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Request for help

Q. Hello! I'm a 3rd year high school...can somebody help me how to do an investigatory project?

Krizta N.
- Tacurong City, SulTAN Kudarat, Philippines

A. OK, help us out. Look up investigate and investigatory in a dictionary and then tell us what you would like to investigate. Really narrow it down!

James Watts
- Navarre, Florida

A. Sure, start off by investigating what type of project you'd like to do. Then.. if you come to the conclusion that your project would encompass metals, or metal finishing, then post question here, but please show us that you've done some of the work yourself, or you're likely to not receive much help.

Marc Green
Marc Green
anodizer - Boise, Idaho

A. Hi Krizta!

What are you interested in? What scientific problem you want to solve? It need not be grand. A simple one, say, the use of an alternative material in processing/creating a product, is already a project worth pursuing. Since you are in Mindanao (Are you? I'm really bad in geography), choose projects that concerns your place.

You may write about the use of a locally produced tool. Or better yet, you may look into alternative ways of disposing garbage in your area. I know it is pretty hard to make papers like this but I am sure you can do it. Just be a bit observant and open-minded, OK?

H. Dacillo
- Manila, Philippines

Q. I've read one of your subscriber's question about INVESTIGATORY PROJECTS. I was quite interested in it and I, as well, need help from those people who helped her out. Can you please help me out in making an investigatory project? I'm really clueless on how to start it and on what topic to focus on.. Please! I'm badly needing your help! I need to finish it in 2 'weeks time! Please respond.. Thanks y'all! c",)

Kristel F.
Roosevelt College - Manila, Philippines

A. Hello Kristel. Please remember that the whole purpose of your school work is for YOU to learn. For that reason, teachers often ask people like us to please tell students to do their own homework.

You saw that the first thing the readers wanted to make sure of was that Krizta had looked up 'investigatory project' in a dictionary so she wasn't starting by asking someone to help her without even taking the time to learn the meaning of the words she was writing. So please start by explaining what an investigatory project is.

The next thing they asked Krizta was what she was interested in, what kind of a problem she'd like to solve. What do you say about that? It was suggested that she do a project about a locally made tool, or about how garbage is disposed of in her area. What is your answer to those suggestions? Have you been observant and open-minded about the page you read here, as requested? Good luck!

Ted Mooney,
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha - Pine Beach, New Jersey

Q. Hi, I'm Joyce Anne 15 years old. Can anybody help me with my assignment don't know what is the meaning of investigatory project and what are the examples of it. Thanks a lot.

Joyce Anne M.
student - Pasay City, Philippines

A. Yeah! why don't you try Utilization of Niacin from discarded duryan

Uchiha Sasuke
- Manila, Philippines

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