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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

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44000. Is Garnet abrasive blasting a Stainless pickling alternative?
44001. Tackling corrosion in fertiliser gas scrubber units
44008. Cadmium plating
44009. Platinum plating on Nickel base superalloys
44011. Coating Al2O3 on a 150um Pt sphere
44012. Copper sulfate color when HCl is added
44013. How to repair small surface defects prior to plating
44014. Advantages or disadvantages of powder coating over conventional acrylic enamel
44016. Gold plating
44017. Paint coating for titanium
44018. How do you get a brushed, "brown penny" look from new shiny copper?
44021. Soldering Ventilation
44024. Blackening stainless steels
44025. Chrome in nickel bath
44026. How to maintain pyrophosphate copper?
44027. Finishing Fallout
44029. Analyzing acid and metal concentrations in electropolishing bath for stainless steel
44030. Stainless steel vs galvanized steel for Curacao bus shelters?
44035. Effect of Temperature on Corrosion
44036. Amount of iron in Iron (III) Chloride
44037. Copper plating
44040. Anti-galling plating help required please!
44041. Nickel or Copper plating of internal threads
44042. Airbrushing Anodized Aluminum, How to prepare?
44045. White powder on gold plated ceramics
44051. Copper nickel plating
44054. Silver nitrate solutions or formulations
44057. Removal of Incralac
44058. How do I reglaze my black porcelain sink
44059. Blueing/browning on guns
44062. Corrosion resistance for electroless tin plating?
44065. Reduce electro-nickel plating cost
44066. Is there any way to stain or color stainless steel without dipping or heating?
44067. Surface Finish Template
44070. I need a durable black coating for stainless steel
44071. Successful gold ring rhodium plating procedure
44075. Does electroplating work with all metals and Why?
44076. Neutralize silver coated item taken out from cyanide solution
44078. Does powdery Alodine 5200 hurt adhesion?
44081. Artificial aging of nickel plated hardware
44082. Paint prep concerns when changing from Hex Chromium to Tri Chromium plated material?
44086. Gold nickel adhesion problems
44087. Epoxy floor coating Q&A's
44088. Electroless nickel plating for firearms
44089. Electropolish and Bead Blast?
44092. Refinishing a King Trumpet
44093. Etching of Forged Cobalt-Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy
44094. Bonding AL (Cast Al to Billet Al)
44095. DI Water Standard
44097. Type II vs Type III anodizing of 2024 Aluminum
44101. Built up applied copper finish from 1920-30s, Brisbane City Hall
44102. Sculptor needs to oxidize sprue area of aluminum casting
44104. How to get the skeleton leaf effect on brass through etching
44105. Humidity and rusting in plating shop area
44107. Tin Plating on Aluminium
44111. Gray Discolorations on Chromic Anodized 2024 Panels
44113. Permanent mold release for hybrid organic inorganic polymers
44115. Replace electroless ni coating with hard chrome plating
44116. Conductivity of Zinc Cobalt Plating
44125. Solubility of tin sulfate in sulfuric acid solution
44126. Electro-tin coming out black; but not every time
44127. Brittle coating impermeable to oxygen
44133. Recycling of electroless nickel bath
44134. Painting over plastic chrome to flat black
44135. Copper Oxide - What are the symptoms for poisoning?
44136. How many baths to clear the Nitric acid for anodizing
44137. Enamel aerosol: problem with paint drying
44139. Heating of Flux Bath
44140. Machining Chrome
44141. MSA in decorative chrome bath
44142. Skip plating in nickel plating
44143. Spike/pinholes on chromed rod after chroming
44144. How to change the Titanium colour
44145. Deburring of aluminium components - CYL.HEAD AND CRANKCASE
44146. How can I plate bright nickel on 6061 aluminum?
44154. Metal plating on wooden turned vessels
44155. Trying to darken 6016 aluminum to "gunmetal" color?
44158. Trivalent Chromium Treatment for Aluminum
44160. Oxidation on indoor metal doorknobs
44166. Adhesion failures Ni on Al
44167. Non-Cyanide Zincate for Aluminum
44169. Frequency of Chemical Passivation
44170. Rusting Problem in Phosphated Parts
44172. Paint shop cleaning
44173. How can I remove a zinc thickness of Zamak?
44174. Non-Nickel based Dyed Anodize Sealing
44175. How to Remove Paint Crayon (Markal) from Steel Plate
44181. About Nano Zinc Oxide
44183. There is no top limitation for Zinc coating ASTM B633-85, SCI, TYPE3
44184. Volumetric Analysis of Metal Finishing Solution and Colormetric Analysis of Metal Finishing and Metal Working Solution and Effluents
