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metal finishing cover

23000. Mechanical plating equipment and solutions
23002. Need used Salt Spray cabinet
23005. Need suitable insulating coating
23006. Silver plating over Copper Plating
23007. Pitting Problem in Acid Copper Plating
23009. Aluminum signs need to be non-conductive
23011. Q's about Boron Nitride and its use as thermal and abrasive protection in off-road application
23013. Non-Tarnish FINISH
23014. Welded spots on stainless steel
23016. Can an egg damage car's clear coat?
23017. Improve my education on copper and copper alloy products
23018. How to obtain Green Ti?
23019. Electropolishing platinum-iridium alloys
23022. Can pyrex be plated?
23023. Chrome plating bicycle frame
23028. Information on electroless nickel plating
23034. Looking for solution to darken copper (patina copper)
23037. Can CLR be painted over
23038. Alternatives for electronic silver plating on shells that work & are safe to utilize
23039. Chrome Plating Parts from my 1952 MG TD automobile.
23040. Chemical Spot Check for Fastener Surface Coating Determination
23041. Racking material for Nickel Sulphamate
23042. Scratched Bead Blasted Architectural Stainless Steel - HELP?
23043. Zinc phosphate vs. gilded surface
23044. Wanted glue for stainless steel bonding
23045. Cleaning White Gold
23046. Solder delamination
23047. How to reduce paint thickness in cathodic Electro Deposition system?
23048. EN deposition on cast iron
23049. Dark Black Plating on gold and steel items
23057. How to avoid excessive gassing when conducting electropolishing
23058. Steel Shot Conditioner for PEWTER
23060. Etching gel manufacture
23061. Silver coating for copper antiques
23065. Corrosion protection of machined aluminum parts
23066. Corrosion in rivet head
23067. Suitability of metal
23068. Nickel plate on abs/pv
23073. Surface Tension
23076. The Faraday effect on the human body
23077. How to test "air contamination"
23078. Hydrogen de-embrittlement cycle for fasteners
23080. Aluminum plating solution to deposit Al onto copper
23082. Yellow patch in nickel plating
23083. Bench-top blackening of aluminum alloy
23084. Hard Anodising on Al 6061
23085. Problems anodizing 6061-T6 extrusion
23086. Mechanical descaling vs chemical pickling in wire drawing
23088. Yellow zinc vs. 316L stainless
23096. Architect questions on Mild Steel Countertop Finishing
23099. Air curtain causing damaged parts
23100. Chemistry behind Silvering chemicals
23101. Can we use acidic activation in tri-cationic phosphating system?
23102. Scale minimization or scale breaking
23103. Vibratory finishing of polyurethane pieces
23114. Enamel Coating
23116. How do I color muriatic acid without high expense?
23118. Grade 5 bolt question
23119. Request for help on how to stop aluminum from pitting
23121. Plans of spray booths and blasting booths
23122. Fraying teflon on stainless steel pan
23123. Does chrome conversion generate hex chrome?
23124. Sulphate formation from selective plate of tin over copper
23125. Use of solvent in chrome plating
23129. Request for help
23130. Bronze coloured finishes on aluminium and cast iron
23131. Total production of stannous sulphate (tin sulphate)
23132. Anodizing Dye Heater?
23136. Reaction of Polyglycol ether with PVC pipe
23137. PVC glue breakdown
23138. Ingestion of sodium hypochlorite
23142. Solar selective coating
23143. Black Oxide Corrosion Resistance
23151. Aluminum
23153. Feet for wrought iron table chairs used in a carpeted room
23154. How to rectify cratering problems in a CED coating?
23156. Zinc anode polarization
23160. How to avoid bacterial growth in anolyte tank in a CED system?
23161. What r yellow and irregular marks in phosphating?
23162. Red Brass Surface Plating Solution
23171. Curious about electroless nickel in vacuum applications
23173. How to remove oil based paint overspray from an automobile paint finish
23180. Inside corners of a SS Tank
23181. Metallizing vs HDG? Which will give a better finish and rust protection?
23190. Removal of chromium
23192. Anodes for anodizing small parts?
23194. Color coating (anodizing) small parts for the hobbyist
23195. Tin and cadmium plating on carburetor linkage
23196. Testing for discolouration of plated parts - Watch Dials especially
