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45000. Calibration of Titrations?
45001. Hard coating for cryogenic aluminum gear
45006. Using 316 vs 316L stainless steel as cryoprobe
45008. Nickel Plating Cracking at Weld Joints, Steel
45010. Testing of gold plating adhesion
45011. Aluminium foil finishing
45019. Student requiring an electrolytic nickel/PTFE bath
45020. What is the difference between AISI 4130 and the Chinese 30crmo
45029. Touching up anodized receiver
45031. RoHS compliant tin/lead plating
45032. Specs for ASTM A153 AND ASTM A194-2005a
45033. SST requirement for silver plated copper component
45034. Peel off issue on TO263 nickel lead frames
45035. Poor Titanium Tungsten adhesion on Alumina after Nickel electroplate
45037. How can I tell if it is bronze or brass?
45038. My electroplating science project
45039. Hydrogen Embrittlement During Stripping Process
45045. Using temperature to free glass from stainless steel
45047. Zinc-plating trivalent and hexavalent difference
45049. Nickel electroforming
45050. Hard chrome cracking over nickel plate "filler"
45051. Loss of amperes - due to high carbonates?
45052. Components of electroless tin plating on piston
45053. Sudden increase of current
45055. Flexible spray chrome
45056. Galvanized steel for planting vegetables
45059. Masking Chromic Anodise
45060. Can we use sodium silicate as stabilizer after cleaning with H2O2
45061. Pickling of heat treated components
45062. How to convert fine brush finish into coarse brush finish on SS304 sheet?
45064. Coatings for brass to make it food-safe
45071. Disposing of muriatic acid
45072. Stripped zinc coated screws
45073. Decorative chrome vs. Cr6->Cr3 transition
45078. Is it safe to have my almost antique white gold diamond ring re-plated with rhodium?
45082. Why does part become too brittle after the de-embrittlement process? What should I do?
45083. Ref CIE L*A*B polyester powder no texture
45084. Testing Hardcoat with a Conductivity Tester
45085. Scale Problems on Steel
45086. Local serious pitting on heating coils - any thoughts?
45087. Conductive finish for steel standoff
45093. Test for ethanoic acid
45094. How to design an electroplating machine?
45095. Iron Contamination of sulfuric acid anodizing solution
45096. Use of Pickling VS Passivation in removing rust in Stainless Steel
45098. 93% Sulfuric acid tank loop seal fill?
