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metal finishing cover

24000. Analyzing water
24001. Polishing aluminum
24002. Aluminum pool paint
24003. Sticky Trumpet Valves
24004. Nickel vs. Chrome
24005. DI Water Resistivity altering
24007. Compatibility of Pecora caulk with Tnemic
24008. Powder Coated Chemical Resistant Linings
24010. Weld contamination with grinding media
24018. MSDS for jewelers rouge
24019. Lacquer removal from old copper
24020. Removing oxidization from a car
24021. QQ-P-35 spec & chemical ratio's
24022. Hydrofluoric Acid Contamination Treatment
24028. Electroplating solution problem
24029. Gas Tank Woes
24031. Sodium metasilicate stained my windows
24032. Galvanised sheet for seat pans
24033. Electroless nickel suffers non-conductivity
24035. Can't get pewter to tumble clean
24036. Are there other methods to acquire a high chrome, low Ra surface finish?
24039. Chrome finish for aluminum
24044. Nickel plating at backyard
24045. Cleaning cobalt alloys
24046. Brass/aluminum and aluminum/galvanized steel compatibility
24055. Brown stains on stainless steel cooktop
24056. Polishing of rhodium plated mirror
24057. Online Desludging of Phosphating Tank
24058. Thick hard chrome removal from steel liner in aluminum body
24060. Mill addition for Aluminum Enamel
24061. Aging Mild Steel?
24063. Halide and Non-halide Contamination. in Plating Solution
24064. How to reduce smut on S-Ni anode
24065. Standard salt spray hours for zinc plating (on carbon steel)
24066. Importance of nickel acetate
24067. Stop the moss
24069. Shining up zinc pressure die castings
24075. Gold plating identification
24076. Heat-produced Patinas on Stainless Steel and Chrome
24077. Effect of Tarnaban coating on thermal conductivity
24078. Removal of copper ions on MSA based plating solution
24079. Nickel peeling off nickel
24088. Removing tarnish from silver without boiling or aluminium
24089. Spray pyrolysis
24090. Electrodeposition of Sb-Se thin films
24091. Removing a clear coat finish from a bronze statue
24092. How to clean silver plated trombone
24093. The inherent danger of not heat treating chromed parts that operate under severe stress
24094. Burnished Finished Steel Bars
24095. Dulling galvanized metal
24096. How to make mylar conductive
24097. Needed metallic heat resistant paint
24098. Silver Jewelry electrolytic cleaning
24099. Red rust on 316 Stainless steel
24100. Electroforming Styrofoam
24101. Painting/repairing a rusty wrought iron fence
24103. Treatment of chrome waste from chromic acid manufacturing
24105. Nickel Electroless plating Testing Methods
24110. Kynar vs. Powder coating
24114. Discoloration of immersion tin plating
24114a. Discoloration of bright acid tin plating
24115. Brown Stains
24117. Faded Alodine after heating
24118. From dark to whitish bright nickel finish
24119. Ni-Cr plating is rusting in LCD area
24121. Chromate conversion coating
24122. Acid stained anodized alum
24123. Corrosion of precipitation hardenable stainless steel
24125. Corrosion Issue on Pure Copper Lead frame
24126. Ni Stripping/Electrowinning
24127. Hard Anodising LM25 / ADC10 die cast aluminium
24128. MIL-C-5541, 1A Conversion Coatings
24130. Need a silver tarnish preventer
24133. Chemical polishing for Stainless Steel
24138. Kit for Black Oxidate Copper
24139. Black Stainless Finish
24140. Thermal deburr of pliable polyurethane parts
24149. Marine exhaust corrosion problem
24150. Aluminum plating and decoration question
24153. Residential interior copper ceiling
24154. Tungsten Carbide Coating - Basic Information Required
24155. Colorless Alodine
24157. Corrosion evaluation for LASER etched 904L SS
24160. Will stainless steel 304 rust
24166. Painting 304 and 316 for added protection in coast environments
24167. How Do I Seal or Protect a Copper Sink?
24168. Polishing stainless steel sink
24169. Ever heard of tribocoat?
24171. Gold plating over Nickel plating on PCBs for wire bonding
24172. Etching carbon steel die-cutting knife
24176. Anode fabrication for hard chrome plating
24178. Dangers of phosphating
24179. Fusion Bonded Epoxy Painting for Sewage application
24181. Aluminum anodizing dye
24182. Geometric Tolerance
24183. Roughness on Skinpass Workrolls
24184. Anti-corrosion coating for Railway Track
24186. Penny's worth of copper/ Nickel's worth of nickel
24187. Metal finishing techniques
24188. Oxalic v sulfuric Anodization
24189. Surface finish conversion
24193. Metals Testing
24197. Repair hole in kitchen sink
24200. Passivation Tanks
24201. Blisters on PU paint only on horizontal surface
24202. Black Nitrate Coating
24203. Orange peel surface in Cu-Ni-Cr
24204. Pickling inhibitor information
24209. How do I restore a faded plastic bath to it's original colour
24210. Resistance to salt spray test hours in real life
24211. Pretreat LM6 and LM24 aluminum for Powder coating
24212. Tin Whiskers
24213. Corrosion resistance of zinc phosphate coating
24214. Grinding problem
