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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

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42000. How to tell real chrome from stainless steel
42002. Analysis methods for mixture of hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid
42004. Preplated sheetmetal
42006. Carbon steel blade in terrible condition!
42007. Can I paint a walk-in cooler?
42008. Need spot test solution or other means to test for Chromium on Aluminum
42009. Sizing of Plating Tanks
42010. Electrode corrosion in anodizing bath
42011. Return of conductivity after rinsing
42012. Require rust prevention on black oxide part
42014. Anyone know of Lou Morin or Mor-Industrial in Tarrytown?
42015. Sn Coating over Aluminium (Al 6082)
42016. Oil resistant plating
42017. Ever notice a buffering effect in a sulfuric anodizing tank?
42019. Unwanted lines in anodising
42020. Black oxide and skin burns
42021. Need nickel or nickel-chrome plater in Asia
42027. Recovery of Platinum from Aluminum Oxide Sand
42028. Solubility of CuSO4 in H2SO4
42029. Can trivalent chromate finishes oxidize to hexavalent?
42030. Regeneration cycle: switching from HCl to H2SO4
42031. Dipping Paint
42032. Gravimetric test for determination Al and Pb % in Zinc Bath
42033. Chromium Mirror Coating Parameters
42035. Bubble chrome structure
42036. What cause electroplating bleed out at casting corner edge and how to overcome?
42037. Why Gold coating over Titanium Nitride turns reddish when touched?
42038. Rusting on trivalent chrome plating
42039. Chrome plate adhesion
42040. How to remove rust on the machined surface without affecting the base metal
42041. Explanation of the Theory of "Vapor Blasting"
42042. Mirror finish on stainless steel surface
42044. What is the mechanism for the different characteristic odors of metals when handled?
42045. Through hole plating of PCBs
42046. Achieving uniform plating thickness in bores/ ID of cylindrical shaped components
42047. How do you use hydrochloric acid to clean brick paving without doing damage to bricks and garden
42048. Refinishing old bathtub feet, faucet and shower curtain ring
42050. Acid Stripping a Car Body
42051. Cleaning 1930s heavy brass tray
42052. Zinc plating small motorcycle parts
42053. Aluminium Chromating with yellow passivation
42055. How to know if a part has been processed with black oxide or black zinc
42059. Spectrophotometric analysis of silver in jewelry
42061. Argentium
42062. Hex. or tri.?
42063. Q&A's on MIL-P-23377 primer?
42064. Salt Spray Test Exposure Calculation
42065. Blow holes in solder on boards
42066. Metal Plating (URGENT)!
42067. Electrochemical machining (stem drilling)
42068. Passivation of Phosphorus Bronze
42072. Copper iridium coin
42074. Corrosion resistance of aluminum polish
42075. Home brewed gun part coating?
42076. Removing lead based solder from copper?
42078. Faraday effect in chroming yields "trouble areas"?
42079. Glass in anodising process
42080. Titanium pyrophosphate+Na2HPO4 in activation surface
42086. General Aluminum Polishing
42087. Discoloration of superalloy part after vacuum heat treatment
42088. Does any one know anything about the Cr3+ Yellow chromate?
42089. SRTP finishing process
42091. Mechanical Zinc Plating
42092. Low temp. acid copper plating
42093. Available processes for surface preparation of titanium for primer
42094. Electro plate aluminum?
42099. Electroplating
42100. Remove Antique Finish from Class Ring
42101. Screen printing on silver or gold
42105. What will E-coat cover
42106. Prep for painting of "chem-treated" galvanized steel
42108. Black spot Problems in Rhodium Plating
42109. Matte finish on 316 stainless steel
42110. Chemical Attack on Copper Condenser Coils
42116. Science project on the affect of SALT and water on steel wool
42117. Electroplating Zn-Ni
42119. How to plate Shakudo
42120. Love the metal look to our metal frames...how do we protect it?
42121. Gold Plate Phone Cover
42122. Brake rotor coatings...replacements for cadmium, and hexavalent chrome?
42124. RoHS Passivation
42125. Alternative for TriChloroEthylene
42126. Galvanneal/Paint compatibility
42127. High Build Epoxy OR 2K Polyurethane
42128. ASTM 153 and 123
42130. Black/brown oil like contaminant in acid-copper plating solution
42131. Pre treatment of aluminum
42136. What does it mean to "Satin Coat Steel"
42137. Stainless fasteners for galvanized assembly?
42139. Clear anodized aluminum repair: what finish / coating to use?

42140. Stainless or zinc plated a better galvanic couple with aluminum?

