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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

metal finishing cover

25001. Cadmium contamination
25005. How to barrel polish brass castings without cyanide
25006. Electrician notes black oxidation of neutral at Power Distribution Centers
25009. Health affects of aluminum oxide wood finish
25010. The life of galvanized beams in salt atmosphere
25011. Paints on outdoor boxes
25014. Gold Ion Concentration
25015. Refinishing appliances
25016. Searching for solid colors
25017. Stainless and Copper Hood
25018. Removing scratches from black lacquer furniture
25020. NH35?
25021. Penetration of Olive Green Passivation
25022. Painter finds chromic acid treatment of magnesium doesn't work
25023. Need cost-effective alternative to stainless polishing
25024. Need to plate titanium onto stainless steel
25029. High emissivity coating for textile surfaces
25031. Cobalt Nickel electroless plating
25032. Auto body metal rebuilding methods for rust problems
25033. How to paint on aluminum
25034. Old, rusty, scratched metal file cabinet
25035. Water treatment with CN
25037. Non wet on QFP package during reflow
25038. Possibility of electroforming platinum or rhodium tubes
25040. Acid bright dip problems
25041. Lead Anodes
25042. Indian mfgr. needs to supply France with US 4 finish on stainless investment castings
25044. Battleship New Jersey commission wants to protect weather-exposed brass & bronze
25045. Hard-chromed stainless steel is corroding in oil field application
25046. Acid Resistance for Stainless Steel
25049. RF sputtering-damage to substrate surface
25050. Should an anodizer diversify into electropolishing of stainless steel?
25054. Possible health problems from foreign made galvanized pipe
25056. The make-up of Silver?
25057. Wanted: Experience with Electroplating of Platinum
25060. Rusting Aluminum
25061. Can bright help in soldering/ brazing on to copper bar?
25062. Silver plating quality problem
25063. Information Required on Nano-scale Diamonds in Plating
25064. Adhesives supplier having trouble specifying required surface finish
25065. Energy-controls company needs to plate copper bus bars
25067. No longer stainless steel but Stained Stainless Steel
25073. Re-chrome 30's, 40's, 50's Leica cameras
25078. Perma Kote Cleaner and Polishes
25081. Make ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) Conductive Glass Simply
25083. Is rhodium plating magnetic?
25084. Paint peels off concrete driveway
25085. Better to gold plate badge accessories or strip them?
25086. Watchmaker wants to plate small brass parts
25087. Need a coating for copper pipe to prevent weathering and verdigris
25088. My decorations stuck together
25089. Need meds for Cyanide Poisoning... not the whole kit!
25091. Highly Reflective / High Temperature Paint
25094. Zinc Plating Plant
25095. Printer's grinding wheels quickly plug up when working aluminum pipe
25096. These days rotors are visible and need to look good
25097. Petrochem plant asks about sacrificial anodes for carbon steel condenser
25101. How does Electroless Plating work?
25103. My objective is to form MgB2
25104. Questions about about ADC 12 during Die Casting
25105. Architect wants to chamfer SS countertops
25106. Firescale Removal with "Liquid Kopper Cleaner"
25107. Wanting to paint brass to go with wrought iron
25108. Looking to color small light bulbs for a toy
25109. Durabrite Surface Treatment on Aluminium Components
25111. Boric Acid in Nickel Sulfamate Solutions
25112. Do cutting tools require re-coating after sharpening?
25113. Liquid versus powder paint finishing?
25114. Powder coating vs Electroplating, which is better?
25117. Salt Spray Life of Blue Passivation
25119. How to do copper plating
25121. Hardness values for hard anodize
25122. Loss of material from stripping anodized coating
25123. Architect can't get fingerprints off glass bead blasted stainless steel
25124. H.V.A.C. servicer wants spray-on tarnish remover
25125. How to manufacture rhodium solution
25128. Chrome removal
