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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

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39000. Plasma Teflon Coating
39001. Gold Nickel Adhesion decreased due to oxide layer
39002. Metal finish similar to grinding but without using a grinding machine for metal plates
39008. Recipe to oxidize brass, copper and pewter
39009. Plating School?
39010. Bonding polyurethane tread to a nylon 6/6 30% glass filled hub
39011. What's "thick Au" ?
39012. What wear plating is best for hard S7 steel and corrosion resistant to bleach?
39013. Roughness/pitting on flat vertical surfaces in Bright Ni
39014. Nickel plating of inner diameter
39015. Color variation on conversion coated aluminum
39016. Want a visual Ra comparison chart
39017. Sulphuric acids additions via a stainless pipe
39019. Aluminum basket in stainless steel stock pot
39020. Remove calcium from Nickel Sulphate solution
39022. Measuring surface conditions on anodized aluminum extrusions
39023. Paint removal for old cast iron stove
39024. Not able to get more than 950 HV hardness in hard chrome plating consistently
39026. Zinc coating thesis
39027. Hard anodizing of aluminum cookware costing and setup parameters
39028. Specimen preparation for electrochemical testing
39029. Alternative to zinc and colour customer asking for trivalent finish on future orders
39031. Could you help me about step and thickness of plating?
39032. Pickling and Passivation bath for stainless steel 316Ti
39033. Inspection of ZAMAK coated with Ni/Cr
39034. Want to do "bad" electroforming
39035. Corrosion caused by incorporation of drag-out?
39037. How to depassivate stainless steel for nitrocarburizing
39039. Chrome, Cad, Zinc or Nickel plating best for Paper Machinery
39040. Anodizing for Mic-6 and C-250
39049. Browning a sheet of copper to use for a kitchen island
39050. K-v problem
39051. RoHS compliance plating
39052. Tantalum polishing
39053. How much gap between anode and cathode for plating?
39054. I need to dull the burnished areas of an aluminum trailer
39056. Pin holes and pitting in copper plating of Ni Cr plated plastics
39057. Electropolishing
39060. AMS 2404, 2405 Specs & Testing, and Mil-spec Conversion Tables
39061. Need to plate Tin to specification ASTM A599M, is it Electroplating?
39062. Tarnish Resistance Coating for Silver
39064. Dry chemicals to solution
39065. Removal of discoloration on stainless steel caused by plasma cutting
39066. SS got burr after stamping
39067. Home painting of aluminum sheet
39069. Reducing energy waste in baking coated aluminum/steel parts
39070. I live in a warehouse with a zinc plating co.
39071. Leadframe Plating, NiNiP vs Full Ni (without NiP)
39072. Brownish red gloppy stuff in copper plating experiment
39073. Variegated appearance in sulfuric anodic coating
39075. Can steel be silver plated?
39076. Used trumpet has some kind of rusting under the keys
39077. Custom etching of gun barrels
39078. Faded black stereo components: Can black color be restored?
39079. Need Bright Aluminum Finish - Mirror Like
39080. Need alternative to cyanide stripping of gold
39081. How to refinish my grandpa's tin bread box
39084. Electropolishing: History facts wanted
39085. Electroplating, electrocoating, electrodipping
39087. Detection of oil/grease on aluminum surface
39089. Joining Polypropylene Sheet
39090. Metal finishing to blacken silhouettes
39092. Aerospace epoxy primers
39093. Name of machine that makes aluminium roofing sheets
39096. Oxidizing laser engraved jewelry
39097. Removing Paint from Copper Ship Lanterns
39098. Test methods to distinguish hot dip galvanizing and electroplating
39106. Need info on TD coating
39111. Biosorption of heavy metals using fungal biomass as adsorbent
39112. Filter press cloth cleaning
39114. Black anodized aluminum
39119. Removing rust from powder coated surface
39120. Abrasion Resistance plating for 300 Series stainless steel
39125. Prep for Anodized Aluminum Bumpers?
39127. Replacement idea for glass heaters in EN bath?
39129. Surface finish and cracking of anodized 7075
39130. Cleaning oxide layer thermal deburred parts
39135. Corrosion of stainless steel by 1M sulfuric acid
39137. RoHS testing for Hex chrome in chrome plated brass
39138. PVC glue - At what low temperature does PVC glue not mend
39139. Coating Molybdenum foil with 0.5um Electroless Nickel Coating
39140. Problem with rhodium pen plating process
39141. Micro Kote and Tri-Ni finishing
39146. How to make sulfuric acid
39148. Making steel look like old dutch silver
39149. Chromate conversion alternative for aluminum heat sinks?
39150. How to bond PVDF sheets into a steel tank
39153. Electroless Ni Plating over BeCu and surface imperfections
39154. Corrosion protection and electrical conductivity of magnesium die cast alloy substrate
39155. Stripping plastisol from plating racks
39158. Lost the results of my daughters science experiment
39161. Polished Brass Faucets - Can they be Re-plated?
39163. COLOR CLASS 3
39164. Passivating 304V SS single-use medical device
39167. Plating over aluminum starts peeling
39168. Anode dimension for better anode consumption
39169. Peeling off and brittleness in the epoxy coating
39171. Matt Black Finish Required
39172. Causes of solder tombstoning effect?
39173. Coating with Al a beryllium mirror covered with a thin 125microns optical layer of nickel
