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Heat resistant, food-safe finishing


Q. Dear Sir,
I require finishing for iron boxes that must be food-save, heat resistant and corrosion proof. The iron box is a type of bbq to roast food in it. So, The finishing paint must not melt on fire, and does not produce bad smell.
I think stoving paint is one for me but I don't either it is food save or not. Please help me by sending its chemical formula or any other kind of suggestions you provide me, all are welcome.

Naved Khan
Khan Arts India - Moradabad, UP, INDIA


Q. I would like to know more on this particular subject of heat-proof paints. I myself am trying to produce BBQ's made of iron, and hence heat proof paint is a vital need.

Please let us know of any good quality, branded, paints that can withstand temperatures up to 700 °C.


Danny Vincent
- Kochi, Kerala

Refinish inside a 10 gallon milk can

June 25, 2018

Q. I have an old 10 gallon milk galvanized can. The inside has a little rust which I can clean up. Is there a spray of some sort as a coating, paint, etc., that I can use inside the can so it will be coated and able to cook food in it?

Mike Hess
- Pocatello Idaho

July 2018

A. Hi cousin. I doubt that there is any food-safe high-temperature "paint" which is safe for cooking in. Porcelain/vitreous enamel may look like enamel paint but it is not applied as a liquid and allowed to dry like paint. Rather, it is a glass-like ceramic frit that is applied with very high temperature spray guns which melt the frit -- and it is much closer to spraying a coating of molten glass beads than a coating of paint.

Some types foods can be cooked in seasoned cast iron, and they probably could be cooked in a seasoned bare steel can. But it is always dangerous to use something for a purpose for which it wasn't intended because you have no guarantee either that the designer foresaw what you want to do, or that what he designed is quite what you think it is :-(

There was a case many years ago of a whole family seriously poisoned when a very old refrigerator shelf (they were cadmium plated way back when) was used as a barbeque cooking grate.


pic of Ted Mooney
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey
Striving to live "Aloha"

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