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metal finishing cover

26000. Alternative to acid cleaning of brass parts to avoid oil sticking on the part
26001. Procedure for mirror finishing naval brass for 99.9% reflection
26003. Stainless steel tanks for fruit washing corroded by 50 ppm chlorine
26008. Health risk of galvanized metal used under a wok used for cooking
26010. Help, mirror finishing titanium in tumblers
26011. Can plastic parts of Harley V-rod be chromed?
26014. Protection of brass/brown war plaque
26015. How is PVDF coating done?
26016. Brown oxide vs. black oxide, immersion tin processes for PCBs / PWBs
26017. Cleaning of Aluminum without Degreasing
26018. Suitable tube material for sea water condenser
26019. Sensor installation needs austenitic steels that are 100% non-magnetic
26021. The process by which pennies get their copper coating
26022. Automotive metal corrosion testing
26023. Sealant for copper to keep it from tarnishing
26024. Shop refinishing steel sleeves with TIN
26027. Magna-coat by Magnus Chem or equivalent
26028. Seeking surface coating to protect chrome plating
26032. Changing brass to silver, nickel, or satin chrome look
26035. Materials Engineering student investigating AC anodising
26036. What does E-300 mean in the passivation process?
26037. Thick (.001") nickel plating using a barrel plater or alternative
26039. Problem with high contact resistance with pure tin
26040. Is plating or blackodizing better on spring washers
26048. Alternate finish needed for blued spring clips
26050. Nickel plating vs zinc on air/oil separators
26051. Our chrome plated mufflers have some spot or stain
26053. Rust problem on cooling tower tubular fan shafts
26054. Manufacturing process and related costs pertaining to 3"x3" Zinc T-Plate
26055. Reducing sulfur content of nickel deposits
26056. Effect of caustic gel on food grade stainless steel?
26057. What is the difference between galvanize and metallize?
26058. Need durable clear coat for steel sculpture details placed outside
26060. Changing light blue anodized seat post to black
26061. Need brazing material /filler that can be electroplated
26062. Powder peels from aluminum rims at bolt area
26067. Chrome plating of fasteners for motorcycles
26069. Browning versus bluing of firearms
26070. Stripping silver and nickel from PCBs
26074. "Galvanizing" with zinc oxide and butternut squash
26076. Cyanide-free silver plating solutions
26079. Magnetic Fields Prevent Car Crashes
26080. Reduction and Precipitating of Copper from its salt solutions without using electricity
26081. Can't repeat a nice black EN coating on silver
26083. Chrome Removal from Aluminum
26084. Effectiveness of passivation test kits?
26088. Heating Process
26089. How do I harden cold rolled steel?
26090. Painting soft "foil" like ductwork
26091. Aluminum oxide for paint
26092. Galvanic corrosion prevention in medical equipment
26093. Kitchenwares mfgr. finds 302SS tarnishes in dishwasher
26094. Copper post treatment
26095. Plating Muscle Wire (titanium-nickel)
26096. Help with bamboo floors with aluminum oxide urethane finish
26097. Automotive designer needs S-N curve for AlMg3
26098. Non stick coating on SS Tube ID
26099. What powder coating thickness for aluminum workstations?
26100. Need info on applying Nylon 12 E-Coatings
26101. Need to improve salt spray duration of zinc plating
26102. Improving our citric acid passivation process
26104. Electroplating rhodium using rhodium iii chloride hydrate
26105. Need the details of electroless nickel plating steps
26107. Restoring a black & copper "japanned" antique finish
26109. Fatigue strength and Hardness of EN 6060, T66 - F22
26110. European directives vs. Tin Whiskers & Tin Pest
26111. Architect wants brushed aluminum finish on suspended ceiling
26112. Need info about Bright Dipping
26113. White streaks in anodizing due to uneven blasting?
26116. The effects of changing from solid anodes to anode buttons/balls
26117. Space duty requires high conductivity plating for aluminum
26118. Need coating to protect freshly blasted aluminum from future stains
26119. Modifying the appearance of a shiny chrome finish
26120. Is hexavalent chrome dangerous after plated on a part?
26121. Failure of railway compartment springs
26126. Activation of aluminum film surfaces on silicon
26127. How can one preserve their chrome rims in Aruba?
26128. Does Electroless Ni require post treatment?
26129. Economically getting chrome adhesion on Hastelloy & stainless
26130. Pickling verification for internals of contactor tower
26131. Need info on degreasing prior to plating
26132. Hard Coating Process Information
26134. Specific gravity of anodize solution and how to measure it
26136. Alternatives to decorative nickel chrome plating
26143. SURPLUS PAINT of aluminium extrusions - what to do
26144. Theory and application of vci (paper and film)
26145. Safety of the use of alum in water to be used for consumption
26146. Zhan cup vs EZ Zhan cup
26147. Autophoretic coating adhesion issues
26148. Tiny bore Nikasil application
26150. Aluminum sludge build up/removal from caustic tank
26152. Creating oxidation film on copper to retard erosion
26153. Need black anti corrosion finishing for steel screws
26154. What is Sermalube; is it a stock product?
26157. Hardcoat anodizing dust toxicity
26158. Looking for Cosmetic Specification for Gold Alodine
26159. Chrome plate my lineman's pliers for less then $50?
26160. TV production firm has questions on Miller chlorination process for gold
26161. Work piece geometry that hinders CCC rinsing
26162. Please comment on our procedure for stripping of nickel-cadmium plate
26164. Choosing electro vs. mechanically deposited cad
26165. Corrosion protection of 6061 AL, electroless nickel or anodizing?
26166. Improving breakdown voltage for hard anodized cast aluminum
26167. Comparison of electroplated vs. chemical grafted components
26168. Deionized water cause aluminum oxide film contamination on parts
26174. Why does copper turn green?
26176. Steel/Metal Desk Restoration Tips Needed
26177. Disposal of "Universal Waste" from plating shops
26180. Re-coating PVC steel
26181. Pinholes in epoxy powder coating on grey castings
26182. How to reduce concentration of sulphuric acid from 93% to 13%
26183. Can our aluminum fishing reels be titanium coated?
26184. "Plasma Electroplating" is it a myth?
