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60413. Need decorative matte gold or matte brass plating for a sink base

March 24, 2017

RFQ: I need a vendor who can electroplate some console sink legs in a matte brass or matte gold finish. Would prefer not to pay for real gold. Base is on pieces, currently chrome. Largest piece is 34" long by 2" across. Urgent

60413-1b  60413-1a 

The longest piece is 32" long. We are trying to get close to the finish in the faucet shown below.
60413-1c  60413-1d

Jaimee Rose
Interior designer - Phoenix, Arizona
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60412. Looking For A Company To Finish Zamak 3 DIE CAST PARTS (FLAT BLACK AND Gun Metal Grey)

March 21, 2017

RFQ: Hello this is Michael Haupers re. powder coating. Each part in no less than 100,000 a month up to 300,000 a month per part. We need to accomplish a flat black and a gun metal grey. We are on a very tight deadline, we need quotes back asap so we can pull the trigger on our casting company. The ALLOY TUBE, END CAP and MOUTH CAP are all zinc 3. The IRON FLIP Is MIM Iron, and the KNUCKLES are powdered metal (could be steel, or iron). If you could send out samples we can make sure it's what we are looking for that would be great, I could even come pick them up. Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Michael Haupers
Company President (buyer) - Bensenville, Illinois USA
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60407. Need 24 karat gold plating of bathtub legs which are brass

March 10, 2017

RFQ: I have a custom bathroom I am doing; the customer wants the legs on the tub 24k plated; they are currently brass.
Feel free to call 347-252-7849.

Chris Murphy
Contractor - New York City USA

60397. Need Koch Barber Chair parts chrome re-plated

February 23, 2017

RFQ: I am restoring an early 20th century Koch barbers chair. I need to get the metal parts re-chrome plated and I am looking for someone who can plate these parts that is located in Central NJ/shore area.

Thank you for your help.

Mchael Rodgers
Restorer - Brick, New Jersey
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60396. Need Stainless steel pocket knife blackened

February 22, 2017

RFQ:. Need to have a stainless steel pocket knife blackened

Hesh Goldstein
- Red Bank, New Jersey USA
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60370. Looking for decorative gold plating services

January 17, 2017

RFQ: I'm searching for a company who can place a decorative gold plate/leaf, of the letter T, on a ~5 inch diameter sphere. I've not done any work with gold before so this is all new to me, but I'd like to get a general sense for the costs and time involved to do something like this. We will likely be using 6061 T6 Aluminum for the sphere.

Nikki Stewart
- Mesa, Arizona, USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60368. Pre-galvanized mild steel wanted - pre-slit and coiled - yellow

January 13, 2017

RFQ: We currently purchase hot rolled mild steel slit to 1.250" wide and coiled. We purchase over 1 million lbs per year. We would like to either purchase the steel pre-galvanized yellow. Can anyone help or make suggestions?

Do pre-galv coils get galvanized at the steel mill or somewhere after?



Mark Schwager
Company Director - Auburn Hills, Michigan USA

60366. Need Synthetic Gold Plating

December 8, 2016

RFQ: Still searching for shop to re plate steel parts on Yamaha Motorcycles. "Gold" plating on gas caps, carb tops and grab rails. Brass is close....true gold too costly...they did this 30yrs ago hoping someone can replicate it today. Small run but can offer strong referrals for others also.

todd cook
Restoration projects - tempe Arizona USA

60365. Need reflectivity testing near California

December 8, 2016

RFQ: reflectivity
who does testing on reflectivity on reflectors in California or around

hugo escalera
manufacturing - rancho dominguez California u.s.a.

60363. Need Anodizing or epoxy coating of fuel tank interior

December 1, 2016

RFQ: Please Please Please help me.I purchased two years ago an aluminum fuel tank for 1995 mistubishi eclipse. I want to installed but it needs to be anodized or epoxy because I want to run e85 as my fuel. If any one can recommend a company or any suggestions as to how I can solve this issue would greatly appreciated!

malcolm young
my car - laurel, Maryland

42711. Need 0.001" Anodizing on 2219 Aluminum

November 30, 2016

RFQ: Well, from looking at previous responses to questions on this topic, it would appear that we absolutely should be able to achieve .001" anodized coating on 2219. Can anyone recommend an anodizer who might be capable of doing this?