42148. Personal exposure to Sodium Di(Bi) Chromate
42149. Plating a pewter product
42150. How can we get a homogeneous zinc pot?
42152. Is baking required after hard chrome plating?
42153. Analysis procedure and bronze oxidation temperature
42154. Electroplating silicon dioxide
42155. Changing a brass finish to a chrome or nickel plated finish
42156. Jeweler wants sourcing for cyanide
42157. Give me a RoHS compliant treatment for brass
42160. How do I gold coat inside 1/4" pyrex tube for internal IR reflectance?
42161. What will turn Cast Aluminum Black?
42162. Cannot get a consistent pattern in hammertone
42163. Black oxide leaching in clean room
42164. Iridite 14-2 dry shelf life
42165. Aluminum anodize coating failure due to air ionizer?
42167. Chrome plating on alloy (aluminum wheel)
42171. How to paint a car using paintbrush and glossy paints?
42173. Minimum Protection While Metal Finishing
42174. Tarnish and finger prints on machined copper
42175. Need assistance on brass patina failures
42176. Copper plating on steel
42181. Thin film adhesion
42185. Recovery of nickel, chromium, zinc from sludge using biomolecule-siderophore and/biosurfactant
42187. Nitric acid etching of silver jewelry
42189. Cadillac spoke wheels with bad clear coat
42190. Bluing 20 gauge cold rolled steel
42191. Rhodium Plating for .925 Silver
42192. Recovering factory waste to safe drinking water
42194. Baking of Electrodeposited Paint Film
42195. Soot and smoke contaminated powder coated aluminum
42198. Blister problem and Salty problem on Chrome parts
42199. Correct Process Sequence for Tri Passivations
42201. Hard chrome plating replacement in gun barrel bore
42202. Plating on Sheet Iron Products
42203. Flatness issue about powdercoated parts
42204. Copper and zinc plating (thermal diffusion)
42208. Treating a copper birdbath
42211. How to evaluate trivalent clear chromate on steel while performing B117?
42213. Epoxy powder-coat adhesion to hexavalent and trivalent fasteners
42216. Cotton ball and/or Mirror Finish
42217. Formicary corrosion in copper tubes for air conditioning systems
42218. Welding Cor-ten Steel
42219. Manganese coating
42220. How to tarnish marcasite
42221. Non-passivated galvanized steel
42223. Pretreatment of aluminum diecastings
42224. Amine concentration of chemical de-flash
42227. Barrel plating aluminum (6061-T6)mandrel
42228. Anodizing with formic or citric acid
42229. Galvanic action around corners?
42230. Antioxidant for Copper Jewelry Tarnish
42231. Electroplating on Aluminum
42234. Sealing a brass sink
42238. What is the Confidence Interval For MIL-STD-105E?
42239. Aluminide Coating Stripper
42240. Post treatment on CRS metal before plating
42241. Galling of 316L on 316L
42243. Molarity of copper sulphate/sulphate for copper electrolysis
42244. De-coating CrN from Al substrate
42245. Consistent peeling problem in reel to reel plating
42246. Dull tin plating
42247. Alodine 1700 or Alodine 1700-1
42248. What are the differences between Alodine 600 and the Alodine 1132 touch up pen
42251. Chromate conversion coatings
42252. Compatibility of Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel
42256. Powder Coat Over Trivalent Chromate
42258. Bathing in a galvanized steel tub
42259. Teflon coating a glue roller to keep the glue from sticking?
42260. Are there other coatings would be reasonable other than galvanization?
42261. Stopping copper selenium blackening (gun bluing) from oxidizing
42262. Chrome plating for steel fixtures installed in coastal regions
42263. Reducing the maintenance of zinc phosphate
42264. Oxide on the stud
42265. Salt water rust corrosion on cast steel chuck
42269. Metal Plating
42271. Jeweler sized my platinum ring with different metal?!
42274. Powder coating over cadmium plating
42275. Need the best product to protect Cast Iron Cookware that has been stripped to bare metal
42276. Surface conductivity of zinc pre-plated steels with organic sealers applied
42279. Electrolytic Ni/Au plating on PCB causing low thickness of Cu
42280. Commercial black chrome
42281. Internal/External Corrosion In Galvanized-Copper Junction
42283. Boron Carbide or Diamond Like Coating for Firearms
42284. Finishing notes on a drawing