24216. Restoring a Big Game Fish Fighting Chair
24219. Re-chroming of car rims
24227. Galvanised iron inquiry
24228. Titanium finishing
24229. Making acid stains for concrete
24230. Removing lead tarnish
24231. Preserving baby shoes with clear acrylic coating
24233. Aging galvanized steel or "tin"
24234. MIL Spec help
24235. Wave solder balls up on screws
24236. Epoxy primer doesn't adhere to conversion coated aluminum
24237. Material which is used to polish brass
24239. Life of zinc passivation with respect to thickness
24241. The Affects of Acid on different kinds of metal
24242. Teflon on Glassware
24243. Type of steel in flashlight springs
24244. Chiminea
24252. Removing Rust from Copper
24253. Brass polishing
24254. Clean patina horse statue
24255. Zn removal w/sulfide
24256. Pretreatment for powdercoating
24257. How to improve the uniformity of copper coated steel wire for welding
24266. Is hexavalent chromium on its way out?
24267. Testing for Iron Oxide RFH
24269. Galvalume vs. Zincalume
24270. Stainless steel scratch removal
24274. Electroless Nickel plating on CuW
24279. Need used vacuum metallizing machine
24280. Teacher asks why penny turns green in bleach
24282. Rust paint
24286. Perforated Aluminum
24289. Cooling a nitric/hydrofluoric acid bath
24291. 2B finish to a uniform appearance conversion
24292. Stainless or not?
24294. Information on 1970s scrubber sought
24295. Galvanized vs zinc w/clear chromate finish on CRS part
24296. Aluminized, anodized coated steel?
24297. Cold dye application? uv reactive dyes?
24298. How to create a chrome finish on machined aluminum
24304. Removal of zinc coating
24307. Looking for step by step help on buffing aluminum
24308. Sulphuric Acid Spillage
24309. Carbon treatment, Using Activated Carbon Filter
24310. E-coating threads, bores and pins- What is the effect?
24311. Color coding brass fittings
24316. Bronze Electroplating Systems
24317. Painting over Iridited aluminum
24318. Gun Barrel cleaning
24321. Spent nitric acid solution - what happens to it?
24322. How to touch up chipped areas on Youngstown Metal Kitchen Cabinets?
24323. Can a slightly harder part promote hydrogen embrittlement?
24324. Rework of cosmetic/minor damage
24328. Help green fingers
24329. How to restore red brass/bronze
24332. Metal degreasing
24334. Strength Properties of Ornamental Chrome Plating Under Bending
24335. Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
24336. Etching/stamping stainless with a leaf pattern
24338. Soldering pure nickel wire
24340. Brown staining on external - after electropolishing the internal
24342. Restore chrome chair
24346. Surface Treatment for 440C SST
24349. How to clean the rust off a knife
24350. Stripping aluminum deposits from Ti Impellers
24359. Barber Chair Restoration
24360. Polished motorcycle rims
24362. Better reclamation of gold from stagnant gold rinses
24363. Corrosion control for copper
24364. Zinc Whiskers
24365. Problem with Nickel Plating Titanium
24366. Graining specification
24367. Protective coatings for cast feet on postal boxes
24371. Gold Electrowinning
24376. Effective electrode
24377. Galvanic Corrosion in 5052 Aluminum
24381. Help with wastewater treatment from soda-can factory
24382. ROLLS
24395. Get the Enamel Paint off of Brass
24396. Inhibiting rust formation on polishing pins
24398. Removing rust economically
24399. Brass brightener
24400. Chemical blade sharpening
24401. How to darken silver items
24402. Brass fireplace doors
24403. Hexavalent to trivalent yellow color
24404. Pickle tank solution analysis
24405. Galvanizing vs. Dacromet
24407. I need to know how to make the right solution for hard chroming
24408. Satin chrome finish on machined brass parts
24409. Resin impregnation aluminum
24410. Passivating titanium - chemical equation
24412. Liquid vs powder degreasers and cleaners
24413. How can I prevent stainless steel welds rusting in sea water
24414. Coating suggestion needed for an aluminum rack with stainless pinion and plastic roller
24416. Electroless nickel plated connector vs. cadmium plated connector
24420. Structure properties of polymers
24421. The economics of caustic soda and chlorine under the AntiTrust Authority eye
24422. Suitable zirconium salts for electroplating
24424. Copper Sulphate Storage
24425. Does powdercoat affect thermal conductivity?
24427. Help with how a surface finish is identified
24429. Stainless steel bolt vs brass nut
24431. What is SPI/SPE #3
24432. Chrome pitting and what to do when storing chrome wheels
24447. Electroplating lead onto aluminum?
24451. Nickel Itch Test
24454. Cadmium Plating is flaking
24455. Electrolytic passivation
24457. Auto Paint in Restoration of Bed
24458. Clear Coat...like glass!
24459. Will trivalent chrome revert to hex
24461. Ceramic co-deposition in nickel plating
24462. Copper/Nickel Delamination
24463.Stainless steel countertop: seeking brushing methods and sealant product information
