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37000. Tape test required for the adhesion
37001. 44 hrs CASS CHROME
37002. Control of the fumes
37003. Regenerating anodize bath
37004. Copper contamination effect in 63%sn-37%pb solder for wave soldering
37005. Electroplating History
37006. Heat, quench, and bend test to detect delayed flaking / blistering
37007. Rust on stainless steel welds
37008. Passivating/Pickling
37009. Thermal Deburr of ASTM 52100 material
37015. Looking for a workable process of stainless electropolishing
37016. Information to everyone on Hydrochloric acid - What is it
37017. Changing Anodizing color?
37018. Zirconium based conversion coating wastewater
37019. Barrel plating fill media
37020. Problems with "DRYON" in plating
37021. Cleaner before Iridite 6061 on aluminum
37022. Red Cherry colored spots after cleaning and buffing of copper
37023. Want graphite type coating on the surface of cured rubber
37027. Need cleaning/polishing of small brass tea table
37030. Sublimation coating on vinyls
37032. Looking for materials to be plated on a steel electrical terminal
37033. Painting on Zinc Trumpets
37034. Gold plating pewter
37035. Blow Holes
37037. Mural Painting on Copper, exterior exposure
37038. Cleaning of Stainless Steel Sheet Metal
37039. Galvanized vs. zinc anodized bicycle chain
37040. What is the secondary treatment with specialty black no. 55 mean
37041. Which test for low performance plating on Steel parts?
37042. pH Meters
37043. Easy way to check plating quality
37044. Brass gold plating
37045. Reliability of silver contacts in relay pressure switch
37046. Documentation needed on suitability of zinc plating and chromating
37047. Grounding issues on crs / clear zinc plated power supplies
37048. Electrogalvanizing of wire
37049. Silkscreen on Anodize
37050. Principle of Chemical Polishing
37051. Rinsing after stainless steel passivation
37052. Abrasive blasting to prepare aluminum for powder coating
37053. Polishing stainless processes and grits
37055. Can anyone suggest a coating or plating for this application?
37056. Nickel peeling problem
37058. Problem noticed in anodization
37059. Peeling after 180 Degree bend test
37060. What contamination causes yellowish tone for plating with zinc chloride in Hull Cell?
37061. Neutralizing 1/2 litre of nitric acid 70%
37062. SS 431 corrosion resistance
37063. ASTM Standards for NSS test on wheels
37064. Titanium coating of stainless steel
37065. Is roller painting a car with cellulose possible
37067. Electroplating Copper onto Nickel Seed
37070. Haze in Semi-Bright Nickel
37073. White Spots on Tin Plating on Brass
37077. Powder paint removal without ruining spring temper?
37079. Electroless nickel plating formulation
37080. Trees on stainless steel acid copper plating process camera
37081. Seeking article: "Brush Electrolytic Polishing" by Mazia
37082. Calculation of Cascade rinse water consumption
37083. Quantitative determination of nickel sulfamate
37084. Polyurethane system adhesion problem on titanium
37085. Need 6061 T6 to retain as much heat as possible
37088. Black anodising problem
37089. Protection against salt spray test on stainless steel
37092. Removing Chromium from rinse waters after ion tanks are regenerated
37093. Heat Treat Coatings
37096. Cylinder wall / piston ring holy grail?
37097. Enamel / epoxy drop off easily on silver plated surface
37098. How far do I have to oxidate the silver layer?
37102. Tape test on Silver or Tin parts
37104. Pretreatment for high mag aluminum
37105. Linear indications on 4340 Steel
37106. Can you just buy sodium hypochlorite?
37107. Epoxy to repair chrome plating tank
37108. Technical problem in high vacuum coating plant
37109. Mirror finish of stainless steel wire product
37111. Coating on SS304/SS316 or Hastelloy-X having emissivity of 0.9 or above
37112. Q&A on straightening and filling repairs for alloy wheels
37113. Application of Mo foil/powder/wires in the powder coating industry
37117. Platen Press Restoration
37118. RoHs and stainless steel
37119. Knowledge of electroforming of electrotrans machine
37120. Corrosion between electroless nickel and and substrate and/or strike layer