42285. Weathering properties of 6061 Al electroless nickel plated outdoors
42291. Passivate finish vs. Cad Plating?
42295. Why are pennies made of copper not silver like other coins?
42296. Galvanised steel roof
42298. Gilding techniques
42299. Zinc Plating Specification ASTM A164
42300. How ED paint adheres to zinc phosphate layer?
42303. Misplating on Parts
42309. Electroplating of inorganic particles such as diamond dust
42311. Corrosion resistance on a Mexican beach
42312. Difference between Zinc Gold Dichromate and Yellow Trivalent
42317. Peelable Maskant prior to Electroless Nickel Plating (Trike Elimination)
42321. Automotive - acceptance criteria after salt spray test
42322. Slime in water jet system
42325. Galvanizing
42326. White rust on galvanised steel tubes
42327. Hard Coat Anodize Clear, FDA
42329. Rusting of stainless steel grade 302 spring
42332. Etching aluminum leaving aluminum oxide
42333. Effect of phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid in electropolishing of stainless steel
42335. Yellow aluminum siding turning black
42337. Painting metal eyeglass frames?
42338. Replacement of Chromic Acid for Desmutting Molybdenum
42339. Chrome plating on plastics
42342. Surface treatment for copper alloy
42343. Furnace / kettle design for the hot-dip galvanizing of garden furniture
42344. Peeling of galvanized coating
42345. Forming titanium nitrate on titanium effect electrical resistance
42346. Electroless nickel plating for food equipment
42347. Request to get information regarding nickel coating solution
42349. Increasing the speed of cyanide zinc plating
42350. Coffee color spots on the zinc plated surface of forged parts
42351. Electroless Copper Tape Mask
42352. Pit left on the electropolished surface
42353. Stainless steel corrosion
42354. Vibratory Ball Burnishing
42357. Gold Wash done on Silver in the late 1800's and early 1900's
42358. Removing the melted plastic fan from the cast iron wood burning stove
42359. What is acid pickling?
42360. Black Oxide on UNS C36000 Brass
42363. Bright clear type II anodizing in extrusion profiles
42364. Ryton Composite Material Electroless Ni Plating for EMI and Lightning Protection
42365. Stripping zinc phosphating layer from iron
42366. Removal of zinc plating for decorator purposes
42368. Need gold replating on several small items
42371. What happens when you mix copper wire and silver nitrate? Why?
42372. Is powder coating bad for the environment?
42374. Secondary (sealer) treatments on electrical fasteners
42375. We are having high levels of Phenol, 2,4-Dimethylphenol and Chloroform in our waste water stream
42377. Painting problem - Aluminum diecastings
42378. Nickel plating on sand cast aluminum
42379. Can copper/nickel replace the clear chromate?
42380. Improving black on zinc
42381. Difference between non etch finish and anodizing
42385. Need a can of Alodine
42387. What analysis will help to characterize gold electroplating bath
42389. Extracting gold from copper
42390. Corrosion and wear resistance
42393. Necessity of burnouts in heat treat furnaces
42394. What exactly is a non oxidizing furnace on a galvanizing line?
42397. Contamination on Gold Plated Connector Pins
42398. Cleaning of high silicon aluminum die cast parts for stannate
42400. How to achieve a glass-like finish on flat pieces of gold or silver
42401. How to Spec and Quantify a Matte Finish
42403. Residential Marine Seawall -- Corrosion of Metallic Components
42405. Good adhesion material for Si substrate and Gold?
42408. Finishing of a highly-polished iron-nickel meteorite finger ring
42409. Tips to make chrome last
42410. Ultrasonic cleaning machine tank bottom gets pitting / corrosion
42411. What is the best solution of minor acid spillage
42413. Underwater (fountain) black finish for a cast iron kettle
42414. Powder Over Autodeposition
42415. Bubbles in surface of clear powdercoat. Mild steel with no sand blasting.
42416. Zincate bath formulation
42418. Pitting Problems in Silver Plating
42419. Alternatives to chromate and surface pretreatment
42420. Wetting tension testing of aluminum sheet
42423. Using ultrasonics on aluminum parts
42425. Color plating of chrome vanadium sockets - what is THAT process!
42427. How Toxic is Liver of Sulphur
