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38000. Black stains on my Gold
38002. Interruption of salt spray test ASTM B117
38004. PVD zinc plating process for fasteners?
38005. Can electroless plating deposit Inconel 625?
38006. Immersion copper coating of MIG welding wire
38007. Not shining nickel plated surface issue
38008. Chloride Zinc Process
38009. What material should be used for auxiliary anodes in acid zinc?
38013. Painting an aluminum telescoping assembly
38015. Is Dacro coating RoHS compliant?
38016. Surface roughness of gold
38017. Copper plating cold rolled steel discs
38018. Chem film vs. phosphate wash for adhesion of powder coat
38023. Safe metal plating of plastic for 6th grade
38024. Brass coating removal from shower fixture
38025. White gold jewelry needs to be irradiated
38026. Caustic Acid Leaching from Joints in Metal Bed
38027. Name for dipping red hot steel in oil
38030. Olive drag passivation
38032. Hardness on chrome plating surface on IC engine valve
38033. Matte Sn discolouration
38035. Galvanic corrosion of alloy steel fasteners in stainless
38039. Testing for Copper Contamination in Ni electroplating baths
38040. Removing FEP Teflon from Stainless 316
38041. Automatic process control: what is possible?
38042. What is the photoresist for the formula of etching Elgiloy?
38044. Weight of pure nickel and pure silver silly :-)
38045. Nickel allergy caused by Violin
38047. Horizontal hard chrome plating bath or vertical bath
38048. Quantity of rhodium plated in auto headlight as reflector
38050. I need to rust spring steel on purpose
38051. How to increase hardness of the electroformed sheets of nickel
38053. Chemical cleaning and preservation process for carbon steel and titanium pipes
38054. What is the latest technique for getting mirror like shining on stainless steel utensils
38059. I need to know about anodising costs
38060. Electro-plating bismuth-aluminium-copper alloy
38061. Silver polish spill on stainless steel sink
38064. Drying metal pipes wetted with Hydrocarbon
38065. Salt spray life
38067. Electroless nickel plating on aluminum -- Porosity problems, corrosion, failing salt spray test, alizarin test
38068. Rhodium plating on Stainless Steel
38069. How to prevent metal chips on the air pocket/emboss of the material?
38070. Die cast plating options
38071. High Conductivity Acid Copper Electroforming
38072. Smallest substrate material thickness for chrome plating
38073. Effect of Impurities in Chromic Acid Anodizing Solutions
38074. Need a maskant to withstand 190° F and pH 12 plating process
38080. Best material for pipeline to transport HF + HNO3
38085. Aluminum Trim Restoration - 1978 & 1983 Olds
38086. Identification of type of anodized finish
38093. Need to Chrome (vacuum metallize) Plastic Paper Dispensers
38101. Analysis of residual oil on metal stampings via oil soluble fluorescence
38105. I want to plate nickel and cobalt onto plastic
38108. Jeweler's whole collection of silver turned black
38109. Clear coat on steel
38110. Release treatment of stainless electroforming mandrels
38111. Does older silver radiator paint contain lead?
38112. Nickel plating cast iron
38113. Chrome plating on a small scale
38116. Stripping nickel
38117. High temperature hydrogen barrier for nitinol or titanium
38120. Lead plating with localized gold plating
38121. Nickel Sulphamate won't plate on sharp edge
38122. Trouble with salt spray tests on class 1a finish
38123. Using ferric chloride in etching copper dies
38124. Searching for sulfuric acid resistant electrode material
38126. Stainless Steel gun barrel wrapped in Carbon Fiber
38127. Chroming or metallizing Computer Plastic
38128. Combating corrosion in Ammonium sulphate Plant
38129. Condensing Drag-outs
38131. Small spots and craters on powdercoated material
38132. Adhesion Test on small size part of dissimilar material
38135. Rehard anodizing of a dynamic part
38136. HELP! Dishwasher-eating rats!
38137. Bathtub jets shiny brass coated, fixtures are silver
38138. Determining trivalent chromium conc. without oxidizing to hex?
38140. Formulation and analysis procedure for tri-acid etch solution