26186. Degreasing LM6 Aluminium in hot water
26187. NaOH is attacking 316 Stainless Steel tank
26188. Stainless Steel Abrasive Finish Standards
26190. Is dry galvanic corrosion possible?
26193. Artist inquiry about gold-plating
26197. "Galvanizing" steel with mercury vapor in an oven
26198. Bumper restoration: filling a gouge
26199. Black anodize is flaking
26200. Conforming Anodes in Nickel Sulfamate?
26202. Powder coating peel off
26203. Using fruits and vegetables to produce electricity
26204. How to apply lacquer to polished brass?
26205. What does cadmium smell like?
26206. Same pretreat for powder coating steel or aluminum?
26207. Pretty finish close to cost and protection of anodizing AL380
26208. Aluminum or Stainless for swim platform on Houseboat ?
26209. Maintaining biocompatibility at nitinol to SS joint
26210. Early yellowing of clear anodized architectural extrusions
26212. Quality problem in zinc plating
26213. Electroplating copper articles with either gold or silver
26216. Need for hydrogen de-embrittlement
26218. Black spots on zinc plated valves after repeated washing
26227. Brightener and booster for alkaline zinc plating
26228. How to: Build a salt spray chamber, need plans and B.O.M.
26229. What is H2SO4
26232. Recipe to electro polish stainless at home
26233. E-coat is bleeding
26234. Zinc Alloy Plating chipping over carbon nitrided steel
26238. Sodium Hydroxide for parts cleaning?
26239. Ideas for non-conductive coating on locating pins for spot welding
26243. Re-anodizing or oxidizing silver jewelry
26244. How to do Brushed Steel look
26246. Problems in Passivated Zinc deposit
26247. Yellow Passivation color change
26248. Requirements for type III anodizing with a type II setup
26249. Translucent dark grey anodizing on 6061 heavy plate
26250. Burrs causing undersize holes
26251. Polishing of Zirconium Metal
26258. Must stones be removed to rhodium plate?
26261. Improving my rust blueing of guns
26262. Selective Tin-Lead Plate over ENIG
26263. How to achieve deep black on 356 castings?
26264. Surface treatment for stenter chain elements
26265. Best post-treat for galvanneal
26268. Need high current contact saddles for our anodizing line in China. URGENT!
26269. Etching of al 5083
26271. Salt Spray specs. ASTM vs. JIS
26274. Is bromine better than chlorine in nickel sulphamate baths?
26276. Compatibility of rubber lined mild steel tank with 98% sulphuric acid
26283. Need a way to clean saddles from catwalk
26285. Chromatization on zinc diecast parts
26286. Chromating Problem
26289. Need "adhesion layer" for Gold on Aluminum
26290. Cadmium growth - whiskers, crazing, or just corrosion
26292. How is it possible to re-hard coat anodize without stripping?
26293. Anodized aluminum is turning yellow
26294. Measuring rust, chemical formula for rust
26295. Removing rust stains on anodized aluminum
26297. Increase whiteness of rhodium plating / Need a rectifier
26298. Bubbles after black chromium
26300. Need 6000 closet-pole flanges stripped and powder coated
26305. Salt spray testing of 4140 and acceleration factor
26306. Reclaiming silver from our vacuum capacitors
26307. Can nickel/nickel chrome replace electro zinc plating?
26308. Cured application of Alodine 1200 passivate new coat of 1000
26315. How can I obtain a copy of mil-a-8625f?
26317. AMS 2488
26318. Surface prep. for 446 S.S. prior to platinum plating
26320. SS 316 PIPES and H2SO4
26321. Need "Super seal finish" / Tor Cad
26324. Gold plating from start to finish
26325. Portable chrome-free chroming?
26326. DI or Distilled Water Re: detoxification of my body?
26327. MD asks skin toxicity of ammonium bifluoride
26328. Heat Resistant finish for gas lanterns
26329. OPC Drums: Need Technical Know-how for Re-coating or Manufacturing