37121. Brass hinges
37122. Removing Tin From an Old Mark V Dive Helmet
37123. Chrome removal/painting
37127. How to design scrubbers
37128. Industrial waste water treatment
37129. Coatings for grinding CNC machines
37131. Need reference info on calcium treatments to aluminum
37133. Hard Anodizing Tank
37136. Chemically stable epoxy resin
37137. Anodising pure zinc
37138. Reclaiming gold from black IC's
37139. Newly married and cannot wear wedding/engagement rings due to allergy to ALL metals but titanium and yellow gold
37140. Trivalent chromate color
37142. Can you explain ASTM B 117-90 salt spray (fog) testing?
37143. Remove phosphatization from the surface of the sheets
37144. Will Clear Zinc Plating cause parts to break?
37145. Teflon coating to BOLT/NUT
37146. Paint system for aluminum corrugated sheets for roofs
37147. Recycling of Wasted Powder Coating Material
37148. Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
37149. Titanium oxide coating
37150. White Spots on Zinc Plated Cast Iron
37151. Application of Alodine or Iridite touchup on steel
37152. Electrical Bonding of Connectors
37153. Green rust on welded corners
37154. Powder coating
37155. Characterizing nano-ceramic paint pre-treatment on the shop floor
37156. Problem with passivating SS410 screw with 25%-45% Nitric Acid
37157. Aluminum question
37162. Two-bed resistivity of 7 mega drops from 17.3 Mega to 9 Mega
37163. Analysis for Cu+1 and Cu+2 in Alkaline copper bath
37164. Powder finish is oxidizing significantly every week
37165. 2nd coats for powder coating system
37167. Nickel plating
37168. White 'frostiness' of black passivated zinc plated components
37169. Contamination
37172. Paint sinkage
37173. Painting Pool Balls
37174. Will a small fissure in hard coat anodizing compromise the integrity of the base aluminum?
37176. Need Spec. # ES-FODB-14A686-AA
37177. How far should I test for salt spray (fog) testing according to ASTM B 117-90?
37178. Reference Standard for Calibration of Conductivity Meter
37179. R/O vs DI water for finishing stainless steel
37181. Solder sticking on fasteners head
37182. Paint defect on ABS
37183. Color consistency comparison for stove enameled and powder coating finish
37184. Bubble on Ni/Cu plated material
37185. Class 3 Iridite colors
37186. Hardcoating anodization variables
37187. Acid cleaning on chrome moly pipes
37188. Best Sleeve Material/Coating in Saltwater Environment
37190. Hardcoat Anodize Rinsing Bubbles
37192. Enamel preparation
37193. Welding galvanized steel 0,5 mm against galvanized steel 3mm
37194. Silkscreening aluminum
37195. Black Oxide/Black Zinc Plated
37196. Any coating on Cu (Al) to prevent reaction with Ga alloy?
37197. Commercial bathrooms ceramic tile "epoxy coating overlay"
37199. Polypropylene Random Copolymer
37200. Prevention of scales by use of coat before HT operation
37204. Welding of dissimilar metals or crevice corrosion? camera
37205. How to tell plated vs sterling silver? camera
37208. Electroless copper plating
37209. Removal of tin oxide after welding process camera
37210. Was alum surface scratched before or after coating?
37211. Conversion coating rinse method
37213. Cleaning forged pins
37214. LSI vs. pipe life
37217. How do I make the 24k plating solution for brush plating
37218. Need a example write up of a business plan for starting a plating business
37219. How to deal with changing ASTM Passivation Standards
37220. Chemical etching to remove MgF2 - LaF3 splate from optics
37221. Passivation of Phosphated Component
37222. What will be the best chrome machine for bike parts
37223. Chroming galvanized steel saw horses
37224. Controlling parameters for Zinc plating process
37231. Zinc plating spec ES-1275, how thick?
37232. Nickel Plated Anodes For Electro Cleaner
37233. Determination of Chromium ppm on the Galvanized and Chromated sheet
37234. Wave soldered leads not passing solderability
37235. Dacro Finishing
37237. Titanium Nitride/PVD Coating
37238. Electroless nickel
37240. Chemfilm. Clear or gold?
37241. Problem with Electropolishing SS410 material
37242. Ideal temperature of phosphate rinse
37243. Effect of SS316L metallurgy on electropolishing
37244. Ideal Surface Prior to Phosphating