25129. Safety aspects
25130. Specialty machine requires coating to prevent galling between two aluminum surfaces
25131. Need air knives for sheet galvanizing line
25132. Aluminum ore transportation
25133. Electroplating process
25135. Platinum and gold disposal
25136. Cause of auto paintwork problems
25141. Rust/Structural integrity
25142. Selective stripping of electroless copper
25143. Designing a rectified supply
25145. Hydrofluosilicic (Fluosilicic) Acid as Activator for Titanium
25146. Is passivating stainless steel before chrome plating of any use
25147. Harley fan needs backyard process to anneal copper gaskets
25148. Distressed finishes
25152. Can I bend thin-wall 6061 aluminum tubing with out damaging it?
25155. Academic wants to set up an electropolishing machine
25157. EN thickness is reduced by baking?
25159. Science fair project question silly :-)
25160. Hard nickel won't adhere to inconel
25163. Expired Lead Frame effect on Plating Quality
25164. Mono/di/tri basic acid reactions
25165. CPVC vs. PVC Safety Question
25166. Need images of peeling electroplated jewelry
25167. Sulfur difference in aluminum stock
25168. Starting small business for ceramic coating
25169. Need liquid silver replating solution
25170. Painting my galvanized steel entry door
25172. PCB plating voids. Caused by air bubbles?
25173. Powder coat adhesion problem over zinc plate
25180. Methods of measuring etch depth
25181. Problems in developing anodizing dye
25187. Corrosion of metals by acidic beverages
25188. How to keep copper roof from oxidizing?
25189. Best method of Localized Heat Treating
25190. Will powder coating prevent galvanic corrosion?
25197. Stripping zinc from steel without damaging steel
25202. Diecast aluminum alloy cleaning
25203. Heat bluing Damascus steel
25204. Chrome Plating Steel
25206. Aluminum and silver sputtering
25207. Minute pinholes in clusters after plating
25208. Pyrophosphate copper for zinc problems
25209. Gold plating problem on SMA connector pin
25213. Process and equipment for chroming
25214. Hobson's choice on glass-to-ceramic seals
25215. Child safety products require bonding of PP to ABS
25216. Powder coat problems due to masking need
25217. Aerospace mfgr. sees 17-4 PH turning grey during passivation
25218. Pool mfgr. asks feasibility of electropolishing his hand rails
25219. Fire Dept. wants advice on Aluminum Tank Corrosion
25220. Zinc Plating Standards
25221. Cold blackening stains our hands!
25224. Student needs plant layout info
25226. Are any electropolishing cathode materials better than lead?
25227. Need Brasso in the large economy size
25229. My 3rd year of electroplating science projects
25231. Removal of hexavalent chromium on a fixed bed reactor
25234. Rack marks on electropolished stainless steel
25235. Prostate cancer in GM workers and those exposed to cadmium
25236. Galvanized buckets as punch bowls
25237. Trying to electropolish fasteners but nothing happens
25238. Persian Energy Policy has questions on solar absorber coatings
25240. Adhesion test for chrome plated towel warmers
25241. Can't get uniform painting thickness on transformer fins
25242. White Spots on Chromate Conversion Coating
25244. Whats the best way to clean off Aluminum Polish?
25246. How can a school remove graffiti from a brick wall
25247. Aluminum Front Surface Mirror
25248. Woods Nickel Strike Bath Analysis & Maintenance
25250. Cleaning flux from welded aluminum joints
25252. Causes of zinc bumps on zinc plated pipes
25256. Disposal or inactivation of perchloric acid-ethanol and chromic-phosphoric acid mixtures
25258. How to make up Sodium Dichromate seal
25259. 8th grade project on oxidation of brass
25260. High IR absorbing coating for a crystal
25261. Electronics mfgr. suffers discoloration of stainless parts-washer baskets
25266. Precision tool maker needs coating for excising lithium
25268. Our doctor doesn't know metal fume poisoning
25269. Can my cooktop change to brushed stainless?
25270. What does tarnished nickel look like?
25271. Hot or Cold Water to Rinse Sulfuric Acid
