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61117. Need decorative nickel plating on 10' x 6' panels

June 1, 2020

RFQ: Hi,
As a metal fabricator, we are in 'need' to nickel plate (bright- final finish is satin non directional) large to be wall cladding panels( approx. 10' x 6', material is brass but could be also aluminum or even steel. In total there are approx. 10 panels in total but only (4) XL panels.
Not a big job in quantity, all nickel plating is decorative.
Is there a company out there which can, would look into this kind of plating, has these sized tanks/ bath?
Any comments, help is appreciated
Thanks Miha

Miha Mahr
- NYC, New York, USA
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61115. Looking for new Type-3 Anodizer

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May 27, 2020

RFQ: We are in search of a new plating shop that can plate to the following specifications:

Anodizing of 6061-T6511 aluminum parts. Target thickness is 0.0021" +/-0.0003". All parts to be plated per Mil-A-8625 [link is to free spec spec at Defense Logistics Agency,] rev. F Type 3, Class 2 Blue. Your tanks need to accommodate aluminum tubing 57"L x 3"OD x .11" wall. Some other parts are as small as 1.27"L x 1.325"OD.

Yes I understand that the parts will be very dark in color. We have had them plated to the above specifications for several years now with good results, however our supplier's very high minimum lot charge has forced us to search elsewhere. We are a small husband/wife company and generally don't have but 50 to 300 parts per purchase order.

If you have the right size tanks with blue dye and are competitive and with good quality control, please contact us. We have about 500 parts coming up by July or so that we need to get plated.
Thank you

Scott Kormeier
- Theodosia, Missouri - USA
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61125.Recoating a printer heat roller with teflon

May 29, 2020

RFQ Attempting to repair a copier fuser unit.
The heat roller is made of aluminum, ~13" long and ~1" dia.
It is coated with what I assume is a Teflon like material.
It will see ~210 degrees F. while operating.

I cannot locate a replacement part, it is only sold as part of an assembly ranging 500.00 - 700.00.

Is this a service that any of you can provide?

Steve Pfaff
- Forked River, New Jersey USA
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61092. Need set of 20-inch Swangas Dipped or Re-chromed

April 21, 2020

RFQ: Hi, my name is Freddie and I was wondering if anyone can dip or re-chrome a set of 20-inch swangas?

Freddie Tirner
- Alexandria La Rapides parish, Louisiana
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61099. Need stainless pocket knife blackened

March 6, 2020

RFQ: I have a stainless steel pocket knife that I would like to make black. Who can do that?

Hesh Goldstein
- Middletown, New Jersey USA
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61078. Need Reel-to-Reel #4 Satin Polishing of Carbon Steel

February 25, 2020

RFQ: Hi My name is John. I am interested in any advice that can direct me to anyone that can Polish #4 Satin in coil reel to reel at master width, likely 48" but can slit to suit.

We are extremely experienced with Stainless Steel as we are a Stainless Service center. What we have found is any company thta polishes stainless will not polish carbon steel as it would contaminate the wash tank.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much.

John Burke
- Chicago, Illinois
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61074. In need of AMS-2433 type 1

February 12, 2020

RFQ: I am a quality tech. at a mid-size shop on the east coast. We are in need of an Electroless-Nickel-Thallium-Boron plater. Specifically to AMS-2433 type 1, my research has only shown a few that can do type 1. Can anyone on here point me to some capable platers, preferably Nadcap certified.

Patrick Garrity
Shop employee - Arundel, Maine USA
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61073. Need Heat Treatment Shop

February 11, 2020

RFQ: We are currently looking for a company to do heat treatment on 250-550 lb castings. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've been having trouble finding companies in the US that can handle things that big.

Marc Banks
Morganton, North Carolina
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61072. Need Coloring of Stainless Steel Sheets

February 11, 2020

RFQ: I'm an artist working on a large stainless steel installation for a public outdoor site in Maryland.
I'm looking for someone who could color about 1000 316-stainless steel sheets with either electrolytic coloring or a heat tempering process. I will need 5-8 different colors.

Joerg Student
Artist - San Francisco, California
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61067. Manufacturer needs Black Chrome plater

February 6, 2020

RFQ: Looking for a competitive Black Chrome Rack plater.