45103. Looking for GOLD PLATING substitute
45110. Specs - thickness and salt spray for copper, nickel, chrome plating on ABS exterior automotive part
45112. Strip plating thickness problem
45113. Smoothing surface of stainless steel casting for food grade application
45123. Light Bulb Coatings
45124. Best Anode Bag Material
45126. What about yellow Iridite and WEE?
45127. Best pH for precipitation of zinc
45129. Anodize vs Powder Coat for Waste Water Treatment Plant
45132. DiDi 7 or HP 9000 stain removers
45133. Need coating on titanium fine threads to prevent cold welding
45138. Dull Nickel Plating Bath Surface Tension
45142. Yellow and Blue passivation - Zinc plating
45147. Nickel (only!) Plating onto Aluminium
45149. Aluminum ADC12 okay for food?
45151. Should I throw out my aluminum cookware?
45154. Bonding copper water pipes with steel gas line - the right way?
45155. Powder Coating stainless steel
45156. Tin plated part turns black patches in few days 3 - 5 days
45157. Phosphate Fluoride Treatment on Titanium 6AL-4V
45158. Dulling/Greying experienced after QQ-P-35 TY VII Passivation of 304 Stainless Steel
45164. Booth Design
45168. Need easy, real gold product to replate worn antique jewelry-home use
45169. How to measure the rate of rusting quantitatively
45170. Nickel plated gun misloading
45171. Painting over an old anodized aluminum mast
45173. Hexavalent versus Trivalent Chromate as a zinc passivation
45177. Bubbling problem when plating on Zamac
45179. Zinc Plated Part became rusty after powder coating
45182. Nickel Sulphamate Solution
45183. Seacoast Architectural Applications
45189. Copper in natural form
45190. Counter-rinse system
45192. Dross grab
45193. What type of plating should be used on steel before powder coating
45194. Proper way to strip chrome from steel
45198. Black or Greyish stain after zinc plating
45199. Does a rusty boat going out to sea cause water pollution
45201. Simplest way to clean chrome plated plastic without damaging the chrome
45202. Aluminum cased kitchen utensil
45203. Copper oil for cleaning?
45205. Re-gilding worn gold coloured bathroom fittings
45206. Is making beer in aluminum cookware safe?
45207. Aluminum kitchenware oxidized in sink?
45208. Question regarding the differences between 316 and 316L
45210. Titanium solid colour
45211. Where can I purchase sodium orthophosphite
45213. Investigation in electroless Ni-P deposits
45217. Aluminum anode in seawater
45218. Re-finish for a 1911 style pistol
45219. Why did my freshly painted steel door peel?
45221. Monitoring and analysis of Acid mist (Hydrochloric acid)at pickling line scrubber
45225. Cracking/crazing of powder coated aluminum wheels
45226. Replacing Polypropylene tanks with Fibre Glass tanks for chromic acid and nitric acid
45227. HOW TO REDUCE Cr6+ to Cr3+
45228. Paint peel off
45231. How to specify surface finish for painting aluminum?
45235. Heat Treating Stainless Steel Discoloration
45236. Powder coat second coat
45237. Best tests for galvanizing coating weight?
45243. Please Help me for chemical black finishing (hot and cold)
45245. E-coating for silver jewelry
45247. Aluminum protectant for a polished aircraft
45248. White Stain or Finger Print Marks
45253. Painting over powder coated towel bars
45258. No one will re-plate my ring!
45260. Zinc Plating Tank Construction
45263. Flux Contained Nickel
45264. ASTM A193 Anchor Bolts -- Hot Dip Galvanized
45265. Nodules substances on Sn finishing
45267. U.S. MIL spec Type III Hardcoat vs German Hardcoat
45274. Excess phosphate coating weight
45276. Smooth TiN coatings
45277. Plating Plastic Honey Bee Comb
45279. Interior coating of a sewage storage tank with epoxy
45280. White film on 316L Stainless Steel after De-scorching
45287. Refinishing outdoor aluminum furniture
45288. Electroless gold peel off from wood's nickel
45289. New to zinc plating
45290. Rough and smooth surface on the same job in electroless nickel bath
45291. Looking for a solution on low friction
45295. Artist wants chrome finish for a mens shirt
45296. Duplex Stainless Steel for Drainage
45298. Chrome Plating
45299. Aluminum K9 kennel turning dog's hair gray
45300. Electroforming of gold jewelry
45301. Is Re-chroming as good as original
45306. I want know zinc metal production process from the mining (step by step process)
45307. Aluminum on Stainless Steel
45308. Refinish a concrete water fountain
45309. White spots left by mineral oil on galvanized steel