38143. Pickling trouble
38144. Jet Engine Test Equipment OEM needs Hardware Coating...
38146. Electroless nickel on aluminum (pitting)
38152. Want copper sheeting 5x5x16oz.
38153. Need to paint aluminum guttering
38154. Hot bluing double barrels
38155. Is worn silverware a Health Hazard
38156. Anyone have a full spec on CorCoat 5803?
38159. Passivation AMS-QQ-P-35 TYPE 2/ TYPE 8
38160. Energy Efficiency
38163. 150 m Ni-P Electroless Plating
38166. Low friction coating for sliding parts
38167. Low-friction, flexible material
38181. CRCA Material?
38182. B.S.A.-Tinsley tool
38185. E-less Nickel Reducer Problem
38187. Masking of Anodic Film
38190. Iron Phosphating instead of Vapour Degreasing?
38199. Refinishing of antique cast iron / porcelain sink
38200. What is "SWOM" weathering test?
38203. Process to remove anodize from aluminum aircraft structures
38204. Loss of Powder Coat Gloss on Sandblasted Parts
38205. Excessive aluminum in zinc?
38207. Lead free hot dip galvanizing
38208. ENP coating on ball valves
38210. Rhodium Plating Solutions Price
38212. Cyanide zinc electroplating problem
38213. Electroplating aluminum v steel
38214. Zinc Chromate with a dull grayish appearance
38216. Allowable Discoloration
38217. Chemfilm Qualification
38218. Passivation to meet AMS-QQ-P-35 TYPE 2/ TYPE 8
38220. Electrochemically etching paliney without cyanide
38222. Plating to meet 1000 hrs SS and be hex free
38223. Aluminum coating
38226. Dacromet vs. Zinc Plating
38227. Graying Aluminum with Hydrochloric Acid (how to)
38228. Copper fire pit
38229. Change the color of yellow gold rings to red gold
38230. Steel and Aluminum together in Salt Spray Test
38233. Surface treatment on tungsten
38234. Etching during electropolishing
38236. Finishing aluminum with rotary brass brush - what is happening?
38238. Lacquering dyed onyx
38241. Acid zinc on top of alkaline zinc plating
38243. Please help me for Coloring of LM 13 piston alloy of aluminum
38249. Internal Plating of Mild Steel 35mm Tube
38257. Fe Saturation point for effective HCl pickling of Steel?
38258. Removing plating from aluminum
38259. Sealing a metal gas tank leak
38260. Bike Wheels getting rusted
38261. White gold reaction
38262. How to get the DIN 50962 standard about plating
38264. Replacing Cyanide Zinc with Non-cyanide
38265. Why must Copper Bus Bar be Tin Plated?
38267. What's the true surface roughness with iron-casting?
38268. Delamination of powdercoating on nickel
38271. Separation of oxygen and hydrogen
38273. Peeling Plating
38274. ANODIZING SPEC. M10C22A41
38275. Relation between surface finish and friction coefficient
38282. Blackening
38285. Nickel -201 grade
38288. Electropolishing Stainless Steel
38289. Dacromet for drinking water applications
38292. Paint for Speaker Box
38296. How to Polish Hot Rolled Steel Sculpture
38297. Need uniform ED coat in CED process in the recess areas
38298. Powder Coating parts with Press Brake tool marks w/out Buffing
38299. Are the L,a,b readings on an X-rite dependent on the mil thickness of powder?
38301. Optimum Current Ramp for the Stamper Electroforming
38305. Polish exterior chrome on my auto
38307. Plating blisters barrel copper
38308. Non stick surface that ice will not stick to
38313. Nickel plated Titanium
38317. What grades of aluminum work best for Hardcoat Anodizing?
38318. 317L SS surface finishing and pickle and passivate - best way to do it
38320. RoHS compliant black oxide alternative
38325. Alocrom 1200 and RoHS compliance
38327. Plating rifle chamber to correct size
38331. Mixing galvanized and iron pipe for natural gas lines
38332. Ideal surface roughness of gravure cylinder for printing on different substrate
38333. Inconsistent Copper Hardness
38334. Standard black(ish) finish on hot rolled steel
38335. Nodules in Electroless Plating
38336. Silver coating/plating on copper
38337. Rusting of nails
38340. Wax for baby shoes prior to copper plating
38342. Chrome trimming, is it a finish?
38343. Stainless vs Carbon Steel Tanks
38344. Fluxless Soldering
38346. Zinc Plating Problem
38347. AMS 2412 copper undercoat
38349. Removing heat stains on steel