23197. Transparent coating on thin silver plated copper sheet
23198. Cathodic "E" Coat painting
23199. Hard chrome plating -- minimum thickness
23201. Brushed Nickel 356 Aluminum with Corrosion Resistance
23203. Appearance problem on Chemical Conversion Coating
23204. Black Iridite
23206. Galvanised iron
23207. Chrome plating details
23209. Pitting on 304 from different amount of Cl in rubber bands
23210. Magnetic Abrasive Finishing
23213. Hard anodizing with Mg and Si present
23218. Hardness Testing for Coil Coatings - ASTM D3363
23219. Removing Plasma Sprayed Silicon
23221. Elimination of Bernite bath and how to avoid pinkish discoloration on brass/copper brazed joints
23223. Is the chromic acid rinse necessary for phosphate coating?
23224. Buffing Chrome or E-Nickel plated Gun Bodies
23227. Black Nickel Finish "mimic"
23230. Rust Removal Off Iron Bed
23231. Sommelier needs color wheels with names
23234. Inquiry
23236. Removal of heat treat scale from martensitic tube
23237. Electrical insulating coating for Zinc Z8
23245. What paint can I use to paint gumboots?
23246. Corrosive powers of citric acid s on different metals
23247. Chemistry - rusting
23248. Information on Steel and Stainless Steel Finishes
23249. Alternate options for anodization
23252. SiC Coating on Steel
23255. Anodizing aluminum rivets
23256. Cold Sealing - White Clear Crystal
23258. Need details on aluminum ADC 12 material corrosion
23259. Embossed decorative foil aluminium sheets wanted
23261. Hydrogen embrittlement while gold plating NiTi material
23262. Electroless nickel-boron plating
23263. Aluminum cleaning
23266. Bead wire Plating and effect of composition
23267. White layer on large pieces made from aluminium
23269. How much cadmium in a cadmium bolt?
23271. Plating Copper for high temperature use
23279. Old Kerosene lantern
23280. Restoring patina for sterling silver flatware
23281. Spangle formation in Hot Dip Galvanisation
23283. Molybdenum in Iron phosphating
23284. Selection of steel for nitriding
23288. Wanting to salvage my scrap jewelry
23289. How do I get more color in my metal art
23290. Help painting shower frame
23291. Rack stripper formula
23292. Titanium Anode Baskets for Co plating?
23295. Effect of Electropolishing on Stainless Steel Grain Size
23296. Low friction finish for steel auger in sand
23300. Magnetic grade steel
23301. Gold plating solution
23302. Decorative Painting of Galvanized Steel Garbage Cans Questions on Preparation and Alternatives
23303. Adhesion test of Nickel Plating
23304. Powder Coat Adhesion Testing
23305. Purity determination of calcium carbonate
23308. Silver refining machines & costs
23311. Need e-coating sources
23318. Why and how are plastics electroplated?
23319. I would like to know all problems on steels BORIDIZING
23320. Precipitating, not plating, ZnO + KOH back to Zn + KOH
23321. Stainless-steel refrigerator door scratches
23322. Powder coating business
23326. Double-disc grinding on sus 303 stainless steel
23331. Restoring/cleaning printed tin
23333. Core 10?
23334. Calculation of Amp Hours
23335. Titration process for ABF
23336. Bonding of Vulcanized Rubberized Fabric with Fiberglass
23337. White rust
23341. Weld joint pre treatment prior to powder coating
23343. Re-coating porcelain on cast iron tub
23350. Chromate degradation caused by perspiration?
23351. Justification for an e-coat line?
23352. Pickling Alternatives
23353. Rust prevention in machined steel components
23363. Hard water car stains
23366. Rust removal from zinc pennies
23368. My hinges need a facelift!
23369. Electroplating on plastic
23370. Function of MSA and organic additives
23372. Pre-treatment alternative products
23374. Refining brown gold mud
23375. Aluminum brightener on windshield
23377. How can I tarnish brass
23378. Is it aluminum or zinc, or?
23379. New to coatings
23381. White Rust formation on aluminium die cast parts.
23382. Gun placement
23383. Discolouration after metallizing
23384. Zinc plating with zinc oxide
23385. Chemical resistance of 18/8
23389. Coating for pump shafts
23390. Anodizing vs Electroplating
23391. Black Metal Waxes
23393. Procedures for etching, staining and/or engraving copper and aluminum sheets?
23394. Peak Anodization Resistance, a way to detect when to stop?