45310. Throwing Power of Nickel Sulphamate plating solution
45311. Too Much Chromate
45313. Aluminum de-smut/de-oxidize chemicals process & chemical Q&A's
45314. Aluminum Corrosion
45315. Good explanation of what happens in an aqueous alkaline aluminum cleaning system
45320. Triple tree chrome failure
45322. Accelerated Patinating / Bluing of Copper
45326. Hydrogen Absorption on Dumet wire in Nickel plating by Nickel Sulphamate Bath
45327. Painting or restoration of commercial anodized aluminum window frames
45330. Coating nickel and chrome for plastic
45331. Desperate requirement of awareness on plating crack
45332. Anodized AL Boss chipping when a Taptite screw is inserted
45333. Al hard coat anodizing and alcohol resistance
45334. Minimizing surface rust on stainless steel through extraction of surface impurities in a marine application
45335. Bituminous paint specs
45338. Need plant and machinery for production of Zinc Oxide
45339. Cyanide copper
45340. Galvanized Tin Rust, How to stabilize and prolong life of metal
45341. Removing paint from home made B-B-Q
45343. Cutting cad plate
45344. Questions regarding chemical reaction that occurs when Bluing Steel
45347. Flash corrosion issues after soda blasting
45348. Zinc die casting parts black spot after finishing
45352. Phosphorus in all nickel plating and hardness
45354. Plating on Lead bronze Alloy - LB2
45356. Removal of PVC lining
45358. How much nickel acetate do you use?
45360. Use of Prismacolor pencils on copper
45363. Surface coating industry analysis: electroplating
45364. How to do chrome plating on "Inconel" ( 70%Ni w/Ferrous and 18% Cr)?
45365. Rusting
45366. Polishing Stainless Steel to a Mirror Finish
45367. Dents and scratches in alloy wheels
45368. Can Trivalent Chromium degrade into Hexavalent Chromium?
45369. Tin plate v silver plate for solderable terminals
45370. Anodized parts are not shiny
45373. Corona or/and plasma surface treatment
45376. Discolored, dull, 14K white gold wedding band
45381. Removing adhesive mortar from brick fireplace
45382. Blackening Copper Platter with Silver Inlay from Ottoman Empire
45393. Unwanted yellow tint on zinc plated steel
45394. Powder coated steel blistering after baking process?
45395. Basic scrubber design
45396. Cleaning titanium before coating
45401. Collecting isotopic thallium metal on Pt cathode from Tl2SO4 solution
45402. Bubbles problem in tin plated aluminium
45405. Corrosion Protection Alternatives Free of Hexavalent Chromium
45411. "Purple Stuff" streaked my alloy rims
45412. Brass Kalasham on temple wanted to be protected from tarnishing or oxidising to maintain beauty of brass
45413. Immersion Heater for Hydrofluoric Acid, (Aluminum Brightener )
45414. Paint Line Manning
45418. Nickel chrome plating bubbles, peels off
45421. Black spots in anodized aluminum profile
45422. Secondary blast profile
45423. Corrosion of steel reactor from dilute sulfuric acid
45425. Is it possible to re-clear coat a new faucet. It is a new roman tub spout with an "Old Bronze" finish?
45426. Wet sand and buff powder coating
45427. Process to extract silver from the waste fixer/hypo solution
45428. Preservation of my rusty antique truck
45429. How to brass plate
45431. Getting grout of pitted ceramic tile
45432. What is the economic metal for Zinc Chloride Liquid
45433. Powder coating verses anodizing
45434. How to improve the fatigue resistance of aluminum
45435. Removing magnetism from 304 Stainless Steel
45436. Polishing steel cycle parts to a bright finish
45437. Carbon from steel rods interferes with carbon sequestration research
45438. What is best way to paint / stain oak furniture with black
45439. Standards for hot dip galvanize?
45440. Changing yellow passivation to new white trivalent dip
45448. Maximum Corrosion resistance for Minimum Thickness Needed
45450. Plating thickness limit
45451. Is it possible to plate stainless steel onto carbon steel?
45452. Pitting after Chrome Plating
45453. Bead blasting over ss material
45454. Burr removal in Micro finished Aluminum boxes of size 180x80x32mm
45456. Need Black Chrome plating on ten pinball machines
45457. Painting Cadmium
45458. Holidays in electrophoresis coating
45462. Electroplating cobalt onto chromium seed layers
45464. Longitudinal polishing ID's in carbide
45466. Can I use etching on 316L to remove buildup on micro end mills?
45467. How to migrate and remove copper from silicon wafers
45468. How to restore mirror finish on stainless steel flatware/holloware