39183. Will copper color change indoors
39184. Clearcoat required for Countertop Refinishing
39185. Parkerized Coat v. Hard Anodizing Coat v. Powder Coat
39187. Oxalic Acid Spot Test as per AMS 2485-J (Coating Black Oxide)
39188. Electroless Nickel-Zinc Plating
39190. Friction Hinge problem
39192. 50% Sulfuric Acid Tank
39195. Hardness of white gold vs. yellow gold
39196. What we should do to reduce the fluctuated dross in a bath?
39199. Porosity problem
39200. Hard materials with little wear resistance
39205. Black chrome plating using ionic liquids
39207. Cleaning copper disc without abrasives
39208. Green collection on copper tubing - is this a serious situation ?
39209. Voltage/amperage relationships in plating baby shoes
39210. Crevices and powder coating
39211. Alternative to chrome in place of sealing after anodizing
39212. Right method of PT of HR sheet
39213. Want wear resistant alternative to chrome plating for copper dies
39221. Roughness vs Tensile Strength
39222. Migration of aluminum through copper plating
39223. Can an aluminum piston be plated to restore compression?
39226. Remove copper buildup on carbide tooling balls
39227. Scratch resistance of powder coating on metal
39230. Peel-off strength of Electroless Nickel on Aluminum
39232. Peel off problem in lead-free plating
39233. Brown staining of Cr III conversion coating with a lithium based sealant
39234. Analysis of Anodized Aluminum Part shows Strontium
39235. Fingerprints
39236. Cleaning of aluminum investment castings
39237. Corrosiveness, Rusting of Pre-Hardened P-20 Steel
39251. Which is better, stainless steel or anodized aluminum?
39253. Food processor drive shaft
39254. Voltage and sulphate requirements
39257. Removal of coating from Stainless Steel?
39258. What is proper method for finishing Cast iron surfaces in two pack PU
39259. Problems with black powder coating
39260. Rust on Electroless Nickel Coated Motors
39261. Sulfamate nickel plate over 304L stainless steel in a high speed rotating member
39262. Decorative Nickel -Chrome plating on SS 409 Silencers
39263. Chemical Polishing of 2014 aluminum alloy
39264. A durable coating for an aluminum diecasting
39266. Which one is the best stainless steel
39271. Selective etching of Ag (silver)
39273. Galvanneal Popping or Outgassing in E-Coat
39274. Why it is necessary to add boric acid to acid tin bath plating
39275. How to reduce brittleness in Nickel Plating
39276. In need of an Aluminum Bright Dip that does not contain nitric acid
39277. Why do we use 15-18%HCl for pickling
39278. Surface Contamination of Stainless Steel Resulting in Red Rust Spots
39284. Safe disposal of liver of sulphur used on silver
39285. Stainless steel turns black upon sterilization
39286. Anodizing film color is wrong
39287. BIG problem with black powdercoat on 7/8" 14 gauge HR tubing
39288. Recommended plating for automotive connectors
39289. Nickel Stripping from Brass Material
39292. Pt plating: surface finish versus allowable strain
39294. Nylon 66, glass filled - etching the surface in preparation for adhesive bonding
39296. Nitric acid in anodizing bath?
39297. Metallized European skull mounts
39298. Hot dipped galvanized bracket on stainless steel pipe
39305. Matte tin finish for electronic components
39308. Additives for acid zinc chloride
39309. Trivalent Chromium Passivation
39311. Brushed Nickel
39313. Regarding specification for saccherometer in phosphating
39314. Attaining a superior finish in stellite with lapping emeries
39316. Rate of oxidation on metals
39317. What solution should I use for electroplating with copper?
39318. How can I find weight percent of alumina in composite coating?
39319. Where can I get a ball hone, 240 grit, Aluminum oxide to use on Nikasil
39320. Experimenting with Steel Patinas
39322. Sponge plating
39323. Galvanized finish RoHS compliant?
39324. Pre galvanized steel RoHS compliant?
39325. Welding on chrome plated surface
39327. Plasma Nitriding on Steel Tubing
39328. Bluish Color of Sn-plating over Ni After 3X Reflow (eak Temp @ 260degC)
39330. Citric vs Nitric Passivation
39331. Contaminated 2mm and 4mm drilled holes from machining
39332. Corrosion Resistance Needed for Steel Stampings with Tight Flatness Requirements
39333. Nickel Plating?
39336. SS Passivation techniques for home shops
39340. What dissolves gold
39341. Colorless Alodine
39343. Cleaning/Sealing copper flashing
39345. Getting even finish with chromate conversion
39347. Hazards of Tin-Bismuth Alloy at High Temperature
39349. Aluminum Corrosion
39350. Shelf life extensions for Magnesium treatment AMS M-3171 Type VI
39351. What paint do I use for mural on an aluminum fishing boat?
39352. I need help on making my own conductive paint to make flowers plating
39354. Heat-coloured titanium
39355. Coating on inside surface of aluminum tubes used in heat exchangers
39356. About cleaning section of anodizing aluminum
39357. How long will it take for electrolysis to eat through a copper pipe?
39364. Finger prints on stainless steel
39365. Powder coating to coat a steel gas tank
39366. Hexavalent Chromium Removal from Groundwater Leachate
39367. Tell me about bright nickel
39370. Zinc removal from wastewater
39375. Late developing white stain on black oxide
39377. Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold vs. Immersion White Tin