26331. Interesting questions
26333. Antique Finish on Brass Zip Fasteners
26334. Did we "over-passivate" our tubing?
26335. Effects of chlorine dioxide on 316 stainless steel
26336. Passivation of fasteners
26337. Picric Acids In General
26338. Artist endeavors to turn 304SS a mottled blue
26339. Plateable filler metal for steel
26340. What is ANSI #7 for stainless steel
26345. Re-anodizing and Re-chroming fishing reel parts
26349. Electroplating copper onto titanium
26350. Chrome-like finish on the back side of clear plastic
26351. Hardness of different gold alloys
26353. Gold cleaning
26354. Stripping gold to restore silver dollar
26355. Question about the durability of artificially induced patina on brass
26358. Vapor hone or sand blasting (is there a difference?)
26360. What is the exact process of anodizing aluminum?
26361. Polishing cast aluminum covers to look like chrome
26362. ABS Nickel-Chrome plating
26364. Black Patch problem on DOM tube surface
26365. Improving zinc phosphate formulation
26370. Artist seeks silver gel
26371. World-wide equivalent to 380 die cast aluminum
26372. Tacky anodized parts
26373. Prevent Stainless Steel Tarnish During Vulcanization
26377. How to clean spots off brass lantern lights
26378. Paint textured appliance surface
26379. GM spec. WPPGLA on Powder Coat
26380. Etch acid for Inconel 718
26381. How to obtain light blue colour with alkali zinc plating
26382. Aluminum oxide
26384. Electrical conductivity of plating materials
26390. Hydrogen Embrittlement in HSLA Steels
26391. Best activation for EN plating of a complex shape 400 SS part
26394. Redipping facemasks for football helmets
26407. Rust prevention for 10-year-old's project
26408. Dissolving coins so salts can be analyzed
26409. To rust and trust
26411. Electrodeposition of Pt as a fuel-cell catalyst
26412. Electropolishing of coronary stent
26413. Getting large rust off '57 Willys
26414. Need to restore shine to weathered brass door hardware
26415. Chrome paint
26416. Cleaning paint from galvanized metal
26417. True gold anodizing spray paint?
26419. Anodize standard
26420. Hanger marks
26421. What paint stripper for epoxy?
26424. What is the proper cutoff for 3.2 Ra finish?
26425. Reducing wear, tear and friction on yarn spinning traveller
26426. Improve quality of a Hologram Master
26430. Chemistry question
26431. Paint removal from antique pipes of church organ
26435. Seeking shop to refinish firearms via Norrell's process
26437. Seeking silicone pull plug
26438. Electroplating theory
26440. How to keep copper roof non tarnishing
26441. Copper countertops
26442. Our galvanized parts are dull
26444. Pre Treatment
26445. Restoration and rechroming of wire shower caddy
26447. Silverware oxidation has been lost
26448. Post Treatment
26449. Long or Short Profile Anodizing?
26450. Aluminum finishing and bushing material
26453. Recycling of chrome plating sludge
26455. Proper analytical method for free fluoride in acidic solution
26456. Zinc sheet structure
26457. Need powder coating powder
26458. What chemical is used to make zinc plate black
26466. Softness of platinum vs yellow and white gold
26467. Reducing Total Dissolved Solids in Rinse Water
26468. Acidic Atmosphere in Our Anodizing Department
26470. Searching for method to measure anodized layer thickness
26471. Corrosion Improvement Properties of Anodized Aluminum
26472. Punch And Die Surface Finishing
26475. Chalky white residue left from dripping taps
26479. Need microetchant procedure
26481. Custom guitar builder looking for someone to plate parts
26483. Etching nickel
26486. How to treat rash caused by nickel or stainless steel jewelry?
26487. Electrowinning Problems
26491. Solidification/stabilization technology for heavy metal laden waste