44185. Zinc Plating Fails Salt Spray Testing
44186. Painting over zinc nickel chromate coating
44187. 440 FSe mold is corroding from Hydrochloric Acid
44188. How to test the material for type of stainless steel
44189. Lab technician certification?
44190. Problem related to cyanide addition
44201. Smearing aluminium polish
44202. Need help starting a auto body acid dip company
44203. Chrome plating and RoHS compliance
44205. Bend testing equipment
44206. White and Black powder coating in a single paint booth.....does anyone recommend this?
44208. Finger prints corrosion on Alu louvers
44210. Bronze oxidation
44211. Alchrome coating on aluminium extrusion products
44212. Hazards associated with manufacturing of paints
44213. Protective Grease on Flange Serration During Hot Dip Galvanizing
44214. Copper coating adhesion
44215. Material (bolts) after Zinc electroplating , how will it look (color)
44216. Alkaline non-cyanide zinc lacks corrosion resistance of acid zinc
44218. I need information on sulfuric-boric anodizing
44219. Corrosion in diesel fuel tank
44220. Recovery of nickel metal via electrodeposition
44221. Liquid masking by powder painting
44228. Filter to take zinc out of drain water so galvanized parts can be washed
44229. Use of Dacromate as a substitute for powder coating
44233. Electropolishing of coatings
44239. Teflon coating problems
44240. Method for Applying Epoxy Powder Paint in Bulk
44241. Chrome neutralization after plating
44242. Nickel Acetate Sealer
44243. Blisters on Plated Surface
44244. White discoloration of black anodized aluminum - Type 3 Class 2 anodize per Mil-A-8625
44245. What is Electrolytic Zinc Plating per QQ Z 325 Type II standard?
44246. Equivalent Plating Test Specification
44247. Type-I Chromic for High Copper Aluminum Alloys
44248. Sealing inhibitors
44251. Removing Paint from Vintage French Chandelier
44252. Silver nitrate solution for ornaments
44254. Removing solder from circuit boards
44255. Want non-conductive chrome like finish
44257. Zinc Iron Plating (black) Vs. Zinc Plating (black)
44258. Black coating on nickel and how to remove it
44260. Is galvanized steel safe to touch?
44261. Steel Specimen for a Salt Spray Test?
44263. Recommended Cleaning Process Prior to TiN Coating
44265. 304 SS corroded by low pH DDBSA @ 80C
44269. What is the difference between MAO and PEO methods
44270. Degreasing alternatives
44271. Getting Gold from Copper Wire
44272. Want controlled rusted finish like plasma cut edge
44273. Aluminum panel van finish tip
44274. How do I remove rust from old brass lamps and be able to re-create a aged brass look?
44275. Clear sealing of raw steel
44276. Neutral Salt Spray Testing of Barrel Zinc Plated Fasteners
44278. Low temperature welding of titanium colored coated stainless steel
44280. White scratches on black anodized pieces
44282. Etched Surface Roughness
44284. Finishing of Surgical Plates
44285. Deburring and polishing thin brass parts by vibratory or rotating tumbler
44293. Titremetric procedure for trivalent and hexavalent chromate analysis
44294. How to calculate the exact quantity of gold
44296. Chrome Nitriding coating any alternative
44297. Bright Nickel Chrome finish requirement for brake caliper pistons
44298. Nickel plating Vs EN plating
44301. Harmful Impurities in Liquid Caustic Soda
44302. Rate of galvanic reaction
44304. Comparing commercial electroplating methods to students' lab method
