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14000. Polishing of small 304 stainless steel pressed components
14002. A report on the production of sodium hypochlorite industrially
14003. Hallmarks? Silver or pewter?
14004. Stainless steel finishing
14005. Electroplating leather, Shoes, Nonmetal Objects
14006. Melted rain suit on exhaust pipe
14010. Removing lacquer
14017. Galling of 718 threads in non-permanent connections
14018. 7075 aluminum pin hole corrosion
14020. Which tumblers are the best
14022. Gold plating removal
14023. O-ring seal on hard coat anodize
14026. Red indicates corrosion site in hard chrome deposit
14027. Polish Motorcycle Rims
14028. Galvanic couple between Al6061T6+Alodine1200 and AISI316L or AISI304L
14032. Hard anodizing problem, aluminum alloy
14033. Crystal varathane purported to be carcinogenic
14034. Blackodizing Process
14035. Neutralizing nitric acid with sodium bicarbonate
14036. CLEANING PENNIES - Substances that don't work
14037. Disposal methods of MSDS
14038. How much of copper sulphate do you consume before you die
14040. How to protect Mild Steel
14041. Undo my polishing on antique brass hardware
14042. HCL vs. Muriatic Acid
14043. Brass paint instead of electroplating
14050. Cleaning a burned stainless steel surface
14052. On the lookout for "Nextel Suede-Coating"
14055. White Rust on Sheeting
14057. Mill Scale Use
14058. Steel, Aluminum, Plastic Chroming
14060. Sulfamate Nickel Strike Help Needed
14061. Anodising assistance
14066. Chromate Recovery
14067. Piston Tin Plating Problem
14068. Stain on nickel plated surface
14072. Degree of cleanness of stainless steel
14075. Etching silver
14077. Solder plating
14078. Problem with soft anodic coating
14080. Removing sheen on ceramic tile
14081. Applying PVD metal coatings to ceramic tiles
14083. Help cleaning stainless steel tanks
14093. Small bluing operation
14094. Vacuum metallizing
14095. Electroless Nickel Plating on Brass
14096. Help with blue dye over zinc plate
14097. Films of Cobalt Iron Soft Magnetic Alloys
14098. Phosphate pretreatment
14099. Need preparation chemicals for powdercoating
14102. Dependence of deposited mass on temperature during electroplating
14103. What's in 7-up or Mountain Dew to dissolve a paper clip?
14104. Copper plating nail experiment
14105. Aluminum Polishing Question
14106. Aluminium oxide wood finishing
14107. Refinishing a brass bed
14108. Thermal conductive powder
14109. How do we plate nickel over nickel
14110. Plating on TiW
14111. Tufftriding
14115. Electroplating
14116. Re-chroming plastic
14117. Passivation contamination
14118. Rusting problem
14119. Stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide
14121. Australian AS 1231 1985
14122. Aluminum re-anodize
14123. Laws on black powder cannons
14124. Plastic chrome plating
14127. Spotting after vacuum heat treatment
14128. Aluminium pretreatment
14129. Filling rust pitted area on metal before chroming
14131. Conductive Aluminum Finish
14132. How can you monitor or measure amount of chrome in water
14133. Pressure Washer De-anodizing
14135. Chrome appearance in a plastic paint
14137. Gold property
14138. Need info. on "plater's wax"
14139. Aluminum patinas
14142. How to cast a smooth bore iron cannon
14143. Old stainless steel stove top refurbishing
14146. Stainless Steel Scratches
14147. Charge of a nickel dithiocarbamate complex molecule
14148. Zinc galvanizing
14150. Gold plating on SS component (spring steel wire component)
14151. Improving the reflectivity of anodised surfaces
14153. Mirror finish on die-cast aluminium
14155. Need to know what materials/chemicals for electroplating
14156. Need really clear clearcoat
14157. Painting ABS
14159. Method to color concrete to near white
14160. E-Coating / CED vs. Autophoretic Coating
14161. Acid corrosion