25272. Removing Cr+6 ions from cyanide copper plating baths
25275. Steel and stainless steel
25279. Keeping contact resistance of phosphor bronze contacts minimal
25280. Tin Plating Tellurium Copper
25282. Humidity levels for ABS levels in chrome plating
25283. Resist for caustic soda?
25284. Protective coating for galvanized counters in a floral store
25285. Help me clean my kitchen floor with muriatic acid
25286. What beats charcoal blocks for silver soldering?
25288. What is potassium dicyano aurate
25289. Toxicity of nitrosylfluoride
25290. Nickel-Cobalt electroless solution
25291. Should EN baths have wetting agents or not?
25292. Process machinery suffers pitting corrosion
25293. Surface Area Calculation
25294. Seeking satin nickel finish without nickel plating
25296. Tubing mfgr. want to coat steel with Zinc-Aluminum Alloy
25297. Can I buff out swirly scratches?
25299. Bromine is attacking architect's stainless natatorium
25300. How to tint the sealed beams of cars
25301. Japan Paint Machinery Association Color Chart
25302. Lubricants effect on finishing
25304. What bacterias treat cyanide and reduce their effects on animals and aquatic life?
25305. Carbon filtration for e-nickel chemistry
25306. Cutting edge of metal parts is rusting
25307. Masking stencils for blasting/painting
25308. Thickening the copper patinating solution
25309. Corrosion
25310. Repeatable coatings
25314. Hazards for the "Elderly" hobbyist
25315. Transit Authority wants best way to clean brushed aluminum rail cars
25316. Color-coding Phosphate conversion coatings?
25320. How do you minimize hydrogen embrittlement in copper electroforming?
25321. Water marks, rusty parts and thick electroplating
25323. Need thermal deburring machine
25324. High-schooler wants to build hydrolysis powered engine
25325. Hexavalent vs. Trivalent chromate toxicity
25328. What Is German Surface Protection "DBL"?
25329. A beginner at shipyard has painting questions
25331. Phosphatizing doesn't work for brass and copper
25334. Laser mfgr. suffers machining marks under nickel plating
25335. Blow moulder needs to protect parts from PVC Fumes
25336. Too little ferrite in my 316 C12 castings. What will happen?
25337. Steel mill needs blue oxide removal
25339. Pachuca tank
25341. EASY alternative to anodizing to protect against fingerprints
25342. Joining of riser tube and metal strip
25343. Sanded steel car
25347. Really confused about safety of hobby electroplating
25349. Valve mfgr. needs to know SPI to Ra relationship
25350. Tier 2 supplier wants to plate 303SS threads against galling
25352. Does titanium discoloration in heat affected zone hurt aircraft components?
25354. Switchgear mfgr. asks resistance of gold chromate on bus
25356. Auto supplier needs better grinding and deflashing of weld joints
25357. 6061 part anodizes well, same part in 7075 burns
25362. Laundromat owner's new stainless steel washers have difficult stains
25363. Steel and aluminum scuba tanks need refinishing
25364. Cleaning a 14K gold bracelet found in shower drain
25366. Inside of Cast Iron Tea Kettle Rusts
25373. Project on alternatives to cadmium plating
25374. Grout remover burned some stainless appliances
25375. Clearcoat overspray dulled my chrome rims
25376. Cleaning a building's 50 year old aluminum window frames
25377. Removing green deposits from copper and brass box
25378. Cleaning copper sheet metal sculptures without darkening
25380. Craftmaker wants simple setup to anodize small copper objects
25382. Stress corrosion cracking in 304 SS submersible motors
25384. Polishing Au to the NM scale
25385. Restoring 100 year old cast iron statues
25386. Comm. Equipment mfgr. asks how good is NH-35?
25393. Need electropolishing solution
25394. Student need to remove copper plating from pennies
25395. What are the steps in chrome rim manufacturing?
25396. How to deal with stains on patinated copper countertop
25398. Need alkaline pickling process to eliminate hydrogen embrittlement
25399. Powder coating is thick at sharp corners
