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49000. Crystals on Bright Nickel Anode Bags
49001. Nickel plating thickness requirement for bus bars
49003. I need to build a electro polishing wand for 304 stainless
49004. Chrome Exhaust Pipe Bluing
49005. Alternatives to decorative chrome plating
49006. Is Zinc Plate with Sodium dichromate finish RoHS compliant?
49007. Recovery of metals/chemicals from ion exchange resins
49008. Difference between E-Coat and Cataphoresis Process
49009. Chrome Bath Help: Chrome to Acid Ratio
49010. Nickel tarnishing in LCD area of brass metal sheet bucket
49011. Alodine 1200 as a substitute for Anodize when reworking
49012. Conversion coating without painting
49013. Ceramic Coating for Biomass Gasification Environment?
49014. Vegetative Growth in Acid Copper
49021. Hardness required in nickel sulfamate deposits...!
49024. What is the Process of Plating Platinum andTitanium Dioxide to Stainless Steel SUS 304/316L
49025. Black Chrome (powder coating)
49026. Commercial letter stripping chemical
49028. Matte Nickel by Plating then Electrophoretic Lacquer
49029. Do I need multiple rectifiers for anodizing?
49030. Electro Chemical De-burring of Micro Surgical Knife
49031. Crack in deep drawn components after pre treatment
49034. Preferential attack during electropolishing
49035. Does D.I. resistivity drop with ambient air present in holding tank?
49036. Replacement of solvent blend
49037. Peeling of silver plating
49040. Problems with chromium bath
49041. Test adherence for electroplating on ABS
49043. Motorcycle wheel chrome peeling, never heard of this reason, is it legit?
49045. Black Zinc is rusting and rubbing off
49046. Are There Any Intern Opportunities Around
49048. Phosphate and oil finish degrading?
49052. How to achieve diecast-like finish on machined aluminum?
49053. Satin finish mild steel
49054. My wonderful Zamak shiva statue is corroding; what can I do?
49057. Salt Spray Test v/s Salt Bath Test after Hard Anodising
49058. Preparing Mild Steel as milled for Painting
49059. Electro plating on exposed steel
49061. Help translating a German Plating Spec
49062. Chemical for easy removal of MIL-C-5541, CL3 ?
49064. Refinishing a blue toilet
49065. We have printed circuit boards with gold on them what to do?
49066. Powdercoating brass
49070. 55 gal iron phosphate barrels for drinking water?