39378. Have new polymer that is not glass filled, need conductive coating
39379. Reduction of lead impurities on lead free plating solution
39380. Metal chips
39381. 17-4 Hot Roll
39382. Stainless Screws binding on stainless PEMS
39387. Cleaning Ti
39388. Urgent questions about acid wash for steel!
39391. Unknown microfinish symbol
39392. FEP teflon coating process
39394. High conductivity plating on beryllium copper or not?
39395. Selective removal of AlF and AlxOyFz contaminates from anodize surface
39401. How can I remove copper nickel layers from a copper core without attacking the copper core?
39402. Fish eye problem in electroless nickel plating
39406. Building a platinum plating equipment for teaching
39408. Conductive, corrosion resistance aluminum
39409. Treating Brass
39412. Selection of coating resistance value for coal tar enamel on pipe lines
39413. Specific conditions for titanium anodizing
39414. Re tinning a pot
39416. Sulphuric Acid Resistance for Concrete Walls
39417. How to maintain pH in rinse water tanks of pickling
39418. HCL scrubber system
39419. Phosphating Sludge Removal
39421. Electroless Nickel or Nickel Electroplate: Motorcycle Frame
39422. I want to electroform dead scorpions and bugs. Would this be like plating a flower?
39423. Hard Chrome over Hard Chrome in Aerospace
39424. Organic flux reaction on Type II yellow zinc plate
39425. Brushing aluminum to obtain grain
39426. Pickling of steel rod
39427. Compatibility of Nitinol and Stainless Steel Stents
39432. Automotive paint ovens/thermal calculations
39433. Problems with cad plating
39435. Masking for tin plating on nickel plated component
39438. Aluminum to Steel doors
39441. Eliminating boron in waste water
39445. Surface pitting on chrome plated PC/ABS
39446. How to keep nickel electroform bright in long term use?
39447. Arsenic Plating
39448. Liquid mask
39455. Stripping Pitted Chrome from Aluminum Car Wheels
39456. Electrolysis in pet watering system
39457. Galvanic Corrosion - Rheostat - Nichrome Winding - Brass Wiper
39458. Blueing process
39459. Perfect utilization of the steel pickling liquor
39460. HCl resistant coating for steel structures
39461. Black spots in hot dip zinc coated wire
39462. Electroless Nickel Plating for wet sour service applications
39464. Replacement for Hard Anodize in a Casting
39465. Need Inexpensive Process to apply MIL-A-8625, Type III, Class 2 Anodize to Interior A356 Aluminum
39466. Re-anodising aluminium
39467. Suitability of nimonics with acids
39468. Aluminum casting into hot dip galvanised tube -outdoor use
39472. Plastic dip
39473. Zinc Embrittlement
39474. Chromium and Electrocoagulation
39475. How to eliminate solvent popping in twin pack polyurethane paints
39476. EN over 304 Stainless
39478. acetic acid [affil link on Ebay & Amazon] for ph
39479. Clear anodised parts are coming out pink
39480. Aluminum Dust and how do you dispose of it properly after polishing?
39481. To prepare a coating of Ni-P-(ZnMn)Fe2)4-BaTiO3 by EL method
39482. Copper effect of ammonium chloride on hot brass
39484. Powder Coat thickness tolerance on machined parts and holes
39485. Furnace brazing / annealing and chrome plating
39488. Decreasing Copper Content of our Descaler Solution(Pre-treatment)
39489. How to make an Aluminum finish looks like blued steel
39490. How to paint or "touch up" fake brass faucets?
39492. Heat Treatment effects- nickel plating
39493. Stripping of Electroless Nickel Plating on Brass
39494. How much mileage can one get out of a pound of Chromic Acid in a conversion bath?
39498. 18K gold plating
39499. 6061 Aluminum boat part corrosion
39502. How to make chromating/alodine surface harder?
39507. 430SS become dull after chemical polish
39508. Copper on aluminum
39510. Liquid water
39511. Safety concern about grinding anodize coating
