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51000. After effects of H2O2 addition to waste water
51001. Need yellow trivalent chromating
51003. Passivating heat tint areas
51005. How to soften steel after welding
51006. Ask a suggestion for a corrosion prevention on mild steel
51007. Copper has oxidized to black color
51008. Setting up a small scale nickel sulfamate bath in a university
51010. Rubber roller for tape test
51012. Watts nickel bath contaminated with hydrazine
51013. How to tell gold anodize from gold chromate?
51014. How to tell white brass from aluminum bullet cases
51015. Steel anode baskets are gassing in tank
51019. Temperature/Discoloration Data Needed for 304 Stainless
51020. What conductivity setting for Caustic Etch Rinse Tank?
51021. Tri-chrome or chrome-free Brass Iridite?
51022. Rubber to metal bonding with Viton B
51023. Black oxide on Tribaloy T400
51024. Galvalume Blackening without oxygen deprivation
51025. Electroless plating?
51027. Causes of streaking in machined 7075-T6 aluminum
51028. Manganese Phosphate Coating Thickness
51030. Cost cutting in powder coating finishing
51032. Material recommendation for pump shaft for salt water usage
51033. Stainless Steel Brush Finish in Aluminium Profiles
51034. Zinc Coating 210 litre / 55 gallon drums
51036. History of Parco-lubrite, zinc phosphate, and manganese phosphate coatings
51037. Experience with chrome additive
51038. How to protect a nickel plated shower drain from tarnishing?
51039. Construction manager wants "GO SAINTS" painted on new galvanized gymnasium roof
51040. What effect does soda have on pennies mass/weight?
51041. Rhodium plating white gold and Titanium ring
51042. Galvanized Steel fumes making your skin smell
51043. 250 micron Nickel Deposit With High ductility and Low hardness(175HV)