23395. Resin Recovery process
23396. Cast iron plating problem
23397. Plating for Exterior Use
23398. What size rectifier for Anodizer.
23400. Drying after corncob tumbling
23401. Weldability (Resistance Welding) of passivated parts
23408. Looking for a paint finish that adheres to chrome
23409. Stainless Solder Contents
23410. Plastic tank welding, tips
23412. Metal epoxy powder coating
23413. Corrosion of aluminum with EN coat in wet environment
23414. Control the phosphate % in EN deposit layer
23416. Zinc-plating is discolored
23417. Chromate Conversion per MIL-C-5541 CLASS 1A (MED GOLD)
23418. Request for MSDS and sheet metal rust prevention
23419. Unikleen ingredients
23420. Corrosion of sulphuric acid with ferritic stainless steel
23427. Conductivity of aluminum coating materials
23428. Hairline crack in Casting
23429. Color change of residue
23430. Carbon particles removal from chromium sulphate solution
23431. Powder paint salt fog test
23432. Zinc in Outdoor Exposure
23437. Anodizing dye effects (FLAMES)
23438. Specs for federal standard #595 pertaining to water based inks
23439. SPI Finishes
23441. Paint Sludge Process
23443. Acid etching aluminum, twice
23444. RP for Iron Castings
23446. Need silvery metallic appearance and 150 hours to white corrosion on CRS
23453. Exchange of carbonate in my brass banns
23457. Durable paint formula, highly resistant to infrared in the sunlight & extreme climatic temperatures
23464. Sea water use for drinking purpose, required help
23465. How to achieve 2000 hours corrosion resistance in painting system
23474. Triple Dipping Plastic Like Car Rims
23482. Potash vs. Potassium chloride
23485. Rz finishes by production method?
23489. Electroplating and galvanizing
23490. Powder coating on yellow chem-film
23491. Stainless Steel for Screw Machine Use
23492. Architect needs Copper Gutters that don't stain stone
23494. Stainless steel for sea water
23497. Chrome plating chemistry lesson
23499. Bioremediation of metal contaminated sites
23501. Best treatment for corroding galvanized steel in marine environment?
23502. Cadmium plating over nickel plated brass
23503. Partial masking for electropolishing
23505. Preserving the shine
23506. Finding gold plating solution for jewelry
23507. Coating Titanium
23508. White Rust
23513. Metal coating or plating of PPS plastic for soldering
23519. Silver plating with silver nitrate
23520. Removing rust from '51 Caddy
23523. Restoring a cast iron bath
23528. Changing bright brass finish to zinc or patina caming look?
23531. Micaceous Iron Oxide Finishing
23532. Which is better? Rubber lining vs chemcarbon
23538. Copper washer brightening after heat treatment
23539. Protecting switchgear from sulphur/methane
23542. Electrocoagulation Design Criteria for Textile wasteWater
23545. Conductive coating for styrofoam
23546. Corrosion of Anodized Aluminum
23548. Re-coat brass
23550. Formulas for Electroless Copper Plating Bath
23551. Automated Scratching
23553. Solder adhesion to 1095 steel
23555. Tantalum wet etching
23556. Boiler corrosion
23558. 24k gold plating on glass
23559. Re-plating previously plated plastic parts
23560. Air emissions from the powder coat cure process?
23566. Demineralised water
23568. Coating to keep copper balusters from tarnishing outdoors
23570. Premature 304 SS diesel fuel tank failure
23571. Cause of Black Discoloration of Stainless Steel?
23572. Can unplated brass grow whiskers?
23573. Need Chrysler Plating Specifications
23575. Blackening of iron piece
23577. What kind of corrosion is this?
23579. Painting used steel siding so it won't peel off
23580. Color filled epoxy in a small intricate design
23581. Welding Nitronic 60
23584. Clear lacquered brass sheet required
23588. Stainless + Muriatic Acid = Disaster. Any way to remove?
23589. Which standard define the evaluation of results of stainless in salt spray test?
23591. Visual difference in zinc and nickel
23600. Physical properties of Sodium Cyanide
23607. Alodine 600 on Titanium
23608. White streak marks in electropolishing 316L
23615. Need to find someone to customize a ranch brand emblem
23616. Copper bar top questions
23617. Guide to select and sizing a filter cloth
23618. Hydrogen Embrittlement with stainless steel
