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18002. Hard Chrome Plating Bond Strength Testing Methods (Modified Ollard Test)
18010. Black lacquer removal
18011. Flash copper undercoat prior to hard chroming
18012. Many spots in electro polishing process before anodizing
18014. Is perchloric acid widely used?
18015. Polishing of welded s/steel to a satin finish
18016. Anodising or plating on steel
18019. Stripped rims are oxidizing
18021. Stainless Steel Zinc Silicate Primers
18029. Problem in White Phenyle Manufacturing
18030. Zinc patina finish
18031. Nickel onto pewter
18033. Antique brass restoration
18034. Powder Coat Adhesion Problem - Steel Flanges/Tube
18035. Information on Woods Bath for Nickel Plating on Stainless Steel
18036. Post Cleaning of Electrodeposited Tin over Autocatalytic Nickel
18037. Green patches on hard chrome
18039. Stainless steel chemical engraving method
18040. Ultrasonic / blast cleaning of aluminium castings
18042. Best Heat Sink Surface Treatments
18043. Zincating
18054. What does "halogram" mean?
18055. Magnesium ribbon
18057. Raw steel finishes
18058. Aging solution to give carbon steel coated with zinc a gray aged patina
18059. Rechroming vintage cameras
18064. Restoring "brushed" look to stainless steel watch case
18066. Copper Removal
18067. Uneven CED coating of Stainless Steel
18069. Plating on Plastics: ABS vs PC, Nylon, & other plastics -- What substrate to use?
18070. Dull Electroless on Alum Castings
18072. Metric finish
18073. Zinc nickel reel to reel plating
18077. Magnesium reacting with acid investigation
18078. Sodium Hypophosphite to HYPOPHOSPHOROUS ACID
18080. Painting PVC Pipe
18081. How do I give my refrigerator a stainless steel appearance?
18082. Car Interior
18084. Salt Spray Problems
18085. Metallization of ceramics
18086. Pickling Stains on Hot Rolled Steel
18087. Cost of iridium
18088. Change white gold back to yellow gold?
18089. Removing nickel plate
18091. PP Cooling Coil
18092. Welding fume injuries
18094. Galvanizing flux
18095. Defective nickel-chromium plating
18097. Surface roughness - aluminum vs cast iron
18102. How to make some solutions
18103. Chlorine Leaching from CPVC
18105. Mazac, chrome and ceramic coatings
18106. Coating that looks like aluminum needed for plastic
18107. Cleaning cast iron bell
18108. Cleaning rough brass rails of courthouse
18109. MIL-L-46010
18110. Acid resistance of polypropylene
18111. Color and brightness measurement on metallic coatings
18112. ASTM B-633 Type II and III zinc plating Q&A
18115. Shiny Copper Roof
18116. Stainless steel water markers won't stay polished
18119. Olive green passivation as substitute to yellow passivation
18122. Optical flat paint
18124. Aluminum anodize stripping solution that does not strip the base material
18125. Seeking info about silver plating musical instruments
18128. Nickel plating stainless steel tube
18130. So many problems with my science fair I don't know where to start
18131. Steel
18132. Aluminum mirror
18133. Recubrimientos de platino sobre titanio
18137. Brush plating selective plating
18139. Goof off stains on stainless steel
18140. Where to get sheets of silver?
18146. Plating for steel molds
18150. The material of pennies
18151. How do I age pewter
18152. Electroplating at Home
18153. Metal cleaning
18155. Pirrolidone solvent?
18157. Yellow chromating
18158. Al6061 finishing color
18159. Finish Grinding Stainless
18162. Bronzing of shoes
18163. Roofing nails-galvanized vs. zinc/nickel plated
18166. Finish of Electropolishing
18167. Aluminium Piston Finishing
18176. Electroplating in water treatment
18177. Cyanide effects
