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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

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30001. Passivating Laser Marked 15-5 PH Stainless Steel Parts
30002. Electroplating gold onto sputtered chromium thin films
30004. How to finish brass or copper for outside railings
30005. High temp chrome finish for stove
30007. Re-chroming 1966 Chevelle bumpers to 'show quality'
30008. Understanding ASTM B 689 Engineering Nickel Coatings
30010. Selective copper etchant
30011. Anodized aluminum or stainless steel in deionized water
30012. Coating for cast iron to resist molten aluminum
30013. Chromate conversion coating highlights material grain
30014. Sawtooth trimmed edge from pickle line
30017. Plating on magnesium
30018. Need information on electrodepositing nickel in bore
30020. Making plastics conductive with Electrodag
30021. Unfilled PTHs during wave soldering
30024. Non-conductive metal for lightning rod
30025. Fine scratches on small brass pieces
30026. Iraq vet wants to brush aluminum
30028. Cleaning Of Stainless Steel 304
30029. Rhodium/Aluminum interaction in testing ICs
30030. Square Footage per Amp for hardcoat
30033. Copper nickel chrome cracks
30035. Need non-hazardous "chromating"
30036. Can I chrome by myself?
30037. Ready-made test kit for checking SS316?
30038. Ring-plate vs. bubble pressure
30039. Friction of chrome plate is much higher than lit reports
30044. Scrubbing of NOx fumes
30046. Surface coatings for carbon fiber gun barrels
30047. Going into pickling, passivation, electropolishing of SS business?
30049. Contamination of Ti parts during cleaning or passivation
30050. How to stop hydrogen evolution in copper cyanide plating
30051. Need to patch up the leakage in vacuum chamber
30052. Protection of brass/bronze for marine environment
30053. Hard Anodizing per MIL-A-8625 with chromic acid
30055. Clear coating for brass mailbox numbers
30056. Zinc-cobalt plating on aluminum
30060. What is annual usage of zinc, nickel, and copper for plating?
30064. Oxide layer removal needed for adherent deposition?
30065. Electropolishing of nitrided steel
30066. How do I stop galvanic corrosion on magnesium bike frame?
30067. Practicing anodizer needs anodizing theory
30068. Chart for corrosion of mild steel with sulfuric acid
30069. How to start your own Chrome Plating shop
30071. Set up of small anodizing plant
30072 Estimating part density increase after plating
30073. What is Spec. 57-0-2 Type II Class B?
30074. Electroless Solder Plating
30075. Purpose and procedure for adding wetting agent in nickel sulfamate solution
30078. Aluminum flashlight reflectors need polishing and coating
30079. Chrome plating in Mexico
30083. Looking for plater who does Macro Cor 250 plating process
30084. Thum cell suppliers
30087. Percent hexavalent chrome in our parts?
30088. Automotive or industry standards for tape to rubber adhesion
30089. Sheet metal identification numbers
30090. Removing copper and chrome from nitric solution
30091. What is clear chromate conversion?
30092. How to etch and color anodized aluminum
30094. Comprehensive list of sandblasting media and their effect on finish
30100. How to strip and repolish a brass trumpet
30101. Sulfur embrittlement of Ni sulfamate platings
30103. Ultra black watch dial
30104. Effect of temperature on hard anodize
30105 Anodic Flaw Detection - References Sought
30106. Plating thickness vis-a vis salt spray resistance
30108. Alodine, anodize or Alochrome--which to prevent aluminum corrosion
30110. Flake off Alochrome with primer
30111. Anodizing 356 T6
30112. Problems with clamping
30113. Safety standards for machining chrome plated bar
30119. Leopard Finishing on Aluminum
30121. Nickel Plating Repair
30122. Corten steel for flues in concrete chimneys
30124. Painting wheels chrome
30125. Acceptable FDA approved metals for food processing?