39513. How to remove ink stains from a brushed stainless steel refrigerator?
39514. Different results anodising aluminum grades 6061 vs 6082 using 'home setup'
39515. Stripping silver conductive paint from inside a copper mold
39516. Cyanide-iron complex treatment
39517. Electrolysis of water as a science fair project
39518. What adheres paint to chrome?
39519. Sand Blasting - Standards
39520. Copper exposed on parts that are supposed to be nickel
39523. Powder Coat Failure--Aluminum Railing
39524. No Chemical Treatments In Waste System?
39527. Adhesive for Teflon belt ends joining
39530. Vacuum evaporation on glass beads
39531. Nickel and tin recovery
39536. Electroplating onto Aluminum (Nickel onto Aluminum)
39543. Polishing Stainless Steel Bolts in Vibratory Tumbler
39544. Line graining small aluminum blocks - best practices
39546. PCB Etching - Transfer process
39547. Help drilling out a titanium bolt
39548. Need gold colored appearance for my aluminum 17 in wheels
39555. Zinc plating and Cr6
39557. Bus bar rating
39558. Sodium Dichromate Testing?
39559. Epoxy Paint (MIL-PRF-22750) Over Anodized Aluminum
39560. Salt bath nitriding Vs TiN
39561. Reworking electroless nickel plating
39562. Inactive chrome electroplating bath
39564. Corrosion problem after phosphating process
39566. Zinc Phosphate and Protecting Aluminum
39567. Phosphating salt spray life
39575. Does chrome gets converted to hexavalent chromium after hard chrome plating
39577. Rust inhibiting coatings for steel hinges
39578. CrN on Steel
39581. Pickling after glass-blasting
39591. Polishing aluminum rims for a dull matte finish
39592. Yellowing of stainless steel tailpipes
39593. CIELAB color issues: Delta E tolerance, color & gloss variation, matching different finishes
39594. My black oxide won't turn black
39596. Corrosion Resistance for Conversion Coat (MIL-C-5541 Class 1A)
39598. Compatibility of aluminum rivets on a stainless steel substrate over time
39602. Why Alodine steel
39603. Chrome touch up for repairing some peeling
39604. Zinc plating on 1144 CF Stressproof material
39605. Ni Plate melting?
39606. Test for Nickel and or Chrome plating thickness on brass substrate
39610. How to convert to CO2 concentration as the resistivity of DI water known
39611. Dubpernell test method
39613. Electroplating Gold with Gold Anodes
39614. Gold plating blistering on a copper terminal
39617. How to paint plastic car molding silly :-)
39619. What is causing this on Zinc electrodeposit? Hydrogen Entrapment?
39620. Potassium hydroxide pre-clean solution temp inquiry
39622. How do I restore an object with so much rust?
39623. Corrugated iron roof nightmare...Suggestions?
39627. Seeking market research data, final finishes
39628. Simple Electroplating
39629. Gold Electro Chemical Deposition using Cyanide Solution
39630. CrVI residue on hard chrome plated suface
39631. Stick the diamond crystal onto matrix
39634. Nickel Gold Plating
39636. Welding on boriding surface
39639. How to clean a WW 1 bayonet
39641. ANNOUNCEMENT: OSHA issues 5 micrograms of Cr(VI) per cubic meter of air as the new 8-hour PEL value.
39642. How to Break a Tin Gel
39644. Insulation resistance in zinc plated olive green passivation in comparison with zinc plated yellow passivation
39645. Lead-free, Zinc ED plating
39646. Elimination of descaling after heat treatment in chain plates
39647. Calculation for correct volts and amps for electropolishing
39649. Hardening aluminum for Nikasil coating for high pressure
39650. Brushed nickel finish on aluminum
39654. RoHS testing for Cr6 under paint
39655. McDonnell Douglas STF1004?
39656. Testing method
39657. How can I make beautiful black patination on copper?
39660. Mixing Practice and Keeping Induction Time for Painting
39661. Powder coating peels off, when a bolt is tightened on a punched hole in sheet metal door