51044. What is the best plating process for general purpose military electronics enclosures
51045. Sodium Dichromate passivation question
51047. Submerged hook for anode sheets?
51048. Hazards of gas evolution from nitric titration?
51050. Sludge problem in anodizing line
51051. How to remove cured epoxy adhesive from stainless steel
51052. Wax coating on stainless steel fasteners
51054. Electroforming Bath operate at room temperature
51055. Can I redo Zinc plate chromate?
51056. Hard black problem
51057. Steels specified for hot ferric chloride solutions
51058. Dissimilar metals attack hurricane shutter industry
51059. Recovering Gold from Used Gold Bath
51060. Plating on coil, music wire springs?
51061. Why not plate gold follow with tin plating?
51062. Acid copper is behaving uniquely
51063. Shadows in nickel electroforming
51064. Gold Chem-Film Finishing Different Shades
51065. Anodized Stainless Steel Coil?
51066. Aluminum gassing out during powder coating operations
51067. Steel tubes Chromium detachment under compressive loading
51068. Results and disposal of materials stripped from.......
51072. Contractometer for Stress Measurement
51073. Need Silver brightener (black powder)
51074. 420 Stainless Steel Appearance Standard
51075. I need a new method for refining gold from my factory's floor dust?
51077. Aluminium for watch cases
51078. How to mask
51080. Galvanizing Zinc Splashes Problem!
51081. How to make copper look like wood
51082. Powder coating(texture)
51088. Need brass tinted lacquer
51096. Nickel plating of ceremonial spurs - how thick should it be?
51097. Non toxic, less labour intensive precleaning of cold blackodising components.
51098. Mil-C-5541, Class 1A, Type II RoHS Compliant
51100. Seeking a Used Thermal Deburring Machine
51101. Electroplating Aluminium Oxide onto Nichrome Wire - help me please
51102. Gold-Copper Alloy Plating--How to control the relative deposition?
51103. Estimating Rectifier Operational Costs
51104. Hydrogen Embrittlement
51105. What should be ED and UF parameters for a low turn over ED bath
51106. White rust after powder coating hot dip galvanized steel
51108. Chrome Plating that is pitting, but not "gas pits"
51109. Blackening treatment of SS 316 / 304 for best solar absorption
51110. Manganese phosphate problem
51111. How to achieve black colour phosphating
51112. Dacromate coating vs. Dacromet
51113. Galvanizing and powder coating of Lighting Poles
51114. Grainy look under my polished stainless steel
51116. Time limit before baking for hydrogen relief
51117. Plated gold ornaments gets black or brown on handling or exposure to atmosphere
51118. Strip Edge Wiper
51120. Company that can coat and hone a rotary housing
51121. How to etch nickel over copper substrate
51126. Chrome plating aluminium please help update
51127. Conductive Stainless Steel Plating Question
51128. Low pH at the dm plant
51130. How to remove scratches from stainless with a clear coat on it?
51132. Metal rusting in alcohol water
51134. Common filter paper must not be used for filtration of boiled potassium permanganate solution
51135. Characteristics of chromium plating wastewater
51136. Inhaled hydrochloric acid
51137. Chrome removal
51138. Looking for the best/easiest way to patina several very large brass pieces
51139. Bright finish
51140. Diamonds?
51144. PH adjustment in a Nickel electro bath
51145. How to strip "hang" the steel needs to be galvanized?
51146. Sandblasting 4130 chromemoly
51148. Electroless Au plating on Au
51149. Electroplating onto bismuth
51151. Help With Blast Abrasion of Hardened Steel
51154. Need supplier for TSH7702G plating
51157. Rhodium plating/polishing and sterling silver
51158. Choose a copper or a stainless steel chimney cap?
51159. Electroplating stainless steel buckles
51160. G609 black anodized aluminum alloy
51161. Copper Roof over bay window destroyed by brick mortar acid wash?
51162. FV520B materials and heat treatment