44305. Blackodizing a Nitrided washer for identification purpose
44306. Cadmium plating over aluminum and aluminum die casting using electroless as undercoat
44307. Water marks after nickel plating
44312. Dishwashing dishware with gold inlay
44313. How can I cause gold plating to tarnish, or seem "aged"
44314. "Frosting" the cap on a vintage fountain pen
44315. I want to open a store that can chrome most anything
44316. Polypropylene vs. PVDF for impeller of magnetic pump
44318. Lead-free Enamel Painting?
44320. Inner corrosion of zinc plated and sealed tubes
44322. Anodizing black spot
44324. Specifications for Glass Bead Blasting
44325. Galvanic Corrosion - 6061-T6 and A36 Steel
44330. Minimising iron contamination in a hard chrome plating bath: HEEF? Reducing reverse etching times?
44334. Iron dissolution
44336. Anodizing nickel on copper on PCB or is there a better way to get electrical conductivity isolation?
44338. Electrowinning Stripping Process
44339. Looking for Carbon Steel finish to knock your socks off
44340. What type of paint would I use to paint over a cast iron/cast aluminum finish?
44341. Water spots on new car
44343. Etchant for recrystallized zone of FSW AA2219
44344. Chrome Dip for Oxidized Bronze (US10B/613) Process
44345. Thermal Barrier Coating - Building Construction
44347. Thermal conductivity of zinc blue plating
44348. Achieving a specified hardness in nickel plating
44349. Manganese phosphating is too red
44350. Corrosion Protective Quick Cold Dip for Steel
44351. I would like to find different types of corrosive acids
44353. Can you prevent the patina process of copper
44354. Galvanised or coated iron metal gets rusty in the coastal area, like Mumbai
44355. Oil Rubbed Bronze - Copper
44356. Need help refinishing a 100-ft metal dock
44358. Make my axe head a little prettier
44360. Gold Chemical Film - RoHS Compliant?
44361. ASTM F86-01
44362. Accidentally Swallowing Sodium Hypo Chlorite
44363. Design of a clarifier
44365. Will Corten metal damage clothing?
44367. Chrome/nickel finishing carbon steel balls
44368. White metal coating
44375. What removes chrome and what is a cheaper alternative
44378. Hot dip galvanizing manual process query
44379. Tinplate coating peeling off
44380. Nickel pitting
44382. The use of Blue Dye to test for Anodic Coating Sealing Quality
44383. Help! Rust on SS Ball bearing
44384. Having a problem finding 316 stainless steel wire brushes
44385. Selecting a black finish for screws
44395. Copper dust brightener
44397. Stripping galvanizing from a propane tank
44399. MKS 720 COATING
44401. Testing Specimens for Barrel Plating
44402. Testing product cleanliness after plating
44403. Finishing problems when using water base CARC paint
44404. Black coated brass nuts
44406. Cracking gold plating using 3 mm mandrel
44407. Chrome plating inspection criteria
44408. Passivation watermarks
44409. My 316 is rusting! what can I use to passivate?
44410. How to prevent rust on stainless steel of grade 304(cu)on fastener items
44414. Need IVD aluminium coat
44419. Does cosmetic anodizing affect the fatigue characteristics of aluminum
44422. Sulfate Analysis In Chrome Solution
44423. Coating for off-shore structure
44428. Corrosion resistance of galvanized 1018 steel vs. 416 ss.
44429. Quality testing of phosphate conversion
44430. Using Enthone N-190
44431. Dendrites after strip to strip plating (pure tin)
44432. Mold-like residue on plated connectors
44433. 6061-T6 Salt Spray Failures, Alodine 600