23619. How to solve dry solder problem
23620. Benefits of powder coating over e-coating
23621. Contaminated Aluminum Powder Coated Parts
23622. Opening up a Powder Coating Business
23623. Slight discolorations in NiZn plating normal?
23624. Excess foaming of nickel sulphamate
23625. Passivation of 416 SS
23626. Help needed on metal fillers
23627. GOLD by volume
23629. Plating Methods Cost Comparison
23630. Mil Spec # for Anodizing Titanium
23632. Tin plating issues
23633. Black hard coat for mild steel?
23635. Seeking test lab in Bangalore
23639. Project Report for setting up Powder Coating unit
23641. Electrostatic painting rusted steel
23643. Corrosion Protection for 7050 Aluminum
23648. 5083 Al alloy etchant
23649. How to join a teflon sheet with another teflon sheet?
23650. Rusty Singer sewing machine
23651. Chrome on billet aluminum, does it last ?
23652. Soldering tin
23653. Effect of oxidation of nickel silver on its conductivity
23655. What chemicals not dissolve / no corrosion on Copper or Gold anode?
23657. Elimination of Hexavalent chromium in yellow passivation
23658. Chlorine bath of G60 coated parts
23674. I Need Corrosion Help
23678. Problem with brown swirls and specks in powder coating
23679. What is Powder Coating?
23680. How does temperature effects a CED SYSTEM
23684. Reel Plating Issues.
23685. Trouble with rose gold
23686. What's the relationship between amp-minutes and metal consumption for gold?  
23687. Loss of current density
23688. Dow Metal H conversion coating?
23691. Under coating clarification
23692. Pretreatment in coil coating line
23697. Copper electroplating on copper
23700. Cleaning/Removing Corrosion from Cast Aluminum Parts
23701. White gold cleaning?
23704. Sharp Edge Treatment on Ti
23705. Plating problem
23715. Ventilation and control of titanium dust when grinding
23716. How can I get comparable results in Asian salt spray tests?
23717. Help with solder contamination questions
23718. Coefficient of friction for chrome plated rollers/surface
23719. Alodine
23720. Tri-sodium phosphate
23721. Finish that Hides Scratches
23723. Seeking alonizing of ss sheet metal
23725. Is aluminum conversion coating used for boats?
23726. Effect of welding St. St. to mild steel on mega-yachts
23727. Brass staining as result of annealing
23732. Small game developer finishing chess pieces
23735. How do you get color with anodize and Alodine?
23737. Passivation and Etching
23738. Translation for "Blaubeizen"
23739. Removing Tin Coating
23740. Information on Plastic Plating
23742. Black Oxide versus Black Phosphate
23743. Vacuum compatible/nonmagnetic/non electrically conductive materials
23744. NFPA system question
23746. Silicon Sealant and the Powder Coating Process...whats wrong?
23747. Window reflections on a GPS positioning unit
23748. Cobalt-Chromium Electropolishing
23752. Why is a penny made of copper?
23753. Water spots on galvanized steel
23754. Palladium Chloride electroless strike on silicon
23755. Etchant to remove steel tubing from aluminum structure
23761. Recommendations for cleaning stainless steel refrigerator doors needed.
23762. Please help silly expensive flatware set owner!
23763. Substrate surface treatment.
23764. Substitute for Alodine 1200 finish
23769. Our inquiry, powder coating for home appliance product
23771. Plating aluminum without zincating
23773. Does nickel plating contain zinc?
23774. Titanium pickle tank - What plastic is economical and reliable?
23775. European Union materials restrictions and the metal finishing industry in U.S.
23776. Iridite Coating and EPA listing
23780. Titanium anodize stripper
23782. Still left with buff marks after tripoli
23783. Compatibility of S.S.316 with nitric acid
23786. Copper/Galvanized gutter combination
23791. How to preserve the copper appearance?
23793. Clearcoat or lacquer Truck Box?
23794. Concerns using muriatic acid
23795. Restoring Copper or Brass Antique Lamps
23796. Home shop phosphating, chrome conversion and plating
23797. Paint gloss standards
23798. LEL control for a thermal oxidizer
23801. Effect of Black Oxide Finish on Surface Roughness
23802. Need aluminum coating for wear, release, and smoothness
23808. What are suitable primers for oil paintings on copper?