38350. Aluminum vs. Steel for Salt Water Piping
38355. Shiny gold looking plating on Honda Goldwing plastic parts
38356. Alkaline non-cyanide zinc
38357. Effects of Drying Temperature on Chromate Conversion Coatings on Aluminium
38363. In need of advice on cleaning
38365. Types of stainless that cannot be Passivated?
38366. Phosphate primer
38367. Non conductive high temp. hard coating
38368. Stainless steel vs hot dipped galvanized zinc plated lag bolts
38372. The temp. of water at which an iron nail rusts
38373. How does nickel affect jewelry?
38376. Effect of sterling silver on the skin
38379. Pin-sized spots on nickel plated faucet?
38380. Brushed or satin nickel paint
38381. Refinish or paint on brass fireplace doors
38382. Military plaques
38384. What do we make a salt spray
38385. NaOH stripping of chrome damage question
38386. Diving Knife Corrosion Protection
38389. Capillary (micro-crackers) after chromium plating
38390. Chromate Leaching from Lap Joints
38391. Need to cleaning and activating plated nickel layer with acid rinse
38397. Powder metallurgical parts made of mixed copper and iron powder requires phosphating
38398. Copper fish?
38399. Physics related project in electroless coating
38400. Cr plating solution
38401. Bending powder coated aluminum sheet/plate after coating
38402. Smoking through copper tobacco pipes
38403. History of Nickel Plate question
38405. Woods Nickel variations
38407. Bolt Failure while Torquing
38408. Safety question regarding electrostatic spraying
38409. Problem in Black Passivation
38411. 304 steel and aluminum contact in hydraulic fluid
38412. Food grade coatings for wooden plates and mugs
38415. Salt Fog (MIL-STD-810f) vs. Salt Spray (IEC 60512-6 test 11f)
38416. Etching on stainless steel, 304, 316., to create filters in meshes from 25 to 250
38420. Zinc alloy plating vs Magnetism
38421. How to reduce Nickel flotation in Ni-P bath?
38422. Powder coated surfaces which we'd like to paint over
38424. Chromium Toxicity
38425. Inhaling acid fumes on accident
38426. Anion and cation resins
38427. Number of hours that SAF2507 as per ASTM A790 can withstand
38428. Method of corrosion resistance checking
38429. Polyester, Silicone Polyester, Plastisol, PVDF - Coatings on Metal Sheets
38431. Anode/cathode efficiency
38432. Product stick to barrel electrode
38433. Prep for tin plating
38434. Hard Chrome Ingredient
38435. Plating to Reduce Adhesion of Weld Spatter?
38436. 1000 hrs salt spray
38437. Need to blacken parts for rust inhibition and for "looks"
38447. Choice of sacrificial anodes for aluminum boat
38448. Chrome Plating on Wood
38452. Problems in autophoretic paint sticking on chrome plated surface
38453. Galvanising and Electroplating
38459. Metal surface finish
38464. Cryogenic paint removal
38465. Best protection for galvanized roof of old dairy barns?
38466. Needing the detail of MFZn2-B
38468. Electro galvanized finish for anchor bolts
38469. Au plated connector corrosion found after plating one month around
38474. How do I know if it is silver-plated or not?
38475. Over additives in Alkaline Zinc bath
38476. Cleaning Anodes
38477. Zinc Electroplating
38478. Tin plating over a solder joint
38479. Percentage of SN in Pb for Hard Chrome Plating
38484. C.O.D. reduction
38485. Surface treatment (bluing) with Gun Blue 1702
38486. Welding galvanized metal
38487. Clear zinc chromate finish on cast iron
38488. Clear anodizing of MIC-6 material
38490. Alkali Cleaning of Stainless Steel
38491. Microfinish comparator finishes
38492. Reaction to Aluminum and Lime
38493. Transparent ceramic coating of glass or plastics
38494. What metal finish is best for our application?
38498. O-ring Corrosion in Desalination Plant
38499. Zinc plating of chemical blackened parts
38502. Proper Procedure in Re-powdering Rejects in Powder Coating
38503. Galvanneal thickness
38504. Teflon Paste for plumbing fittings in EN tanks?
38505. Plating Adherence Test -- Zinc Plating on Steel
38506. Electroplating of copper and silver onto aluminum
38507. Rusting of stainless steel ISO tanks
38510. Clear coating required for cast aluminum decorative tableware