18178. Chemically polishing copper to a mirror finish
18180. Cleaning stainless steel
18182. Plates for Oil Storage Tanks
18186. Paint Peel Off
18187. Powder Coating
18188. Inspecting powder coated paint surface
18189. Ferritic Nitrocarburizing Residue
18191. Descale and Pacify our GTAW welded Stainless Steel (316 and 316L) Hydraulic Piping Systems
18192. Suggest Appropriate Lubricant for Aluminium Machining
18196. Sanding grit for swingarm polishing
18197. Alocrom / Alodine 1200 Salt Spray Tests
18201. Aluminum design etching
18202. Phosphate Free Pretreatment Process
18211. Depth of penetration to case harden 1040 steel
18212. Cadmium plating disk brake rotors? Yes/No?
18213. Fingerprint corrosion on and cleaning of zinc plated steel surfaces
18214. How to tarnish lead quickly
18215. Polishing type 304 tubing
18216. Medical concern over high aluminum content in blood
18218. MIL-C-5541 CL 1A Expected Lifetime
18223. Corrosion appears in SS303 after nickel plating
18224. Need pre-clean help for H-11 Vac-Cad
18225. Sigma phase and corrosion of a 309Mol buffer and 316L overlay
18230. Permanent non-tarnish finish
18231. Yellow passivation technique and specification
18238. Acid and metal reaction
18239. Request for ideas pertaining to science projects exploring industrial electroplating
18241. Antique brass statue with green corroding patches to be restored without altering the antique look
18242. Restoring old copper washing basin
18245. Titration color (from dark brown to colorless end-point)
18246. Comparison of nitrocellulose lacquer and newer clear coats
18247. Oil-rubbed Steel Handrail
18250. Electrolytic action causing premature failure of BZP bolts
18254. Steel rust-inhibiting options showing steel material color
18255. Anti-fouling paint for ABS plastic boats
18259. Phosphate removal
18262. Electroplating - zinc alloys compared to pure zinc
18263. Where to start electropolishing?
18276. Case depth in carburizing or nitriding
18278. Enquiries about Electroless Nickel Plating
18279. Powder coating-spray dryer
18280. Construction of flag pole
18282. Building a Power Supply
18283. Electro Plating
18285. Rust on chrome spoke wheels
18286. Gun Rebluing
18288. Brown wrinkle paint needed
18290. What is the cheapest way to update a tub or toilet?
18291. A redo, or throw away?
18294. Anodising bath agitation
18295. HF and sulfuric acid mixture
18298. Problems in powder coating
18300. Why does brass crack after blasting?
18301. Test for corrosion resistance
18302. Scale removal
18308. Standard test for print adhesion on polyethylene film
18311. Rust preventive coating
18313. Ni Coatings
18316. Sulfamate Nickel Strike Problems
18317. Lifting hard anodize
18318. Barrel Tumbling
18319. Stainless steel for salt mill
18322. Aluminium Mirror Finish QUALITY
18323. Stainless steel 316L versus 904L
18324. Process steps for Iridite plating
18325. Protection of metal parts against corrosion working on direct flame
18331. Powdercoating
18332. Annealed copper stiffened by nickel plating
18333. Mirror polishing stainless steel shafts
18335. Aluminized bond failure to polyester film
18337. Ammonium nitrate bluing
18340. Olive Drab Aluminum
18346. Nox Liberation
18348. Is it justified to invest in a plating line to service our products
18354. Cleaning Antique Golf Clubs
18355. Chrome plating that looks like nickel
18357. Fine finished stainless disks
18360. 316L Rusting
18362. Zinc Plating
18363. Life expectancy of unconnected tin plated computer connectors
18365. Salt Spray Fog Testing Equipment for ASTM B 117 and DIN 50 021
18367. Galvanneal color problems
18369. Right Surface Roughness Parameter