42429. Rusting of steel after powder coating removal
42430. How to plate a conductive film inside of a plastic box
42432. Tin plating problem
42433. Gold plating over stainless steel and brass watches
42434. Chrome conductivity
42436. RoHS Compliant Gold Alodine
42438. Linished Finishing Procedure
42446. How can I etch markings on INOX 316 L stainless steel
42447. Electroform sticks to cathode
42449. How to achieve Rusty Exterior Cladding
42450. Preparing aluminum siding
42451. Renovating bathroom fixtures, faucets/spouts
42452. Potential for animals to become ill from prolonged licking of galvanized steel pipes
42455. Fast coppering of steel wire
42456. Impurities in Hard Chrome
42457. Zinc plating peeling/blistering off
42458. Micro bubbles on copper plating
42459. Dyeing at room temp
42460. Chemical conversion coating on edm surfaces
42465. Temperature effects on latex paint
42466. Help, pulsed plating alloy
42467. 6A14V Titanium and S30V Stainless Steel in a durable flat black finish
42470. Titration procedure for permanganate
42471. Improving CASS life of rims for motorcycles
42472. Hydrogen pick-up test; reaction plan
42474. Clear heat proof satin finish for mild steel kiln frame?
42475. Gold passivated zinc vs. galvanizing vs. chemical nickel
42476. Cleaning carbon contaminated 316 stainless steel
42477. Green residue on 410 stainless bolts
42478. Plating on Sintered Metal Parts
42481. Hot-dipped galvanized nails compared to electro-plated nails for Hardieplank siding
42482. Is phosphate coat on zinc plating RoHS compliant?
42483. Powdercoating conveyor belt rollers
42484. Electroless Nickel / Hard Chrome Plating Hardness
42485. Solutions for testing the presence of hard chrome on materials
42490. Look for medical coating material
42491. Why does PVD need vacuum pressure?
42493. Seeking an electrically conductive aluminum coating
42494. Charcoal filter for sulfamate
42496. Where can I buy liquid stone to duplicate my sculpted statues
42498. Treatment of the side effects of the pretreatment of the aluminum profiles
42499. Removal of thermal spray coatings ( WC-Co ) from Steel plate
42500. Procedure of powder coating and pre coating correct treatment with time
42501. Plating silver on steel
42502. Nickel Underplating Thickness for Gold-Tin Solder Bonding
42503. Electroplating gold with an alloy of copper and silver
42504. Looking for polishing solutions for non-ferrous castings. Outsource? Buy advanced technology?
42505. Stainless steel blackening relief
42506. Slip and Fall Waiting to Happen - Removing Sealer/Finish from Concrete
42507. Will an e coating finish resist rust
42512. Stainless Steel - Cosmetic Finishes
42513. Anticorrosive treatment for MS (CR/HR) telescope covers
42515. Tin tank standards?
42516. About the dissociation constant of ammonium fluoride
42522. Wire for wind chimes?
42523. Aluminum Hydroxide Polymer Control
42525. Any suggestion for a suitable Aluminum Etchant for silicon wafers?
42526. Chock of the ball valves after attack by 96% sulphuric acid
42527. Swimming pool finishing: Resistance of powder coating to Chloro
42528. Disadvantages of trivalent chrome for hard chrome plating?
42529. Removing Welding Stain from SS 316 Boxes
42531. Removing Oxidation from Kovar
42533. Hydraulic tank materials
42541. The Time It Takes to Rust With Contaminants
42542. Gold Electroless Plating on Graphite Composite
42544. Need to paint anodized aluminum
42545. Lacquer chrome
42547. Can I polish car steel parts like chrome
42548. Setting up a Gold Plating Company
42549. Stripping Gold and Electroless Nickel from Aluminum Alloys
42550. Zinc Whiskers in a Data Center - Pregalvanized, Hot-dipped Galvanized, Electroplated Zinc?
42551. Relationship between kettle size and capacity?
42552. Electroless Nickel Plating Versus Nickel Electroplating
42553. Red rust on chrome plated wire
42554. Silver anodizing of 16 or 14 gauge wire
42555. Alodine1200 and Steel nutplates
42561. Need to remove Silicon spray
42562. RoHS exemption of Hexavalent Chrome?
42563. What is P16TF3 copper nickel - indium alloy?
42564. Removal of heat scale from annealed electroless nickel deposit
42566. Alodine 1200S for low resistance coating per AMS 2474 ?
