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Books and information about Steel Boriding, Boridizing, Boronizing

Q. I am a university student. I am writing a thesis on Boridizing, so I need some technical resources. Could you introduce a book and help me know where to buy it?

Thank you very much.

Nguyen Ngoc Lam
- Ho chi minh city, Viet nam

A. ASM International is an excellent source of information regarding metals, heat treating, etc. The following articles will be useful for you:

"Plasma-assisted Boronizing" by Arnim Kueper, March 2003 issue of Advanced Materials & Processes.

"Optimizing the Boriding Process" by C. Faulkner, April 1999 issue of Heat Treating Progress.

"Boronizing Protects Metals Against Wear" by K. Stewart, March 1997 issue of Advanced Materials & Processes.

ASM Metals Handbook Vol. 4 'Heat Treating' [affil link on Amazon] has an excellent overview of the process. The article is called "Boriding (Boronizing) and was authored by Anil Kumar Sinha. Your library may subscribe to the magazines, and the reference section may have ASM HANDBOOK Volume 4. Otherwise, you can obtain them from the ASM website.

In addition, you should perform a thorough review of research literature using the terms boriding and boronizing. Start with the Cambridge Scientific Abstracts or Scirus websites.

Toby Padfield
- Michigan

Q. Dear sir.

I have received your reply to my last question. Thank you very much for replying to me. But now, I have not bought yet those books. Thus, you can show me a bookshop or a place in Toronto, Canada where I can buy them. My brother has been living in Toronto, Canada. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Ngoc Lam Nguyen
Teacher of the Technical Secondary School Ly Tu Trong, Viet Nam - Ho chi minh City, Viet Nam


A. Technical books are usually not stocked in general bookstores because there is not enough demand for them, cousin Ngoc. It is possible that your brother could find a book on this subject at a university bookstore, but usually this kind of book must be ordered by mail. Amazon has two books on the subject, but both are listed as "out of print / limited availability", so patience would be necessary:

1). Boronizing by Alfred Matuschka, ISBN 085501640X (1980, paperback, 97 pages), and
2). Boronizing by Vag Matushka, ISBN 0471258679 (1981, hardcover, 100 pages)

-- I suspect these are actually the same book (a translation of "Borieren" in different formats, and with slightly different translations of the author's name, which may actually be Alfred Graf von Matuschka).

The American Society for Metals International at lists a pdf for sale entitled: "Boriding (Boronizing) of Steels", which I believe is a reprint of that chapter from ASM Metals Handbook Vol. 4 'Heat Treating' [affil link on Amazon]

Ted Mooney,
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Striving to live Aloha - Pine Beach, New Jersey

Ed. note Feb. 2022: Amazon removed the 2nd version of "Boronizing".

Q. Cost of Boronizing? Is it possible to apply a boride coating on a ring 100 mm in OD, 75 mm in ID and 10 mm thick for less than a dollar, assuming very high volumes? Also, what is the typical surface roughness and flatness after a boriding process? Can a boride coating be polished?

Anand Ramesh
- Mossville, Illinois, USA





A. Boronizing can be performed at a relatively low price for higher volume parts. Many parts that can fit in your hand are boronized for prices near $1 to $2 each in production quantities.

A boronized part does not roughen substantially during the process. These parts can be polished after boronizing using a diamond lapping procedure. We boronize ball valve balls and seats that are routinely boronized and polished after processing to restore the sealing surfaces of the valve.

Craig Zimmerman
- Melrose Park, Illinois, USA
June 30, 2008

Q. My name is Sevban Yasar, I am a student at Yildiz Technical University in Turkey. Firstly, I am so sorry for disturbing your valuable time. I want to ask for some information on my project "Boronazing method at ferrous and non ferrous metals and alloys in fluidized bed reactor." I must work this project because my last term homework is this project issue. I am interested in whether you've used component during boronizing in fluidized bed reactor. Examples: gases, grain sizes and other components and process parameters. So I hope you help me finding out knowledge about this project.
I am looking forward to receiving your reply.

Sevban Yasar
- Istanbul, Turkey

Q. Is it possible to boronize an ornamental steel element with approx. dimensions of 6' x 6'?

Martin Solorzan
- San Francisco, California USA
May 21, 2012

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