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1. Electroplating Skulls, Leaves, Flowers
3. Clear coating Halibrand polished mag wheels
4. Difficulties in reliably soldering Alloy 90 wire for current shunts
5. Gold Plating of Wave Guides
9. Black Stains on Hot Dip Galvanized Zinc Coating
12. Electrical Resistance Testing of MIL-C-5541 Chromate
13. Electroless nickel (EN) coatings for the oil and gas industry
14. Gold plating, and questions on pulse plating
16. Water Treatment for zinc electroplating waste
17. Aging a copper roof to a nice blue patina camera
19. How to Blacken Stainless Steel
20. Zinc "whiskers"
21. Electric heater problems, and zinc/cobalt plating vs. galvanizing
22. Wash primers on top of iron phosphate
23. Methods for ruthenium plating or any deposition method
24. Activation of Alloy 55 SST for plating
25. Brightening Aluminum on vintage BMW Motorcycles
27. Hobbyist has tin plating questions
29. Where does Boric acid go when nickel plating
30. Removing "remelt" after EDM on platinum-iridium
33. Electropolishing of stainless steel
34. Can high pH corrode SST?
37. Albaloy, Miralloy, Optalloy copper/tin/zinc alloy plating
39. Insoluble anodes to prevent metal buildup in acid zinc?
40. Zinc carbonate formation and corrosion resistance of galvanized steel
41. Black nickel plating process
43. Heat absorbing/heat resisting paint
44. Beginner's plating questions
45. Problems in zinc plating of spot-welded chassis
47. Alternative to ammonium bi-fluoride to etch aluminum
49. Passivating 316 SS
53. Jump starting electroless nickel (EN) plating onto copper and brass
54. Low resistance inexpensive black coating on aluminum
58. Seeking info about electropolishing stainless steel
59. Nickel plating of antique marine hardware
61. Passivating an electroless nickel tank
62. Heat resistance of anodized aluminum
64. How to do copper plating
67. Seeking supplier of Medallion Liquid Gold do-it-yourself gold plating system
68. Copper sulphate crystals in plating tanks
71. Remove salt from steel surfaces, chrome wheel rims
73. Does phosphating hurt stainless steel? Can Stainless be phosphatized?
75. Using nickel anodes for nickel plating
80. Bleedout problem from pits in anodized fishing reels
83. Air emissions from sulfuric acid anodizing
84. Electropolishing stainless steel
85. Problems with electroforming copper
86. Statistics on electroplating effluent please?
93. DIY brush plating of automotive parts
97. Where to get Training in Electroplating
98. Electroplating with niobium?
100. Beilby layer in Electropolishing of stainless steel
102. Cyanide Copper plating vs. Acid Copper plating
105. Anodized aluminum refuses to dye
106. Plating of Aluminum Honeycomb Panels for a Telescope
107. Solubilities of metal precipitated with DTC (dimethyl dithiocarbamate)
108. Poor coverage in barrel zinc plating
109. Plating onto molybdenum
113. Zinc plating is rusting inside blind holes
114. Zinc flame spray "gunning" for ship repair
115. Improved process to finish aluminum for vacuum application
116. Shelf life of chromic acid anodize coating
118. Getting into the plating business
120. Standards for electropolishing
125. Implications of phasing out Cadmium and Chromium plating
128. Zero discharge, anyone? Closed loop wastewater treatment
130a. Repairing plastic-plated headlamps and auto trim
132. Seeking literature on aluminum reflector surface gloss
137. Rectifiers and ripple
138. Rack plating with acid zinc
139. Why does this electrolytic derusting trick work?
142. Alternative to zinc plating? Tired of whiskers
148. Can nameplates, etc., be made via color anodizing?
151. Where to find meaning of German finish note Rz
155. Wiping medical implants after passivation
156. Minimizing grain size in gold plating
157. Anodizing setup for student lab