37249. Hardness of grade material
37250. Nitriding in SS 321
37251. Plating copper and tin on to a Liquid Salt Bath Ferritic Nitrocarburizing process ARCOR
37252. Life expectancy for properly passivated stainless steel in a coastal environment
37255. Restoring the dichromate finish on carburetors
37256. Baron Blakeslee vapor degreaser from 1960s
37257. Regarding washing of chem treated galvanized parts
37259. Rusting observed on siemens grey powder coated box in marine water
37260. Ratio mixes for chrome plating ABS
37261. Random Voids on Cu Ni Au over BeCu camera
37263. Patina to make cheap-looking shiny brass came old- looking? camera
37265. How exactly copper sulfate kills or destroys algae?
37266. Coating of lithium oxide
37267. Electrodes for electrolysis of water
37268. Testing of activator for pcb plating
37270. Etchant to view Kovar from Silver
37271. Finish/Painting on stainless steels and aluminum sheets
37272. Some problems about plating
37273. How to dissolve stainless steel 304 and 316
37277. Stripping gold from TiN, base material is stainless steel
37278. Nanocrystalline copper
37279. Patinating powder coated brass
37281. Masking for Carburization
37282. Pin holes on plated zinc diecastings surface camera
37286. Specifications for e-coat on cold rolled steel
37287. Nitric acid passivation of Ion Vapor Deposited coating
37292. Electroplating with copper and copper nitrate
37293. Bright Dipping Specification
37295. Need info and suppliers for copper flash
37296. Looking to get into zinc plating
37297. Chromate conversion problem
37298. HCl purification
37299. I have a trombone and would like to color it
37300. Failures in heat affected zones
37302. Books about autophoretic coatings
37303. Want to chrome metal parts on my 1977 Beetle
37304. Removing green patina from bathroom sink fixtures
37305. Chrome table and chairs
37306. How to remove bubbles formed in the plating sump?
37307. How to prevent hydrogen embrittlement during chroming per FAA Mil-Specs?
37308. High aluminum content in hot dip galvanized coating
37309. Etching magnesium alloys/aluminum alloys and other metals
37310. Centrifugal disc finishing against conventional vibratory systems
37311. Specifying requirements for 8 RMS lapped finish?
37312. PVC sticks in 420 Steel sea-wall extrusion die
37314. Urgently need TS-1998/2K - Salt Spray Test Equipment
37316. Chroming a motorcycle
37317. Hexavalent chrome in surface of chromic acid anodized parts
37318. Is black oxide RoHS compliant?
37319. Can you develop my plating process? Ni on Au
37320. "Passivating" carbon steel using Citric Acid
37323. Adding color to chrome plating of mild steel
37324. Rhodium allergy?
37325. Dichromate, Diecast 380 Aluminum? What is it really, RoHS compliant?
37326. How do you Objectively define Superficial Staining?
37327. ALODINE 600 VS 1200
37335. Gutta-percha
37336. Kesternich test
37337. Anodize, + or -
37338. Cleaning Fine Internal Threads
37339. Zinc Phosphate Insulating Coating for Electrical Steels
37340. I want to etch my dental implants
37341. Stainless Steel Oxidation in Commercial Swimming Pools
37342. Third metal between aluminum shaft and stainless steel bearing in salt fog
37343. Influence of temperature dryer on corrosion of blue passivated zinc
37348. Should I take the plating shop job?
37349. Tire removal when polishing wheels
37350. Yellow gold changed color
37351. List of electrolyte used for plating
37352. "Dumpling" process for Aluminum
37355. Cryogenic treated plain high carbon steel verses 2% nickel steel for bandsaw blade
37356. Thermowell coating of tungsten carbide
37357. Black Oxide on Stainless. Help dealing with smut residue
37358. Query On Blackening Process
37359. Metal to rubber vulcanization bonding affected by plating
37360. Hard chrome 316 stainless steel
37361. Finger print on satin chrome plating
37362. Epoxy-anodizing: compatible?
37363. What is the coating on aluminum cast motor/pump bodies
37364. How to get grey satin finish on s.s.304 rod
37365. Buffing out scratches on window frame
37372. Cold black oxide for Katana blade
37374. Coating thickness problem
37377. Student anodizing
37378. Indian Standard for Zinc Plating with Black Passivation