14162. Bismuth / tin plating questions
14163. Bright dip acting as lubricant
14164. Ruthenium/Iridium coated Titanium anodes
14167. Electrode polarization
14169. Clear coat on aluminium surfaces
14172. Painting over a hot-dipped galvanized surface
14173. Painting a plastic (polyethylene) motorcycle gas tank
14174. Inert carbon canister coating
14175. Cost of aluminum fume treatment
14177. Non-sticking coating for welding blade
14178. High frequency metal plating issue
14181. Sensitizing Paste for Electroless Nickel Deposition
14182. Frosted appearance on passivated parts
14183. Bright dip or what?
14184. A hydrogen embrittlement and coated wire puzzler
14186. SAE AMSA8625 and MIL-A-8625
14188. Refinishing wrought iron furniture
14189. Thermal vs Chemical Black Oxide
14190. Final finish problems during fishing reel manufacturing
14197. Advice regarding electroplating wastes and inline systems
14198. Anti reflective paint for 400-700 nm
14199. Sealing of anodize
14200. Paint that reflects lights
14201. White Patina Wanted
14203. Best brass finish for outdoors: gold leaf or e-coat?
14204. Enamel Coating
14205. Edge Building of Nickel Deposit Problem
14207. Dow#7 /Dichromate treatment
14209. Chromate Conversion Coating
14210. "Home" powdercoating over chrome plate
14212. Question on Zinc Olive Drab Plate
14221. Surface Activation for Phosphating. Grain Size Issues
14223. Which type/grade of Aluminum
14228. Any ideas about aluminum finish shine removal?
14229. Clear Anodizing - Matching 6061 and 6063
14231. Galvanic Problems - Zinc substituted for Cadmium
14233. Chrome horse
14234. Cleaning cedar and water spots
14238. Mix olive drab and yellow
14239. Red Tint to Black Oxide Holders
14241. Nickel sulphate build up in nickel tank
14245. NH4OH and Silver Chloride
14246. Plasma Nitriding
14249. Removal of Sodium Carbonate
14252. Chemical stripping of copper-nickel-chrome from aluminum
14253. Electroless nickel plating
14257. Chrome plating in deep holes
14258. Machining terminology
14261. PP compatibility with sulfuric acid
14263. Carbon mark defect on piping product after pickling
14264. Open fire barbecue with galvanized mesh
14265. Where to buy equipment for chrome plating plastic
14266. Degreasing of SS 304 Parts
14268. Plating of copper on tin
14269. Discoloration of Stainless Steel
14270. Putting logo on stainless steel products
14273. Biodegradable steel
14274. Bronze memorial
14278. Electroplating for kids
14279. How can I refinish my wrought iron railing
14280. Rusting carbon steel
14282. Foil finish
14284. Zr:N coating, How to strip it
14285. Coatings on glass
14286. Bondable, wearable under extreme pressures
14287. Ammonia in Watts Nickel Plating Bath
14288. Removing copper from nickel anodes
14290. Anodizing brass
14291. Pickling of stainless steels like SS304, 316, 310 - HOW?
14294. Copper plating in my kitchen...can it be done?
14295. Anodising WS3.2315.72
14297. Anodizing Industry-Phosphoric Acid
14299. Paint filling engraved plates
14302. Plating corrosion
14303. What is/was CHEMPLATE?
14313. Chrome over brass
14314. Aluminum Sailboat Mast Refinishing
14318. Making sulfuric acid anodizing solution
14320. Paints for corroded machinery
14322. New Stainless Steel
14325. What is difference between silver oxidation and corrosion
14333. Pricing of 6063 T5 Aluminum Extrusion
14335. Price of sheet of aluminum
14336. Electroplating
14339. Chemical resistant tanks or lining for NaOH sol. up to 90%
14340. Chemistry project
14341. How to give brass an antique finish
14342. Stiffel lamp restoration
14343. Removing "Rust" on Stainless 304
14347. Sump liners
14349. Colored plating/conversion finishes for Zinc ZA-8
14350. Help to plate aluminum cast
14351. Electroplating ceramic surfaces
14352. Grain structure visible through black anodising
14354. This tape will self destruct.... any alternatives?