Lucy Parker [returning]
Aerospace - Seattle, Washington, USA
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60338. Need Synthetic Gold Plating of Motorcycle Parts

November 28, 2016

RFQ: I have a number of early '80s Yamaha Motorcycle parts that were plated in what was termed "syn-gold" or synthetic obviously. They include; gas caps, carb tops, grab rails and some other items.

So far I've been unable to find a shop who can figure out what this process is. As close as I have come is a refinish of brass that's pretty darn close... but not correct.

I've used the plating on bath fixtures as an example. If you shop gold fixtures (not brass) you get a nice finish that is nearly identical to what I'm after. I've reached out to a few fixture suppliers with no luck given their runs are far more mass production orieted. I get it. But there has got to be someone who can do this.

(Posted previously for a Black Chrome shop for exhaust pipes and I found one of those so thank you!)

todd cook
TCE performance products - tempe, Arizona USA

60335. Decorative hardware company looking for a plater for door hardware. Chrome, bronze, nickel and antiqued finishes.

November 26, 2016

RFQ: Our plater of many years retired and we are looking for a chrome plater and also a company offering a full range of finishes. Doorknobs, plates, hinges. New and antique hardware. Approximately 50 pcs per month.

Brad W
Owner - Charleston South Carolina USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60334. Black chrome plating service for custom project

November 23, 2016

RFQ: I am looking for a shop that does true black chrome plating for a custom project. I need to have a raw aluminum showcase piece with all parts and screws done in black chrome. This job has 40 pieces in total including stainless steel screws, air fittings, rods up to 9 inches long and aluminum parts no larger than 8.5" x 2.5" x 1", and some cylindrical parts. Because this project involves high pressure air fittings and moving parts, I cannot have alternatives to actual black chrome plating.

Painting, anodizing, and Cerekote are not viable options for this project, please only true black chrome plating.

steven preskill
Manufacture of sporting goods - kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60333. High volume immersion gold plating required

November 23, 2016

RFQ: We have a glass to metal seal that requires Ni sulfamate under immersion Ni and immersion gold.
The body is stainless steel
Volume currently 30,000 units per month growing to 200,000 per month in 2017.

Thomas Henry
CEO - Elkhart Indiana, USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60332. Looking for plating company to Copper Plate per Mil-P-55110-F. EAU 6000 pcs at 0.500" ID x 1.00" OD x 3.30".

November 23, 2016

RFQ: Looking for a plating company who can Copper Plate per Mil-P-55110-F using Technic CU 2300 or equivalent plating bright copper finish on a machined Teflon part we produce. Approx size 0.500" ID x 1.00" OD x 3.30" long. EAU 6000 pcs.
I have a drawing which I'll forward after we review project together.
Thank you, Lou

Lou Fortunato
Commercial Business - Bensalem, Pennsylvania USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60329. Acid Etch parts to reduce size

November 21, 2016

RFQ: WE have some machined parts slightly oversized in 316 stainless steel. We are trying to find a process where they are dipped in acid for some time to reduce the dimensions slightly all around. Acid etching may work, but we cannot find anyone who does this anymore.


Bob Baer
Fastener Manufacturer - Wheeling, Illinois, USA

60328. Need scratches on stainless fridge buffed out in Columbus Ohio

November 21, 2016

RFQ: I am looking for a company that is able to remove scratches on stainless steel refrigerator and located in Ohio.

FRANCES Franklin
- columbus Ohio USA

60327. Need stainless exhaust hood plated

November 20, 2016

RFQ: Can you recommend a company that does plating in the NYC/NJ area? I have a stainless steel exhaust hood still in the box and want it black with antique brass accents. thanks

carmella erminia
- morristown, New Jersey
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60324. Alodine T5900 - Who does this in the USA?