39663. Hard anodizing process
39664. Parts cleaning problem
39665. Is Black Oxide MIL-C-13924 class 4 the same as Black Passivate?
39672. Protecting wrought iron: Samuel Yellin's work
39675. Lightening metal car parts
39677. Removal of Cloisonne by Chemical Stripping
39679. Copper Electroforming, heavy (.25 inch+) deposits, problems with bubbles
39681. What is the definition of room temperature for the plating industry
39683. How to seal on a nickel plating surface?
39684. Trouble in zinc plating already electroless nickel plated of low carbon steel casting valve
39687. POOL CAGE Black Anodized Aluminum FADING...RE-Anodizing, is it possible?
39689. Al-Si Alloy parts go moldy
39690. How to solder on a nickel plating surface
39692. Powder coating fiberglass body of 1934 Roadster -- Frazer Nash
39700. Want a hard thick coating for aluminum
39705. Working on arsenic detection in lab
39708. Removing severe lime scale from toilet bowls, shower doors and dishwasher
39709. Chrome furniture
39710. Is Black Oxide Coating on Fasteners RoHS Compliant?
39711. Copper coating on aluminum wire
39713. Black Streaks in Chromic Anodize Salt Spray Panels
39714. Oxide film on stainless steel (X46 Cr 13, 1.4034) after eroding
39715. Coating for aluminum 7075: H2S and NACE compatible
39716. Help cleaning aluminum intake manifold
39717. Solder flakes on QFP packages
39718. Problems with zinc plating coming off threads during die application
39723. Ammonium Hydrosulfide v Liver of Sulphur
39724. Epoxy Mold Compound : Why Toxic?
39726. UV resistance of CED coatings
39727. Stainless knives rusting
39728. How to make the aluminum surface to be like the skin of an orange(with lots of small surfaces to reflect)?
39741. Periodic Table
39742. Reactions between acids and metals
39744. Will heating a copper pipe emit cyanide gas?
39746. Aspiring millionaire scrap dealer, needs direction b4 ordering new Ferrari
39747. What is essential to electroless nickel process?
39751. What's the best way to strip chrome?
39754. How to determine the purity of nitric acid?
39756. Surface Treatment
39759. Black Oxiding for Tin Electroplate?
39761. Which type of vacuum pump for metallizing
39762. PVD Zirconium Nitride
39763. Adhesion of electroless nickel onto nickel iron alloy
39765. PO2 conversion coating for Thixo Mag?
39768. Shop ceiling restoration
39769. Cross drill before or after powder coating?
39770. Zinc Cyanide over 12L-14 Steel
39779. Remove metal solder from silver dollar
39780. Contamination issues from refinishing wood stoves
39781. Restore patina on antique brass sink basin
39782. Smut from silver plating bath
39784. Suitable finish on brass component when used in high humidity coast area
39785. How do I know if it is electronic grade sulfuric acid?
39788. Corten steel for ship repair
39789. Plating and RoHS compliance
39790. Dissolve molded clay
39792. Paint a mural on a polyethylene water tank
39793. International Standard AS AFTN-A240
39794. Measuring thickness of nickel plating on stainless steel
39797. Most easy method to convert gold potassium cyanide to metallic
39798. Paint Stripping Dip Tank
39814. Stripping oxide coatings from aluminum
39816. Oven Dry For Chromate
39817. Pinholes and dirt in paint problem on aluminum
39818. Marring test equipment
39819. Galvanized versus e-coat
39821. Magnetic chrome?
39822. Bubbles problem on Ni-Cr plated materials
39823. Chrome reactivator
39824. Removing a cement tile with colour layer from chrome plated moulds
39826. Stains on stainless steel after alkaline cleaning
39827. Titanium reaction with HCl and HF
39828. Surface finishing of aluminum alloys
39829. Protecting steel pipes from exhaust fumes
39832. Powder coating - problems in pretreatment
39834. High Electrical Relay Insertion Force
39839. Alodine Color without Chromium