25400. Marine repair shop needs to purify hard chrome plating solution
25401. Machinist needs know-how to electroplate copper onto steel
25403. Injection molder needs right mold coating for running PEI
25406. Electrolysis of CO/CO2 and H2O
25409. Plating shop seeks formula for Uranium plating solution
25410. Heavy equipment dealer worries if lime hurts chrome hydraulic cylinders
25413. Sensor mfgr. needs Aeroglaze Z306 black paint
25415. Removing lead paint from brass hinges
25416. Chromated zinc plating is oxidizing between Singapore and the East Coast
25417. Auto accessories supplier wants adhesive for anodized parts
25419. Need glass-like surface on 1144 "stress-proof" steel
25426. The Color Of Sulfate
25427. Strange corrosion products on gold coated copper
25428. Can sheet steel rust away in only 4 years?
25430. Some questions about Mil-G-45204 Gold Plating
25432. Zinc-Nickel Plating? What are the colors possible?
25433. Passivating SS tubes already attached to mild steel plates
25434. Improving our electropolishing of 316L junction boxes
25437. Corrugated galvanized sheet as an interior design surface
25438. Electropolishing for more than conventional amount of metal removal
25441. Lacquer Coating
25442. Plastic part for consumer electronics needs selective chrome plating
25443. Switch mfgr. asks if sulfate/sulfamate from nickel causes silver oxidation
25446. Need Extra Fine Emery Cloth
25447. Science topic answer
25448. Looking for best conductive metal for DC probe for water immersion
25449. Wrought iron railing refinishing
25450. Testing for silver with household chemicals
25453. How to tolerance & gauge galvanized fasteners? Treatment after cutting threads.
25454. Sputtered ZrN comes out blue instead of gold
25456. Silversmith needs to raise pH in Watts nickel
25457. How to tell if gold plated parts are brass vs. steel
25458. Aluminum pulley locks itself onto stainless shaft
25460. Hinge mfgr. loses huge order to China, needs cheap brass-like finish
25463. How does Faraday's Law work in Hydrogen Electrolysis?
25464. Measuring friction and wear of coatings on stainless steel against sand
25467. Project to cobalt plate autos for corrosion resistance
25468. Titration end point for Nitric Acid concentration
25470. Brass went brittle from nickel plating?
25471. Aerospace test application requires EN not cause loss of sphericity
25473. How to co-deposit nickel powder particles from chrome plating solution
25476. Need help restoring metal cistern cups from 1800's
25478. Need literature on biocompatibility of titanium and 316L stainless steel
25479. In-house plater wants best material choice for small plating tanks
25481. Zinc-based organ pipes need gilding
25483. Telecom mfgr. sees red rust "bleed out" from seams
25484. Severe flaking and corrosion on powder coated aluminium profile
25485. Corrosion resistance of Electropolished SS304 versus unpolished SS316
25489. Polishing Stainless Steel on primitive Pago Pago
25490. Iridite Touch-up
25491. Need brushed finish on aluminum motorcycle forks
25492. RMS-RMZ callouts on auto parts cause confusion
25499. Health concern
25501. Hotplate user wants to electroplate them to improve heat transfer radiation
25502. Need to plate acid copper to 200 microns without roughness
25503. Panel builder wants to start business in silvering of copper
25504. Aerospace shop asks about Nitric vs. Sulfuric Acid in deoxidizing
25505. Shop asks effect on hardness of hardcoating at 50 degrees
25506. Deployed in Iraq and Desperate about Motorcycle Wheel Polishing
25512. Can paper mill's galvanized fence be powder coated?
25513. Tin plating going blackish
25514. Water meter mfgr. needs durable and safe aluminum finish
25515. Re-surfacing Stainless Steel abused from manufacturing
25521. Need alkaline solvent for gold electroplating
25522. Turning metals different colors other than green
25523. Current density required for chrome plating
25524. Replacement for Hexavalent Cr
25525. Tin/nickel interdiffusion
25526. Designing a statistical analysis of inspection data for hydrocarbon piping systems