159. Measuring copper thickness in plated holes
160. Substitute copper plating for half of the nickel thickness?
161. Clear coating brass, copper and bronze camera
162. So who doesn't want to bronze baby shoes?
163. How is Plastic Chroming Performed?
166. Wet vs. dry blasting
167. What is Eutectoid plating?
171. Tearing of Aluminum Extrusions During Buffing Operation
173. Need info on Silver electroforming
175. Experiences with black nickel plating?
181. Paints to use for painting clean rooms
182. Chemically polishing or electropolishing silver
183. Plating stained-glass frames
187. What is DEFRIC - FTB 116?
188. Seeking alternative to amorphous fumed silica as jelling agent for brush plating
189. Can brass plating look like gold plating?
190. Maintaining low contact resistance on zinc plated chassis
191. Seeking info regarding pull-test / adhesion test
193. Corrosion of trivalent chrome plating vs. hexavalent
194. Methods of heating process solutions
196. Electroplating for a school science project
198. Establishing an aluminum anodizing plant
202. Frostiness in electropolishing of fittings
203. How about plating by solution voltage rather than current density?
204. Black oxide solutions and equipment
205. Etching of copper roofing panels for Artwork
208. Pulse anodizing and new interference colors for anodizing
210. Zinc-Nickel as replacement for cadmium
211. Passivation of series 400 SST
212. Can direct-fired embrittlement-relief ovens cause corrosion problems in the plating?
214. Powder Coating exterior aluminum fences
216. Seeking info for deep etching stainless steel
217. Where does KOH come from in gold baths?
218. Problems in nickel barrel plating
219. Seeking info on galvanic corrosion
220. Masking problems in powder coating
221. Cyanide bombing to clean up gold jewelry
224. Inorganic gold dye for anodized aluminum
236. Stripping galvanizing from pipe
241. ISO 9000 Certification for metal finishing shops
242. Removing boron from wastewater
243. Will fume suppressants hurt bondability to chromic anodizing?
246. Polishing of stainless steel
247. Ammonia releases to air from etching of PCB's
249. Plating of pot metal
250. Etching of cobalt-chrome alloys, electropolishing
252. What will powdercoat stick to that is conductive?
253. Electropolishing concentrations and current densities
254. Chrome look-alike for furniture
255. Electroforming hollow tapered tubing
257. Electroless nickel plating of ball valves
260. Immersion tin plating of printed circuit boards (PCB)
260a. Electroless tin plating of non-conductors
261. FDA Specifications / approval for electroless nickel plating
262. Replating of antique camera parts
263. Codeposition of Teflon in a Nickel bath
264. Measuring surface tension of chromium plating baths
265. Electropolishing beryllium
269. Activated carbon for treatment of cyanide
270. What is the best casting alloy and how should it be treated?
271. Help! Anodize flakes off after baking
274. Will pulse plating harden the gold?
275. Metal electroforming for optical encoder code wheels
276. Looking for an electropolishing book
278. Adhesion of nickel plate onto Titanium
279. Seeking better treatment method for chrome etch
283. Restoring 19th Century Door Hardware
284. Hobbyist plating and hobbyist addition agents
285. Need supplier for backyard plating shop
287. Reporting aluminum sulfate for sulfuric anodizing solutions
288. Electroless nickel to polymer bond strength
289. Brush (?) passivation of martensite
290. What quality of surface finish is achievable by roller burnishing
291. Zinc plating is too rough
292. Substitutes for MEK?
294. Cleaning anodized aluminum
295. HCN fumes from acid gold plating
301. Zinc plating the inside of gas tank
302. Silver plating copper tubes