November 17, 2016

RFQ: I am looking for a metal finishing company that can certify its chem film, clear, to Alodine T5900 per print and can't find anyone.

Stacey Bibik
- Louviers Colorado USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^


Looking for a plater/polishing shop

November 10, 2016

RFQ: Looking for someone to grind and polish ALCOA aluminum counter stool bases. Approx 28" tall. One of 18; looking to polish several of them.
Guessing they were manufactured in the early 50's.

STEVEN R [last name deleted for privacy by Editor]
- Silver Spring, Maryland
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60292. Looking for a shop that does Black Oxide Treatment on metal

October 14, 2016

RFQ: Looking for a finished on metal, for 3 linear fireplace in Palm Beach, Fl. for a high end home. rough dimensions are:

84" x 20" with a 4" opening in the middle continuous almost the whole length long. I will provide accurate plans after a 4"x 4" sample of your finish is submitted to the Architect for approval.

Thank You,

Dennis Rufino
Custom Firebox Design, Inc. - Miami, Florida, USA
phone: anytime

60361. Redip four chrome wheels

October 13, 2016


lawrence moore
- bowie, Maryland

60289. Need high quality gold and platinum records

October 12, 2016

RFQ: I need to buy 2500 gold and platinum records that have very good quality. Any help would be delightful

Penny Fleming
Awardpro - Newport Beach California

60359. Need Polishing 304 or 316 SS to #4-#8 finish in Louisville, KY area

October 11, 2016

RFQ: We are looking for a local company that can polish 304 and 316 SS piping components to a #4 to a #8 finish in the Louisville, KY area.

Dave Harhay
Engineering - Louisville, Kentucky USA

60282. Seeking: Epoxy powder-coated GI wire-mesh screen

October 5, 2016

RFQ: Hello,

I am looking for international sourcing options to provide large volume, epoxy coated GI wire screen (12x12 cells / 1 inch). Delivered to Chicago, IL. Dollar spend is currently over 1MM annually.

Thank you,

Andrew Brown
Buyer - Chicago, Illinois, USA

60280. Hard Coat Anodizing near Upstate South Carolina

September 28, 2016

RFQ: My company has just moved to the Upstate of South Carolina from NJ, and are having a difficult time finding a vendor to perform a dyed Type III anodize to MIL-A-8625 nearby (South east). Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Dan Vazquez
Engineer - Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA
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60278. Looking for company in Midwest to do hydrofluoric acid etching of glass

September 26, 2016

RFQ: Hello all. We are looking for a company in the Midwest (preferably near Milwaukee) that has the capabilities to dip a large piece of laminated glass into a hydrofluoric acid bath to create an art glass panel. Would anyone know of a company that could handle this project? Thanks!

Kevin Slager
- New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA

60277. Nickel plating of stainless steel in Canada

September 26, 2016

RFQ: I have constructed a grill insert from stainless steel and need to have it plated. Is there a plating company in Canada that can perform this function?

Kelly Budge
Car restoration - Edmonton, Alberta Canada

60275. Reputable finisher in New York City

September 18, 2016

RFQ: I have been creating jewelry in Brass with the intention of having it 24kt gold plated. One Gold Plating company told me that some of the product I used could not be plated. Some of my items have mixed metals, that is some clasps are gold plated or silver plated. Jump rings are gold plated and some of the filigree I used are Antiqued. He suggested Electroplating.
Can anyone recommend someone reputable in NY, NJ or anywhere near by?

Thank you,

Margaret Mosquera
Designer - New York, New York USA
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60358. Black Plating for Hose Clamps

September 16, 2016

RFQ: We have 300 series stainless steel hose clamps that need to be plated so that they are black. This is for automotive use.

