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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

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43001. Need literature on nitriding of stainless steel
43003. Which are better, 316 or 304 stainless steel pots?
43004. Philharmonic tubist finds 17-4 stainless valves stick
43005. Is nickel plating safe for oven racks?
43006. Use of titanium as anode
43007. Yellow orange shade after champagne H23 anodizing
43008. How to get shiny finish on 304 after passivating in nitric acid
43010. Electrolysis With Metal Toilet Tank Components
43011. What are the effects of chlorides and fluorides on 316 Stainless Steel?
43014. Recovering Zinc from Zinc Chloride for Science Project
43016. Why is anodised coating on aluminum porous
43017. Hull Cell working
43018. How to maintain a 5 S housekeeping in Lead acid battery manufacturing company?
43019. Original cold rust blue for Imperial (WWI) Artillery Luger
43020. Sterling Silver
43021. Polarity of Type I Anodize
43023. Rust on powder coating
43025. Small blisters on a new product only on the edge after annealing a nickel plated product
43026. Sulphuric acid electrolyte gets crystallized at heat exchanger
43031. Bonding testing of paint
43032. How does US 10B wear on a building exterior?
43034. Digital Printing onto Anodized Aluminum
43035. Inconsistent black color tone and gloss level with type 2 class 2
43036. RUST how do I retard it?
43037. Passivation of aluminum alloy
43038. How to prevent immersion gold depositing on stainless steel
43039. White rust
43040. Pin stuck together during Dull SN plating (Barrel)
43042. Over coating Zinc in Galvanize Wire
43049. Adhesion of aluminum on glass and adhesion of gold on aluminum
43050. Nickel electrolyte aluminum contamination
43051. DI water corrosion in steam sterilizer
43052. Require formula for making cold bluing/black oxide liquid
43053. Etching titanium to produce crystalline finish?
43054. About PVDF paint for roofing
43056. Measuring the hardness of the anodized layer
43059. Corrosion prevention on mild steel
43060. How to improve surface finish on a machined aluminum/steel part
43061. Advantages of PVD Coating over Electroplating
43062. Buying chrome or stainless steel heated towel rails
43063. Chrome-chromium spill
43064. I want to purchase a plastic chroming system and want some feed back
43065. Using diluted muriatic acid in the home
43066. Replacement for MIL-STD-105E
43068. Copper-clad Aluminum Wire chemical formula and processing needed
43069. Wear coefficient values for various materials
43070. Why does my titanium anodizing dull when touched?
43071. Old metal
43072. Copper pipe to rest on brick or a rock for support in the dirt
43074. Resistance of Rhodium Plating
43075. Addition of Cadmium metal in Cadmium Plating Bath
43076. Anodizing different alum. types-causes changes in finish
43077. Carbide polishing
43089. Threshold for Hexavalent cross contamination on Trivalent parts
43090. TDS Problem in RO plant
43091. Can the salt solution be recycled after being collected from salt chamber?
43092. Need non-conductive spray paint
43093. Nitriding 1144 steel shafts
43094. Comparison between galvanizing and powder coating
43095. Electroless Nickel plating Versus Nickel Electroplating - Corrosion and Wear Resistance
43096. Silver plating solution
43098. What Passivation Process is recommended for 3156 SS
43100. Passes after flaming on all ink levels 30 to 56Nm
43109. What is difference between 18/10 and 9 ply surgical stainless steel
43110. Copper Sulphate Test or salt spray test on AISI 416 steel ?
43111. Need Radar Paint
43112. Hot Dip Galvanising
43114. Problems with black chrome bath
43115. Durable Chem-Film Coating
43117. Passivation Problem on Surgical Instruments
43118. Trying to get a good surface RMS finish on the O.D. on a 3 1/4" 6061 aluminum round
43119. Metal resistance to 5% ferric chloride solution
43120. Anodized titanium vs. aluminium honeycomb core - corrosion problem
43125. Is Viking-era arsenical bronze safe to wear?
43126. Black Chrome
43130. Painting plastic ties
43131. EN/PTFE for temperature sensor?
43132. Nickel plating turning dull in few months
43133. No Rinse Chromate Conversion
43135. Stainless Steel Coating
43145. Removing gold plating from electric guitar parts
43146. Platinum refining
43149. New copper pipes degrading in historic home. Water unsafe to drink!
43151. Chrome Dipping, bike parts, bumpers rollbars etc
43152. Electromagnetic Radiation from a Rectifier
43153. Stripping Chrome from Plastic Car Parts
43154. Bright dip vs. pickling of brass
