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Galvannealed versus Galvanized

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A discussion started in 2005 but continuing through 2017


Q. I have a customer who is currently specifying G90 galvanized material and powder painting for additional corrosion resistance.

This application is causing a couple of problems:

1) the part is being press brake formed in a pretty narrow V die due to hole geometry being close to the bend line, and this is causing the galvanizing to gall as it is pressed against shoulders of the V die. At times the galled galvanizing is not visible.

2)during powder painting operation, the galvanizing that is galled is releasing from the substrate and causing a ridge of the galvanizing and paint along the V die witness mark on the part. In addition the paint does not adhere as well as it would to galvanneal.

Therefore, I would like get some corrosion data showing galvanized versus galvanneal material. The ideal data would include both materials with powder paint applied. The customer application is commercial walk-in coolers.


Kevin Tillotson
Hawkeye Industries - Tupelo, Mississippi


A. In general, there is litle or no difference in the corrosion resistance of galvanneal and galvanized coatings of equal coating thickness. The lone exception is that galvanized is more resistant to red rust at scribes on painted material. For data, see M. R. Ostermiller and H. E. Townsend, On-Vehicle Cosmetic Corrosion Evaluation of Coated and Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet, Proceedings of the Sixth Automotive Corrosion and Prevention Conference, P-268, Society of Automotive Engineers, Warrendale, PA, pp 65-83 (1993). Also, you can expect to have more problems with forming galvanneal, including powdering and flaking of the coating. These problems become greater with increasing galvanneal coating thickness. For this reason, galvanneal is seldom if ever used at thicknesses above A60. In my opinion, the only advantage to galvanneal over galvanized is that it is easier to spot weld.

Herbert E Townsend
Townsend Corrosion Consultants, Inc. - Center Valley, Pennsylvania, USA

January 31, 2013

Q. I am currently running an A60 Galvanealed product as specified by my customers. I am getting flaking that is accumulating on my punch dies. This is resulting in frequent pulling of dies for sharpening and excess burr on the part. I am having the same flaking issue on my V Dies and I have to frequently clean out the dies to avoid wear and tolerance issues. Lastly, my spot welders are accumulating the flaking and causing frequent cleaning. I do my own painting and I am having no problems. So far I have received chem treat dry product. I believe ordering material with a light oil vs. chem treat dry is going to help lubricate the tools and remove some of the flaking? Do you agree? Do you have a better idea?

Tom Ripp
- Fishers, Indiana

October 20, 2017

A. Galvanneal (GA) is prone to flaking and powdering on stamping. Oiling will reduce the coefficient of friction and, consequently, the amount of flaking and powdering. We have customers that order prephosphated GA which has a coating of 200-600 mg dried-in-place zinc phosphate/m2 as well as oil. This latter product shows the least amount of powdering and splitting of any of our GA products.

Stan Snopek
- Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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