303. Making sodium hypochlorite from salt
305. Suppliers of nickel brighteners
307. Seeking plating and surface finishing market research data
308. Replication of microstructures
309. Autocatalytic nickel-phosphorus (EN) as an anti galling coating
314. Will anodized finish resist ammonium hydroxide?
317. Are MSDS sheets needed for finished products?
318. Stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide
319. Anodes for electro-osmosis
320. Gold plating of surgical instruments
323. Adhesion problem in copper plating of lead bullets
324. Carbamates causing false cyanide reading?
325. Percent sulfate in aluminum anodize?
327. Topcoat to prevent tin plating on steel from corroding
328. Porcelain finishes for building exteriors
329. Refinishing aluminum and chrome wheels
332. Yellow-green stains on anodized aluminum
336. Stainless parts rusting! Need a fix.
338. Zinc plating of carburetors
342. Seeking mil spec for cadmium plating
344. Cyanide-free conversion coating for aluminum
346. Coating for mold cavities
350. How to prep tungsten carbide for plating
352. Black chromate finish turns green
354. Passivation of hypo tubing
356. Solder plated copper wire turns black in baking oven
358. Practicality of high voltage electrocleaning
360. Air emissions from electroless nickel tanks
363. Hard anodizing of high silicon aluminum
365. Coating sapphire fibres with chromium
366. Red rust on zinc plated parts
367. Optical quality polishing of stainless
368. Surface treatment for zinc die castings
370. Rapid corrosion of buried gas pipes in Sedona Arizona
371. Show me porosity in chrome
373. Vapor forming vs. electroforming
374. Cyanide-free restoration plating
376. Electropolishing SST & aluminum
379. Platinum electroplating
380. Cleaning weld oxide on stainless steel
381. Insufficient electroless nickel (EN) corrosion resistance
382. Purification and re-concentration of phosphoric acid
385. Extending the life of chrome stripping bath
387. Tin/nickel electroplating
389. Phosphating of zinc die-cast parts
391. Electroless nickel MIL-C-26074 obsolete?
392. Cleaning of gold and silver jewelry
395. Alkaline rust remover
396. Need a low temperature firearm coating
397. Are fume suppressants sufficient for chrome emissions standards?
399. Need coating for 3XX stainless steel to prevent stress corrosion
402. Armolo coating
403. Can bar codes on extrusions survive the caustic and Nitric processes?
404. Looking for non-cyanide copper plating solution for steel.
405. Formulating an EN (Electroless Nickel Plating) Solution
406. Acids in Watts Nickel bath
409. Looking for additive to produce wrinkle finish in paint
411. Preparation and cleaning techniques for aluminum extrusions
413. Cyanide copper plating with occluded graphite particles
414. Wood finisher seeking an epoxy supplier
415. Problems with plating silver on glass
417. Two new technologies useful for chrome deposition
420. Removing scratches from forged aluminum wheels
421. Would like to know the units of measurement of surface texture
422. The thickness of immersion silver coatings on brass
423. Seeking information on electroless nickel plating
424. Home Plating of sculptures
425. Nickel plating of tungsten carbide pellets
426. How to finish metal calibration targets
427. Brush finishing aluminum
429. Looking for Sel-Rex contact information
433. Polishing aluminum to a mirror-like finish
438. A product called"Nickelon"?
441. Process control of chromate conversion baths
443. Organic acid inhibitors in HCl pickling baths
445. Need to plate stainless steel plates with gold
448. Looking for satin nickel plating process
449. Direct metallization on ABS and ABS/blended polymer
450. Effect of antimony in silver deposits
451. Need gold stripper for semiconductors
452. Metallizing plastic diffraction gratings