30130. Lacquer paint quality and durability for autos
30133. Stainless 302 Vs Stainless 12 R10
30134. Salt Spray test for clear zinc plating
30135. Hard Chrome - Rotating Cathode
30136. Blueing on Spring Steel to Prevent Rusting
30138. Passivation of Elgiloy
30142. Refinish stainless Wolf range
30143. Polishing stainless on Semi Trailer to mirror finish
30144. Condensate drips from an HCl pickle line cover
30145. Pollution Control regulations and Measures in Sulfuric Acid Anodizing
30146. Photo Etching in MS Plate
30149. Need to purchase Metals Finishing Guidebook
30150. Removing zinc and nickel from waste for school project
30151. Removing Film from Brass Fireplace Screen Mesh
30153. Preventing oxidization of copper for high current application
30154. Need coating product for exterior steel storefront to give steel aged look
30155. World level quality norms
30156. What way the use of Vydax with IPA
30157. Non-chrome coatings for metal stampings
30158. Theoretical Max load size for chromic Anodizing
30170. How to clean/brighten 'anodized' aluminum
30171. Aluminum white stain problem
30178. Supplies for cyanide zinc plating
30185. Getting scratches off of chrome 'pipes'
30186. Lime-Away destroyed stainless steel sink
30187. Maintaining appearance of metals in marine environment
30188. Plating wax sculpture
30189. Need protective coating for polished bronze in the marine environment
30190. Crankshaft coating to allow roller bearings
30192 Fiberglass motorcycle tanks for paint display
30193. Chrome removal at home, easy/hard?
30194. Must painted copper gutters be replaced?
30196. Billet aluminum motorcycle parts have chrome peeling off
30197. Will 316L-inox stop crystallization of tartaric acid in wine?
30198. Coating Specification Amchem Alodine
30199. Our galvanizing is peeling at point of bend
30201. Zinc plate/Yellow Chromate - color vs. corrosion resistance
30202. Painting/coating steel chamber suitable for vacuum application
30203. Brown spots over gold plated SS parts
30204. Inconsistent Brass Plated Color
30205 Anodizing 6082-T6 vs 6061-T6
30207. Three more questions about anodizing
30208. Selection of rectifier / how to get shine in anodize
30209. Continuous Chromating Machines
30210 Kauri butanol method to check the effectiveness of a cleaning solution
30211. Passivation process for medical grade Stainless Steel tubing
30213. Plumbing stainless steel to pvc pipe
30214. Pre-coating on ceramic for sublimation process
30215. Refinishing machined/clear coat aluminum wheels for paint
30216. Orange Peel on 1946 airplane
30217. MIL-C-5541 CLASS 1A
30218. Abrasion resistance of zinc plating vs. powder coating
30219. Excessive build up of yellow zinc in threaded holes
30221. Antique priceless fixture cleaning
30224. Ni-P Problem
30225. Cobalt and Nickel Separation
30226. What is "ABS card material"?
30228. Non-electrolytic, non-cyanide process for gold plating of polymer surface
30229. Schloetter lead-free chemistry
30230. Electrolytes used in electropolishing of SS-304
30231. Can we do brass plating on zinc die cast component?
30232. Prevention of car corrosion
30233 Problems from reduction of gold plating usage
30234. Coloring the anodized surface
30235 Adhesion test of tsa coatings
30236. Coating hundred year old cast iron columns
30237. Laser engraving color on stainless steel
30238. Cleaning protective wax off magnesium metal
30239 No color anodize after beadblasting
30240. Achieving a gray color by anodizing titanium parts
30241. Chemical polish finish on stainless tubing
30242. Chrome removal from aluminum Harley parts
30243. Saline-resistant coating for stainless steel shaft to reduce seal damage
30244. Copper oxide removal from home plumbing
30247. Nickel electroplating of aluminum
30248. Bath size for hard chrome plating
30251. PPG paint code for Austin Mini
30260. Process to achieve uniform coating
30265 Is Anodized Aluminum fully waterproof?