49072. Plating Ni from dialysis waste stream
49073. Etching aluminum to reveal heat effected areas of weld regions.
49074. Brass plating peel off
49075. Testing whether it's Zinc or Nickel-chrome plating
49076. Poor adhesion on stain steel metals because of glue
49077. Artist's questions on Brushing Galvanized Metal
49078. Temperature effects on Anodized Aluminum Parts
49079. Material used for sand blasting in aviation field
49082. How safe is passivated 304 or 316 stainless for children?
49083. Church Incense Burners. How can I clean one?
49084. Hex 3/ Hex 6/ Metallic chrome
49085. Drying process for waste zinc phosphate sludge
49087. Changing polished gold medal into silver?
49094. Adverse conditions in Hydrogen generator diodes causing problems with metal corrosion.
49095. I wish to know how to test free acidity of the bath
49096. The process for electroless nickel plating
49097. Plating on a high chrome surface
49099. What is zirconium coating? Its chemical sources?
49100. Electro galvanised staple pins used for long lasting books
49101. Compatibility of Type III Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel
49102. Removal of "blueing" on SAF 2507 welds
49103. Galvanic Reaction: Galvanised Flanges with Stainless Bolts?
49105. Washing and drying gold potassium cyanide crystals
49106. Separating copper from nickel by electrolysis
49107. The roles of the various chemicals in an Electroless Plating bath
49108. How to emboss polycarbonate sheet with microprisms
49109. Is pre-treating of galvanneal necessary before painting?
49110. Is powder coating a fence worth the extra cost?
49111. Removing layers of paint from antique shelf
49112. Painting a mural on an aluminum trailer
49113. How to remove fusion glued logos from our ionized aluminium cameras?
49114. Looking for details about CED painting
49115. How can we do on-line control of tin (g/l) in chemical bronzing?
49116. Is acid zinc cobalt successfully used for barrel plating?
49118. How about iron plating instead on nickel plating between copper and EN?
49120. Longevity of Electropolished Aluminum vs. Brite dip
49121. 400 series passivation
49123. Amount of H2S ppm allowable in a 5454 alum tank?
49124. Substitute for cyanide in cleaning solution
49125. Stainless fasteners to be used poolside ?
49126. Galvanized steel staircase in a condo is dirty and rusty
49127. Determining plating type to recover precious metal from circuit boards
49128. Suitability of aluminum carts and fixtures for use in high temperature cure oven
49129. How to refinish old kitchen chair legs made of steel/aluminum
49130. 1st vs. 2nd vs. 3rd Generation Trivalent Passivation
49131. Micro cracking of Cr plating on calendering roll
49133. Tin-Lead Plating vs. Hard Coat Anodize cost comparison
49135. Non-sealed Anodised AA5 is staining through our powder coating
49136. Passivate per ES-1001 to stainless steel is RoHS compliant?
49138. Can't achieve electroless nickel finish that is dull enough
49140. Teflon coating thickness
49141. Mirror polishing a weld joint between stainless steel sheets
49142. Chromicoat L25 won't plate to 2024-T3 Aluminum
49143. pH of gold plating bath
49144. Yellow-brown pitting dot on reel-to-reel plated tin surface
49149. Student project: Benefits of tin electroplating and how is it done?
49151. High pH and high tensile stress in nickel sulfamate
49152. TiO2 etching
49153. Will aluminum and/or galvanized steel flashing touching copper pipe make it corrode?
49154. Rust in my pineapple chunks
49155. Material of construction for 300m3 HCl Tank?
49156. Hydrogen Bake - How Long and When?
49160. Want brand new exhaust system gold chromed, gold anodized, or gold powder coated
49165. Fastest way to get steel to rust/rot
49167. Looking for the solution to darken copper so it can be worn in jewelry
49168. How to clean seagulls in flight metal sculpture
49169. How to finish bare steel to look like oil finished bronze
