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metal finishing cover

19000. Home Crafter wants to buy paraffin
19004. Passivation of Carbon/Tool Steel
19005. Can Stainless Steel Rust ?
19006. Black Finish for Stainless Steel
19011. Want high purity Gold plating bath
19013. Gas burners for Hot dip galvanizing kettle
19021. What is Dihydrogen Dioxide?
19022. Copper plating issues
19024. Rusting in tap water vs. saltwater
19025. Measuring thickness of plating (follow up to #18239)
19026. Do soft drinks corrode metal?
19028. Nickel/cobalt
19032. Plating vs. galvanizing.....have I go this right?
19033. Surface Prep Prior to Chrome Plating
19034. Colouring copper by flame
19036. Cleaning Gold Jewelry
19039. Wood burning stove restoration
19041. Copper sheet
19043. How to blue guns
19045. Curing lamp for oil based paint
19048. Hex chrome present in final coating?
19049. Gun spitting problem in wet application
19050. E-coating, how is it done?
19051. Passivation of hot dip galvanized steel
19052. Colour Determining Parameter in a PVD Process
19053. Silver Lume A
19055. Chromate conversion (alodine 1200)
19059. Dye Passivation on Steel
19060. Zinc phosphate troubles
19062. Hard surface for soft tin bismuth alloy
19064. Undercoat requirements for hard chrome on steel for severe marine atmosphere
19068. Can brass rust?
19070. Nickel acetate solution?
19077. Nickel and cobalt anodes
19079. Hot dip galvanizing alternatives?
19099. Black Pennies
19100. Urgent! Science Project
19103. Corrosion protection of aluminium
19105. 1977 Silver Penny
19110. Model 94 Bluing
19112. Coating to seal water leaks on fire truck
19114. Tin sheets
19115. Attributes of 'bright blue passivates'?
19116. Serious acid excursion in boiler
19117. CFR 433 Metal Finishing Requirements
19118. De-ionizing water
19119. Waste treatment of tin rinses
19121. FPL Etch Solution Analysis
19122. Hypophosphite measurement problem
19124. Procedures for Water Break Test
19125. Silver Plating
19126. Powder coating different material thicknesses
19127. Causing rust to develop rapidly on mild steel
19128. Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold Plating of Brass
19130. Cracking of Hard Anodizing
19132. Alodine bonding surface
19133. Material Removal from Bright Dip
19135. Stripping blistered chrome from aluminum wheels
19136. Stainless Steel
19144. Temperature effects on the oxidation of metals
19148. Copper Oxidization or Giving Copper a Greenish Look
19149. Recycling gold from scrap PC boards
19151. Strip and paint aluminum frame
19152. Pitting brass
19153. Brushed zinc countertops again
19154. Reuse of material
19158. Automatic buffing machines
19162. Method to develop cheap testing method to gauge anodizing process
19163. ASTM B117 test time reduction
19169. Powder Welding (flame-spraying)?
19172. Alkaline vs acid zinc
19173. Activator
19174. Creating technique to measure anodizing process cheapest
19176. Plating to resist anhydrous ammonia?
19178. Dull finish and tensile variation of s.s wire rods due to improper annealing
19179. ENPlating - nitric acid test method
19180. Testing method (Ferroxyl test) for ENPlating jobs at 5microns
19182. Metal finishes
19183. Blackening nickel coated zinc
19187. Teflon Raw Material Required
19190. Ebonol C blackening problems
19191. Adding boron carbide with electroless nickel
19192. Does electroless nickel induce cracking in mild steel welds?
19193. Chemical resistance of Cadmium coated bearings (Deionized Water)
19194. Recommend Cleaning Process for Anodized Aluminum
19195. ElectroGalvanize or Hot-Dip Galvanize?
19196. Galling Problem
19199. Does anybody know a good copper to aluminum epoxy
19200. Leach Tank Reliability and Replacement
19202. Which hooks in racks are the best when hydrochloric acid are used
19203. Stainless Steel Railing Rust & Corrosion Problems
19211. Copper-plating leaves
19212. Remove the outer layer of a penny
19213. Stained stainless
19217. Large Copper Sheeting - where to buy
19219. Treating copper
19220. Etchant for d2 high carbon steel
19222. Restoring brass plated plumbing fixtures
19223. Cyanide Reduction
19225. Blisters on Electroplated Zinc Items
19226. Black Titanium Finish
19227. Impregnate process
19228. Aluminum vs Iron
19229. Alternatives to Chrome Plating 125mm Gun Barrels
19239. FINISH P513C TYPE 1 PER MIL-F-14072
19241. Zinc Contamination
19247. Zinc Solubility
19248. How temperature affects the speed of a chemical reaction
19250. Does a penny head weigh more?