37379. Adhesion between nickel sulfamate plate and acid copper plate
37381. Roof on house built in 1936
37382. Need outdoor corrosion protection
37386. Theoretical treatment for sodium hydroxide for school project
37387. Test Kits for Etch Lines
37388. 304L and Phosphoric acid
37390. New paint removal
37391. Year When Chrome Plating Became Widespread in US
37392. Powder coated versus baked enamel finish on aluminum fence
37393. Decorative finishes for stainless steel
37394. Possibility of cadmium caused breast cancer at same time in 3 sisters?
37397. Edge deburr of sheared nickel and stainless sheet
37398. Corrosion resistent plating for aluminum to protect against engine exhaust gases
37399. Automatic plant for silver recovery from scrap xray film
37401. How can testing ph levels and rust help the world
37402. Care for platinum plating over 18kt gold
37404. Very fundamental electroplating apparatus
37405. Salt spray testing of zinc deposit
37406. Hard chrome removal affects the copper surface underneath
37407. Hydrogen embrittlement - detection
37408. E-coat racking designs to compensate for un-uniform coating across a rack
37409. Excess Sludge Buildup in Zinc Phosphating Bath
37414. Best metal for your electrodes?
37415. Cleaning agent for salts deposits and rusts EQUIPMENT and utensils
37416. Recovery of Gold and Disposal of Cyanide Plating Solutions
37417. Hot dip galvanized zinc coated steel studs in a indoor swimming pool
37418. Pumping electroless nickel
37419. Copper plate w/ Trivalent Chromate Finish
37420. Protective coating for zinc plated steel?
37421. Zinc media for shot blast aluminum deflashing catching on fire
37425. Prepare Pure Nickel Sulphate Crystal
37426. Question regarding copper paint on copper
37427. Gold+ ?=TAA test qualified
37429. Paint on PP
37430. Analysis of soft gold plating process; removing nickel contaminants
37434. Electroless gold plating
37435. Question about the electroplating process
37436. Marketing gold plating chemicals
37437. Black Powder Coat PVC RoHS Compliant
37438. Exposure time of galvanized material Cr3 in salt spray fog chamber
37439. Electroless Nickel, Rockwell C, Temperature and Bake times
37440. Paint hooks for E-coat paint systems
37442. Automobile Rim Finish
37443. Removing the effects of paint stripper on sheet metal
37444. Silver dip
37445. Difference between yellow and black passivation
37449. Platinum wire insulation coating
37450. Chemically Rusting Galvanized Metal
37451. We use platinized titanium as cathode, some use carbon or copper. how come?
37452. Is there a way to plate Tin with some sort of BLACK coating (oxide, anodize, etc)?
37453. Abrasive blasting prior to EN plating
37454. EN over 380 Aluminum
37455. Discoloration of EN plated Aluminum 6061-T6
37456. White rust in zinc plating with blue passivation
37457. Anodize Color
37458. Anodize almag 35
37460. Electrically conductive aluminum coating
37463. Electrolysis of water
37464. Plating with and without electricity
37465. What is the etching for Fe-Cr?
37466. Zinc Electrolysis
37467. Remove concrete stain for gold and diamond ring
37468. Cad brighteners
37470. Stainless steel polishing
37479. Accelerated corrosion testing saltwater
37480. Spring Plating
37481. Non-Corrosive scratch resistant finish for Al-GRP Composite panels in marine environment
37482. Burrs on tin plated PDIP devices
37484. Trivalent zinc plating composition
37485. White rust on back of the prepainted galvanized strip
37486. Very Long Copper Plating Time
37487. Passivation of Aluminum Cylinders
37490. Cr VI question
37491. What is the meaning of "fish skin" for the surface texture of aluminum?
37493. Procedure and Process in powder coating on sheet metal parts
37494. Lettering applied to powder-coated aluminum
37495. What is black oxide per EES 107-6?
37496. Tin plating over zinc plated stud, any problem?
37497. Anodization of continuous Al web - voltage and current fluctuations
37498. Best finish for aluminum exposed to salt air
37499. Powder coating, plugging threaded holes
37500. Effect of mercury in aluminum
37501. Science fair project - plating a quarter with copper
37502. Polish or plate to mirror finish stainless handgun?
