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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

metal finishing cover

15001. GM9540P Mass Loss Target Ranges for Coupons
15003. Paint Stripping
15005. Plateability of Polyurethane plastics
15006. Why does gold plating tarnish?
15007. Problem of white spots after Zinc Plating
15008. How to Avoid sealing blooms
15010. Chemical removal of heat treating scale and oxides
15011. Swedish Standard, SA 2.5 minimum
15013. Prevention of hard water stains, dirt and soap-scum
15014. Phosphate Buffered Saline Solution Corrosion Problems
15015. Painting high-gloss metal
15017. Help with sulphate concentration in a chrome plating bath
15018. Hard Coat Anodize - Chipping/Flaking
15024. Cleaning Damaged Aluminum Rims
15025. Oxidized copper
15026. Jewelry paint
15027. Retro table trim damage
15028. Hot Dipped Galvanized
15031. Yellow patches on white zinc plating
15032. Electrochemical deburring of laser treated nickel sheets
15034. Chrome, TNB alternative
15043. Annealing of copper wire
15044. Outgassing on sandblasted steel
15045. En Plating on Leaded Steel Alloys
15046. Zinc passivation
15047. Ni/Au Electroplating on PCB
15048. Blotched areas on Clear Anodize, Material or Plating problem
15050. Old alloy designations
15053. Boric acid, is it really safe on humans?
15055. How to get clear coat and paint off of aluminum wheels
15056. Cleaning aluminium engine parts
15057. Problem with Painting / Finishing of Non Ferrous Castings
15059. Galvanic corrosion between anodized Al and chromed steel
15061. Electroplating a plastic end cap that will be magneformed
15062. AL6XN ability to resist chlorides
15066. Cad Plate Neutralization
15067. Substrate for hard anodization
15068. Passivation of inconel materials
15073. Thermal alumina growth data
15074. Plating on wood
15076. Painting tin ceilings
15077. Outdoor wood furnaces : Stainless vs mild steel boilers
15078. Keeping brass shine
15079. Electroplating of audio tonearms etc
15080. Chemical needed to anodize or oxidize copper to a black color
15081. Burnt plate
15082. Dangers in grinding Be rod bar
15083. ASTM B633 Q & A
15084. Bubbled Ni-P
15086. Bleeding Silver plated Flatware
15087. Cleaning Antiques
15089. Extra tin growths from tin anode
15090. Cracking along seam weld of Au/Ni plated Kovar
15096. Muriatic acid to clean glasses
15097. Metal finishing questions from non-professionals
15098. Alternate methods for phosphate sludge disposal
15099. Stripping phosphate coating form defective phosphated parts
15100. Problem in ABS Plating
15111. Problems in manufacture of 3D soft pvc copper molds
15113. Machining Titanium
15119. ASTM hydrogen embrittlement standard
15124. Thermal barrier paint
15129. Durable, attractive outdoor finishes for zinc die cast part?
15134. Electroplating
15135. Painting brass drawer pulls
15136. Brass refinishing
15138. Plasma nitriding
15140. Tin sludge formation in an MSA solution with a tin reactor
15141. Prove or disprove discoloration on 304L plate is rust
15142. Economics of zinc electroplating and hot dip galvanizing
15151. Stainless steel etching
15153. Faraday's law on concentration of copper sulphate
15155. Create patina on pewter
15156. Removing/stripping chrome from brass camera parts
15157. Electropolish chemical bath concentration and chemical make up
15161. Electroless Ni vs electrolytic Ni - why is e-less less ductile and has lower melting temp
15162. Problem with pretreatment on stainless steel
15164. Can buffing be replaced by vibro finishing systems?
15166. Glass fiber polyester continuous deflashing
15170. Organic brighteners for electroless nickel plating
15171. Five year old creates Chernobyl experiment
15172. Refinishing an Oak Wash Stand
15173. 6061-T6 aluminum corrosion protection
15174. Gun Bluing
15175. Polymer coating of NiTi
15179. Rhodium plating
15190. Tree stump killer
15192. Muriatic acid
15193. Testing nickel sulfamate
15194. Stainless Steel Hex Bolt Grading
15195. Infrared Curing Lamps, What is the difference?
15196. Chromate discolors over time
15201. SPI Finishes
15205. Buffing paste equivalent to green rouge
15206. Help in blackening formulations
15207. Cleaning/leaching a plating tank
15209. Better corrosion resistance: zinc plating or zinc phosphating
15212. Stopping black rub - off from aluminum chainmail
15214. Removing corrosion from brass
15215. Restore painting on copper
15216. Co2 wire drawing
15217. Gold plating microlevelers
15218. Difference between square and S-round nickel
15219. Electropolishing Rate
15221. High Purity Water and Passivation
15224. Composition of A305-B
