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61004. Need HOT DIP GALVANIZE (HDG) of fasteners in Cleveland OH area

September 13, 2019

RFQ: Anyone know a good supplier for Hot Dip Galvanize on fasteners? Need to be in the Cleveland area if possible and have some capacity right now?

Mathieu Guerin
- Canada
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61003. Need my gas cooktop trays powder coated

September 12, 2019

RFQ: I have purchased a new gas cooktop that has a removable tray section of black 'porcelain' below the burners. The finish on this surface bleaches to cloudy gray when exposed to any acidic food and with the use of standard kitchen hard surface spray cleaners. Because it's removable I am considering getting it powder coated or porcelain coated if possible. Powder coaters say it's not food safe, but we don't eat food that drops below the burners. However, we do want a glossy cleanable and durable surface. I don;t think the factory surface is really porcelain since it doesn't perform like my oven interior surface. Do anyone know a vendor that does small coating jobs of this type.

George Grey
- Young Harris, Georgia USA
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60997. Need Silver Plating per Ametek/GE spec

September 6, 2019

RFQ: I have a customers part that requires Silver plating per F70H-WB4 and F70H-WB1.
Does anyone know of a vendor that can do this kind of plating?

Mark O'Brien
- Woburn, Massachusetts, USA
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60995. Need Electroless Nickel on Magnesium

September 4, 2019

RFQ: I need someone who can apply electroless nickel to AZ91D magnesium parts. Some parts are 24" X1 2" X 2" and the quantities are around 2000 per year. 12 part numbers.

Bob Todahl
Engineer - Eau Claire, Wisconsin United States
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60991. Need nickel plating stripped from sewing machine deck plates

August 29, 2019

RFQ: I have some sewing machine deck plates nickel plated. Excellent job, but the plating is not working out and I am considering removing it. I do not wish to impact the steel base. Can anyone recommend a vendor who can do this? I would prefer a non electrical chemical removal.

Paul LeTarte
Retired Metallurgical Engineer - Royal Oak, Michigan USA
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60987. Need lacquering service in Memphis TN

August 26, 2019

RFQ: We are a manufacturer of elevators and need a dependable source for lacquering of our elevator components when the job requires brass/bronze.

Any help in acquiring the services is greatly appreciated.

Rich Hargrove
Assistant Production Manager - Memphis, Tennessee, USA
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60985. Need Nickel Plating on ABS Plastic Boxes

August 18, 2019

RFQ: Greetings, this an RFQ for nickel plating some 9x14" ABS plastic boxes, or to buy whatever reagents are required to do so myself.

I'm seeking an RFQ for a small job, nickel plating a few ABS plastic boxes for prototyping purposes.

We use positively charged microscope slides (VWR Superfrost Plus) for IHC staining (cancer detection). We store the slides in plastic boxes. When slides are stored in the plastic boxes, the plastic outgasses, destroying the coating

I need a metal box to store the slides, and have scoured the globe for a metal equivalent for VWR Scientific part number 82003-414, one hundred position slide box. There is none.

Thickness, surface finish, texture, luster, aesthetics, is of no importance.

Need 5-10 pieces paid for by credit card. (I will ship the boxes to you.)

The alloy used should be whatever does the job right. For example. If the mix works better with a few percent platinum, or a gold top coat or whatever, let's talk about it.

Coating must be performed such that as much of the exposed plastic as possible is covered, and the chemicals used can leave no volatile organic compounds on the interior of the box.

Coating the entire box would be most desired. The box must still close, meaning the lip area might have to be masked, or thin enough to be able to close. Would prefer thin enough to close, instead of masked, if possible.
The hinge can/may need to be masked but for prototypes I'm OK if we have to force it shut.

Coating must resist periodic water exposure and long periods of high humidity.

Would prefer some method that is standard, easy to reproduce. Because I am in a regulated industry, I need to know which reagents, concentrations, temps, times, concentrations, etc., end up being used. However, this is only because my company is FDA regulated; I have neither the gumption, nor skills necessary, to become a competitor in the finishing industry.

Thank you all so much. If you're interested at all, please let me know. I'm interested in getting these prototypes as quickly as possible.

Jon Musick
Employee - Tucson, Arizona, USA
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60982. Need SAE AMS 2460A Class 1, preferably east coast

August 7, 2019

RFQ: Hello, I am looking for a reliable source to plate per SAE AMS 2460A Class 1. This would be a decent size job of 1200 pcs.

Please advise of any known source (Preferably on the east coast)



Doug Schirner
Materials Manager - Salisbury, Maryland USA
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60981. Need Chem Film

August 6, 2019

RFQ: We are looking for someone that can do the following finish on 6061 aluminum.