26493. Help identify metal poisoning
26494. Amount of Sulfur Dioxide Generated by Sodium Metabisulfite in Acidic Solutions
26495. Formula for preparing NC Thinner and Auto Thinner
26496. Repairing 12L14 pitted by stripping
26497. Descaling of Cobalt-Chromium Alloy (L-605)
26498. Non-conductive coating for Class III Be-Cu
26503. Re-finish my range backsplash
26506. Acid and Can Reactions
26507. Want table to rust quickly
26509. Aluminum Truck Body Cleaner
26510. Gasoline and Ospho
26512. Skin discoloration
26513. Polishing brass buckle
26514. Preventing chrome from rusting
26515. Brush finishing stainless steel
26516. Need pointers on coating polished brass or copper
26517. Plate finish for copper sheet
26520. Mechanical Galvanized Coating Thickness
26521. I need some color on stainless
26522. Tungsten Carbide Coatings for Aluminum? Airboat Hull Coating?
26524. Does Platinum metal have memory?
26525. Copper Head Golf Clubs
26526. Help making stainless steel magnetic
26527. Patchy electroplating of palladium onto nickel
26533. Help dad help son with copper plating project
26537. Replating silver at home
26538. Teflon removal from clothing and fabric
26544. Is Dry Phosphate Treatment available in the USA
26546. Stripping chrome plating from thin aluminum
26547. M-nitrobenzene sulphonic acid sodium salt as nickel stripper
26548. Stripping Gold Braze
26549. Fishing reel mfgr. having problems bonding Teflon to anodized aluminum
26550. Tell me something about flux solution
26556. Nickel plating Science Project Help
26557. RMS conversion to anchor profile depth
26562. Acidity of iron rusting
26564. Obtaining flame colors on copper
26567. Actual years reflect a 48, 96 or 192 Hr of Salt Spray Test
26570. Electroplating on PPSU
26571. Inconsistent Copper Hardness
26572. Tumble polishing stainless steel
26576. Powder coating over Tin and Silver plated Buss bars
26579. Portable crankshaft polisher needed in Italy
26581. Electroplating a key for science project
26583. Which BEVERAGE cleans pennies best?
26585. Electroplating for alternative, non-silver photography
26586. Chemical Polish of Jewelry with Thiourea
26587. Removing scratches in stainless steel elevator walls
26588. Rechroming items at home
26589. Boric Acid Titration problems
26590. Removing hard chromium
26591. Quantify increased hardness of adding hard chrome
26592. Nickel plating appearance specification
26593. Reinforcement of a Hard Chrome Solution
26595. Sulphuric anodizing turning yellow
26596. DI water seal temps
26597. Is anodizing FDA or USDA approved?
26598. Galvanic Action of D-I Water and Stainless Steel
26599. Rust on 304SS bits and riding equipment
26604. Polishing and buffing
26613. Extraction of silver from silver nitrate solution
26614. Pollution of Marikina River
26615. What is the difference between hot press, cold press, and galvanized sheet metal
26616. Making a mirror
26618. Rhodium/re-rhodium plating a white gold ring with engraved detail
26619. Temperature at which steel is hardened
26620. Cooling tower run off at old Navy site, soon to be a school
26622. White rust on zinc plating after shipment by sea
26623. Acid copper is blistering
26626. Does deionised water prevent galvanic corrosion?
26629. MFZn2-C
26630. British and American equivalent raw materials and specifications
26631. Why pot metal blistering?
26642. Why did powdered aluminum become an adhesive?
26644. Removing paint from bumpers
26645. Water marks/stain marks on turned aluminum components
26647. Need Assistance to learn electroplating
26648. RA surface finish compared to lap surface finish
26652. Titanium vs. platinum wedding bands
26653. White Gold turning yellow
26654. Polishing chrome bumpers
26660. Anodizing of Automotive Brightwork Aluminum
26662. TiB2 coating on graphite