19253. The protection of a small garden tractor chassis
19254. Problem with Black Delrin Mold
19255. Remove clear coat from aluminum
19259. EN plating qualify
19262. Chemical catalyst to reducing etching temperature and NO2 treatment
19264. Free acidity low - reasons?
19265. Satin finish on stainless steel
19266. Galvanic potential of metals after conversion coating
19270. Possible Oxidation of Zinc Plated Brass?
19273. Downdraft Bad Odor
19274. Gold plating aluminum
19275. Rack marks in MIL-A-8625 Anodizing
19277. Iridite Class 3 -vs- Alodine 1200S
19280. Help on tempering sword
19281. Nitride Finishings
19282. Welding of Hastelloy c
19284. Electroless deposition onto polymeric materials
19285. Assistance for Ra
19287. What does ASTM B117 mean?
19288. DI Water Protection for Aluminum
19292. Corrosion Electrolyte
19297. Fungus resistance of anodic coatings
19299. Electroplated Plastic with Chrome?
19302. Fading of black hard anodising part at high temperature
19309. The Element Nickel
19310. Chemical composition of the black dye used in anodizing process
19311. Pen Plating Problems
19312. Shoe bronzing
19314. Preparation for Color Anodizing
19315. Aluminum polish
19317. Health hazards of galvanized steel benchtops with zinc flaking off
19318. Is it okay to use NaOH to neutralize CitriSurf 2250?
19319. Cleaning solutions for Stainless Steel
19320. Zn coated
19322. Cyanide copper brighteners
19330. How many plating shops are there?
19333. How can I get rid of a scratch in my toilet bowl?
19334. How concerned should I be about using acids to remove rust?
19336. Black Zinc Finish / Antique Pewter Finishes / Clear Urethanes
19337. Etcher repair
19339. How to maintain black oxide solution concentration?
19340. EN standards
19341. Hex Chrome or Trivalent Chrome
19342. Chemical conversion coating
19343. 440A Stainless Steel, Laser Marking, Passivation and Rust
19345. Student extracting silver
19351. Help for A-level student is required
19352. Material properties
19357. Surface Pitting
19370. Platinum coating
19373. Chrome Painting Car Dash Faceplate Trim
19374. How do I remove rust from a wok safely?
19375. Refinishing brass coffee, end, sofa table legs
19378. White gold - Iiodum tincture
19379. Where can I buy rhodium and plating kit?
19387. Dewetting: A Yield Menace
19388. Etching problem
19389. How to make it brighter
19390. Sludge problem in phosphate bath
19391. Bright Cleaning of Stainless Steel Fasteners
19392. Shot blasting medium cost cheap alternative required
19397. Coating Thickness Check
19399. Powder coat over anodizing
19400. Electroless Nickel
19401. Clear coating on anodized aluminum with photographic image
19408. Delta tone finish
19418. Industrial economics of copper sulphate crystals
19420. How do temperature and concentration affect E-cell of a half cell?
19421. About copper sulphate
19422. How is anodizing removed?
19426. FTIR spectra
19428. Gold to its carat
19431. Using a Copper Bowl for a Baptismal Font
19432. Seaside steel sculpture in serious situation
19433. Corrosion in cars
19437. Rhodium Plating YELLOW GOLD
19438. Wanting to polish my swingarm, maybe rims too
19440. Metal oven box for wood stove
19441. Mil-C-5541
19443. Galling of Polycarbonate
19445. The "Not Anodizing" Process
19446. Is PVD the final step?
19447. Electroless Nickel Plating of holes, threaded holes, and blind holes
19448. Plating defects from anneal brass
19449. Chrome Plating/Spraying
19450. Yellow dichromate adhesion problems on large zinc plated parts
19453. Consistent Coloring With Commercial Clear Anodizing of Aluminum
19455. Sulfuric acid anodising mechanism?
19456. Masking on silicon wafer
19458. Activation of Maraging Steels for Plating
19459. Need Help with Surface Finish Specifications
19460. Surface finish conversion table
19461. Metal identification
19462. Titanium metallurgy
19466. What are molecules?
19469. How to Burnish New Brass?
19470. Polished Aluminum Trailer -- Protection from Oxidation
19473. White pickling passivating
19475. Compatibility of Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum
19477. Corrosion protection for aluminum blade shaft on variable pitch fan
19479. Converting to Decimals
19480. Tarnishing of jewelry products
19483. Alternate for Dichromate Sealing
19484. Does "Z" equal either "Rz, Ra, or Rmax"?
19485. Clearing up the use of "T.I.R." in the Steel Supply Industry
19486. Staining steel
19489. Need for a High-Temp, Black Paint that won't Oxidize within a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
