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34000. What is the nature of the bond between chromate and zinc
34001. Hexavalent chromium emissions from stainless steel parts
34002. Inhaling muriatic acid on accident
34003. Galvanizing of high silicon steel
34004. Evaluating the existing electrolyte solution
34006. Help with galvanizing and alkaline cleaner
34007. Crevice corrosion of Monel 400 in sea water
34012. Electroplating ABS
34013. Copper vs Stainless steel tubing for vacuum equipment
34014. Cleaning tarnished gold-plated metal on an antique banjo
34015. Stainless steel worn through to base coat
34016. Attaining a durable, shiny finish on aluminum wheels
34017. How do I plate vinyl records
34019. Can the chromic acid dip be omitted from MIL-DTL-13924?
34020. How do I measure Nikasil plating thickness
34021. Heat Resistant Paint
34022. Plating Aluminum pads on an IC
34023. Haze on Ni-Cr plating surface
34024. High temperature anodize with the Honda Look!
34025. Chemical Formula of Passivation chemical
34026. Descaling SS 310
34027. Visual inspection standard for polished stainless steel
34029. How to avoid white rust from a metal part that has been plated with zinc chromate?
34030. Blisters on Cu-Ni-Cr plated Zamak #3 die castings
34031. Synthesis of thin films of magnesium di-boride by electroless plating
34032. Stumped by my experiment results on corrosion of iron
34033. Hardness of type II vs type III anodize
34035. Getting smooth nickel plating in non-buffable area
34036. Hard chrome health problems
34039. Chrome conversion coating costs
34041. How to remove welding scale without using de-rusting or sand blasting process
34042. Tin Whiskers - The Next Y2K Problem
34043. Trivalent chrome bath purification
34044. Polishing stainless steel backsplash
34049. Part marking - hard anodized aluminum
34052. Manganese phosphate coating on steel for finishing steel objects
34053. Need help with Titanium Nitride TiN coatings
34058. What does Copper Have In It That It Kills Bacteria?
34061. Used paint booth needed
34066. Growing crystals on copper wire immersed in silver nitrate
34068. Removing oxide layer from nickel
34070. Cleaning old locks
34071. Aluminum nut and bolt maker wanted
34072. Can an 18K white gold necklace be turned back to yellow gold?
34073. Aged faux finish for embossed wallpaper
34075. Need help with scratches on matte finish 10K ring
34076. Copper plating from hydrochloric acid
34078. Cryogenic metal treatment and surface wear?
34079. Galvanized vs. electroplated
34080. Chroming Martensitic and Austenitic Steels
34082. Hard chrome plating inside small bore and long barrels
34083. Want easy way to tell if a clear anodized part is properly sealed
34084. Black Oxide Finish - cleaning allowances
34086. Phosphating procedure
34087. Hot dip plated brass vs pre-tin plated Cu Zn 30
34091. Cleaning superficial rust spots on 304L Stainless steel pipe
34092. Zinc Potassium/Ammonium chloride vs Potassium chloride/boric
34094. Our Aluminum alloy parts are reacting after Hard Coat Anodization
34095. Electropolished aluminum for vacuum service?
34096. Electroplating conductive plastic?
34097. Recycling N-propyl bromide
34101. Chromium plating recessed areas of car bumpers
34103. Rustoleum won't dry on copper?
34104. What is MIL C 5541 Class 1 Clear
34105. Boron Carbide Coating required on textile spinning rings
34106. Chrome coating on stainless steel 304 grade
34107. Zinc-plate appearance problems (white, powdery, rough surface)
34108. Repair of anodised layer by Alodine
34112. Who should buy steel patio furniture
34113. PVC Plastisol Pattern Coating
34117. Non-magnetic Plating on Stainless Steel
34118. Tarnish-resistant Nickel plating substitutes? Armoloy TDC?
34124. How to remove old silver plating from copper?
34125. Anodizing rectifier puzzler
34126. Removing deep vacuum sputtered silver from copper electronics grade copper masks