51163. Red residue problem with conventional hot black oxide (280 - 290 F)
51165. Plating and Clear Coat Die cast zinc to emulate 430SS
51166. Does X15TN Stainless Steel need to be passivated, if so what "group" does it fit into?
51168. Product design
51172. Industrial Waste Assignment
51173. Spray pyrolysis
51174. Flash Gold Electroforms are more bonded to the mandrel than Nickel Electroforms?
51175. Want to chrome dip the grille on my truck
51176. SS202 or 304 Kitchen Baskets - Which is recommended?
51178. Disadvantages of h2o2 treatment in refinery waste stream
51179. Determine the rochelle salt of an alkaline copper bath
51180. Plating on Plastic was cracked
51181. Why Polypropylene Bags?
51182. Electroplating haze causes on plastics
51183. Copper Plating
51184. Hard chrome for pure copper process
51185. Electroforming Bath operate at room temperature
51187. Anodize - satin mask, black
51188. Passivation
51191. SS 304 or SS 316 for the purified storage tank in the R.O. plant
51192. Long term corrosion of 416 SS in a medical device
51193. Can an N9 or N7 Surface Finish be achieved by a planar machine
51194. Dacromate Coating/Plating
51196. RoHS compliant chem-film in a touch-up pen?
51197. Carbolux Unit
51199. How do I stop a copper electroforming solution from peeling or curling away from glass surfaces
51200. Heating the fluxing solution
51202. RoHS compliance in chem film for aluminum
51203. Passivation of 420 Stainless Steel and Color Changes
51204. How to identify visually process finishes?
51208. Paint a Steel Retaining Wall/Seawall
51209. Bedliner-like spray paint?
51210. Nomenclature of Material
51212. Hydrochloric Acid Concentration!
51213. Electroless nickel plating on steel
51215. White Blemishes/Spots on nitric passivated cobalt chromium alloy
51216. What type of barrel do you use to Cd plate washers to prevent them sticking together
51217. Types of zinc used for galvanizing
51218. EMC spring get bubbled after zinc plating, look for solution, thank you!
51219. Conductivity of bare Aluminum vs. Chemical Conversion Coating
51220. Troubleshooting guide for fluoride phosphate?
51221. Factors to consider for new variator motor in galvanizing plant
51222. Maintaining a Surface Finish after Anodizing
51225. How to extract silver from tin dross?
51226. Art student looking to plate copper onto steel
51227. Remove gilding from rare silver coin
51228. Coloring and etching aluminum for organic look
51229. Microwave oven for baking e coat
51230. Turning copper sulphate into copper and sulfuric acid
51231. Is Iridite 17P RoHS compliant?
51232. Liquid Nitriding over Chrome plating
51233. Plasma nitriding vs. ion nitriding
51234. Problem in hard chrome plating an ID
51235. Silver plating on female threads
51236. Sharpies, scorching, and drip stains....
51237. Paint is bleeding under our masking
51238. SS304 Forging Rust
51239. Vibration finishing machine on SS 2B finish sheet
51241. Friction material for spoon brake on rubber wheels
51242. Colloidal Silica Removal from Treated Effluent
51245. Testing procedure of purity percentage for zinc oxide
51248. Need small benchtop lacquer curtain coating machine
51249. Nitric acid titration
51252. How to prevent golden colour in stainless steel cookware
51253. Trying to solder to chrome
51254. Hazards of P-chloromercuriphenyl sulfonic acid?
51255. Contractor looking for solution to tone down the brightness of new Galvalume roof
51256. How to prevent or minimize electrolysis of water
51257. Do color chips work
51262. Zinc boat anodes not doing their job!
51263. Adhesive to match stainless steel
51264. Help in Ultrasonic Cleaning
51265. How to weld 316L Marine Handrails w/o discoloration
51268. Can I melt silverplate and skim the silver from the top of the kiln?
51270. Iron PPM Analysis in zinc iron bath?
51272. New to powder coating. Seeking all the info I can obtain.
51273. Looking for best paperback book for the powder coating beginner
51275. 2 years finishing aircraft cable, and consistency still eludes us!