453. How to jellify concentrated acids?
454. Flash to Zartan, Flash to Zartan, Bzzzz, Buzzz, Pop.
455. Filiform corrosion of thin Aluminum films
457. MIL-C-81706, Conversion coating of Aluminum
459. Gold? We don't need no stinkin' gold!
461. Chemicals to clean Five-Stage phosphate machine
463. Reducing Surface roughness of Nickel-Iron deposits
464. More info needed on Counterflow Rinsing
466. How to do electropolishing
470. Plating aluminum onto CuSi4Mn
473. Silver tank has excessive carbonate level
475. Chemical analysis technique for acid etch bath?
476. Alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating vs. acid zinc
477. Problem with Wood's nickel strike bath
478. Plating palladium onto lead frames
479. Pickling and passivating of welded carbon steel pipes
481. Wastewater treatment for pyrophosphate copper
484. Problems with electroless nickel layer
485. Chromated zinc isn't conductive enough
486. Info about mechanical plating
487. Copper electroforming of a 20" trophy
488. Want metal finishing videos
490. Coating materials for geothermal plants (vent gas)
492. Colors of anodized tantalum coatings
493. Smoothing black enamel on antiques
495. Stainless steel vs. rubber lined piping in desalinization plant
496. Introduction to electroforming of nickel
497. Black hardcoat anodize 4032 aluminum?
499. Marine corrosion prevention coatings
501. Black anodizing aluminum rivets
503. Problems in acid zinc plating screws
505. Discoloration of anodized aluminum
507. palladium-Nickel (Pd/Ni preplated leadframes
509. Chrome plating onto K-Monel 500
513. Looking for alternatives to conversion coating of aluminum
515. Need electroformed copies of Fresnel lens
516. Rochelle copper plating
519. Cost of wastewater treatment for acid copper plating
520. How to process parts through a return type automatic machine?
522. Priming galvanized steel gutters before priming
524. Cathode materials for chromic acid anodizing
525. Silver sputtering
526. Reliable pretreatment for magnesium castings
528. Problems with "patchy anodization"
530. Electropolishing a 12,000 gallon stainless reservoir
531. Searching for black oxide specifications
532. Recycling of galvanic sludges
533. Final rinse before powder coating
534. How to brass plate steel
536. Electrodialytic purification of chromic acid anodizing solutions
537. Problems with solder over gold plated Copper
538. Finishing/plating screw drivers
540. Is copper undercoat needed between aluminum and electroless nickel?
542. Want to touch up rhodium or gold plated stainless
544. Corrosion resistance of different resins
545. Garage electroplating
546. What is "Ferrocote"
547. "Dacrotize" process
548. Is this chromate or is it chrome plating?
551. Composite particle plating
552. Need a rubberized dip process
553. Blackening hard chrome plating
554. Okay to use aluminum cathodes in hard anodize?
555. Copper plating of aluminum
558. Seeking info on alternatives to nickel striking
560. Looking for powder coating equipment and supplies
562. Suffering from polarizing of anodes during plating
564. Thickness measurement ternary alloy on steel
565. Using Magnesium Oxide in electroplating wastewater treatment.
567. Ventilation of large galvanizing tanks
568. Construction plans for power supplies
570. Electropolish to surface roughness less than .03 micrometer?
571. What is a "Chill Mark"?
572. Salt spray standards for electroless nickel
573. Deburring of stainless steel strips
574. Chrome plating plastics
575. Chrome plating aluminum
576. Alternatives to electroless Nickel coatings
578. Automated machinery to blast light gauge steel
580. QC problem in leadframe plating camera
581. Comprehensive guide to anodizing and gold plating
582. "Black Diamond" finish
584. 7075-T6 fasteners okay on 5052 panels?