25527. Medical equipment supplier needs to know if aluminum smells
25529. Copper cupola over bay window ruined by brick acid wash
25530. Gold coins blackened by the San Diego fires. Cleaning suggestions?
25531. Need rusty finish on soup cans for crafts
25532. Rusting corrugated steel
25537. Why Do Bleach and vinegar [affil link] Corrode Pennies?
25540. Mil-spec anodization sometimes porous sometimes not
25541. OEM asks how etch rate is calculated and measured
25542. Medical parts need selective re-anodizing after laser etch
25543. Laser-marking steel wheel rims destroys paint and causes rust
25545. Student of materials engineering asks about hot dip galvanization
25546. Rust is developing on repainted section of Toyota
25547. Boat repair shop asks about painting an anodized mast
25548. Cleaning the knobs and hinges of a camper's cupboard
25549. I panned for gold and need to safely get rid of the mercury
25551. How to oxidize my aluminum belt buckle
25552. How to get sleigh bells tuned/toned
25553. Historical hand re-tinning of copper cooking utensils?
25555. Can EN stretch enough for nuts to be used under sea?
25556. Connector mfgr. asks compatibility of palladium plated pins to tin-lead plated sockets
25557. Iron Contamination of HEEF-25 hard chrome solution
25558. Newbie questions why plated-in-China nickel and chrome is peeling
25559. Need to activate nickel for replating Ni-Cr
25560. Tri-nickel plated auto parts fail salt spray at the welds
25561. Preferred alloy for electroplating on aluminum
25565. Coating I.D. of concrete pipe with silver or copper
25566. Machine shop inadvertently copper plates steel bolts
25567. Want mirrored plastic sheets for teaching ski technique
25568. Plating etched zinc plates with steel or nickel
25569. Condo manager asks if powder coat steel railings okay on the coast?
25571. Crystals during copper electroplating cause bridging and short circuits
25577. Paints won't adhere to chromated aluminum aerospace parts
25578. 2nd tier powder coater sees outgassing on zinc plated parts
25579. Plating 6061 aluminum without using copper
25580. PWB mfgr. has thickness control issues on Au and Nickel in ENIG process
25581. Optical Mirrors need Electroless Nickel Coating
25582. Watchmaker has problems plating silver solder
25584. Color electroplating
25586. Lead free plating on copper, parts soldered in lead free process
25587. Blade mfgr. can't find soak cleaner that works without ultrasonics
25588. Cleaning of nickel plated steel platner table
25589. Making a YZ80 look like a metal Mulisha bike
25591. D-I-Y silkscreening of aluminum
25592. How big a deal is a Galvanising Installation
25594. Student asks the adhesion mechanism for rubber on glass
25596. Artist wants clear coat for glass
25598. Acetone wipe test for Anodize
25603. College of Economics needs average cost of zinc plating
25605. How to Successfully Paint Interior Plastic A/C Cover
25606. Chrome plating shop has DI water compatibility issues
25607. Pickling shop hopes electrocoagulation will raise pH and thus save caustic
25608. Consumer electronics maker asks why cyanide is used in electroplating
25609. Need barrel plating action to shift a slidebar so all of assembled part gets plated
25610. Sub-con needs confirmation that Def Stan 03-25/3 and MIL-A-8625 are equivalent
25611. Machine designer suffers stainless steel galling
25612. Polymer coating for Gold/Silver/Wood for dye sublimation printing
25613. Anodizing brass cufflinks to a perfect match
25614. White gold versus platinum for engagement ring?
25615. Does "X-it Precoat" meet AMS2473G
25616. Heating element mfgr. encounters rust of 321SS coils
25617. Getting control over Nitric HF pickle process for titanium
25618. Calculation of Surface Area
25619. How do we remove chrome from wheels
25620. Does VCI packaging cause the metal to suffer adhesion reduction?
25623. The whole Gulf Coast is rusting away
25624. Electrolysis of copper sulphate
25626. Nickel precipitation seems affected by mix with treated cyanide
25627. Die caster's zinc chromate is much too dark