George Benton
- Wichita, Kansas US
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60979. Need Ruthenium/Palladium Plating

July 22, 2019

RFQ: I'm in search of plating company who has stablish process for Ruthenium. This new product is for Aerospace/Defense market and volumes are high. We'll be glad to send drawings and quantities upon request.

Ruthenium Plating:
Hardness >800HV.
Salt Spray: 96 Hrs.

0.76 µm Ruthenium over 2.54 µm Palladium over 10 µm Electroless Nickel over 1.27µm Copper.

Sal Villarruel
Engineering - Irvine, CA
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60975. Need Chrysler Tin Zinc PS8956 E Code 30 plating in Mexico

June 19, 2019

RFQ: Hello, I am looking for a plating company in Mexico (Mexico City / Quetetaro / Leon) that can quote this Chrysler specification : Tin Zinc PS8956 E Code 30

The part is a steel hollow tube : 30 mm length, 20 mm external diameter, 15 mm internal diameter, weight 19 g per piece. 30,000 kg of material per year.

Would supply the parts by container 3 or 4 times per year.

Paul Hanratty
Buyer - Rome, Italy
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60974. Looking for plating on aluminum in the midwest

June 12, 2019

RFQ: We make electrical connectors mainly from Aluminum and I'm needing someone to barrel plate using the Zincate and Alstan processes, depending on the part.

Mike Fuller
Engineering leader - Lebanon, Missouri. USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^


60969. Need Custom Metal Pen Clips

July 4, 2019

RFQ: Hi. I am a woodturner in need of custom made pen clips in different metal finishes and colors. Is there anyone who might be able to help me with this?

Matt Jordan
- Vancleave, Mississippi, USA
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60963. Need Carbide Electropolishing Service

May 20, 2019

RFQ: We make carbide wire drawing dies. They have a hexagon internal shape ranging in size from 1 to 10 mm. The internal shape is is wire EDMed and currently polished with diamond paste and tube brushes. I would like to explore electropolishing of the internal surfaces.

It seems possible but I have been unsuccessful in finding someone to run samples for me. Does anyone now of a company providing this service?


Tom Barosso
Employee - Franklin Park, Illinois, USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60962. Need in Tijuana: cationic/cathodic/CED painting of auto parts

June 3, 2019

RFQ: Hi,
I'm looking for a plant that can provide Cationic/Cathodic Paint for automotive parts in Tijuana, Mexico
Thank you.

Terry Takatori
- IRVINE, California
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60961. Blackened stainless hardware needs refinishing

May 7, 2019

RFQ: We would want 100 bolts and 100 nuts to be passivated and finished with a black oxide coating, to start...

My company sells a product with nuts and bolts that cannot rust. Our benchmark is passing a 2 x 24 hour salt fog test per MIL-STD-810G [link is to spec at / Defense Logistics Agency].

We purchase hardware in 304SS (or close to it) that has been passivated and given a black oxide coating. A recent shipment is not performing well and we cannot replace it with this supplier. And we do not know their exact process, but we have seen it effectively pass the salt fog test before.

There is some thought that the bolts may be able to be re-passivated or re-finished to pass our test. But we aren't sure and it would be very convenient if that were the case.

Based on my research, we could have the black oxide coating stripped, re-passivate, and re-coat. Based on my research, AMS2700 [link by ed. to spec at TechStreet] Method 1 Type 7 might do the trick. But I'm open to other thoughts. Open to any black oxide specification that does not promote corrosion and is matte black.

Or we could re-passivate with the black oxide coating intact. But I'm concerned that this would not be effective enough. Happy to be proven wrong though.

Either way, am I asking for the impossible?

If you think you can help, let's talk.

Jim Wells
- Burlington, Vermont, USA
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Need .0003 Albaloy Plating

May 1, 2019

RFQ: My company is in need of .0003 Albaloy on 2500 pcs

Part details
.5 x 1.5 - Size
201-1 brass - material

Adena Hedeen
buyer - Chicago, Illinois
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60954. Need Electrolytic watts nickel plating per QQ-N-290

April 23, 2019

RFQ: looking for a source to plate & certify to this spec Class 1
SD (dull or semi-bright, .005% sulfur, 0.02% phosphors)
2.5-4.0 um Thick
material Kovar ASTM F15 Alloy
.2348 dia x .228 lg
150, 250, 500, 1000 pcs

Dennis Ondercin
estimator - Cleveland Ohio, USA
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60951. Need Large Volume Type 2 Black Anodizing

April 18, 2019

RFQ: Hello,

My company is in need of anodizing.

