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Rubber lined pipe for desalination plant


Q. I am doing research for an engineer who is specifying seawater piping for a desalination plant;they have specified very expensive duplex stainless steel when others are saying rubber lined carbon steel will be adequate; can you comment?

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A. Sorry, I don't know much about desalination plants. But, obviously, rubber lined carbon steel pipe would only be appropriate where the pipe is not wetted by the saltwater, and where access and maintenance is practical.

Ted Mooney, Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Pine Beach, New Jersey


Q. I am also interested in the use of rubber lined pipe for shipbuilding. How do I find out about standards for this material? I head up the standards group at the largest shipbuilder on the west coast and we are looking for a less expensive alternative to copper-nickel pipe. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Walter F. Devine
steel and shipbuilding


Q. I am working on a project using saltwater for emergency fire water and we are considering using cement mortar lined steel pipe. The dense concrete on the interior will protect the pipeline from internal corrosion and cathodic protection for the external surfaces of the pipe.

Keith A.Packard, PE
corrosion consultants


Q. I am working on a project that requires the transporting of a very abrasive and very hard glass like material thru a pipe line using only air as the transporting conveyance. The material will be moving thru the pipe at approx. 4000 f.p.m. there will also be several 90 degree elbows in the pipe run. I do not want the material being transported to be damaged, therefore I am considering using a rubber lined pipe for the application.

Paul Olmstead
- Neenah Wisconsin


A. An Alloy of Ductile iron has been used for many years for seawater piping. It has been operating in 6 process water cooling systems since 1998 with pipe diameters up through 30 inch I.D. The seawater is from the Atlantic ocean. No measurable corrosion has been observed to date. An electric utility has used it for cooling water intake and return lines from the Gulf of Mexico. I am also aware of desalinization plants using using standard ductile iron.
If a trade name can be included for the alloyed ductile iron it is MONDI tm.

Edward Knoll
- Arnold, Missouri

June 21, 2009

A. Rubber Lined Carbon Steel Pipe is sufficient, if this condition is not present:

1.) High temperatures of over boiling point (212 Degrees F for extended periods of time.

Note: Suggest coating Outside & Inside of Carbon Steel Pipe. We have experienced success with this in the chemical industry with highly corrosive conditions.

Mike Woodruff
Metal Finishing - Murfreesboro, Tennessee, US

April 3, 2012

Q. I have problem in my inlet/outlet condenser DN 1800/1 MPa pipe using carbon steel pipe with rubber lining inside. The fluid is sea water, The rubber line broke so the pipe have corroded and then leaks.
My question is what is the better one, FRP or Rubber ??
Can you give me the solution if I want to make our pipe free from the leakage until 10 years operation. The information is our power plant have operated only for 2 years but in 1st year the pipe have severely corroded..
Thank you

- Labuan, Banten Indonesia

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