25628. Best way to measure chrome plating hardness
25629. Need a finishing method where cast and wrought aluminum will look the same
25632. Where to get government approval TT-C-490 for zinc phosphate
25636. How to do the Gold Fill process?
25637. How to enamel sterling silver jewelry?
25638. How do I prepare and paint exterior copper pipe?
25639. Conductivity of titanium vs. steel
25640. Affects of Hydrochloric Acid on Gold
25641. Making carbon steel sheet metal art look like bronze
25644. Need heat treated parts plated for resistance to 10% nitric acid wash
25646. My ring fraudulently swapped, but how to prove it?
25648. Will watering herbs from galvanized water cans hurt us?
25649. Leakage in degreasing plant
25650. CuAl Intermetallic
25651. Powdercoating performance benchmarks
25652. Need to reapply silver rims onto crystal stemware
25653. Copper ring just keeps tarnishing
25659. How do I protect our copper wires from over annealing
25660. Contractor needs right prep. for lacquered copper fireplace
25661. Nickel plating peels off copper pin heads
25663. Selecting hardware finishes compatible with carbon steel enclosures
25664. Why is cadmium more "compatible with aluminum" than zinc is?
25668. Need equipment to measure Ra/grit-finish of stainless
25669. Need Metal Polishing Equipment and Supplies
25670. Zinc castings require vapour blasting before Alochroming
25671. What substrates for fashion jewelry to insure good plating?
25673. Artist needs selenic acid to color steel black
25675. Valve mfgr. needs replacement for hexavalent chromate
25676. Plating specification definition to prevent white rust
25677. Electrolytic plate-out of silver in the 1 ppm range
25678. Prevention of oxidation of lead plating on copper parts
25679. Masking ink for aluminium anodizing
25680. Need permanent mold release for molds for rubber
25685. Will poisonous gases from a Teflon lined microwave kill my parrots?
25686. Getting ISO-certification for only a single department
25687. Procedure for Titration of Ferric Chloride?
25688. Hospital equipment mfgr. needs to color stainless steel
25689. Using the molten zinc kettle to strip powder coatings
25690. Process details of Electroplating on Aluminum material
25691. Opto-electronics mfgr. needs adhesion of plastic to aluminum
25692. Why is the gas cap latch the only rusted part on my van?
25693. Want to paint my chrome motorcycle fender black
25694. Aluminum stays sulfur-contaminated despite ultrasonic cleaning and HNO3
25695. Cheaper blasting media than glass beads for stainless product
25696. Need a better water protective coating for Beryllium X-ray target disks
25703. Metal dye for different colors
25705. Black oxide start up help
25706. Striations on a Substrate that was Electroless Nickel Plated
25708. Electropolishing titanium. Formula and method.
25711. Salt Spray test for ASTM B633 Type II, FE/AN 5 with Olive Drab Chromate and Top Coat Passivate
25712. Need quick QC spot test for electrolytic vs. EN
25713. Pickled brass components only look good for a couple of weeks
25714. Experiencing more galvanic corrosion with one grade aluminum than another
25715. The thicker the Zn plating, the rougher the surface finish?
25717. Student asks what industries use deionised water?
25718. Copper pipe is turning black at worksite
25719. Should a juicer be epoxied, aluminum, or chrome?
25720. Heating copper to achieve various colors
25721. What do we do when chrome tank hydrometer reading is low?
25722. Procurement analyst asks about tape damaging pre-plate
25723. Heat treatment causes dark blue discoloration of 13-8 SST
25724. Passivating blacksmith forged stainless steel
25727. Problem in electroforming CD-DVD molds
25731. Carbon brick supplier needs furan resin mortar
25732. Teacher wants experiment on copper temp. vs. oxidation
25733. Need to change the color of nickel and steel without coatings
25734. Need help quoting e-coated parts
25735. The zinc plated products we bought are rusting
25736. Met lab needs inhibited hydrochloric acid for removal of plating