Bob Baer
manufacturer - Wheeling, Il USA
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61065. Need Cadmium Plated Copper Wire

February 4, 2020

RFQ: I have a military application that requires cad plated copper wire. It needs to be plated per QQ-P-416 Ty 2 Cl 2. Cadmium as I understand is on it's way out however for the military it is still very much a requirement for many parts. Does anyone have any idea who still has capabilities to do reel to reel plating? I can find basket plating everywhere but this is wire and I cannot just drop a coil of wire in and expect it to be 100% plated all around. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Kyle Allen
buyer - Fort Worth, Texas
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61063. Re-anodizing of historical building columns

January 31, 2020

RFQ: I am General Contractor looking for bids to re-anodizing columns for a historical building in La Jolla CA.


200ea. 6" wide and 20ft in length
100 ea. 6" wide and 10ft in length
200 ea. 6' radius arches about 7'6" diameter

Robert Mapes
RWM Construction - San Diego
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

61061. Need Automotive Wheel Chrome Stripping: Florida

January 14, 2020

RFQ: Hello,

I'm looking to strip chrome plating from aluminum wheels. I am in Orlando, Florida and can not locate a shop who performs this service. Does anyone know a shop in this area that performs chrome stripping?.

Very Respectfully,

Channing Wright
Specialized Safety - Orlando, Florida
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61059. Need Zinc nickel plating with trivalent chromating

January 12, 2020

RFQ: We are looking for a place close to us (say 500 miles) to zinc nickel trivalent chromate fasteners 3/8-16 x 1.6" low carbon steel threaded with collar

stacia hobson
Image Industries - clarksdale Mississippi USA
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61056. Need etching of MP35N

December 28, 2019

RFQ: Pre-dye penetrant etch on MP35N ?

We are an aerospace machine shop and need to find a vendor that can perform this process on the alloy MP35N :

1. Minimum 0.0002" maximum 0.0004" Etch
2. Dye Penetrant Inspect per ASTM E1417 [affil. link to spec at Techstreet], Type 1, Method A, Sensitivity 4. Accept/Reject per MIL-STD-1907 Inspection, Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle, Soundness Requirements for Materials, Parts, and Weldments [link is to free spec at Defense Logistics Agency,] Grade A

This does not fall into the standard categories, and we have already wasted time on an outfit that said they could do it.

Mark Ingram
GM - Broomfield, Colorado USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

61044. Electrolytic coloring of SS bar in black

November 26, 2019

Q. Hello,
I am providing a SS railing for an exterior application in Chicago, IL. The requirements is SS, polished to #4 directional finish with an Electrolytic coloring of SS bar in black.

Can anyone provide some resources for this process?

Tom Bowman
constructors- Chicago, Illinois
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61042. Need #8 supermirror finish on 304SS parts

November 21, 2019

RFQ: I'm quoting a machining job that will require one end of a part to have #8 supermirror finish. Part size is about 2.5" OD, about 1" long, and the face is made up of 3 faces that are slightly angled away from center. So, a slightly conical triangular face.

Ryan Perro
- Bridgton, Maine, USA
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61039. Aerospace epoxy painting in Vancouver area

November 15, 2019

RFQ: Looking for a company that can do prime and epoxy painting (and masking if possible) on small-medium machined aluminum anodized parts in small and medium batch production.

Paint is Akzonobel 463-3-8 Flat Black Epoxy OR Lord Aeroglaze Z306 and suitable primer.

Tyler Neufeld
- Surrey, BC, Canada
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61038. Copper Plating for Hinges

November 14, 2019

RFQ: Hello,

I need to Copper Plating & Polish assembled 2" hinge. (2" x 1 1/2").
Not many platers that qualifies in So Cal. If someone can recommend a good plater for such a job.
1000 & 2000 pcs.

Supplier of industrial hardware - Los Angeles, California
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61037. Chromic Anodize for 25 ft extrusions

November 5, 2019

RFQ: I'm searching for an anodizer that can handle 25 ft extrusions for chromic anodize. BAC5019.

Finisher needs to be Nadcap accredited and Boeing approved.

Tim Hamlett
- Tamarac, Florida USA
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61032. Need MIL-STD-171 coatings on steel coupons

November 8, 2019

RFQ: Our company is developing a solid lubricant for the Navy. We need to compare performance to what the Navy currently uses. I have 6x3" test coupons of the following metals and I need them coated with the following (probably 50 of each coupon) in accordance with MIL-STD-171.