24465. Looking for CD ROM with metal and plastic textures
24466. Perforated metal finished to look like antique copper
24469. Expired glass fibre resin?
24471. Green Tarnish on Brass
24472. Chrome Treatment
24475. Loss of fatigue strength after hard anodising
24476. Help! Black Spots on Hard Coat Anodizing have me baffled!
24477. Black anodized aluminum consistency
24478. Thread Problem
24481. Orange-peel effect in aluminum forming
24483. Nickel-Chrome Plating
24484. Sulfamic Acid pH adjustment
24486. Procedure for passivating steel
24489. Will peroxide rust iron nails?
24490. Cracking clear coat on Corvette wheels
24491. Will drilled galvanized steel rust?
24501. Colorizing brass or nickel
24502. Lighting for plating inspection station
24503. Cleaning Dirty Lab Glassware
24504. Stripping tin from copper
24505. A practical precaution against introducing zinc whiskers
24507. Spark erosion on aluminum frames while anodizing
24508. Cheaply electropolishing stainless steel
24510. Cost and benefits of electrode plating
24513. Nickel itch
24515. 16 Surface Finish - SS 304
24516. Powder coating aluminum for outdoor environment
24517. Tri-iron tetraoxide finish on steel
24518. Alodine 1200 & 1500
24519. Loss of aluminum when etched
24520. Anodizing of stainless steel
24521. An electrically insulating hard finish for steel
24527. How can copper be heat treated?
24533. Soldering MuMetal
24534. Orange peel problem
24535. Hot dip galvanizing of tubes
24537. Verifying Passivation of 15-5 CRES
24547. Temp at which silver becomes silver oxide?
24550. Zinc counter tops
24551. Bronze patination of art nouveau figurine
24552. Installing Copper Counter Top
24562. Material for dilute HCl solution at high temperature
24563. Zinc barrel plating solution overheating
24564. How to protect ion exchanger resin when system shut down
24566. Rotogravure and Flexographic questions
24567. Paint peel off
24568. Question on Hot Dip Galvanising
24569. Pinholes in copper-nickel-chrome plating
24570. Zinc-Iron Baths and Trivalent Black Chromates
24579. Metal drawer pulls
24580. How do I remove rust
24582. Red Gold?
24585. Electroplated gold surface stain/brownish for Flexible Circuits
24586. Rework on annealed radiometal rods
24587. Advanced deburring
24589. Preparation of titanium for sputter coating with silver or nickel
24592. Copperware -- too much vinegar [affil link]
24596. Temperature and Chemical Reaction
24597. What is the process for aluminum chemical brightening
24598. Sulfate removal from water
24599. Particle size distribution of abrasive grains
24603. Plating natural objects for use within a jewelry collection
24605. Info on E/N
24606. Fine solid formation on tin bath
24614. Analytical techniques for aluminum etchants
24615. Why can China produce a good galvanization and Canada cannot
24616. How to make up ferrous sulfate solution for electroplating
24617. Sulfur odor from anodized aluminum parts
24618. Removal and Prevention of White Streak on Stainless Surfaces
24619. Teflon coating on metal surface
24623. Project on wastewater from E-coating
24626. Hot bluing formula reusable?
24627. Preserving polished brass
24629. Electroplating: The different metals and practical applications
24630. Please Help A.S.A.P. I need the answer!
24633. "Blisters" on Polished Aluminum car wheels
24634. Books On Surface Coatings/Electroplatings
24640. MIL-R-21006
24641. Compressors for powder coating
24642. Stripping copper from brass?
24643. Plating thickness -optimum thickness for automotive application
24644. Galvanic action of brass/bronze plated aluminum
24645. Electroforming
24646. Compatibility of SS904L with nitric Acid
24647. Mysterious Grooving in Carbon Steel Pipe in 99% H2SO4 Service
24648. Coating Suggestion for Heavy Machinery Track Rail
24650. Chrome re-dipping for wheel
24653. Science Equations
24654. New Stainless sink showing rust signs after and hour or so