30266. La corriente pulsante inversa con Labview
30267. Blackening Steel Jewelry
30268. How do you polish a steel Motorcycle frame?
30269. Painting plastic can opener
30270. What to do with Ferrous Sulphate?
30271. Potential fastener problem
30272. Paints and coatings for polyethylene
30273. Lacquer for gold plating
30274. Acceptable temperature range for applied Hard Chrome
30275. Nickel manganese recipe and high temp strength
30276. Grinding Nitronic 60 spherically
30277. RoHS compliant Mil-C-5541
30280. Need silver oxidizer for finished silver jewelry pieces
30281. Need a method of electrolytic reduction
30282. Care of galvanized wire rigging
30284. Tin precipitation problem
30285. How do I strip silver from soft metals?
30286. Stainless Steel plating questions
30287. Clear Anodizing of Welded Joints
30289. Stainless Steel Etched Placards or name plates
30290. Processes for steel passivation
30291. Metal for stack of desulfurization plant
30298. Researcher faces blistering in Ni-Cu-Ni-Cu-Ni plating
30299. Cleaning gold braid on 1920's cap
30300. Anodizing's effect on close tolerance fit
30301. Hydrogen embrittlement of handguns from chrome plating
30302. Vacuum soldering of lead free alloy
30303. Cold Alternative to Black Oxiding
30304. Hydrobromic Acid / Electroless Nickel Corrosion Resistance Data
30305. Does dichromate dip after EN enhance wettability?
30306. What kinds of anti-pit and additives for nickel sulfamate electroforming
30307. Nickel on nickel plating problem with sulphamate strike
30308. How to strip powder coating and re-do anodizing
30310. Need process idea for coloring nickel plated brass
30321 Thickness vs Stress in tin plating
30323. Copper Plating Of Unequally Porous Material
30325. Worn finish on anodized condominium railings
30326. Want to polish my aluminum cylinder heads
30327. Silver jewelry repeatedly tarnishes in 24 hours
30328. Will chroming weaken cast steel spindles?
30329. Decorating aluminum waterjet signatures as artwork
30330. What equipment is needed to recover silver from our wastewater
30331. Solder dip vs. Solder plating
30336. No. 4 finishing on laser cut 20-mil flat bar
30341. Can stainless steel be chrome plated?
30342. Non corrosive coating for 420 SS decking fasteners
30343. Dewetting of short leads, only, in tin dip process
30347. Polishing a butterfly knife with solvents
30349. Required pressure for cold reforming of titanium
30350. How to clean galvanized steel?
30351. Want list of RoHS compliant metals and finishes
30352. Powder coating removal process
30353. Cu/Ni/Au diffusion barrier problem
30355. Gold Color Finish for Hard Anodize
30356. Need two anodizing thicknesses on the same piece
30357. Stripping of hard anodize coating without dimension loss
30358. Passivation of 440C
30361. Industry uses for stainless steel
30362. How is copper coating on welding wires done
30365. Formulating a water-based rust remover
30367. Nitric Strike Tank Test Question
30374 Need a CED tutorial
30375. Standards for hard anodizing
30376. Polyaniline coating on tin coated sheets
30379. Nickel hydroxide is depositing with my nickel plating
30381. How to set up the Zinc Phosphate Process?
30382. Deburring Delrin plastic parts by tumbling
30388. Stripping Tin from Silver
30389. Acid cleaning of heat exchangers
30390. Surface Finish Conversions - Metric/ English and Ra/RMS
30393. Re-Use of Trivalent Chrome Filter Cake
30398. Suggestions of the best plating process for cabinet handles?
30399. Black spots after trivalent chromating
30400. Passivation Methods for 18-8 Stainless Steel?
30401. "Hot" wires cause electrical erosion wear
30402. Looking for copper roll to use as bar top
30403. Salt air corrosion of TV, computers, etc.
30404. Low temp cure basecoat for ABS
30405. Black nickel barrel plating process
30406. Pitting and roughness problem on Chrome-plated ABS
30407. What is my weight in pennies
30410. Water softener turned customer's hair green