51276. Can bronze similar to SAE62 be TiN coated or is the process temperature a concern?
51277. Pitting within hard chrome on aluminium
51278. Centerless grinding of hard chrome
51279. Compare dual ni and triple ni decorative chrome plating
51280. Quality Problem
51282. Cleaning for aluminium cycle to avoid blisters
51283. Is it possible to measure the coating thickness after phosphatizing?
51285. Paint chip off of fishing lures too easily
51286. Flame resistant applications...ie Stove top grates
51287. Need bronze candelabra repair
51291. Staining of zinc countertop
51292. Hardcoat Anodizing - Surface Area Calculation of a tube
51293. Can't get Zinc chromate electroplating in thread
51295. Flash rust after drying in oven
51296. Electroclean voltage/current settings
51297. Seeking Apple Aluminum Finish
51298. Refinishing chrome from an aluminum snare drum
51300. Which drink contains more electrolytes?
51306. How to prepare the gold solution?
51307. Zincalume and galvanised iron poisoning in tankwater
51308. Diamond Like Coating - any info?
51309. Home Remedy for Stripping Chrome from Aluminum?
51310. Want paint that looks exactly like chrome finishing
51311. Salt spray test failed when powder coating perform on fabricated components braket areas and drain holes
51313. Aluminum surface finish
51314. Are Silicone Masking Plugs a Threat?
51315. Best Stainless Alloy for Potassium Hydroxide
51316. Can we store concentrated sodium hydroxide in zinc container?
51317. Etchant required to etch h13 hot die steel
51318. Cracks after hard chrome plating on ground induction hardened piston rods
51319. How to finish, attach and hang painted figure cutouts on a wall?
51320. Artist wants to use silver x-ray film
51326. Occluding Quasicrystals in Nickel Plating
51327. Deep Aluminum Etching
51328. Silver potassium cyanide preparation
51329. How to do antique bronze finish
51331. Stripping Copper off Zinc/Aluminum
51332. Will porosity of aluminium lead to blisters of pin size?
51333. Treating Blemishes on Anodized Aluminium
51334. What test equipment is available for nitric acid and ammonium bifluoride for stainless steel pickling?
51338. Concrete painted driveway needs a do over
51339. Details of Bengough-Stuart Process
51340. Is it possible to selectively re-patinate worn away areas of black patination on brass
51342. Electroless nickel plating on brass terminal
51346. Does 316L stainless steel get weaker with repeated heating/cooling cycles?
51347. Stripping Galvanize
51348. Metallic defects on chrome plating thermoplastic part
51349. What is needed to achieve Antiqued Bronze Finish on plate steel?
51350. Electropolishing chemistry and procedure for nickel silver
51353. How to remove algae form the nickel plating tank ?
51357. Ni electroplating on steel from Watts bath for nano research
51358. My rhodium necklace sticks to a magnet
51359. Protecting a Pool Skimmer Lid against Chlorine
51360. Keeping copper coffee table shiny
51361. What does it mean to get a ring dipped?
51362. How do I blacken mild steel for use in very high temps
51364. Test of Zirconium in Chrome free Passivation
51365. Gold + Copper + Cadmium separation
51366. TDS vs PPM?
51367. Convert weight percentage (EDX) into ppm
51368. Stripping agent for powder coats
51369. Stripping Copper-Nickel-Indium alloy
51370. Need info on Powder Coating benefits to Mitigate Heat
51371. Required Pretreatment before E Coating
51372. Galvanizing coating thickness for Nuts
51373. Can't remove blue-black from maraging steel for E-nickel plating
51374. White rust questions
51375. For gemstone electroplating: How delicate and thin can my copper electroplating lines be to later plate with gold?