43155. Paint peel off from alloy wheels
43156. Switching from hot dip galvanized
43157. Electroless nickel plating solution recycling
43158. Silicon in electroplated zinc and yellow dichromate
43159. Best Trivalent Plating Thickness
43160. Anodize fading due to heat?
43161. Chrome conversion coating to stop galling?
43162. Bright, Reflective Surface Treatment for Magnesium
43164. What is the possibility of cracking Aluminum Alloy Wheels When Chrome Plating?
43165. Hexavalent Chromium prohibition
43166. Correcting the effects of caustic etch on polished aluminum
43168. Process for plating aluminum with copper to achieve very low interfacial resistance
43169. Repairing mill finish on aluminum
43172. Brinell hardness test (HB)
43173. Cloudy cabinet lacquer
43174. Effect of stainless steel fasteners on aluminum
43175. Discarded process acid, Environmental and Economic problem
43176. How do I Solve a Silver Tarnishing Problem?
43178. Difference between GI and EGI
43179. Crystals forming in Sulfuric Anodize bath
43180. Aluminum content in anodize solution
43181. What is the method for titanium electro-polishing?
43183. Shot peening of titanium
43186. Does application of Touch-N-Prep bypass MIL-C-5541 salt spray test
43187. Magnesium machined part surface treatment
43188. Salt Spray Test on Stainless Steel SUS303 and SUS304
43193. Need CBX gold stripping powder
43195. Formula for fresh and salt water?
43196. Nickel plating problem from nickel alto plate
43197. Discoloration on nickel plated surface
43209. Black oxide (gun blueing)
43210. I can't keep a water jacket or storage tank in operation for more than a year
43211. Advice on purifying silver nitrate / plating out silver
43212. What search term do I use to find out about "rebrassing" small decorative items?
43213. Thermal Conductivity
43214. Hexavalent Substitute
43215. Best way to avoid blackening of polished brass items in coastal areas
43217. Is it possible to coat TiAlN on Nickel electroless plated surface?
43218. Plating of steel to look like polished brass
43219. Trivalent zinc and galvanic corrosion
43223. New Car Rust
43224. Chemistry question about chrome reduction
43226. White Rust When Does It Occur After Kynar Coating Is Applied
43227. Electric Arc Spraying Compatibility of Stainless Steel on Aluminum
43228. Structural alloy for bright dipping
43230. Alternative to sulfuric acid for anodizing aluminum
43238. Find the copper content in the British penny
43239. Is pearl bright nickel same as satin nickel
43241. Neutralizing HCl after metal is dipped
43243. AMS standard for PVD TiAlN?
43245. Optimal length of a plating cells in a continuous application
43247. Defect - blistering in sliver plating
43248. Two-step anodizing w/tin sulfate
43249. Require different thickness of silver plating on the same part
43250. Removal of Chrome From Stainless Steel Substrate
43253. Cooling 30% HCl with a tank coil
43254. Making aluminum corrode?
43255. What problems do you get when anodising 2014 alloy (T651) and dyeing it black ?
43256. Cleaning tarnish from Chrome
43257. Vacuum metallizing and lacquering/top coating tequila bottle overcap
43258. Nickel Electroless Plating >40 µm
43259. Plating of brazing material on copper strip
43260. Roughness in Nickel Deposit
43265. Silver Removal
43266. Case Hardening of Plate Body Armor
43273. The Tarniban Process
43274. Powder coating on MDF or wood and its treatment chemicals
43276. Want info about about nickel color plating
43277. Long Term Environmental Liability Concerns with Anodizing Shop Operation
43278. To maintain acid ratio in zinc calcium phosphate
43279. Using aluminum for a solvent filled parts cleaning station
43280. Brown spots on stainless steel tank
43282. Clear coating a new gas tank
43283. Electrodes best suited to split water
43284. Re-gaining rhodium
43285. Why do metals corrode?
43286. How do you take the finish off an old engraved silver trumpet?
43287. Wall stain from hinge
43288. Reaction between water and base
43289. Dulling application for hot dip galvanization
43290. Cleaning fingerprints off of copper sheeting
43293. Corrosion SUS 303 versus SUS 400 series
43295. Zinc Electrowinning
43296. How can I gold plate my copper lures for fishing
43297. Magnesium painting options
43298. PVD applied to Trivalent Chrome
43299. Bright Zinc Plate Per ES1-02-01
43300. Supplementary coating on Zinc Blue passivation
43301. Blue anodize appearance for different material
43302. Buffing in Southern California/Orange County
43303. 5 year outdoor corrosion protection for a variety of mild steel and aluminium parts