15226. Lacquering aluminium
15228. Teflon coating for a car/automobile
15230. Green passivation
15231. Nickel plating problem, dark and bright streaks
15232. Does anodised aluminium seal on its own
15240. Copper plating on aluminum
15245. High sulfide content in the wastewater
15246. What is really inorganic paint?
15247. Stripping the bonding agent coating from metal shells
15248. Surface Preparation for Phosphatization of Carbon Steel
15249. Hot tin dipping on cast iron
15254. Current hogging jigs
15255. Dirt specs in powder coated finish
15256. Clear Zinc Plating Discoloration and Quality Issues
15257. Nickel activation without HCl
15263. Galvalume "Black Rust" Problem - Need Corrective Action
15264. Maximum thickness of zinc on various fasteners and other zinc plated components
15265. Coating/Anodizing chamber walls to increase wall temp
15267. Black Nickel plating on Daisy air rifles...early 1900s
15268. Stressing problems with watts nickel solution
15274. Cores for electroforming
15275. Solid Brass Refinishing
15276. Aluminum Wheel - Polish vs Chrome Plate?
15277. Re-chroming bumpers multiple times
15279. Electroplated coating
15281. Galvanized sheet metal steel and corrosion
15286. Wastewater treatment question {chromium and cyanide}
15287. Plating on Plastic
15288. Needing to add a bright dip step to our anodizing process
15290. Sulphuric Acid corrosion to stainless steel
15302. Home workshop d.i.y. plating
15303. Bronze flatware is it safe
15307. Boron Removal Using Ion Exchange
15311. Refinishing Gold Anodized Aluminum Building
15314. Re-polishing aluminum
15321. Different color coating on titanium instruments
15330. How can I make sheet copper turn matte black?
15332. Trivalent yellow dichromate
15333. Cure Tests
15334. Impact of Aluminum on Phosphate
15340. How do I polish aluminum
15343. Muriatic acid turned green
15345. Titanium pickle
15346. Coating adherence test
15347. Chrome VI free yellow passivation
15348. Discoloration of Nickel Based Wire Due to Electrolytic Cleaning
15349. Uniform Plating Thickness
15350. Polish aluminum frame
15351. Automotive/motor
15352. Copper plating stainless steel screws
15353. Small parts coupling together in MSA Sn bath
15354. Anodizing's Impact on Fatigue Strength
15361. Nitric acid etching
15362. Rust spot in iron bathtub
15363. Hydrogen embrittlement on screws
15372. Electroless plating
15377. How to build a galvanizing kettle, or where to buy one
15378. Problems with cast {steel}
15380. Detachment Nickel / Gold layers
15383. Need a process for silver electrodeposit on fused quartz mineral
15385. Sulphuric acid anodizing tank material
15386. Finishing of Plasma Sprayed Aluminium Oxide Coating for Corona Rollers
15389. Better Understanding of Zinc Plating
15390. Chromate conversion coating on aluminum
15391. Stainless steel cooktop stain removal
15393. Painting galvanized steel
15397. Alternative daguerreotype plate
15398. Controlling stress and screen blockage in electroforming
15399. Need 15 microns of zinc
15407. Low Friction coating for fiberglass
15409. Sodium Sulphate increase in Nickel Plating Solution
15410. Pre-Treatment of Aluminum 6063-T5/T6
15413. Iridite Process-cadmium contamination
15416. What is Cr 15?
15418. Electroplating a thick layer of gold on copper
15419. Rhodium plating
15420. Electrolytic cleaning - anodes
15423. Corrosion resistance of yellow chromate
15424. Galvanization
15426. Hc plating high C steel
15427. Seeking the aluminum etching process
15431. Analysis report of waste materials of anodized aluminium
15432. Passivation specs
15435. Coloring Steel without Painting
15436. Leaching - Is circulation in pipes needed?
15444. Ph steel inspection
15448. Waste disposal info
15453. Activating titanium prior to electroless nickel plating
15455. Teflon and molybdenum coatings before or after nickel plating
15456. Problem with Aluminum extrusion
15457. Hardware cloth for parrots
15458. Black oxide finishing for everyday residential use
15459. Corrosion of stainless steel
15468. H2SO4 conductivity
15472. Polishing aluminium truck grill
15473. Chrome dining room set
15476. Testing HCL
15477. Silver migration testing on a printed circuit board
15479. Work roll hard chrome plating
15480. Zinc phosphate coating and part temperature limits
15481. Long term effects of storage
15488. Possibility shot peening, for work hardening of titanium fasteners
15489. Silver-copper alloying research
15495. Using URANUS B6 as a substitute for Avesta 904L
15496. Galvanize Poison
15498. Clear coating
15499. Black Plating
15501. Solution to Avoid FingerPrints developed on CRS