51376. Hard Chrome Plating on Inner Surfaces
51377. Pitting "Nickel material" for my pipe NiCr Plating
51378. White chalk like appearance on aluminium cargo containers
51379. Green "stain" on Black Aluminum
51381. Trying to set up a chem-film line!
51382. Important variables for ultrasonic cleaning bath?
51383. Stainless Steel Pipes Used in drencher systems for passenger ships
51386. The difference between corrosion and oxidation?
51387. Removing Aluminium Deposition From Parts with base material: Aluminium
51388. Polishing SS starting with 2B (2D?) finish - initial step
51389. Bronzing bathroom fixtures
51390. Painting aluminum statues
51392. A different Zinc/ Hydrogen Embrittlement question
51393. Retouch of hot-dipped galvanized item
51394. Ni- PTFE coating vs. Ferrox coating
51395. Conductive layer for nickel electroforming
51396. Problems with adhesion of chrome on 420 stainless steel
51397. Nickel plating peels off after pressing
51398. Etching Inconel 600 with ferric chloride
51399. Corrosion on SS Tank
51401. Use of Stainless Steel jigs to cut out stripping after galvanizing
51402. Nickel sulfamate bath problem
51404. What's our zinc level?
51405. CPVC solvent was used on PVC pipes. Is this okay?
51406. Bar-B-Que Heat Plate Materials
51407. Benzotriazole Removal
51408. Electroless Nickel is too smooth for my needs, I need a rougher finish
51409. Improve Brightness in Sulphamate Electroforming bath
51410. Electropolishing of Aluminum vs Bright-dip
51411. Corrosion of anodized 7075 T73 vs 7075 T6 aluminum
51412. Fastening a stainless steel frame with galvanized rods and bolts
51413. Can hot dip galvanizing be misunderstood as electroplate galvanizing
51414. Removing silver paint from Cast Iron Fireplace
51416. Powder coating over insta-rust
51417. Specifying electroless nickel thickness
51418. Obtaining 600 hour salt spray for a Zinc Clear, Chromate - Plate
51419. Matte tin finish vs bright tin finish
51421. What is equivalent weight of B2O3 against 1.0 M NaOH titration
51422. Flux regeneration plan
51423. Problem Replating Electroless Nickel on Aluminium
51424. Black dirty deposits at silver plated parts
51425. Effect of chlorine on SS304
51427. Chrome plating process in aluminum wheels
51428. Can I change the texture of an existing silver item? (from plain, smooth texture to a rough cut)
51432. Salt spray testing for SS 304
51434. Yellow-Brown stain on Solution heat treated Aluminum
51435. Rules and Regulation for Anodising Process
51436. Need Sn96.5%Ag3.5% plating on copper prototype and production metal stamping application
51445. Looking for information on spec MFZn13TC
51446. ferric chloride vs ferrous
51448. Restoration of Civil War era iron cemetery fence
51451. How to avoid green corrosion of copper material after silver plating
51452. What are the different types of cad plating and how to tell them apart?
51453. Want thick layer passivate for zinc plating
51454. Sealing Hard Coat: nickel acetate vs. hot DI
51455. 6063 Aluminum Alloy Corrosion
51456. Inspection post passivation for closed / non visible systems
51457. Why is thickness of Manganese Phosphating varying?
51458. Burrs are unavoidable in sheet metal punching
51465. Can we gold plate polymer and plaster?
51467. How to Repair a Scratched Aluminum Motorcycle Swingarm
51470. Can I get hardness of 44-48 hrc all over EN9 parts
51472. Salt for salt spray testing
51474. Using titration to find nickel concentration in Zn/Ni electrolyte
51476. Applying a clear sealer on black steel
51477. Purpose of bias in PVD process
51478. Concentration of etching soda for aluminum
51483. Need DMAB for electroless nickel activation
51489. Infrared proofing for clothing
51491. Need citric acid for cleaning steam sterilizer
51492. Copper Plating Aluminum - DIY Possible?
51496. Need a Dielectric coating on stainless steel
51498. Titanium coating on SS at low room temperature
51499. Electroless Nickel Plating, too dull on one run
51501. Tin plating problem in Ferrostan Process
51502. Humidity endurance of type 2 class 2 coating
51503. Must have no electrocoating in this area
51508. What is EZM-2 Treatment?
51509. PU Coating or any other clear organic coating on Aluminium
51511. Refurbishing Pipe Railing of Grandstand
51512. Used PET plastic material as powder coating raw material
51513. Measuring pH in galvanizing flux
51514. Nickel Activation - Cathodic or Anodic?
51515. Ideal thickness of Cu and Ag to minimize RF loss
51519. What protective equipment for copper sulphate experiments
51520. W/w conversion to w/v
51521. Chemical etching of steel
51522. Necessary to cross hatch Nikasil cylinder bores?
51523. Muriatic acid tanks for stripping galvanize are hard to come by
51524. Stainless and copper pots and pans scratched from first cleaning
51525. Erasing colors in anodised titanium?
51529. Silver hard soldering on nickel electroforms - crack problem
51531. RAL color code sample card to Munsell color code sample card
51533. Zinc Coating
51535. How To Get Grey Anodize To Match
51539. IAW ASTM B545 Tin plating needed
51544. Reaction of PMMA with a Gold Cyanide salt in a citric acid electrolyte ?
51546. Hexavalent/Trivalent recovery from Chromic Acid Anodize?
51547. How can I eliminate the orange peel when e-coating A60 Galvanneal material?
51549. Chemical Process to Brown Auto Parts and Springs
51550. Chrome plating ABS Material
51552. Heavy sludge dust in phosphating
51557. Peroxide Bombing
51558. Flow/leveling of metallic thermoplastic acrylics
51561. Automatic Chemical Analysis of Nickel Sulfamate
51562. Nickel plated brass sheet is staining
51564. My hard anodize is too fast
51565. Best method for cleaning oil from lamination stack before EP-coating
51566. Finishing a galvanized tube
51568. Improving Electroless Nickel on Copper
51569. Want Dull finish on Stainless Steel Kegs
51570. Plating Tank - What kind of material can it be?
51571. Swallowing silver plating
51572. Looking for Zinc Sheet Metal look alike for small table tops
51573. Hard anodizing chiller sizing
51574. High nickel in our wastewater
51575. How to hold down Copper Levels in Ebonol C-Special Bath
51578. Buffing/Polishing Vibration Monitoring Probe Tracks (4140 shafts)
51579. Can't achieve AISI #4 base finish on 316L SS tube
51583. Particle size of powder and role of DFT
51584. Thermal Deburring Advice please
51585. Do they use nickel when plating sterling silver with rhodium?
51586. Dull Plating in Bright Tin Plating
51587. Filling in the blanks with super abrasives
51588. Trouble in black anodizing
51589. ASTM 967E Passivation alternative to chromate?
51590. High temperature glue for Ceramic and Quartz
51593. How to keep abrasion on chrome wheel from rusting and spreading
51594. Touching up chrome with minor pitting
51595. Industrial anodizing company in Canada looking for anodizing course
51596. Interpretation on EDX spectrum result
51598. Faster, Thicker Silver Plating?
51599. Plating defects
51600. Anodizing thickness is greater at bottom of rack than at top
51602. CCT-1 test for stainless steel SS-302 after passivation
51603. Stainless steel electropolishing or nickel or chrome plating
51606. Post Heat Treat of 416 SS to Avoid Surface Corrosion
51607. Substitute chemical for sodium dichromate that can be used for the prevention of white rust formation
51608. The best way to decreasing the carbonate content in Zn Plating process
51609. Parting from mandrel
51610. Black chromate is Rubbing off
51611. Problems with plating brass?
51613. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN Sa value and micron finish of surface