34128. Good low cost way to get a black finish on A380 die cast aluminum
34129. Alodine and anodizing on aluminum reflectivity data needed
34130. Discoloration of stainless steel
34140. Friction experiment for 4th grader
34141. Chrome Plated Steel or Stainless Steel
34144. Non-wetting defect on NiPdAu plating
34145. Peeling Industrial Hard Chrome
34146. Deburr Aluminum - ECD vs. electropolishing vs. thermal?
34147. How to create a high gloss finish on aluminum before anodizing?
34155. Want to remove Teflon from pans
34157. Need help cleaning/polishing aluminum cookware
34158. Rechrome or buff out bumper?....need to know
34161. Painting aluminum house columns
34162. Refinishing Cast Iron Wheels
34163. Blackening aluminum for solar collection
34165. Oxidizing brass coins with black or other colors
34166. Acid zinc bath dissolved anode basket
34167. Strip satin nickel plating from brass brass
34169. What is the capacity of a plating barrel?
34170. Loss of aluminum during anodizing
34171. SS industrial butter churner getting rusted
34172. Galvanic corrosion
34176. Over-annealed stainless
34177. Metallography acids
34179. Drawing Callout- Trivalent Chromate Coatings for Aluminum
34180. Hardcoat thickness MIL-A-8625 vs MIL-STD-171
34181. Can Black Oxide Coating be Passivated
34182. Bimetallic corrosion charts
34184. Salt spots on my chrome rims
34185. Hammered copper sheeting for table top
34186. Can Nickel plating on aluminum part be welded at 220 °C ?
34188. Black Phosphating
34191. Agricultural lime sulphur to oxidize silver and copper
34193. How to reduce Ca, Na and Zn from spent HCl
34194. Voltage for Cr stripping
34195. How to maintain beautiful rich colors after clear coat
34199. Coastal urban furniture: corrosion problems
34206. How to paint oven doors
34208. Antiquing galvanized roofing material
34210. Problem in Zinc Oxide recovery from galvanizing
34211. Zinc Plating over Galvanizing
34212. Is type III hardcoating as hard to do as I hear?
34213. Wire repair using wire with dissimilar plate metals
34214. Adhesion tape testing
34215. EN plating thickness / Mechanical tumble media
34216. BAC5751 passivation Boeing
34223. Need mass finishing machine for valve plates, spring plates
34226. Metal Lacquers
34227. Polished aluminum parade fire dept axe preservation
34228. Aluminum expansion
34232. Alternative to pure Ni Plating
34235. Powder Coating Rusting Dispute
34236. Passivation alternative to sodium dichlorate
34240. Substitute for anodization
34242. Algae Growth in Rinse Tanks
34243. Gold stripping from electroless nickel base
34245. How to solder Nickel without using flux
34248. Silver Plating for Magnesium Die Casting
34249. Silver plating bimetals
34251. Plating shop want to do Aluminum Anodizing
34253. What are quality measurement standards for mechanical polished aluminum?
34257. Need Help with Electroplating Science Project
34260. Tin plating humidity resistance
34261. Cyanide copper strike pH adjustment alternatives
34262. What is P ratio in zinc phosphating bath?
34263. Color and scratch resistant coating for pure titanium
34265. Info about FED STD 595 and RTCA DO 160C
34266. Stripping Silver From Stainless Jigs
34267. Corrosion serviceability of zinc plating
34268. Bright tin plating over nickel plating
34270. Gold wash for metal wanted
34271. Trying to identify plating on lathe hand wheel
34273. Gold Bombing Process and Equipment
34276. What is citric acid [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] made of?
34277. What jewelry won't give me allergic reactions like Nickel does
34278. How to take clear coat off of base coat?
34280. Medical Device Passivation
34282. Rusting Lumber Rack
34283. We want anti corrosion SS316
34284. Corrosion resistance coating of ZK60A -T6 Magnesium alloy
34287. Need plant items for high security number plates
34290. Formulation of air drying varnish
34291. Low Friction \ High Wear coating for steel