49170. Stress relieving thin stainless steel deep drawn components
49171. Heat limitation for Koroseal lining?
49174. Poor adhesion of titanium nitride on carbide inserts
49175. Can Zinc-Nickel plating be applied to INSIDE of already ASSEMBLED pipe spool for seawater conduction?
49176. Hard chrome plant/anodizing plant
49177. Risk of replacing hot dip zinc by sealed electrolytic zinc
49178. How to get Satin Matte finish for Anodizing
49179. Do I need to passivate a SS tank if storing only vegetable oil?
49180. Electrochemical etching on S.S.
49181. What plastic media for blasting ADC6 aluminum castings?
49187. Aluminium oxide removal before plating on aluminum
49188. How to remove water spots from my Harley rim
49189. Need alternative for cadmium plating
49191. WHY does this rust occur?
49192. Counteracting zinc buildup on Mig wire areas through lower silicon?
49193. Silver Plating - Anti-Tarnishing Specs or Standards
49194. Copper Plating Concrete
49195. Hardware Requirements for Chemfiming?
49196. Steel blueing for watch hands
49198. Stainless compatibility with trivalent CCC on aluminum casting
49203. Physics Dept. needs Waterproof, Black Coating for Brass
49204. Searching for a "perfect" leveling agent
49206. What material for rustproof 3" dia. disc to cover old key hole?
49207. Discoloration of stainless steel utensils with copper bottoms
49209. Reduce CO2 content in inlet mix bed polisher
49211. Peeling powdercoating caused by remnants of PVC protective film?
49212. Remove Chromate Stain From Galvanized Steel
49214. Rate of corrosion via electrolysis help please
49215. Do buffing compounds have a shelf life?
49216. Disposal of Waste Liquids from Pickling and Coppering Line
49217. How To Make A Home Made Electro Plating System For Copper
49218. Can chrome plated plastic form a layer of Chrome 6 over time?
49219. How to check amount of metal in copper and silver plating baths?
49221. Cracking problem in chrome plating on berrylium copper
49223. Bright annealed stainless ... different shades? Why do they go brown?
49227. What is the latest EU regulatory limit for dioctyl sebacate?
49235. Help making Titanium Purple
49238. Dirty Steel prior to Powder Paint Wash
49240. Copper/aluminum corrosion in hot water
49241. Liquid painting done on automobiles
49242. Filter press stops at half full
49244. Gage study of autotitrator for NiFe bath
49247. Differences between adhesion of hard chrome over decorative and bright nickel
49248. Anti-adhesion coating for copper parts heated at 350 °C
49249. Cleaning vintage sterling caps over mother of pearl rosary
49250. Anodized parts, part mark won't cure
49253. Fire related question about Nitro Sanding Sealer
49254. Plating steel with aluminium
49255. What is ornate stein and music box made of?
49260. Holes in electropolished SS 316LVM
49261. White bleach stains on coloured enamel bath
49262. Electroforming isn't sticking to steel surface
49264. Concentrators vs Tower Systems vs Rotary Style valve systems vs Catalyst systems: Which is best?
49265. Refinishing an enamel bowl with food-safe coating
49267. Chloride & Chlorine corrosion of stainless steel: use type 2205 duplex?
49268. Discoloration of anodic film after welding
49269. Resistance of SS 304 to ozone at 1.5 PPM
49271. Ammonium chloride requirements for galvanizing flux, and analysis of same
49273. Adhesion to nirosta black oxide
49276. Inquiry about mixing by a small-scale paint store
49278. Polishing stainless steel on a Prevost bus
49279. Customs Director needs Composition and HS Code for Tinplates
49285. Can Tin Plated Bronze Corrode and Oxidize?
49287. Is secondary containment required for Powder coating wash system tanks?
49288. Silver spray problems in the making of stampers for pressing vinyl records
49290. Achieving of final tolerances of product after chromium plating
49292. Aluminum parts impossible to separate after service
