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Need help painting metal surface


Q. I am in search of a product that will "stick and stay" on metal painted surfaces without going through sandblasting or other extraordinary efforts. I am an artist. I intend to paint a mural on the side of a trailer(used as an office) for an animal shelter. This is a volunteer task for a wonderful organization. Does anyone have a product that can be used with reasonable results? The Animal Shelter will build a permanent building within three years. Meanwhile the facility they are using needs to be esthetically pleasing to encourage continued donations. What can I use that can be expected to last for three years, without flaking off? It is the metal siding with the already painted surface that is giving me the problem....if it were base metal I could deal with it. However, neither the animal shelter nor I, have where-with-all to remove the paint or prepare the surface in any manner readily available to us. Thank you so very much.

Karen Barnett


A. Either way, you must travel to the New York metropolitan area.

We will either find a graffiti artist who can paint on your trailer, or you will solve our graffiti problem, and be given the keys to New York City!

pooky tom pullizi signature
Tom Pullizzi
Falls Township, Pennsylvania


Q. I have also been using metal plate in my artwork but up to now haven't painted directly on it. I would like to do that. Is it possible to use lacquer? How about paint used on cars? I'm going to check on it, but if anybody out there has any good suggestions, please let me know too.

Roberta Holtmark


A. Roberta, Did you find a solution to your problem? You mentioned lacquer or car clear coats.

Lacquer will turn dark or amber colored with exposure to the sun and car clear coats are very expensive and very difficult to work with. You may want to try Everbrite Protective Coating. It is a one part clear coat that is very easy to work with that will seal your work onto the metal and protect it from oxidation, rust, salt air corrosion and other damaging elements. We have had artists use it on metal fountains to prevent rust. It will also protect your art from graffiti. Everbrite coating will also refinish faded and oxidized metal and other painted surfaces (siding, signs, metal buildings, etc.) to make them look new again. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Teresa Sedmak
Everbrite, Inc.
supporting advertiser  
 Reno, Nevada

Grill protected with Everbrite


Q. I am in the process of repainting some metal crosses, I want to give it a shining finish when the painting is completed. I am using acrylic paint for the painting but am wondering what I should use to give it a shiny or semi-shiny finish. Will I need to sand between the top coat finish? ( the shiny finish ) thank you

Lisette Goldenberg
- Lisle, Illinois

March 29, 2008

Q. I need to paint some 2 1/4" metal tubing for drapery rod. Any ideas for what to use and technique? Primer needed?
Thanks for info.

Elisa Oliphint
hobbyist - Montgomery, Alabama USA

January 9, 2010

A. Auto enthusiasts are always tackling the problem of painting on various metal surfaces exposed to the natural elements.

A quick review of several sites shows auto finishers almost always use an air-brush or spray pigment application method.

They almost always remove any previous surface treatment and try to expose the base metal - I realize this is a step you want to skip.

The main answer to you problem may be to apply a 'primer' to the image area before you paint. There are all types of spray-on primers available. Since your painting is temporary - three years - maybe a primer will buy you the time you need in permanence until the new facility is built.

It is very generous of you to assist such a worthy cause in your community. I hope my suggestions helped. Good luck.


Peter Kleine
- Blue Springs, Missouri, US

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