Specific needs:
- Type 2 Black (8+ lightfastness)
- Large volume (100s to 1000s)
- Racked only
- Largest part is 60" long extruded aluminum
- Seal time 20-25 min

- Pickup and Delivery

Thank You

Eric Pritchard
Engineer - San Marcos, California, USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60953. Need Manganese Phospate w/Dynacoat OS sealer

March 14, 2019

RFQ: Small hardened steel M4 & M5 diameter. bolts nut & washer. I am a fastener distributor in Tampa Florida. 2 bolts manufactured in California, Nut manufactured in New York and the washer manufactured in Chicago

Douglas Soares
buyer/ sales mgr - Tampa FL usa
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60950. Need a re porcelain company in SE USA (FL-GA-AL)

April 4, 2019

RFQ: I just bought a Sears Kit House in FL. There is an original sink I would like restored to its original glory and put into everyday use in our well used kitchen. I am not yet positive it is steel, and it may be cast iron. I will know perhaps tomorrow. But I would need a place that can strip, re porcelain and fire. AND if I need to use corrected terms to describe what I'm after, please feel free to give me the words. I've never done this before.
Thanks y'all for your help.
Connie Jo in JAX

Connie Jo Gandy
Home owner + Interior Designer + Historic Restoration - Jacksonville, Florida
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60948. Cold rolled or hot rolled steel finisher

March 21, 2019

RFQ: I sold a desk to a customer in Brooklyn NY. The guy that built the desk put a clear coat of polyurethane on the metal to protect it from rusting. Now the clear coat is lifting/peeling I need someone to strip the polyurethane and then finish it correctly so it doesn't rust.
Are there any metal workers out there that can help out and correct the problem?

Michelle Koster
Buyer - Red Bank New Jersey
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60940. Need plating on SLA Plastic Prototypes

February 27, 2019

RFQ: I have some prototypes (3 pieces/prototype) that I am looking to electroplate, some in chrome and some in brushed nickel. Prototypes are made of SLA plastic, and will be used as "looks like, works like" models. Please contact for NDA and further information. Thank you

Jon Colosimo
Product Developer - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
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60941. Looking for chrome plater in Mexico

February 27, 2019

RFQ: we are looking for a chrome plater to do decorative plating for outdoors using (nickel/chrome) polishing and plating on steel tubular and small sheet metal parts. Our runs are not big at 200-400 PCE per run. One of our big problems is the turnaround and the quality control. At this point we are looking at going to Mexico if anyone has used a company that does good work at a fair price it would help

Kelly Motherwell
buyer - Ferndale, Washington
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60942. Refinishing Golf Clubs

February 3, 2019

RFQ: I need someone who can refinish high end putters (carbon and stainless steel) as well as golf irons using DLC and other methods or some playing that will not affect the feel of the club and will not fade, chip, or wear after use. The goal is to provide a unique finish that will separate these clubs from the standard finish that most have. I have looked into black oxide, have tried products such as cerakote, and have also blued these clubs at my home but have found that It is not cost effective for me to do this and I'm not very good at it. I'm from central Ohio so a shop in this area would be preferable.

Thank you!

Cory Brock
- Newark, Ohio, United States
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60939. Electroplating or Electropolishing of Brass in Northeast

February 20, 2019


RFQ: We are looking for company recommendations, preferably on the East Coast, that perform electropolishing and/or electroplating of copper alloys (preferably brass 60/40). Ideally facilities that can accommodate objects 12" in H/W/D.

If anyone has any experience or contacts in this area they would be willing to share, we would greatly appreciate it!

Megan Randall
Sculpture Conservator - New York, NY, USA
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60930. Anodizing Type 2 Black Needed for 5' x 6' x 1/2 inch Aluminum Sheet

January 30, 2019

RFQ: Hello, I need a west coast finisher to Anodize type 2 black on a sheet of 6061 aluminum.
Sheet is exceptionally large and I'm having trouble finding anyone with a large enough tank near San Diego.
Sheet measures 60 inches by 72 inches by 1/2 inch thick.
We are a Robotics Engineering company and will need similar services in the future.
Thank you for your time.

Travis Long
Automation Engineer - San Diego, California USA
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60924. Need Silver plating tellurium copper C145

January 24, 2019

RFQ: I am looking for an East Coast USA plater that can provide 200-300 micro inch Ag over 140-200 micro inch Cu for electrical contacts. Current plater complaining about the tellerium but I understand it can be done.

Tom Beranek
Product Manager - Lisle, Illinois USA
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60925. Looking for e coating for low quantity gold plated jewelry.

