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Need a Product or Service for a Finishing Shop in the Americas

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61090. Need electropolishing racks

April 10, 2020

Q. Anybody have any leads on companies that make or sell electro-polishing racks. We are in desperate need of nes racks and can't seem to find any vendors. Need split finger racks and coin slot racks. We are electropolishing stainless and high nickel alloys.Any leads would be greatly appreciated.


Tino volpe
Manufacturer/metallurgist - Sharon, Massachusetts USA
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61079. Need air vent permitting consultant

February 25, 2020

RFQ: We are running a water based spray painting operation.
We are looking for a consultant to help with the details of applying for a revised air quality permit for the exhaust hood. We plan to increase our volume above the current permit parameters. Thanks.

Ron Morgner
Shop Manager - Paramus, New Jersey USA
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61069. Need Jewelry Bombing Chemicals

February 10, 2020

RFQ: Hi, i am a small jeweler that constantly do jewelry bombing. However, is getting more difficult to buy hydrogen peroxide and cyanide. I am based on bay area, CA, and would like to know where can i buy around bay area? It is because they either came in very large quantity like half a ton, or is over-priced for small quantity like in grams. Thanks a lot for your help!

Victor Chan
jeweler - bay area, California
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60998. Chemical supplier of hot/cold black oxide?

August 29, 2019

RFQ: Looking for either hot or cold black oxide process.

Need the msds.

Chad Maze
- S beloit, Illinois, usa
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60984.Need parts for metal recovery systems

August 7, 2019

RFQ: Hi, I need to buy some parts for a nickel and chrome recovery systems so if someone of you know a supplier or somebody who can help me with technical support I will be so grateful.
Thanks for your attention.

Nickel recovery system
-Chemtech systems
-Model MRU-2-18x65

Chrome recovery system
-Chemtech systems
-Model MRU-600M

Luis Enrique Mendoza Sánchez
Plating Jr Engineer - Nogales, Sonora, México
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60978. Nickel iron bath

July 9, 2019

RFQ: Need nickel-iron or nickel-iron-chrome plating solution

irina boguslavsky
- san diego, California
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60973. Trivalent chromate touch up pen

May 9, 2019

RFQ: Hello, we are looking for a North American source for a trivalent chromate touch up pen. Does anyone know where to order one?

Charlene Nauss
- Dartmouth, NS, Canada
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