30412. Effect of Low pH water on carbon steel Pipe
30416. TiO2 based thin films by dip coating
30417. What is the major consideration for plating industry
30418. Developing new paints that incorporate biocides
30419. Rhodium plating solution making
30420. Electropolishing fluid for stainless steel
30421 Projected salt spray resistance of MF Zn8-B plating
30422. TGIC Polyester Powder Coat vs. Acrylic Urethane Enamel for fence
30423. Delay Sealing of Sulfuric Acid Anodize?
30428. Gold brush plating wood artifacts
30430. Use of copper gaskets against aluminum
30431. ISO 1462 Standard
30432. How to remove powder coating and anodize instead
30433. Bubble Caused By Pin Hole after Clear Coat
30434. Benefits of electrogalvanizing versus hot dip for Tier 1 automotive
30435. Coloring the wax we use on galvanized fasteners
30436. Corrosion of Zn plated steel in antistatic bags
30437. Behavior of Nickel Strike
30440. Locating aluminum sheet defects before anodizing
30442. What paint do I use on a metal mailbox?
30443. Most Effective Method to Precipitate Zinc
30444. Reflective platings and coatings
30452. Nickel electroplating graduation project
30453. The role of Rochelle salt in electroless Cobalt-Nickel baths
30455. Help in chroming of abs plastic parts
30457. Problem with electrical conductivity of electroplated zinc
30458. Pitting in anodized aluminum
30461. Need Hot Dip Galvanizing in Dhaka
30464. Artistic metal finishing help needed
30465. Health impact of copper sulphate manufacturing
30466. Plating occurring under the masking
30467. Reduced Efficiency of Nickel Deposition
30468. Electroplating effect on tensile strength
30469. Chrome build up on sharp edges
30473. Dead Man's Skin
30479. Copper corrosion and blue water in residential water system
30481. Paint dries in pressure pot when not used within an hour
30482. Need non-conductive painting
30483. Chipoff in zn-fe alloy black passivation
30484. Silver plating solution turns yellow
30485. Dark Blue Passivation after Zinc Plating
30486. SnPb plating solution gets turbid within a week
30498. Gold immersion plating on silver zari
30499. How to make iron oxide (pure)
30501. Oxidation
30504. Artist painting sheet metal
30505. Annealing dental tools
30506. Chrome plating vs yellow chromate
30508. Cr6 presence in Trivalent
30509. Off gassing on powder coated permanent mold aluminum parts
30511. Yellow chromate rejected for 'pinkish' discoloration
30512. Anodizing amp/duration calculations, surface testing and general questions
30513. Surface treatment of stainless steel garden furniture
30517. Resin floor tile Q&A's. Air Bubbles, Shower Floors, Is White Possible?
30520. Flash rusting problem when stripping chrome
30521. Out of date Zinc Chromate Polyurethane Coating
30522. Clear coat finish over rusted metal
30523. Silver vs. Palladium identification
30525. Metal Washing Process to preserve shot blasted luster
30526. I think I anodized my cathode, maybe?
30529. Spalling on stem portion of salt bath nitrided valve
30531. Mirror finishing fishing reels before anodizing
30532. Electroless nickel my motorcycle exhaust pipes?
30533. Info on hot-dip galvanizing per ASTM A-123
30534. Removing 'grease' residue from non-anodized bore
30536. Correct abbreviation for Stainless Steel
30538. Need roller for wet adhesion tape testing
30544. Having trouble to control chem-film parameters MIL-C-5541E
30545. Is conductive plastic equal to metal?
30547. Best coating for preserving Pigma Micron ink on aluminum?
30549. Required frequency of Mil-C-5541 testing of brush-on solution
30551. Powder coating defect due to alloy manufacturing process
30552. Nickel plating as underlayment for silver plating
30558. How to oxidize onto stainless steel
30559. Gamma phase zinc coating on brass wires
30560. Hot dip galvanizing temperature control
30561. Are sulfonate monomers used in electroplating?
30563. White spots on zinc plating