Zinc phosphate on 4340 steel (125 µin finish)
Manganese phosphate on 4340 steel (125 finish)
Manganese phosphate on maraging steel (63 finish)
passivated steel Type 17-4 (125 finish)
silver on 4140 steel (125 finish)
black oxide on 4140 steel (63 finish)

We only have a few months for this phase of the project so I'm looking for a quick turn around time, too.

Thanks so much!

Autumn Maruniak
Research chemist - Golden, Colorado USA
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61031. Need refurbishing services for baby carriage

November 9, 2019

RFQ: Hello. My husband just bought us a baby carriage. Rex brand. It's in pretty good condition. Just need a few things restored. Anyone out there know where we can get the fabric replaced. And chrome dipped.

Jonathan Gomez
- Corona California
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

Readers: See thread 38809 for a very extensive discussion of refurbishing issues.

61028. Need Vapor Deposited Aluminum Services

October 29, 2019

RFQ: I'm John Audette, sole proprietor of a one man shop providing restoration services for vintage Porsche lighting, such as headlights and turn signals for 10+ years. I need small batches - 10-20 - of reflectors plated with vapor deposited aluminum. The substrates are prepared in advance with copper plating, nickel plating and polishing.

John Audette
Restorer - Sisters, Oregon, USA
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61020. Need Conductive Shielding Paint Applied by UL Listed Company

October 10, 2019

RFQ: I understand that I need a UL Listed application company to apply a conductive paint to the inside of a plastic pump case to comply with the FDA and CE regs. This is for RF Shielding purposes to comply with EIC 60601-1-2 regs. It is a medical device, a simple peristaltic infiltration pump. We purchase these pumps from China and rebuild them here. It would be great to locate a company in China that could help, but local is good as well. I see there are a number of paints available, but I'm open to any suggestions there as well. Any suggestions or help? Thank you, Joe

61020-1a   61020-1b  

Joe Black
COO for the production of these pumps- United States
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61016. Need Brass Plating on Steel

October 2, 2019

RFQ: Looking for Brass Plating Company's in and around Missouri that can Brass plate steel.

Lee Renfrow
Lighting - St. Louis Missouri
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61004. Need HOT DIP GALVANIZE (HDG) of fasteners in Cleveland OH area

September 13, 2019

RFQ: Anyone know a good supplier for Hot Dip Galvanize on fasteners? Need to be in the Cleveland area if possible and have some capacity right now?

Mathieu Guerin
- Canada
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61003. Need my gas cooktop trays powder coated

September 12, 2019

RFQ: I have purchased a new gas cooktop that has a removable tray section of black 'porcelain' below the burners. The finish on this surface bleaches to cloudy gray when exposed to any acidic food and with the use of standard kitchen hard surface spray cleaners. Because it's removable I am considering getting it powder coated or porcelain coated if possible. Powder coaters say it's not food safe, but we don't eat food that drops below the burners. However, we do want a glossy cleanable and durable surface. I don;t think the factory surface is really porcelain since it doesn't perform like my oven interior surface. Do anyone know a vendor that does small coating jobs of this type.

George Grey
- Young Harris, Georgia USA
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60997. Need Silver Plating per Ametek/GE spec

September 6, 2019

RFQ: I have a customers part that requires Silver plating per F70H-WB4 and F70H-WB1.
Does anyone know of a vendor that can do this kind of plating?

Mark O'Brien
- Woburn, Massachusetts, USA
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60995. Need Electroless Nickel on Magnesium

September 4, 2019

RFQ: I need someone who can apply electroless nickel to AZ91D magnesium parts. Some parts are 24" X1 2" X 2" and the quantities are around 2000 per year. 12 part numbers.

Bob Todahl
Engineer - Eau Claire, Wisconsin United States
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60991. Need nickel plating stripped from sewing machine deck plates

August 29, 2019

RFQ: I have some sewing machine deck plates nickel plated. Excellent job, but the plating is not working out and I am considering removing it. I do not wish to impact the steel base. Can anyone recommend a vendor who can do this? I would prefer a non electrical chemical removal.

Paul LeTarte
Retired Metallurgical Engineer - Royal Oak, Michigan USA
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60987. Need lacquering service in Memphis TN

August 26, 2019

RFQ: We are a manufacturer of elevators and need a dependable source for lacquering of our elevator components when the job requires brass/bronze.