43312. Powder coating wood
43314. New developments in Autophoretic and Electrophoretic Coatings
43315. Blisters after zinc plating
43316. Gold Plating a handle in a coffee spoon
43317. Stainless steel sculpture electro-polishing
43319. Trouble in plating a penny with nickel by using a cupronickel alloy
43320. Tennifer Rifle Barrels
43321. Silver wastewater treatment
43323. Tin Lead ST failure
43325. Recommended Stainless Steel Alloy for Electrode Hooks
43326. Client wants hot-dipping but part won't take the heat
43327. Rh plating on internal Pt-coated surface
43328. Plating on zinc products
43329. Lapping of ground parts
43331. Can anodizing coatings be made flexible enough to bend without cracking?
43334. How to make nickel sulfate for plating
43335. Repairing Oil Lamp Canisters
43336. Paint will peel off galvanized steam vessel
43337. Protective N 8 finish
43338. Stripping silver plating from Inconel 718 studs
43339. Bare spots on hot tin dip product
43340. Electroless Copper
43341. Electroplating cupronickel
43342. Solder Lump build up on tin lead plated terminal
43343. Finger marks on anodized surface
43357. Dog urine on dark antique finish
43358. Removing very old paint from copper wall vents
43359. How to paint plastic statues to stay translucent
43360. How was the plating for old music vinyl records made?
43365. Hot dip galvanizing flux
43366. Hard chrome plating s g cast iron
43367. Nickel plating pretreatment
43368. Zinc plating thickness
43370. Test for cadmium plating and alternate for Cd plating
43372. How do I clean and remove oxidation from the metal trim around my commercial windows
43374. Corrosion of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
43383. Can't prepare cross section for verifying plating thickness
43384. Preparation of cobalt(ll)thiocyanate
43385. Anodize IAW ASTM B580 Inspection for defects under 500-600X magnification
43388. Electroless Nickel over Copper Whitewash
43389. Peel off in between bright nickel and semi bright nickel layer
43390. Look of diffused nickel cadmium plate
43394. Colour variation in anodized part
43395. Iron Test for Passivation Bath
43396. Phosphating process
43401. Recovery of Silver From Electroplating Dragouts
43402. Remove Nikasil Plating
43405. Pulse form for Nickel Cobalt electroforming
43407. Anodising problems
43409. Anode consumption too high
43411. Over spray problem on auto finish
43412. Ion Plating / Ion Deposition
43413. Powder Coating with Primers
43421. What's the best way to preserve and prevent burning off of bluing on my muzzleloader?
43422. Stainless steel
43424. Texture of steel
43425. What is gold wash? is it plating? It is used on old sterling and is a very thin coating
43426. Difference between using Phosphor Bronze and ETP copper as moving contact in a switch
43428. How to determine Ca++ from phosphate bath
43429. Air bubbles problem
43431. Excessive amount of sodium cyanide in rochelle copper bath
43432. Anodizing On Cast Aluminum (ADC 12 grade)
43434. Vinyl or Brite Coatings for Wire Nails
43436. Chrome-like sputtering on aluminum alloy wheels
43441. Platinum coating by electrochemical method on titanium substrate
43445. Nickel plating on 4340 steel is peeling. Best pretreatment?
43447. Sn/Pb (60/40)reflow with tin components
43448. Alodine 12002 VS. 1132
43449. Aluminium white rust
43451. Alodine colors
43452. Stainless steel sculpture for harsh climate
43453. Hard anodizing sealing process
43454. Hot tub problem
43455. Pickling and degreasing of stainless steels
43457. Plastic silvering
43458. What prevents nails rusting?
43459. Anything new about anodizing of Zinc?
43462. Rust in tin plating
43464. My $16,000 engagement ring is turning my finger green "help"
43465. I want to distress the FRONT of a mirror
43467. Bath Analysis - AMS 2486
43468. Electroplated Nickel for Food and Drug Product Contact
43469. Where does the Rhodium go when it wears away?
43471. How to dissolve Teflon filter paper
43472. Preventing tarnishing of silver / natural substances
43474. EN/PTFE for bearing cage
43475. Chemical compositions of metal coatings
43481. Rusting
43482. Electrodes polarity
43484. Anodizing thickness
43485. How to do oxylate coating for stainless steel cold forging?
43492. How long did it take for the penny to dissolve?
43493. "Rust-Look" Spray Paint?
43494. How much or how strong sodium hydroxide
43495. Aluminum Finishing Suggestions
43496. Corroding Aluminum Boat Windows -- Re-anodize, clearcoat, or paint?
43497. Refinishing brass plated coffee tables
43498. How to dull a chrome finish
43499. I need an oven enamel repair kit
43500. Problems in Electrowinning of Ni
43501. Any chemical solution for increasing bonding strength in THERMAL SPRAYING
43502. Nickel free plated jewelry
43503. Castings - black anodise, not grey
43507. Powder coat adhesion
43509. Stainless steel flatware decorative black coating refurbished
43510. Electroplating cast iron
43515. Agitation of pickling lines by using compressed air
43516. Checking method of silver plated ss strip
43517. Conductivity drop with top coat over Zinc - Nickel Plating
43518. 416SS and Brass, suggestions for a better Galvanic compatible pair?
