)


  9716. Blue colour in copper sulphate solution! HELP! (May 11)
11566. Lemon juice as electricity source (April 20)
32807. Nails rusting science project open Q. (April 18)
26613. Plating silver onto copper with silver nitrate (April 18)
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  7278. Building Black-Powder Cannons open Q. (March 24)
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    139. Why does this electrolytic derusting trick work? (January 24)
11608. Science project: Gold Quarter Coin open Q. (January 22)
26203. Fruits making electricity? (January 16)
11675. Understanding and converting resistance, resistivity, conductance, and conductivity (January 11)
13443. Why do citric acids clean pennies best (January 6)


  9128. Copper Sulphate as Swimming Pool Algae Remedy? open Q. (May 25)
22525. How much ABF and HF for bathtub etching? (May 12)
14995. Excessive Iron in Swimming Pool Water (May 4)
38657. Measuring thickness of mill scale open Q. (May 4)
19039. Cast Iron Cook Stoves: Where to find parts and how to restore open Q. (May 3)
53795. Want a chemical that heats up when mixed with water open Q. (April 24)
32428. Epoxy Coating Copper Piping rather than Re-piping open Q. (April 19)
29544. Washing machine drain line backs up (April 17)
11303. How to Remove Stains from Granite Countertops open Q. (April 1)
53283. What will eat away the insulation on copper wire but leave the copper behind (March 31)
19529. Refining of silver chloride to silver metal open Q. (March 31)
31683. Working Principle of Urea Reactor open Q. (March 21)
60385. Resin to make spiral staircase balustrade (February 26)
13743. Maple Syrup Boiling / Evaporator Pans: use Mild Steel or Galvanized or What? (February 26)
60399. Bleaching Saguaro (Cactus) Skeletons open Q. (February 24)
12123. PVC thin profile formulation open Q. (February 22)
53511. Recovering gold from cyanide copper plating waste open Q. (February 20)
17806. How to Change a Ring from Yellow to White Gold (January 24)
18889. Removing gold from electronics open Q. (January 22)
21024. Chromate poisoning from concrete work? open Q. (January 22)
34676. Best and Easiest way to refine gold open Q. (January 16)
10153. Sedgwick Residential Elevators open Q. (January 16)
23016. Removing thrown egg -- now frozen -- from car (January 10)
20150. Permissable gold losses in refining (January 3)

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