January 24, 2019

RFQ: I purchased some bracelets for my boutique shop and bangles that are silver with gold plating. I need to have them e-coated for longer lifetime of plating. At least 1 to 2 years. I have about a dozen pcs for now. But will have more soon.

Frieda Goldstein
Store owner - Brooklyn New York USA
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60922.Need ACT Steel Panels Zinc-Nickel Plated w/ Trivalent Passivation

January 22, 2019

RFQ: I am looking for a company that can do Zinc-Nickel Plating and Trivalent Passivation on various types of ACT Steel Panels ( 4 inch x 12 inch). After the Zinc-Nickel and Trivalent layers we would also like for a company to apply a series of sealer coatings we are developing. We would then perform SST and Prohesion testing to evaluate performance.

I am having a hard time locating a lab that would be amiable to doing this work for us. This is an ongoing project and testing would happen multiple times during the year.

Scott Smallwood, Research Chemist
- Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
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60916. Wanted: magnesium anti-corrosion treatment

January 12, 2019

RFQ: I'm looking to restore some old chainsaw crank cases by having them powder coated, but before I blast off the old paint and powder coat them, I started looking into anti-corrosion treatments.
I'm just learning, but I think it may be a good idea to pre-treat the magnesium case. I came across several posts from David Kraft, Long Island City, saying he did Dow 7 chromate treatments on magnesium. However, these posts are several years old and I don't know how to contact him. If anyone else would like to offer to help me with advice or with service, I would appreciate being contacted.


Fred von Stein
Hobbyist / Restorer - Bay Shore, New York
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60914. Looking for Trivalent Chromating Service

January 4, 2019

RFQ: I'm searching for a NADCAP certified Canadian supplier that has the capability to trivalent chromate metal frames. Tanks need to accommodate 7.5 ft x 7 ft x 3.5 ft. Currently need 24 frames. Potential for follow in but not guaranteed

Monica Burnley
I am a material program manager looking for capable supply base - Portsmouth, RI 02871
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60913. Looking for metal finishing service in upper midewest

January 4, 2019

RFQ: Seeking metal finishing companies in the upper Midwest (Minnesota and surrounding states)that can provide a metal finish that would meet the following specifications.

- Finish can be applied to steel parts with the majority of parts manufactured from 1018 or 4140 steel.
- Can endure 300 hours of salt spray testing (ASTM B117-16) without appearance of red rust.
- Wear resistance- comparable or greater than wear rates of high phos Electroless nickel on a Taber Abrade- 120 mg loss @ 10,000 revolutions with 1000 gram load.
- .0004" thickness or less (preferred) for high tolerance parts
- Can be .002" maximum thickness for low tolerance parts
- Can be applied to parts up to 90" long
- Color- Black, or grey is preferred, but other options would be considered.

Need the Technical & Performance Data for the finish recommended. Also need an understanding of cost, would the price be per pound or part. Process 800 parts or 4600 pounds per week.

Darla Engstrom
Material Buyer - Alexandria, Minnesota, USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60907. Looking for someone to Plate ABS automotive used dash inserts

December 25, 2018

RFQ: I am looking for a provider or resource to have abs plastic dash inserts Chrome plated. I am looking to finish the restoration of these myself but need a finisher to do the chrome part or a way to do it. I am in Oregon Prefer to ship the least amount possible

Larry Moyer
Shop owner - Redmond Oregon USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60906. Need rainbow anodizing of titanium keytags

December 26, 2018

RFQ: Hi, I'm looking for someone that can manufacture a titanium keytag and then anodize it in the rainbow effect. I can't seem to find anyone that can help me with this, does anyone know of someone?

Sofia de la Parra
designer - New york city, New York
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60893. Need Finish IAW 5.1.1 OR 4.4 plus 5.2 and 20.24 of MIL-STD-171

November 13, 2018

RFQ: I need parts finished to the following:

FINISH IAW 5.1.1 OR 4.4 PLUS 5.2 AND 20.24 OF MIL-STD-171, TAN 686A,
CHIP NO. 33446 PER FED-STD-595

Please contact me for more details.

Thank you!

Paul Fletcher
Owner - Carrollton, Texas
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60889. Need Immersion Cu, high phosphorus nickel and Au on PZT/Ceramic

November 12, 2018

RFQ: Looking for a ISO 9000 certified plating supplier to perform Immersion CU, high phosphorus nickel and Au on our PZT/Ceramic parts.

Jaime Merino
Director of Operations - Palo Alto, California
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60888.Need stainless steel hardware polished

November 9, 2018

RFQ: Heavy timber fabricator in Alabama in need of various stainless hardware polished. We make our own connection hardware for timber trusses and beams. Occasionally we do stainless (304 or 316) and usually leave them raw and unfinished. We have been asked to provide polished stainless hardware on several projects lately. I have been tasked with trying to find a company that can do the polishing. The closer the better. Thanks for your time. Outsourcing the actual making of the pieces may be an option as well.