51614. Need Blue Etch Anodize of very large parts
51616. Steps before rhodium plating 18kt white gold?
51617. What ways can you strip chrome from stainless steel?
51618. Paint peel off
51619. E-coat on galvanized steel and non galvanized at the same time
51620. Can mechanical zinc plating be applied on smaller pieces in a mass production process?
51622. Rusting Of Stainless Steel Railings
51623. Need jewelry coating for more than 3 years
51625. Organic dyes for colouring of aluminum
51626. Need to remove engraving on a sterling silver bracelet
51627. Primer for painting stainless steel
51629. Iphone Gold Plating
51631. RV Aluminum Siding Problem
51632. Is unplated Gold worth anything?
51633. Does AMS or SAE control the specs?
51634. Most resilient/suitable finishing for outdoor steel benches?
51635. Gold plating is fading
51636. How can I test anticipated life of Gold Plating products?
51638. Distinguishing 304 and 316 Stainless Steel
51642. Painting of Stainless Steel Lemur Tail for themed play area
51644. Material of construction for galvanizing baskets
51646. Looking for sources of iron, zinc and manganese wastes for beneficial use
51647. Pretreatment Process Parameters
51648. Differences between a No. 3 and a No. 4 finish on Stainless Steel
51649. Solar Water Heaters and Electrolysis
51651. Need Crankshaft Nitriding
51653. What is the need? What is a good thesis subject for master degree in electrochemistry?
51654. Food safe galvanized metal paint
51655. 202 Versus 201 Stainless Steel
51656. Setting up Contractometer to Measure Stress in Nickel Bath
51657. Need E-Coat standard for automotive brackets
51658. Suggest the surface treatment for engine valves
51659. Hydrogen peroxide in flux tank to reduce dross
51661. Small water mark after plating
51662. Plating chrome onto a gold layer
51664. Effect of porosity in metal finishing
51665. HR1095 scale removal prior to plating
51666. What Vibro finishing does to lengthen salt spray life?
51667. Removing scale from fire water pipeline
51668. Silver coating is gold in color instead of silver
51669. Need a service to reduce hardness of steel parts
51672. Aluminum and stainless steel anodizing
51674. Need Mil-A-8625, Type III, Class 2 dyed Black (matte), ATF Type 7 License holders preferred
51676. Cyanide destruction with peroxide (Cu catalysed)
51677. How to do Blue Galvanizing
51678. Manganese Phosphating on Cast Iron Components
51679. Trivalent Chromate Immersion Times
51680. ENP on Brass Components: No coating build up
51681. How verbose must NADCAP approved work orders be?
51682. Where can I get surface finish "texture code"?
51683. Deposit peeling on borders and showing black spots on Watts bath
51686. Corrosion resistance to dilute sulfuric acid
51687. Gold plating 15 to 20 microns on watch cases
51688. If tub is stained with blue, is our water safe to drink?
51689. Repairing sun damage to auto plastic with Krylon Fusion
51690. Restoring chrome faucets damaged by cleaning fluid
51691. University project: Chrome plating wastewater treatment
51692. AlTiN stripping solution?
51693. Steel furniture components are till rusting after tool-black surface
51694. How to lessen gold plating roughness?
51696. Silky Smooth Rubberized plastic and metal texture coating.
51698. Can you mirror polish an aluminum marine hull or will saltwater dull it?
51699. Electrical conductivity of titanium screws used in surgery
51700. Storing a copper electroform master?
51704. Want high shine plating on AR15 lower receiver
51705. Raising a destroyed (ground down) Hull I. D. # on an Aluminum boat
51706. Copper treated with bleach, can it be saved?
51707. Hybrid electroplating plus xerography process
51708. Hard chrome plating using chrome anodes
51710. Outside of beaker shaped part is not Electro Polishing
51711. Formula for Zinc Parkerizing
51712. Sandblasted steel rusts immediately after going through iron phosphate pretreatment, Why?
51713. Need molybdenum coating on soda lime glass
51714. copper sulphate wash as metals colorant
51715. Need to know what type of steel used in electro-galvanized steel
51717. Plating to make stainless steel black
51718. Can you safely zinc-plate a weldment that includes a hinge?
51721. What metallographic etchant for 4032 and 4047 aluminum alloy?
51722. Anodizing Problem, part gets thinner instead of thicker.
51724. Hydrogen embrittlement from pickling
51725. Teflon stud bolts and electrical grounding
51726. What is the pound per linear foot on 26GA through 14GA Galvanized Metal
51727. Adhesion in Palladium to Palladium electroplating
51728. Blue stains in zinc plating
51729. Problems with Clear Anodizing
51730. Need to install anodize tank
51731. Need anodized aluminium flashing for solar concentrator
51732. MIL-C-5541 vs. MIL-STD-5541
51733. Stripping Tin Plating from Cast Bronze
51734. Need Zinc Phosphate Coating Service
51737. Difference between RoHS black zinc and RoHS clear zinc finish
51738. Aluminum casting that "won't take hard anodize"
51739. Concentrate / Recover Zinc Sulphate from waste stream
51740. Need wood-grain powder coating - wood finish transfer stickers
51741. NOx Emissions from Titanium NDT Etching?
51742. Plating F-125 with electroless nickel
51743. Is there any institution who conducts training for electroplating metals?
51745. What metal needs to be used before silver plating on copper?
51746. Need buffing of a 23" dia. aluminum blanks 0.040 thick
51748. Refinishing a Brass Snare Drum
51749. OABIC, OIA, and BRUT finishes in anodizing
51750. Looking for Arthur Brace's "The Machining of Aluminium"
51752. Electroless = Single Element Replacement Process?
51754. Thermal Expansion Characteristics of a Chrome Plated Component
51755. Can Hardcoat Anodize be done in-house?
51756. "Iridite" coating analysis question?