38512. Corrosion between Hard Anodized aluminum and Nickel Plated surface
38517. School teacher wanting to show students the grain structure of Aluminium
38518. Growing nickel oxide on nickel
38519. Switching from zinc diecastings to aluminium
38520. Chrome plating a weldment of 12L14 and 1018
38521. Specifying a finish for Steel Balcony Railing (Outdoors)
38522. Will white gold redipping stop a newly developed rash?
38524. Stainless steel on an outdoor grill
38525. Chrome-free or Trivalent Conversions Coatings vs. Hexavalent
38527. E-Coat finish problem
38528. Autophoretic Inhibitors
38531. Nickel strike, Sulfamate and Protocol
38532. Why and what about a silver strike bath ?
38533. Optical Black Anodize mottled finish problem
38534. Stainless deck nails are rusting
38541. Powder-like development after rhodium bath
38552. Trivalent yellow chromate vs clear chromate with yellow dye, regarding RoHS compliance
38554. Toxic fumes from fiberglassing?
38555. Painting Chrome?
38556. Ideas on direct-to-metal paint for stacking chairs
38557. Chemical passivation in CGL
38558. Oil used in Diffusion pump of PVD Titanium Nitride machine
38559. Nickel Plating on Stainless Steel Electrical Connectors
38560. Using anodizing to apply a specific surface finish
38566. Oil from Black Oxidizing dirties the seat fabric
38567. Want Black Oxidation to run through material, not be a surface finish
38568. Spangle and roughness of galvanized steel for color painting
38570. Improving the resistance of 316 stainless
38572. 316 corrosion in pressure vessel
38574. sulfuric acid (98 % concentration) and piping for pump
38575. Stainless Steel bolts okay to join Aluminum beams on offshore Helideck?
38578. Corrosion and metal blackening
38579. Coating on Duplex Stainless Steels used for onshore application
38581. How do you approach employer about 'breathing fumes'?
38583. Max operating temperature of aluminum
38587. Are Two layers better than One
38588. Chemical compatibility of stainless steel
38589. Scratch resistant surface for magnesium
38590. EU Compliance with Chromate Restriction
38591. How Does Flash Gold Plating for PCBs Work?
38592. Problem wirh ZincNickel alloy plating with barrel application
38594. HiTemp impact on Alodine WRT US Army Helos
38595. Satin Chrome for outdoor environment
38596. College Electroplating Experiment Problems
38598. Bituminous paint as an isolator between aluminum and steel
38612. Possible finishes for a sculpture, a stylized tree
38614. Blackodised v/s stainless
38617. How to improve finish on titanium balls
38622. Custom color/plating of mild steel bolts
38624. Metallic Powder Build Up
38625. Titanium basket problem
38626. Finishing Calculation
38628. Gold plating lead
38633. Bio rusting
38634. Titanium acid etching with oxalic acid - reaction mechanisms
38635. Chrome plated sheet metal - corrosion on underside
38636. RoHS allowable Hex Chromium levels in galvanized steel
38637. Spec Lucent WL-2156
38638. Fishing Lures - Need a clear coat
38639. A36 Carbon Steel in a West Coast Environment
38643. Copper Oxidizing
38644. How to rust or blue metal doors
38647. Can aluminum be chromed?
38648. Use of alumina and boric acid for removal of fluoride from drinking water
38651. Electro Nickel Plating vs Electroless Nickel Plating
38652. Copper nickel electroplating onto aluminum
38655. Fine Scratches and drag mark on my Gloss ABS product
38657. Mill Scale
38658. Titanium nitride coating thicknesses
38662. Stopping corrosion of bare copper PCB traces
38664. Need very small quantity of Palladium plating solution
38665. How to get chrome color on bicycle
38666. Statement of conformance/non-conformance
38667. Pickle acid tank rib coating
38669. How to clean oxided printed circuit boards
38670. Sound dampening coating
38672. Negative effect on environment and social constraints of anodising
38673. RoHS Compliant Chemical Conversion Coatings AMSC5541
38674. sulfuric Acid Measurement
38676. sulfuric acid resistant reactors for Activated Bleaching Earth plant
38677. Does a good surface finish make it difficult for paint to adhere
38678. How do I seal brass?
38682. Phantom returning stains on my old enameled iron bath tub