49294. Does zinc and clear passivate effect properties of high tensile screw?
49295. How to reduce a bottom dross generation in hot dip galvanizing line ?
49296. Hot Dipped Gal vs Mechanical Gal
49297. Okay to substitute nickel strike for copper flash?
49303. Recreating French Bronze
49306. Is electroplating on 316 SS RoHS compliant?
49307. Hydrofluoric acid disposal for small lab
49308. Test method to prove that casting was impregnated?
49309. Stripping hard chromium from AISI 410
49311. Can we let the galvanizing bath cool when not in use?
49314. Making brightener for Alkaline Zinc Barrel Plating in house
49315. Maximum time limit on nitric acid passivation
49316. Passivating a brazed 440C assembly
49318. Why Pulse Rectifiers?
49323. Removal of rust from ILVE copper ovens
49324. High temperature and water-resistant bonding agent for plastic radiator
49328. Approximate cost to open a hot dip galvanizing business in North America?
49329. How to get Aurora Borealis effect on crystal beads?
49330. Wet Flux Galvanizing
49331. Nickel "chips" on EN coating over Fe material
49333. A housekeeper's blunder leaves every silver piece looking like aluminum
49334. Advice about stainless steel coatings
49338. Determination of acidity in pickling and phosphatizing
49340. Conductivity of copper
49342. Zincate treatment for steel
49343. How is sulfuric acid used to extract platinum
49344. Need Help with a small powder coating repair issue
49345. International Military Corrosion Standards
49347. Galvanized fencing bubbles up after powdercoat
49349. Composition of black anodized Al part
49350. Welded SUS430 part failed in salt spray test
49352. What coating for deep drawn stainless steel form tools
49358. Will cryogenic treatment improve Chromium Nitride?
49360. Alternate to electroless nickel plating on aluminum sheet?
49362. Need Aluminum finish that looks like stainless steel
49364. I keep polishing but the scratches remain
49366. How do I deplate silver off old broken silverware?
49368. Making Dummy Cathodes for a nickel sulfamate bath
49370. Water immersion testing vs copper sulphate testing after passivation
49372. Aluminium Turns black in EN
49373. How to do Oil Rubbed Bronze finish on Aluminum
49374. Plating titanium jewelry with diamonds already inserted
49375. Foam layer growing on Anodizing & Electrocolouring baths
49376. Need black chromate on Stainless bicycle spokes
49379. Small batch Incineration of Gold-loaded anion exchange resin
49380. Converting old Brass items to Brushed Silver
49381. Is Type II Chem Film RoHS Compliant?
49383. Zinc plating beginner asks how to connect rectifier
49384. Optimal corrosion resistance for powdercoat on outdoor application
49385. CED coating process?
49386. Need to polish or smooth inside of 1/16" Titanium tube
49389. Low cost replacement material for stainless steel
49394. What metal for countertop surface on old hoosier?
49396. Can Galvanized Sheets be Annealed?
49397. How to remove small traces of Pb on a Lead-free plating solution?
49398. Copper alkaline or brass bath make up
49399. Detailed operational parameters for 7-tank phosphating process
49400. Corrosion resistant coating for rock bit bearing races
49401. Suggestions for metallic finish polypropylene
49406. Help determining what mystery metal my water distiller is made of
49407. Looking for a cannon
49408. Zinc white trivalent
49409. Optimal Conductivity for Flocculant Tank ?
49410. Powder Coating Versus Galvanizing with Top Coating of Paint
49412. Plating a metal stamping with hardened stud attached
49413. Galvanic Corrosion Between SS and Anodized Aluminium?
49414. Sign maker asks about 3-layer Powder Coating. How?
49418. What primer for painting anodized windows inside?
49419. EN coating the inside of a diesel fuel tank
49421. Removing chrome plating from plastic
49422. A layman's explanation for the difference in NUC AP and NADCAP?
49424. Tin plating over copper blisters at 240 C