Pilun Chen
- Fontana, California
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60272. Bulk polishing of stainless steel friction weld samples

September 13, 2016

RFQ: We are an oilfield service company who provide subsea friction welding of threaded studs to pipeline and/or offshore structure. This is often for the subsequent attachment of anodes.

We have a need to produce 100-200 polished weld samples. This will likely be an M10 diameter threaded stainless steel stud to a 3" round stainless steel disc, pre-engraved with our company name. These will ultimately be handed out as promotional items.

So I would produce the friction stud weld, then hand these over to be polished. I'm not sure what kind of finish is possible (assume 304 SS) but these should look good enough to hand out to potential clients? We would also be interested if there is any coating that could be applied to protect the finish?

Can you contact me if you offer this service and have the capacity to prepare qty 100 samples? Along with quote and lead time.



Nathan P
welding - Gray, Louisiana U.S.A.
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^
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60270. Need cast iron stove leg

September 9, 2016

RFQ: A stove leg broke on my old cast iron stove. I've searched for months online and can't find one to replace it. Are there businesses that can reproduce one by making a mold of one of my old ones?

Darlene Brudny
- Gretna, Nebraska USA

60262. Need jewelry manufactured to my drawings

August 27, 2016

RFQ: I am now seeking a jewelry manufacturer to produce my line.

I am a jewelry fashionist. I have my own detailed drawings that I need manufactured in alloy zinc and bronze. Email me

I need a quote for my product in each of the following in

smooth finish

How many must I purchase manufactured to get them at .20 cents apiece?

Below is an pic on how the product will look when finished; different letters apply.

Also stud you see in pic comes with letter product.

kwesi horton
kicksmasters - atlanta georgia usa

Ed. note: No pics rec'd; please e-mail them to

60254. Finishing service near Elgin, IL

August 12, 2016

RFQ: We have a large copper boiler used in past years to sit over a fire and boil clothes.
I think it might be best to find some shop that finishes copper.

Is there a finisher in my area?

Ralph McFadden
- Elgin, Illinois
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60249. Need vintage patio set restored

August 7, 2016

RFQ: I'm looking for a quality company to restore a vintage patio set in Miami, Fl. Any suggestions?

Curt Dyer
- Miami, Florida USA

60246. Need Empiguard Cadmium Plating Service

August 4, 2016

Please provide us with sources for cad empigard plating

terry tobias
- providence Rhode Island usa
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60245. Vintage Gillette TTO Razor Plating

August 4, 2016

RFQ: Hello, I'm in search of someone in my area who would be able to replace my vintage Gillette twist to open razor. The nickel plating has worn off on the doors that close onto the blade. It is difficult to disassemble/dangerous to the razor if one is unaware of how to. I personally have never tried to disassemble it or am not sure if it is even necessary. The base metal is brass. If anyone in the nearby area could help me it would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Michael Garber
Hobby - Browns Mills, New Jersey
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60234. Need Selenium coating on Aluminum mesh

July 21, 2016

RFQ: We require an Se coating on Al mesh for contact dust charging in a lunar simulator. Is there anyone that can provide Se coatings either by vacuum evaporation, sprayed-on powder coating or by electro-deposition?

Thanks very much!

Roman Kruzelecky
communications - Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada
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60354. Looking for a finishing shop in Quebec or Canada

July 6, 2016

RFQ: Hello,
we are looking to find suppliers that can do different finishes on steel, aluminum, copper, brass.

Usually, we do black oxide, anodization, chroming, liquid and powder coat paint.
The difficulty we have is having a nice black mate or bright finish with different alloys.

Looking for someone who can propose and make matching colors on steel, brass with silver welding, aluminum and copper.

Also other finishes, brushed chrome, brushed brass, bright chrome, antique brass, Gold, etc.

Preference to people closest to the manufacturing plant due to shipping and time but all offers will be considered.