25740. Critique our proposed plating sequence for wire plating
25741. Filtration for Jewelry Repair Shop
25742. S-West Electroplating unit damaged - ideas for repair?
25744. Want to Hard Anodize in Colors
25745. How to keep the copper we are cutting from adhering to the thread cutter? TiN?
25746. Science fair project for a 5th grader
25748. Does anodizing solution become oxygen-poor after successive uses?
25749. Gold-Titanium Alloy for use in making shikhar kalash
25750. D2 tool steel for a survival knife?
25751. Non conductive smut develops between EN and copper contacts during burn-in
25752. Need Re-chroming of Bathroom Fixtures
25755. Cathodic Electrodeposition (CED) General Questions and Theory
25757. Customer spec demands COR-TEN rail transport parts be powder coated
25767. How can I oxidize copper without the use of a patina?
25768. Different finishes on nails
25769. Can I melt a white gold pendant into a ring?
25772. The study of wear, and Archard's equation
25773. Use of enameled copper wires for creation of gap in ferrite cores
25774. Scratch marks are appearing in ABS Parts after painting
25775. Hex nuts need better corrosion resistance than cadmium plating
25776. Will residual amounts of CO2 in a closed aqua cooling system lead to corrosion?
25782. Need Invar 36 with better Temporal Stability
25783. Designer needs better protection on painted die castings
25784. Need magnetically receptive metal foil
25785. Powder coating must be to FDA certification
25786. Acid zinc plating questions
25787. Antique copper strips on cedar chest
25788. How to fight corrosion of steel baghouse by acidic flue gas
25790. Having trouble with pits in bright anodizing
25791. Refinish brass/bronze Clock Face
25792. Protective coating for flame patina on copper without fading
25794. Boring Boron Carbide lame question
25795. Switching to a pulse rectifier caused silver plating problems
25796. Cracked clearcoat on powder coated finish
25797. Bonding resistance changes after a period of time
25799. Want to buy Dacromet
25802. Nickel stamper separate with another nickel plate
25803. Protective coating for brass
25806. ASTM Std for electroplated zinc on mild steel traffic sensor enclosures
25809. Need finish recommendation for stainless steel battery contact
25810. Security firm needs a very easily broken conductive sheet
25811. Need Paint Viscosity Chart / Cross-ref
25812. Need machining coolant that won't stain aluminium
25816. Chemistry % silly :-)
25817. Physicist wants to put EN onto a sputtered Pd sensitization
25820. Anodizing equipment for low volume inventor/prototype maker
25823. Blackening a steel drawer pull
25824. Furniture restorer can't reliably solder brass-plated zinc
25825. Problem soldering to brass pin with Tin plating on Nickel flash
25826. Will IPA destroy chromated surfaces
25827. Can't remove protective plastic film adhesive residue from stainless steel
25829. Seeking knowledge on chroming my aluminum molds
25830. How much iron exhausts a pickling solution and how to measure it?
25833. Mercury separation
25834. Design project on Teflon plating
25836. Cyanide decontamination small scale
25837. Can the hollows inside wedding rings be filled?
25838. Can DLC coatings be applied by Electron Beam process?
25850. 302 vs 304 stainless steel in cookware
25851. Reclaim Gold Finishings
25852. Fixing scratched glass with jeweler's rouge
25854. Lime slippage from sludge contact clarifier
25855. Chloride Titration for Nickel Sulfamate Baths
25857. Need a finish like galvanizing, but black
25859. What chemical is used to lower pH of copper pyrophosphate bath
25860. Phase diagram for Na2B4O7 and NaCI mixture
25861. Mirror factory has silver sludge forming on nozzles
25864. Cleaning of superheated steam piping system
25866. What makes Copper coins turn black
25867. EN plating is immediately staining in water service
25869. Protecting Cast Iron or Steel submerged in molten Aluminum
25871. Is Green patina finish on copper gutters possible in dry climate?
25873. Forgings suffer severe color variations during dichromate seal