43522. Chemistry question for ASTM B117 pH levels
43523. Difference between ASTM B117 and MIL-STD-202G (method 101E)
43524. Aluminum casting chromated - need to strip and redo
43525. Metal temp
43526. What's the weight of the thickness?
43527. Plating Bubbles
43528. Chroming differences between 304 and 400-series Stainless Steel
43530. AMS 2700 Method 1 Type II Passivation for Medical Device
43531. I need a coating for a reciprocating rod
43532. Finishes
43533. Corrosion resistance for swimming pool components
43534. Bead wire adhesion
43541. Metal coating
43542. Color chrome wheels
43543. Refinishing chrome on 40 yr. old kitchen stool
43545. Zn plating ROHS compliance
43546. What aluminum alloy should we use for anodizing/hardcoating load bars?
43547. I need some advice on a new start-up of a Electropolish shop and have some thoughts from viewing another shop.
43552. Gold plating tungsten powder
43553. Effect on adhesion from various heat treatments to electrolytic nickel over 400 series stainless
43554. Anodize in Wet Sulfur Dioxide Environment
43555. Passivation on aluminum castings
43557. Alternative to Pickling with HydroFluoric Acid
43558. Polished Brass Plaques
43564. Need Aluminum Extrusion Polishing Machine
43566. Rinsewater disposal in chem-film operation
43567. Powdercoat and achieve 1000 hrs salt spray with little or no pre treatment
43568. What is the type of treatment recommended for electro-galvanizing surface before powder coating?
43569. Electrolytic Tinning Process of Copper Wires
43571. Control of Ni electroplating bath with additive
43572. Alochromed in MIL-C-5541D Class 1A
43573. Need Source for Conductive Rope
43578. Electroplating Zinc onto copper for Gr12 Chemistry Project
43579. Solution for electronic waste
43580. Exterior metal surface painting
43581. I'm drowning in grinding dust...help!
43582. Reverse electroplating problem
43584. Using Cold Black oxide and Stripping Black oxide
43585. I'm in search of zinc ceiling panels
43586. Anodizing a barrel
43587. I am a girl who needs to give her car some TLC
43588. E-coating vs galvanized prior to powder coat
43590. What is a superior process, galvanizing or e-coating?
43592. Porosity and corrosion of bright nickel plated components
43593. Our problem is skip plating in nickel
43594. Corrosion in centrifugally casted and machined CF8M Seat rings
43601. Want an anodizing plant
43606. Do coins rust faster in salt water or fresh water
43608. Rust removal
43609. Birthday present for the wife
43610. Oil rubbed bronze clawfoot tub feet
43611. Chrome alloy vs. chrome steel
43612. Can Lime Away clean rust stains in my washing machine?
43613. Getting started
43615. Waste solid residuals from zinc and chromium plating
43616. Bonding galvanized wire
43617. Absorptivity values for various color paints
43619. Where do these fish eyes come from?
43620. Woodgrain effect powder coating
43621. Powder coat and silicone or PVC Plastisol adhesive
43622. Is galvanized iron need to be paint? What paint?
43623. Peroxin test used in electroless nickel plating
43624. Nickel or Other Plating on Copper + Stainless Steel for Service at 600 C
43627. Specifying Satin Chrome Decorative Finishes
43628. Adherence test for chromium plating
43629. Direct plating of nickel onto stainless steel
43632. Clear Anodizing Thickness
43633. Anodizing aluminium + copper look temperature influences