38683. Need Advice for Chrome to Black Alteration Please
38685. Stripping tantalum
38686. Restoring badly corroded cast iron cylinder head
38687. Wash off "magic marker" pen marks from anodized alum. surface
38693. Which soda removes rust
38695. Green verdi and blue verdi patina solution
38696. Old Silver Ring that STAYS Tarnished
38697. Refinishing a Muffler
38698. Veralising
38699. Release of free cyanide from cyanate
38701. I want to acquire machinery for chroming automobile wheels
38703. What best lacquering process would you recommend on brass plated items?
38704. Electroless nickel and tin-nickel plating, could it be possible?
38707. Calculating required galvanizing thickness with Faraday's Law
38709. Lower cost alternatives to Chroming for OEM automobiles
38714. Plating a nickel surface to avoid mucous membranes irritation
38715. How to clean pot metal before welding it
38716. Clear coat damaged by salt residue
38717. Need POWDER form of Hagerty Tarnishing Preventive
38718. Solder Bridging
38720. Trike Replacement
38721. Aluminum gas cylinder treatment
38722. Electropolishing solutions
38723. Aluminum white stain
38724. Measuring Degreaser Effectiveness
38726. RoHS and Chem Treated Steel
38733. Is rhodium-plated silver a good solution for nickel-itch?
38734. Green fingers from 14 kt gold rings that are not new
38735. Copper VS Brass
38736. Silting index
38737. How to make powder coating on plastic jar
38738. Steam Blackening
38739. Advanced methods in hot blackening
38740. White rust under the painted galvanised coils
38741. Satin finishing by chemicals
38743. Painting Industry+Roughness Value
38747. Trouble shooting softness in copper deposits
38748. Neutral derusting
38751. Plating of pure Molybdenum on conductive surface
38753. Hard Anodize problems with 6061
38754. Layman emergency with Nambe in the dishwasher
38755. Aluminum conductivity, chromate coating, oxidation
38757. Silver Plated Contacts Galling
38758. Anodizing Al Mg Si .5
38761. Health hazards in one-hour photo store
38765. VW 13750
38767. Treatment of wastes from powder coating pre-treatment line
38768. Standard for dimension with powder coating or other process
38769. Paint Adhesion to Nickel Plating Problem
38771. Brass plating defects
38772. Plating peel off
38773. Gold brush plating on automobiles and masking
38774. 410 stainless sheet with a mirror finish
38775. Industrial standards for 180 grit polishing
38776. I wish to know what is material suitable for H2SO4
38777. Effective flux/es for removal of lead and aluminum from zinc dross and process of use
38778. Gold plating tips please
38780. Bright rainbow toning on silver
38781. Looking for info about MFZn2-B plating process
38782. EP Lacquer in Satin gold finish without using the satin nickel process
38783. TiN coating on Brass using PVD
38786. Chromate treatment to aluminum
38788. Removal of VOC from FRP tank
38791. Can nickel solder be applied as a wear surface?
38794. Hydrogen embrittlement in zinc-cobalt plating on SPROCKET (MATERIAL SAE 8620)
38797. Need Chrome Plating of My Rims
38803. Electroplating Rh
38804. How does acid corrode a nail?
38806. Where to buy THF by Dupont?
38807. Blacken a logo on to a stainless steel cup
38808. Scuffing of guns required before bluing?
38809. Antique baby carriage restoration Q&A's
38811. UV resistant coating for stainless steel housing
38817. Corrosion after passivation, 17-4 H1075
38818. Almite Coating
38819. Yes / no questions
38820. Scrubbing phenol and styrene
38821. Quality issue
38822. Corrosion on plated plastic
38823. Solutionizing and heat treatment rob aluminum's lustre
38824. Compatibility of aluminum and brass
38825. Chrome repair
38834. Chrome Fire Extinguisher
38835. Paints that simulate metal finishes
38836. Clean aluminum engine
38837. Still wondering
38838. What about just anodizing for low risk situations?
38840. Nickel plating over Alodined aluminum
38841. Re-silver glass mirror
38842. Acid that converts rust to inert black surface
38843. Non conductive coating on plastic substrates
38852. Does the presence of sulfonate affect silver plating
38853. Distinguish Between Electrodeposited Zinc and Cadmium Coating