45469. Gold ring in hydrogen peroxide -- turned dark brown HELP!
45472. What is the maximum etch depth I can get before hard coat anodizing?
45473. Want a material for Hydrofluoric Acid Heat Exchangers that is transparent to microwaves
45476. I am a machine welder and just found out that I am pregnant
45478. Amperage requirement for bright nickel plating
45479. Au corrosion
45480. Stain on TinBi plating
45481. What is the normal ASF for sulfamate nickel
45482. Champagne color anodizing - F2 finish (As per German specification)
45484. Abrasive Blast Cleaning Titanium
45485. Is platinum renewable?
45487. Tumble finishing stainless steel plate and screws
45488. Roughness Average conversions to grit numbers?
45489. Lubrication line for cold forging slugs
45492. Swirl Finish on Stainless Steel and Aluminum to deter Graffiti
45494. Chlorine from swimming pool discolored my ring
45497. Finish for aluminum busbar in contact with silver plated copper busbar
45498. How does Diamond Kote fencing compare to powder coated?
45500. Brown Foreign Material on stamped parts
45501. Galvanized metal got into our skin from climbing a fence!
45502. Improve abrasive wear resistance on 17-4ph?
45503. Furniture designer's stainless steel patio furniture is rusting
45505. Depositing Nickel on Carbon Felt and Carbon Cloth
45506. Can electropolishing be done on carbon steel material
45510. Silver plating bath analysis
45512. What is the Alcoa Luminite 226 process?
45513. Sculptor attempting to give stainless steel a blue finish , can anyone help ?
45514. Corrosion Measurement
45515. Hard Chromium Plating on Bi-metallic Substrate
45516. Is touch-up (Rust-oleum aerosol ) allowed per MIL-C-5541 class 3 gold?
45520. Galvanizing trays horizontally that don't fit vertically
45521. Society of the Plastics Industry spark finish to VDI conversion
45522. How to take off clear coat from car
45523. Tin stripper on brass
45526. Structure Formation Problem in Powder Coating
45532. Complete set of an electroforming system
45533. Is there a process for gold plating removal
45535. Electroplate without buffing/polishing
45536. Anodized aluminum and car wash tunnels
45537. Burnishing steel parts in Italy
45541. Sealing silver candlesticks
45542. Repairing enamel badges
45543. Rust in my Diesel Fuel Tank
45544. Surface Oxidation of trivalent passivation system
45545. Baseline markup for plating
45547. What does vapor honed mean?
45548. What is best deposition temp. for CuAlO2 by spray pyrolysis method
45550. Gold Rings turned Gray after years of wear
45551. Reducing coating thickness by adding nickel salts
45554. I have problem for anodizing process
45555. Diffused Nickel Cadmium is turning orange at edges
45556. Testing passivated 440
45557. Finish for aluminium where milk and cream are spread on the area
45560. Black spots on Antiqued brass
45562. Hard chrome for high temperature?
45563. How to create a #4 scratch on stainless
45564. Disposal Method for waste from treating galvanized metal
45566. Difference between de-passivation and deoxidation
45572. Stainless wire on sail boat - corrosion due to salt water
45573. Antiquing on zinc
45574. Refinish aluminum patio furniture
45577. What to coat Pot Metal with to make it clear coatable
45579. Require a plating solution which can pass 2500 hrs of salt spray test
45580. Searching for cost effective alternate for hard chrome plating for aluminum cylinder blocks
45581. Nickel plated surface (on beryllium copper) turned greenish
45582. Zinc phosphate plating is wrong color
45583. Gold tank plating solution-Can it be used to brush plate?
45584. Passivation SOP
45585. citric acid passivation process for medical device
45587. What are the uses of silumin?
45588. Selective etching of silver on copper
45590. Removing clear topcoat while leaving underlying auto paint
45591. Measuring Ag concentration in Immersion Silver bath
45592. My cookie cutters are rusted; can I clean them?
45594. Solderability of Gold plating pads without Nickel barrier
45595. Presence of water based chemicals in hot dip galvanizing bath
45596. Cheaper approach than Pd for metalizing plastic?
45597. How to recover unused diamonds from exhausted plating bath?
45598. Yellow chromate rubs off and is no longer shiny
45599. Flaking nickel plate when grinding, wheel and/diamond suggestion needed ASAP
45602. Theory of zincate and adhesion of electrodeposits on aluminum
45604. Need wear resistant coating on aluminum positioning bosses
45606. What RoHS coating for magnesium parts?
