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Stainless-Steel Refrigerator Door Scratches

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Q. I scratched a GE Monogram stainless steel refrigerator door (by using the rough part of a sponge) which has a "True Stainless Steel Finish" according to a rep I spoke to at GE. These fine scratches run across the door, are not very deep, and are about 1 inch from top to bottom and 2 inches from side to side. They create a dull/cloudy effect.

The rep at GE recommended the product named Stainless Steel Magic [linked by editor to product info at Amazon], which is a cleaner and polisher. She said it would fill in the scratches, and give it a polished look. I looked into the product, and it is available in a spray, and a cream.

I simply need a second opinion regarding this matter. Should I buy the product and try it out, and should I buy the cream or the spray? Or do I have more options?


Wendy Shanahan
- San Francisco, California, USA


Q. I saw your post about the cream/spray to fix scratches in a stainless fridge. If you purchased the product, how did it work? thanks.

Jonathan Borg
- New York, New York


Jonathan.. BarrysRestoreItAll in Carlsbad, CA manufactures and sells the only reliable and field developed product for the removal of scratches from 'real' non-coated Stainless steel appliances, grills, and sinks. Call for more info.

Barry Feinman

Barry Feinman
supporting advertiser
Carlsbad, California

Magic Stainless Steel Appliance Polish

March 29, 2008

Q. I have tried every product out there for Stainless Steel. I have spent a lot of money on these products only to throw them away in the trash. The only cleaner/polisher that works is Stainless Steel Magic! It's a great product. No streaking and the steel sparkles when finished. I bought the spray for quite some time before I found that the product comes in a container with pre-treated wipes. Awesome product! It hides some scratches but not the deep scratches that my husband created by putting something on the top of the fridge and having it fall off when I opened the door. Men!

Jacquelynn Costanzo
- Woodbury, New Jersey

April 2, 2008

Every time my wife knocks something off the surface where it was securely sitting, she finds a way to blame me that she dropped it. Women!


Ted Mooney, Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Pine Beach, New Jersey

December 1, 2008

I used the Stainless Steel Magic [linked by editor to product info at Amazon]. It didn't get rid of my gross error in scratching things, but it did make it look better. It was worth the small price to make it look better.

Triskel Bay
- Vancouver, Washington, USA

July 20, 2011

I thought I was a dead man. My wife was away, we were selling the house, and I was trying to clean it up for a showing. The deep scratches in the stainless steel refrigerator were made in the usual way: a man using the rough side of a sponge. Never send a man to do a ..., well, never send a man to do this job.
If my wife saw this I would be in deep yogurt.
I used the 3M rubbing compound, lots of elbow grease, and the 3M #320 automotive sandpaper. Voila!! It looks great. the damage I did can't be seen. Other flaws are now visible to me, but they are not my problem.

Mahoney, Juan
- Fort Collins, Colorado

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