Please contact me by e-mail at Jean-Christophe Doyon R&D Director


Jean-Christophe Doyon
LED Lighting Manufacturer - Montréal, Qc, Canada

60227. Looking for a Supplier in LA that can perform IAW SEA/ARP-1524 & AMS-3107A

July 5, 2016

RFQ: We need a Supplier that can Plate Alum parts IAW:
2: After the application of the Anodize apply the Prime IAW AMS-3107A Primer, Adhesive, Corrosion-Inhibiting For High Durability Structural Adhesive Bonding

Ruby Beloz
- Thousand Oaks, California
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^
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60218. Electrolytic Stripping of METCO 443 from (stainless steel) compressor case

June 27, 2016

RFQ: Hello,

We are looking for a vendor to perform electrolytic stripping process of Stainless Steel cases (five Each).
We currently have five compressor cases that require electrolytic stripping of a thermal spray bond coat, METCO 443 (Nickel Chromium Aluminum).
- Case material is GEAM 355 (Stainless Steel Alloy)
- Case dimensions are:
   o Diameter = 18.625 inches (at flange, largest diameter)
   o Height = 16.0 inches
- METCO 443 Bond coat to be removed is 0.003 to 0.006 inches thick.
   o Material to be removed from internal lands and contour surface.

The process calls for submersing the compressor case in a Sodium Nitrate solution.
Charging the part and a stainless steel cathode with 5.5 to 6.5 volts for 2 hours.

Hopefully there is someone out there that can perform this process for us.

Peter Valenzuela
- Stockton, California

60203. Need a wheel re-dipped in chrome

June 21, 2016

RFQ: I live in Lancaster SC and need one 30-in rim redipped in chrome. Looking for the place closest near me.

byron coffey
- lancaster, south carolina

60207. Need very large object gold plated

June 17, 2016

RFQ: Looking for gold plating company in US that can take large size objects.

Length 70 inch
Width 30 to 40 inch
height 30 inch

Total 160 to 170 Sq feet outside object.
Is there any company that can handle this project?

Rao Kanikic
- Pomono, New York, USA

60204. Large part to be plated to ASTM-B-633-07, TYPE III, CLASS Fe/Zn8

June 16, 2016

RFQ: Looking to plate production parts to the above referenced standard. The part is approx. 101" x 18" x 2" sheetmetal weldment. Anyone who has any information on a plater who can handle these parts is encouraged to contact me. Plater is preferably in the New England area but not a requirement. Thanks.

Jeff K
mechanical engineer - Peabody, Massachusetts USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^
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60208. Looking for source to do Lead-Tin Plating Process

June 15, 2016

RFQ: Look for source to provide Lead Tin finish (Sn @ 5%) plating per ASTM B200 -Aerospace Co

Duane Bates
Estimator, Sales - MPLS, Minnesota USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^
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60209. Need plater for spec F70B3, F70B5A and FQ70C4B

June 14, 2016

RFQ: We are looking for a vendor who can provide us with a plating process we require. The plating spec numbers are F70B3, F70B5A and FQ70C4B. These specs and drawings can be provided upon request.

Lisa Vierling
Manufacturer - Edinburgh, Indiana USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^
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60211. Gold plating company for my jewelry

June 9, 2016

RFQ: Hi! I am DESPERATELY looking for a reputable company to plate my jewelry. Most of my jewelry items are small - like charms, pendants. Can anyone recommend someone? It seems like I'm having a hard time getting a hold of anyone these days. Thank you!

Edna Lee
- Houston, Texas

60201. Need Cleaning and Polishing of Brass Bed

June 1, 2016

RFQ: Since my children's graduation from college and the passing of my wife my brass bed has not been cared for for over 20 years. It is my desire to move closer to my family. I feel this is an opportune time to complete any restoration and polishing before packing for a move out of state.

Aaron Freeman
Home Owner - Teaneck, New Jersey
phone 201-647-8299

60213. Bronze military headstone needs a pro to do this job

May 27, 2016

RFQ: Bronze military headstone sits flat on ground (no shade whatsoever) in the area. I just wish to get the stone to some form of restoration for the family, because it looks ugly. I'm willing to pay someone to help me with this. I don't have a lot of money, but something is better than nothing -- right?.
Thank you for listening.