45607. What book to find right grinding wheels for different metals?
45611. Questions
45612. Anticorrosive, ductile and conductive metal plating on aluminium?
45613. Need very smooth I.D. of OFE Copper tubing
45615. Cyanide destruct ORP problems
45616. Ball mill to reduce hexavalent chromium to trivalent
45618. E-coating: Cationic vs Cathodic, and Coating over Zinc Cobalt & Trivalent Chromate
45619. Removing sludge from acid tin plating bath
45620. Silver electroform master problem -- Where did the silver go?
45623. How to strip TiC from stainless steel?
45625. Fearful of neighbor's anodizing business in his basement!
45627. Need brass tub drain plated in stainless steel color
45630. S.S. press plates stick after bead blasting
45631. Method to use for decorative etching for stainless steel sheet?
45634. Making a building yellow by chromating it
45635. Nickel plating on Beryllium Copper
45638. Brush Plating Consistency for Antique Firearms?
45639. Design of tiny Powder Coating booth
45640. Electropolished Brass is turning red
45641. Nylon or Powder Coating for bicycle parking racks?
45642. Safe alternative to CAD plating on 12L14 steel
45645. Coating aluminum with titanium/titanium oxide
45646. What is the silvering and plating process for audio LP vinyl records?
45648. Copper plating on watch movement parts is fading
45649. If pickle is strong enough for adhesion, can't get Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief
45651. How to stop hot dip galvanizing zinc flaking
45653. Substitute for silver for electroplating of copper wire
45654. Is DIY home sputtering possible? 45655. Cleaning oxidized zinc intaglio plates
45656. Hardcoat Anodized Teflon Impregnated parts spark when hit together - a problem in Class 1 Div 2 area
45659. Can we hard chrome plate aluminum water tap parts?
45661. Can I authenticate that plating on collector rifle is original?
45662. Which is better surface treatment technology - "Shot blasting" or "7-Tank process"
45663. Why is our chromium plating darker than usual?
45664. Need Black Anodizing process suitable for NIR
45670. Calculation of contamination level
45671. Is it possible for real sterling silver to turn your finger green? silly :-)
45672. How to get gold paint off glass candelabra?
45675. Weathering brass screws in a hurry
45677. A36 Steel corrosion rate with water
45678. Want more economical anode for nickel electroplating
45679. Nitric acid passivation standards and specs
45680. Is Trivalent clear chromate coating safe for chicken coupes?
45683. Is Vacuum Chrome RoHS-compliant?
45684. Need suggestion for a book about anodizing
45689. Zinc-phosphate rinse water is clear but it's tank is green
45690. DI or Tap Water for Iridite Tank Make-up
45691. What should I build a solar dish out of?
45692. Galvanic Corrosion on ARCAP AP1D and gold over nickel plated brass
45695. Can rods that are chrome plated now be induction hardened?
45696. Can I blast Magnesium Castings with stainless steel shot?
45698. Surface defects on a hard chrome plated tube
45699. Seeking technical spec sheets for Novamax DS-9-314
45700. How to Remove Nickel Plating from SS
45702. Need name of appropriate matte black paint for solar absorber/solar panel
45704. Copper from racks is depositing on stainless parts when pickling
45705. Is Passivation or Black Oxide Finish better for Stainless Steel?
45706. Cold seals -- are liquids or powder additives better?
45707. How to strip silver plating from pewter knife rests?
45708. What gold thickness is required on PCB tabs?
45710. Is it necessary to have a ventilator in room for passivation with citric acid ?
45711. How can I plate out Iron Contamination from Hard Chromium Plating Bath
45713. Nickel Plating FeCr alloy Foil
45714. Chemical Conversion Coating Appearance Problem
45716. What kind of polish do I need to keep my chrome polished Chrysler wheels looking good?
45718. Is Galvanization Process done in-line?
45719. Hot dip galvanising - material loss to ash and dross
45720. Sculptor needs copper finishing to preserve patina and sheen?
45721. Advantages/disadvantages of boric acid free zinc plating
45723. Soak cleaning problem for brass
45724. Electroless Matte Tin over Electroplated Sulfamate Nickel
45725. Salt Spray Headache
45726. Staining of potassium dichromate sealing
45728. How to eliminate powdery condition of Alodine 1200S 45729. Does PVC paint exist?
45730. Could flux short the components on my laptop motherboard?
45731. Dacromet for springs?