25874. Color Treatment for Electrically Conductive Al Finish
25876. Rusting a steel artwork with muriatic acid
25878. Artist need to mirror polish 10 ft x 6 ft rough stainless steel
25879. Set painter needs to remove silver from mirrors
25880. Parts must be painted, so what galvanized steel to spec?
25882. ORP Probes foul and cause problems in etching process
25883. Calculation of life for vibratory machines
25884. Lodging of steel balls in Copper U-bend tubes
25885. Pitting in Nickel Sulphamate Solution after Adding Brightener
25886. Delamination of fiberglass from ABS
25887. Giving steel a unique, aged look
25888. Fighting corrosion of cast iron woodworking machinery
25894. Electroplating Plastic
25896. How to make hobbyist photo resist
25897. Heat treatment discolors medical 304SS off and on
25898. Need non magnetic hard coating metal
25899. Attaching a copper trellis to a galvanized structure
25900. Search for environmentally safe alternative for aqua regia
25904. Soft Paint Issue
25907. General questions about fabricating aluminum
25909. Mounted galvanized steel in high humidity environment
25914. Electrolysis of water
25915. Trying to plate more than one metal at one time
25916. Corrosion resistant plating and/or coating
25918. How to make new horseshoe's look old
25919. How does one nickel electroplate
25921. Student asks if EN is resistant to various acids
25922. Parts rusting in-process in humid atmosphere
25926. Metal furniture mfgr. wants to do brass etching
25928. Glass Lined Holiday Inspection
25929. How thick should powder coating be for pad-mounted Xformers?
25930. Nickel sulfamate tensile stress blues
25934. Corrosion of commercial fish tanks after CuSO4 treatment
25935. Need ultra thin Fe and Ni coatings on silicon
25938. Medical equipment specialist asks about stainless steel anodizing
25939. Contractor asks about on-site refinishing of anodized aluminum
25940. Fire chief concerned about corrosion of aluminum ladders from stainless steel racks
25941. Carpenter worries about stainless steel to aluminum galvanic corrosion
25942. Procedure for testing success of SS passivation
25943. Applying foam balls for cleaning membranes
25944. Lack of nickel in tapped holes
25946. Masking for Vapor Phase Aluminizing
25947. Can submersible vessel with copper/titanium interface be improved by plating?
25950. Stopping a car's rust patch from spreading
25951. Weld cleaning of stainless steel
25952. CRCA steel?
25953. MSDS for Cd plated components
25955. The polish of copper wire fades in two days
25957. Problems with Aluchrome process on a aluminium tray
25958. Guidelines for re-use of stainless shot on critical components?
25959. 316L coating problem on 100 ft high column
25960. Refinish metal conga drum parts
25962. How to do electrochemical etching on Stainless Steel Utensils?
25964. Antiques restorer wants to protect original finish on cast iron
25965. Advice on Antiquing silver or gold
25966. Plating Brass on Wood
25967. Over painting of new galvanised above ground structures
25968. Question on CAD Plating specification
25972. How to blacken brass by immersion at room temperature
25973. Project to analyze nickel content in British vs. American coins
25975. Cylinder mfgr. investigates a treatment for piston rods
25979. Recovering silver via electroplating
25980. Want to apply magnesium alloys to street lighting
25981. Rectifiers of laboratory in university
25982. Iron Electroplating (Electrodeposition of Iron)
25983. Need a protective coating for a gold coin
25986. Brown Stain on TiN coating after Salt Spray Testing
25988. Tin plating for very cold environments; alloying to avoid tin pest
25989. Nickel sulfamate bath with high chloride contents
25990. Is reprocessing of alumina oxide abrasive cutting wheels possible
25992. Street light mfgr. needs pickling process prior to powder coating
25995. Silicon nitride piston
25996. Epoxy painting on al casting is too complicated and unreliable
25997. Prevention and removal of white rust

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