37503. Sodium chloride meeting ASTM B 117 requirements
37504. Re-heat treatment of zinc-plated parts
37505. Salt water resistant finish camera
37511. Nickel plating a hardened shaft camera
37512. Nickel plating on Aluminum to withstand Salt-Fog testing
37513. Electroless Nickel Bath strip w/HNO3 followed by Sulfamic acid
37514. Coating for protecting aluminum from water with chlorine?
37517. Studying acid copper plating
37518. Electropolishing of Al-Sn Alloy
37519. Research into over pickling (acid descaling)
37520. Adhering brass plates to mahogany blocks
37521. Parameters for spin coating teflon onto glass
37523. Search for manufacturer of "The Stuff"
37524. How can we blacken mild steel shotgun barrels?
37525. Electroless nickel plating of titanium
37526. Want gold colored electroplated finishes without use of gold
37527. Will unplated area of brass connector corrode?
37528. Prepping aluminum for powder coating with wipe-down only
37529. Need bright brass plating on 4 pieces 1/8" thick by 3"x 4" for dining table
37530. Clearcoat vinyl paint to gloss up a flat white vinyl paint?
37532. Acid etched surface area calculating method
37533. How to re-harden aluminum accordion bass pegs
37534. City water dept. finds 316 SS Butterfly valves rusting camera
37535. Books about Electrolysis (The Practicalities)
37536. Heat resistant, food-safe finishing
37539. Anodizing area calculation
37540. Is passivate enough for stainless shot peening?
37542. Pitting in Nickel Sulfamate Bath
37543. Preventing copper contamination in Hydrometallurgy of Zinc
37544. Removing scratches on refrigerator door -- not stainless steel
37545. Time gap between powder coated material and oven loading
37546. Third Generation Tri-Chrome
37547. Electrical shock during electrically heating plating and cleaning solution
37550. Need to flame treat or corona treat pe on rolls for printing
37551. Relationship between the current and the amount of purified copper produced
37552. Galvanic corrosion problems if copper is used for motor housing
37553. Sweat destroying aluminum parts on carbon bike
37554. Dissolving copper but not vanadium
37555. Hammer finish paints unavailable?
37556. Chrome flaking from large hydraulic piston
37557. Iron phosphating formulation
37558. Passivation required on Chemical Etched / Laser Welded parts ?
37559. 9000 linear ft louvres / inexpensive finish
37560. Corrosion in new copper water heater
37561. Best coating material for solar heat collector
37564. Want manual for Udylite rectifier
37565. Treatments for Ti jewelry
37567. Rust Guard Solution
37569. Can sulfuric acid be used to remove nickel plating from aluminum?
37570. Oxidation Protection of Niobium
37571. Brass lacquers for musical instruments
37574. Zinc epoxy primer in lieu of galvanizing
37575. Black chromium by sputtering?
37576. Best coating for rim dies
37577. Is it MIL-C-5541E, Class 1A, Class 3 if etching is skipped?
37578. Electropolishing 17-4 after H900 heat treat
37581. Calculation for alloy thickness, composition
37582. Chevron Perfect Paint
37583. Is ASTM B633 still the viable spec. when calling out trivalent chromium?
37584. Using electroplating for zinc separation in waste stream
37586. Life Span Of PH Papers
37587. Tin Pest on Tin Plated Bussbars
37588. Best cleaning or prep method for 12L14 machined material to be trivalent zinc chromate plated
37589. Refinishing pitted titanium golf clubs
37591. Lapping piston rings
37592. Non-cyanide bright dip for silver plate
37593. Dimensional changes after bluing process
37594. Cadmium Coated Protection
37596. Cleaning aluminum
37597. Rust in transportation by ship
37600. Aluminum post embedded in concrete outside (September 30)
37601. Can you cook corn in galvanized trash cans (September 30)
37602. Low stress electroless nickel + immersion gold
37604. Thermal conductivity of Ni80Fe20 permalloy (September 30)
37605. Polished an aluminum + stainless wheel; the stainless is now rusting
37606. SA equivalent for Cor-ten A
37607. Zincotide? (September 30)
37608. Gold brush over Electroless Nickel on C14500
37609. Copper Bus bar and Plating
37610. Zirconium phosphatizing
37611. Mass microscopic deburring processes for fasteners?