49425. Which acid to use to neutralize and brighten alkaline etched cast Aluminium?
49426. Molybdenum Phosphate Conversions... on Cadmium?
49431. Reverse electroplating silver is it possible?
49432. Cutlery mfgr wants better stainless to avoid rusting
49433. Tarnish Prevention in low karat metals
49434. Problem of adhesion failure of Zinc Primer only when topcoated
49437. Pitting on nickel plated steel parts when immersed in sulfuric and ammonium bifluride etch
49438. No coverage of the part in decorative chrome plating
49441. Precautions when using chemicals for passivation
49442. Need Surface Finish polishing or coating for a small Plastic Worm Gear Injection Mold
49446. Is there any alternative to inhibitors for pickling, and regarding surface finish
49447. Nickel Chloride from nickel hydroxide?
49448. Cement finisher for 30 years why the blisters on the back of my hands
49450. Analysing why sodium cyanide solution is contaminated
49455. We burned cadmium parts by accidentally plating at 2-3 times normal amperage
49456. Silver plated wrist watch dials get brown spots
49457. Etch on printing plates is too rough and cratered
49458. Concentrated H2SO4 is stored in mild steel tank; what about condensation?
49464. Cleaning up cement dust from sanding of concrete floor
49465. Question: soaking work in Tripass passivate BEFORE zinc plating?
49468. Cleaning service needs help removing fingerprints from mirror finished plastic reflectors
49469. Problems activating Electroless Nickel plated parts
49470. How to prep aluminum or stainless classic auto trim parts for chrome plating?
49471. What type grade of stainless steel plates and size for a hydrogen engine project?
49472. Want a dark stainless steel finish for anchor chafing plate
49473. Chemistry math for cleaning die cast zinc parts
49474. Rust protection for antique iron fixture
49475. I want to retain RoHS complaint from brass with nickel plated parts
49476. Blistering on heat treated products?
49477. Gold plated parts get a frosty look to them
49478. Thermal stability of nickel coating
49479. Restoring satin finish to DeLorean panels with hand held rotary wheel
49480. Black anodize won't pass seal testing
49482. Plating linkages 'as assemblies'?
49488. Plating a spiral staircase for Better Homes & Gardens contest winner
49490. Electroforming micro gas turbine components
49491. Stainless Steel Handrails are rusting in under a month
49493. Is there a Mil-spec limit on surface area that can be brush plated?
49495. Welding nickel plated steel tubing
49498. Vacuum impregnation of CF3M,Duplex/Super-Duplex SS Castings
49502. School project on energy transformers
49503. Barrel wear from lead filled full metal steel jacket bullets.
49504. Restoring old wood burning inbuilt stove
49505. What is the black coating on steel?
49506. How to paint Fiberglass Steps?
49507. Electric Polishing of Brass
49508. What nails should I use for an outdoor railing cap?
49509. Recovery of Gold from Potassium Gold Cyanide
49510. NIDI 9012 - Finishes for Stainless Steel
49511. Toxicity of Chromium in stainless steel - Hexavalent vs Trivalent
49513. Paint blistering problems with water based paint
49514. Problems with non-gloss black powder coating caking
49515. Are galvanized zinc coatings okay for transformer oil?
49516. Preplated (tin plating) steel edge is rusting
49517. Electrical resistance of Type III Hardcoat Anodize
49518. Pitting on AL 6061 T6 die (tool)
49519. Electropolishing SUS 304 Problem
49521. Flash Rusting on CRS Profiles in a Zinc Phosphating Process
49522. Coating for industrial steel desks?
49523. Zinc plating vs. galvanizing for hollow metal doors?
49526. How Can I Get Blue Tint With Trivalent Chrome?
49527. FDA approved finish for cement serving dishes?
49529. Reaction between HNO3 and ferrous sulphate
49530. Artist needs powder coated finish attracted by a magnet
49531. MIL-F-14072 M228
49532. White dirt in mica based solvent borne base coats