15503. Gas defects in an Al diecasting
15504. Corrosion In Water Tank
15505. Problems with press fitting gold plated parts
15506. Is copper sulphate harmful to my family?
15507. Excessive solder plated on plastic mold--bridging
15509. Activating Alloy42
15513. Gold plating on nickel-base steel
15517. Static Rinse or Constant Overflow
15518. Plating adhesion testing --3M 250 tape discontinued? Permacel 99?
15519. Solderability problems
15520. Thin Film Metal Adhesion
15523. Polishing of light weight silver articles
15529. Well tags for Bangladesh
15530. Rust patina
15532. Oxide versus anodizing for furniture grade project
15533. How do I solder galvanized rain gutters?
15534. Stainless steel "dissolving" in electrocoat process into anolyte
15535. E- Nickel plating? How much, .001?
15536. Chrome plating on HIPS?
15537. Electroless deposition of silver
15538. Pure aluminum in hot DI water
15539. How to make S.S. dull
15542. Galvannealed Steel
15550. Potmetal bandsaw wheel
15551. Nikasil liners-pistons compatibility
15552. Reclaiming gold
15553. Cross-reference DIN Anodizing Stds
15554. Glassy build-up on heating elements
15559. Silver extraction from waste hypo/fixer solution
15560. Electroforming of alloys
15562. Coating PTFE onto Aluminium
15567. Technical application of Zinc Oxide
15569. Analysis of orthophosphite
15572. Monobasic/Dibasic?
15574. What is 'plating' in terms of platinum jewelry
15575. Cadmium Fluoborate, in dip system, to plate chromate onto steel
15578. Di Water
15579. Bromine removal
15581. Plating zinc contamination from sulphuric acid bath
15586. Determination of boric acid in nickel plating baths
15588. Zinc chromate
15590. Deflashing
15596. Sodium metasilicate - is it a cleaning agent?
15597. Oil rubbed finish for bronze handrail
15598. Problems with nickel coatings for electrical contacts
15603. Pot-life
15605. Pickle and passivating finish problem
15606. Fishing vessels built in Spain/S/S corrosion
15611. Removal of Salt from Iron
15612. Can brass be nickel plated easily?
15613. Painting Cast Aluminum Seats by a Novice
15616. Salt spray solution pH variation
15618. Chromate bath life expectancy
15619. Equipment for Chroming Plastics
15621. Copper Plating Problem
15622. Seeking activation for solder and electroless nickel for more nickel
15623. Brown spots on lacquered brass plates
15625. Finish for stainless steel to prevent galvanic action with aluminum
15626. Relative galling resistance for aluminum/aluminum vs. aluminum/brass
15629. Neutralizing ferric chloride
15635. Demineralized water distribution system standard required
15640. Gold precipitation
15643. Reworking Chemical Filmed Parts
15644. Sea water corrosion of 316L
15648. Re-lacquering a baritone horn
15649. Heat treating steel for color effects
15651. Polishing copper
15652. Non-Cyanide Silver Stripper
15653. Non-conductive finish for BeCu alloys
15655. Zinc Plate and Passivate spec
15660. Will lime attack an anodized finish
15661. Double Color Anodizing
15665. DI Water undrinkable?
15666. Plating on plastic
15667. Improve creep strengths of electroplated nickel
15668. Hardcoat Anodize Surface Energy
15670. Toxic metals in our environment
15673. Link to MIL-C-5541 from MIL-A-8625 for 'Touch-Up'
15674. Natatorium - increased galvanic occurrence?
15681. Pontiac Blue powder coat
15682. Tremclad Clear Coat
15683. Galvanized metal grinding
15684. Adhesion on ceramic thermoset
15685. Bright acid copper
15686. Delamination
15687. How to achieve a consistent gun metal grey colour on anodised aluminium
15689. What is 18/8 Stainless Steel?
15693. Welder/Machinist needs educating
15697. Cleaning brown stains on outdoor stainless sculpture
15699. Pitting problem in bright nickel bath
15702. Trouble with brass finishing
15706. Surface treatment of Titanium without fatigue penalty
15707. Hard-wearing finishing techniques to assist part release
15711. Coating Process (Palladium/Ruthenium Alloy)
15714. Anodize stripper/polish
15718. Powder coating of wood
15719. Prevention of rust for steel parts (sprockets/gears)
15720. Skip plating and rough plating
15721. Plating chrome TDC
15723. Metal Pretreatment
15729. Polishing Aluminum Wheels
15731. What does 10k CAL mean?
15732. DIN 50018 testing. What is FePO4B metal, any equivalents?
15733. Aluminum pretreatment for powder coating
15734. Hammer powder coatings
15735. Metal Polish Spec/Scale
15741. Manufacturing zinc sulphate heptahydrate
15743. Removing paint from brick
15744. Galvanic Action Concerns
15746. Polypropylene sputtering
15747. Nickel Plating on Aluminium
15750. Corrosion coatings
15753. Plating of SS