34301. Biology - copper sulphate
34302. Aluminium ore
34303. What does saltwater have that rusts iron nails
34307. Deionized vs. distilled water
34312. Dust over the reflectors
34313. Cleaning EP Brass
34314. Do electrolytic cleaning plates dull the surface of silver?
34316. Sculptor and Jeweler Qs about shell finishes and copper
34317. Polishing an aluminum motorcycle frame
34318. Cast iron Claw-foot Bathtubs: How to Clean, Remove Rust & Stains, Restore, Re-surface, Re-coat
34319. Electroplating baby shoes
34321. Differences between chlorine and alkaline zinc plating
34322. FDA Rules for ferrous metals
34323. Test for verifying the anti-tarnish test for copper plating
34326. Powder coating process
34327. Plating on plastic
34329. Electroless nickel plating
34330. Nickel plating on an old watch case
34332. Pickling / Descaling of Cobalt Chrome
34333. Etching s/s
34334. Corrosion between chromate plated copper and zinc plated steel
34339. Help with percent composition
34342. I need a patina finish on a steel spiral staircase
34343. RoHS compliant Conversion Coatings
34346. Yellowish color in LCD area. Cyanide bath
34347. Staining of tin plated brass
34350. How to get #3 finish on stainless steel
34352. Corrosion Protection for threaded low carbon steel
34359. Effect of temperature on electrochemical cells
34362. Metal embossing sheets for art project, how to protect from tarnish?
34365. Light vapor hone
34366. Caustic Storage tanks built of steel
34368. EN over aluminum; corrosion resistance?
34369. Activation after Nickel
34370. Zinc Plating Adhesion to Leaded Steels
34371. 7075 is grey in color after clear anodizing
34372. Iridite coating in contact with silver plating
34377. Brush Plating, Rinsing and Environmental Issues
34378. How to get reddish colour in Zinc passivation
34381. What can be done to repair a copper fireplace hood whose finish was damaged by muriatic acid?
34383. Push pull pickling
34384. Mixed bed polisher regeneration effluent
34385. Electroplating Science Fair
34394. The structure of plating plant's foundation
34399. Silver plating specifications
34403. Safe, environmentally friendly aqueous aluminum cleaning
34405. Stainless steel alloy to pipe dilute sulphuric acid
34408. Nickel plating on tungsten
34409. Removing Aluminum Oxide from Aluminum metal
34410. Is my plater ripping me off?
34411. Early 80's Alloy Bicycle Parts Anodizing
34412. Galvalum roofing corrosion
34413. Anodizing cathode information required
34414. Bad finish (pitting or orange peel) on 316L SS tubing after electropolishing
34417. Copper corrosion on pot
34418. What happens if muriatic acid sit on tin for too long?
34420. Galvannealed versus Galvanized
34427. Analysis of nickel (II) in solution by EDTA titration
34428. Rusting of iron nail
34429. Using Zincating Solutions to Provide Thick Films of Zinc
34430. Why does my coloring fade when I apply the finish?
34432. I want to learn the Art of Chrome Plating
34436. Coatings on knee replacements
34437. Salt Spray Corrosion Protection of Magnesium AZ91D
34438. DI water with stainless steel 304 and 316
34439. Tin plating
34440. How to make a brightener
34441. Plating plastic
34444. What screws to use?
34445. Submerging pennies in vinegar [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] and Nitric Acid and effect
34446. Muriatic acid stains on stainless steel
34451. Standards in Cu-Ni-Cr plating
34452. Formula for EN Solutions
34455. Removing tarnish from the brass parts of an 1860's-era French clock case
34456. Silver plating chemical details
34458. Color coated galvanized sheet
34463. Corrosion on metals
34465. Pre coating liquid for sublimation transfers onto ceramic tiles
34466. Deep pitting when chrome plating crankshafts
34467. Different grades of stainless steel
34468. About regeneration of ion exchanger
34470. Grade of Steel Alloy Rod for Plating
34472. Bead blasting