49533. Black Stain on Aluminum Extruded Electroless Nickel Part
49535. What are the effects of a titanium frame MOX anode in trivalent chrome bath
49536. Copper contamination in chromic anodizing solution
49539. Having a problem with rust inside of tubing.
49540. Passivate Titanium Implants
49541. Chemistry of Hard Anodizing
49543. Material hardness required prior to passivation?
49546. Is RoHS compliance the only method to state that the material is non hazardous?
49547. Carbon treatment of copper plating bath
49549. Never do cleaning if you have Rhodium Jewelry!
49551. What paint type should I use to paint my car?
49553. Want to change exterior brass hardware to pewter color
49554. Shower enclosure restoration options
49555. How do you stamp the weight into an ingot of silver or gold
49556. Preserving cement statue of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
49557. Candle wax stains on Granite Headstone
49558. Coating thickness is wearing away when heated after coating nickel on copper
49559. Discoloration of white powder coating in storage
49561. Copper-Nickel co-plating
49563. Flaking Chem Film
49564. Removing excess aluminum from Sulfuric Acid anodizing
49566. 302 stainless steel springs salt water corrosion
49568. Need mirror polish and corrosion resistance on 316
49573. Preserving copper bartop of busy gulf pub
49576. Reel to reel electroplating dummy
49577. Powder for removal of excess galvanized zinc
49578. White corrosion on 4130 Steel, Zn-Ni plated w/ Clear Chromate
49580. Shoe bronzing question
49581. Can't unscrew bike peddles from aluminum crank arm
49583. Painting a galvanized guardrail for historic preservation project
49587. Copper sulphate's long-term effect on human brain
49589. Protective coating for external copper cladding
49590. Ideal powder coating thickness for Magnetic Power Supply
49591. Problem in acid copper barrel
49593. How to buy rhodium so I can make rhodium plating solution?
49594. 10% Nitric acid stored in aluminum tank
49595. Aluminum okay material of construction for food dehydrator?
49598. Simple help on setting up copper electrolysis
49599. Best Chemical Solution for brush coating
49600. Non toxic liquid anti-tarnish for jewelry
49601. Painting for protection from hydrofluoric and nitric acid fumes
49602. Chrome plating thickness on ABS plastic
49603. Customer gave us new requirement for trivalent yellow.
49605. Nitric acid passivation procedure
49612. Weatherizing new copper to match existing panels
49613. How to durably finish teak for a floor
49615. Black chrome radiator hoses
49616. In wood finishing: is "pickled" the same as "decapé"?
49619. How to identify 304 stainless steel
49623. A Titanic situation...
49625. How to rhodium plate and not get steely grey
49629. Need to braze aluminum boat hull, but can't get it to tin
49630. Want to do minor repair to Powder Coated railings
49631. Can't remove tarnish from old brass lamp in this lifetime
49632. Is it hazardous to sand chrome?
49633. Determining appropriate PPE for an anodizing line
49634. Is mechanical plating of Mg alloys possible?
49635. PVD coating in a small workshop?
49636. EN plating on lead-free solder
49639. Anodizing of Brass
49640. How to degrease aluminum honeycomb core?
49641. Field restoration of stainless steel #4 brush finish damaged by transit
49642. Durability of Bright Dip anodizing vs Chrome Plating
49643. Primer needed for aluminum gutters?
49644. UV/Vis Spectrophotometry methods
49645. Polished aluminium lifetime for outdoor application
49649. How to melt ore particles of gold with chemicals or acids but not by heating
49651. D-I-Y alternative to electroplating for motorcycle engine?
49653. How to protect an outdoor carbon steel forge from corrosion?
49654. Reverse electroplating using salt water
49655. ASTM A380 copper sulphate mSDS
49656. pH of Deionized Water as related to Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating
49657. How to dry paint overspray collected in a water bath?
49658. Adhesion problem CARC painting zinc plated hydraulic pipes
49659. Hard chromium plated piston rods leak oil past the seal under pressure
49660. Brass plating on stainless steel?
49661. Is Cadmium the same as Tin-Zinc alloy?
49662. What's the difference between Flash and Strike
49663. White patches in electropolishing
49664. Different approaches to Black "Plating" Aluminum
49665. How to tell Ferritic Stainless Steel from plain steel?
49666. Types of finishes that can reach 200 hour salt spray.
49667. Science project: Production of Sulfuric Acid
49669. Argon or vacuum more inert for high temperature treatment?
49670. In need of colored metal with coloring blended into the metal
49671. How thick is layer of gold on plated craft wire?
49673. Plating Tank Disposal
49674. Need weather resistant clear coating for bright aluminum finish on architectural panels
49675. Powder coat finish for aluminum case of LED lamp
49676. How to calculate/measure the thickness of zinc coating
49677. Copper Plating of Plastics
49679. Hard coat anodize coloration problem
49682. Why must aluminum panels have Alodine-1200S before Exterior dirt-up test of High-Gloss Paints
49683. Repainting powder coated mailboxes that are peeling
49685. Maximum allowable concentration of metallic contaminants in acid copper sulphate plating bath?
49687. Grey finish on 2024 Aluminum
49688. Issue on no coat on tip
49689. How can someone separate mill scale from a retention pond.
49693. Silver Nitrate Solution
49696. Rolled Steel Countertop has become a mess
49697. Corrosion of stainless steel piping and utensils in new house
49698. Recovering Gold from Mercury
49699. Help with original zinc die cast finish (how to restore)
49700. Gold wrinkle paint on glass for spool cabinet restoration
49701. Are we meeting RoHS norm with hexavalent chromating?
49705. Base Material for Rhodium Plating
49706. Zinc plating vs Steel thickness
49707. Yellow rust formation before zinc phosphating of tubes
49714. Non-plated light reflective surface
49715. In search of Root Coating Process
49716. Temperature vs Viscosity chart
49724. What causes the formation of particles underneath the e-coat
49725. Problem with platinum plating
49728. How to remove chloride from silver cyanide bath
49729. Can I Tungsten Carbide plate a white gold ring?
49732. Hard Chrome Plating
49733. Reworking rejected Nickel-Chrome plated jobs on mild steel tubes
49735. UV Reflective Finish Needed on Aluminum
49737. Corrosion resistance of hard chrome vs. QPQ
49738. Improving quality in gold plating and better way to do 1 gm
49740. Seeking to repaint gold jewelry
49741. Digital camera with battery corrosion
49742. Hardness test
49744. Metal shavings and filings sitting on hot-dipped galvanized surfaces precipitate serious RUST
49746. Aluminum anodizing: wire to use prior to anodizing
49747. Corrosion resistance of crystalline zinc phosphate coating
49750. Alloy Digest Sourcebook: Stainless Steel
49751. White Bronze Plating, an alternative to nickel: Corrosion Resistance?
49752. Strange corrosion of copper by vinegar /salt/ammonia
49753. Coloring aluminum for metalcast art
49754. Muriatic acid treatment okay with Kids in the house?
49755. SAE AMS QQ-A-416
49756. Need blue prints for Hanson-Van Winkle-Munning machine
49759. Black Stain on Alu Casting after hard anodizing
49760. Grade of aluminum cathodes for type II Anodizing?
49761. Specifications for hardcoat anodized extruded aluminum "surface blemish" limits
49762. Copper washer surface smoothening and removal of oxidation marks
49766. How difficult is it to plate a piece of jewelry with rhodium
49768. Hot dip galvanising for S G iron products
49772. Rusty nails
49775. How to plate nickel on lead
49777. Black Copper Oxide selective solar surface on steel, any methods?
49778. Need help with separating my gold, platinum and copper dust
49779. What is the base metal for silver plated trays?
49780. Want to put nickel plated wheels on 1938 Buick
49781. The Best Penny Cleaners?
49782. Query on exact meaning of "Coating Thickness"
49783. Passivation with phosphoric acid
49784. We need to apply "brown gold" deposit
49785. Can we specify Phosphate Texture?
49787. Thin rust like streaks on Kitchen Aid Stainless Refrigerator
49788. Can a cracked clearcoat be abrasively removed with minimal damage to the base coat?
49790. Extraction of silver from silver nitrate liquid
49792. Best stainless steel/finishing to handle molten NaCl
49793. sulfuric acid stains on an aluminum kitchen sink
49794. Removing firecoat after silver soldering
49795. Polishing painted aluminum
49796. What is Omega Plating
49797. Difficulty de-tarnishing lead-based pewter
49798. Suggested inner coating for hot water tanks made of mild steel?
49799. Blackening fabricated steel handrails
49800. Reducing copper contamination in cadmium cyanide bath
49802. White spots afflict green passivation after a few days
49803. MIL-A-8625 Type II adhesion test
49804. Nitric Passivation of 17-4 Wire EDM surface
49805. Sodium chloride piping
49809. Feed water for DM plant
49810. chrome-look paint problem - yellowing
49812. Conductivity of electroless nickel that is blackened
49813. Electroformed Copper Flexible Waveguides are cracking
49814. How to calculate plating amps and time
49815. Quandary on ice clinging to zinc plated, chromate coated parts
49816. Brushing stainless steel bar stock
49817. Effect of chlorine on steel alloys