44435. Cold black oxide
44437. Malachite
44440. Has anybody built a home-made micro-arc power supply?
44441. Thickness for salt spray
44443. Corrosion by glycol
44444. Silvering formulas using silver nitrate distilled water spraying with a 2 component gun
44445. Nickel Chrome Plating on Plastics
44446. Urgency! high precision strip flute in a square brass tube plated nickel and chrome
44447. Brush Chemical Conversion
44449. Hard Anodising Process
44452. Options for finishing a stainless steel diamond plate stair
44453. A chemical coating for a copper coil
44454. Metal art acid painting/finishes
44455. Will a filter press successfully remove iron phosphate sludge?
44458. Can I Powder Coat Several Colors onto One Metal Piece?
44460. Exposed HDPE Pipe - UV Protection
44464. Who invented words?
44465. Paint shop electro plating process
44467. Fall of Sn2+ in tin plating bath
44468. How to improve color of copper on MIG wire , process is electrolysis of copper sulphate
44469. In mechanical drawings the materials Terne iron and Black iron are shown.
44471. Restoring copper fireplace
44472. RoHS Complaint Alodine coating
44473. Rusty problem
44474. Black spots on 304 Stainless Steel tubing
44483. How to re-finish Galvanized Metal Shelving/Racks for retail use?
44484. RoHS Gold or Yellow MIL C 5541 class 3
44485. Plating thickness measurement
44487. Reducing the Visibility of Black Spotting
44488. Step by step Alocrom
44491. Racking stainless steel parts on alum racks
44492. Should 15-5PH Stainless Steel Pass Water-break Test After Passivation?
44493. Phosphate free pretreatment before Liquid (Alkyd amino system) painting
44494. Alternative to a proprietary coating
44495. What coating is on my Aluminum Nickel Bronze parts?
44497. Compatibility of Zinc #3 (Zamak) and 6262-T9 Aluminum
44499. How to calculate average nickel thickness from current and time?
44500. Chromic Acid Anodize Process Substitution
44501. Accurate method of rhodium analysis
44502. DLC Coatings?
44503. Contaminated copper strike tank?
44504. A corrosion question
44506. My assignment
44508. Immersion Gold can be done without Ni plating?
44509. How do I restore the oil rubbed bronze color (black) on cabinet handles
44510. Silver jewelry turned gold
44511. Bronze/brown anodized window frames
44512. Need Cleaner for Aluminum Engine Block
44514. Lining of electroplating bath
44517. Actual HRc hardness level of hard chrome plating
44518. Tin plating turns yellowish after reflow
44519. Sharperizing treatment for 1000 hrs salt spray life on Nyloc nuts
44520. Aluminum copper plating
44524. Stainless steel corrosion resistance-drinking water
44525. Anode baskets plating copper and nickel
44535. Can I chrome a plastic model?
44536. Fire safety of Shot-blasting machines
44537. Stripping Anodize
44540. Plastic Chrome Surface Rusting
44542. Hard anodizing effecting roundness of my thin wall component
44543. AMA 612 spec
44544. RoHS compliant alocrom
44551. How to fine current density of copper?
44552. What effect does the environment have on corrosion?
44554. Lemon juice energy?
44562. Rhodium plating diamond rings
44566. Is my smoker idea safe?
44567. Powder coating over chrome
44569. F.B. Rogers
44570. Mill ve. "Highly Cosmetic" finish
44571. I need RAL COLOR CHART
44572. OSHA question - beards and respirators
44573. "Impurity appear after I precipitate gold from aqua regia solution by using nitric acid and sulphuric acid?"