30565. Cleaning stainless pipe
30566. Parameters for citric acid flushing
30567. Safely marking aircraft engine turbine blades
30569. Blister on EN plating on SG iron substrate
30571. Magnesium builds up in our closed loop ion exchange system
30572. Dissolved Oxygen generation for wastewater treatment
30574. Finishing for textured cast aluminum products
30575. The desirability or not of ripple in electro plating
30576. Stainless Steel -make it looked more brushed
30579. Automating an electropolishing process
30580. Brass plating on aluminum
30582. Need to do SEM of silver plating microstructure
30584. Need a large metal mirror
30586. Nitriding and fatigue resistance
30587. I need a specification sheet for mil-c-5541 class 3
30588 What Kovar etchant to view weld specimen
30590 Bead blasting a PVD coating
30591. Minimum coating thickness against HF
30592. Treating SS pipe for use as bio-mass stove exhaust
30594. Tin content falling, how to dissolve Stannous sulphate?
30595. Need Faraday Cage to stop secret teeth transmissions S I l l y :-)
30597. How do I prep lead fishing lures to hold chrome plating
30598. Primer or not on steel mower deck
30599. Removing compressed metal powder from an internal cavity
30604 Dealing with rust in freezer coils
30606. Soldered joint turned gold colored
30607. Galvanic corrosion of boat engine
30608. Seagulls vs. Rhinezinc metal panels
30609. "Structural Bolts" vs. Grade 5 Bolts
30611. Need post-plating dip for corrosion resistance and lubricity
30612. Type of aluminum alloy for anodizing cathodes
30616. Platinum plating of titanium electrodes
30617. Pool filter mfgr. needs cage coating for chlorine tablets
30618. Electroless Nickel Corrosion Resistance
30619. Fade Resistance of Color Anodize
30620. Legal vs. Illegal paints to shoot
30622. Stainless steel 304 electropolishing
30623. Temperature rise as it relates to chemical reaction
30624. Carbon stop off for carburising
30626. Gold MIL 5541 Class 3 with gold-plated PCB
30627. Want total details of stainless steel electropolishing
30628. Galvanizing vs. plating for racking components
30629. Effects of DI water on Stainless Steel
30632. Reverse Osmosis for boiler feedwater system
30633. Chromate conversion coating time limit prior to wet painting
30635. Acid solution to dissolve stainless steel
30636. Fog rate calculation for ASTM G85
30637. Corrosion resistance of nickel-chrome vs zinc cobalt plating
30642. Non-manual buffing of stainless steel kitchenware
30648. What kind of powder coating for iron castings
30649. How to spec a consistent looking finish
30654. Alodining or chromic acid anodizing is the same?
30655. Need stainless vent hood dent and scratch help
30656. Alternative process technology in place of Decorative Nickel-Chrome
30657. Is a powder coat finish moisture proof?
30658. How does copper sulphate test for passivation work?
30663. Stripping overspray from aluminum window frames
30666. Prevent rust on silicon iron parts in transit to EN plating shop
30667. What's the proper anode hook material for Woods nickel?
30668. How to do non-magnetic gold plating?
30669. Etching on H 13 steel when applying hard chrome
30670. Anodization Discolorization "Leopard Spots"
30671. Thermal Deburring
30672. Will 304 SS tank corrode from hot water?
30674. Transparent electrically conductive coating for capacitive proximity sensor
30675. Ammonia Flux in Zinc plating
30677. Plating failing in salt spay although thickness is maintained
30678. Brush Plating Repair-repairing chipped plating
30679. Tin and Nickel Plating on Stainless Steel 316
30680. Plating compatibility
30681. Low current area problem in Chrome plating
30682. Mirror finish on stainless steel small dia. shafts
30683 #2 finish, commercial bright, cold rolled steel
30684. Experience with Teflon coated Galvanized Bolts
30691. Does a photosensitive paint and process exist for an art application
