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Filtration system questions for satin nickel plating

A discussion started in 1996 and continuing through 2004.
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Q. I'm looking for some kind of Satin (Pearl) Nickel Plating which could last for 20 hours without treatment.

I heard that LPW (Germany) can offer this process and I need more information.

Does anybody know about this ? Thanks for the help.

Ricks C. Lambert


A. Uyemura International sells a pearl bright nickel process, it's relatively expensive, but it has a great visual effect.

You can find their address in a PF magazine.

Saludos desde Mexico

Guillermo Luna
- Mexico City, Mexico

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A. I have tried making up a Watts Nickel Bath without using brighteners. Make sure you carbon treat the bath thoroughly before starting. We experimented with Sulfamate Nickel but the coating is too soft. The Watts Dull Nickel coating is not as hard as the bright nickel, but is substantially harder than sulfamate. Also, to increase salt spray, I have been successful plating with the Watts bath over a flash of electroless nickel, although this may be cost prohibitive. I hope this can be of some assistance.

David M. Weaver
- Toccoa, Georgia

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Q. Dear sir,

I want some information regarding satin nickel plating system. I already started a pearlsheen nickel plating bath of capacity 5000 ltr. We do the work on 24 hrs basis. On 24 hrs working period of this system, this bath is not giving stable results whether it is because of breakdown products or something else. According to some information I found, there is a chelating-heating filtration system available for maintaining stability of the bath or to remove the breakdown products. Can you help me out by giving some details of this type of system and supplier of this system.

Thanking u,

Ashok K. N.
plater - Mumbai, Maharastra, India


A. Dear Mr. Ashok,

This process is also called velour nickel and is very popular here and in Europe. You need to use an emulsifier which doesn't gets filtered out from continuous filtration; and before filtration you need to chill the solution to 20 °C then filter. All the best!


Steven [last name deleted for privacy by Editor]
- London, UK


A. Hi Ashok,

We use [ … ], which is an excellent & stable product. We plate up to three days without filtration. We have no chillers, but let the solution cool down after 3 days for filtration.

All the best,

trudy kastner
Trudy Kastner
electroplating service
Durban, KZN, South Africa

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A. Mr Ashok,

The process you use is supposed to be filtered over activated Carbon after every 6-8 hours to remove organic break down products. The data sheet has the details.


Asif Nurie
- New Delhi, India

With deep regret we
sadly advise that
Asif passed away

on Jan 24, 2016


A. Asif's right. The Indian available chemistries require filtration every eight hours and cannot be run for three days. Get another tank put in if you want to run around the clock.

Khozem Vahaanwala
Khozem Vahaanwala
Saify Ind supporting advertiser
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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