51757. Coated aluminium is not withstanding phosphoric acid
51760. Cleaning rust from high tensile steel
51761. How to know which metal an antique is made from
51763. Plating a previously used motorcycle exhaust
51765. Repaint aluminum patio furniture
51767. How to do trivalent conversion coating
51768. Reference book about Ni, Pd, Au and Ag plating on copper substrate
51769. Best metal roof finish for safe rainwater collection
51770. Rough finish in hard chromium plating
51771. Anodized aluminum and road salt
51772. What is Tri-cationic phosphating?
51774. Zinc-nickel on Al diecastings (including Enviralloy Ni)
51775. Removing porcelain from tooling without freezing
51776. Fire Rating on Powder Coating
51777. Galvanizing alternative for structural steel staircase
51778. Zinc trivalent with TOP SEAL to last 480 hrs SST life
51779. The cost of passivation of implants
51780. Acid copper plating bath reaction with PMMA
51781. ElectroGalvanized steel caused salt spray problem
51782. Chemfilm paint adhesion
51783. Need lusterless black finish per MIL-STD-171 3.4.1 and 3.3.2
51784. Difference between Silver Flash and Silver Plating
51785. Why is SS 316 recommended for BSL 3 lab exhaust Dusts?
51786. How to remove Jasco Prep and Prime (iron phosphate) spots from galvanized roof
51787. Hydrogen reactions from vinegar plus sanded nails
51788. Can anyone suggest an alternative to gold plating
51789. Recommended UV/Vis instruments for plating bath analysis?
51791. White final finish for fashion jewelry
51792. Improving the surface finish of PTFE plate
51794. Bulk curing of painted components
51796. 5005 or B57?