37613. AL 6061-T6 for demineralized water
37621. Protocol for a corrosion experiment
37622. How is iron galvanised?
37623. Stainless steel bolts vs MS bolts
37624. Carrier gas for boron nitride nanotubes
37625. How to antique mirrors?
37627. Polishing engine jugs (cylinders)
37628. Stubborn stains from brushed stainless gas cooktop
37629. How can I do a small amount of Gold Plating at home
37630. How to remove the balance of brass plating
37631. How to paint a cast iron antique fireplace?
37632. Neutralising gun blue
37633. Stripping coating off copper lighting fixtures
37634. Protecting polished aluminum alloy
37635. Ultrasonic Cleaning - Designing A System
37636. POP issue of stains from algae in rinse tanks
37637. Re-curing powder coat
37638. Hydrogen embrittlement in 4140 steel
37639. Yellow patches on Bright Nickel plated ABS nozzle
37640. Electroplated copper on plastic is blistering
37641. Ni-Co deposition process
37642. Chemical to Remove Tarnish from Brass Pipe/Tube Fittings?
37643. Electropolishing a telescoping assembly
37644. How do I create a consistent brushed surface on aluminum?
37645. Shot peening to repair oversize titanium bore
37646. Barrier coating for graphite kiln furniture
37647. Is 440C SST + Electropolishing adequate to anti-corrosion
37651. Please educate me about gold plating roses
37652. Help! I messed up my dark (oxidized) finish on silverplate teapot
37653. Galvanic potential of RoHS compliant chromate chemical conversion coating
37654. Is MIL-C-5541 Class 3, IPC-1752 compliant?
37655. What steel(s) are ROHS compliant?
37657. Tin plating for Alloy 260 Brass
37658. Pin Holes occurred after Hard Chrome Plating
37662. Re-anodize Abu Garcia alum reel plate
37664. Metal cabinets, gravity fed spray gun
37665. Silver baths: strike and analysis of silver
37666. Plating peels unless we pre-dip in KCN
37667. Zinc chromate plating ASTM-B633 type 3
37669. Cleaning process for electroplating
37673. Procedure for making copper solution
37674. How to measure the amount of rust formed in a rust experiment
37675. Electropolishing of EPSS
37676. Metals that are not compatible with cement
37677. Low temperature phosphating of aluminium
37679. Lowering the Reflectivity of Stainless Steel Finishes
37680. What can be done to reverse or treat zinc pest?
37681. Antioxidant for Aluminum
37682. We use auto paint but our equipment rusts
37683. Plating on SS303
37684. What is sealer bath after yellow zinc plating?
37685. Rhodium refining
37686. What type of aluminum if diecastings are to be anodized?
37687. Hardness of aluminium alloy after surface coating
37689. Found corrosion on 440C SST
37690. Aluminum in the Plumbing Industry
37691. Saltwater heatsink
37692. Effect of hydrazine on gold coated nickel
37693. Anodizing thin layer
37694. Need Casted Zinc Shot
37695. Suitability of SS316 for seawater
37696. Basecoat Peel Off
37697. What's the best paint and way to spray Glass Fibre ?
37699. Anti-Tarnishing Agent For Copper and Brass Scouring Powder Cleaner
37701. Question about E-coating a product that has been powder coated
37705. The Treatment of Spent Phosphate Solution
37706. Painting Brass
37708. Precipitating lead to effluent limits
37709. Removing burr on sheet metal components
37710. Robotic polishing math question
37711. White or Grey Streaks on Anodised Extrusion
37712. Finishing aluminum at home
37713. Standard costing of surface treatment process like plating, painting, powder coating
37716. Museum Quality Gold Plating
37717. RoHS compliance and hot dipping
37718. Analysis for iron content in a 50% nitric passivate solution
37720. Protective Finish for a Load Pin on an Offshore Drilling Rig
37721. Gold Plating Adhesion Problem on Nickel Plated Tungsten Material
37722. Electropolishing of carbon steels
37723. Comparing surface finish of a molded part to a machined part
37727. Hydrogen Overvoltage in Electrolysis
37728. How to make the plating brighter?
37729. Rust prevention on 1955 refinished metal cabinets
37730. Permanent, protective coating for ammunition magazines?
37732. Contrast electroless Ni plate with Electrolytic Ni Plate
37733. Fingerprints on chromated zinc plating
37734. Zinc plate spec on drawing