42567. Corrosion Pitting Evaluation
42568. Masking in PVD process
42570. Who can Nickel Plate to ASTM B607-91?
42571. Need equipment to test plating thickness
42575. Need a New Holland 12"x12" Spin dryer
42579. How do I remove rust from hard to reach areas from an outdoor wrought iron rail?
42580. Anodized copper sinks
42581. Ebonizing
42582. MEQ Vs pH. Paint conductivity is dropping/rising
42584. Aluminum dyeing to appear Oil Rubbed Bronze
42586. Excessive Aluminum in Zinc
42587. Masking welds prior to Anodize operations
42590. Determine the concentration of hypophosphorous acid in presence of tin
42597. Rust on chrome forged Titleist irons
42598. Aluminum additions in zinc kettle
42605. Problems with pitting
42606. Dots on the surface after black anodizing
42608. Brown effect on aluminum degreasing with an alkaline -- WHY?!
42609. Chemical resistant coating on brass that can withstand 100 deg C
42610. How do I achieve OEM-like paint look on my vintage motorcycles?
42612. How do I tarnish stainless steel
42613. Another question for outdoor statue
42614. Stripping baked on paint from aluminum rims
42615. Phosphoric acid sludge removal
42616. Chemical effects of Inhibited HCl on Nonmetallic elements (Like Rubber plastic and nylon)
42617. Electrorefining/electrowinning gold
42618. Test for Chromate Conversion Coating on Aluminized Steel
42619. Different angles of measurement and the possible interrelationship
42620. Powder Coating vs Electro-Discharge
42622. Need harder electroless nickel on copper
42623. Uneven tin plating thickness (MSA base)
42624. Zinc chromate finish is rusting (red) very badly at seam
42626. Corrosion resistance and extra white finish for stainless steel investment castings
42628. Will water passing through copper stain stainless steel?
42630. Automotive crinkle, bubble, splatter finishes on exterior
42631. Ceramic floor etching
42632. Rusty refrigerator
42635. Type II vs Type VIII passivation of 17-7PH SS
42638. How to increase surface roughness of zinc phosphate?
42640. Need to find supplier for steel shot media
42641. Electrolytic Ni/Au
42642. Chrome wheels damaged by HCl
42644. Pinhole problems
42645. Engelhard E-74 Gold Plate Make Up Bath
42646. High brightener content and roughness on rack acid zinc work
42647. HCD area has low tin thickness
42648. Rusting of cast iron parts
42650. Test to indicate ready to chrome plate
42651. Want to create a "brushed" metal look on a spray painted lamp
42652. The advantage of using trivalent chromate for galvanic protection
42654. Aluminium specification code for L110 and L165
42656. PVD coating questions
42657. Blisters on ABS Electroplated part after shipment
42658. Thermal vacuum furnace processing of Glass-Metal sealed sensors or switches
42659. White rust issue
42660. Aluminum anodizing tolerance (Type 2)
42661. SS Weld is discolored
42662. Need Din 12476 finish for metal fastener
42665. Need carbon fiber finish on auto parts
42670. Copper or nickel activation prior to plating
42671. Air agitation for acid chloride zinc plating bath
42672. Metal roofing ground contact
42673. Hard Chroming a Crankshaft
42675. Applying colour to small soldered brass components
42677. Separation of Copper from Nickel
42678. Coloring of anodized aluminum
42679. Vapor polishing
42682. Need chrome or nickel plating over anodized aluminum fixtures
42684. Requirement of Phosphating, Degreasing, Blackening, Iron Phosphating formulations know how
42685. THIXON 422
42689. Finding out a weight needed to get 1 mg N/L
42690. Electroplating for a double side PCB in home/college
42691. Please suggest jet black colour with coating other than DLC
42692. How can I clean gold plated wheels or wire spokes?
42693. How do I prevent fiberglass to attack my styrofoam mold?
42695. Spiral staircase in copper color paint
42696. Learning the pH for chemical dipping
42697. Mixed Bed Regeneration: Effluent Water
42698. Helicopter Pad, appropriate paint
42699. Adhesive for aluminum to aluminum or steel to aluminum?
42700. White rust on HDG sheet metal parts
42701. Need procedure to plate antique pewter part
42702. How-to for abrasion and corrosion resistant aluminum machine part?
42703. Which chemical is used for etching of stainless steel?