51797. Selection of plating on metal for wear resistance
51798. Tin Plated Stainless Steel Undercoats
51800. Process to determine life time of galvanized steel
51804. Properties of Electroless Nickel
51805. Watts Bath Conductivity
51807. Premature white corrosion on trivalent plated hydraulic tubing
51810. Apply Zinc coating weight 275 g/m2 for thickness 2 mm
51811. Instant Black Spot Even Before Drying Process
51812. Paint blistering on zinc plating - Why?
51813. Need zinc/aluminum Thermal Spray
51815. Cyanide Storage and Gold Electroplating in the 70's
51816. I am looking for a sealant for clay pots
51818. Powder coating over zinc plating
51819. Wanted: Non-conductive clear coating for battery terminals
51821. Coating for small steel parts in continuous outdoor environment
51822. Looking to acquire used 24" dip spin machine.
51823. Zincate Bath Life
51826. Will a burnout kiln melt gold concentrate and/or precipitant
51827. Chrome plating on high speed rotating equipment
51828. Electroless nickel is rusting in threaded area
51834. Need non-conductive coating - to hold a static charge
51835. Chromic acid treatment on Magnesium jewelry
51836. New to Black Chromate Conversion on Acid Chloride Zinc
51837. Brass turns to Rust color
51840. Production Zinc Plating to related specifications QQZ325 or ASTM B633
51841. Surface finishing of aluminium sheet for light fixture reflector
51842. Having trouble mirror polishing stainless sheets
51844. Where can I find double layered metal
51845. How can I stop or slow down the corrosion of an aluminum boat?
51846. How to produce Galvalume?
51847. Can I dye a light fixture in metal?
51848. How to remove unwanted galvanic plating from stainless steel valves
51849. How to get the special effects in powder coating
51850. Replace wrought iron railings or restore
51851. Unknown losses in zinc kettle even with no production
51852. 32% nickel plating on ETP copper wire
51853. Which casting grade of aluminium allows Anodizing and Alodining?
51854. Trivalent chrome passivation operating parameters
51855. How to measure the concentration of heavy metals
51856. Best substrate for Ti-Gold PVD coating
51857. Does zinc plating increases shear strength of screw?
51858. Manganese Phosphating isn't heavy enough
51859. Electroplating companies in NY?
51860. Plating Nickel over Tungsten?
51861. My clothes are grey due to paint worn off of dryer
51862. Ni elimination from waste water
51863. Removing paint spilled on a gold and sapphire ring
51864. Etching steel rings for penny pressing machine dies
51865. Using immersion silver plating solution on raw brass?
51866. Creating a dark oil rubbed bronze finish on aluminum
51867. Identifying 303 stainless vs 304
51870. Preventing blunting of sharp blades by storage in liquid
51871. Aluminium Powder Coating Standards Australia
51872. Can Racking During Black Oxide Process Cause Thermal Discoloration Appearance?
51873. Grey stain and water marks after anodising
51874. Need On-site Passivation
51877. Streaks in aluminium 6063 anodizing
51879. We are facing problem with powder coating
51880. PVD black and brown on brass components
51883. Need tin alloy platings to withstand high reflow temperature
51885. Anodizing of aircraft wheel hubs
51886. Materials and Techniques to Plate a Tuba
51887. Longevity of blackened or anodized metals
51888. 316L electrodes are pitting in hydrogen-from-water service
51889. How to make Nickel Plated Brass Keys RoHS compliant
51890. Aluminized Epoxy Topcoat was wiped with MPK. Is it harmed?
51891. Passivation of copper and copper alloy waveguide
51892. What is standard E-coat thickness?
51893. Galvanized but unpainted doors rusted in one year
51894. Platinum-Clad Anodes for Chrome Plate
51896. Need gold replating of door hardware
51900. Need Anode and Cathode For Gold Electrowinning
51901. Electroless Nickel plating degrades surface finish
51903. Blistering of cadmium plating on stainless steel
51906. Die components are getting puncture holes during anodising
51907. How to find the concentration of nitric acid by volumetric titration?
51909. Titanium (CP grade 2) cleaning procedure for implantable medical device-similar to pacemaker
51910. High temp resistant material used as botting on metal surfaces
51911. Best Coating Material
51913. Ever heard of hard chrome plating aluminium, via anodizing?
51914. Is Alodine 1200S RoHS compliant?
51916. Consumption of iron with hydrochloric acid in galvanizing
51917. Material for container HF 21% v/v
51918. To make mirror finish
51919. Effect of phosphating before heat treatment
51920. Is it possible to have metallic silver shade/color by E.Coat ?
51922. Seeking White Anodize Hardcoat
51923. Average life expectancy of just metal
51926. Need a pewter color finish for aluminum punch panels
51929. Can we still recycle rinsewater after adding inhibitor to pickling acid?
51931. Need Mil-Std 171 olive drab plating
51932. Want to achieve Dark Electroless Nickel Plating
51933. Extremely Rare 1935 Bugatti Show-car with Magnesium Body Needs "Bright,Silvery" Protective Surface!
51934. Does Mil-A-8625 require color consistency?
51935. Making bare aluminum chain match nickel plating?
51936. White rust on bonderized steel
51937. Electroplating Finishes for Zamak Parts
51939. Stainless Steel Pretreatments before Powder Coating
51940. Why are chrome plated tools more durable than wheels?
51942. Black stains on aluminum from shipping
51943. 1950's Kitchen wanted for photoshoot
51945. Metallic powder coating isn't working
51947. Electroplating gold onto copper without gold solution
51948. Gray dots on semi-bright nickel plated hull cells
51952. Court reporter asks what visual defect on coil coater sounds like "star val B"
51956. Excessive Foaming of Black Oxide Bath
51957. How do I finish a light fixture in "antique bronze" finish?
51958. pH measurement at temperatures other than ambient
51959. Texture etching on stainless steel like glass
51960. Triple Salt and Quadra Flux Densities?
51961. Titanium Rack for aluminum anodizing turned pink
51962. 4th Grade Science Fair...Fire from a potato
51964. How to use zinc phosphate sludge for the manufacture of bricks
51965. Homeowner needs bronze finish on brass colored plastic trim in jacuzzi tub
51966. ED (electrodeposition/e-coating): anolyte, ultrafiltration, constituents, bacterial growth
51969. What is Melonite?
51970. Where can I find a printable version of QQ C-320 to purchase?
51972. Tungsten composite separation
51973. E-coating issue on electrogalvanized material
51974. Chrome Plate of the Brass Ball in a Ball Valve
51976. Nickel plating salt spray failure
51977. Hard copper plating that can be etched best
51978. Carbon steel chisels destroy corrosion resistance of stainless
51980. Bolting Galvanized Structural Steel
51981. Need VW Beetle bumpers plated
51982. Impermeable coating for 200 micron diameter alloy spheres
51983. Induce Chloride on Aluminium Pad (wafer)
51985. Quick Connects for Rectifier to Anodizing Frame
51986. Ultrasonic Agitation, mixing solution
51987. Improving adhesion of lacquer on brass zipper teeth for outdoor application?
51988. Electroless Nickel versus Zinc Dichromate
51989. What's best prep for 416 SS bars before plating with Electroless Ni/Teflon?
51990. Need help plating 416 Stainless
51991. Certification of Alodine 1201 to AMS 2473
51992. Laser mark Alochromed Aluminium
51993. Zinc finish on tubing (help)
51994. Polishing for circular finishes in ultra high vacuum chambers
51995. What is Fluorocarbon coating
51996. TriHydric chrome plating on fasteners
51997. Stop potassium carbonate buildup in silver cyanide bath or recover silver
51999. What kind of filter should I use to refine the platinum plating bath?

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