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Strip Nickel Chrome from Plating Racks

A discussion started in 2000 but continuing through 2019


Q. We are a zinc die caster/Plater (same facility), and use nitric acid to strip our built-up plating racks. The spent nitric is being sent off site. I have read an article that suggests using an "Ultrafilter"loop to remove the heavy metals, and prolong the life of the nitric, or can reduce it's composition of heavy metals; than it can be disposed of in a more effective method. This makes sense since it is the heavy metals that are causing the classification that makes the nitric such a problem.

First question, is anyone using this technique, and if not, does it make sense?

Joseph DeAmicis
Academy - Edison,New Jersey


A. Joseph,

You did not mention what type of plating you are doing but, since you are using Nitric Acid to strip your racks I am assuming you are doing Nickel- Chrome plating.

Diffusion Dialysis systems has been effective in recovering nitric acid from these processes. You are correct in stating that the resulting waste stream is more easily waste treated.

Tony D'Amato
- Chicopee, Massachusetts

Ed. note: Readers may be interested in thread 2579, "Waste Treat Nitric Acid Nickel Strip"


Q. Dear Sirs:

I need to strip nickel-chromium layers of 316 stainless steel contact tips of plastisol coated racks. I would appreciate a formulation for immersion an electrolytic stripping. Thanks in advance.

Oscar Infante
- Santiago, Chile

simultaneous 2002

A. Hello ! Oscar Infante,

You want to strip chrome and nickel on stainless steel.

I think you have to the follow two steps.
1. First you have to strip chrome by using hydrochloric acid or reverse current in electrocleaner tank ( cleaner concentration 6-10 % by volume,Temperature 140F ).
2. After completely strip the chrome then strip the parts in nitric acid."DO NOT LEAVE THE PARTS TOO LONG TIME IN NITRIC ACID".

popat patel
Popat Patel
    Beacon Park Finishing LLC - Roseville, Michigan


A. For immersion stripping nitric acid at 50 - 75% by vol will dissolve the nickel and under cut the chrome. Electrolytic strippers are based on ammonium nitrate with buffers and activators and available as proprietary processes.

Geoffrey Whitelaw
Geoffrey Whitelaw
- Port Melbourne, Australia

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Plating rack stripper


Q. Can anyone give me a good way to strip old silver and nickel plating from my plating racks. Racks are stainless steel.

Jerry Hannibal
- Beverly, Massachusetts


A. Nitric acid (50-70% by volume) will do this job. Good fume extraction is essential.

Geoffrey Whitelaw
Geoffrey Whitelaw
- Port Melbourne, Australia

September 21, 2019 -- this entry appended to this thread by editor in lieu of spawning a duplicative thread

Q. We are having nickel chrome plating process. I would like to know is there any way chemically to remove the plating deposits on open contact parts of jig fixtures?

Sandip Sanagar
- Nashik, Maharashtra, India

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