44575. Cadmium plating over aluminium and aluminium alloys using Electroless Nickel as undercoat
44578. How to plate onto a nickel/tungsten substrate
44579. Nickel chrome finish
44580. Carbon anode in nickel electrodeposition
44581. Passivation of stainless steel weld joints
44583. Tanker used for nitric acid(98%)
44584. Alternate to Cadmium Plating in electrical contact applications
44585. Will any black oxide plate on alloy 145 (tellurium-copper)?
44591. Where can I buy "Medallion Gold"
44593. Looking for an Auto Body Course in San Bernardino/Riverside
44596. Is welding galvanized pipes a health risk?
44599. De-embrittlement of stainless steels
44600. What Go/No-go gage to use for M5 internal thread after Plating?
44601. Cleanliness of rinsing water after sulfuric acid cleaning of Nickel?
44603. Effecting silicon steel on efficiency of small electric motor
44615. What is the hypothesis of why a penny, nail and aluminum foil rusts?
44616. Is a penny made from copper
44619. Refinishing a Semi-Trailer
44620. Chroming header pipes
44621. Restoring stainless steel flagpoles shine and luster
44622. Problem with nickel plating
44623. Door knobs in brass - Dissolving Lacquer Finish?
44624. Using muriatic acid in sewer lines
44625. Metal flakes from ice machine
44626. Chrome rusting
44627. Can use of deionized water in a mixture retard a galvanic reaction?
44629. Wet Painting on Aluminum Plate Peeling Problem
44632. 3d pattern over plastic
44633. Is drying aluminum after Alodine 5200 necessary if parts will be e-coated?
44635. Aluminium and copper joints
44636. Bright Nickel Problems
44637. Electroformed moulds for rotomoulding
44638. Flaking of chrome plating after finish grinding
44639. What is the process of coloring Ti called
44640. Dark spots on anodised castings
44641. Transferring images to anodized aluminum
44643. Brownish Red contamination on Yellow Zinc Chromate
44644. Rust proofing steel used in wet application
44650. Does different environment effect the results of rusting?
44652. Electro chrome plating on meat grinder
44653. Question of alloy
44654. Absolute roughness for rubber lined carbon steel
44655. Zinc electroplating in salt spray test
44656. PH increases too fast
44659. Aluminum 5052 - purpose of anodizing
44661. Ozone resistance
44666. Copper Plating
44667. Manganese phosphate neutralization
44668. How to clean mercury from gold bracelet
44669. Painting clearcoat on chrome for protection?
44670. Courses in Electropolishing and Passivation of Stainless Steel
44671. White siding
44673. Galvanized Roofing
44674. TDS and MSDS for Turco 4215-nc
44676. How to analyze the organic contamination in the soft Ni/Au plate bath
44679. Chromium turns black on some exhaust systems
44682. A supreme finish
44690. Breakage and cracks in polypropylene in chromic trioxide bath during photo etching
44694. Pyrophosphate Copper Analysis
44696. Heef 25 RS
44697. Sulfuric acid anodize on 7050 T7451 color changing
44698. The Anodising Sealing Process
44699. Matte finish on Stainless Steel
44703. Copper sulphate crystals
44705. Sodium Bisulphite fumes turning the chromic acid blue
44706. Gold pieces on computer component boards?
44707. Oxidizer for silver nitrate
44709. Mil-C-5541 Compatibility with CARC Paint
44710. Non-stick coating for metals
44712. White spots in the inner side of pipes
44714. Corrosion plastic-tin plated steel
44730. Removal of Silica using chemical treatment
44731. Stay time in phosphated condition
44733. How to fix a worn out Kanigen plating?
44734. Hard chrome on aluminum
44735. Hull cell test
44736. Gold electroforming
44737. White streaks in bright dip
44738. Anodizing forged aluminum cast accessories
44740. Adhesion Between Aluminium Surface and Epoxy
44741. Machining before chromate conversion coating
44742. HCl etching of copper for adhesive bonding
44743. How to Bead Blast (or etch) continents on Stainless Steel Balls 5" - 18"
44744. Oxidation on Aluminium Pressure Die Castings
44745. How to prevent oxidation of copper tubes?
44753. Electroplating diamond grit onto steel tools
44754. Creating an oil rubbed bronze finish
44757. Troubled Phosphate Solution
44759. Black oxide for 480 hours NSS
44760. Which coating has best conductivity?
44764. Diamonds in silver
44765. Avoiding electroplating; buying pre-plated tubing
44766. CPVC Temperature Ranges
44767. Neutralizing Problem with Pickling Wastewater
44768. How to measure the thickness of the layer of Ti ioned
44773. Is it possible to use electrophoresis as a replacement for black zinc plate?
44774. Too much passivating
44775. Difference between SS 316 and SS316L
44776. Iron Titration in passivation bath
44778. Stains Below Hard Anodize (AMS 2482, Type 1; AL 6061-T6511)
44788. How to decrease solution dragout
44789. Sulphuric acid storage tank - 99%
44790. Instead of iodometric titration for copper analysis in electrolyte, any other methods available or not
44791. What is the replacement for nickel in plating in order to achieve the color finish result?
44793. Nickel going passive
44794. Nonconductivity test for anodized parts
44795. Anodizing/black dye problem on 2000 AL alloy
44796. An inexpensive metal that could be used for making a coin
44800. Effects of Sulfamic Acid to Free Cyanide Test When Added to Sample Containing Nitrate/Nitrite That Is Below 10 mg/L