14355. Product to increase adhesion of metal finish (eg chrome over chrome)
14356. Differences between 316 and 316L
14367. Silver from silver nitrate? copper?
14371. Electrolysis in water wood stove, and how to prevent
14372. Chrome plating of tin/lead model boat fittings
14373. What does the name RAL stand for
14374. Microwave Oven Interior Reflective Materials
14375. Electroforming
14376. Patinizing copper pipes
14377. Mil-a-8625f
14378. Health effects of Sodium Hypochlorite
14381. Alternative for for Hydrofluoric acid (HF) to remove silver coated surface
14382. How to remove white gold or platinum over gold jewelry
14384. Anodising vs Powder Coating
14385. Bronze-like finishes for architectural stainless steel
14388. Pin hole corrosion in 7075 Aluminum
14389. Electropolishing standards, and identifying electropolished products
14390. Need idea for science project
14391. Darkening Brass Candlesticks
14392. Electro black finish, is it?
14394. Harder deposit
14399. Water stain on wood
14401. Aluminum Polish
14404. Electroforming mold life
14410. Weathered look on corrugated metal
14414. Test for citric acid
14417. Electroplating experiment(iron and copper) unsure of how
14418. How can I dye metal cable different colors
14422. Vintage Motorcycle Aluminum Deox and Finish Restoration
14424. Optical black
14425. Need way to preserve luster of copper sheet
14426. Electrolytic polishing
14427. Pitting corrosion on steel after molding acrylic plastics
14428. Ultrasonic cleaning and contamination
14429. Surgical Steel
14430. Field test for verifying anodizing
14431. Volkswagen colour
14433. Lead-free plating
14434. Adhesion between Ni and Au plating
14435. Bright zinc plating over industrial steel
14436. Zinc and trivalent + clear and seal salt spray protection level
14440. Acceptable reject rates
14441. White spots in black anodizing
14442. How to Cut before Color
14447. Copper Plating a Quarter
14451. Hazards of welding galvanized metal and e-coat primer
14452. Stain on EN-plated surface
14456. Ferroxyl alternative
14457. Flat mirror finish
14459. Masking tape for anodize without chromating first
14460. Nickel Barrier Thermistors
14461. Hard Chrome Peel Off On Inconel
14462. Need a spot type seal check for black anodized aluminum
14463. Plating aluminum water coldplates
14464. Cleaning Contaminated Anodized Aluminum
14465. Sulfonic acid compatibility
14468. Need a formula used in polishing and buffing stainless steel
14472. Electro-refining of copper
14480. Titanium oxidation cleaning procedure
14481. Nickel Free Specification in Europe
14482. citric acid Passivation - Disposal and Reclamation of Effluent
14483. Masking hard anodized part
14484. Using citric acid as an Electrolyte
14486. Oiled Bronze Finish on Copper
14487. Degreaser reconfiguration
14488. Salt Spray Standards - What do they really indicate?
14489. What's the cheapest best way to clean dirty (organic stained) anodized aluminum?
14495. How to Nikasil
14496. Performance Metric for powder coat and E-Coat process
14502. How does aluminum foil clean silverware
14504. Storing muriatic acid
14505. Material of pickling tanks
14507. Plating contaminants
14509. Request of information about thermal deburring
14510. Painting a forced hot air duct
14512. Chrome contamination of nickel bath
14517. Plating of wood
14519. Pulse anodizing
14520. Anodizing parameters to get 50 micron thickness
14521. RHR to Ra, Rz conversion
14524. High Wear Resistance Coating Needed
14529. Darkening aluminium
14532. Aged, oxidized brass finish
14536. How to analyze salt spray solution
14537. Standards for Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief after Zinc Plating
14540. Electroless deposition in organic suspension
14542. Chromating metal matrix composites
14543. Woodgrain Designs on Powder Coated Aluminium - Decoral Process