34474. Metal polishing with angstrometric roughness
34475. Revealing grain boundaries in aluminum alloy 6082-T6
34476. Blue Oxide Finish - High Speed Steel
34477. Nickel or Chrome
34478. Finish for stainless steel screws
34479. Anode bags required for power acid tank
34482. How to: Oil Rub Bronze
34483. Imitation rhodium chemistry
34485. Removing brown oxide from aluminum
34489. Yellow steel patina
34490. Nickel sulfamate storage
34497. I need help in a mock up of a nickel coating process
34500. Chromate Regulation: Implementation dates around world
34501. Where can I find the specification SAE J 207 for plating?
34502. DM Plant regeneration
34503. Cold Black Oxide Finish on Large Steel Plate Surfaces
34504. Black zinc chromate on CRS
34506. Types of Zinc Plating
34508. Which black finish is better for rust resistance?
34511. Activation of cenospheres
34512. Soldering nickel-plated battery tabs
34514. Cr3+ determination in plastic etching solutions
34517. Surface Improvement of Rapid-manufactured Parts
34520. IR recognizable paint
34524. Extending the sq. ft. of an iron phosphate tank
34526. Does phosphoric acid on steel leave a protective layer?
34527. Phosphate coating pre-wash
34528. Aluminum commercial polishing problems
34529. Corrosion of 302 vs. 303
34532. Gold precipitating solution for precipitating gold from HAUCL4 solution
34533. What finishes are available for 3al/2.5v titanium to increase surface hardness
34534. Sick from grinding and welding hard chrome
34535. Pit Water Treatment
34536. Ammonium Bifluoride Analysis
34537. Best chip and weather/corrosion resistance
34539. Powder coating usage / coverage
34540. Electroless nickel plating
34541. Peeling of nickel/Teflon plating
34542. Is it possible to chrome plate (decorative) on mirror finish stainless steel sheet
34543. Gold plating over BeCu
34545. Clear Anodize spotting
34547. Proper Spelling of Iridite / Iridite
34551. Blackish surface on Aluminum T6061 after machining
34552. 500 i.d. elbow to remove orange peel and seams
34562. Are all Chrome plated products Nickel Free?
34568. Hard Anodizing in piston ring grooves
34578. Etch titanium with plasma
34579. Gold or Silver which is the better electrical conductor?
34580. Paint finish for old wood cook stove
34581. How to remove purple PVC primer stains from cement?
34582. Brass coloring for silver solder joint
34583. Can lab-metal be used on metal to be electroplated?
34584. I am looking for a certain specification
34586. I have a question regarding the retrieval of actual adhesion methods
34587. Coating for titanium
34589. Iron Phosphate colours
34590. Brass etching
34591. Removing graffiti scratches from stainless steel and other metals
34592. Glass bead blasting
34599. How can corrosion be controlled
34600. Aluminum Anodizing: Sulphate Removal, Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Issues
34601. EN Solution analysis
34604. Alternative acid for nickel plating
34605. Copper anode in copper cyanide bath
34607. Removal of Baked on Powder Coating from the bores and keyways of pulleys
34608. Preparation of Stainless Steel Prior to Electro Polish
34614. Copper oxidation and Hydrogen Peroxide vs. Salt Water
34616. Rhodium plating over copper without nickel
34618. Putting silver in the dishwasher
34619. Rhodium Jewelry
34622. Different colors of 24 kt gold plating - any meaning
34623. Cleaning and restoring a brass ship's bell
34626. Nickel free watches
34627. Cleaning Oxidation/Scale from Cheap Galvanized Metal Sheeting
34630. Metal Roof Paint with Linseed Oil
34631. Custom ferric chloride [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] tank construction?
34633. Waste water recovery system
34634. Nickel Leachate From Brass Tapware
34636. Hard Anodized Aluminum Exhausts
34649. How to remove Gold on CDs
34651. REMOVAL OF copper sulphate [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] AND ZINC sulphate FROM WASTE WATER