43634. Green hue on black anodize
43635. Cracks on the parts which are anodized
43636. To clean austenitic stainless steel tanks by acid pickling and passivation
43637. Very high temperature resistant coating
43638. Scratch proof coating for DVD spindles
43647. How do you measure rust?
43648. Using Hydrochloric Acid as a Plating Solution
43650. Clear Coating for my Copper Top Bar
43651. Gold plating a movie replica
43653. Use of pulse rectifiers for acid cu and nickel plastic plating
43654. Titanium Pickling Line Help Requested!
43656. Black Galvanizing
43657. EN Sol'n Turning Black
43658. Powder coating for aluminum die casting
43659. Anodized Aluminum Particles
43661. How to remove surface defects?
43662. Food safety of phosphate coatings
43663. Finishing tool steel for corrosion
43666. Can you gold plate over an existing chrome finish?
43667. What is the voltage requirement for a electrocoagulator?
43668. 2024-T4 AND 2024-T351 MATERIAL
43669. Tin Alkaline Matte - Plating thickness Accuracy / Wire and Tie (Vs) Jig Plating
43671. Remove the glove mark from the surface of anodized aluminum
43676. What happens when copper and ammonia mix?
43677. Chinese and Japanese conversion of SAE 4130
43678. How to paint football face mask
43679. Bronze grave markers and copper sulfate degradation
43680. Preparation of older aluminum surface for painting
43682. Preparing a sharpening steel
43683. Guidelines for Type I,II,III anodize and chem film
43684. How to dull a shiny nickel finish?
43685. HCl Muriatic Acid
43686. Is it safe to wear the wedding gold wedding band that the mercury turned silver?
43687. Refinish Aluminum A/C control yoke
43688. What is dross made of and how is it removed
43689. Aluminum welding sickness
43690. MIL-L-11195 or MIL-DTL-11195? Dipcoating
43691. Soldering on High-phosphor electroless nickel plated aluminium housing
43692. Is hard chrome plating suitable for leveler/straightener rolls handling hot rolled steel?
43694. White Spots in Zinc Phosphate type 1 Coating as per TT-C- 490E
43695. Finishing of old titanium
43696. Cleaning tellurium copper
43697. Pretreatment of Tellurium Copper before Silver Plating
43699. Staining stainless steel
43704. Frustrated aluminum boat owner needs help with paint problems
43705. Removing green residue on copper pipes
43707. Plating bumpers
43710. Copper Electroplated on Silicon Nitrides -- Viable? What is the story?
43711. Pickling of pipes of hydraulic pipe line
43712. Difference between Nickel Strike plate and Typical Nickel plating
43716. How easily does decorative chrome surfaces scratch?
43717. Change brushed nickel to brushed copper or rubbed bronze look?
43718. Flatware pitting - production problem?
43719. Home built nickel plating system and required items
43720. On site disposal of pickling rinse water
43721. Restoring 1917 Bronze Plaques From Old Bridge
43722. Match for polished stainless steel
43724. Effect of alkaline chemical for degreasing the copper metal
43729. Melting 9k gold
43730. Electrolysis between stainless steel and steel
43732. Gold plating solution by using potassium gold cyanide(68%)
43733. Rust Problem on Tinned Piano Wire
43734. Life of mild steel after phosphating
43737. How to electroplate a brass trumpet mouthpiece with nickel
43738. What machine is used for chrome plating of plastic?
43739. Plating Thickness and Corrosion Resistance Standard