23809. Removing lime deposits from chrome bathroom fixtures
23812. Finishing titanium in black
23813. Motorcycle parts rechoming
23814. Rusting of steel pickling tanks
23815. Tarnishing of sterling silver
23816. Transfer of nickel
23817. Problem with black chrome plating
23824. Can I turn a blued gun into a silver looking shiny gun?
23825. Waste water treatment for complex cyanides
23827. Making aluminum reflectors for lightning industry
23828. Sacrificial anode on an above-ground steel structure?  
23832. What lining material is impervious to caustic soda solution?
23833. Restoring tin ceilings with rust spots
23834. Nital Etch Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Needed?
23835. Zinc coating high strength steels
23836. Coating of reflectors
23838. Changing bolt finish, galvanized to zinc oxide
23842. How do you separate gold from other substances
23843. Pickling of SS pipes
23846. Vehicle rust protection system
23851. Nickel plating brighteners
23853. Paint and Rust Removal from Cast Iron Eagle Statue
23854. Alcoa Anodize Spec 202R1
23855. Complex cyanide
23856. Nickel Titration
23857. Nickel hardness problem - too hard! (sulphamate type)
23858. Zinc Nickel vs Cadmium
23859. Electro chemical deburring of our components
23860. Problems of flushing after pickling
23861. Rapid prototyping ABS plastic
23862. Gold plated heat exchange pipes
23865. Galvanized tin walls around bathtub
23867. Battling low pH. How much Nickel Carbonate to try to add.
23869. Copper Finish
23873. Setting up an electroplating plant on trial basis
23877. How can we make our trim patina?
23881. Removing insulation from copper wire
23883. Powder coating and fatigue
23884. Oxidization of brass plated steel wire
23889. Cost of DIPPING
23890. Removing cloud after cleaning stainless steel weld
23891. Requesting help on determining best quality Stainless Steel Silverware
23892. Neutralizing hot bluing solutions
23893. Treating copper foil art work
23894. Stainless steel BBQ discoloration
23895. Clean Gold
23897. How do you identify if old lamp is brass or copper or bronze?
23899. Copper fittings finishing
23900. Conduit coating/paint
23901. Advantage of pulse bias for PVD
23902. Rhodium plating on gold
23903. Rust formation in CRCA Caps
23904. Sulfuric Acid Anodize Rinse Water
23906. Gassing in water based zinc baths
23907. Muriatic Acid on rock
23908. The metal "Sable"
23909. Problems in zinc plating of cast iron
23910. Dendridic growth
23911. Honing Surface Finish Standard
23912. Chrome/Nickel corrosion relationship
23916. Viability and Comparison of the process
23920. Acid for darkening brass connectors
23921. Anodizing titanium black in color
23922. Musty smell in basement, throughout entire house
23925. Zinc Cobalt passivation, thickness to be controlled
23927. Laser marking Nickel /Chrome plated steel with Sulfur in Nickel coating
23936. Chrome / chromate pretreatment of steel for FBE/3PE
23941. Topcoat to E-coat adhesion problems
23942. Nickel plating and Zinc plating help and services needed
23944. On-line coatings for water pipes
23945. PTFE Seat of Valves during Chemical Cleaning
23948. Mechanical properties needed
23951. White layer in gas nitriding
23956. Electrostatic Painting of Windows on Building
23958. Urethane Adhesion to E-coat
23961. Urgently help me please
23963. Choice of copper pollutant test for streams.
23964. Is eating food cooked on a chromed cast iron griddle a health concern?
23968. Old Virago cases need brightening
23971. Restore old copper tub
23972. Silver Plating technique required
23973. What to do with 1,000 1/8" diameter gold plated steel spheres? Tumbling media?
23974. Electrolytic Cleaning or Hot-Tanking Help Needed
23975. Description of ni/cr plating process
23976. Corrosion issues re Stainless mesh alloy 304 &316
23986. Stainless steel residential furniture--method to repair a dent!
23987. Determination of Al
23988. What is root cause of rust on a powder coated steel cabinet?
23990. White Spots on Coated Aluminum
23992. Deburring for a grinding purpose
23993. Copper/stainless steel interaction
23994. Battery contact plating for outdoor use - 200 hours salt spray
23995. What causes rusting?
23999. Searching for gold electro forming machine

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