45732. Relation between thickness of hot dip galvanizing and result of salt spray test
45734. Want directions for barrel plating of die castings with acid copper
45735. Can a rhodium plated item be referred to as platinum plated?
45736. Welding a faucet without harming the brushed nickel finish
45739. De-ionising Water Unit Operations
45741. Cor-Ten Steel paint method
45742. Powder coating on epoxy paint results in pin holes
45743. Environmental concerns/effluent disposal from Zinc phosphate treatment
45744. Electropolishing problems if we rack at an angle
45748. Problems with electroless nickel plating
45750. Help please, I'm a student with an exam about chrome plating of Aluminum
45751. Blisters in zinc plating
45754. Tolerance problem in Powder Coating Thickness Around Holes
45756. Sulfur springs turned my silver jewelry black. How to fix?
45757. Cleaning Victorian Brass Hinges
45759. Nickel plating bubble and peel off problem on 2 to 5 percent of the work
45760. Contact material for hard chrome plating jig
45762. Diamond Impregnated Paint Application
45763. Is Black Zinc Trivalent Coating Conductive - What is the MIL Standard
45764. Nickel tank design and construction
45765. Why is paint peeling off from brass base during silver plating?
45770. Faux copper backsplash
45771. Making pure boron out of Borax for water fuel system
45772. Bright nickel is flaking from "toggle locking" operation
45773. Will there be an interaction between our aluminium finishes?
45775. Spray Application of Meta-Mate Stop Off
45778. Copper chloride / oxide residue inside plated electrical contact pins
45779. Lamp designer needs to use aluminum/stainless for conductivity
45782. Copper plating isn't sticking onto SS foil
45783. Does Rust Conduct Electricity?
45784. Tuning up copper work around restaurant's wood-fired oven
45786. Need a practical way to deburr lens barrel before Hard Anodize
45793. Chrome finished shifter on Audi is scratched
45796. How do I patina a faux brass bed?
45797. Refinishing old metal kitchen cabinets
45798. Taking the shine off a brass table
45799. How to dye eyeglass frames made of metal
45801. Refining rhodium solution to reuse it
45802. Adhesive for bonding copper table tops onto MDF?
45803. How to differentiate a powder coated finish from a sprayed finish?
45804. How to powder coat Teflon onto aluminum
45805. Salt spray life of black zinc plating vs. black oxide
45806. Variations in the look of electroless nickel plating on composite
45808. Proper filler for welding 1050 aluminum that will be anodised?
45809. How to remove stains from stainless steel sampling cylinders after fabrication
45810. Coating to protect aluminum from 150 °C ammonia hydroxide (NH4OH)?
45811. Which grade of Stainless Steel for Sulfuric Acid Purification System?
45812. The rate water and other elements conduct electricity
45813. Dichromate vs. Dacromet
45814. CrN stripping by chemicals
45817. White rust in galvanizing -- causes?
45818. Metal conductive sponge for precious metal recovery from drag-out solution
45819. Zinc electroplating for the classroom
45821. Are sparks normal in alkaline anodizing of titanium?
45822. Low quality, porous, chrome plated steel lugs on bikes?
45823. How to do heat treatment for electroless nickel
45824. Trivalent Black chromate on Zinc Die-cast part (Zamak 5) isn't consistent
45832. Does rhodium plated silver tarnish?
45833. Recommended phosphoric and zinc solutions for rust removal, metal etching preparation
45834. How to print patterns in anodized aluminum
45835. Electroforming technical book?
45837. Zn Plating Process/Thickness required to withstand 50 hrs. CASS test
45839. Zinc Chromate Corrosion caused by insufficient cure time?
45840. To attain dome shaped deposit?
45841. Metal plating process on CRCA sheets before powder coating?
45843. Pitting problem in Sulphamate bath
45844. Was this shaft Double plated?
45845. Prolonging the life of Rhodium plating bath?
45846. My rhodium bath has too much zinc and copper
45847. Want help with Electro Polishing training program
45848. Biocompatibility after pickling
45849. Electropolishing problem with welding area
45850. Finishing through sand blasting -- finish grade vs. sand size
45851. Rust removal from fire tube boilers with zero loss of good metal
45854. Strange! Suddenly have to plate MUCH longer for same thickness
45859. Powder-coating vs. electropainting?
45860. Hex chem-film was good, black spots with trivalent
45861. How to remove chrome from AA RAC badges