49823. Potassium iodide reaction with iron(III) chloride?
49826. Electropolishing solution for porous nitinol material?
49827. Pitted Bathtub Chrome
49828. Chrome plating over a stainless steel, Springer front end
49829. Gold recovery from old "jewelry bombing" solution
49830. Painting Plastic Outdoor Volume Control
49831. Dacromet 500LC (A) vs. yellow chromatised (8) fasteners?
49832. Black Spot on parts with Zn plated Trivalant Chrome passivation
49835. Dip-Painting vs. Powder Coated Methods
49837. Passivation turns black
49839. Can a fireplace insert be used as a stand alone wood stove?
49842. Workshop floor is slippery
49844. Chemical polishing / bright dipping of copper
49846. MEK and paint cure testing
49848. Standards for hard chrome plated bars
49849. Better Finish for Fasteners
49850. Rust in SS-304 wire mesh
49852. 7-tank phosphatization yields rusty, patchy, yellowish work
49854. Brush plating solutions
49855. Details on my ring seem to have been lost in re rhodium plating
49856. Durable jewelry finishes
49857. Problems relacquering an alto sax
49858. Alternative process to chemical conversion coating
49859. Physical Properties of Cadmium Plating Solutions
49861. Is there a common method for hanging parts to reduce shadowing?
49865. How to do gold plating
49867. Problem of rust occurring at weld points of mild steel panels
49868. Electroless copper plating on steel
49869. Black patch problem at mcd in alkaline zinc rack plating system
49870. Nodules in Nickel Sulfamate Electroforming
49873. Cloudy acid tin plating
49874. Zinc plating of scaffolding components
49875. Failed Cass test on parts with nickel-chrome plating
49876. A corrosion dilemma. PH stainless steel or Carbon Steel+Coating ?
49878. Corrosivity of Methyl Sulfonic Acid vs. Sulfuric Acid
49879. Sensitivity to Rhodium plated Jewelry
49880. Aluminum horse trailer corrosion protection
49883. Chlorine turned my wedding ring from gold to copper looking
49884. Lightening oil-rubbed bronze finish
49887. HCI tank mating flange gasket material?
49888. Regeneration of Cation Exchanger
49889. Stripping nickel from brass
49890. Best solution to clean Alkaline-Tin Plated Parts
49891. How to increase the productivity of electroformed CD stamper
49892. Galvanic Reaction between Tin plated aluminum connectors and Aluminum wire
49894. Ratio of sulfuric acid to water for anodizing
49895. Removed chrome from aluminum wheels, how to fill severe pitting?
49896. Can we comply with ROHS without doing trivalent plating
49897. Temperature increase in cyanide treatment
49898. Is this titration procedure correct?
49899. Home made chrome stripper/chrome activator
49900. Kynar Finish vs Baked Enamel
49901. Welding of hot dip galvanised kettle
49902. Electroless Nickel Plating: Colour Change on Component
49903. Dummy plating - Remove metal contaminants using low current density
49904. Problems with a plating spec
49905. Manganese phosphate coating
49906. Rust prevention suggestions please
49911. Adhesion problem with polyurethane paint
49914. Need to blacken or discolor cast iron
49915. Anode nickel selection
49916. Dual nickel/chrome plating on welds
49918. Aged aluminum
49919. Removing paint from a copper bathtub
49921. Plate Nickel from Nitric Acid
49922. How to select DM Water Plant
49923. Can't etch/examine recast layer in Ti48Al2Cr
49924. Craters in contaminated electrophoretic lacquer bath
49928. How to get lower hardness of sulfamate plated nickel?
49929. Silver plating replacement for anti-fretting
49930. What is zero chloride acid copper bath?
49931. How to electroform a silver busbar on ITO coated glass?
49947. Shiny gold tone electric fixtures are outdated
49948. Walts Nickel Strike?
49949. I seem to not be putting enough info on a specification
49950. DI water quality lost over long distances?
49951. Electroless chemical nickel - maximal processing temperatures?
49953. What process for 400 Hours of Red Rust protection on fasteners
49956. Gold Colored Metal Table (what kind?) with Rust
49957. Difficult to get the nickel sulfamate bath clear
49961. Powder coating vs. galvanizing exterior steel ibeams
49963. Titanium plate removal from neck
49965. Is there standard test method for electronic Measurement for Hydrogen Embrittlement for Zinc Chromate plating?
49966. Black Primer for CARC
49968. Rusty in narrow pocketed surface of EN plated component
49969. Nitric acid test in electroless plating
49971. How to remove metallic impurities in cadmium bath
49972. Welding after plating for corrosion resistance in alloy steel
49973. No L.C.D coverage in acid zinc plating
49974. How to improve on corn cob tumbling?
49976. Gold plating of at least 5 microns
49977. Need help identifying plating used on part in this picture
49980. Perfect density and heat needed for etching on A.B.S.
49982. What is the root cause for White Patches
49983. Removing rust from 303 SS cyclones
49986. Books and Information on e-coating?
49987. Need cast zinc plated bright orange
49988. Cadmium Plating Problems
49991. 80-T vs. ASTM Specs
49992. Shipping code for inhibited hydrochloric acid?
49993. Can we safely leach a former thiocyanate tank with sulfuric acid?
49994. Treating wastewater from silver refining
49995. Nickel recovery from nickel sulphate solution
49996. Black matte-finish powder coating for 200 deg. C?
49997. Blackening of mild steel
49998. Anode surface area calculation
49999. Problem with plating cracking Stainless Steel - help needed.

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