26663. Rusting of Electroless Nickel plated parts
26667. We need more answers
26670. Student needing help with plating copper onto quarters
26671. Where can you find the rusting metals I need?
26674. Aluminum Hydroxide corrosion with anodized Al356
26678. Need help about hard chrome
26680. Effect of coating on fatigue life of components
26681. Seeking technical know-how for paint manufacture
26682. Looking for process for coating brush bar
26683. Remove Monogram on Dirilyte
26684. Which cleaning products contain phosphoric acid
26685. Rust replacing metal
26686. Ion selective electrode for fluoride
26690. Electroless copper plating research areas
26691. No adhesion of top coat to etch primered aluminum
26692. Filtration system for satin nickel plating
26693. Premature failure of Tri Nickel Coating on Welded joints
26694. Red Cast on Manganese Phosphate Components
26699. Powder coating thickness
26707. Galvanized water mains
26710. Removing oxidation/corrosion from any metal in general
26711. Dull spotted finish
26714. Yellow stains on post-heat treat stainless steel parts
26715. Silver Flaking
26720. Restoring Antique Wrought Iron Bed
26722. Super Finishing By Honing
26729. Restoring museum doors
26730. John Deere green high heat paint
26732. Occupational safety and health issues during stainless steel passivation of MS bolts
26733. Need galvanizing wipe pads and to measure pickling acid concentration
26734. How do you paint brass?
26735. Pitting on cast aluminum after electroless nickel
26738. Silver Plating bright bath help
26739. Making a Refrigerator Colorful
26740. Coating glass capillary tubes with Ag
26742. Units of Ductility
26743. Help with the cleaning of my sword
26746. Chrome Burning
26747. Cleaning and finishing procedures for bone screws
26751. Galvanneal steel vs. aluminum buses
26755. Nickel color stability: yellowing
26758. Which coating to use on motor shafts?
26764. Artist inquiry about the use of body fillers on aluminum
26765. Dichromate substitute
26767. Analysis for Ferric Sulphate
26768. Paint peel off from cast iron object
26769. Paint peel off on gp sheets
26770. Thread standards for parts to be zinc plated
26772. What does 'mill finish' of aluminum mean?
26773. Problem in sand blasting prosthesis
26776. The right settings to electropolish aluminum alloy and stainless steel
26777. Painting over chrome
26778. Mineral spirits vs NC thinner
26779. Stainless steel jewelry questions
26781. Poor adhesion of Electroless Ni with PTFE coating onto MIM parts
26784. Alodine 1500 Versus MIL-C-5541
26785. "Score" marks on electropolished 316
26789. Color Codes--How to determine what they are specifying
26791. How-tos of de-chroming
26792. Rusting problem
26797. Polymer solubility search
26798. Electroless copper for PCB (PTH)
26799. Trivalent chrome plating
26801. Solving a potential electrolysis problem in home plumbing
26802. Ferritic nitrocarburizing
26804. General information about zinc electroplating
26805. Difference between Alodine 1200 and Alodine 1132 touch-N-Prep
26808. Powder coating aluminum wheels
26809. AMS2416 nickel-cadmium plating on alloy steels
26810. Testing virgin powder
26811. Furniture maker needs quick rusting of metal on log beds
26813. Titanium coatings
26814. E-coat on bare steel and weld nuts
26821. Clear coat for copper protection
26826. Starting a Chrome Shop
26828. Non heat treat cad plating
26829. What is the industry std for powder coating thickness
26831. Electroplating situation in Canada
26832. Cold process for pretreatment of metal
26833. How to use sandpaper for sharp hairline on 430 stainless
26835. Acid corrosion of metals
26837. Ways to restore magnesium casting from white corrosion
26840. Gold Electroplate on Rocks
26841. Sandblasting media for cast aluminum