19497. Need info on coloring mild steel with chemicals and or heat
19499. TT-E-515 Replacement?
19500. Electroless deposition of Au and Cu
19501. Silicon Carbide Coating
19509. Sulfuric Anodization
19511. Lead acetate
19514. Best corrosion resistance C-22 or C-276
19515. Nickel-free steel to solve skin rash problem
19519. Painting Fiberglass Tub/Shower Unit
19520. Copper and Salt Water
19522. Remove PVD coating from zinc die cast metal
19523. Paint detackification odor
19524. Pre-treating 12L14 Steel Prior To Zinc Plating
19525. Zinc phosphate sludge
19534. Reddening Copper
19537. Can I plate my own jewelry?
19538. Building a rectifier
19539. EU requirements for paints and primers
19540. Polishing Characteristics of Alloy 6005 T5
19541. Information on Autophoretic Painting Process
19545. Want to know how to aluminize a telescope mirror
19547. Copper paint
19548. Selective surface etching of WC parts
19549. Process details
19550. PVD technology in bathroom fixtures
19551. Surface smoothness/finishing of Zinc Diecast products
19552. My metals won't rust
19553. Creating a rich gold hue finish on polished brass
19554. Removing Lacquer Finish from Brass Hardware
19556. Complete tinning copperware
19557. Lead Sinkers
19558. Question concerning chromium in the urine
19559. Plating vs. Clad
19562. Acid copper tank construction
19563. How do I color mild steel
19564. NIMONIC 80A
19576. pH measurements
19579. HBF4 Strength
19580. Organometallics
19581. Extracion del niquel a partir de una bacteria de una roco ferroniquel (escoria) en carbon
19582. Coolants for machining PMMA
19584. Corrosion
19586. Iron bedstead restoration
19587. Paint/powder removal from aluminum alloy wheels/rims
19589. Hex Chrome as Evap Bottoms Waste Stream
19590. Etching Zinc with Acid
19591. Will Ultrasonics remove smut?
19599. Best Aluminum plating to accept CARC Primer/Paint finishes?
19600. Length of time it takes for SS to become passive after passivation
19601. Brushing stainless steel with a wire brush
19602. Effect of blast media (glass bead/baking soda) on Chromium oxide layer of stainless steel
19603. Zinc sulphate treatment of cast ductile iron
19605. Should I switch from powdercoating to plastisol/pvc coating?
19607. Purification of alumina
19613. Relationship between chloride concentration and sodium hypochlorite concentration
19615. Decorative finish
19616. Baked-on brown-wrinkle finish
19617. Autocatalytic plating of Sn on Au bumps for microelectronics
19618. Degreasing
19619. ASM electroplating course answers?
19620. Hydrogen embrittlement
19622. What metals can be electroplated?
19623. What is the best material to use for a load bar, or work bar
19624. FDA Approval for Black Hard Anodize
19625. Chrome conversion coating
19626. Polishing technique required
19627. Dielectric electrolysis of 304 SS and black iron
19629. Side Effects of Muriatic Acid
19630. Plate nickel into porous Si
19631. Looking for glass coating for aluminum
19632. Hammertone paint for a hobbyist
19634. Custom painting on TOP of a powdercoated m/c tank
19637. Zinc plating specification questions
19638. Soldering fluxes as a cause of metal fever
19639. Need a strip for silver braze
19640. Lacquering brass
19641. Effect Of Hardcoat Anodize On Internal Screw Threads
19642. Oxide removal on copper using non-acidic methods
19643. Coating / Plating exposed to Freon
19651. Lincoln penny science project
19652. Electroforming of Silver
19654. De-chroming