18372. Paint Specification
18373. De-ionised water
18374. Sulfuric and Nitric Titration of a Sulfuric/Nitric Acid Bath
18375. Zinc plating thickness testing
18376. Ni vs. Zn Plating
18377. Coloring of aluminum beyond paint/anodize
18378. Equivalency to 32 micro -finish
18381. Ferroxyl Indicator
18384. Heat Resistant Paint on Playgrounds
18385. Converting microinches AA Ra to micrometers Ra
18386. Pitting problems in aluminium
18389. Effect of water pH to the pH of sample solution
18391. Type ll anodizing buildup VS. coating thickness
18394. Sulfuric acid regeneration
18396. Yellow chromate compare to Alodine for conductivity
18397. sulphate Nickel vs. Sulfamate Nickel
18398. Corrosion of hard chrome plated piston rods
18399. Positioning photoresist on uneven surface
18400. Steel grade 420
18405. 20" MOMO CURBED
18406. Cyanide analysis
18411. Chrome problems plating a convex piece
18412. Legislation on copper plating
18413. Fireplace paint
18414. Help on Teflon coating
18415. Aluminum Heat Exchanger
18417. Satin Anodize
18418. Need info on gold plating
18419. Help with custom car alloy top finish
18426. What is deionised Water; Urgent!
18427. Buffing or rubbing cymbals
18428. Nikasil coatings
18429. Aluminium wetting against iron
18430. Can I silverplate ABS plastics?
18432. NiCaSil plating of shafts
18433. Color anodizing
18434. Help re: finishing stainless steel times
18436. Chrome Plating Removal
18437. Treating bare metal to prevent rusting
18442. How to paint PP
18445. Electroplating of steel
18446. Making gold bars
18447. Nitrate coating
18448. EM shielding materials
18449. Can Galvanized Steel Be Painted
18450. Coating for deck screws for use in ACQ
18453. Electroplating on PP/ Plastics
18455. Help with selecting the correct coating
18461. Titanium in medicine
18464. Nickel Vs Copper as an Undercoat
18465. Passivation Specification QQ-P-626
18466. Plastic globules on 316SS tubing after polishing
18471. Definition of immersion gold vs electroless gold
18481. Answer about our water
18482. Toxicity
18483. What is Clear Alodine / Clear Iridite?
18484. About emissions
18486. 18/8 Flatware Rust Spots
18489. sulfuric acid 98%
18491. Powder paint cure problems
18492. Plating on polyester castings
18493. Silver Plating Discoloration
18494. Black anodizing problem - purple sheen
18495. Electro-polishing
18496. Polished versus ground finish on stainless steel
18498. Non-subjective electropolish specs?
18501. To withstand high temperatures
18502. Interior coating of Coke cans
18503. Causes of corrosion
18504. Oil Field Tooling that uses Hard Chrome Applications
18514. Need Alodine 1200 touch-up product
18515. Acid and metal reaction
18516. Electric Arc Furnace Water Panels
18519. Cleaning gold plated flatware
18520. Which is better: 12C27 or 440 Stainless Steel Carving Set?
18522. Conductivity and Throw
18523. Trivalent chrome
18524. White Stained Aluminum
18535. Roof heat reflective paints
18537. Cleaning and Passivation Stainless
18539. TS16949
18540. Air agitation
18541. NiCd Plating Solution Market
18542. Metallizing Nonconductors as a Structural Enhancement
18547. Uses of argon
18549. E-Cu to E-NI transition
18550. Brushed aluminum finish, belt sander modifications
18553. Plating of Silicon Wafers
18557. Anodizing different colors
18560. Powder Coating of 38mm thick MDF Panels
18561. How to start a simple, low investment galvanizing plant
18565. Are my pewter goblets safe?
18566. Anodize finish remover
18568. Metal, steel, patina, paint, color, finishing
18569. Strange Zinc Plating Corrosion
18574. Comparison test between 316 (0.08% carbon) and 316L(0.03% carbon)
