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Still left with buff marks after tripoli

Q. I am currently using this procedure to polish aluminium.. First I linish or use wet/dry to get out cast lines, then I use a stitched sisal on a variable speed grinder set to a slow rpm (slower than bench grinder I feel) with a product called fastcut.... then a brown compound I think is brown tripoli rouge (polishing/buffing compound) [affil links] and then a stitched rag with a product called hyfin...... now , how important is it to clean all the previous compounds off before staring the next one? I clean with turpentine [on eBay or Amazon] then methylated spirits?.....after all this I find fine brush marks all over some parts and not others. contamination? Can someone tell me the exact procedure..........can mops be cleaned properly? I appreciate any help as I find it hard to find any instructions on doing the job properly.

Chris Holder
Furniture designer/maker - Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

A. I am guessing that the cast aluminium is not CP601 or alium6. So, this is what you need. Your machine "MUST" be able to hold 3,850 rpm. Second of importance, at this speed you use a sisal mop with fast cut. Let cool, then wipe clean with turpentine [on eBay or Amazon] on a rag. Go directly to a radial stitched mop, with brightshine. And don't forget to change gloves from leather to stitched cotton gloves with whiting powder. I am guessing also, that you have the pre=grinding steps under control? And that also needs lube !

Hope this helps.

Mark Hunter
- Newcastle, Australia

Q. Thanks mark it seems I am getting conflicting advice on polishing speeds as a commercial operator in the states advised me to keep the revs about 1800rpm.can you explain the reason why the high speed so I can understand re, whiting on gloves -- unsure what you mean..

never heard of this whiting product or the need to have anything on your gloves but I can see how the previous fast cut on your gloves could contaminate the job. As I am using a variable speed polisher/grinder I don't really touch the job, valid point though.
Never heard of brightshine, how does it compare with tripoli?
Is it that green compound that is half the price of hyfin?
Do you think hyfin is no good to finish with?

i have heard from some jewellery students that I am better to put on the least amount of hyfin on my loose leaf as the mop does the work and they recommended the slow speed ...
damned if I know what the go is!

chris holder [returning]
Furniture designer/maker - Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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