30693. Refining silver from smithing
30697. Why do chrome wheels become pitted?
30699. Nickel Oxidation, Zinc Oxide, Oxidation Removal and Reference
30700. Antique dealers asks how to remove lacquer from silver
30701. Nickel-Free Cookware
30706. Looking for 'aircraft stripper'
30707. Alternate to shot blasting for hot forgings
30709. Passivation peel off in Zn-Fe bath
30719. Removing rust from antique iron Duncan-Phyfe legged table
30721. Cleaning jet skis with HCl in a lagoon
30723. Silicone sealant versus methanol
30725. Adhesive possibilities for aluminum
30726. The lacquer we buy is now-a-days inferior
30731. Internal anode for rings
30734. Gold Iridite versus Yellow Dichromate
30735. Where to keep racks of parts anodized but not yet dyed?
30736. Brite Dip Chemical Composition / Effective Polishing Techniques
30737. Magnetization prevents removal of shot-blast dusts
30738. Preventing aluminum from anodizing itself?
30741. How to remove copper from waste water
30742. Chromium plating thickness for 480 hrs of salt spray test
30744. Electrolytic Baths for restoration of ocean artifacts
30745. Questions about sanding a car
30746. Phosphoric acid + steel = zinc phosphate?
30748. Removing rust pits from Stainless Steel
30751. Baking 6063 aluminum to Rockwell 70
30753. Need help with CARC paint question
30757. What is Symcoat HCT?
30758. Adding anodize to an already anodized surface
30760. Barrel zinc plating 'fall out rate'
30761. Severe rusting of 15-5PH stainless America's Cup castings
30763. VDI What does this mean in surface finish terms?
30764. Cost of powder coating zinc vs aluminum die castings
30767. Black anodized parts changed color
30771. Green stains on electroless plated brass components
30774. Strange hull cell results for nickel chloride bath
30775. Contractor needs to remove Tar and Driveway sealer from concrete
30781. Mold coatings for flexible polyurethane foam car seats
30782. Wrong Corrosion Test Method for 420SS Knife Blades?
30785. Sodium Dichromate Concentration Determination Question
30788 Burnishing of weld joints, and effect on strength
30789. Want composition of ferroxyl indicator for corrosion experiment
30790. I want to cause my galvanized metal to rust!
30791. RA value on TYPE 304 Stainless Steel
30793. Dangers of using orthophosphate for the interior coating of lead water services?
30794. Cast Aluminum Ice Bucket is Rusting
30795. Redoing a patina onto a mixed metal fountain
30796. Etchant for silver for decorative patterns
30797. Paint or primer for steel spillway
30798. Procedure for polishing stainless steel
30799. How to repair holes in old rusted metal outdoor chair
30801. Scale removal from nickel plating
30802. Cannot pass thermal impact test, who can help?
30803. Stress in multi-layer plating
30806. Removing scale buildup on stainless
30807. Chemical deburring of small stainless components
30809. Corrosion treatment which won't change shaft dimensions
30811. Time needed after cure before doing QC tests
30812. Zinc fails to plate on all surfaces of the product
30814. Want a process for aluminum coating of steel
30820. Milky white film on my pacer rims
30825. Are zinc wedge anchors okay for galvanized pole
30826. Regular wavy stripes after anodizing
30828. Who's had success using explosive deburring for fine blanked sheet metal details?
30830. Discolored stainless steel griddle cover
30834 Theory of nickel plating leveler
30836. Problems in electropolishing
30837. How to avoid barrel marks on plated parts
30838. Galvanizing kettle problems
30840. Want Plastic Dipping of a steel vessel
30841. Please verify...Are my bath solutions correct?
30844. Painting Surplus Zinc Plated Parts
30846. Avoiding cracks on chrome plated and ground surface
30847. Observing grain sizes in residual stress fields
30848. Stainless stovetop in RV is rusting - what type of refinishing would work
30849. Need NITUFF coating in Malaysia
30851. Silver Plating for the Beginner