Eric Fennell
Engineer - Greenville, Alabama, USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60886. Need Silver plating on stainless steel cups

November 5, 2018

RFQ: I am looking for a supplier to silver plate the interior surface of a stainless steel cup. I need an individual or company that can walk me through the process as I am only familiar with the very basic principals of plating. I suspect my project will need an undercoat of copper or gold to ensure proper adherence. Given the unique nature of my need, finding a willing supplier has been difficult. Many of the companies with which I have spoken to have directed me to as a marketplace likely to have professionals capable of helping me directly or recommending a contact that may.

Matthew Gross
entrepreneur - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60885. Need Commercial Clear Coat 12' Southern California

November 6, 2018

RFQ: Please give me a quote and time frame for commercial clear anodizing of the following tubing. These are all slip fit 6061-T6 aluminum tubes 12 ft long with a total of 1248 lineal feet.

10 1 7/8 X .058
15 1 3/4 X .049
15 1 5/8 X 0.58
20 1 1/2 X .049
4 1 3/8 X .058
10 1 1/8 X .058
10 1 X .0834
10 1 X .058
10 7/8 X .058

Nord Embroden
OEM - Pinon Hills, California USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60884. Need ASTM B-633 Zinc Plating in Southern Border State

November 6, 2018

RFQ: Need supplier with capabilities for large pieces to do Zinc ASTM B-633 plating in the southern states of USA border with Mexico

Carlos Barra
buyer - Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60878. Need finishing of 3D printed parts SLA resin and SLS nylon- ongoing business

October 22, 2018

RFQ: Looking for a business hopefully in the Northwest (Oregon or Seattle area) to get ongoing finishing services for our SLS and SLA parts. The substrate materials are resin and nylon. We are looking for a company that can spray chrome (Cosmichrome or other), vacuum metallizing or plating on SLA and SLS 3d printed parts.

Ica Paru
Designer - Portland, OR, USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60874. Need Aluminum Coating per Mil-DTL-83488 [link by ed. to spec at TechStreet] Class 3 Type 2

October 11, 2018

RFQ: I am searching for plater that can do this proceess on part made from .12 Thk x 1.50 x 1.50 A36 angle in Texas if possible.

David Kohn
Estimator - Garland, Texas, USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60871. Need old religious medal silver plated

October 10, 2018

RFQ: My mother had a religious medal that she wore for years. It is very tarnished. I think it was originally silver plated and now just looks dull gray. I would like to give it to my daughter to use in her bridal bouquet in memory of her grandmother. I am looking to have someone silver plate this item. Thank you.

Anne Woods
- Columbus, Ohio
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60868. Removing Alodine from 6061

October 5, 2018

RFQ: A new member of staff did a horrible job on the chem film (5541 Color Golden). Aesthetically, it is unacceptable and I cannot sell these parts this way.

Is there a service to remove Alodine that has been set for months?

Nick Bonfanti
- Hurricane, Utah
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

Ed. note: Topic 0791 is a technical discussion of this issue.

60865. Polished Brass Plating

October 2, 2018

RFQ: We are prototyping a custom display and the client has requested a polished brass bezel around glass. We're hoping to fabricate out of steel and have the parts plated for a polished brass finish. Potential for a 10,000 qty order in Q1 of 2019. Prototype to be executed mid-November.

Kelly Hammer
Project Manager - Paramus, New Jersey
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60860. Request for Price & Lead Time for Zinc Plating for Battery Clamping

(Click graphic for higher rez)
September 28, 2018

RFQ: I need a price and lead time to Zinc plate some parts (66 pcs).
We are in the East Valley area of Arizona, so a local supplier would
be preferred. I have drawings I could send.

Shari McMurry
Buyer - Gilbert, Arizona United States
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60857. Need Hot Dip Tin per MIL-F-14072 in California

September 26, 2018

Can someone tell me were in california can Hot Dip Plate M317 Per Mil-F-14072 [link by ed. to spec at TechStreet]. Material is Half Hard Brass.

Thank you

Oscar Valdivia
Metal master - San Diego Ca
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60846. RFQ for DACROMET industrial production in Florida

September 25, 2018

RFQ: I am looking for a non metallic coating, such as Dacromet on steel material 1045HT to 30Rc, and alloy 4140HT to 45Rc.
About 20k unit per month. Size is nut bolt assembly of 22 mm

Stephane Caiveau
Buyer - Pompano Beach
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