37735. Cleaning the polishing compound from cast AL pieces
37736. Inconsistant color/finish
37737. Tin plating for a brass component
37738. Critical cosmetic finish
37742. Help with corrosion in marine environments
37744. Removing TiAlN PVD Coatings
37745. Seeking help with re-finishing over poor powder coating
37746. Mixture to remove slag of zinc from hot dip galvanizing
37747. Immersion antique silver
37752. Best application procedure to redo a bad, fading 24K plating job
37753. Paint Stripping Spindles
37754. Conversion coating or surface treatment for motorcycle chrome
37755. Want Different Colorations (Glossy) on Small Nickel Plated Materials
37756. Gold plating by dipping
37757. Replating of pre-tinned CRS
37758. Triple Chrome Plating 304 Stainless Steel
37765. Chemistry: how to model alchemy
37769. Stripped metal cabinets - rusting
37770. Is powder coating ROhS compliant?
37771. Agitating an acid tin fluoborate bath
37772. Zinc phosphate vs zinc plating as base for powder coat
37773. Bondo repairs on Alum. railing can't take 400 deg.
37774. Tin Plating on Aluminum
37775. Electroplating of steel using yellow copper
37776. Removal of tiny Aluminum bits embedded in Anodization
37777. Surface waviness removal before chroming
37782. Making a momento from a titanium bone joint
37783. Replating Cast Iron Royal #1 Coffee Roaster camera
37784. Discolouration of chrome bath taps
37785. Metal Turn Overs
37786. Clear zinc plate after welding
37787. Corrosion on nickel plating
37788. Stainless steel used with mercury
37789. Heavy metal alloy corrosion
37791. What chemical for jet polishing Sn-Ag solder materials?
37792. Best clear topcoat for black oxide (>100hrs salt spray)
37794. Baking aluminum parts that have been conversion coated per Mil-C-5541
37795. Passivation procedure and required chemical composition
37796. Glass cap binds to stainless steel housing camera
37802. Destroy the sanding powder effect over the casting aluminum part
37803. Rough gold plated features
37806. Citric acid stabilised electroless plating
37807. Chrome plating of work rolls for low carbon steel
37808. Steel etching chemical details
37809. Cleaning of brass hollow tube
37810. Surface texture problem camera
37811. Require chemical name of plastic metallizing colours
37813. Seeking European metal finishing journals
37814. Improving SS performance against dish detergents
37815. Need Hr paint
37821. Easy methods of polishing aluminum and steel
37822. Refinishing steel kitchen cabinets
37823. Refinishing galvanized hinges
37824. How to do oil rubbed bronze finish on shower door
37826. Correcting Hydrogen Embrittlement After Ornamental Chrome
37827. Black finish on 300 series stainless
37828. Chrome or nickel plate?
37829. Removal/coating of oxide layer after heat-treatment
37830. Chemical resistance of piping
37836. Preventing Aesthetic Corrosion of Brass
37838. Blistering of parts after nickel plating
37839. Dendrite after pure tin plated on alloy
37840. Current distribution across an anodizing tank camera
37841. Type 2 grey anodize that has a brownish tint
37842. Zinc chromate conversion coating AND zinc rich primer before on steel
37843. Black phosphate and RoHS
37844. Need non-black coating of invar36 for space application
37845. Anti-splattering aluminum plates for steel butt-welders
37847. TUFRAM Coating on Aluminum
37853. The amperage required for chrome plating small samples
37854. Mylar deposition on silicon wafers
37855. Problem with getting bright yellowish finish on brass
37856. Silica content in electroless nickel
37857. PDIP 8 Leads clear package processing electroplating?
37858. Buffing is removing anodized coatings from utensils
37859. Powder coat adhesion issue on aluminum
37862. After the juice corrodes the metal can the juice make you sick?
37863. Alloy Wheel Care
37864. Painting aluminum trim
37865. Gun Blue Turns to Rust
37866. Boiler cleaning with oxalic acid
37868. Zirconium Plating? Who does it?
37870. Pretreatment for Zamak
37871. S/S marine fuel tank base corrosion
37872. Black finish
37873. Clear coat for gold plate?
37874. NiOH2 from Watts Ni Bath
37875. Service temperature for MIL-DTL-81706B Type II Class 3A