34654. Cleaning C260 brass
34660. HCl Purity Test
34663. Dissolving Steel and NOT Aluminum
34664. Mild steel Shims of thickness 0.25 and 0.5 mm need to be zinc Plated
34665. Electropolishing parameters
34666. Non-greasy dry rust inhibitor for carbon steel surface
34670. Cleaning brass door knob and hinge
34672. Dip Spin Galvanizing
34674. Zinc Peeling
34675. Polishing and demagnetization of stainless steel balls
34676. Best and Easiest way to refine gold dust to get 99.9% purity
34677. Keeping Copper Bright
34679. Uniform polish using flap wheels - is it possible?
34687. Jewelry plating or coating problems
34692. Gold plating imitation jewelry
34694. Deburring of aluminum washer
34695. How can I best protect stainless steel from acid fumes?
34696. Heat resistant paints for aluminum castings
34700. Electroplating kit for kids
34704. Industrial Preparation of GPC
34710. Polishing aluminum with a blast cabinet
34712. How to produce a dull grey finish on anodized aluminum?
34714. How can be my hot dip galvanized steel product keep its shining
34716. Package Delamination Effect of Deflash Methods
34721. Polishing of stainless steel 304
34723. Satin/pearl chrome question
34724. Can silver plating isolate solder from skin contact
34725. Trouble with silver plating copper, any suggestions?
34726. Can I use galvanized metal for kitchen tabletop?
34727. Repairing rust damage and refinishing metal file cabinet
34728. Stripping platinum from titanium
34729. Coin cell batteries rust in refrigerated service
34736. HARD CHROME PLATING SS 329 duplex SS
34737. Manganese PHOSPHATING process
34739. E Nickel vs. Sulfuric Anodize
34745. Instantaneous stainless steel oxidation/corrosion in acid bath
34746. Remove galvanize from electric fence wire and preventing rust
34747. Electroless nickel treatment
34755. How to set up a DIY Electropolishing system for stainless steel
34756. What is the definition of "Water Conductivity"
34757. How much does tarnish affect the conductivity of silver?
34758. Copper plating staining problems
34772. RO water Vs. DI water in industrial applications
34775. Yellow patches after powder coating
34776. Hard anodise problems
34777. Which Al alloy sheet will lap to the best mirror finish?
34779. Clear coat for signs
34780. E-Coating Scratches Resolution?
34786. Temperature capabilities of 304L stainless
34789. Difference between pre-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized steel?
34790. Dents on Electroless Plating Surface
34791. Soldering Electroless Nickel plated components
34792. Effects of addition of sodium thiosulphate to bright nickel bath
34793. Bright spots on clear anodized aluminum
34794. Scratches after passivation of polished 316 steel
34796. I need polishing for edges for st. steel flat wire after slitting
34797. Stainless, mechanical finishing
34804. Can Anyone tell me how to do the Alumi Hard Anodic (Type III) Sulfuric acid process
34805. Vacuum metallising on car headlights
34806. "Bleeding" problems in anodizing cast aluminum
34807. History of galvanized nails
34808. Testing purity of silver
34809. Cadmium plating
34810. Chromium III vs Chromium VI Plating processes
34811. Reduction of bright dip solution for aluminum
34818. Disposal of Sulphuric Acid
34820. Is the low stress nickel being used in MIL-C-26074 Electroless plating?
34821. Gold flash vs. plate
34822. Paint adhesion problem; Temperature limit for chromate conversion coatings on aluminum
34831. Removing paint from recesses of gold ring
34832. Painting a Plastic Changing Table
34833. I would like to derust the interior water jacket of an antique auto engine
34834. Chrome paint finishing suggestion is required