18577. Hardening 440 stainless
18578. Electro Coagulation
18580. Alodine 1200 over silver plate
18585. MiC-6 Aluminium
18586. Business startup
18590. Lead vs Aluminum
18591. Wastes Chromium Content
18592. Cadmium and Chromium price and salt spray performance
18593. How can I reduce the saccharin in the nickel sulfamate bath?
18596. Engineering the production of the "magic" stress reducer for nickel sulphamate plating
18597. ASTM B633 (yellow chromate over zinc) versus ASTM B545 (tin over nickel) plating comparison
18599. Masking off Zinc Plating
18601. Stripping Nickel from MOLYBDENUM
18605. Black copper oxide on aluminium and steel
18606. The effect of heat on passivated parts
18607. Ammonium Bi-fluoride or HFA?
18608. What plating finish should be used on outdoor brackets?
18614. Copper preservation
18616. When iron rusts
18617. Chrome plastic parts
18618. Want to change inner color
18620. Electropolishing or Passivation
18631. Non cyanide golden plate
18635. Need Information or MSDS for hydrogen chloride
18637. Nickel sulfamate pH to low
18640. Relative merits of steel finishing
18649. Cleaning material
18650. Blackening tin
18652. Muriatic acid and copper
18653. Hot Dip Galvanizing
18655. Bead blasted aluminum prior to anodizing
18658. RMS vs. RQ surface finish
18662. Mono vs. dibasic acids
18663. Removing old paint from brass
18665. Protecting Forged Chrome Golf Clubs
18666. Need a food-safe finish for a hammered copper fruit bowl
18667. Plating with copper sulphate
18669. copper sulphate Refinement
18672. Etching During Stainless Steel Passivation
18675. Conveyor belt material for 300 °C
18676. Antique mirror solution
18677. Copper strike problems
18683. Rusting Nails
18684. Copper Etch
18686. Flexible chrome finish
18690. Copy of MIL-F-14072
18691. Coating materials for cleaners hangers
18693. Why passivate if part is plated?
18696. Small motor cylinder plating question
18697. Non-Uniform Nickel Deposit
18698. Nickel Plating
18700. Brass under water without oxidization
18701. Phosphatic rust remover
18704. Grease
18706. Trivalent clear chromium
18707. Clear vs yellow chromate
18717. What makes a quality knife blade?
18721. Tempering steel
18722. Aluminum-Brightening Waste
18723. Nickel titration or atomic absorption
18726. Electroless Nickel - using specific gravity to determine the amount of adds
18729. Uneven Tin Lead Plated Metals
18731. Electropolishing and deburring
18732. Restoration of 304-3 Brushed Surface S.S.
18733. sulfuric acid corrosion
18734. Aluminium and zinc alloy
18737. Electroplating intermediates
18738. Chrome plating at home
18740. Chrome and cyanide for sale?
18741. GME 60-206-E Requirements
18743. Alkaline non cyanide zinc process
18744. How do you coat nickel seal cylinders
18746. Alocrom 1000
18748. Copper residue on steel bolts. Corrosion problem?
18751. Can my yellow gold ring be changed to white gold?
18752. Repair of a stainless steel refrigerator door
18753. Gold Plated Silverware Dilemma
18758. Pretreatment for Painting
18759. Fasteners for aluminum structure
18769. Etch a 30 mil NiCr (nichrome) wire
18772. Rhodium-plating platinum
18773. Antique aluminum Luftwaffe sword in bad shape
18774. Steel patina
18777. Sulfite problem in treatment process
18778. Analyzing tin baths
18779. Teflon coating of stainless steel
18785. Insulation coating on aluminium
18786. Question about the electroless polishing
18789. How do I apply a Brushed Chrome or Stainless Steel finish to a stove?
18795. Metal on Electroplating
18797. Boating Accident
18798. Small line operation
18807. High Temperature Light Diffusing Paint
18808. Pre treatment for plastics