14545. Matte anodizing of machined aluminium parts
14548. Acid neutralizing solution
14549. Rebuild of axle shaft bearing seats
14551. Black electrically conductive finish over temperature
14554. Cyanide destruction in spent strippers
14555. Coating burr problem
14557. Etch process to roughen 316 SS for glue adhesion
14560. Thermoplastic motorcycle seat construction
14562. Removal of brass/gold finish
14566. Electropolishing books
14568. Stains on Nickel Plating
14573. When to heat treat
14578. Polished brass fixture recoating
14579. Stainless Steel Polishing
14580. Using palladium chloride in plating ABS plastic
14582. Laser Scale Removal
14583. Unable to achieve finish
14584. Metal finish
14585. Rhodium vs. silver plate
14586. Collet project
14589. Disadvantage of Electroplating in Powder Coating Vs. Advantage of Zinc Phosphating in Powder coating
14592. Metal finishes
14595. Albert Gnehm (Swiss Made) Rockwell Tester user instructions
14596. Standard Average Thickness for Anodizing
14598. De-rhodium
14602. Viscosity of paint and atmospheric temperature correlation
14606. Clean rust off metal
14607. Stainless steel "Tea Staining"
14609. Do the two consecutive layers of the same material deposited by PVD behave as one
14610. Marine copper plating
14611. Electro-Galvanizing
14613. Removing of oxide layer on the SS316L surface
14617. Request for paint spec recommendation for high temp/steam environment
14623. Qwicksilver electrolytic cleaning plate
14626. Removing of hard chrome coating
14628. Electroless Nickel Information
14634. Safety aspects of a fun experiment
14636. Titanium surface pitting
14637. Trumpet refinishing
14639. Metal cleaning-degreasing
14641. Trouble shooting on tin plating
14642. Solution proof trimline coating
14643. Can you cover tin/zinc with something that has better appearance
14647. Mild Steel Information
14649. How to clean anodised aluminium
14650. Refinishing an old metal floor lamp
14651. Brightener for nickel electroplating
14660. Fabrication of multi junction thermocouple
14663. Kitchen Counter Finishes
14664. May I decoat PVD?
14665. Coating PP on Al in seal-peel application
14667. How to make copper stick to silicon/titanium nitrite with good adhesion
14668. Tungsten process list required
14670. Process or chemical required to make stainless steel wire cloth bright and shiny
14671. Tin/ Zinc or EN for corrosion resistance
14674. Difference between metallization and PVD
14679. PVDF
14680. Post strike nickel is blue
14682. Liability issues for platers regarding customers' parts
14685. Need to polish and deburr 6061 aluminum
14687. Electroless Nickel
14688. Galvanize steel in aluminum and then anodize
14691. Bad Filter Cake
14692. Silica removal
14693. Factors affecting the Quality of Ultra Pure DI water
14694. Chemical post-treatment (di-chromate) for zinc plating
14695. Electrodeposition on Aluminium
14696. Anodised aluminium temperature resistance
14697. Electro-polishing pipe bores
14702. More questions about removing copper oxidation
14703. Allergic reaction to exposed 'white gold' where rhodium faded
14704. Haze
14708. Information about the anodization process
14711. Smell in the bathroom
14720. Painting aluminum wheels
14723. How often to clean the chrome anodes
14724. PCB coating
14728. Inconel 625 D
14729. Stainless Steel 304 #4 polish to #8 mirror finish, how to
14730. Bright dip on clear chromate parts
14733. Treatment of Zinc/Nickel Rinse Waters
14735. Chromate/Zinc Coatings
14736. Bench top Conversion Coating and Painting
14739. Simplify surface finish explanation
14743. Separation of Potassium Pyrophosphate and Potassium Orthophosphate
14744. Hairline finish on aluminium
14757. Corroded cast aluminum versus cast pewter
14758. How to prepare a chrome surface to paint over
14759. Remove rust from chrome