44801. Marine environment effects on Cor-ten steel in relation to public art
44804. Preventing Reddish Gold after Soft Gold Plating
44805. Galvanic action in aluminum-lined steel gutters
44807. Mixing stainless steel parts in anodize process?
44812. Stainless steel jets on a hot tub
44814. I need to acid etch or finish a stairway hand railing
44815. Empigard
44816. Hardware to be used in an anodizing environment?
44820. What is the proper oil for achieving an oil rubbed finish on solid bronze
44821. Expiry / Shelf Life of Metal Spray Powders?
44824. Black Zinc Iron Plated Part Peel Off
44825. Can Sulfamate nickel on aluminum act like an insulator?
44827. ECD of Titanium
44829. Post Peening Application to rust proof the mushroom head of the peen
44830. Stopping Copper Oxidation
44831. Black chromate question
44834. Wear coefficient of Archard's equation
44837. Nursing student asks about nails as source of iron nutrition
44839. Where would you find photosensitive paint and what exactly is the process for such a paint?
44842. Difference between a complete D.M. plant and a mixed bed only
44844. Etching methods for stainless steel
44845. Alternative Process for Tufftriding
44846. Removing Milling Tool Marks from face of Hexagon Nut
44848. Surface finish Ra and Rz
44859. Electroplating metallic objects with copper and nickel
44860. Experiencing pinhole paint defects
44861. Pad Printing on Electroless Nickel Plating
44862. Black powder come from nickel-plated grid after high temperature exposure
44863. Zinc phosphating on aluminum. Mixed metal phosphating
44871. Which soda will rust a nail fastest?
44872. Subjecting electroless nickel solution to electricity
44874. Should we replace the 100 yr old copper roof or treat it?
44875. Stripping the patina from pewter
44877. Stainless Steel Surface Finish How-To?
44880. Best paint for motorcycles
44881. Salt Spray test according ISO 9227
44882. Stripping Chrome Plating From Titanium
44883. Alternative coating for hot dip galvanizing for mobile communication towers in coastal areas
44884. Can Titanium Nitride be done electrically like chrome? Does it have to be PVD or CVD?
44885. Immersion Silver with tarnish surface
44886. Thickness variation during hard chrome plating in continuous type plant
44887. Cold sealing bath contamination
44888. Anodize dyed
44889. Surface finish and diametrical tolerance
44890. Cleaning Tarnished Sterling Silver Jewelry without Removing Paint
44892. Pre treatments that have ill effects on galvanneal coating prior to powder coat
44893. Zinc and Chromium Analysis
44895. Aluminum finishes: Anodize vs. Alodine/Iridite Properties
44896. Zinc Anodizing for a Satin Gold Finish
44897. Scratches in a 304 2B SS 14 ga sheet surface
44898. Carbon steel in contact with stainless steel
44899. Telling 304 from 316 Stainless?
44903. How do I separate Ferrous Sulphate immersion coppering solution?
44904. How do we dissolve the copper coating on steel wire
44905. What are the standard limits of baths in hot dip galvanized process?
44906. PWB plating process questions
44911. CNC Polishing
44912. In house buffing of engraved cylinders
44922. Ideal phosphating solution, made at home
44923. Mil-A-8625 Ty 1 vs Ty 1B
44924. MIL-STD-171 Finish or
44929. High temperature black anodize
44930. Copper getting deposited on the AgCdO contact button while doing a silver plating
44931. Ceramic coatings for aluminum
44933. NicSand Aluminum Oxide Gel
44934. Seeking Blue Color Finish for Impact Tool
44935. Can a ring be platinum plated selectively?
44936. Best way to remove the blue or yellowish heat discoloration marks from spot welding the stainless steel
44937. Titanium Coating on Surgical Instruments Such as Barber Scissors
44938. Complete electroplating of Zn?
44939. Aluminized Steel and Black Powder Coating Failing
44944. Search technical information about black oxide
44945. White Powder on Anodized Aluminum Valves
44947. Calculation and measurement of cathode current density
44948. Avoiding tarnishing of Copper
44949. Black Oxide Finish on High Tensile Fasteners
44951. Guess that finish?
44954. Surface Finish after Manganese Phosphating
44963. Fractures Observed in Zinc-Nickel Plating
44964. Composition of Black Nickel Plating
44965. Which is better Ni over tin plating or copper over tin plating on brass parts
44967. Bronze anodizing colour fading
44972. Information Regarding Exact Value of Surface Roughness
44973. White spots on aluminum scaffolding when stored under cover
44974. Etching out pattern in Damaskus blade
44976. Spider Veining on Powder Coated Aluminum in Coastal Area
44978. Proper kettle furnace design
44979. Make-up of a Nickel Chloride Flash
44980. Gold electroplating: drawing power through the part?
44982. Unknown oxidation problem in nickel/gold plating
44989. Major Rust on Stainless Steel Flatware
44990. De-leading information
44991. Cast-iron automotive exhaust manifold restoration-metal enameling?
44992. Weatherproofing steel
44993. Stripping casting skin from jewelry
44997. What is this sludge? (AN actual environmentally concerned question!)

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