18813. Refinishing Vintage Steel Desk
18815. Galvanized Duct
18817. Pure titanium mesh woven sheets wanted
18818. What is HARD gold Plating?
18819. Powder coating adhesion problem
18820. 4130 preparation
18827. Galvanized, zinc plated - what's the difference?
18828. Titanium scratching on porcelain
18829. Reliable Sprinkler Heads in Detention Centers
18830. Safety shower in lab - mandatory?
18831. Free cyanide effects on environment
18835. Additives to Anodic Cleaning Solutions
18836. Carbon steel gauges on stainless steel bores
18837. Titanium recast layer/alpha case removal
18845. Rotacat
18846. Coin Rusting Information
18847. Copper Plating Mild Steel
18848. Paint brass hardware
18849. Cure or treatment for tin disease
18850. Poor Solderability Problem
18853. Automatic vacuum coating
18854. Copper Plating CN
18856. Tin vs. Nickel
18860. Rusted Flies
18861. How to remove sealer that is flaking off stamped concrete
18865. Selecting the right plating finish
18866. Brass over Zamac
18867. Zinc nickel reel to reel plating
18868. Gold Plating Nitinol
18869. Standard tolerances on zinc plating
18871. Thermal conductivity of aluminum finishes
18872. Steel supports, stainless pipes
18874. Coloring metals
18875. Galvanized roofing iron and copper spouting - A Good Mix?
18876. Anodizing cast bronze cymbals
18877. Question regarding rust removal on stainless steel coffee table
18883. How to do a better job
18884. What type of metal do I have?
18886. Cleaning conch shells
18889. Removing gold from electronics
18890. Stripper 407 for Ni and Cu
18891. Watts vs Sulphamate Ni Plating
18895. Pennies dissolving in different acids. Why does it happen?
18896. Nickel Plating
18897. Weathering and Aging Aluminum and Brass
18899. Heavy metals concern in solid filter cake from waste water
18900. Your opinion in metallizing with silver
18902. Surface treatment M. S.
18904. Removing paint from historical wrought iron
18905. Highway Deicer on my Aluminum Trailer
18906. Anodizing defects
18907. Need complete gold specific gravity table
18912. M. S. Treatment
18913. Are These The Same Finish
18914. Bichromate on brass
18920. Surface Roughness after Chromate
18923. pH decreasing in nickel sulfamate bath
18936. Need quick cleaning ideas for brass bed
18938. Yellowing white gold
18940. Electrical conduction properties of nickel plating
18941. Tiny spots on surface of white gold
18942. Corrosion in rubber/plastic lined pipe by H2SO4 (Sulfuric Acid)
18948. Coefficient of expansion
18949. Chrome plating
18950. Plating over pot metal
18951. White Dry Transfer Type Lettering on Black Plastic
18952. Salt Stained Wheels
18955. New brass look old
18956. Jewelers rouge paste
18957. Anodized aluminum threads galled/frozen
18958. Water stain on mahogany
18959. Bonding poly(propylene) to aluminium
18960. Polyethylene fusion butt weld ANSI/AWS drawing symbol
18961. Solderability problem
18962. Liquid Painting Stainless Steel
18963. Teflon Coating Adhesion
18964. How increase pH in nickel bath
18965. Alkaline Zinc Electroplating Bath Efficiency
18966. PCB Selective Hard Gold / Immersion Gold Finishing without Bus Bar?
18968. Chromate Coatings Better to Spray or Dip?
18970. Batch polishing process for 356 T6 aluminum castings
18972. Polishing flat bronze pins
18973. Controlling weld discoloration on 304l stainless
18975. Alternate Processes for ASTM 633 Type 2
18977. Reusing the Bath
18978. Science Project
18981. Anodization of thin film aluminium
18986. Paint over chrome
18987. Autophoretic coating
18989. Tin plating
18998. Stainless Steel Corrosion Question

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