43740. Material Choice for Anodes & Auxiliary Anodes in Nickel Sulfamate Plating?
43741. Barrel copper plating
43742. Trivalent Chromate Conversion Coating of Aluminum
43743. Electropolishing of 304L SS
43745. Ion nitriding
43748. Stripping rhodium from copper wire
43750. Piping for small point of use DI water station
43751. Immersion silver bath formulation
43761. Is it necessary to purify the plating solution for a small scale nickel electrodeposition process?
43765. Best Metal to be used as Anodes in Electrolytic Cells
43766. How long has rhodium plating been available?
43771. Keeping yellow gold...yellow
43772. Painting chrome rims
43774. Restoring Bleach Damage Silverware
43776. Silver Plating is Blistering
43778. Anodic Seal
43780. Silver plating poor adhesion
43788. Rusting a magnet to show how the formation of rust decreases the magnets strength
43789. Doubts regarding selection of a mandrel
43790. Cubic printing
43792. Looking for aluminum casting information
43793. How to remove chrome from a late stock Harley Davidson springer front end
43794. Cadmium Plated Parts
43798. Do I need to use Hard Chrome over E-Nickel when plating D2 Tool Steel?
43799. Clear Coating Raw Aluminum
43800. Suitable bath for hard anodising
43802. Hexavalent chromium process free on aluminium
43803. Hex-chrome free alternatives to hard anodizing and Dichromate Seal
43804. Etching aluminum skin
43805. Problems masking titanium for type II anodizing
43806. Cleaning of substrate-oxide layer removal
43807. Silicone oil as anti rust
43808. Passivation procedure
43816. Electroplating copper onto aluminum
43818. What infrared lamps to use for powder coating
43819. Refrigerator refinishing
43820. Bath Control
43821. Plating Rhodium out of a Sulfuric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid Solution
43822. Baking of fasteners to relief hydrogen embrittlement
43823. Teflon coating of molds
43824. Powder coating 17-4 steel
43825. When does a galvanising waste Zn recovery plant become financially feasible for a small/medium sized galvaniser?
43826. Welding between dissimilar metals
43827. Diminished Results From Salt Spray Tests
43828. What is the advantage of using lacquer coating on zinc plated jobs. What is the salt spray life.
43830. Positive identification of part marking on anodized surfaces
43831. Treating old Beechcraft "V-Tail" Bonanza magnesium Flaps bare metal before painting
43834. Cadmium coated bolts / nuts vs. stainless steel bolts for seawater exposure
43835. What is this Finish
43841. Supplier for Koroseal flexible pvc tank lining material
43842. Does anyone know how the 2 part epoxy holds up in weather?
43843. Problems plating 24 kt gold on car emblems
43844. Nickel recovery by electroplating
43847. TRIMITE Low Temperature Acrylic S85-equivalent
43848. Black oxidizing on steel components
43849. Wood's strike method
43850. Carbon Content of Cold Rolled Steel Affecting Plating?
43852. Nickel plating cost calculation
43853. Converting RA to UIN
43854. Zinc die cast samples - barrel plating
43859. Selective etching of iron
43860. Remove electroless Ni from gold
43863. Short circuit of electrodes of electrocleaner
43864. Reducing nickel content in wastewater effluent
43866. How to tell Hot Dip Galv. vs. Electroplate
43867. Is water break test also applicable to FR-4?
43868. Silkscreening and Anodizing an Aluminum Surface
43869. Teflon coat