42707. Anodes for wood nickel strike
42708. Iron nail in magnesium sulphate and vinegar
42709. Best Electroplating Experiment
42710. Electroless and Electrolytic Copper Plating on Ceramic
42711. Etching, deoxidizing, anodizing, sealing problems with type 2219 aluminum alloy
42712. Silver items
42713. Electroplating rhodium on silver plate
42714. How to strip and recover Silver from Alloy 42 parts
42720. Electrical difference between Nickel Flash and Silver Flash
42721. High Speed Chrome Plating
42722. Zinc Chromate Plating Surface Corrosion
42723. Passivating stainless steel tanks
42724. Hair line finishing on Stainless Steel
42725. SS cut wire shot blasting to SS surface
42730. Scratches in brass belt buckle!
42733. My trumpet
42737. Zinc plating heat treated steel
42739. Dark smut on conversion coated cast aluminum parts
42740. Iron Phosphate on Zinc Electro-Deposition?
42741. Ceramic Epoxy versus Hard Chrome
42746. Platinum Plating Electrodes for Fuel Cell use
42747. Is hard anodizing influenced by size factor of component?
42748. I need the definition of chrome layer (chemical film).... thanks a lot!
42751. Powder coating spec info needed
42752. How long does galvanized plating last?
42753. Black Hardcoat Knurled Handle
42754. Hard anodize to black finish
42756. What is the method for chemical etching
42757. Soft Iron Anode info
42759. Looking to restore chrome luggage rack for vintage car
42760. Need SUS 304 No. 8 Mirror finish and Shot finish - Colour: Neues Sputtering Gold
42765. Confused about "acid test" for silver and other precious metals
42766. How to smooth/eliminate scratches on stainless steel Farberware frying pan
42767. Oxidizing or patinating steel to matte gray
42768. Removing paint from an old brass fire extinguisher
42769. Needing info on chroming business
42770. Heat treating air quench contamination - NH3 (ammonia)
42772. Antiquing solution for brass plating and silver plating
42773. Direct coating on brass substrate in vacuum chamber
42776. Add additional thickness on anodized layer
42777. Black tiny patches on the anodized aluminum sections
42778. How to prepare passivation solution for SS304 fabricated parts to avoid rust
42779. Stainless Steel Crevice Corrosion Problem
42781. 'Tiger Stripe' phenomenon in Black Anodize Electrolytic Coloring
42785. How to use ferric chloride to clean water
42786. Stainless steel oxidizing with porcelain dishes, stoneware, etc.
42787. Titration procedure for oxalic acid anodizing bath
42788. Chemical etching of molds
42791. How to remove oxidation from galvanized metal
42792. Logo printing on polypropylene bag
42795. Anomalous anode dissolution in tin electrorefining
42796. Tank material for chrome plating and chromic acid: titanium, PVC lined, lead, Kynar?
42797. Aluminum Alloy B-535.2 Hard Anodize Surface Treatment (Seawater App)
42799. Homemade brass cleaning polish/cream
42800. Mirror Finishing on Low Carbon Mild Steel Galvanized Wire
42804. Titration of silver nitrate
42806. Paint removal on chrome rims
42807. Painting my BMW 528i in Mirrachrome
42808. Need to know viscosity of Nickel Sulfamate
42809. Stripping silver plate from nickel silver
42810. Using titanium chips to remove contamination from a vacuum furnace
42811. Silkscreen mesh line appear on printed surface
42813. Rust on inner diameter (Surface Area)
42814. Platinum Electroplate on Molybdenum
42815. How to remove sodium carbonate from aluminum
42820. What are contents of the 7.5% in silver jewelry
42822. Hot Rod Restoration
42823. Brass fittings on antique cars and tarnishing
42824. Ford plating spec
42825. Scrubber on top of fume hood
42827. Shock Absorber Springs Powder Coating
42829. Carbon removal
42830. Pitting problem in 316L reactor
42831. Corrosion of the interface between a brass stud screwed into an aluminium body. DC Electrical Current carrying.
42832. Requirement of Insulation material between Galvanised Steel and Aluminum
42837. Relationship between thickness of oxide layer and time/ voltage for anodizing Al-Alloys
42838. Wish to clean black residue from harrow disk after electrolysis removal of rust
42840. Gun blueing at home
42841. Powder coating: galvanneal vs. straight cold rolled
42842. Rusted hot dip galvanized bolt and nuts
