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What does it mean to "Satin Coat Steel"

Q. I am trying to get sheet metal products manufactured in China and am having difficulty explaining what I need. Can anyone tell me exactly what satin coat steel is? I need both the base metal and the type of coating.

Micheal Plouffe
Mechanical Engineer - Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

A. Satin coat steel is a very light galvanized coating. I don't know how they do it, but I doubt it is dipped. It is probably sprayed on hot. Contact a local sheet metal fabrication shop -- they use tons of it. The base metal is mild steel, but it is tempered to be quite hard and stiff. Available in all standard gauges.

Hope this helps.

Chris Bose
- Victoria, BC, CANADA

A. Satin Coat
Also known as Galvannealed material, satin coat steel is galvanized at the mill and then various coatings are applied to convert the galvanizing to zinc-iron alloys. This steel is dull gray in appearance, has no spangle, and is well suited to painting. Common uses include the manufacture of fireplaces, trailers, signs, and housings.

Galvanized steel is widely used in applications where corrosion resistance is required and can be identified by a crystallization patterning on the surface known as "spangle". The sheet steel is passed through a molten zinc bath, emerging with a thin layer of zinc on either side. Upon cooling, zinc becomes extremely hard and protects the steel from corrosion. Common uses include ventilation ducts, cladding, and steel building studs.

This is sheet steel coated with 55% Aluminum-Zinc alloy by the hot-dip process. The name "Galvalume" is a trade name used by various mills. It is also commonly referred to as Zincalume, AluZinc, Algalume, or Algalume Plus. Common uses include roofing, cladding, and flashing.

Joe Green
- LaGrange, Georgia, USA
January 9, 2012

A. I am very familiar with satin coat and use it in auto body rust repairs. I patched cars and left them sit outside for years and the only rust is where I welded. It's sometimes hard to find or needs to be special ordered. I do know in carries it because that was our supplier. Like was already mentioned it's a light zinc coating, that is a little easier on the lungs.

Matt Wynette
- Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
March 2, 2012

A. As mentioned above, Satin coated steel is the Galvannealed steel. Apparently it was introduced in the Automotive industry in the late 90's by GM and many other manufacturers. Products from Galvannealing process provide nice features for finish painting. We all know our vehicles do not rust as used to be back in the 70's or 60's.

Adiel Hidalgo
- NOTL, Ontario, Canada
June 6, 2012

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