Carlos Jimenez
It's a family member who died in v/n - Lancaster, California

60197. Need Ni-Co Electroforming on Pyrolytic Graphite

May 24, 2016

RFQ: I would like to discuss an application which requires Nickel-Cobalt electroforming onto a pyrolytic graphite substrate. We have had the work completed in the past and the process was successful. We are looking for a vendor who can perform the electroforming onto material supplied by us.

Ralph Romspert
Engineer - Easton, Pennsylvania, United States
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^
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60196. Need zinc coating on 20 foot c-shapes

May 20, 2016

RFQ: I am in search of a plating source to zinc plate a C shape section approx. 1.625 x 1.625 12 gauge material. Length is 20' long. Total amount needed: 28,000,000 lbs

Brad Johnson
product engineer - Indianapolis, Indiana USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^
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60190. Need Stainless Flatware Refinishing Service

May 10, 2016

RFQ: I read the thread on refinishing stainless flatware, but I would like to know if there is a service provider I can send the pieces to for refinishing. I don't have time or patience to do it myself and would rather just box up all the flatware and send it to a company to do for me. Does this exist? Thoughts on what it would cost (per piece: ie. fork, knife, spoon, etc.).

Jason Dauderman
- Phoenix, Arizona, USA

60188. Need Vintage Appleton Spotlights Replated

May 8, 2016

RFQ: Hello,
I would like to find a Chrome plater (anywhere in the US) that can assist me in re-chroming some vintage automobile spotlights. Most of the pieces need to be nickel/chrome plated but, some of them require nickel plating only. The spotlight "buckets" have some stamping that needs to be retained. They are made of brass and my hopes are to be able to bypass copper on these to help retain the stamp. There are some pot metal parts but they are all in good condition with very little corrosion. Have not had a lot of luck locally, I need to get them done and done correctly and I don't mind shipping. I am trying to find a go to plater I can send things to and trust. Can send very detailed photographs of everything. Please e-mail me if you are interested.

Many thanks,

Chris Sharman
Hobbyist - Long Beach, California USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^
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60187. Need aluminum vacuum deposited onto fiberglass fabric

May 5, 2016

RFQ: We are looking for a company that can do a small run of roll to roll aluminum vacuum depositing on a woven fiberglass fabric. We would need the finished product to be sealed from oxidation. This product will be used as a radiant barrier prototype we are working on . Feel free to contact me with any questions. Any help in this matter would be extremely appreciated . 
                          Thank You

Matt Davis
D.A.L Enterprises Inc - Danville, Illinois. USA


60184. Need Heavy Metal Chess Sets Plated

May 4, 2016

RFQ: Hello. I have made a chess set out of fasteners and it has been accepted for exhibition at the World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis. I have been working on this project for about 3 years. I use zinc plated nuts and bolts for one side. The other side I have been priming and spray painting with gold paint. The problem is it easily scratches off and I want a quality product. People have been asking me to sell a chess set to them. I will try to attach a picture.

To fix this problem, I would like to have nuts and bolts plated with trivalent chromate for the "gold" side; i.e. one half would be zinc the other half would be zinc yellow.

My questions are: Is trivalent chromate (yellow zinc) hazardous to touch after plating? Will the shine of a nut or bolt plated with yellow zinc wear off over time? and most importantly, is there a plating service available where I could send samples of my pieces to find out how much it would cost to have them plated? Many thanks,

April Baker
Heavy Metal Chess Sets - Platteville, Wisconsin
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^
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60181. Need Aluminum Fixture Clear Anodized

May 4, 2016

RFQ: I'm looking for someone that's capable of anodizing an aluminum fixture that is 48" wide x 44" tall x 36" deep. Please contact me if you have a tank that can accommodate. Thank you.