585. Instrumentation to quantify scratches
587. Need to repassivate after welding?
588. Nickel acetate seal
589. Poor adhesion in electroless nickel
590. Anyone experienced in magnesium phosphate?
591. Looking for a biodegradable stainless steel cleaner
596. Want solderable metal film on vycor or silica 597. Does decorative chrome plating effect quality?
598. Anodic films produced from sulfuric acid baths
600. How to cool a hard anodize tank?
601. Coating alumina with copper
603. "Sanford Hardcoating" process
604. Connecting two threaded aluminum parts
606. Q.C. limits for chloride in anodizing process
608. Accelerated corrosion test for powder coated magnesium
609. Problems with inconsistent adhesion between epoxy primer and topcoat
610. Some questions about chromate coating
611. How to eliminate nodules on the edges of dies
612. Restoration of old model railroad track
613. Restoration of an old shotgun
614. Electroplating nickel/cobalt and silicium deposit
615. Looking for a source of Iridite
617. Gold recovery by ion exchange
619. E-copper as heat treat stop-off?
620. Drying blind holes
621. FAQs re. ISO-9002
623. Etching aluminum for paint adhesion
624. Iron plating small copper statues
626. Quantifying plating costs
627. Effectiveness of chromate passivation
628. Passivation of 400 series SST
629. Anodizing high Copper and Silicon aluminum
631. Black coating that won't fluoresce
633. Reusable plugs to keep paint out of holes
634. Pinhole contamination in white powder
636. Preventing outgassing of anodized parts
638. Nickel versus Tin plated wire
639. Passivation of 303 stainless steel
642. Repairing contaminated circuit boards
644. Porosity test for gold plating
645. How to brass tint lead, zinc, and tin
646. Looking for a very fast method to strip nickel from copper
647. Darkening aluminum alloy castings
648. Information on Zinc Cobalt plating
649. Clear coating for aluminum motorcycle engine parts
650. Cleanroom for painting
652. Nickel-free plating of jewelry
653. Bonding circuit boards to alloy frames
654. How to identify this coating?
655. Will an Ampere Hour meter help with anodizing process?
657. Measuring reflectivity of mirror polished stainless
658. Handling chromate waste from tarnish preventer
660. Effect of sulfuric anodizing on fatigue strength
661. Au/Sn (gold/tin) brazing problem
663. Vacuum Impregnation and Plating
664. Chromate conversion coating on screwed & glued aluminum
666. Information on EMI shielding on aluminum
668. What is BLACK-T
669. Coating materials for motorscrews
670. What type of metals and finishes are required for rotogravure press?
671. In need of a galvanic series chart
672. Plating emission factors
673. Anode and cathode distance for bright nickel plating
674. Floating problem with waste treatment sludge
676. Re-anodizing a cast aluminum sauce pan
677. Metal is depositing onto plating barrels instead of on the parts
679. Wear resistant coating for A356 aluminum
680. Info about "American Enterprise" scrubber please
681. Rilsan over stainless steel
682. Electroless plating for brazing applications
685. Microarc oxidation?
686. Problem in platinum aluminide plating
687. Electroless nickel with particles like silicon or Teflon
689. Non-reflective clear coat for aluminium
690. Electroplating tin on steel rods
691. Emissions to atmosphere by chrome platers
692. Middle school electroplating
693. Silver nitrate solution for glass silvering
694. Structure of black chrome plating
695. Making water-soluble photopolymer conductive
696. Phosphorus content of EN coatings
697. Seeking a non-reflective clear coat for aluminium
698. Starting a new business replating meat market equipment--can you help?
702. Zinc Chromate Paint Replacement
703. Inhibitors for sulfuric acid anodizing
705. Information on screw finishes?
706. Want equipment to chrome auto rims
708. Getting started in plating
710. Wear coating for S-7 Tool Steel or stainless? TiN, TiCN, Armoloy TDC, QPQ?
713. Chrome Plating Bumpers and Copper
714. How to de-plate Brass
716. How to test plating adhesion of electroless/watts plating
718. Control help for OD chromates in tube / wire applications
719. Stainless steel passivation methods and articles
720. White rust on galvanized steel
722. Parkerizing or phosphatizing kit
723. Stone Guard or Stone Hard
724. Picric Acid Replacements?
725. Coatings for brass that won't dull the luster
728. Agitation equipment for passivating washers
730. Anodized a surface for electrical insulation
732. Plating Brighteners without sulfur
733. Method to analyze coumarin
734. XRF coating thickness measurements-calibration
736. Anodize or plating process to control thermal properties
737. Stripping Chromium Plate from Aluminum
740. Tin Pest/tin disease/tin whiskers
741. Opalescence or opalizing of aluminum
742. Anodes for Ni sulfamate electroforming
744. Low temperature cleaners
745. Electrodeposition of silver
746. Nitriding and carbonitriding
747. Alodine drying procedures
748. Protecting cut ends of steel tubing from corrosion
751. Oxidation of aluminium without electricity
752. Chrome removal from motorcycle rims
753. Electropolishing in "stacked" parts
754. Paint booth lighting
755. Tinting galvanized material
757. Brass tarnish removal on an antique cash register
758. Machined dies for transfer molding
760. questions about industrial hard chrome plating
761. Pollution free Galvanization possible or not?
762. Puma C12 Activator
763. Gold plating on auto brand emblems
764. Rainbow Passivation of zinc plated parts
767. Seeking information about electropolishing stainless steel
768. Nickel plating: electroless or not & what thickness?
769. Brush plating of aluminum
770. 50-500 um alumina coating
771 Reclaiming gold and nickel
771a. Reclaiming silver powder from crushed glass
771b. Reclaiming precious metal from circuit boards, etc.