34835. How do I quick oxidate brass to get a black finish?
34836. What is replacing AMS-QQ-P-35C?
34838. Contamination of Nickel tanks
34839. Zinc phosphating for 72 Hour salt spray test
34846. Chemistry Project
34849. Etching copper
34850. Boron in the waste water
34853. Black chrome
34854. Friction of anodized aluminum
34855. Colors other than clear or gold for chromated aluminum
34858. I want to brass coat aluminum mural
34861. Anodize-RoHS compliant?
34862. Steel preparation for powder coat
34863. Copper pipe/ galvanized steel nail plate contact corrosion?
34865. What if put on skin silly :-)
34866. Electrophoretic lacquer can withstand what temperature
34867. Cadmium plating with black "Iridite" chromate conversion coating
34870. Knife edge nosebar conveyor belt wear
34872. Removing rust from antique tin tea canister
34878. Need silver estimation instrument
34881. Etching Ni-Cr
34882. Metal Coating on Rock
34883. Diamond Coatings for cutting tools
34886. Repair of Ebonite lined stub
34887. Chrome Dust Hazards
34888. Contaminated Rinse Water
34890. Plating/coating thickness gauge Q&A's
34891. Which solution can decoat CrN coating from HSS substrate
34893. Dissolving copper at room temperature
34895. Surface finish in galvanising and edge build up problem
34896. Amount of fine gold needed to saturate 1 liter of potassium cyanide solution
34897. Problems in chrome plating
34899. Can we do localized de-anodizing
34901. Rusting using acid
34902. Removing heat scale after cad plating
34903. Prep and paint of '73 Harley engine
34904. Restoring old farm artifacts
34905. Repainting metal with an enamel coat
34906. Can fish be chrome/nickel plated
34907. Hobbyist wants tin sheets
34908. Leakage of finned copper tube
34914. Electroplating Carbon On Metals
34916. I want to electroplate an item, then melt the item to leave a hollow object
34917. Gun Barrel Finish
34918. Do we need to Specify Double Powder Coating or E-Coating in our Bids?
34919. Advantages of Electroless Nickel
34920. Do we get a better adhesion of nickel plating on steel than on copper ?
34921. Alodine 1000 specification
34922. Type of coatings on Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets
34923. Monthly Testing Requirements for Electroless Nickel
34924. Multi Color Anodizing 6061 Problem
34925. Alternative to MIL-C-5541 1A
34926. 6061 aluminum turns black after machining and chemical polishing
34927. Pitting
34928. Identification of stainless steels
34930. Electroplating
34931. Shotpeening theory
34933. Yellow Iridite
34938. Effects of muriatic acid on galvanized finish
34939. Zinc Whisker formation on Trivalent Chrome
34940. Problems powdercoating over gold passivate
34941. Colouring stainless steel 200/202 grade
34954. Chroming of a motorcycle header pipe with slight pitting
34956. Any alternatives to blackening?
34960. Ferric Sulphate as a coagulant
34963. How is plastic blasting beneficial to us?
34968. Electrical conductivity measurement of plated metals
34969. DiNitrodiammine Palladium salt (P- Salt)
34970. Removing chrome or nickel plating from brass or aluminum should be left to professionals as I've learned by experience
34973. Stripping nickel and copper
34974. Nickel strike diffusing into tin plating
34975. Acid rinse after Nickel and Acid copper
34977. Coloring aluminum castings
34978. Biocompatibility and Hard Anodising
34979. Cleaning/activation of aluminum/titanium bimetal
34980. Coating to prevent corrosion on Hastelloy
34982. Pure powder polyester coating
34983. pH level of Aluminium Bright Dip
34987. Oakite Chromicoat Effects on EMI Shielding
34997. Plating specifications posters?

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