19655. Give plastic a chrome-like finish to mimic OEM automotive finishes
19657. MICr20 plating alloy
19661. Paint Making Methods and Equipment
19662. Zinc finishes
19665. Ion Nitride brittleness, corrosion
19666. Does Zinc still protect Iron at boiling water temp?
19671. Rusting nails
19672. Electroplating Help Needed
19673. Electroforming TiN pieces?
19674. Acetic acid
19675. How can I restore the brightness on my Zinc/Nickel finish
19677. Burning/etching steel
19680. Black-Gunmetal Ring
19681. No phosphate parkerizing
19682. Percentage of Hex Chromate
19683. Chrome poisoning symptoms
19685. Cadmium Waste
19687. Impurities in Zinc Chloride
19688. Salt spray ratings
19690. Electrodeposition
19692. Using galvanized sheet metal in corrosive conditions
19694. Stop chrome painting on plastics
19697. Standards for powder coating and anodizing?
19699. Removal of silver plate from E.P.N.S cutlery
19701. Stainless steel pickle formula
19702. Galvanization methods
19705. Purifying copper, science fair project
19707. Is there a coating to reduce stiction force in a heavily oiled valve?
19709. Dissolving Tin Anodes FAST
19711. How to Paint brass headboard?
19712. Inexpensive high temp coating
19713. Chemically Produced Copper Patinas
19714. Components of chrome solution
19718. Colorizing of steel product
19719. Coating for Aluminum Forming Tool to Eliminate the Residue
19721. How to build a plating power source?
19722. Help with accelerated rusting of steel/iron
19723. 904L steel vs. 316L in watchmaking industry
19724. Home Chrome Plating
19726. Getting Started
19727. Table of Water Resistivities
19730. Aquaculture
19731. Paraffin Finish?
19733. Problem Machining Aluminum
19734. Plastic Chroming
19736. Blister after plating
19737. Seeking used XRF Systems
19740. Need a 3000 amps rectifier
19742. Distilled Water a "Dead" Water
19743. Heat Treatment after Cr Stripping
19746. Electroplating technique
19747. Corrosion inhibition about phosphoric acid
19748. H2SO4 as passivation solution
19749. Steel Corrosion, cyanide, elevated temperature
19757. Electrodepositable materials
19758. Biotechnology
19759. Etching amalgam
19760. Weld Corrosion of 316L Marine Grade Stainless in Salt Water
19761. Repairing Teflon coated appliances
19763. Is NC lacquer compatible with oil paints
19766. Galvanic Action between Galvanized and Stainless Steel?
19767. Water treatment coupon preparation
19768. Shades by RAL
19770. Use of adhesives on hot and cold rolled steel sheets
19771. Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold Plating of Brass
19772. Zinc black plating SST requirement
19774. Plating Problem
19775. Alodine contaminating office?
19776. Wanted: Shaft for Plastic Bearing
19777. Intricate masking needed
19779. Corrosion in salt-making
19780. Easy to apply high friction coating to cardboard
19782. Scratches in stainless steel elevator door
19790. Physics Experiments
19795. Effect of anodizing on aluminum heat emissivity or absorption
19802. Help on de-smut
19803. Pitting problems on zinc parts
19804. Teflon coating for heat exchanger plates
19805. Obtaining a copy of the AMS 2488 standard
19809. Black Oxide on two 8" Dia x 3/4" thick plates
19816. Things I can electroplate
19817. Stainless steel corrosion
19819. Why do oxidation of jewelry
19820. How to protect aluminum for exterior applications
19821. Neutralize muriatic acid after the job is done
19823. Repainting an old corrugated galvanize steel roof
19824. Ford Spec. #ESB-M1P17-A