37876. How to clean silver brazed SS surfaces?
37877. Repairing mirror polish stainless camera
37880. Distortion due to nitriding
37881. Rinsing Copper and Aluminum With DI Water
37882. Powder coated panel rejected in impact test
37883. Characterization of thin passivating film formed after chromating on a hot-dip galvanized steel
37884. Crystal formation in sodium and potassium hydroxide solution
37888. Upgrade the phosphoric acid
37889. High Temperature Copper Corrosion Protection
37890. Cleaning dacor cooktop
37891. Deterioration of clearcoat on Motorcycle engine casing
37892. Water stained aluminum supercharger
37893. 304 Stainless post weld
37894. Zinc Recovery by Electrolysis
37895. Standard test method for assay of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid
37896. Electroless Ag plating on glass
37897. Nickel-chrome plating of anodized aluminum grills
37898. Reflectivity of Aluminum
37899. Removing stainless steel pitting
37900. Giving stainless steel sheet a hairline finish
37902. Information about electrolysis and electroplating with Cu
37904. Replacement of Trychloroethylene
37905. Correct callout for 440C passivation
37908. Rhodium plate removal from 18kWG
37909. Electroless deposition of copper on steel
37910. How to get an antique finish on polished brass
37911. Etchants for Pd Alloys
37912. Calibration of D.C.CTs and shunt
37913. Improve surface roughness of parabolic indenter
37914. Possible galvanic action in water pipes
37915. Duplex nickel plating on auto part fails salt spray in LCD area
37916. Is Controlled Chrome Plating possible?
37917. Outer diameter spoil of half bearing
37918. Electro plating iron on copper soldering iron tips
37919. Use of Liquid Ammonia in Flux bath
37920. Chrome plating and pitting - health hazard?
37921. PVD Chromium Nitride
37922. Black annealed phosphate coated wire / oil residue
37923. Restoring white letters on plastic parts?
37924. Rechroming exhaust
37928. How to macro etch Inco 718?
37929. Copper plating a vintage brass espresso machine
37930. Process for silver plating very light gauge aluminum wire mesh
37931. Removing scratches and polishing stainless steel
37932. Antique Brass Bowl in Furniture Sink
37934. Use of nitrogen blanket in demin tank
37935. Copper-Nickel Coloring
37936. Nickel plated boiler tubes
37937. Clear Hardoat Anodization Quality
37939. Electropolishing of 202 and 304 grade stainless steel
37940. On site Anti glare Aluminum Surface
37943. Maintenance-free iron railing for exterior beach environments
37946. Powder coat on mild steel
37947. Black Passivation for SS Bolts, Nuts and Washers
37948. Yellow and white passivation conductivity
37949. Polishing machine question!
37953. Paint accidentally mixed with clear instead of hardener
37954. Black soot after rhodium plating
37955. Alochrome 1200 and the New RoHS directive
37956. Enamel steel test
37957. Painting on copper nozzles for continuous caster
37958. Powder Coating is peeling off on Aluminum- Can the color Be the problem?
37959. The effect of temperature in flux bath
37960. Zinc plate in cleanroom
37961. Anodizing vs Alocrom
37962. Ra Finish vs Mil Profile Industry Standard
37965. Humidity requirements for Methylene chloride vapor polish process
37966. Chromium in Stainless Steel 304
37967. Brushed finish for aluminium components
37968. How soft can soft water be without causing corrosion?
37969. What happens if chrome lead anodes are too long?
37970. Hard black anodize, Type III without seal is fading
37973. Will aluminum rust in harsh environments?
37975. How do I prevent wood rot caused by galvanized bolts in pressure treated wood? camera
37977. Need my bumpers plated
37978. Black oxide coating - hot or cold - for solar heating panels
37979. Reclaiming Metallic Powder
37980. Remove Titanium Wire EDM recast layer
37982. Electrochemical etching
37983. Wood Grain painting on Powder Coated Aluminum
37992. Need commercial bronzing pastes
37993. Solderable coating on Al3003
37994. Best Clear Coat to patch a small spot on car?
37995. Retaining Brass finish on Brass items
37996. Powder coating
37999. Concentration change of acid in anodization

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