24656. Marine diesel mfgr needs correlation of RMS to Rmax
24662. Pipe organ mfgr. needs protection of zinc pipes during mfg process
24664. Copper pipe electrolysis from touching galvanized steel?
24665. Can you use the vinegar [affil link] solution more than once?
24666. Looking for place to chrome dip rims
24668. How do I know if Nikasil liners are worn?
24671. Final buffing of aluminum castings is raising pits
24677. Problem with in-line neutralization
24680. Plater encounters black smut on nitrided high carbon steel after acid dip
24681. How to passivate/pickling titanium autoclave
24683. Air brake mfgr. needs to measure surface roughness of small rubber balls
24684. Will stainless sludge pump galvanically corrode our steel storage tank
24686. Does hot and cold air effect the rate at which rust forms?
24687. Cadmium Lamination On Brass Bushing
24691. How to remove aluminum from alkaline water at high temp
24692. Semi-conductor mfgr. finds platinum coated titanium rings shrink after anneal
24694. Nickel Silicon Carbide repair
24696. Alonizing
24697. Analysis of Sulphuric Acid
24698. E-nickel over hard chrome plating issues?
24700. Electroless plating
24706. Re-chroming vintage furniture
24712. Paint for metal fireplace
24713. Electroless zinc plating
24714. Glass bead for sand blast procedure
24715. Nickel allergy help
24716. Zinc die castings plating
24717. Electrodeposition painting
24718. How to prevent galvanic attack of aluminum parts on steel towers
24723. Mil-C-5541e class 3
24724. Nickel plating
24727. Deburring Methods
24729. Soldering onto chrome
24730. Many types of blade steel, which is best?
24733. Avoiding buffing wheel marks
24735. Corrosion of aluminum cans/cookwares leading to leaching and health problems
24737. Descaling steel
24741. Rusting Outdoor Wrought Iron Furniture
24743. PU thinner formulation
24745. Painting brass chandelier to look silver
24747. Need 'One Stroke' by NY Bronze Co.
24748. Best way to finish LARGE ALUMINUM PIECE to look like COPPER?
24751. How can I refinish an antique metal door which had been gold leafed but failed?
24764. How to remove chromium oxide
24765. Bending of electroplated Nickel film
24768. Decreasing the MBAS and COD parameters in the effluent
24769. Removal of plasma sprayed tungsten carbide coatings?
24775. ABS plastic powder, MEK
24780. Rusting nails project
24783. Using polyester spray putty for bathtub resurfacing
24784. Patina finishes on iron
24786. Sterling Silver Has Accidental Copper Patina
24787. How do I sufficiently clean resin "head" for metallizing?
24793. Galvanized Steel/Zinc Oxide fumes and food preparation
24795. Heat resistant paint for ovens
24798. Terminal void problem for chip resistor
24801. Magnesium Painting Process
24802. Looking for chrome alternative for cosmetic part
24803. Ductility
24804. 96 hour black chromate conversion coating
24810. Electroplating on leather
24811. Please help me electrogalvanize
24816. The Electrical Resistivity of Zinc Chromate
24817. Ni recovery
24818. Powder Coat paint vs. Marine Urethane paint
24819. Pharmaceutical packager asks if passivation sanitizes against microorganisms?
24820. Fingerprint capture appliance needs grain finish standards for inspection consistency
24821. Dairyland mfgr. seeks standards for stainless steel finishes
24826. What is electro forming
24829. Buffing compound for seashells
24831. Variation in Gold thickness from HCD to LCD
24832. Household product mfgr. needs to matte finish aluminum before anodizing
24838. Automotive Metal Finishing Spec WX100
24839. Cu SO4 test for zinc phosphate quality
24840. Aluminum casting leakage problems
24841. Hard Chroming Problems
24842. Chrome Burning or whitewashing
24844. Cabinet fabricator needs to remove dark spots from spot welding stainless
24845. Is aqua transfer/cubic printing right for rapid prototyping?