19825. Help with Remediation System
19827. Painting over powder coating
19828. Powder Coating Specification
19830. Chrome on S.S. wire
19832. Silver plated directly over steel
19833. Phosphoric Acid
19834. Coating for A2 Tool Steel
19835. Brushed chrome finish on ABS for injection molding company
19839. Questions about gold thin film deposition
19841. Green Copper Patina
19843. California body shop regulations questions
19845. Cyanide Gold Solution Analysis By XRF
19846. Matching paint specs using international standards
19847. The cleaning of ferrous metals before powder painting
19848. Problem polishing small pieces
19849. Effects of chlorine on bronze sand castings
19857. Abs plastic painting
19859. Refinish shiny brass into antique look
19860. Europe to restrict hexavalent chrome
19861. 5S Implementation
19864. Trouble shooting in wall thickness growth in barrel plating
19866. Cleaning zinc clad tabletop?
19868. Electrolytic rust cleaning
19869. Alodine outgassing
19870. Passivation or chromium coating
19874. Copper Plating of S-5 bar 95" LG
19876. Solution to put green verdigris on copper
19887. Tinplate
19888. Polishing Titanium Plate
19890. Rust Prevention
19891. Removing "chrome" from brass bathroom fittings
19892. Rust spots on copper plated steel balls
19895. Corrosion resistance of tin plate
19896. Pickling for Incoloy
19899. Plating per FORD Spec #S424 AND S426
19905. Shock absorber pitting
19906. Quantify Hexavalent Chromate
19907. Spray booth for a dust-free finish
19909. Wiping problems in Hot-Dip Tinning of Wire
19912. Bubbling in Zinc Plated Parts
19913. Chrome Plate - "Frosty"
19916. Anodizing 2024: Bare vs. Clad
19919. From Grinding of Inconel Problems and Need Help
19923. Any ideas on SnO2 coating glass
19927. Electroless deposition
19931. What are in steel nails
19932. Corncob or Walnut?
19934. Melting point and conductivity
19935. Chemical Formula for Reaction - Zinc Plating
19938. Teflon coatings for high voltage insulation - DIY application
19940. A solvent for removing "plastic lifetime finish"
19941. Home anodizing not working correctly - on some aluminum
19942. Request for instructions on color anodizing titanium
19946. Finger discoloration from 14K ring
19949. Can I accelerate the rusting process?
19951. Simple problem but I don't know
19952. Corrosion of stainless steel 316 as anode in electrically tin plating over copper panels
19953. Whats the toxic effects of mixing muriatic acid and chlorine
19957. Stainless steel vs. aluminized steel for heat exchangers
19959. Oxidation of Copper and Copper Alloys
19962. Painting a sink
19963. Is TGIC in powders a carcinogen?
19964. Suggestions for how to electropolish niobium, tantalum, and their alloys
19966. Alternatives to Ivadizing
19973. Dangers of zinc
19974. Chromate Conversion Coating - Environmental Issues
19976. Material specs for hard alumite
19977. Gas Tank Rust Removal
19979. Need overseas standards
19980. Galvanizing truck frames - possible?
19985. Nozzle for a Cyclo Blast / Dry Honer
19987. Assignment
19988. Help with Clorox-spotted silverware
19990. Patina brown copper
19991. Canadian coin composition ?
19993. Seeking effluent treatment technology for alkaline rust stripper containing sodium gluconate, Na-EDTA. and propylene glycol methyl ether
19997. Galvanizing kettle
19998. Coating Performance difference of Galvanneal Vs Galvanized
19999. Thermal bonding between gold and cobalt

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