772. Chrome plating embrittlement relief
773. pH measurement
774. Colored dying of yellow chromate on chloride zinc
775. Patina finish on big brass bands
776. Galvanizing problem: high silicon steel
777. Non skid coating for aluminum
778. More replies to passivation of stainless steel
779. Removing tarnish on brass, copper, bronze
779a. Remove lacquer on old copper molds
779b. Ugly white patches on bronze statue
779c. Remove tarnish on pennies, copper, and silver
779e. How to tell artificially aged metal from real?
779f. Sealing copper cupboard fronts
780. Cleaning oxidized 5086 aluminum plate
782. Electrical conductivity values of oxidized Beryllium Copper
783. Copper wire de-tinning
784. EMI/RFI Shielding
786. Training Program Help Needed for Metal Polishing
788. Zinc plating problem with surface inclusions
790. Green patina on coppercamera
791. Seeking method for chem-film (Iridite) removal
792. Stripping of Neodymium
793. Need non-cyanide nickel strippers
796. Hydrogen embrittlement
797. Clear hard anodize coating--Reynolds?
798. Painting/protecting brass elevator doors
799. Electrochemical production of ferric flocculent
800. Polishing aluminum motorcycle rims camera
801. Requesting assistance with paint adhesion on a galvanized surface
803. Zinc plating problem: poor corrosion resistance
805. Problem with anodize fading
807. Powder coating and the automotive industry?
808. Tin plating waste treatment
809. Splash color anodize - how?
811. Uses for lead acetate in plating
812. Chrome plating of EDM wire
816. Paint sludge recycle
818. Lacquer designed to withstand a bake
819. Silver Saxophone finish flaws
821. Unintentional solder adhesion to Zinc & Yellow Chromated surfaces
822. Conversion coatings on aluminum
826. Aluminum-Scandium alloy baseball bats
827. Finishing of model aircraft engines
828. Chromate coating thickness vs. electrical resistance
829. How to use bipolar auxiliary anodes
830. Chrome Plating of Magnesium
833. H&H (Handy & Harman) factor and Black Silver Plating
834. Galvanneal is Off Gassing during powder coating
835. Glycolic acid uses in metal finishing
836. Poly OND or Poly ORD
837. Looking for medical grade powder coating supplier
838. Formulas for rust patinas
839. Electropolishing of high Ni alloys (alloy 42)
842. Can't find Versene "T" or Versene 220, for that matter
843. Cyanide-free electroless Silver
844. A nonmetallic is depositing during Electroless Nickel plating
847. Coating thickness testing devices
848. Copper Anode formulations, what's the difference?
849. National fastener act
850. Carbon anodes for electrogalvanising
851. Hard clear coat for gold
852. Difficult Electrolytic Nickel Plating of diffusion barrier
853. Passivating Stainless Steel 416 Grade T
854. Black oxide - cold method vs. hot method
855. Electropolishing Bath Additives
856. Level control for heated cleaning tanks
858. Epoxy Polymer Concrete Aluminum Bond
859. What's happening with ISO-14000?
860. Electropolishing of semiconductor wafers
861. Humidity failures on waterborne coatings for plastics
862. Reliable Zinc Alloy Plating Sources?
863. Citric acid passivation of stainless steel
865. Cyanide-free brass electroplating formulation
866. Surface finishing of low-friction surfaces
867. Trivalent chrome thinness and staining
868. Pits on ground electroless nickel plating
871. Aluminum/epoxy adhesion problem
873. Hard chrome plating thickness measurement
874. Zinc phosphate as galvanic corrosion protection?
878. How to get uniform electroless zincating on aluminium used in Si chips?
880. Sierra Silver Spray Solution
881. Corrosion Protection of zinc plating solution