15755. How to tarnish a copper-leafed wall
15756. Case Study - Hard Chrome Plating Problems - Crazing and Pin Holes
15757. Zinc problems
15759. How to restore copper finish to "like new"
15760. Clear chrome finish, brown spots showing up after three weeks
15768. Undesirable colorations in zinc finishes
15770. ESCA, XPS
15772. Wanted method for coating lead with chrome
15773. Name of ore aluminum is found in
15775. Gold refining
15779. Chromates in paint process
15780. Mirror finish zinc plating
15782. Tellurium metal removal
15784. Alochrome 1200 cleaning
15785. Any fix for anodized architectural railing?
15789. Heat treatment and tempering of brazed brass part
15790. White gold question
15792. Corrosion/erosion of Bright Nickel under trivalent Chrome plating
15793. Composition and property data of clear chromate
15795. Aluminium Targets
15796. Plating Copper onto Cobalt
15801. Etchant for NiFe
15802. Pointers for sculpting figures in wax
15803. Copper backsplash
15804. Soldering flux for silver
15806. Effects of silicon on the bluing process
15807. Blackening of brass and copper at room temp
15808. Black chrome buildup
15809. Zinc plating
15811. HCL and hydrogen peroxide corrosion
15818. German steel conversion
15819. Hot dip pollution prevention
15820. Weldment/assembly seeping cutting fluid... Ruining paint
15822. Pin-holing Problems in E-coating and Nylon Coating
15823. Rust Converter Research Information
15824. Basic Anodization of Aluminum Process
15825. Black anodize turning bronze color
15826. How is an "oil-rubbed" bronze finish attained?
15831. Etchant for 304 SS
15832. Restoring cast aluminum engine parts
15833. Cleaning a 117 year old brass bell
15834. Replating interior of a vintage electric coffeemaker
15836. Brittle Lacquer / Compression Springs
15837. Alternative method for blackening of iron and steel parts
15838. Variations in AL6061 anodized parts
15840. Pitting in SS 316 bolts and flanges in sea water application
15841. What is meant with finely modified austenitic stainless steel?
15845. HASTELLOY Welding Help
15847. How do I start in finishing wheels
15849. Data on Black Chromate over Zinc
15850. Chromate after Bake
15851. Nitrate coating help
15854. Cost of iridium
15857. Drying small diameter tubing
15858. Etching aluminum to see gain flow
15859. No acid wash primer over chromate
15861. Aluminum polishing
15868. Protecting the luster of a copper kitchen hood
15869. Need assistance in giving plastic toy parts a realistic shiny chrome finish
15870. Metal Finishing Directory
15871. Nickel-Tin Plating Problems
15872. Low stress NiFe
15874. Plating combination
15885. Mold making
15887. Gun bluing for small objects
15888. Right solution for pickling line
15889. Copper oxidation inhibitor
15890. Electroless Alumina Coating
15893. Stubborn Pitting in 316L Electropolish
15895. SN Curve
15896. Electropolishing
15897. Conductive glass
15903. Hazardous waste delisting
15909. Mixing Formula of Plastisol
15912. Water quality required for plating and rinsing
15913. Blackening copper and tin plating
15914. Plating on polycarbonate and PC-ABS
15915. Imprinting On Chrome Plating
15916. Advance medical titanium coating
15921. Copper crimps vs stainless crimps
15922. Sealing Hard Anodic Coatings
15923. Alternatives to Alocrom
15925. Chocking of selenium in pp lines
15926. 18KW- Any test to tell the alloy content?
15927. How to strip Ni-Cr from SS contact tips
15928. Chromate conversion and clear passivation
15937. Hazardous waste management
15938. Problems with zinc precipitation using MHL
15940. Need information for wood finish on plastic articles
15949. 3 Sigma certification for selective plating
15950. Plating An Aluminum Surface With A Black Metallic Finish
15951. Can stainless steel be "polished brass" plated?
15952. Black dye problems
15953. Cleanliness Measurement and Lubricant Removal
15955. Galvanic potential between zinc and nickel plated parts
15958. Tin coating of copper wire by hot dip process
15959. Phosphoric Acid Wash
15967. ZAP cleaner damage to bathroom fixtures
15968. Metal surface maintenance, fungus?
15969. Metal Coloring Using Solvent Dyes
15972. Information on Passivate
15973. Coating to Prevent Snow and Ice Buildup
15982. Need input on ways to tint, dye and seal aluminum articles
15983. Aluminum Bonding
15987. Change the color of solder to a copper color
15988. Electro chemical deburring
15989. Electropolish Solution Alternatives
15996. Restoring old hardware
15997. How do I color anodize or find someone who will color anodize individual objects?
15998. Painted Brass Hinges

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