39843. How do we get nickel or nickel-chrome plating on aluminum sand casting product surface
39847. Future trends of technology to replace Cathodic Electro Deposition
39848. I have two questions to ask you. Could you please reply and explain them for me?
39849. How to know if chemical stripping of hardcoat attacked my aluminum
39851. Peeling of chrome plating on bathroom towel warmer
39853. Zinc dross in the galvanising industry
39854. Black anodizing changes to yellow
39855. Acids
39860. Does water conduct electricity?
39861. Sodium chloride eats up molds
39863. RoHS compliant alternative to Zinc Phosphate bond coat
39865. Tank material for Nitric Stripping
39866. pH sensor shock
39867. Plating Stainless Steel
39868. Masking E-coat parts that have already been E-coated
39873. Reaction of Mg and H
39875. Cold Rust Bluing Problem
39877. Oxidation of copper
39878. Removing galvanizing from the interior of a galvanized steel tank
39879. RoHS compliance of finishes
39881. Copper Testing Final Effluent
39882. Powder Coat
39883. Nickel Plating Time Failure
39884. Ideal ratio of point TA/FA in zinc phosphating
39885. Mild corrosion and stain in 7075 alloy
39886. Does humidity effect to rust level?
39887. Is there a corrosion protection coating that can go under autophoretic coating?
39889. Compatibility of hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum billet machined part with EN plated 7075 aluminum billet machined part
39892. Is Tremclad toxic to animals?
39893. Seismic compliance for plating line installation
39901. Blueing of Steel
39907. Steps for hot dip galvanizing
39908. Suitability of using nickel metallizing on MS for application with strong halide attack
39909. Plating Electroless Nickel on Aluminum Substrate
39911. Phosphate bath problem
39912. Black Passivation and Black Trivalent Plating
39913. Selective Passivation / 15-5 PH / citric acid [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon]
39932. Tin sheets for steel deck
39934. Student/Educational Electroplating -- Why Sugar?
39938. Blackening zinc plate
39939. Living in mystery with a nickel allergy on my hands
39940. Darkening oil rubbed bronze locksets
39941. Durable black finish
39945. RoHS / WEEE compliant replacement for black e-coat of aluminum
39946. Hydrochloric Acid Spectrophotometric Analysis
39947. Charcoal filtering Nickel Sulfamate?
39949. I want to paint a pole barn that is covered in galvanized steel
39950. Epoxy finishing of hand ground steel
39952. Help? Random uneven thickness on flat surfaces with sulfamate nickel
39953. Silver plating in barrel
39954. Selective Plating using Platinum
39955. Density of current in the cadmium plating process
39956. Steel tubing and CR plating
39957. Anodise cookware
39958. IRON in a HCl pickle tank?
39959. Reason for Sludge formation in Acid Tanks
39965. Product of Nitric acid and Sulphuric acid
39968. How to Age A Shiny Brass Plated Fireplace Door
39969. How to perform Bleach Test on a Black Anodized Part?
39972. Hard aluminum anodizing
39973. Distributor is seeking copper sulphate [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] and copper oxide
39974. Titanium Dry Etching
39975. What kind of paint do I use on polyethylene resin "wicker" furniture?
39977. Confusing ASTM B650 for plating thickness
39980. Discoloration of 100%Sn on top of a PPF leadframe
39981. Differences b/w electroless and electrolytic nickel plating
39982. How do I tone down a brass coffee table?
39984. Calibration of Timer for Water Immersion Tanks on Passivate Line
39985. Mechanical Zinc
39986. Knowledge about Alodine
39987. Can't get rid of sealing smut
39992. Procedure for hard chrome plating onto electroless nickel coating
39993. Calculating acid zinc barrel plating production rate
39994. Black anodized (Type 2,Grade 2) opinion!
39996. FDA approved powder coat

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