43875. Electroless through hole plating on pcb
43877. Making paint with copper
43878. Electroforming onto shells with silver or gold
43879. Black finish for stainless steel
43881. Copper plate cast iron bench ends using copper sulfate?
43882. Vapor Hone Media
43883. Oil rubbed bronze flexibility
43887. Black Oxide grey color on Sae J2340 High Strength Steel
43888. Hot-dip galvanizing plant - relatively small scale
43889. Dull finish
43890. Poor adhesion appears in nickel from base metal
43892. Space Flight Gold Plating / Soldering
43893. Cost of several aluminum plating
43895. How to Seal Chrome Plated Pipe Thread Plumbing Components at high pressures
43896. Unexplainable Pitting of 6061 Aluminum Parts
43897. Resist for etching with ferric chloride
43898. Pickling of titanium
43899. Micro Etching Process for Identification
43900. Need IVD Aluminum coater in the southeast
43902. Rusting Stainless Steel
43903. Bathroom fixtures
43904. Treatment for Silver Nitrate in wastewater
43905. ABS plastic plating procedure
43906. Duplex Nickel plus hard chrome plating thickness vs Duplex Nickel decorative chrome thickness
43908. Metal finishing and treatment
43912. Restoring antique toy car
43916. Bloody red color and a black spot
43917. Carbide removal from 300 series stainless steel
43921. Want to remove mineral oil from sandblasted steel...help!
43923. Copper + hydrogen chloride
43926. Public artist needs help on Gazebo with Creative Shingling
43927. Powder Coating a very detailed piece - no coverage problem
43934. What chemical could you dissolve in water to make a zinc coating stick to the iron?
43935. Newbie on electroplating with acid copper
43936. Discoloration of copper and bronze brake pads
43937. Chemical to make aluminium dull quickly without long term damage?
43938. Aluminum Wheel Restoration
43939. How to adjust the subsidence rate of salt spray
43940. Gray scale formation is salt spray
43941. Prepaint cleaning-heavy equipment
43943. Dirty substrate causes poor adhesion?
43944. Post-Nickel Plating Cleaning/Rinsing (critical cleanliness!)
43945. Plating magnesium
43946. Rusting of 303 stainless vs. 416 stainless
43947. Silica scale removal
43955. Uniform Tantalum Oxide on large area, thin Tantalum foil
43956. Silver ring turned black
43958. Bend Strips for Electroless Plating
43959. Applying Aeroglaze Z306 Flat Black Thermal Control Paint to Nickel Plated Aluminum
43961. Pimples on hot dip galvanizing
43963. What is the best pre-penetrant aluminum etch that will not destroy the substrate
43965. O-ring that wears through hard chrome?
43980. Diffusion of platinum plating into metal substrate
43982. Detecting the presence of Nikasil (in any form) in SAE 10W30 oil
43983. Platinum, Palladium or Rhodium?
43984. Removing tar from copper flashing
43985. Porting and Hot Tanking
43987. Is Nickel Plating ROHS compliant?
43988. FRP Coating on a Painted Surface
43989. Lowering chrome results in my effluent
43990. Question about NaOH attack
43991. What purchases and/or training is needed to do black oxide in house?
43992. What is Blackodizing?
43995. Increasing zinc metal concentration in acid zinc solutions
43996. Gold plating defects
43997. Replacement for nickel plating over zinc (zamak) alloy
43998. Color fastness for anodized aluminum parts
43999. Suitable bath for hard anodising

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