14760. Repair brushed stainless finish
14761. Changing the finish on a brass bed
14763. Sand blasting of steel tank
14764. Chrome removal from phosphoric acid
14766. Strip tungsten from brass
14768. Hydrogen embrittlement problem
14771. Autophoretic painting
14772. Poor paint adhesion on shocks
14773. Localized No IG
14776. Finger prints on black nickel finish
14778. Plating-masking-painting
14780. Passivation pre-cleaning and multiple materials in same bath
14796. Corrosion of Al Alloy
14797. Corrosion caused by deionized water
14810. AP Physics/Chemistry electroplating experiment
14813. Problems whit Kesternich test and Zn/Ni alloy finishing
14817. Gold Plated Beryllium Copper
14818. Potentiel electrochimique de l'aluminium revetu d'alodine 1200
14821. How to reclaim my polishing dust etc
14822. Black oxided steel / anodising aluminium: bimetal corrosion?
14831. Bluing of double barrel guns
14833. RA to SPI comparison charts
14834. Chloroform from NaOCl
14835. Etch rate drop after filtration
14838. Bismuth electroplating
14839. Painting Anodized car wheels-can it be done
14840. Anodize Dye Problem
14847. Safe acid etching
14848. Copper onto Stainless Steel
14851. Alodine Salt Spray Results vs. Panel Preparation
14852. Plating 4140
14853. Thickness Problem
14855. Closed-loop water recycling cause of salt spray failure
14856. Removing a scratch from stainless steel
14857. Remove blue discoloration from motorcycle exhaust?
14869. Replating saltwater reel
14871. How to stress anneal polyester resin
14872. Wanted: matching antique cast iron and brass bed
14874. Copper in cement
14875. Corrosion encrusted U.S. pennies
14877. Fiber Glass Powder Booth
14879. Soft soldering to aluminium
14880. Low friction conductive aluminum coating
14881. Seeking processes to put metal films onto glass
14883. Corrosil technique?
14885. Causes of resistivity increase in iridium oxide coated titanium anodes
14886. Gypsum as coagulant
14887. Help with high concentration of Calcium in a bright Nickel bath
14888. Surface Preparation Needed for Paint Scratch Touch-Up?
14893. Stripping chrome plating from metal
14896. Maximum Nickel Thickness for Solderability Applications
14897. Understanding Nitric Acid Passivation
14898. Passivating stainless steel
14899. Alternatives for zinc coating?
14900. Zinc-based epoxy for stainless steel painting
14903. Silver extraction
14904. Internal combustion engine part hydrogen de-embrittlement
14906. Tie-dyeing in cold water
14909. Dissolving Copper Not Nickel
14913. Removing the blue from blue spring steel
14914. Removal of glass bead blast residue
14915. Difference in Durability and Rate of Oxidation of a 440A Grade Carbon Stainless Blade and a 300 Grade
14925. Thickness Measurement Methods Question
14927. Preventing Discoloration of Low Alloy Steel during embrittlement relief
14928. Black cad help
14932. Liquid paraffin as rust preventer
14933. Stainless steel rusting
14934. Steel Selection for use in chemically harsh environment {Fertilizer Industry}
14938. Charmille Surface Finish Chart
14943. Passivate per G1041
14944. Bright dip stack emissions
14949. Stellite machining
14950. Finish for compressor blade erosion prevention
14954. Surface finish for parts to be electroless Ni plated Vs. adhesion
14955. Change from Trico to what
14960. Recovery of silver from fixer
14961. Density of CuSO4?
14964. Teflon coating
14966. Changing bright brass finish to antique brass
14968. Teflon recoating at small scale
14970. Coloring Titanium
14971. Hot tank Solution
14972. Process needed for aluminum & Zinc die cast parts
14974. Phosphating on steel parts
14985. What is Titanium Gold
14989. Conductivity: MicroSeimens converted to megaOhms
14995. Excessive Iron in Swimming Pool Water
14999. Ballizing Process Needed

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