42843. Nickel plating on large/flat brass surfaces trouble
42844. Sealing problem after anodising
42848. Acetylene as Semi Bright Nickel Plating additive
42851. RoHS verification
42852. Cleaning and rinsing filtration systems
42855. Lead-cadmium in electroless nickel
42856. Electroless nickel plating - effect on fatigue strength
42857. Sodium Dichromate Dihydrate contamination in Cadmium plating vat
42858. Re-oxidizing trivalent chrome to hexavalent
42859. Passivation Fluid Testing and Criteria
42860. Pre commissioning process for stainless steel tank
42865. Refinish White Cast Iron Bed
42868. Powder Coating on Aluminum Castings
42869. Cycle Times for Anodizing, Bright Chroming and Electropolishing
42870. Aluminum alloy etching process
42871. Will 316 SS corrode/rust when immersed in hard water environment?
42873. Need polyurea application in the Philippines
42874. Need Micro Plating System
42875. Suspending iron objects in copper wastewater
42876. Oxidation from Tin II to Tin IV
42877. Cloudy Bright Nickel Plate
42879. Stainless surface prep
42880. Zinc compatible with copper
42881. Is a zinc handle considered rust-proof?
42883. Can you colour platinum
42886. How to do quick electroplating of shoe molds?
42888. Thickness vs. Time for Barrel Plating System
42890. Oil free stainless?
42891. Corrosion of surface condenser in seawater
42892. Need machine to sputter coat razor blades
42893. How can I age brass to uniform dark finish
42894. Wrought iron acid wash
42895. Liquid Metal Embrittlement issues with rolled steel shapes
42899. Alumina oxides electroplated on a aluminum fin
42900. Restore antique gun metal finish that was mistakenly "cleaned" off
42901. Are the fumes from dipping metal in zinc galvanizing dangerous
42902. Digesting A Wastewater Sample
42903. Automatic Passivation Equipment - and control of
42904. Rust issues using Manganese Phosphate. The parts are 4130 cold drawn steel.
42905. Distribution profile of current density in oblique barrel plating
42906. Reduce COD level
42907. Brown stains on nickel plated materials
42910. Need electronic SILVER / GOLD purity tester
42912. Looking for test method
42914. 1-3 Meg-Ohm-cm water needed for plating line?
42915. Zinc-Nickel Electroplating of Fasteners
42916. Yellow patches in finished coatings of alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating
42918. Rinse maintenance
42919. Conductivity control
42925. Aluminum brazing compound
42926. Brown Black color on 1018 steel for interior display
42927. Aluminium Window Corrosion
42928. Clear coat Breaking up
42929. Fresh machined aluminum looks like its galvanized?
42930. ASTM B633-98 std: Electrodeposited coating of Zinc
42934. Can we get jet black colour with CrCN coating
42938. Rust on 300 series SS
42939. Need Internal Hard Chrome Plating of Shotgun Barrels
42947. Specification ZNIA3L-Silver for Coating?
42948. Gold Plating of Seashells
42949. About the chromate conversion of zinc plating
42950. About the automatic line of zinc plating
42951. Remedy for Hydrogen Embrittlement
42953. Aluminum galling
42954. Spray to find the Stainless Steel Grades
42956. Zinc Anode for Metal Railings
42958. Looking for a titration method for ferric chloride
42961. Blisters in Hard Coated 7075
42962. Recommend a Finish for AISI 1095 Carbon Steel
42968. Nickel strike on Glidcop and brazing
42969. Plating Process Area Sprinkler Risk Analysis
42970. Mechanical plating large components
42971. Coloration of Nitride Parts
42972. Brown staining on electroless nickel plating
42974. Cloudy zinc, after heat is applied
42975. Trivalent Chromium Plating
42976. Non-coloring conversion coating on edges
42978. What aluminum finish on 70s Coke machine?
42979. Removing surface rust from blasted Camaro
42980. Electroless Black Nickel
42981. Metal plating cost calculation based on A/dm" (or A/sq ft)
42982. How do you accomplish a us 26 finish
42985. Copper plating an aluminum heatsink
42986. Removal of paint from 6061-T6 Aluminum Bike Frame
42987. Patination or darkening of aluminum leaf
42988. Need Brushed Nickel or Look-alike Spray Paint
42991. Conversion coating appearance
42996. Seeking Bright Dip for 24' Alum. Extrusions

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