38855. Sandblasting before tig welding
38856. Silver Plated Object
38857. Nickel conforms with RoHS?
38858. Finish per M227 per spec. MIL-F-14072
38859. The prevention of electrolysis
38861. What are ways to measure rust?
38862. Electroplating yellow gold with a rhodium solution
38864. NaCl as an inhibitor of Amylase
38867. Skimming silver from nickels
38869. Help a beginner get started
38870. Refining Electronic Scrap---- Can't get nitric acid any more
38872. Anyone know the temperatures at which copper colors?
38873. How to apply for setting up a metal surface processing company in Canada
38875. Burnt Copper-Bottom Pot - Dangerous Fumes?
38877. Some problems in alkaline zinc plating
38899. White Bronze Finish Specification
38900. Re nickel process on old goods (2nd hand products)
38901. Tin plating is burning at10 A/ft2
38902. Trying to rust architectural components
38904. How To Intentionally Rust Craft Store Purchased Metals Such As Jingle Bells and Safety Pins
38906. Nail is anodic in center as well as at ends
38907. Need a source for highly polished stainless steel
38909. Need a good text or review paper on anodizing of aluminum
38912. Leaking Stainless Fish Tanks
38914. Powder primer
38915. Peeling problem on galvanizing surface on steel profile
38916. Insufficient ni plating thickness on hole interiors
38917. Titanium anode basket life in copper sulphate bath
38918. Parting problem
38919. Electro-Plating Magnets
38920. Health Risks for Nickel Acetate
38921. Thin corrosion resistant coating of small pneumatic motor
38922. Avoiding handling scratches on aluminum
38925. Allergic to 14 karat ALB, whatever that is
38926. Need large PVC pipe to build special drum set
38927. What chemicals for Caustic Blueing of Gun Parts
38928. Hex. Chromate Alternative Treatments -- European Approved
38930. I need to know about chrome thickness checking
38931. Taking a sample
38932. Pickling the bronze doors for the U.S. Capitol to a dark statuary finish
38935. Nickel/Silver plating on copper wire
38936. Getting Red Rust on Tin Plated Parts
38937. Titanium Electro Plating
38938. Use of aluminum with pressure treated lumber
38939. How remove corrosion from steel parts
38940. Heating nitric acid passivation solution
38941. Shot peening with stainless shot, then electropolishing?
38946. True that cast iron can't be Zinc Plated?
38947. Anodized Aluminum Kitchen splashback?
38948. Starting in Electroforming
38950. How to prevent danger of adding water to hot blackening solutions
38954. Removal of baked-on dry film lube
38955. Can we use Duplex SS fasteners with SS 31726 sheets?
38957. Copper vent pipe corrosion
38958. How to restore sterling silver flatware tarnished by exposure to chlorine bleach?
38959. Using Tremclad in a spray gun?
38960. Stainless Steel finishes/roughness
38966. Plating copper onto silver mouthpiece
38967. Black crust forming on stainless steel?
38968. What metal won't dissolve in aqua regia
38969. Electroplating Nickel onto Graphite
38970. Gold Plating of Stainless Steel Refrigerator Handles
38974. How to read IPC-6012b microsection with plated up copper
38976. Powder coated aluminum and the Florida Salt Spray Test
38977. Zinc Passivate, bad finish
38978. Passing 480 hr saltspray with zinc and trivalent
38979. Control of spot plated silver
38981. How could I get a flat finish to hard anodized aluminum parts
38983. Alternative activators
38984. How to re-copper old cabinet latches
38985. Chrome rim sealer for road salt in winter
38987. Use sandpaper to remove scratches from copper hood?
38988. Sulphamate Nickel plated specimens fail the 200 hours salt spray test
38989. Brass Polishing and Coating
38991. Can rhodium plated rings be reset?
38992. Painting porcelain-on-steel chalkboards
38994. Hard Anodizing Iteratively
38995. Removing paint from an aluminum bicycle frame
38996. Amount of hex-chrome (and the compound it's in) in Conversion Coatings for Aluminum
38997. Passivation bath titration calculations
38999. Is there any low-tech process that can 're-introduce' mill scale to areas of plate steel?

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