Ryan Victor
Fabricator - Brooklyn, NY, USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^
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60180. Need sandblasting of patio set

May 3, 2016

RFQ: I live in Cherry Hill, NJ. Can anyone recommend a reasonable sandblaster for a 5 piece outdoor wroughtiron dining set?

C J campanella
self - Cherry Hill, New Jersey

60216. Yamaha "Midnight Special" bike's "Gold" refinishing work

May 1, 2016

RFQ: Greetings.

In early 80 Yamaha produced a line of bikes with a black and gold them called Midnight Specials.

I'm searching for a shop to do some refinishing work on a number of items. I've heard them being everything from real gold (doubt that) to vacuum metalizing, etc. But to date nobody can ID what we have going on here. The closest I can describe this is a gold faucet from Home Depot. Closer to brass than a deep rich gold color.

I sprung for four carb tops recently that were supposed to be correct. They are not. Far closer to a 'rose gold' color than the correct one.

There are number of items done in gold; carb tops, grab bars, caps ... and of course some plastic items as well.

If anyone has a line on the correct finish for this I'm eagerly looking to do some business with you. I have a number of items which over time will be refinished.

todd cook
MC restoration - tempe, Arizona

60171. Looking for Supplier to plate & prime per ARP1524 & AMS3107A

April 20, 2016

RFQ: I am looking for a Finisher or Plater that can plate an aluminum machined parts with ARP-1524 and Prime per AMS 3107A.

Please contact me; any help will be appreciated.

Ruby Beloz, Sr. Quality Engineer / Supply Chain
- Thousand Oaks, California
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60174. Need 8-32 threaded rod plated in gold or white gold or rhodium

April 14, 2016

RFQ: I need 8-32 threaded rod plated in gold or white gold or rhodium.. 1-3/4" lengths. Need qty 30 ... I live in Las vegas NV and would like to have them within a week.. Please email me and I'll get right back to you.

Eric Studio
Designer - las vegas Nevada USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^
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60160. Need Blue PVD on Stainless Steel

April 6, 2016

RFQ: Looking for someone within the US who can apply a bright blue PVD finish to stainless steel. Everyone I have called cannot accomplish this color.

Kaitlyn H
- Acworth, Georgia, USA
owner, artist - Woodstown, New Jersey USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^
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60159. Need titanium eyeglass frames refinished

April 5, 2016

RFQ: Does anyone know where I can go to have my titanium frames professionally refinished?

Brad Hawn

60157. Looking for Refinisher for 1 set of Thai Flatware

April 5, 2016

RFQ: I bought thai tableware for 12 in the 1980s. It does NOT have any wood or other material. After use and dishwasher cleaning, it had a very dull finish,and a metallic taste. Id like send it out to be refinished to its original shine. Does any one do this? I'm located in NC, but this can be mailed. Looking forward to hearing from someone soon,and thank you for this page.

Maris Wheeler
Personal use - Bolivia, North Carolina USA


60152. Dying aluminum ball chains

March 31, 2016

RFQ: Hello! I am looking dye aluminum ball chains in many different colors. I have purchased them in the past, but that source is no longer available. We use the small ball chains as decorative accents in mosaic art. I want to
offer them for sale on my website, but am having the hardest time finding someone to dye the ball chains.
I have 1000 ft to use for test runs.

Can anyone help???
I would like bright blue, green, teal, pink, purple, orange, black, etc.

Thanks for any assistance anyone might have!

Carrie Seabrook
owner, artist - Woodstown, New Jersey USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

Ed. note: This sounds like what Global Metal Finishing [a supporting advertiser] is big in.

60151. Need White Bronze Wire Plating Capabilities

March 31, 2016

RFQ: I am looking for a Nickel plating alternative, after hearing reports of the increasing cases of Nickel contact allergies. After some research, I have come across white bronze, a Cu-Sn-Zn alloy that was developed for this reason aesthetically.

I am looking for wire plating over low carbon steel. I can provide the steel as necessary.


Collin Olson
Engineer - Farmingdale, New Jersey
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^
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