881a. White Rust / Wet Storage Stain on Chain Link Fence
882. Hydrogen Embrittlement in Chromium Plating
884. Mu metal plating, coating, and finishing
885. Testing copper plating solution for copper & acid content
886. Scratches and pits during electropolishing
888. Copper deposition: How to get smooth heavy deposits
889. Electropolishing of small nickel-titanium (nitinol) parts
893. Converting cyanide-containing degreaser to non-cyanide
896. UV-proof black anodizing
897. Electropolishing nickel-titanium (Nitinol)
902. Operating conditions for ruthenium plating and tungsten-nickel plating?
903. Looking for Thermal Conductive Powder Coating
905. Future of Hard Chrome Plating
906. Need help with Silver plating and threaded Locknuts
907. Zinc plating and black oxiding of powdered metal
908. CARC-compliant Powder Coating
909. Passivation with citric acid
910. Drying parts spot-free
911. Aluminium coating of polymers
913. How to produce antique gold finish
914. Need to prove Zinc Phosphate was removed by Grit Blast
915. Options for disposal of soak cleaning solution
916. Sensitizing and the Brashear process
917 What is a DEFRIC finish? A type of nitriding?
920. Color chart book for RAL standards
921. Calculating explosion limits
922. Woods Nickel Barrel plating of SST
924. Edge effects in nickel sulfamate plating
927. Process for plating onto Molybdenum
929. Vendor/chemicals to apply Cu/Sn alloys--Albaloy process
931. Alternatives to Chromium and Cadmium Plating
932. Reducing Agent for Electroless Copper Deposition
934. Coating for metallizing nonconductors
934a. Making cotton rolls conductive
935. Chrome Plating Tank Sizing
937. Anodizing titanium alloys
938. Need electropolish, passivation, of stainless steel
939 Statistics on Black Oxide Emissions
940. Benchmarking for QS9000
941. What are the top five metals used for plating?
943 Problem with Pickling Steel with 2.5% silicon
945. E-coat manufacturers - Who are they?
946. Anodizing questions for DIY
947. Experiencing non-conductive Deposits on Expanded Metal Anodes.
948. Industrial cleaning and lacquering of brass (in a machine center setting)
950. Electroless Nickel on TUNGSTEN-CARBIDE and Tungsten-Titanium
952. How do I activate heat treated Nickel
954. Plating small car bits at home
955. Aluminum (or Metallic) Coating for a diffractive surface
956. Mechanical polishing of stainless steel
957. Are impurities in cast Aluminum causing the corrosion
958. Soldering problems with bright Tin Plate
959. Young's modulus/tensile strength of powder coatings.
960. Black zinc phosphate
961. Quench Polish Quench process
962. Anodizing of Stainless Steel
964. Source For Anodize Dyes
967. Anodizing plant capacity?
968. Need introductory info on Powder Coating
970. Metal finishing chemical process videos wanted
971. Refining of Precious Metal
975. Powder Paint Visible Emissions from Bake Oven Exhaust
977. Plating of semiconductor leadframes
981. Polishing titanium
982. Gunsmith Bluing
983. Looking for imitation gold plating
984. Nickel Electropolishing
985. Anodizing Aluminium to a stainless steel color
985A. Looking for information on anodizing of titanium
987. What is a jiggle Cell (a type of Hull Cell)
988. How to strip Zinc-Nickel plating
989. Cadmium Plating Replacements
990. Chemically prepping aluminum/graphite (Al/Gr) composite material for plating
991. Rust forms on inside of plated tubes
993. Barrel Plating Fundamentals?
994. Formula wanted for brightener for citric acid gold bath
998. Red smut after bright dipping
999. Artist needs help painting metal surfaces without preparation

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