26842. Metal blackener
26845. Need paint for stove top
26846. Muriatic Acid
26847. Black oxide blueing
26853. Composite electroless nickel-PTFE
26854. Electroplating tools using diamond
26855. Preparation of guns for nickel plating
26857. Finishing wrought iron furniture
26859. Using and Cleaning an Overheated Pan
26865. Magnetic Properties induced into stainless steel thru cold work
26866. Aluminum transmission case badly corroded
26868. Science fair project to plate screws
26870. Activating old nickel plate
26872. Removal of "plated" finish on brass
26873. Surface Treatment Procedure On Mild Steel
26874. Demineralization of Water
26877. Restoring lacquer finish to solid copper platter
26878. Plating onto titanium substrates
26879. Incralac
26880. Seeking black chrome/nickel plating
26881. Chemicals for nickel plating too hard to find
26882. How do I restore shine to galvanized finish
26884. Painting a steel roof
26885. Problem with white rust on zinc dichromate surfaces
26886. Chemicals for testing zinc plating
26890. Chroming: lamellar nickel and the columnar nickel
26892. Removing aluminum from a base metal
26893. Release coating for steel pultrusion die surface
26894. Cold Sealing - Greenish Problem - 20 micron
26895. Working With Transparent Conductive Coatings
26899. What metals rust the fastest (steel, copper, bronze)
26900. Chrome plating plastic
26901. Options for Regenerating Phosphating Operation Chemicals
26902. Laser marking of passivated parts
26904. Nitric Acid percent to specific gravity
26905. Dirty blind threads
26907. Coatings for fasteners
26908. What is electrolytic reduction?
26910. How good is EIS?
26918. Removing concrete from aluminum finish
26919. Question about Stovepipes
26920. Cleaning surface rust on stainless steel grade 304 and 316
26921. Need electrophoretic lacquer
26922. Standards for diffusible or residual hydrogen
26923. Painting Nickel Plated Fishing Lures
26925. Gold paint on shells/copperized leaves for jewelry
26926. Can coating of plating rack/jig could contaminate plating solution?
26927. Cleaning slate with muriatic acid
26935. Specs for Chrome plating on Zinc Alloys
26937. MIL-E-11195 dry time and hardness problems
26940. Sursulf Processing?
26941. Will MIL-C5541 alter aluminum extrusion surface finish?
26942. Removing the impurities from a stainless sheet
26943. Rust Prevention of Sintered Components
26953. What can cause the stains on the white gold jewelry and how they can be removed
26954. Transfer of hydrocarbons via galvanized piping
26956. How do I remove color from PVD brass?
26957. Nickel free brass plating process
26960. Fine chips not washing out
26961. Selecting the correct Blast Media
26968. Properties of 2024 T351
26969. Anion supporting salt common-ion effect
26974. Disposal/recycle of muriatic (hydrochloric) acid
26975. How To Begin Electroforming
26976. How to remove nickel oxide
26978. Removing chloride from silver KCN bath
26979. Can you anodize in bright yellow
26980. Sanitary finish on tanks
26982. Anodized aluminum welding
26983. Lightweight shaft for air bearing
26984. Gold plating parameters
26985. Is silver jewelry being chrome plated?
26986. Differences between tin-lead and tin-bismuth plating?
26988. Chemical reaction between salt and sulfamic acid
26989. How to form a ball on the end of a stamping
26990. What is the number of computers to make one ounce of gold?
26991. How is a Euro coin like a wet cell?
26992. Anodizing over Teflon
26993. Teflon coatings for rubber
26994. Removal of gold plate/wash from sterling silver jewelry
26996. Touching up anodizing that is void of color
26999. Suspected sulfide related cracking of CF8M pump casing - Soda ash industry

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