24849. Structural fabricator asks how to phosphate galvanized steel
24850. SS 304 for saltwater aquaculture
24851. Vibratory finished ALMAG-535 is turning grey instead of white
24856. Hobbyist aluminum anodizing
24858. Is GPC an air pollutant? What chemicals react or neutralize it?
24860. Hydrogen Absorption from Chemical Milling Titanium
24861. Plating Onto Mirror Stainless...NOT a Cakewalk
24862. Electronics enclosure maker wants to zinc-phosphate galvanized steel
24863. Food container mfgr worries about chromium 6 in S/S welds
24864. Abrasive flowed high purity tubing won't electropolish like hand-polished
24867. Erosion of aluminum thin film during anodizing
24869. Invest-i-g-a-tory project
24870. Corrosion resistance of zinc/iron alloys
24871. Alodine 1201 immersion and rinse
24878. Brushed brass finish
24881. White spots on olive green passivation
24883. New car rusting already
24885. Stripping solution titration
24887. Influence temperature of HCl pickling solution to different carbon steel hot rolled
24890. Painting over galvanized steel subjected to high temperature
24891. Silver plating on Invar
24892. Nickel strike
24893. Zinc/Iron black chromate problem
24898. Request for Help
24899. Protective coating for exterior copper
24902. Antique or patina powder coat sources
24904. Orthopedic mfgr. finds laser marking is coming off after passivation
24905. Food process equipment mfgr. wants to use 316L for salt blending system
24913. Request for recipe for platinum electroplating
24914. 400 Micrometer Ni-P
24915. I WANT it to rust!
24916. Need info on how to do marbleized refinishing on metal or plastic
24917. Heath and safety aspects of passivation installation
24919. Antique silver look
24921. Regarding hot dip galvanising dross formation
24922. Brown scales on Zn- Co passivated components
24923. Nickel present in top layer of gold in gold over nickel plating
24925. Adverse effects of zinc plating on CRS
24927. Alternate or faster method than microfinishing for surgical needles
24929. User has trouble distilling the wax from Trichlor
24930. What plastic should replace carbon steel elbows for sea water?
24931. Chemistry of aluminum surface
24934. Stainless steel refrigerator door- removing shipping tape glue
24935. Paint a television
24936. How can you tell when is gold pure?
24937. Why Noxon Brass & Silver Polish (and Quick Dip) Disappeared
24938. Turning brass and copper black
24939. OPC drum coating technology
24940. CuSO4.xH2O -- How to prove value of x?
24941. Copper plating without electricity
24942. Adding the chrome back to plastic models
24943. More information about hard anodizing of interior tubes
24945. Number codes for metal (such as 6061 and 6063)
24946. NDT help
24949. Specifics on Iron-Cobalt Alloys
24950. Cooling tower treatment chemicals
24953. Request for help gold Alodine
24954. Masking before nickel and gold plate
24956. Science fair project
24957. Cu-Ni plating bath
24963. Aluminum Grades
24967. How to paint metal cabinets
24968. Bronzing method information required
24969. To enable us to comply with the EU Directive WEEE and RoHS
24970. Market for used acids and bases from former plating shop?
24971. Stripping hard metal
24973. Activation of zinc diecastings before brass/copper plating
24975. Large aquarium suffers galvanized to 316SS compatibility issue
24978. Silver and other metals
24980. Cleaning of enamel baths
24982. Sludge from cadmium stripping blinds filter
24983. Zinc/chromate dust
24984. Waterborne is too high viscosity
24987. Need metal test panels
24991. Cadmium coatings, how do they work?
24992. Silver turned black, what should I do?
24993. Battery acid stained concrete
24994. Copper tube silver solder process
24995. Silver tarnish
24996. How to keep copper plating on bronze shiny?
24998. Electroless nickel and friction

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