Any help in acquiring the services is greatly appreciated.

Rich Hargrove
Assistant Production Manager - Memphis, Tennessee, USA
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60985. Need Nickel Plating on ABS Plastic Boxes

August 18, 2019

RFQ: Greetings, this an RFQ for nickel plating some 9x14" ABS plastic boxes, or to buy whatever reagents are required to do so myself.

I'm seeking an RFQ for a small job, nickel plating a few ABS plastic boxes for prototyping purposes.

We use positively charged microscope slides (VWR Superfrost Plus) for IHC staining (cancer detection). We store the slides in plastic boxes. When slides are stored in the plastic boxes, the plastic outgasses, destroying the coating

I need a metal box to store the slides, and have scoured the globe for a metal equivalent for VWR Scientific part number 82003-414, one hundred position slide box. There is none.

Thickness, surface finish, texture, luster, aesthetics, is of no importance.

Need 5-10 pieces paid for by credit card. (I will ship the boxes to you.)

The alloy used should be whatever does the job right. For example. If the mix works better with a few percent platinum, or a gold top coat or whatever, let's talk about it.

Coating must be performed such that as much of the exposed plastic as possible is covered, and the chemicals used can leave no volatile organic compounds on the interior of the box.

Coating the entire box would be most desired. The box must still close, meaning the lip area might have to be masked, or thin enough to be able to close. Would prefer thin enough to close, instead of masked, if possible.
The hinge can/may need to be masked but for prototypes I'm OK if we have to force it shut.

Coating must resist periodic water exposure and long periods of high humidity.

Would prefer some method that is standard, easy to reproduce. Because I am in a regulated industry, I need to know which reagents, concentrations, temps, times, concentrations, etc., end up being used. However, this is only because my company is FDA regulated; I have neither the gumption, nor skills necessary, to become a competitor in the finishing industry.

Thank you all so much. If you're interested at all, please let me know. I'm interested in getting these prototypes as quickly as possible.

Jon Musick
Employee - Tucson, Arizona, USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60982. Need SAE AMS 2460A Class 1, preferably east coast

August 7, 2019

RFQ: Hello, I am looking for a reliable source to plate per SAE AMS 2460A Class 1. This would be a decent size job of 1200 pcs.

Please advise of any known source (Preferably on the east coast)



Doug Schirner
Materials Manager - Salisbury, Maryland USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60981. Need Chem Film

August 6, 2019

RFQ: We are looking for someone that can do the following finish on 6061 aluminum.


George Benton
- Wichita, Kansas US
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60979. Need Ruthenium/Palladium Plating

July 22, 2019

RFQ: I'm in search of plating company who has stablish process for Ruthenium. This new product is for Aerospace/Defense market and volumes are high. We'll be glad to send drawings and quantities upon request.

Ruthenium Plating:
Hardness >800HV.
Salt Spray: 96 Hrs.

0.76 µm Ruthenium over 2.54 µm Palladium over 10 µm Electroless Nickel over 1.27µm Copper.

Sal Villarruel
Engineering - Irvine, CA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^


60969. Need Custom Metal Pen Clips

July 4, 2019

RFQ: Hi. I am a woodturner in need of custom made pen clips in different metal finishes and colors. Is there anyone who might be able to help me with this?

Matt Jordan
- Vancleave, Mississippi, USA
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60975. Need Chrysler Tin Zinc PS8956 E Code 30 plating in Mexico

June 19, 2019

RFQ: Hello, I am looking for a plating company in Mexico (Mexico City / Quetetaro / Leon) that can quote this Chrysler specification : Tin Zinc PS8956 E Code 30

The part is a steel hollow tube : 30 mm length, 20 mm external diameter, 15 mm internal diameter, weight 19 g per piece. 30,000 kg of material per year.

Would supply the parts by container 3 or 4 times per year.

Paul Hanratty
Buyer - Rome, Italy
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60974. Looking for plating on aluminum in the midwest

June 12, 2019

RFQ: We make electrical connectors mainly from Aluminum and I'm needing someone to barrel plate using the Zincate and Alstan processes, depending on the part.

Mike Fuller
Engineering leader - Lebanon, Missouri. USA
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