30852. Copper plating steel in home shop
30854. Sticking PVC on heating plate
30856. Corrosion problem in 304 S.S Urea Solution Pipeline
30859. Wrought iron refinishing alternatives
30860. Blue blue, blue brass screws
30867. The value of 15 pounds of quarters
30872. What is MIL-STD-171 or
30873. Sulfuric acid heating system
30877. Want General Chemical Resistance Chart for EN Plating
30878. Boron instead of Cobalt as hardener in Sulfamate Nickel?
30879. Plating Thickness variation in hard chrome plating
30882. Vapor deposition color anodizing for our lighting fixture line
30887. Cleaning Fuel Tanks with Muriatic Acid (automotive)
30888. Reverting a nickel plated grocery scale to brass
30890. Can plating shop store batches of DI water
30894. Bare spots at brazes in Autophoretic coating
30895 Can SPC be applied on ENIG plating thickness
30896. Induction hardening quenchant causes electroplating stains
30897. Will electroplated metal plates rust if touched with bare hands
30898. Nickel plating on extruded aluminum
30899. How do I perform incoming QC on the anodize?
30901. Problems regarding discoloration/tarnish of brass components
30912. Deposition of Nanocomposite NiSiC Coatings
30913. Recommend a book on anodizing
30914. Restoration co. needs "how to" instructions for refinishing bronze
30915. Timeframe for baking after zinc plating
30916. Electroforming
30918. Degreaser/etcher for powder coating preparation
30919. How do I remove oxides from O.D. of welded tube?
30921. Coating for titanium needed
30922. Plating lower karat gold or underplate for wear resistance
30924. Fumeless replacement for gold brite dipping solution
30925. Copper is still exposed after solder plating
30926. E'less Ni adhesion problems on Si wafers
30928. What weldable super corrosion resistant alloy is available in 20 gauge sheet?
30929. Removing Sodium Carbonate from Copper-Cyanide Plating Baths
30930. Disposal of Sodium Nitrite
30931. Even Hastelloy rusts in chloride-rich glass mfg. environment
30932. Ion Exchange DM plants output calculation
30934. No adhesion of phosphatizing to ground surface
30937. DI water quality vs. Resistivity
30940 Converting Rz values to microinches
30941. Correct place to measure surface finish on Circular Lay Pattern
30942. Why are gold plating baths turning green?
30944. Using magnets to improve paint adhesion to sheet metal
30945. Sch. 80 PVC pipe was glued with Sch. 40 cement
30946. Trying to coat a steel and magnet roller, and can't use heat or water
30947. White spotting of galvanized sheet metal
30948. Roughness in copper plating bath
30949. Tin plating on aluminum is blistering
30950. High Scrap rate in nickel electroplating
30958. What industrial applications for a hard surface on aluminum
30959. Student asks how production nickel plating is done
30960. Musician asks if clear EMI/RFI shielding exists?
30961. Wanting to restore brass plated vanity set
30962. Scrubber design query
30963. We use HF at our truck wash, and I'm coughing
30965. We can't remove old plastic protection film from our stainless tanks
30967. What is enameling iron?
30968. Selection of coating process for 10 year life on brake solenoids
30969. Why has cadmium plating of fasteners been banned?
30971. Corrosion resistance of AZ91D mag alloy
30980. Is it possible to electropolish aluminum motorcycle cylinders?
30981. Town artist needs antique patina on very large steel pieces?
30985. Testing bath solutions for acid concentrations and mineral deposits
30986. What process for painting floral industry fiberglass items?
30988. Corrosion resistance of black oxide vs. zinc-iron phosphate?
30991. Anodizing my polished speaker cabinets turns them gray
30992. Comparison of A380 to A356-T6
30997. Gold sputtering isn't adhering to glass
30998. Why not solid rhodium jewelry?
30999. Ventilation Requirements for Nickel Plating

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