45862. RoHS-compatible Electroless nickel on copper alloys
45863. Passivation in citric acid
45865. Stain mark on Sn surface after dipped new make-up trisodium phosphate
45867. sulfuric anodizing within food applications
45868. Corroding steel as a decorative effect
45874. Rust rate vs. temperature
45877. How to run MEK Rub test on painted Alum parts?
45878. How to strip TiAlN from high speed steel
45880. The effect of use of Silicone Bronze Wire for Welding on painting
45881. Which type of Additives / Chemicals / Surfactants can be used for rinse aid in cathodic electrodeposition?
45884. Spotting problem in nickel-chrome plating
45885. Can Citrisurf be used to clean stainless steel, then BeCu without cross-contamination?
45887. GM7114M Coating specification
45889. Started vitamins, now silver jewelry is turning black
45891. After years of success, powder coating finish now turns fish eyed
45894. Can acetone be used on gold plated contacts?
45895. How to fill pits in chrome emblems (from '58 truck fenders)?
45897. How is Chrome Powder Coating Done
45899. How to clean concrete off of galvanized siding
45900. Leaching stains in Nickel Plating on Tin/Lead Medals
45902. How can blacksmith attach copper letters to steel sign without galvanic issues?
45904. Is magnesium thin-film deposition from a liquid precursor possible?
45905. Friction Co-Efficient for Zinc Plating ?
45906. How to apply Alodine 1200 on fuselage skin of aircraft
45908. How much fuming is produced by hard chrome plating tank?
45909. What is the formula for calculating the amount of deposition layer on any metal per hour
45910. Are the Ampere-Feet Tables too conservative?
45911. Nickel-hardened gold plating on coupons pops up and cracks
45912. Ideal insertion depth for media in a plate settler?
45914. Is electropolishing an improved kind of plating?
45916. School project: what can we do with rusted steel?
45917. Any pictures of plating and powder coating defects vs. root cause?
45925. Nitric passivation: measuring dissolved iron?
45926. CuSO4 concentration of gravure bath increasing > 290 GPL although underutilized
45927. Mold Finish - NTMA Standard, converting NTMA to Ra, RMS for silicone parts
45928. pH of acrylic CED keeps rising while no coating occurs
45929. Yellow-brown staining on AL6061-T6 suddenly started
45930. Can someone give the necessity of Dacromet over Zinc plating
45931. Touch up for black anodize?
45934. Nickel-tin plating: Tin blistering at 222 deg C
45935. '85 Jag needs adhesive to glue copper to aluminum
45936. 7075 and Chromic acid anodize
45942. Passivating Tank Deteriorating
45943. HF concentration in a fume hood duct
45947. Can we do Electroless Silver Plating on Gold?
45948. Plating a plastic Van de Graaff generator
45949. Decorative Chrome Plating fails after Baking at 700 F.
45952. Long Term Storage of Conversion Coated Parts Prior to Painting, A Problem?
45953. I need salt spray data for MIL-A-8625F for all types
45954. How materials can be selectively plated with cadmium
45955. Passivation sludge
45956. Selecting metal finishes for furniture
45958. Looking for a dry film resist that will hold up well in Electroless Ni and Immersion Gold
45960. Zinc plating my jousting armor
45961. Cleaning a classic cast iron weigh scale
45962. Coating for brass statue in St. Lucia's tropical climate
45965. Need aluminum dyes
45966. What is White Zinc?
45967. Program/software to calculate evaporation rate of solvent blends?
45968. Why does the cathode peel off in Cobalt electrowinning?
45970. Designing a metal connector to match electrical resistance requirements
45971. How to tell if a metal has been galvanized or just zinc plated?
45977. Electroless nickel plating is tarnishing, turning black
45979. Copper plating to save nickel
45980. What causes the concentration of gold to drop although tank is idle?
45981. How to apply acid resistant coating on Stainless Steel jigs
45982. Pressure Vessel Jacket - Degreasing rinse water won't come clean
45987. Fouled Electropolishing Coil
45991. We need a RAL colour shade cards for our lab
45993. Customer says our tin plating has RoHS-incompatible lead. Where from?
45994. Environmental officer needs suggestions for aluminum bright dip NOx emissions
45995. What to do with used Nickel stripper solution?
45997. Impact of lesser or higher paint resistivity on paint application
45999. How to calculate the cost of plating for jewelry

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